Friday, April 30, 2010

A Lying Trailer & His Biggest Fan

Oh looky here, a new trailer from The Bores. History of Video Games Part 3.
Once again, the first History of Video Games came out early May 2009, so in the course of a year Bores released 3 parts of this “epic series”. Give up Chris, this won’t convince us you’re a gamer and at the pace you’re going we’ll reach the Atari 2600 in 2021.
By the time you reach the NES, the Internet will be similar to Avatar.

So IG says in the trailer that the footage he has doesn’t exist anywhere else on the Internet. Showcasing the games Pong (are you kidding?), Space Race, Gotcha, Rebound, Gran Trak 10, and Tank. All the Arcade versions.
Wow, footage so rare that… OH WAIT WHAT’S THIS?
The original Arcade Pong? Oh well that’s common for… OH WAIT WHAT’S THIS?
Why it’s Gotcha, another game that Bores claims nobody has footage of. Well 2 out of… OH WAIT THERE’S MORE!
There’s Rebound, that’s half of his proclaimed rarities with existing… OH HERE’S ANOTHER!
There’s Ultra Tank, which Bores just calls “Tank” for some reason.

See, footage of 4 out of 6 “never-before-seen” games. Sure, he got lucky with Space Race and Gran Trak 10, but that’s still bad form to brag like that.

But the trailer is not done, Bores pretends to be the audience and asks “How is this Possible?” and he answers “We Rock, deal with it.” Hey, here’s my question Chris, could you be anymore of a pretentious dick?
I’m sick of your ego, I’m sick of your attitude, and I’m sick of you. Stop making videos!

Oh, apparently Chris went to an actual Arcade to play the games. I really hope he didn’t get on a plane and go to a different state just to make this ONE VIDEO.
It’s a waste. It’s a waste of time that could be spent towards bettering your writing and acting, and a waste of money that could be used towards something that isn’t a plane ticket to an arcade just to try and prove to the world you’re a gamer.

See, people that make reviews use a simple approach. They get more elaborate as time goes on but they still keep it simple. Sure, the crew at TGWTG have the talent fly out for crossover videos, but that’s something completely different. People enjoy the crossovers, they enjoy seeing the crew interact and have fun, and we keep coming back for more.

It just seems like Bores is wasting time & money, that’s all.

As for the title card, you wanted to know what a shit eating grin looks like Bores? Look at that picture.

I’ll cover History of Lies Part 3 when it eventually comes out.

Right now, I want to do something a little different. It’s still hard to believe that the Irate Gamer has actual fans, and not just people that pretend to be fans only to actually make fun of him.

We’ve seen some really bad ones, but the worst is “iratefanboy345”. What’s so bad about this one? Let’s find out. This is his account.
Sometime in late 2007 this guy released a video saying “AVGN rips off Irate Gamer! Proof Inside!” in what seems like a response to SlyDogStudios comparison video (and one of the first to expose Bores for his theft).

The video has been taken down, so I’m going by memory (and an evidence guide on ED) to recall this.

SlyDogStudios’ (now PlayTheNESDotCom) video can be seen here:

Mr. 345’s examples in this video were as follows.

One: Using Steve Urkel as a joke.
IG example: The random Urkel picture in Mission: Impossible.
AVGN example: Urkel showing up in Die Hard.
Why 345 is wrong: I already explained this in my Redux Recap of Mission: Impossible, but here’s a quick summary. Reginald VelJohnson played main characters in both Die Hard and Family Matters, since James was a fan of both he decided to make a reference to it. All Bores did was be “random and wacky dur hur hur”.

Two: Comparing one game to another.
IG example: Comparing killing 50 enemies in Back to the Future to unrelated parts of other games.
AVGN example: Comparing dying in Silver Surfer sends you back to the beginning to dying in Contra starts you back where you left off.
Why 345 is wrong: Comparing and contrasting something bad to something better has been used in any form of review for a long time. This isn’t something exclusive to the Irate Gamer.

Three: Using glowing eyeballs
IG example: The brief glow at the end of Ghosts N Goblins before destroying the game.
AVGN example: The end of this video:
Why 345 is wrong: Even though glowing red eyes isn’t exactly new, the AVGN example used came out in 2006. It was uploaded to YouTube a year later, but you can tell this is old because he calls himself The Angry Nintendo Nerd.

Four: Using the same music
IG example: The music playing during his “Irate nature running on…” droning from Where’s Waldo
AVGN example: Music playing during the AVGN’s Atari 5200 review… wait what?
Why 345 is wrong: I thought iratefanboy edited the footage that time, because the scene shown didn’t have that music. Plus the Atari 5200 review came out BEFORE Bores started out.
Then I learned it was from the trailer to the Atari 5200 review, posted on YouTube May 2007 (long after the actual review came out). Still, 345 is wrong.
Plus, the music used is probably a default in Final Cut, it was used again in Board James’ Weapons & Warriors video.

Obviously, people called bullshit on this. Though some of the dumber users started to questioning this.
Anyone that disputed these retarded claims, iratefanboy345 would say to them “You’re wrong, I’m right. Stop being an AVGN cock-sucker.” Mature isn’t he?

However, a far more offensive move was his second video “Standing up for the Irate gamer”. This one is still up, and I’ll debunk all the bullshit spewed in this one as well.

The first card tells us he’s here to set the record straight about all the bullshit surrounding the Irate Gamer. I’ll indicate it’s me talking with a dash.

Rumor: He is a Plagiarizer
- That’s not a rumor, that’s the truth.
Fact: People throw this term around have no idea what this concept actually means.
- Maybe little kids, but I think the clear-headed have a good idea what it means.

Plagiarizing is the act of copying someone word from (sic) word.
- Wrong sir wrong! Under the definition approved by multiple organizations that all claims of originality are null & void, as you can read at the site itself. “The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author blah blah blah et cetera et cetera.” It’s all there, black & white, clear as crystal. You stole from The Angry Video Game Nerd, you pretended you were original and now we all have to suffer so you get nothing! You lose, good day sir! And yes I’m very much aware of the hypocrisy.

Irate puts everything in his own words and puts his spin on old jokes just like The Simpsons and Family Guy does (sic).
- Let’s see, in the first 12 episodes you stole most of his TMNT review, most of his Back to the Future review, his Chronologically Confused bit, his “die die die” bit from Silver Surfer, and tried to alter them so they sounded “original”. Something is off here.

In the one instance where copied “Shitload of Fuck” he apologized to James personally, to which the piece of shit Mike Matai (sic) then shamelessly posted publicly in an attempt to discredit him.
- Mike MatEi has cleared this up with me. Bores sent that letter before the TMNT review came out, back then they didn’t consider him a problem since everyone was doing angry reviews. They just thought he was a big fan. It wasn’t until after the TMNT review that Mike posted that letter on ScrewAttack, mostly for his claim that he wouldn’t copy him anymore and the TMNT review was an exact match. It was posted because he was being a dishonest dick. Not because he wanted to make him look bad (Bores was already doing enough of that).
- By the way, why would you know about the conditions of that letter Mr. 345?

Rumor: He Rips off the Nerd
- Also not a rumor, his show’s style and concept is EXACT. Hmm, this random capitalization looks familiar.
The Nerd was no doubt an inspiration
- Is that why Bores claimed it wasn’t him but “100 other reviewers” that inspired him in that radio interview?

But they both have 2 different unique styles of reviewing.
- Pfft hahaha. The AVGN reviews bad games from the 80s and 90s, accentuates his anger using cuss words and even combining them, and in some reviews he destroys the game. The Irate Gamer reviews bad games from the 80s and 90s, accentuates his anger using cuss words and even combining them, and in some reviews he destroys the game. THAT SURE IS DIFFERENT!

But there’s a demand for it and he’s supplying the demand.
- Hey 345, YouTube videos are not products. It’s not something you buy at a store. When I reveal the truth about Mr. 345, you’ll see why this statement is incredibly dumb.

Competition is good because it make both work harder.
- God this grammar is atrocious. YouTube videos aren’t a competitive sport, most people make them for fun.

Examples: Letterman and Leno
- Funny how you mention those two as Jay Leno has been accused of stealing from David Letterman and Howard Stern. Now he stole The Tonight Show from Conan O’Brien.
Pepsi and Coke
Sirius and XM
- This is another argument I’ve seen from his idiot fans. “Durr, if we can’t allow IG then why should we allow Pepsi & Coke or other products.” Again, this isn’t a product! These are just videos made for the Internet, this isn’t TV or movies.
- WWF and WCW
Are you stuck in the year 2000? The WCW has been defunct for years, and the WWF became the WWE in 2002.

Rumor: The Nerd is oh so original himself.
- Not a rumor, that’s an opinion. Like all the people that say he’s just a childish version of seanbaby (which is hard to argue because seanbaby himself is childish). I’ll get into the seanbaby rip-off accusations later.
The Nerd draws inspiration from various sources.
- Yes, like his favorite movies.
One even being Irate gamer.
- What?

Since Irate has been popular, the Nerd has resorted to using more special fx’s (ex: Die Hard) & game sprites (Halloween) (Dragon’s Lair).
- WHAT? The AVGN has always used effects in his reviews, as early as The Karate Kid (throwing a controller causes an explosion) and Top Gun (the Hadoken and Sonic Boom that destroys his TV). The Irate Gamer wasn’t a “cause for alarm”. Sure, The Nerd using sprites was fairly recent at the time this video was made, but they’re part of the joke. They aren’t randomly placed in there to be wacky.

These are 2 things the Irate Gamer uses to separate himself from the rest.
- You mean be an asshole because “100 other reviewers” didn’t have high production values so he decided to “show them how it’s done.”

Rumor: He gets his facts wrong.
- That’s a fact. Like when he said Turtles in Time was only on Super Nintendo, the TMNT Arcade Game came before the NES game, there are no special moves in MUSCLE, that Nintendo stole from Doki Doki Panic, that there’s no character named “Brand” in The Goonies, that people can’t tell the difference between an Arcade game and an NES game in Ghosts N Goblins, that the only other weapon in Ghosts N Goblins is the fire, that Jaws was immensely popular in the early 80s, and various other inaccurate “facts”.

If you put any show under a microscope, you will find errors, Even (sic) the ones made for network TV.
- They aren’t talking about continuity errors, it isn’t like “the glass is full here, and 5 seconds later it’s empty” or “you can clearly see the string!” Unless you’re talking about shows like Law & Order that make DNA tests go faster then normal, TV can get away with that. It’s TV, they have to fill 22-44 minutes of material. It would be boring to see someone wait six weeks for DNA results. It’s called suspension of disbelief, and Chris Bores fails at suspending mine.

Even AVGN makes mistakes and errors about the games he reviews (ex: Independence Day).
- What part is this referring to? Also, I wouldn’t talk considering that the AVGN doesn’t have an ENTIRE page dedicated to his research failure at TVTropes. No really, he fails so much an entire page was dedicated to pointing them all out.

Considering that there are around 3 errors in over 13 shows and over 2 hours of footage is pretty damn impressive.
- 3? That’s being too kind Mr. 345.

Rumor: He is the most hated person on Youtube
- Again, this is an opinion not a rumor. Sure I don’t like the guy, but there’s other scum people hate like Shane Dawson.
The numbers support that he is the most popular video game reviewer on Youtube (Yes, the AVGN does not review here anymore so this statement is accurate).
- So by your logic Avatar and Titanic are the greatest movies ever made?

These lies are actually started by other video game reviewers who are jealous of his fame.
- Why would I be jealous of Chris Bores? I don’t want hundreds of hate letters a day, I don’t want to have slurred speech, I don’t want to be ridiculed every single minute of every single day. Why would I want that?

CASE IN POINT: Irate Started (sic) in April 2007 and has become more popular than:
Silent ROB, Luizprowler (it’s Prower), Big Gay AL (wow that’s mature).
- Again, numbers mean shit. If numbers equal quality, then Fred is the greatest entertainer alive.
These people have all been around since 2006, They (sic) are the biggest Anti-Irate supporters, and they are still unpopular.
- What exactly is your definition of popularity Mr. 345?
They are all jealous.
- Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
- This goes out to everyone that claims we hate something because we’re jealous.

Rumor: Irategamer removes all videos bashing him.
- Well, it’s not like anyone else had ownership of “Y2B Productions”.
Fact: Search for Irate gamer on YT and you’ll find at least 25 videos that are against him. These videos have not been removed.
- So? You could search Spoony One in YouTube and find at least 25 videos against him. Same applies for everyone else.

As long as your video doesn’t infringe on copyrights or slandeing (sic) lies about him as truth, you have nothing to worry about.
- Even though none of the videos had footage from his show, and many of them were telling the truth. Only Silent Rob’s video could be considered slander (multiple references to Bores loving the cock) By the way, why do you know his standards Mr. 345?

If it were up to me, I’d be removing a lot more videos than he does.
- … You’ll see why this line is retarded very soon.

Rumor: The AVGN is Better (sic)
The AVGN’s 15 minutes are almost up.
- 2-3 years later he’s still popular and doing even better then before. Only people that agree with this statement can’t seem to understand the joke. On a side-note, the Action 52 episode was awesome. Can’t wait for the Cheetahmen episode (makes me wonder how much James paid for Cheetahmen II).

His latest review is just a mish-mash of his old jokes replaced with new words.
- *goes to check what his most recent review was* It was Dragon’s Lair. What is he talking about that episode wasn’t a “mish-mash”.

His style of reviewing is almost tapped out.
- Well, seeing how your idol does the exact same thing, then it sounds like he’s tapping out as well.
Irategamer on the other hand keeps pushing the envelope with new thoughts and ideas.
- What envelope? What new thoughts and ideas? What are you talking about?

So the video ends here, and again nobody bought into this bullshit. It seems the only two people defending iratefanboy were 345 himself and a user named eallen001, hmmm.

345 continued to release slanderous videos, including an accusation that AVGN in front of a fire background is stealing from IG (yeah…) and claims that AVGN steals from seanbaby. You’ll see why this is an extreme dick move.
Only two other videos remain on his account, one where he claims the AVGN was “pwned” because he took down that fire picture from his MySpace account (maybe he just felt like changing it moron?) and the “un-seen” April Fool’s Day joke at the ScrewAttack forums where each instance of The Nerd’s name was changed to “Irate Gamer”. He claims they took it down after two hours because they were afraid of IG.

So, what’s the big shocking secret about this guy? It’s not really shocking, but… iratefanboy345 is Chris Bores.
That’s right, Bores was so desperate for attention that he created a sock puppet account in order to make the AVGN look bad. That… is fucking pathetic.
Goes to show what kind of scum Chris really is.

I know you’re thinking “That’s not right, Bores wouldn’t sink that low” well there are clues. The only other person defending 345 was eallen001 AKA Eric Allen AKA The Wise Sage. 345’s spelling and grammar has very similar mistakes to the ones Bores makes. Plus, who else would get offended by an April Fool’s joke about him?
Doesn’t the format of the “Standing up…” video look similar to IG’s “This Video Contains Explicit Language” warning?

That’s all I have to say about this, Chris Bores is dishonest shit and needs to get the fuck off YouTube. He doesn’t have any other safe havens, any other forum or site that mentions him or uploads his videos is met with scathing comments. So either way, he’s dead in the YouTube water.

Until next time, I leave you with this: Note that it was made in 2006 so it’s not fake.


  1. If the guys on youtube will discover that Chris Bores has a sock-puppet account they will probably remove his partner statue

  2. About the trailer: He should have just replaced the text with "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!" and it would have held the same meaning. At the rate he's going with this series, we'll probably see the next generation of video gaming consolse before he covers the 16-bit wars.

    About iratefanboy345: A (rightfully) forgotten piece of history. Now we have lukestarkiller to worship his throne, and present his wonderful grasp of the English language. (By the way, when you willingly label yourself a "fanboy," you're already asking for trouble.)

    About AVGN's Action 52 review: I was totally expecting this to be his 100th episode, but I quite enjoyed the video. I loved the Spinal Tap reference and him singing "Dedant" to the Pink Panther theme. I'm looking forward to his Cheetahmen review as well.

  3. All of the games uses discrete logic (according to System-16 (, which means that they can't be emulated by MAME. That also means that he really had to make a trip to find at least two of the games. Of course, being Bores, he probably will never explain such fine details.

    @Anonymous (April 30, 2010 12:08 PM)
    On the iratefanboy:
    For someone who used his own name to give a positive review of his other piece of crap series (Haunted Investigators), it's not very surprising that Bores really sucks at making names up.

  4. Question about the AVGN Action 52 review: What did you think about the Television joke? It felt like something out of Irate Gamer; a complete non-sequitor. I can't believe I said that.

  5. Zinger314:

    It did feel out of place, but he did bring up a point I've always wondered about. You can say "ass" and "hole" on television, but you can't say "asshole"? It makes about as much sense as censoring "god" in "goddamn" while leaving the "damn" part in is okay.

    I have conflicting views about that. He probably should have left it out.

  6. @Anon (April 30th 11:49 AM)
    There's a video on YTwatchdog's account where he watches Shane Dawson use his back-up account (which doesn't have partner status) to spam a video so it would get on the "Most Discussed" list.
    I don't think YouTube cares that their payroll cheats.

    *shrugs* I guess it was a observation about R-Rated movies on basic cable censoring the "hole" in asshole. I got the joke because I saw Blazing Saddles on AMC or ABC Family and a woman yelled "ass*blank*" which made me ask "Why did you censor hole?"

  7. I find it very creepy that I was actually watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory at the "You Lose!" line when I read it.

    That said, keep it up.

    I wonder what year Chris will get to the XBox

  8. "Oh, apparently Chris went to an actual Arcade to play the games."
    And this arcade has 30+ year old arcade machines laying around? Right... although looking at that sliver of a clip more closely, it seems a bit too "real" and "physical" to look like his usual greenscreen tripe, so perhaps he did go to AN arcade somewhere... that didn't shut down after he left.

  9. @Anon April 30, 2010 1:47 PM

    Around 3050 however by then about another 50 consels will be released. I think Bores is just trying to make sure he finishes when every video game console dies. WE ARE FUCK(censored)
    About the TV censore I thought that was a pretty good bit. Isn't it obvious IG needs 1,000 accounts he can't fight for sheeit. Every time someone makes fun of him he uses the "I am rubber YOU are glue" tacticor blocks them.

  10. Yup, just watched that Action 52. I figured he'd save "Cheetamen" last. Good thing he didn't say "fuck" more times than the first two seasons of Black Lagoon like another review.

    Speaking of which:

    Happy Chris Bores Day. Yeah, a bit early. :)

  11. I've seen the "hole" in "asshole" and the "god" in goddammt censored many times for some reason even if the show is MA rated on T.V. so I could understand the joke. As for the next review.....yeah for all the hype he was building up for it as usual the payoff is underwhelming but what else do you expect from bores at this point? To acually be good? *dies from laughter*

  12. @Anon April 30, 2010 2:52 PM
    It might be that some local cable TV-MA rated shows censor the cursing, but not the graphic violence. I remember FOX showing "Scream 1" and most of the cursing is censored, even though its an MA rated movie. But the violence on that movie is simular to the violence on movies shown on USA and SyFy, yet are still rated TV-14.

    Also, sorry for mispelling "Cheethamen" on my last post. I wish this blog would let me edit post.

  13. @Anon (April 30th 1:47 PM)
    Haha that's awesome.

    That's a good point. You'd think stuff like that would be in a museum.
    That had to be a real Arcade, Bores wasn't covered in green specks.

    *shudders* Wasn't Silent Rob's review just him playing random games? It wasn't organized at all?
    I bet Rob is going to throw a hissy fit now that the AVGN reviewed Action 52 (he did the same thing when Armake finally released his review).

    Good video by the way, much different from the usual Bores N Doors.

  14. Is it me or does Bores look sick in that trailer?

  15. The Nostalgia Critic has had his moments of research failure too, (though thankfully, not as much as IG), like when he reviewed "Captain N", he complained about the animators being extremely lazy on the Bayou episode, but was completely unaware that he was watching an unfinished version of that episode which was how it originally aired, but was corrected in subsequent airings.

    And also, I don't get his unfamiliarity with Tone Loc (as noted in the Blank Check and Bebe's Kids reviews). Is he ACTUALLY unfamiliar with him, or did he do that as a running gag?

  16. @BatDan

    Thanks. The first thing that went into my mind after seeing the Bores narrating footage of himself with the gun, that scene from Black Lagoon came into my mind. As I said before, those buttoned shirts he wears does make him look like a salesman.

    It's been like 16 months since I last made a video.

  17. @Batdan

    I hope Armake is cool with that. You know, AVGN reviewing Action 52.

  18. @vnisanian2001
    Actually, the Captain N DVD doesn't have the restored Bayou Billy episode. The Critic viewed the series on the DVD so that's why he noticed that.
    Still, everyone has their share of research failure. Only Chris Bores does it in almost every video.

    Why wouldn't he be?

  19. @BatDan
    Or maybe Bores somehow improved his greenscreen techniques???

    On second thought, I concede to your point that he was at an arcade and somehow left unscathed afterwards.

    Now that you mention it, Bores does look a little nauseated. Perhaps he's allergic to arcades or something.

  20. All of a sudden, I have an ironic feeling the HoVG3 video might get released on "Chris Bores Day". It seem that he releases a trailer, the video gets released the following weekend.

  21. @BatDan

    After reading Bores's profile in Amazon, I found really funny that he is into Christianism and Buddhism, specially if his behavior definitely goes against what those religions stand for.

    And to top it off, he must have pissed Christians with that commentary "Finally we get a gospel, worthy of calling a gospel. Unedited by time, priests, governments, and the like", while conveniently ignoring that the Talmud of Jmmanuel (if it is real) might have been edited from its purported source, specially if it was discovered by a controversial figure among ufologists such as Billy Meier.

  22. Wow, I always thought that guy was just a troll... I had no idea!

  23. I gotta say, Bores really underestimates the intelligence of the people of the internet if he thinks he can make a sock puppet account for the sole purpose of trolling his "competition" and assume that no-one will ever find out its him.

  24. @ vnisanian2001 APRIL 30, 2010 5:51 PM

    Yeah, but at least he is enough of a man to admit that he made a mistake. Remember the Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuckups video?
    Also, I like how sometimes NC uses the same lame and cliched humor as Chris does, but he puts a spin on them and actually shows how lame the jokes are.

    About this post...the next HOV(G) is going to be painful. The fact that he promotes this to hold never before seen footage is just cheap. I bet he had to change is act, after the Nerd released his pong video, because after the Odyssey video Chris clearly held a home PONG console and now he's doing an arcade history of Atari? Riiiiight.

    The 345 incident is just phatetic and the videos are laughable.

    Oh, and the new Nerd episode was great. The TV bit was a bit random, but it was still good.

  25. I also didnt care too much for the TV joke, but maybe he needed to take his mind away from the game for awhile. 52 shitty games can take their toll on a person. I'm guessing Cheetah Men I & II will have their own review next. As for the Bores and that video, I never really felt the Nerd could ever copy him as he is the original. Even if Bores reviews a game first or has a special effect first, his entire show is a copy and that supersedes all. Has anyone seen James Ghostbusters vid on cinemassacre? Its pretty cool and its filmed in HD, check it out.

  26. btw its called "Follow that Marshmallow"

  27. I think that after watching HOV3, somebody has to call 911, because we are going to be FCRed.

  28. You know, if he really went to an arcade, he might as well show more than just six games. I mean, finding an arcade is rare, let alone one that exhibits old Atari games.

    If I ever had the chance to find one, I would probably made a video of the entire place, some of the cabinets hey display and even make some free advertising for the arcade itself...

    ...but yeah, I know that this is Bores we're talking about.

  29. @Anon May-1-2010 7:07 AM
    What modern-day video arcade (that is still standing) would possess 30+ year arcade machines? I can understand perhaps a couple older arcade machines from the 80s and 90s still sticking around, but even that's a bit unlikely these days. If there are classic arcade games to be found, it'll probably be one of those Ultracade machines possessing several classic games built-in. In any case, I doubt any arcade would own any vintage Atari arcade machines and allow the public free access to them. As BatDan alluded to, most likely place these games could be would be in a museum of sorts... or perhaps Nolan Bushnell's house. I don't know.

    Not to mention that the steering wheel he's using in the trailer looks way too detailed and advanced for a machine built in the 1970s.

    So his "exclusive" footage is likely from emulators rather than pointing a camcorder at the machine in action. Lame.

    Also, you bring up an excellent point. Arcade are hard to come by and if you're going to film lame skits for an online show, why not show off the arcade and give a bit of publicity? I recall that whenever a Game Heroes podcast would take place at an arcade or similar establishment, they'd often give a small tour of place, showing off some of the games and other features of the place. It was a really nice way to give a place publicity and raise awareness to those living around that area.

    Again, this being Bores, he doesn't take advantage of this. Instead, this arcade - this rare find in the age of online video gaming - is used as a backdrop for corny skits.

    But here's the main thing that gets me - Bores actually went to an arcade to film the live bits for this "special" episode, even though we'll probably never actually see him play the actual machines. In fact, if he actually showed snippets of him playing the actual arcade games in the trailer, I'd be slightly more impressed. But again, I highly doubt you'll find Grantrak 10 and Rebound machines openly available to the public at a local arcade in their original form, so really, what's the point of the live bits in the arcade? Is there anything he couldn't have done with his usual greenscreenery that he needed an actual location to pull off?

    Also, considering the notoriety and hatred that he has garnered from the gaming community, I'm surprised that he was able to escape the arcade unscathed and in one piece.

    Yeah, I'm sort of rambling here. Hopefully, you get what I'm saying.

  30. @dtm666
    Yes I get it. It really puzzles me how can he get away with that.

    Another thing that puzzles me is the fact that he can emulate the games. Keep in mind that most (if not all) of the games of that time were built on discrete logic, which MAME can't emulate (yet). I think you can simulate those games, but it's not typical emulation where you can download a ROM and play it. At any rate, I can't get over the fact that Bores knows this kind of stuff.

    Now that you mention Bushnell, I wonder what would he think of Bores's video.

  31. Hey, AVGN called Slashers a poor man's Double Dragon just like in my review! He IS a ripoff artist!

    Just kidding. It's a coincidence, I'm sure, but it is kinda weird.

  32. I wonder how many takes Bores had to do in the arcade due to people trying to kick his ass while he was filming.

  33. I've been following both (watching IG is kind of like watching a train wreck) since April 2008 and i just noticed something that other day.

    In the 2 years since I've been following them AVGN has released 45 episodes, while IG has released only 13 episodes. Kinda highlights the fact that IG is just fucking lazy at his job.

    And IG fans, don't give me shit about "quality over quantity". The 13 episodes don't even equal the quality of a normal AVGN Halloween episode.

  34. I sent Bores a PM asking what he's planning to review after History of Video Games 3. I doubt he'll respond, though.

  35. @Anon MAY 1, 2010 9:57 AM
    Good question. Someone should forward the video to him like they did Ralph Baer. Should make for interesting water cooler talk at least.

    @Anon MAY 1, 2010 11:44 AM
    I'm amazed he made it out of there in one piece.

    Did your PM suck up to him and praise him like he's some sort of messiah or something? That might get his attention and compel him to reply... at least, that's what I've heard anyway.

  36. Hey, go to the AVGN's youtube account and check out his favourited videos, hes got the videos of the " never before seen arcade games" you mentioned, well done Mike:). Ps Dan, I have quite a tough question for you, If I were to ask you what your least favourite Irate video is, I have a pretty good idea of 3 or 4 in which you would answer with, but which is your favourite, or least horrible video he has ever made if you will. I would like to see you struggling to find at least one redeemable factor that would make you say at the very least " this isnt as bad as his other videos" Im sorry, im sadistic:p, ill try and think about it as well.

  37. @Sabertooth,

    Just remember if you ask Chris something always praise his work otherwise he won't answer.

  38. For anyone who cares... it's up.

  39. @dtm666 yep. watch bores flaunt his masculinity

  40. @Anon
    But I don't wanna watch it! Waaaahhhhhh!

    Seriously, I'll wait a bit for other people to watch it first before risking my sanity.

  41. Ohhh that was PAIN.
    The jokes were horrid ("TIE Fighters?", walking into Gotcha), the effects were annoying (Why does he keep using the stock explosion in old games like that?), that watermark was ... why was that there?
    His facts were, once again, WRONG. Bushnell didn't look towards "the Japanese language" he got the idea from the board game Go. It was Al Alcorn not Acorn (fucking moron).

    I'm going to find someone at Atari and show them this video, because Bores can't get away with this mockery.

  42. I actually had the courage to watch the video, and I noticed a plot hole: Why no mention of the Fairchild Channel F? Without it, there wouldn't have been the idea of interchangeable cartridges (it was the first game console to have such a thing).

  43. @vnisanian2001

    AHAHAHAHAAH! Sorry man but the idea of Chris Bores doing any in depth research just makes me laugh.

  44. The gotcha part looked familiar... *looks at avgn's dragon quest review* So that's where it's from! except avgn version of the joke made sense. His however doesn't, why did he fall when he hit the wall, in the game the characters don't stop when they hit the walls.

  45. How ironic that Bores is the one who says that copycats were a problem to Atari.

    He also didn't tell us how Bushnell came up with the Atari name, which besides of the Go tidbit, it was also because he couldn't trademark the name Syzygy.

  46. @dtm666
    You were right. That idiot just used blue screen effects to simulate the "arcade feel", and while he really appeared in a arcade at one point, none of the games are from the 70s.

    In Gran Trak 10, he used at one point a steering wheel from another game, and also another one which looks nothing like the one built in the cabinet itself. Just look at "" and see for yourself.

    Another thing that Bores never mentioned is that Tank was first released by Kee Games, a ghost subsidiary of Atari.

    I also find unsettling that he states that all of the games after Pong were failures. from what I read, Tank was definitely a success, and when Atari's secret was revealed, the companies merged and Kee Game's head was promoted to president.

    Dragon Quest review??

  47. @vnisanian2001

    I don't think the Channel F was the first cartridge-based system - I do know that it holds the distinction of being the world's first programmable ROM cartridge system, but I don't think it was the first to have games on a cartridge format.

    Also I think Bores would have gotten into hot water if he reviewed the Channel F so soon after AVGN mentioned it in his PONG colsoles video. But then again, it's also very possible that he just didn't care to do the research.

  48. From what I saw in his "hisotry" IG just took the first paragragh on each Wikipedia article of the game he reviewed I don't think he even checked the index. Also the thing about the first PONG machine breaking down that is common knowledge. I can't wait to see how he screws up the next video.

  49. @anon may 2 1:05pm

    Meant dragon's lair :p

    That's what the bores does to a person's mind, bores someone so much they can't think straight.

  50. The Irategamer himself left a comment on the video:

    "yes very hard. The research books i had were vague on this period of time and the internet is just littered with misinformation. Trying to find playable versions of these games was just as rough since no footage or good pictures of these games exist anywhere on the internet except for in this vid."

    So yeah.

  51. What was with the bit in which he randomly showed Chemical equations and the periodic table in the background :S

  52. I have to say, it was a funny video. By that I mean, that it was funny how Chris made himself look like a total pervert. Twice.

  53. @dtm666 and fattoler

    The subject of the PM was "Great show!" and I told him I loved his work. I hope that's enough for him to respond.

  54. At 1:27 there's a split-second Waldo in the crowd. Random joke is random.

  55. @Zinger314

    Not to mention useless since I doubt most people will catch that in the half a second it appears. Can't wait to see your breakdown of this disaster, Dan.

  56. Yeah, that 7 minutes was definitely worth making a full-blown trailer for. Can't wait to see you tear it apart, Dan.

    Biggest revelation:

    ZOMFG WOW! They made a Simpsons pinball machine 20 years before the show first aired?!

  57. So against my better judgment, I went ahead and saw the video. Some thoughts came to mind:

    - Man, I knew he was going to do this. Despite being at an actual arcade - an arcade that seem to lack the ancient video games being covered here - Bores still uses greenscreenery with random arcade backdrops - none of which contain games from the era outside of a couple stray shots that somehow made it in there. Way to waste an actual location there, Bores.

    - I also like how he alternates between an actual arcade steering wheel (that looks too advanced for a 1970s machine) and a greenscreen with some crap toy wheel accessory that seems wobbly and not secured in place at all. Sure can't tell the difference.

    - Last I checked, Star Wars came out in 1977. So that Spacerace/TIE Fighter gag don't work, son. Also, upgrade your goddamn explosions or make new ones based on the technological limits of the program.

    - He couldn't have come up with a better watermark or made it transparent. Besides, the footage already had a watermark; those cheap explosions he likes to use.

    - Despite uploading a totally necessary trailer and the actual video within a couple days, the Irate Gamer website has yet to be updated. Consistency? Whutz Dat?!

    - End shot; those are some nice arcade marquees on that wall of yours, Bores. Hope you didn't pay too much for them. Pretentious prick.

    I'm going to bed now. Good night.

  58. Well i just saw Bores recent "history lesson"... to sum it up, wikipedia facts + bad acting + overused green screen + horrible jokes and puns. Can't wait to see you tackle this one, Batdan.
    Also does anyone notice how Bores stare into the screen, it seems like he staring into ur soul?

  59. It seems contacting Mr. Bushnell and Mr. Alcorn is harder than I thought, since I can't find their e-mail addresses.

    BTW, a little off topic, but another thing I noticed in IG's "Mario is Missing" review. Aren't the songs "Sledgehammer" and "Holiday Road" owned by WMG? If so, then how come they didn't mute IG's video? Are YouTube partners immune to WMG's wraith or something? But then again, there's parody vids and RaR style vids with that song as well, and they still have sound.

  60. I saw this and got a couple laughs at Bores' expense. I'll go into detail when Dan posts his review.

    But the final verdict? I'd watch this on YouTube rather than spend $20 to watch it on date night.

  61. Bad, Bad, really really bad.

    That's all I can say. It's bad, and just when the AVGN releases his longest review, nay, his endurance test against the worst game ever made (hey, at least E.T. had an ending and didn't cost the earth and space). Just watching the two and comparing shows how different the two men are in their standard of entertainment.

  62. About the arcade pong footage video

    Funny you guys should say that because jamesnintendonerd (James Rolfe's YouTube account) favorited THAT VIDEO!

    Hmmmm. I wonder what that could mean?

  63. @vicviper592

    "Sledgehammer" was released by Geffen Records, and Geffen is owned by Universal Music Group, so I don't see constantly UMG muting people's vids on YouTube.

    BTW, I did a little bit of research and Gabriel never once had a tour called "The Sledgehammer Tour" to begin with, so Bores made that tour's name up.

    Y2B2010 used "Holiday Road" for the ending to his "Random Comments Pt. 7" video. I hope those WMG bastards don't mute it. That song is perfect for the ending to that video (random photos of Irategamer off of myspace).

  64. @vnisanian2001

    I was thinking about Geffen Records in the 1980s. I know before UMG bought them, Geffen was part of Warner Bros.

    The reason I did mention "Sledgehammer", because WMG could mute anything that's WB related. They did this to a couple of "Dear Sister" parody videos, because the song was featured in "The O.C." soundtrack, which was released by Warner Bros. Music, even though the song was originally in the Sony/RCA label.

  65. I don't think the footage of Gran Trak 10 is real. If you notice whenever the car comes to a corner it cuts back to him. Sounds like he got to lazy to animate the car turning... or didn't know what it really looked.

  66. "How is this Possible? We Rock, deal with it."
    "I know what you’re thinking, that I’m going sit here and bash Super Mario 2 ... I wish I was dreaming up this game because it fucking sucks!"
    "The game isn’t really that hard. If you die, that means you suck and are bad at it. But don’t get mad, get Glad Lock Zipper Bags!"

    I'm starting to get violence fantasies about Chris Bores. Is the motherfucker paid by Jack Thompson to make gamers look like morons?

  67. Did you ever address the seanbaby comparison thing like you said? I didn't see it.

  68. Ah shit I knew I forgot something.

    iratefanboy345 started the whole "AVGN is a seanbaby rip-off" bullshit. Since iratefanboy345 is Bores, he lied to make James Rolfe look bad and make himself look good.

    Thus, Chris Bores is scum.

  69. no hay nick libreMay 16, 2010 at 7:27 AM


    That means that James Rolfe is a nice person who doesn't care about flaming wars.Or that he got a twisted sense of humor

  70. The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by the motion picture association of America, inc.

    O RLy?

  71. (aka DaBoyAndy)

    "He is a Plagiarizer"?

    Wow... the bad grammar's SO not gonna convince me that iratefanboy345 is Bores. I thought PLAGIARISTS copied people's material, not "plagiarizers".

  72. I love you referenced my all-time favorite movie! :)

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