Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kirby's Epic Yarn and IG's Awful Review

I couldn't think of a clever title...

Back at E3 2010, Chris said he wasn’t impressed with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. He didn’t explain why but that’s standard for him. Five months later in his Donkey Kong Country Returns review he called Epic Yarn a “total let-down”. Once again he didn’t explain why he thought this.

So after receiving angry letters wondering why he thought this, Bores finally reviewed Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I should also mention he promised this would be out before Christmas, and today is… January 26th. Then again he can’t keep his promises at all.

Since the actual review is only three and half minutes long, I’ll cover that “preview” video he posted on his channel (which is only a minute long).

He mentions his line about the game in the DKCR review and that he “had a ton fans asking to review it”. That’s a kind way of saying a bunch of people asked “What the hell is wrong with you?” He also brings up the contest and he’ll announce a winner soon, yeah I don’t care. Onto the actual video.

0:08 - 0:28: He starts the video repeating exactly what he said in the preview video. How he called the game a let-down and “fans” wanted him to review and explain it. Again, it wasn’t the fans. It was people that know you’re not a gamer and wanted to know why you didn’t like this awesome game.

0:29 - 0:39: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Kirby franchise since the first game was on the NES” *alarm rings* Finally it’s been a while since we’ve had blatant research failure. The first Kirby game was Kirby’s Dream Land on the Game Boy. Kirby’s Adventure was the follow-up. Thus proving that you’re not a fan and you’re once again you’re lying. Then some crap about how the concept is interesting.

YouTube Edit: Bores attempted to fix the line by changing it to "I've been a huge fan of the Kirby franchise ever since the first game I played on the NES". Still kind of awkward.

0:39 - 1:13: “But sadly, that concept is thrown by the wayside” Boo-frickin-hoo.
Bores goes on to explain how the game works, complaining that you can’t eat them anymore. He ends this part facepalming, and to make sure we get that’s what he’s doing a voice cries out “FACEPALM” with the word appearing in text. That… was weird.

1:14 - 1:54: He goes on to mention that the game is for kids. Yeeeeeah, Kirby was always intended for kids. Sakurai’s purpose with the original Kirby was to introduce younger kids to video games without too much of challenge. Oh wait, he means “little kids” because the music is light & fluffy (and it’s awesome, shut the hell up), the enemies are goofy (they’ve always been goofy! Look at King Dedede and tell me he‘s not goofy) and you can’t even die.

You, the person that CONSTANTLY complains about games being way too hard, is whining that this game is too easy. I knew it, I knew that when he announced he was reviewing this he would complain about the difficulty. Once again showing he’s not the Irate Gamer but the Unpleaseable Dickhead that whines whenever things don’t go his way.

He whines about one of the levels moving you ahead if you get hit by a lowering rooftop and does another facepalm, this time with the deep voice crying out “Double Facepalm”. It wasn’t funny the first time, it definitely wasn’t funny the second time, and knowing how predictable you are it won’t be funny the third time.

1:55 - 2:30: Despite his “disappointment” with this direction, he did find some upsides. Like how Kirby can automatically change into his classic forms. This is where his lack of Kirby knowledge really comes forth.
“A parachute” Kirby could never turn into a parachute. He used a parasol but those are completely different things.
“A car” Kirby never turned into a car. He could turn into a wheel or use a wheel as a weapon, but there’s big difference between a wheel and a car.
“A heavy weight” Not really. Sure in Super Smash Bros there was a possibility of his Down+B move being a heavy weight, but in the actual Kirby games he was mostly a stone.
*Update: Turns out he can become a weight in Kirby Super Star. So 1 out of 4.
“A submarine” Once again, this never happened. Stop saying you’re a fan of franchises when you clearly aren’t.

He also brings up the special areas where Kirby can transform into various vehicles, he liked them but hoped there was more of them. What? There was plenty of them. At least every other stage had one, and this game has a lot of stages.

2:31 - 2:41: Chris compliments the visuals and believes that Nintendo is competing with the “Little Big” franchise.
Okay first of all it’s called “Little Big Planet” not “Little Big”. Second of all NO. Considering that Kirby has existed for years and LBP is relatively new. Plus, Kirby’s Epic Yarn doesn’t have a stage creator or online community, you know the selling points of the LBP series?

2:42 - 3:02: IG then brings up the large amount of secret levels and complains that there’s too many.
Wow, that is one of the dumbest things he’s ever said. That’s definitely up there with “What the fuck is a muscle” or “Why couldn’t the easy setting be more easy?” I don’t know a single gamer that complains about too many levels or secrets. Again, you’re diving back into Unpleasable Dickhead.

And because he’s a predictable dumbass, he facepalms again. This time a Triple Facepalm with a demon hand that will never be explained. Damn it, it’s almost over.

So the video ends with him complaining that if you’re going to take Kirby in a new direction it better “blow your socks off”. You’re an idiot! This new direction was awesome! What the hell is wrong with you?
Then he gives his final verdict of “Get it for a little kid, but if you’re an adult don’t get it”. So it’s perfect for all your fans, wow you do care for them.

YouTube Edit: Bores added a scene where an angry Kirby appears, looks at him and then eats him. Somehow Kirby only ate his torso and decides not to swallow him. Bores then signs off instead of screaming in agony since he NO LONGER HAS LEGS!
Honestly did he care when making this scene? Obviously not.

Good lord was this terrible. I predicted that when Bores would review this, he’d complain about the difficulty, making him a major hypocrite. Goes to show how predictable he truly is. Maybe his obsession with food wouldn’t allow him to like it. I don’t know, all I know is that Bores is a god damn moron. Plus that facepalm joke was just… ugh.

*sighs* Knowing how IG works, we’ll probably see another video in three months. Maybe another one of those lame “Top 10 Summer Movie” lists that continue to show Bores has just as much taste in movies as he does games. I’ll see you all later.


  1. Kirby can turn into a heavy weight as well as many other things with the stone power-up in Kirby Super Star.

  2. I liked Kirby's Epic Yarn. I don't have it, but I played a demo of it at GameStop. It's actually really good. I like the visuals of it, the level design, music, and the overall peaceful atmosphere (if that makes sense).

    I found it really idiotic that he compared this game to LittleBIGPlanet. It just shows that he probably has never even played LittleBIGPlanet and only saw screenshots or preview videos from E3, otherwise he would know that the two games can't be compared.

    Amazing work as always, BatDan! Can't wait for your next blog!

  3. @burning_hanumachine
    Oh... updated that part to include that. Thanks.

    Yeah, Kirby's Epic Yarn was a great game. Sure it was easy but it was FUN. Sometimes I just want something that's fun.

  4. There are two "secret" stages per world. There are also two normal stages per word, and one boss stage. There are seven worlds. Sure, these stages make up over 25% of the game. But they are so easily unlocked it's not even funny. To unlock half of them, you just need to be good at the bosses. You can do that, Bores, you said it's easy, right? To unlock the other "secret" stage in a world? Beat the first one.

    So yeah, they're barely secret at all.

