Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's About Damn Time! Bores' 200th Video Brings Up AVGN

After four years of blocking people and being a general ass, Chris Bores FINALLY acknowledges the existence of the AVGN. Wow I never thought this would happen.

What's the context? Well, the video has Bores talking about his history on YouTube in front of the camera. Around 2:33 he mentions people he watched including PlayItBogart, AVGN, and Armake21 (unsurprisingly he pronounces it wrong). Strange how he mentions Armake considering he made one of the most scathing rants about IG.
As for the rest of the video, it's just Bores being his ego-centric self. Nothing exciting or interesting. He talks about getting recognized, meeting people, YouTube partnership, "evolving" the show and blah blah blah I don't care.

Does this mean I'm going to go easy on him? HAHAHAHAHAHA No. He's still a terrible writer and filmmaker. Once again, ignoring the "plagiarism" accusations there are far bigger problems to deal with. Sorry IG fanboys, I'm not stopping just because he briefly mentions The Nerd.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do.


  1. Bores has apparently been on multiple first dates with girls, but wasn't he dating Jennifer until a year ago?

  2. I loved PlayItBogart, his Rise of the Robots review always cracked me up.

  3. At first when I started watching the video I thougt "ok, poor guy....he acknowledges he´s just a copy and he knows that he makes horrible videos" but when he started to talk about the "fame" and "new concepts", "evolving", he sucks now more!

  4. @fattoler
    Same here. His Star Trek V review influenced my video series where I review unreleased games (Lost in Time: The Games that Time Forgot) and while I don't agree with his opinion on the game (I found it to be a guilty pleasure) his Shadow the Hedgehog video was really good for its time.

    Too bad he had to cut out the titles and credits when he reuploaded the video last year in order to fit the then-10 minute time limit. If only he knew that in a few months time YouTube would expand that limit to 15 (and infinity if you had no strikes).

  5. Wow IG finally acknowledges the AVGN, now if only he could admit to being a hack gamer..........

  6. "Once again, ignoring the "plagiarism" accusations there are far bigger problems to deal with."

    I'm glad to hear you say that. I'm sure everyone here knows that's the least of Bores's considerable problems as a reviewer, but with all the times I've heard people complaining about Bores simply because he ripped off the AVGN, or people defending him solely from the people who complain he ripped off the AVGN, when he'd probably never had an interest in videogames of any sort until he saw how popular AVGN was and said "That could be me"...

  7. Evolving my arse. His show is still only a few steps above amateur despite the income it generates for him. Even Angry Joe's earliest vids are far above the level its taken Bores YEARS to achieve in terms of Production. He is still as awkward in front of the camera and uninformative as ever. He's not even building on his much vaunted "storylines" or effects.
    I can ignore his shitty reviews but for some reason I still get a little annoyed when he tries to act like he's making a proper TV show when guys like Big Fat Reverend Burn only need new editing and a camera to be on the same level.

  8. He finally said he watches AVGN, but it's too late. I still don't like him, because he's a liar, and very terrible at what he does. I've always wondered why he always sucks at making reviews, and I realized that he doesn't like video games.

  9. Really? He finally acknowledged that there are other reviewers other than him. Now, all I have to say about that is... big deal. Granted, I commend him to an extent. All he has to do to is acknowledge his flaws, confront his fans about their overzelous behavior, apologize for the blatent disrepect he's showed towards his fans, explain the aspects of his personal life so we have a better understanding of why his videos come out late, stop doing the contest, and increase the quality of his work.


    I hate PlayItBogart. You know why? Because he was one of the greatest reviewers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing exist and then he retired... Now all we have is... twelve year old kids showing footage of a game with a webcam...

  10. @VinceThePhilosopher:

    A webcam? I thought they just film with their cellphone in one hand while playing with the other!

    And either Bores honestly wants to make crossovers, or he thinks he's superior to the other reviewers. Either way, he's a moron.

  11. Nice to see a video where he talked about his influences and finally said he was inspired by the nerd as well (something he should've done years ago) but this doesnt change the fact he's hardly what you'd call a gamer, his taste in movies is terrible for the most part and he need to work on his scripts and hope nothing bites him back in the ass from a past review (i.e. Saying Sonic Unleashed was terrible because it was too new and different and needed to be more retro and that Sonic 4 missed the mark because it was too retro and needed something new and different. Mixed signals much?)

  12. Wait, so he now says that he was influenced by AVGN? Good, now he just has to admit that he's never played a video game before he started his little show and I can stop hating him...and caring about him.

  13. He brought up the AVGN? This video could have been his only "good" video if he didn't spoil it with self-centered remarks.

  14. Saying he was 'influenced' by the AVGN is like saying 'Snakes on a Train' was influenced by 'Snakes on a Plane', and 'Transmorphers' was influenced by 'Transformers'.
    It's such an understatement that it's still a flat-out lie.

  15. @Clark Actually, it HAS a negative way. He's only gotten worse since he started, which is quite sad. I mean, in 2007-08, at least he made reviews far more commonly than he does now. Both 2009 and 2010 brought us TWO retro reviews total. He's gotten completely distracted by laziness, making his Neo videos where he only plays a tenth of the game and does a snap judgement review (3-in-1 being a prime example here). Not only that, but he takes forever to make the review. Then of course he does his stupid random stuff, like complaining about cereal in idiotic ways. Then there's HOV, which have gone at a sloth's pace in production, are full of errors, and cover WAY TOO MUCH. Don't even get me started on how bad his comedy's gotten.

  16. @ Legoking831 it's devolved?

  17. Well, his retro reviews have gotten less frequent, the Neo reviews have a jarring lack of quality, and HOV is an abomination, but his main series has actually evolved in my opinion. His series has progressed from being so bad it's horrible (the early reviews were either blatant rip-offs of the AVGN or poorly-composed things with bad, bad acting and critical research failure) to cranking all these flaws up to eleven and becoming so bad, it's good. Bores is nowhere near a good reviewer, nor a nice person, but at least his series is laughable and funny purely for the wrong reasons.

  18. 'Transmorphers' was influenced by 'Transformers'.

    I could nitpick this (I got into an argument with the writer/director on imdb once), but I'd rather not.

  19. Recently I had an interesting conversation, with 2 account called ladybuggin777 and IrateSuperMonkey916. These two are nuts (well we all already new about ladybuggin777), but wow they went as far as saying I'm a conspirator and a thief. I mean wow, I was trying to have a normal conversation, until IrateSuperMonkey916 came up and just said "He's a hater, hate him!" These people need help. