Saturday, December 18, 2010

Showing Trailers for Ad Money. This is Beyond Lazy

Originally, I wasn't going to make a post about this. There was just one video and I felt it didn't need a recap. Now there's two videos doing the exact same thing. For those wondering, IG has released a couple videos giving his first impressions of the newest trailers for Batman: Arkham City and Mortal Kombat.

I'll give him credit for not calling these videos "reviews", but there's no substance to them.
The videos start with Chris in front of his greenscreen (which has some swirling purple background) saying he saw an awesome trailer, then he shows the ENTIRE trailer, then gives the same "vewy coo'" statements that he gives to every trailer/demo. That's it.

He doesn't rate the trailers, he doesn't commentate over them, he just shows the entire trailer and gives his thoughts at the end to make its seem like a real video.
A good example of how this is done right is The Game Heroes "Trailer Trash" series. When they show the trailer they have a meter in the corner that measures how hyped up they are from the footage. Then they end it with a discussion followed by a rating.

"But Daniel, other channels upload trailers. How is this different?" Well, Chris tried to make this seem like an actual video when in reality it's a lazy way to get extra ad revenue. Channels like Machinima and IGN showing trailers makes sense, they're professional companies that provide news and info on upcoming releases. Bores is some guy making crappy videos.

Is there anything offensive coming from him? A couple of things.
He called the VGAs mediocre. That's a way good way to tell he's not an actual gamer, the VGAs are an abomination. If anything, "mediocre" would be a step-up. This year's show was horrendous with unfunny sex jokes, painful sketches, a disrespectful parody of "In Memoriam" when real people in the industry died this year, and an obviously rigged "best voice actor" award.
"Look at the visuals, freakin' sweet!" I'm sure the actual game will look like that, this totally wasn't a prerendered trailer made for the sole purpose of revealing Hugo Strange.
"Kratos might be fighting" MIGHT? I'm fairly sure that he's going to be a playable character! Why else would he be there?

Other than that, nothing too stupid.

Once again, the part that gets me is that these videos are lazy. He could focus on doing some actual videos for me to make fun of and to please his small fanbase, but instead he wastes time with this. In turn making his fanbase even smaller. In fact, his fans are calling him out on his laziness and that he's only making these videos for money. Looks like they're wising up.

OH! Almost forgot. Remember IG's sc- err contest involving the energy drinks and how we never heard the results? A while back I saw a comment asking for the winners, and LadyBuggin777 yelled at him saying the drinks have been sent out already.
Bores, it might have been nice if you had told us this! You never made a video announcing the winners or saying that the winners got their drinks. I shouldn't have to hear about this from your delusional mother!


  1. I agree with you on the VGA's. At first, I thought everyone might have been overreacting when it came to them, perhaps for making a big deal about video games (or some other more accurate reason). But when I watched them myself... let's say I stopped at "Halo: Reach-around".

  2. Jesus, he doesn't even sound like he's trying anymore. His pretend joy over the MK trailer sounds like something a 12 year old boy would post as a video comment. There was 0 professionalism from him apart from the flashy (stock) effects, just him stumbling over his words (as usual).

  3. "This is Beyond Lazy"

    Couldn't say it better myself.

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  5. "But when I watched them myself... let's say I stopped at "Halo: Reach-around"."

    THAT WAS REAL? Holy crap! I thought Benzaie just made that up in his 5 Seconds video! (I live in Australia. I didn't get the VGA's). The fact that they gave Sargent F**KING Woods from Black Ops best character (I can think of several better choices) says alot about their quality.

    But yes, Bores isn't even TRYING.

  6. @The House of C.R.P.
    Here are some more examples of Class-A humor from the VGAs.

    Woman: I love sex!
    Man: What?
    Woman: Oh sorry, I meant SSX. Here's the new trailer!

    Neil Patrick Harris listing off "pornographic video game titles".

    A video game version of TMZ. TMZ is a show where a group of assholes "follow" celebrities and report on what they're while making unfunny wisecracks.
    Their popularity comes from how fast they get celebrity news (they were the first to report Michael Jackson died).

    Everything else I've blocked out or don't remember.

  7. Bores barely produced a dozen game-related videos this year (I don't count his E3 crap). The other videos are an awful lot of previews/trailers, unfunny bloopers, fake contests, movie "reviews", the E3 stuff and the Kool-Aid rant.

    So yeah, I guess the Bores isn't even trying anymore but unfortunately, he's probably gonna milk that shit as long as he can.

  8. My thoughts were pretty similar when I saw the trailer videos. Couldn't he possibly get himself DMCA'd for doing this?

  9. @The House of C.R.P
    I actually do live in Australia (I saw it on the SciFi channel on Foxtel a couple nights ago), and even I thought Benzaie just made it up to describe the humour, until it turned out that WAS the humour. But yeah, the VGA's... Jeezy Chreezy.

  10. @Johnny: He's a YouTube Partner, so I guess he has some immunity. In addition, since Bores used the trailer for means of commentary (regardless of how lazy it was), it falls under fair use.