    And screw you, Bores! Epic Yarn was great!

  5. Actually, with the minigames, it makes up even less of the game...

  6. @Color Printer
    Actually there's four regular stages, then the boss stage, then the two secret stages (the first you unlock by getting a lot of gems in the boss stage).

    But yeah, complaining about the secret levels is by far one of the dumbest things he's ever said.

  7. That bastard...that heartless bastard...GRAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!! YOU DON'T FUCK WITH KIRBY, BORES!!! You can't take one of the most time honored characters in gaming, call yourself a fan, and diss his beautiful return to console games! Kirby was THE sole reason I first started playing video games! that pink puff was my pillow all the way to grade four! What unholy magicks allow you to call yourself a gamer!? you don't know the fucking meaning of the word!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO PAY FOR THIS TRAVESTY! BLOOD MUST RUN THROUGH THE STREETS OF OHIO! I...I...God, this is where it needs to end... he just needs to disappear. All those people listening to him... if they keep listening to him, they'll just become more trolls for xbox. by watching his videos and defending him, they'll all turn into those fucksticks you'd meet on halo reach. He needs to just go. I mean, why are you even here, Bores?! You clearly don't enjoy playing these games, just leave!

  8. I recall reading on Dtoid that this was supposed to be a new IP, but they added kirby to it for brand appeal. Which would explain the alteration in gameplay mechanics.

    Should I not believe everything I read, or is this common knowledge that might have made review more fucking interesting? :P

  9. @Wolfmweh
    Dtoid was correct. Kirby's Epic Yarn was originally going to be called Fluff of Yarn with Prince Fluff as the main character. Nintendo wanted it to be a Kirby game so Good-Feel said "sure we can make it a Kirby game, but we still want Prince Fluff" so he became Kirby's partner.

    I imagine Bores would try pass that off as another "scandal" because he's idiotic like that.

  10. As much as I try to respect other people’s opinions, his complaint about Epic Yawn being targeted towards kids just baffles me. If he truly was a fan of the original series, he should have known the target audience for them.

    Batdamn has yet to comment on the videos, but when he does I assume he’ll copy and paste in AVGN’s fuck ups and call anyone who likes Epic Yawn a man-child or something like that.

    Playing games intended for kids doesn’t make you a kid the same way playing a mature rated game doesn’t make you an adult.

  11. Bores wouldn't know a good game from a bad one. Kirby's Epic Yarn is a great game. sure you can't die, but that doesn't mean the game isn't time consuming. There are plenty of secrets to find through out the game but then again, Bores is like stuttering Craig, one minute he wants a game to be challenging, the next he wants it to be easy, one review he claims that graphics are important, the next he says they don't matter, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!!

  12. There's a lot more research fail that I was able to pick out. The main one being that Chris seems to hev overlooked two things:
    1. The whole thing where Kirby can't inhale is actually explained really well (If he were made of yarn, I can see how that would drive him mad), and the whip and transformations are a good substitute.
    2. He seems to have overlooked the fact that the point of the game was to look for the all the beads to get trophies, and dying and losing all your beads would drive people mad.

    Just thought I'd add a few things. Awesome entry, Dan

  13. @TheGreatMolo
    Tell that to the DudeBro audience.
    That last line is why Splatterhouse wasn't that impressive. It tried to sell itself on controversy in a world where games with excess violence and gratuitous nudity are commonplace.

    Yeah, Stuttering Craig is just as big an idiot. Back when he and Tom were partners he actually insulted Tom for having a big collection.

    Oh yeah. I'd get really pissed when I'd lose a bunch of beads. I really wanted those gold medals.
    You're right though, he explained nothing about the game. I found the reason Kirby couldn't inhale his enemies acceptable.

  14. @BatDan
    I decided to tell Chris about my findings. Do you want to know what he said? So the fuck would I, because he said that he found the game too easy.

    It seems that Chris denies anything that may say he has a flaw, and seems to have his head lodged so far up his ass that he's in danger of choking on his own face.

  15. I have a theory about Bores. What if he's pulling some Andy Kaufman like joke on use. You know pretending to be this god awful fake gamer doing poorly researched, acted, and filmed reviews. Though for this theory to work he would have to have a modicum of talent.

  16. @ULad
    He seems to think he's always right no matter what the facts say. Like when he said Turtles in Time was SNES exclusive and 3 years later when he looked at the remake he thought it was a remake of the SNES version. Yeah...

    The troll theory has been brought up but we doubt that. We just think he's a huge idiot.

  17. @BatDan
    I agree he's a total moron. I really can't believe he's managed to last this long even if he's only appealing to 11 year olds. I just wanted to slap him during his SMB 2 "review", or during any of his reviews really.

  18. Just to go off-topic for a bit BatDan, did you see 2600theatari's video on him actually trying to defend the Irate Gamer without bringing up the AVGN?

  19. @SpaceScreaminJohn
    I did. Since I was the one that sent out the challenge I kind of had to.

    Well, he defended IG with bringing up the AVGN... but he still failed. The video amounted to this:
    *states one of my facts/opinions*
    "Well you are wrong so there"

    It was pathetic.

  20. This game was released October 17th, he played if before then. It took over three months to do a three minute review?

  21. @Me
    Without* bringing him up. Man I suck.

    @Shaolin Dave
    Oh god damn it you're right. His laziness knows no limits.

  22. My friend is actually playing Epic Yarn as I'm typing this. I just showed the review to him (it was the first time either of us had seen it.)

    "Why is he complaining about secret levels? I always get mad when games end so fast."

    "Yeah, Chris BORES, all right."

    I've played it for several hours and enjoyed it very much. Bores is as qualified to review this game as the a-hole in Entertainment Weekly who declared Epic Yarn the "worst game of 2010" for being too cute.

  23. @Shaolin Dave

    But it took him 3 months to make that third arm effect, 3 MONTHS!!!(sarcasm lol)

  24. o btw when do u guys think the end date for his "contest" will be?

  25. @frustrated_Azin

    probably never and his fans will have an excuse for that as well.

  26. In Castlevania Harmony of Despair news, Chris just got his wish. Simon Belmont is now playable along with a Castlevania 1 themed level.

    I wonder what his fantrolls will say about this? Will he update his video? I would guess not.

  27. @Phudman

    Oh ho ho ho ho. Don't you remember? Bores doesn't care about video games! Why would he update a video talking about something he legitimately doesn't care about? it's like if I did a review of a pop song, and a remixed version was released, and any fans that I had would ask me to update it! I wouldn't do it! Because I freaking hate pop music! it's just like video games and Chris Bores!

  28. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    what do you mean he has all those consoles that he shows in the background of every one of his video's. I mean that makes him a gamer right?

  29. According to Archfiend, Bores uploaded a fanart to his website, but now apparently its now removed because apparently it had a "secret message".

  30. I don't really like the Archfiend. he seems to be a bit of an asshat. like he was having some whole pointless flame war with Cloud 4574 or something.

