Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Open Letter to LadyBuggin777

This needs to be addressed.

For those unaware, LadyBuggin777 is the YouTube account used by Chris Bores' very own mother. I'm not making this up. For a while I thought she was a troll pretending to be his mother in order to make him look bad. But I learned from Eric Allen, better known as the Wise Sage, that LadyBuggin really is his mother.

LadyBuggin spends copious amounts of her free time leaving responses to the negative comments on her son's videos. Lots and lots of responses. These days it's to the point where half the comments are from her. Either lavishing praise on Chris, or telling haters "lol u mad" or "your just butthurt and jelous that christopher is better than u".

Unfortunately, she doesn't understand that this endless defense is doing more to hurt her son's image rather than help. Unaware that it makes Chris look like a major loser that needs to rely on his mother to protect him from the "meanies" on the Internet.

LadyBuggin, I recommend you end your commenting. If you're so sure that Chris can defend himself then he doesn't need your help.

He's 31 years old. He's still doing these videos despite the ever-growing amount of disgust towards them. He doesn't need you anymore.
You're 54 years old (going by your profile), yet I would think you're just a kid when you use phrases like "u mad" and "butthurt". Act your age.

I'm certain you won't read this as you passed off my blog as "Nazi propaganda" but I'm writing this because someone needs to tell you that you're not helping him. Lord knows that contacting you through YouTube would be meaningless.
Yes, I pick apart your son's videos. Sometimes I get personal when it involves him writing jerkish messages to people that contact him. But if you really want to help your son, do it in person not through comments.

- Daniel


  1. This "Irate Gamer" thing isn't going to last. Eventually, he will need to get a real job, and his inability to handle (or even acknowledge) criticism will really hurt him.
    Bores does not have the talent or skill that his mother leads him to believe that he does, and he also lacks the work ethic required to work in the entertainment industry. If by some miracle he manages to advance beyond his current status, his plagiarism will catch up with him and not only destroy his career, but land him in serious legal trouble.

  2. I really hate it when people use "Butthurt" and "U mad?" it's really fucking childish.

  3. She went around saying Baer liked the Odyssey video and the only excuse she used to discredit the e-mail was because was because he is too old and because young people these days swear a lot...yeah she is delusional and says that Chris makes a lot of money...

    Yeah we all know the "Lot of money" thing doesn't fly anymore

  4. Ugh sometimes I write something and I forget to get rid of the repetitions...

  5. He's that low, having his mother defending him? I love my mother, but if I was a reviewer, I would try to handle it myself.

    The more you think about it, Chirs Bores is starting to sound like Chris-Chan, (except Bores is better than that guy.) You can see the similairites, though it's way too steep of a comparison. I'm just neutral on Bores, though I don't tolerate Chris-Chan.

    She need's to relax, grow up. And accept that there's haters as well as fans.

  6. @Rafael
    That doesn't make any sense.
    "He is too old and young people swear a lot" Because we all know 89 year old seniors collapse at people using the f-bomb and have no concept of how new technology works.

    Say, you know who else is 89? Betty White!

  7. @BatDan

    And she also said James started copying Chris, even though there are tons of evidence against that. Does she fell for the infamous "KAKTAS up your ass" PM?

    And Betty is still preety active for her age by the way.

  8. Honestly, I think it might be another Bores account...

    I really think he is doing this shit on purpose to rile people up.

  9. @Get Some
    I've considered that.
    I really hope Bores isn't pretending to be his own mother, that's some Norman Bates style insanity right there.

  10. The same reason Mnadtab is going around pointing a few of AVGN's research pitfalls (some of them can be justified) and says he's also a plagiarist and a sellout because James is actually doing something other then game reviewing while Boring tried like...four projects and went nowhere with them

    And he takes the Beat-a-Game button joke too seriously...

  11. @Get Some

    Well she might be...because she thinks the mistakes in the videos are correct and says Chris is better then us

    I once saw a reply to her with advice for Chris, but she said he didn't want advice to help improve his videos...

