Monday, January 4, 2010

He's ranting about old Kool-Aid flavors. Why?

*shakes head* Are you kidding me? Do you think anyone cares about discontinued Kool-Aid flavors?

Chris, nobody cares about your stupid food rants. Nobody cares if the Lucky Charms marshmallows are different, or they got rid of the bakers on Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or they discontinued some awful fruity cereal, and most of all nobody cares about Kool-Aid flavors!

Do you even remember what those flavors tasted like? Just... why do you think people will agree with you and say "Oh yeah I can't believe they got rid of those flavors" are you that daft?

Oh, and it seems he wants to turn I Rate the 80s into the new "Breakfast Rants". Apparently for Bores the only thing that existed in the 80s was food.

He's also trying to bring back the "Breakfast is Ruined" catchphrase but for this it's "Beverages are Ruined." ... You're an idiot *downs a can of Coca-Cola*
By the way, what was with his hair? It was all spiky for some reason.

That's all I'm going to say about that stupidity, the recommended reviewers post ... I don't know when I'll finish it.


  1. All these idiots on there telling me to "stop being cynical"

    One guy said that he wanted another cereal rant. My response: "Yeah, cuz marshmellows are serious business".

    He actually thought I was agreeing with him!

  2. Crapberry......?

  3. "Breakfast is ruined" really isn't a catchphrase as much as it's a line of his we love to use to poke fun at him.

    His "beverages are ruined" actually makes it clear that he watches the parodies.

    So it seems Bores WANTS to be what he is. His last two videos make it clear that he's wanting to be the caricature the parodists are portraying.

    That's... rather sad.

  4. The reason he has spiky hair is because he is slowly becoming the AVGN!F
    First the scripts, then the catchphrases, then the games, then the shirt and now the hair.

    MY GOD...

  5. They got rid of crapberry? Oh noes?


  6. @Anon/DLAbaoaqu
    I saw that comment when the video came out. Yes, people are that stupid to think that you were being serious. Also, nice to see you read this.

    @Anon (January 5th 12:25 PM)
    I doubt he's desperate enough to resort to Flanderization (look it up on TVTropes). I just think he doesn't care anymore.

    I thought the hair looked more like a tan-skinned douchebag then James Rolfe.

    @Anon (January 4th 11:17 PM) and damien
    You guys know how IG fanboys prefer him because AVGN uses too much toilet humor? What is wrong with these people?

  7. So the "I rate 80's" is a parody of "Breakfast rants"?

    Loved the part, where he stated that Kool-Aid man is an icon because he was in commercials - like duh?!

    By the way, this was the first time ever I facepalmed at Chris' videos...

  8. Yikes, Bores looks very...hideous in this video. The Spiked up hair isn't doing him any favors, but he looks beat up. Seriously, I'm not one for criticizing a person's looks (Internet after all), but there's something about his appearance in this video that's different then before. I don't know.

    I suggested earlier he might excel as a food critic, but maybe not. Ranting bout discountined food and beverages is an idiotic practice. Sure I was disappointed when they retired the colored ketchup, but I'm not gonna rant about it. It's insignificant in the long run, much like all his other food rants are.

  9. @RemoveCarefully
    Your first facepalm? There were plenty of IG moments I facepalmed at before. This one was really bad for you then.

    Yeah he did look like someone just kicked his ass. Maybe it's the karmic retribution for all his lies and bullshit?

    And yeah, he even fails as a food critic. I was bummed out when they discontinued certain items but I moved on and found something else to eat.

  10. Kool-aid and those cereals (Lucky Charms, Yummy Mummy) aren't really the most healthy of foods, that's just nonsense in today's world.

    His videos are still getting progressively worse.

  11. I think Bores knows a lot more about food (and 80's brands) than video games, he should only do this kind of reviews.

    It would still be unfunny and retarded but hey, at least it'd be original.

  12. HEY GAIS!



  13. Mega Man wasn't in Brawl? That's it! Video games are ruined forever!

  14. @ Batdan

    Well, yes, Megaman would've been a very good characer for Brawl, but to be honest...

    9-volt would've been a perfect addition to the roster. Why is that, you ask?


    OOOOOOOOOOOH! That'll teach those Brawl Fan-brats and all the morons who overrate the game whose who! Yea-he-he-heh!

  15. I actually really liked most of those Kool-Aid flavours. I especially liked Purplesaurus Rex... it was a grapey kind of lemonade, sorta like mountain berry as I recall.

    But this was a Bores video full of laugh-out-loud Boresisms all the same.

  16. Check this out!

    On Channel Comments, go to page 3!


  17. @AngrySun86

    I saw it before that troll started spamming.
    What is he up to now?

  18. Ex-lax doesn't come in pineapple flavor!

    Face it! Bowel movements are ruined!

  19. Whoops, I missed these two rants, better update my bookmark.

  20. So if nobody cares about Kool-Aid flavors, what's the point of picking out a flavor? In fact, they should just make one universal flavor of Kool-Aid and we wouldn't have stupid rants about Kool-Aid flavors. Instead, we'd have stupid rants about the LACK of flavors. Lose-lose either way.