  31. This may be a weird time to post this but what would happen if Chris Bores got his own t.v show and video game?

  32. @Gatuca
    I checked his channel, the picture was removed. Hopefully someone saved it.

    *checks IG's site* Oh fuck me there's new fanart. What a shocker, it's all shit. At least this gives me new material to work with (plus it's another article I deleted during my mass deletion, it could use a remake).

    There was going to be a game, it had a website and everything. But it never got past concept art.

  33. A bit off topic, but I'm glad others think Stuttering Craig is an idiot. ScrewAttack isn't horrible but it has the same braindead fanboys the IG has, who don't criticize anything Craig puts up. Which Craig owes any success he has to a lot of other people, like Tom, AVGN, Keith Apicary, etc. The point being, Craig lucked out by finding more talented people to get traffic to his site. I wish the AVGN and Apicary would cut ties with SA, it's not like either needs SA, SA needs them. The only thing Craig can keep coming up with for content is eating contests where someone gets hit in the balls. Which BTW if you're almost 30 and still wearing a baseball hat backwards, you're officially a douche.

    Sorry for the off topic rant, but Craig is one of those guys I put in the same league as the IG. I wouldn't say he's as bad but it's pretty obvious he got into gaming for the money, and way too many people (and ones that would know) have said he's definitely not a real gamer.

  34. @ResidentialEvil
    I do not like Stuttering Craig. The man is a complete dickhole.
    He's burned Handsome Tom, Guru Larry, FarfromSubtle, and countless others so he could make more money.

    What gets me is that in an a recent interview he claimed he was the reason ScrewAttack was successful. No. Nobody would've known about your podcast or reviews if it wasn't for James Rolfe.

    Really though, the AVGN, Keith Apicary, and sometimes brentalfloss are the only things keeping ScrewAttack afloat. Oh and by the way, removing the space doesn't make it original. You still stole from Metroid.

    Sorry, went off there a bit.

    If anyone can send me that image TheArchfiend was talking about (the fan art with the secret message) I'd really appreciate it.

  35. Man, fuck Bores, that fucking hypocrite. I hope this "review" is the downfall to his bullshit.

  36. @BatDan, I totally agree. When I think of all the things I like or have liked about ScrewAttack over the years, Craig doesn't even make the list. At all. If he left SA tomorrow I wouldn't bat an eye and I think the honest truth is almost everyone who enjoys SA wouldn't either. He most certainly owes his success primarily to James Rolfe. The Nerd is the reason why I even went there in the first place. To leech off him and others for so long and then act like it was all him is delusional.

    Heck Tom even somewhat offered an olive branch by trying to set up a COD showdown with Jose, and Craig totally ruined it because he changed the time and tried to hype it up for his stupid Halloween event, then had the nerve to claim Tom chickened out.

    My dream, which won't happen obviously, is that Rolfe takes his ball and goes home and Aplicary and Brental Floss do the same, and Craig ends up with IG. They'd be a perfect couple.

  37. oh god, Sttutering Craig, i be heard lots of tings about him, but you know what, i start to believe those things.

    moments ago i watched the VGV of Mighty Final Fight and what struck me were his homophobic remakrs.......they sounded sincere rather than a joke.

    grantes yes its japan and they are 50% homophobic, and it was 90's japan so sadly, is expected that they put homosexuals in a bad light on japanese media (You can say what you want about their old art style, but the CLAMPs were the first one that portrayed gay characters in a respectable way. (not counting Miyuki-chan of course)) but his remarks i felt they were geninuely homophobic.

    And Besides it wasnt as bad compared to worse homophobic depictions on japanese media.

  38. As for the deleted fan-art, seems that only Archfiend might had it saved it :P.

  39. Thank god, I thought I was the only one who didn't like the bastard. SC's the reason I don't go to ScrewAttack, except for maybe a few other members and affiliates of the site I personally feel are a bit smug (Rolfe NOT being one of them, thankfully, as he appears freaking awesome in real life, if his miscellaneous and Con videos (at least the one that I saw, I think it's the one where he said he ignores IG because he ignores him)are anything to go by).

    As long as we're talking about things that Stuttering Craig has said or done that we don't like, the Top 10 sexiest outfits on women in gaming (a recent one). You could consider the existence of that list being sexist, but - if memory serves me correct - when Samus made the list and said that her role in Other M knocked her down a few places because "she had something to say", was it because THAT she said something or was it what came out of her mouth. The latter is understandable - and people would probably, if not definitely, agree - but if it's the former, then fuckin' classy, Craig.

    Oh right, this is a blog about the Irate Gamer. Just another video of him not knowing what the fuck he's on about, nothing new. But I did like your line about his fans getting a game he recommends for little kids. That made my morning.

  40. Ever since the beginning I've never liked Craig, but the things I hate the most about him are as follows:

    Hes inconsistent. Time and time again he will say he hates something, then the next video he'll be gushing all over the same thing he claims to be crap. Some videos he'll say the PS3 or the Wii sucks, only to go off and praise them the next day! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

    The next thing I hate is the fact that he is, without a doubt, a 360 whore. He sees NOTHING wrong with the 360, he praises the hell out of it. Now there's nothing wrong with the 360 I like it a lot, but when you're going to be a game reviewer, try not to be biased please.

    Another thing I can't stand is that there are times where he never explains something. Some videos he will say that a game sucks, and never explain why. This is explicitly clear in his countdown videos, where he'll say something is awesome or sucks and he won't elaborate.

    But the thing I can't stand the most about him is his ego. Craig thinks HES the reason Screwattack is successful?! HAHAHAHAHA! I hadn't even heard of Screwattack until I heard that the nerd was posting his videos in the Screwattack portion of Gametrailers! And as soon as Handsome Tom left, I honestly didn't care about the new videos that Craig would post, hes not funny, hes boring, stupid, biased and just not entertaining.

    And yet he claims that hes the reason why people go to his below average site. What an ass, did he ever consider that it was the nerd? Or any of the talented people on his damned site? Oh and by the way Craig, shut your damned fanboys up! They are almost as bad as IG's fans!

    OK I think I've made my point.

  41. @Darthgamer

    I remember seeing one of Craig's earlier Top 10s on the Worst Fighting games, and he had "Street Fighter EX3" as I think number 3, which is "tied" with the home version of "Street Fighter the Movie". And I don't think he gave a good reason why "SFEX3" was worst than that "Star Wars" fighting game, "Justice League", and "Pit Fighter". He just pulled a "Chris Bores" and just said that it sucks because it's 3D, and didn't quite explain why the controls were bad. There was no explaination on his thoughts on the game engine, like super cancels, tagging, and Critical Parade.

    Yeah, the "SFEX" series wasn't better than the original, but at least they played better than the games below the list.

  42. It's possible that Craig isn't fully to blame for his obvious inconsistencies. I hear he doesn't even do his own Vaults anymore, he has one of his underlings write and edit it while he just presents it. As for the Top 10s I think I heard that at first he would decide on a list with Tom but after he left it's now him and his whole staff that decides on the list even though it seems like it's only his list. I don't think we should really take his stuff seriously anyway since he does have an annoying nickname (possibly intentional). I actually don't hate him necessarily, I just wish he'd calm down and stop acting like a moron.