  12. @ Get Some

    I've mentioned this before, but LadyBuggin777 also signed Bores' guestbook on the "Dark Chapters" web page, long before Bores was well-known for anything and needed his mom or sockpuppet accounts to defend him.

    While it's entirely possible that it's a sockpuppet, I think there's more reason to believe it's his mom.

  13. I don't know how, but Buggin needs to see this. I mean, at 54 we can only hope she has some strand of sanity left. Here's hoping she reads this and stops before she embarrasses herself and her son more than she already has. Of course, deeming how psychotic she seems from those comments, I'd be careful... she might actually come after you in person or something. O_O

  14. You know The Irate Gamer's a human-sized shit-stain on this planet when his 54-year-old mother backs him up.

    Good God, woman; your son has NO TALENT. If I were her, I'd disown him within half a second.

    Actually, no, I wouldn't want to be her. I'd kill myself if I was related to Bores in ANY way, shape, or form. *Shudders* God, I'm having nightmares just thinking about it.

  15. @Razorclaw
    Ease up man.

    So do anymore interviews with Bores exist? I only know of three, one of which is the reason he rarely does interviews.

  16. I like how a Third Rate Gamer fan has an account called LadyBitchin666 which impersonates the IG counterpart.

  17. @ Batdan
    Can you tell me which are the other 2 interviews, as I only know the infamous one.

  18. Chris Bores's fall is that The Irate Gamer is affecting his real life too much. If any one of his haters saw him on the street and had any confidence, say if they were with a fellow hater friend, they would openly laugh at him. His mom is only bringing it into real life even more.

    It's not like this is a problem financially, nobody is going to deny him a job based on these videos, and it's not like he spends time on them and can't have a real job.

    If he can find a way to somehow start distancing his real life from this hobby online there's no real reason for him to stop IG, so what if 100,000 nerds on the internet "hate" your videos, he might have fun with it, it gives him something to do in his free time, and he gets a little extra money from it.

  19. @thecrusier8490
    One is a video interview with the Sandusky Register. Reposted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um4HTRhkZdw

    The other is an interview with a French gaming website. I did an article about it back in November 2010. http://irategamersucks.blogspot.com/2010/11/ze-french-like-bores-doubtful.html

    And of course the third is the Uncensored Net Noise interview.

  20. God, Moviebob is really starting to piss me off again. He's sucking Nintendo's dick again about motion control on The Escapist. I can understand having a good Nostalgia bomb, but he's absolutely determined to convince everyone that the wii is the greatest thing in modern gaming. I mean, did you see his game overthinker on Metroid other M? he was lavishly praising a game with craptacular controls, horrible characterization, and a plot simultaneously cliche ridden and confusing. Don't get me started on his "The Big Picture" Halo episode, where it frankly sounds like he didn't even play the games, let alone do research on them. I fuckin' hate fanboys, because they'll shut their ears when someone has an opinion different from theirs, then they'll shower you with YOU'RE WRONG, READ A BOOK.

  21. @ Razorclaw

    ... a bit too extreme bro. It's okay to say you think Irate Gamer has no originality or talent, it's okay to say his mother is an embarrassment and an idiot, but suggesting that either one of them should kill themselves is very bad taste.

    Before saying something like that, imagine if one of them did kill themselves after you said it.

  22. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I understand that your upset, I personally can't stand fanboys either, but you really need to calm down. The funny thing is I'm a Nintendo fanboy as well. At the very least I have the decency to admit it. Not only that, but if I know I have a bias I keep my opinions to myself to a degree. Not all fanboys are the same... though the majority are...


    Wish ill on no one, even those who tred in the footsteps of the wicked.


    I highly doubt that Ladybuggin is Chris's mother. My mother is only one year younger then her, and she's educated in Civil Rights, Literacy, and is extremely well rounded into when it comes to politics. Growing in the era that she did, education was important. I refuse to believe someone who grew up in the same era would carry themself in such a shameful manner. I understand giving Eric Allen the benefit of the doubt because he exhibits an air of decency, but minds you he's still Chris's friend. He may be trying to cover for him as far as we know.