    Anyway, I agree with you, BatDan. Showing trailers is just lazy. And I'm glad that even his fans are starting to wise up to it.

  11. For some reason Bores' work is starting to remind me of the Navgtr videos... except Navgtr's statements were so extremely wrong/tasteless that it was funny as hell to watch.

  12. I really don't know what to say. It seems as though Chris seems to be aware of his own unoriginality. Think about it: He releases his videos later than ever, the "so bad it's good" factor has degenerated into just plain terrible, and even his most loyal of fans are calling him out. It may not be too long before this blog will serve no purpose... *breaks out list* So! Now that we've gotten rid of the Irate Gamer let's get of the rest of the scum on youtube! Hm... Alexander4488 or NC17... decisions, decisions...

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  14. IG gone?............

    Nah, that's NOT gonna happen any soon.

    tough i gotta say guys, Partners are not inmune to the DMCA bullshit, hellsing920 for example...

  15. Well I saw the VGA last night was ass. Worse than last year. Neil was a terible host, the jokes were flat and tasteless, the skits were piss poor and the musical numbers were awful. The only redeming factor were the WP trailers for batman arkham city and such (expect SSX for me. Considering its roots I cant see it making a smooth transition into serious unlike advance wars which did that transition well.) And you gotta love how after they announced Game of the year Neil just says "Okay thats our show goodnight everybody." like he just wanted to get out of there in a rush. I dont blame him at all.

  16. @Shaolin Dave

    Hm... True. So in that case we'd better go beat up every idiot kid on the internet that wants to be the next AVGN.

  17. @Motherplayer

    Yeah... Pretty much everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.

  18. @VinceThePhilosopher

    I think he is aware of his unoriginality. Bores is just some dumbass unskilled guy who tries to hit big, but fails miserably everytime. He tried : writing, Haunted Investigators, some shit trying to be Cinemassacre (breakfast rants, movie "reviews", his roatrip bullshit and a few pathetic skits), and of course IG. So far, it's the only thing that seems to work but who takes this guy seriously except kids and retards ?

  19. @Thelone

    I think that's a major problem people have when trying to get into cinnema. I think if you want to stand out in ANYTHING you shouldn't TRY to be popular. Just produce your work and see what people will think. Take into consideration all criticism even the most biting, and never give in to request, just take them into consideration. That's the one thing I can't quite comprehend with Chris. Not only does he give into the shit that the media produces these days but when it comes to plagerizing material he seems to do it poorly. There's nothing subtle on how he goes about doing it, he just blatently steals it. I assume a grown man would be able to cover his tracks better. I try not to think of him as stupid but that seems to be the only explaination at this point.

  20. @VinceThePhilosopher

    That's the problem actually : I don't think Bores is any kind of filmmaker, he just wants his fifteen minutes of fame and earn a quick buck out of it. To achieve that, he poorly tries to recreate something that works (Lord of the Rings, some ghost hunting show, AVGN, and Cinemassacre) and since he doesn't give a shit about what he's doing, it sucks and fails everytime.

  21. @The_Soul_Gauge
    "I saw it on the SciFi channel on Foxtel a couple nights ago"

    Oh, I see. I don't have the SciFi channel. I actually thought that the Halo Reach Around joke was just something that Benzaie had made up on the spot out of sheer boredom by watching the VGA.

  22. I think IG is trying hard to shake off the copycat stigma with his trailers and most recent Neo reviews (he doesn't sound very irate in those) but it's too little too late. His fans are getting impatient with his inconsistent schedule.

    I doubt that his day job is keeping him from producing more videos, he just sort of lost motivation to do them.

  23. You know what this proves? This proves that Chris has doomed himself into running the Irate Gamer for the rest of his life. He does have a large amount of subscribers, despite 85% being haters, 10% being little kids, and 5% being people who think his humor is stellar. There's a pretty good chance that if Chris pulls his show then his fans/haters will revolt for obvious reasons. So, he's decided to do the next best thing: put off his videos for as long as is humanly possible, and then put things like the trailers of games just to tease us.

    OH, before I forget, when I first started on YouTube, I asked the IG a few things, the first being if he knew about Ralph Baer seeing his video. Here was his response, with NO editing from my side:
    "so wait a second.... are you telling me that...



    RALPH BAER SAW MY VIDEO!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

    OMG!!!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Anyway, the second thing I said was about him allegedly bashing the NC. Here was his response.
    "here is a lesson.... don't blindly believe everything that you read on the internet, and try to use YOUR brain to figure things out for yourself."

    The next thing I said... I can't remember. But I can remember what he said:

    "Seriously kid, don't you have pokemon card wars to go fight or something? LOLOLOLOL"

    And after that:
    "Of course I know of it's existence, half of my fans have pokemon card game crap in all of their favorites!"

    Shows a lot of things about him doesn't it?

  24. If there really is someone answering his PMs, then they're a real asshole.

  25. @BatDan
    I forgot to say (Again), this was about two years ago, just before your blog came about. Sorry that I forgot that.
    That, and he practically begged me to answer him.