  43. @Nicholas: That's the same defence people use against Seth MacFarlane for Family Guy's more crass moments - the fact is, the guy is allowed to choose what he's going to say and could veto it at any point. That seems to imply he is OK with, or even endorses, the things he says.

  44. I honestly didn't expect Bores to review this game at all. I'm not a gamer, I don't play many video games. (I play a few of them, but they're not many)

    Even people who aren't gamers can see how much of a fucking moron the irategamer is. He didn't even explain how the game is disappointing. The only explanation I saw is that he couldn't suck up enemies.

    He didn't explain what's wrong with the secret levels.

    I didn't laugh at that facepalm joke at all, but at least I will give the irategamer credit for one thing, he explains perfectly what many people think of his videos with that facepalm thing. That's the only good thing about this video.

  45. @Nicholas: I really don't buy that; From everything I've seen and heard, Craig rules SA with an iron fist. Which is why he has to be in pretty much every video, and he pretty much does every VGV. Nick is the only other person that does them and he tries to act just like Craig. Speaking of which, that's another reason I compare Craig to IG, because in every video he pretty much says the same thing and uses the exact same style and voice inflection, etc. Just like Bores always does the "list 3 things", Craig always does the mumbling sarcastic thing. It's one thing to have a style, it's another to do the exact same thing every video.

    And even if he DOES let his underlings do the VGVs and he just "presents", he's still ultimately responsible for the end product.

  46. Wow Chris, way to jump on the "facepalm" bandwagon about two years after that meme got run into the ground. What's next, a Chuck Norris reference? Maybe a painful imitation of "OVER 9000"?

  47. I just wanted to say that I was talking to Third Rate Gamer last night and he informed me that Chris commented on the review at gotgame in reguards to the "Nes game being first" thing saying he goofed and ment it was his first one he played. Would really help to double check these things eh champ?

  48. @Motherplayer
    I saw that comment. Part of me thinks he was called out for being an idiot so he's making up an excuse (a/la Tekken 6).

    But he could have known and didn't realize his script reads out like a bad fansub.

    Just as keikaku?

  49. @BatDan Expect it to be chnaged by the time its released on youtube ala tekken 6 as well.

  50. @ResidentialEvil I understand what you mean, but I'm pretty sure I've heard that specifically two of his employees do most of work for the shorter videos that go on GT nowadays (can't remember their names.) I'm not saying that Craig doesn't deserve any blame, I just mean that perhaps fault can also be put with the people that first come up with the bad ideas. Although to be fair I have no idea what really goes on at Screwattack, I can only go with what I've heard. Their videos on GT I think aren't suppose to be taken too seriously since they put in a lot of dumb sht. To be honest I've never even thought for a second that their VGV's were intended to be legitimate game reviews they're more like nostalgic recollections or something. They may perhaps do these things purposely without really caring that they're contradicting themselves from earlier videos just so they can please the audience on Gametrailers or whatever. Kind of like I sometimes think that Irate Gamer purposely makes videos with full inaccurate facts just so they can get higher views among the haters.

  51. There's one part of the video that struck me as especially stupid. Early in the vid, he says, "Kirby is sucked into a new world made entirely out of fabric, and this introduces a new villain, as well as new enemies..."

    What blew my mind is that when he said, "as well as new enemies", the screen cut to Kirby fighting waddle dees. WADDLE DEES. Ya know, the guys who have appeared in every single Kirby game ever?

    Honestly, how could this guy call himself a Kirby fan after overlooking a mistake like that?

    That, and he neglected to mention that the whole point of the game is to try and hold on to your beads as long as possible. This is a MAJOR part of the game play's appeal and replay value, and considering that the game came out last October and can be beaten in under a week, this is absolutely inexcusable.

    I can't get over that; it took him more than THREE MONTHS to make a three- minute review of a game that can be beaten in three DAYS.

  52. For someone who has that much to complain about other people's use of english, your english is pretty weak to begin with. Learn the difference between 'then' and 'than' for instance. It's starting to get really annoying to read that shit each time you have something to say about that Irate fool's 'grammar'.

  53. I know I have trouble with that.
    I've been working on it.

  54. After watching the video, I can safely say that this was one of IG's worst videos. Yes, right up there with ZAMN, here's why:

    Research failure: something that is on most of his videos, but it has never been so OBVIOUS, I mean, every Kirby fan knows that KDL was the first Kirby game, once again, proving that he's not a fan of most of the stuff he claims to be.

    Major hypocrisy: I think everyone knows what I'm talking about...

    Raping the Rule of Three... AGAIN!: Using the Rule of Three is OK for the most part, take the Nostalgia Critic, for instance, I consider him the master of running gags, he can tell a joke, stick with it for the entire video, and it never gets old, Chris Bores, on the other hand, never gets it right:
    1st time is unfunny enough,
    2nd time is painfully unfunny,
    3rd time makes me want to tear my eyes out.
    And it doesn't help when he applies the facepalm joke to an awesome game!

    Thinking that overusing an old meme is funny: My reaction to the facepalm joke?

    Bashing an awesome game for ridiculous reasons: Nuff said.

    But the real worst aspect of the video and every other one of his reviews is...
    His brainwashed fanboys are going to take his crap for word: Again, nuff said.

    Now, may I quote you?

  55. Oh yeah. Chris re-released the video with an alternate ending, and it's just plain stupid.

  56. Kirby's Epic Yarn is not a good game. It's a mediocre game. I know it's mostly about hating on Irate Gamer's obvious retardation (which I agree about). Just don't agree about Kirby's Epic Yarn. If it wasn't Kirby half of you wouldn't give two shits about it. That's pathetic.

  57. @Elijah

    Really, you think it's a bad game? Well, let's see you struggle to find reasons to not like it.

  58. You should have named it "IG's Epic Yawn Review".

  59. I said it was a mediocre game. I didn't say bad. Let's here your reasons for why it's so great. You want to call me out on disliking it then tell me why you like it so much.

  60. @Elijah
    It's just such a nice, charming, calming game that I don't see how can someone dislike it. Sometimes I just want to play a game that'll take me out of this world and into a world where I have nothing to worry about. I don't care if you can't die in the game, if you enjoy playing it, it's a good game.
    And hell, if I was looking to play a hard game, Kirby's one of the last franchises I'd want.
    Oh, I forgot that this is a blog about a hack who can't do a decent review to save his life, bye!

  61. Just because you personally enjoy the game a lot (and for very personal reasons) doesn't make it a good game. I said it was mediocre and I stand by that. There is hardly any imagination or innovation in the game. I'm sure you can make the argument that there is but really... come on.

    I'm fine with you liking it and I don't hate it. It's just not "omg awesome" and it weakens the argument against Bores' idiotic review when you continually base that argument on how great the game supposedly is. It's an ok game. Nothing more.