  23. @ VinceThePhilosopher

    You do realize that people born in the 50-60's (or any era really) aren't all well educated and full of wisdom ?

    But still, that's kinda sad for a woman in her 50's to act like a ten year old.

  24. Osama Bin Laden is 54 years old too.

  25. @Shaolin Dave

    Well, I can't argue with that.

  26. Bores just put up an update.

    "Just wanted to update the fans on Irate Gamer related news. Finished up bonus content for DVD's Vol 2 and 3, and they should be coming out Early Summer

    (He's releasing volume 2 and 3 at the same time?).

    And The History of Video Games DVD will be released in the Fall.

    (Why are you selling a 45 minute long dvd for like 15 bucks?)

    After spending a couple month tieing

    (God, I love his spelling errors)

    up loose ends, I'm currently back to work on the next episode which will be a regular episode of the IG show.

    (So, it's going to be regular crap?)

    Lots of surprises in store for this episode and the next."

    and of course, that means more pointless characters and maybe a collab from other gotgame guys.

  27. Bores uploaded a new video, in which he interviews himself about History of Video Games, and looks really awkward.

    And he calls it a "review," too.

    And he mentions that college professors have been emailing him about it!

  28. @Zinger314

    ...What? College Professors... No, that is a lie. There is no way that i a College Professor was interested in video games, that they wouldn't research on the subject first-No, I...That just blows my mind!

    This guy has such a massive ego, that he's going so far as to lie this hard! I mean...I'm speechless, I'm rambling here. How? How can you possibly lie about something that hard and not...Okay, is anyone from Anonymous here? Wanna expose a guy for being a lying fucktard? His name is Chris Bores, have fun.

  29. I dont think its his mom either. I think it's just him.

  30. God I just love it when he talks about the musical score in the HoVG interview.

    "Putting the musical score into this episode was a very time-consuming process because it's all about establishing the mood."

    Translation = 10 minutes going through the tracks in Digital Juice and picking out whatever ones feel "dramatic".

  31. Okay, I guess I went a bit too far there in my first comment. Sorry. Just...man, I've been watching the Irate Gamer's vids recently, and damn they are terrible. I just cringe every time he tries to act all cool.

  32. @ Razorclaw

    while it can't possibly happen quickly enough, Bores will fade into obscurity. I imagine his fans will outgrow him, he'll embarrassingly delete anything related to Irate Gamer, and by the time anyone recognizes him even he will barely remember Irate Gamer.

  33. Is anyone surprised shes on welfare and retired at age 54.

    Pure white trash, read her comment on Chris book site. she dreams of mercedes benz and 25 room house and shit like that.

    I really wonder if she is mentally fit.

    If i were Chris, i would block her on youtube, what she does is e´mbarrasing.

  34. 'I'm certain you won't read this as you passed off my blog as "Nazi propaganda"'

    Seeing how her son makes a video of a Jewish skeleton trying to fix a gas leak...yeah, pot calling the kettle black, eh LadyBuggin? Maybe she should just turn off Glenn Beck and see just how bad The Bores' videos really are.

  35. Dan, You know that LB is a fake. I have the real page for Chris' mother. I think that it's Bores himself. His mom actually seems nice.

  36. Okay, i'm going to ask a simple question, where the fuck is the evidence that says LadyBuggin777 is indeed Bore's mother, or Bore's himself? Personally, it wouldn't surprise me if this LadyBuggin777 is actually an AVGN fan, acting this way to make Bore's look even worse.

    1. There is no evidence that Lady buggin is his mom. That's why it is highly speculated that his mother is in fact Irate gamer himself. The only (debatable) evidence is that ladybuggin, Irate gamer and Eric (or some other guy who used to work with Irate gamer) state that it is his mother posting the comments.

      It couldn't possibly be an AVGN fan because the whole AVGN and Irate gamer thing is way over by now because there's no more plagiarism occurring. And if it was an AVGN, would you honestly believe that Irate gamer would back up that person's claim???