    Eh, what do I care? I don't even drink Kool-Aid... unless there's alcohol in it.

  21. I wonder what's next of his IRate the 80's list? Regan? Thatcher? The Falkland or Afghanistan? Or how about a ground breaking 80's film like Terminator 2 or Ghostbusters. Actually those are stupid ideas especially seeing that the classic characters from the old McDonalds commercials like Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and the Professor are no longer featured on tv, it would be really cool to seem them in the current commercial even if it's for a limited time, face it, Commercials are ruined.

  22. @dtm666
    I think the point we're trying to make is that the lack of Kool-Aid flavors isn't worth making a 2 minute video for "entertainment purposes".

    This is something you discuss with your friends when your at a bar, or playing video games.
    There's just no point to make a video about it.

    You know, I could do the same thing Bores is doing.
    "Burger King is really good food, and people eat it thanks to The King mascot. But now-a-days The King looks different and he's missing his sidekick. Maybe for a limited time they could bring back his sidekick, face it, fast food is ruined."

    Is he really going to say "Bring it back for a limited time" at the end of every video? Does he have any idea how business and marketing works? He's starting to sound like a petulant 6 year old.

  23. @BatDan
    Do you really think a 30 year old man who complains about Cereal and Kool-Aid could ever grasp even the most basic economic principles, hell he probably wouldn't even be able to get his head around Capitalism

    "Well after doing some research I found out you can make money by doing something for someone else and then charging them for it, now how the hell was I supposed to figure that out"

    That's another thing I hate about Bores, he always blames the game for not making everything crystal clear to him)

  24. Hahaha fattoler's comment was hysterical.

    "Well after doing some research I found out you can make money by doing something for someone else and then charging them for it"

  25. fattoler, that kinda reminds me of what Third Rate Gamer said in one of his videos:

    "Therefore, it's the game's fault that I suck."

  26. @BatDan
    Wait... you mean that video was supposed to be entertainment? I thought it was just some YouTuber ranting about stupidities. My bad.

    I doubt missing Kool-Aid flavors would be a hot topic at the bar. I could imagine a conversation taking place:

    MAN1: Boy, I tell ya. That football game was lousy, but you know what's even more lousy? They got rid of Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid! I mean, how am I supposed to get my Purplesaurus fix with the current Kool-Aid brands they have now?

    MAN2: You, sir, are an idiot.

    I still say they just release one Kool-Aid flavor and dump the rest. Now THAT's a rant I'd want to see... for all the wrong reasons.

  27. @dtm666


    I RATE THE 80's Strikes Back

    Hello, Lamer fans. Irate Lamer here, and today I'm gonna talk about Kool-aid. Believe it or not, Kool-aid is one of the most imfamous brands of juices in the world. It had my favorite mascot, the Kool-aid man, because his comics are cool. Now, I've done some research via Wikipedia and a couple of angry nerd videos, and I have found out why: There's only one fucking flavor! That flavor, if my sources tell me is Kool-aid. That's it? What a fit load of shuck! Other brands manage to do it right. For example, Hawaiian Punch had several flavors since its launch in the 80's, including Volcano Punch, bird punch, and knuckle sandwich flavor(picture of a cow). Why not Kool-Aid. After doing even more research, I found out that Kool-aid is not even a brand at all, but a flavor of various Kraft owned foods. If that's the case, then why the shuck pass it out as a brand. I can think of flavors for Kool-aid other than Kool-aid, such as CrapBerry, CopyWrong, and my own recipy of Retard flavor. It would've been awesome, and a bag of potato chips. But no, there's only one flavor. Face it! beverages is ruined!

    And please don't complain that I made this.

    1. "I thought this was Kool-Aid, not Chriswarm-Aid."

  28. @Anon,

    You just hit the nail on the head there for me, only one Kool-aid flavour?! What a bunch of assburgers with a side of fries and a free coca-cola!

  29. @Anon
    You, sir, are a genius. Thanks for that.
    (No sarcasm either, that really made my day.)

  30. Dude, I've been trying to open the comments page on AGentertainment's Irate Gamer's DVD review, why? Because I swear hand on heart that I saw Irategamer commenting "The Only place the AVGN's DVD belongs is in the garbage" or something to that effect, If you could clarify this then that would be a major blow to Chris Bores.

  31. @fattoler

    I didn't notice Irategamer anywhere on episode 2 of AGentertainment's series, although I did find iratefanboy345 (a known sock puppet account).

  32. @vnisanian, well the mists of time do mess one's memory up a bit but I still swear Chris Bores said that.

  33. (sighs) Kool-Aid flavors? Really? That's an excuse to make a complaint video? There must be other issues, and that's coming from a guy who took a lot of heat from hating Pokémon Apokélypse.
    And Chris does look...wrong in this video. The blue shirt is one thing, but he looks quite douchey with that spiky hair. He looks like Bulk if he ate Skull. And my fashion sense at this time is slightly above bum. I have a beard, jeans, cartoon or video game t-shirt of some sort, orange hoodie or Battlestar Galactica-like crew jacket, and my glasses. This often why I film my videos under different light conditions depending on how much I look like a hobo or not.