    Also I wanted to make the point that if it wasn't kirby this mediocre game wouldn't be considered awesome. It would be forgotten or maybe have a cult following at most. That to me is pathetic and one of the things wrong with the gaming community.

  62. @Elijah
    Really? That's the best argument you can come up with? That the points I made were opinions and that if it wasn't for Kirby, it wouldn't be popular, instead of citing actual DOWNSIDES to the game?

    1 - That last paragraph was dumb, that'd be like saying "SMG2 wouldn't be considered the best game on the Wii if Mario wasn't in the game."

    2 - All you did so far was debunk my points. Care to tell me actual DOWNSIDES to the game?

  63. *facepalm*

    Alright. I didn't list in detail what's wrong with the game no. You didn't list in detail what's right about the game either. Blanket opinion about liking it or it being a charming/calming game doesn't make it a GOOD game.

    I never said it was a BAD game I said it was a MEDIOCRE game. It's nothing special. It's visual style being quirky aside it has nothing special about it other than making easy mode standard.

    My point about it being Kirby was such a mediocre game wouldn't get near the praise you people slathered on this game if it didn't have Kirby in it. That's a fact.

    Your analogy with SMG2 is ridiculous. SMG2 is not mediocre (even though I don't quite like it myself). SMG2 has quite a bit of effort put into it with decent gameplay.

    You want downsides alright...

    The game is far too easy. Don't even cry to me about how it's for kids. I was playing hard NES games when I was a kid as was everyone I knew. Kids don't have to have easy dumbed down games. The gameplay is uninteresting due mostly to the low difficulty.

    Now I can see your idiocy right now before you even respond so let me save you the effort. "OMG one downside" Well yeah. One downside which cripples the gameplay and makes it MEDIOCRE (you grasping that word yet or is your fanboyism still translating anything not perfect as BAD?)

    My point stands that if this game was anything but kirby (but the same in every other way as it is now) you wouldn't give two shits about it and you know it. That sort of mentality disgusts me.

  64. @Elijah
    You know, at least I don't have the weakness of resorting to insult you. Look, just because I'm arguing with you does not mean I don't respect you, you, apparently, do not think so.

    You know, the "downside" you cited was outright PATHETIC. That was Chris Bores level. And, as I said before, if you were looking for a hard game to play, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER PICKING A KIRBY GAME? All Kirby games are easy. Oooh, I know what you're thinking: "You can die in other Kirby games." Well, sure, but have you noticed that there are BILLIONS of checkpoints in every level? "What if you lose all your lives?" Infinite continues. Nuff said.

    So yeah, is Kirby's Epic Yarn any easier than the other Kirby games?

    Oh, so you don't get what I said about SMG2, so let me explain: Imagine if SMG2 was part of a whole new series, where you play as, say, the most obscure character you can think of. Could you honestly have any interest in buying it? That's why new characters in video games rarely work nowadays, so it was just the sanest thing to do to choose Kirby as the protagonist in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Marketing tactics.

    I'm afraid we have to settle this first.

  65. No I haven't insulted you. Stop being dramatic. Also my downside wasn't "pathetic" it was a genuine downside. Just because you don't happen to agree with it doesn't take away from it.

    I have repeatedly said it's not a bad game. I have said it's mediocre. My objection has been with the mindless adoration for a mediocre game. So yeah one downside when large enough can make a game mediocre.

    The game being too easy is a major downside. That's kind of why you don't have press a button and win games. Games are meant to be challenging on some level. I'm not saying a game has to be ball breakingly difficult but come on.

    There are no Kirby games I would call hard yet I wouldn't label most of them mediocre. That's because there is some semblance of challenge in them. Kirby's Epic Yarn on the other hand...

    So yeah nice of you to prove my point about mindless fanboyism with your reaction to what I said.

  66. You know, The challenge in the game really isn't about just completing the levels. It's about completing the levels with the largest amount of beads, and that can be quite hard sometimes.

    *sigh* Still with that "I have already said it's not bad" bullcrap. STOP THAT! I'm not dumb, you know. When did I say "duhh you think it's a bad game"? Answer: I didn't.

  67. You don't have to say that. Your extreme reaction is a tell-tale sign.

    I stand mildly corrected on the challenge aspect of the game (very mildly). My overall point stands though because what ground I lost on challenge (i.e. not much) I gained on the game's lack of creativity. Seeing as the challenge you mention is generic item fetching that has been in most platformers since their conception.

    Yet you still think the game is anything above mediocre? I want you to take a moment and actually think it over. Evaluate the game independent of favoritism. Evaluate it based on the merits that make a game good.

    My point all along isn't so much that Kirby's Epic Yarn is mediocre. It's that if it were any other mediocre game independent of Kirby or other nostalgic fan favorites (especially Nintendo centric ones) you and others who claim it's great wouldn't give two shits about it. You would readily agree it is mediocre or maybe even bad. If you didn't associate it with its brand name.

    That's mostly why Kirby was forced into the game to begin with. They knew it wouldn't sell well otherwise.

  68. @Elijah
    Forget it. You're trying so hard to make me feel bad about liking the game, that you're just repeating the same arguments all over again. I'm gonna reply to the 4th paragraph:

    Just like any other game ever made? Take Okami, for instance. It's a really great game, but since people didn't know who Amaterasu was, it sold badly at the time. See, it doesn't have to be a mediocre game for it to need aid from popular franchises.

  69. Arthur your attempts to paint my argument fail. My argument is plainly visible to you and anyone else who bothers to actually read them. The points I made were repeated for the explicit reason of you ignoring them.

    You keep trying to act like my points are invalid or insufficient. They are what they are and trying to dismiss them without any opposing points is rather weak.

    No a game doesn't have to be mediocre to not sell well. Okami I would say is a great game (at least on a creativity level). The reason why it didn't sell well wasn't because people are unfamiliar with Amaterasu necessarily. The reason it didn't sell well was because it was above the heads of the general gaming population.

    My main point all along isn't that you should dislike Kirby's Epic Yarn. What you like is your business. My point was that the praise the game gets from you and others as being such a great game is undeserved and generated by your love for Kirby. Not your love for the game.

    In fact I can bet you now that in a year you won't think of the game that much even when thinking specifically about Kirby games. That reflects the shallowness I am complaining about.

  70. @Elijah

    1st paragraph - I didn't ignore your points. What are you talking about?

    2nd - Have you ever considered that I like the game for the reasons I like any other game? Great gameplay, great graphics, great controls, great music and creativity. That TOTALLY doesn't make up for the lack of challange, right?

    3rd - You just repeated what I said in my previous post.

    4th and 5th - *loud sigh* you still think that I like it just because it's Kirby. Do I even have to respond to this?

  71. "1st paragraph - I didn't ignore your points. What are you talking about?"

    You did ignore them. Responding to your strawman version of my points is not the same as reading, understanding, and responding to my actual points.

    "great gameplay,great graphics,great controls,great music and creativity"

    Such descriptive reasons. I hardly know where to begin.