      There is much greater evidence that supports the theory that Irate gamer is ladybuggin as the names are too similar (seriously Irate and buggin, both similar words, no mother would title themselves as a sidekick). Their insults are far too similar. Their failure to form consistencies and levels of immaturity sync up far too much. And if Irate Gamer and his mom are so well connected, then why hasn't his mom showed up in the videos? There have been too many occasions where Irate gamer has posted the same comments Lady buggin meant to. Sure the parent might have the access to their child's account but why would they post using their child's account!?

      Honestly... if you have been reading this blog, you would know that it's entirely probable if not the truth that Irate gamer is posing as his mom. But OH wait! you named yourself unknown (that's strike 1), you believe that it could be an AVGN (that's strike 2) and you conjecture that there's no evidence (and that's strike 3). Get yourself a real name, read this blog and try not to imply yourself a troll.

    2. But I do think that Batdan should make another blog post about Ladybuggin, This is totally outdated and assumes that she is his mom. If that really is the case then it wouldn't be the first time a southern family caused massive trauma on the internet

  37. Haha, so LadyBuggin 777 really IS his mom? I just need to post the conversation i had with her.

    It started with me commenting on his - atrocious - Dead or Alive 5 review. (Pretty long comment, it isn´t necissary to read the whole, in order to understand, but i post it anyway.

    Please Irate Gamer, don´t use the word "review" for a video like this. This is NOT a review. (and don´t go hiding behind that short-handen prefix, because your other Neo "reviews" is equal in this regard").

    I mean honestly, your main point throughout the whole video is that "You like to play as the girls, and see them beat the crap out of eachother?" THAT is what you want to convey? Nothing about the online mode, character balance, different feautures, fighting engine etc. Nothing?!! You don´t even mention the counter-system which basicly constitutes the whole game?! I am not going to fall back into the whole Irate Gamer vs AVGN debate, since it isn´t relevant any mory... but putting up halfbaked non-reviews like this really fules the fire of those who want´s to argue that your knowledge and understanding about videogames is slim to none.
    You will probably remove this comment, but geeze... man you are bad at what you do. Those who argue that The Irate Gamer is a rip-off, base their oppinions upon the fact that the Irate Gamer basicly lack any fundamental understand of videogames. His "criticism" and the spots he picks to make fun of, often make no sense. This is what pisses people off. There are a TONS of great reviewers, like the Spoony One for example, who works twice as hard as IG and really is talented, who doesn´t get the same exposition and opportinuites this guy does.

    Whereby Ladybugger 777 - in fashion with her style described in this post - answered

    "And yet here you are giving him more views. Funny after 5 years your rage has done nothing to stop IG from making videos for his fans. Talk about being bad at what you do, you are the word "desperate!" ~ Rage on little hater troll, rage on. Thank$ for the view$ ~ Oh and btw, I forgot to mention that all your sock puppet accounts are a really hilarious touch. Equals even more views which in return adds more $to IG's pockets. Way to try to run him off of utube, idiot ~ LMAO ~"

    I can´t even begin to mention how wierd and off beat that answer is, so i replied:

    "Ladybug. Haha, what? Who said anything about wanting to run him off Youtube? Your whole argument is based upon the premise that im on some kind of mission to "lower" his views. A word of advice, my wierd little friend. Don´t go off on a tantrum based upon some wierd subjective conclusion about the dissidents opinion, and topping it off with offbeat remarks like LMAO and idiot. That... would be the definition of making a fool out of yourself. Strange little person there..."

    And all of a sudden. INSTANT BLOCK!!! And my comment was removed. LMAO!!

  38. I realize this is an old article, but I figured I'd post this for anyone who is doing an archive/comment binge here. It's finally been proven that Ladybuggin is in fact a sock puppet account, as proven here: http://batdansucks.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/whoops-look-like-the-bosconian-spy-ship-got-away/

    Yes, he is really that desperate.