    Great gameplay? What is great about the gameplay (BTW the challenge is a part of the gameplay)?

    Great graphics? I would say a unique and creative graphical design but "great" is going overboard.

    Great controls? Wow they didn't f*ck up the controls. Give them a medal.

    Great music? What is great about the music? What do you feel when you listen to it while playing?

    Creativity? In certain aspects yes. In many no. The general concept of the game is not very creative. The reliance on Kirby isn't very creative. The item fetching isn't very creative. About the only thing creative is the visual style and gameplay mechanics. Even those though are just pulled from the same "creative" vein as games like Paper Mario or Yoshi's Story that go for quirky imagery.

    "3rd - You just repeated what I said in my previous post."

    No. I validated PART of what you said with my first sentence. The rest of the paragraph rips into your argument that because a great game like Okami did bad that it was because of the name. Which isn't true necessarily. Many unknown games go on to do well. That's how franchises are built in the first place. The reason Okami didn't do well is more because it was above the general gaming populace's heads. It was too artsy and niche for them.

    "4th and 5th - *loud sigh* you still think that I like it just because it's Kirby. Do I even have to respond to this?"

    I'm saying you're only claiming it is so great because you love kirby with a big raging hard-on and it shows in all of your comments. I don't believe you love the game as much as you love your Kirby fanboyism. You are incapable of separating your liking a game from critically evaluating it.

  72. @Elija

    Dont mean to get into this but I want to clarify some things on my behalf:

    1: You're not speaking for me pal. I could care less that this was a kirby game. I myself would've enjoyed the game reguardless of them putting in kirby for brand appeal or if they stuck with doing a new IP with prince fluff.

    2: You analized the game well and I can agree with your points on the game being mediocre. However I will say this: the experience of the game is about how you make it out to be. For example even with your analizing I can still say I very much enjoyed the game and felt it wasnt average but thats personally how I feel about it. I mean hey, you could analize the entirety of FF 7 and note everything about it and possibly come to the point it was medicore too but that wouldnt stop people from being on a love it hate it basis because its human nature that if you like something you will defend it. Its a constant truth. That would mostly explain Arthur defenses for you. Though good job with your analysis. Now please excuse me while I myself enjoy it. :)

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Oh and also to add with your comment on NES games being hard you are true on that but for the most part it was based on alot of factors like the difficulty had to be intense so you could get your moneys worth back then. A nice idea but it doent change the fact that would could get to the final boss and you'd take one hit just before he/she did and end up losing and having to start back all at the begining. Most NES based challenge came from trial and error and its a easily flawed mechanic for the most part. Not alot of NES games used batter powered backup to save so you couldnt exactly get back to the point where you were went you stopped playing and you also usually had stupidly long passwords to contend with on some games. And not to mention the certian things like ocassional slowdown due to a large number of sprites, annoying enemy patterns and glitches made up for some of the challenge too. Megaman 1 and Castlevania are guilty of these and they are still reguarded as classics. Just saying that the challenge of NES games wasnt nessisarly always due to good design choices.

  75. @Elijah

    You talk like you can totally feel what's going on in my mind. You think that because some people are like this, I'm also like this. Pathetic.

    You talk like gameplay, graphics, controls and music do not mean anything to the game, well:
    Imagine a game with crappy gameplay, graphics, controls and music, yes, the things that mean nothing to you, surely this wouldn't matter, right? Let's add difficulty, which, of course, is the only thing that matters in video games. You know, this game has a name, and it's name is Action 52, the best game ever, right?
    Finally realized how dumb your argument sounded, or do you want me to draw it for you?

    And you did repeat what I said in paragraph 3. I said that new franchises RARELY work, I didn't say that they never work.
    Okami did become popular after its release on the Wii, which is why they're making a sequel.

  76. @Motherplayer

    I respect your first two posts and will not be responding to them. You made good points and agree with some and those I disagree with I can't fault you for (my personal opinion).

    As for NES games it's true a lot of them had difficulty to increase play time. A lot of them had fake difficulty. A lot of them were also hard because they were ported from arcade games which were meant to suck up quarters.

    I'm not saying games now days need to be ball breakingly hard. I'm just saying they don't need to be as easy as they are. I'm not even saying that there can't be some really easy games. I like to play hardcore myself but I don't hate on anyone who doesn't. I just hate how the entire industry has gone super easy casual to maximize profits. I lament it I should say.

    @Arthur Arneiro

    Once again you invent things I have "said" and then attack those things. I never said or hinted that I think graphics, gameplay, controls, and music do not mean anything. It is quite INSANE of you to reach that conclusion. Those are what make a game a game (including story where applicable).

    I was attacking your ONE WORD use of those categories describing them as "great" without any further details of what MAKES them great. FFS can you even read?

  77. @Elijah

    You say that I'm being too vague by describing the gameplay, graphics, controls and music as only "great", but let's remember I listed 4 things. You only find one downside (which isn't even that big) and call the game mediocre.

  78. You list four attributes commonly found in all games and label them great. Hardly an exercise in defending the quality of the game. Look what I can do.

    Gameplay: Bad
    Graphics: Bad
    Controls: Bad
    Music: Bad
    (Note: I don't actually believe these are all "bad")

    Wow that did a lot for my argument right? About as much as you saying they are great. WHY are they great? I was giving you an opportunity to sell me on your point of view. Instead you decided to make up an argument from me and attack that.

  79. @Elijah

    Good point but I will say your argument on games being easy these days doesnt really hold well when using epic yarn as an example. It would be different if this kind of approach was taking with games of more notrious difficulties like Megaman and Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden but wheather you know it or not, Kirby games have never been very challenging. Speaking strickly of the platformer based games and not the puzzle, golf or pinball spinoffs of it, the platformer games have rarely have any challenge in them in terms of difficulty. Most of the games difficulty is derived from bosses but if you're talking going through the areas its as easy as cake. And when you think about it the most challeging thing within most of the games was item colleting. Special collectable items usually took a little thought to obtain and this is the same case with epic yarn. The only thing it didnt have was dying and *scoff* lets be honest, was about as common to see as an irish-japanese person in the average game :P. So go ahead and say challenge isnt here with games these days but when you site epic yarn as an example and not take in account the fact the other games in the series were barely any better, the flaws with show themselves easily

  80. I wasn't using Epic Yarn as an example in a general sense. It does show the symptoms though. Considering it is far easier than other Kirby games. Which is a huge statement considering how easy Kirby games were (as you point out).

    I'm talking games in general have just gotten easier to appeal to casual gamers more.

  81. Yes it is but you're overexaggerating on HOW easy it is personally. Like I said even in the older games it was still quite a feat to get yourself killed. Seriously I've played plenty of kirby games in my time and I usually die once or twice literally. THATS how easy they still were but enough about kirby. Speaking on behalf of hearing the argument that casual gaming is ruining the industry countless times (you being no exception) I just have this to say: games have never been about difficulty. People always belly-ache that it was challenge that made old games great but when you really think about it, where did that challenge stem from most of the time? Bad controls, Glitches, annoying hits that send you back, bad hit detection, incresed difficulty to compensate for the short game and many other factors. When you analize it games back then were rarely challenging while still having no glicthes, good controls and such. If anything the reason most games are easier these days is because the're polished better. They rarely had the annoyances that plauged older games that made them challenging so in that essance the so called "challenge" isnt their anymore admittedly but looking at it mabey it was for the best. But also their's one major fact that most people have overlooked when they bellyache about that: Did you have fun with the game or not. Everything I said about is pretty much insignificant when posed with this question. Did you honestly sit down, play the game, not worry about any other factors but finding a game you think you might enjoy and try to have fun?

  82. I'm sorry its not about epic yarn anymore but I just am sick and tired of hearing about this "casual gaming" bullshit as if its the absolute worst thing to happen to gaming. Its almost as if the nes shouldnt have been brough over here to revialize interest if it was gonna open such a padora's box of nostalgiholics in the future.

  83. You said it, Motherplayer!

    Elijah, remember that I, at least cited 4 upsides. You listed only one, and you STILL think this one downside makes the game mediocre. Here's what you should do:

    1 - Give the game a chance,
    2 - Play it for at least 2 hours straight,
    3 - Ask yourself this question: "Did I have fun while I was playing?"

    Trust me, this always works when you're trying to figure out if a game is worth your time or not.

  84. @Motherplayer

    It is the worst thing to happen to gaming. It hasn't destroyed the industry no but it is still the worst thing to happen to it. Flooding the market with casual games is not good. Just because it brings in more people doesn't make it good. It has redefined what gaming is in a bad way.

    I don't hate casual gamers and I don't hate there being a lot of casual games for them to enjoy. That's not my point. My point is that the entire industry is geared toward that now except for a few exceptions.

    @Arthur Arneiro

    Are you still incapable of reading? You cited 4 CATEGORIES and labeled them GREAT. You might as well have not said anything because that would have had as much of an impact on the discussion. Just like I told you I could list those same CATEGORIES and then label them BAD and get the same effect. It was meaningless for you to do.

    Until you go into detail on them you might as well not have mentioned the categories. In fact you brought up irate gamer in reference to me earlier, well that's exactly the lack of detail he would use. He wouldn't say "great" but he would be just as lacking in detail as that.

  85. @Elijah

    All I really dont like myself is that their are FAR too many marketing games out their. That personally is my only complaint as you see FAR too many games based on T.V. shows or game shows and their are rarely ever worth the time. Its just guys thinking "Hey because this show is popular how bout we make a game and put no effort in it to stand out somehow. We need a couple of extra dollars and we need to capitalize on the craze while we still can." Thats why I dont like it myself. But then again I dont try to focus on it because if I did I'd never have any fun playing the newer stuff that would be worth your time. So I say focus on those "few exceptions" and ignore everything else. Does no good to be mad about it cause like it or not you have to except it and the sooner you do, the sooner you can move on and enjoy yourself like I do. I dont know its just that anytime I hear someone say that, I think it more along the lines means "I'm not trying to enjoy myself with games that would appeal to my taste" or "I'm just gonna wine about how games back then were harder and because of that they are automatically better. As long as its hard no other factors matter."

  86. @Elijah

    Did you give the game a chance or are you going to continue whining about my points not being valid?

  87. @Arthur Arneiro

    Of course I gave the game a chance. I like Kirby well enough and I don't have anything against Kirby running around in a yarn world with radically different abilities.

    The game's lack of any difficulty hurts it a lot in my opinion. It's music isn't all that great (with no songs I would call memorable). It's graphics are decent in context. So what can I say about the game? It's mediocre. Not bad, not good. Worth buying and playing if you don't mind not being challenged. It certainly isn't some Holy Grail that needs to be protected tooth and nail from any and all criticism.

  88. @Arthur

    He's right acually. To be honest its fine if he feels this way cause reguardless it doesnt change the fact that the game was both reviewer and sales sucessful so it did its job well and thats you need to know. There will always be critics here and there and no one will really care what they say especially in a backwater site like this.


    As a last note to you unless you completed the game 100%, get all items, furniture, hidden levels, gold metals on EVERY stage and such you have no right to say whats diffcult and whats not cause even 100% percent in epic yarn will still be a challenge and trust me I've tried and thank you for making it seem like difficulty is all you care about in a game. It seems to be either make it or break it for you so in that essance I could see why you hate this era. People are wierd.

  89. @Elijah

    Here's the ideal game for you: You're flying/running around, can't take a single hit, there are a million projectiles on screen, and each boss takes 1000 hits to kill. I could make a game like this in minutes with Game Maker. The easier games have a lot more effort put into them than the hardcore ones, and you say the easier games are the WORST thing to happen to gaming? Cut me some slack...

  90. @Arthur

    I have an idea. Lets forget this guy and keep on topic. Well I for one very much enjoyed the game and to be honest I didnt relize I couldnt dies in the game til near the end of the game. I mean just because you cant die doesnt mean you should try to not show any effort. I only got about 80 percent in as the mini game challenges prove to take some time.

  91. @Arthur Arneiro

    *facepalm* Really now when did I say anything about hard games take more effort to make? Stop grasping for anything to defend your precious.


    100% collection of items is not a challenge. It's a time sink. I think it's time you learn the difference.

  92. @Elijah

    Oh excuse me oh smart one. Cleary you are the athroity on how to determine whats adds to replay value and what doesnt. Clearly I'll need to consult you in any future games I play.

    (BTW that was scarcasm and I'm rolling my eyes. ^^)

  93. @Elijah

    Ha ha ha but in all seriousness I'm done here. Your sense for gaming is too shallow and one-dimentional for my taste.

  94. @Motherplayer

    Oookay! You sure schooled me with your wit. Also it's nice to know that pointing out someone else's fallacies on a subject makes me shallow and one-dimensional.

    What a fool I was to think that 100% item/point/thing collection wasn't the heart and soul of gameplay challenge. You sure showed me the light with your awesome insults and use of sarcasm.

  95. @Elijah

    You don't have to say that, your extreme reaction is a tell-tale sign.
    By saying that casual gaming is bad, you're automatically praising hardcore gaming beacause you sure act like difficulty is the only thing that matters. Can't you like a game for more cerebral reasons, other than a million bullets on screen?

    And nice insult to Motherplayer here, who was just trying to make your very questionable taste in gaming broaden, if even a little.

    Now please go back to your Gradius, while I go back to my wide variety variety of games that you insist that they are the worst thing ever.

  96. @Arthur Arneiro

    Please. Please. Pleeease take the time to read what I say instead of inventing things to argue against. Calling a game mediocre because it fails extremely hard in difficulty (WHILE ALSO not being that outstanding in any other fashion) is not me saying difficulty is the only thing that matters.

    I mean I understand that you really really really love Kirby. I understand that the slightest thing said against it upsets you. It's just ridiculous that you can't at least be honest. I have said it's mediocre and I have said why. I haven't said it's bad and I haven't gave any indication that games have to be hardcore to matter. IN FACT I said I don't mind a good assortment of easy games being in the market for those who like them. If you had you know... TAKEN THE TIME TO READ WHAT I SAID.

    Lastly I didn't insult Motherplayer. I responded to his sarcastic sidestep of the conversation. Which you would have realized as well if you did the last thing I described in the previous paragraph.

  97. @Elijah

    You still think I'm a Kirby fanboy? OK, understandable, since I haven't refuted that yet. The answer to your blind statement is no, I'm not a Kirby fanboy. In fact, I only own ONE Kirby game, have ZERO posters hung on my wall, and have left ZERO comments saying "KIRBY ROX! LOLOLOLOLOL". How does that make me a fanboy?

    How am I not honest?

    You contradicted yourself, then, you said that casual games are the worst thing ever, then you say you don't mind them.

    OK, OK... Maybe I was exaggerating when I said you insulted Motherplayer.

    Lastly, did you enjoy the game? You had fun with it?

  98. Where did I say that? You are inventing things in your head or just blatantly lying. Was I wrong about you? Are you in fact a troll? Is this all apart of your plan? >.>

    I never insulted casual gamers. I never said all games have to be hardcore. The ONLY thing I said about that subject was that there are TOO MANY casual games being made now days (as in it isn't balanced) because they bring in more players and make companies more money at the expense of gameplay.

    I didn't enjoy it. I didn't hate it either though. It was mediocre. Not worth investing much time into. That's my opinion of course. If you remember the original point of this conversation was my gripe about all the undeserved praise you all lavished on the game. I still stand by that the only reason you all praise it so much is because of who made the game and who is in the game. It's that simple.

  99. @Elijah

    Troll? If I was one, I'd disguise myself as anon8844 or something. Also, where DIDN'T you say that I was a Kirby fanboy?

    And you still think I like it because of Kirby even though I refuted this argument every time you applied it to me?

  100. No no no. Not "where did I say you are a kirby fanboy". Where did I say casual games are the worst thing ever? I ignored your entire first paragraph as it is all about you crying about how you aren't a Kirby fanboy and the things you don't have in your room. It didn't matter to me.

    Sorry I didn't make it clearer what I was talking about. I assumed (wrongly I see now) that the rest of my comment would be context enough for the denial of my first paragraph.

    I do still think you are a Kirby or Nintendo fanboy. That's my opinion of you and everyone else who praises this game beyond its merits.

    Let me give you an idea. Remember when SMG2 was mentioned? I dislike that game quite a bit. However I can say it is a good game by measuring its quality as a game. I can separate my hate for the game from measuring its quality. You are unable to separate your love for Kirby/Nintendo from measuring Kirby's Epic Yarn.

  101. @Elijah

    Then your thoughts are wrong, I'm not a Kirby fanboy. Case in point: I only own 1 Kirby game.

    You say SMG2 has all it takes to be a good game yet you say you dislike it? Excuse me, I gotta get a new brain because this one just exploded.

    When Motherplayer mentioned casual gaming you replied "It's the worst thing to happen to gaming." Are you gonna deny this comment even existed?

  102. "Then your thoughts are wrong, I'm not a Kirby fanboy. Case in point: I only own 1 Kirby game."

    Then you are a Nintendo fanboy. Learn to read all of what I say instead of just the key parts.

    "You say SMG2 has all it takes to be a good game yet you say you dislike it? Excuse me, I gotta get a new brain because this one just exploded."

    Is it really that hard a concept for you to grasp? Do you have to like everything before you can agree to its qualities? Are you really that shallow? You are incapable of separating your personal preferences from evaluating something on an artistic level? Really? Wow...

    "When Motherplayer mentioned casual gaming you replied "It's the worst thing to happen to gaming." Are you gonna deny this comment even existed?"

    I said that the AMOUNT of casual games flooding the market was the worst thing to happen to gaming. Not casual games period. I have enjoyed many casual games on many occasions. It was YOU and Motherplayer that tried painting me as some "hardcore or nothing" Gradius gamer. I've never played Gradius for your information. Closest I got was playing Lifeforce/Salamander. I prefer R-Type anyway for difficult shooters (whenever I feel like playing such games).

  103. @Elijah

    Just because I'm a Nintendo fanboy doesn't mean I'm a Kirby fanboy and doesn't mean I have to like everything Nintendo puts out. I like Kirby's Epic Yarn because I just like it, not because I'm some braindead fanboy.

    And yes, it really is a hard concept for me to understand. Gameplay, graphics, storyline, music, and creativity. If all these things are good, then I classify a game as instantly awesome. Beacause even if there are downsides to such games, they pale in comparison to the five upsides mentioned above. I think THIS is hard for you to understand.

  104. No I understand it just fine. You just contradicted yourself though. Those five elements aren't good when it comes to Kirby's Epic Yarn. That is what you aren't understanding. Your favoritism (i.e. fanboyism) clouds your judgment. You are incapable of measuring the worth of those five attributes independently of your own prejudices.

    What I described to you before is the basis of critical evaluation of games. I can recognize the creativity, effort, and merits of a game without liking the game. There are many many many games I do not like but can recognize they are good games for what they are.

    If that is so hard for you to understand I don't know how to make it clearer to you.

  105. Elijah, I have to ask one thing. HOW can you dislike a game with those 5 elements put into it? That's what I didn't understand when you mentioned you disliked SMG2.

    And let me remind you that you have ridiculous reasons for disliking Epic Yarn. I'm not using fanboyism (Psst! Hey, a hint: FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I'M NOT A KIRBY FANBOY!), I'm using common sense. And before you say my reasons for liking such games are ridiculous too, let me say: I like games for what makes them great, AKA: The 5 elements. That's why I like some games that most people don't.

  106. "Elijah, I have to ask one thing. HOW can you dislike a game with those 5 elements put into it"

    How can I dislike a game that has those five elements? EVERY game has those five elements. What a ridiculous question. Not every game achieves the same thing with those five categories though.

    "That's what I didn't understand when you mentioned you disliked SMG2."

    There is something in life called aesthetics. Not everyone is entertained by or favors the same things. While still being mature and intelligent enough to recognize the qualities of the thing they dislike.

    "And let me remind you that you have ridiculous reasons for disliking Epic Yarn."

    I do not have a ridiculous reason for disliking KEY. Having a semblance of challenge is what makes a game a game. That's what games inherently are. KEY doesn't have this except for generic item fetching and buying useless things. Instead what it has is laughable challenge (EVEN FOR KIRBY STANDARDS) and a gimmicky look.

    What sells it to people is the Kirby name and/or loyalty to Nintendo. There is nothing else exceptional about the game or even very good about it. If it was made by a different company with a different character most of the people pretending (even to themselves) to like it would be hating on it everywhere.

    That is what my original gripe was and is about. I hate that attitude and you and several other people in this review page displayed this shallowness in spades.

  107. Meh, I stopped caring, you can think of what you want, I think you already grasped my points anyway. Let's end this, right? ;D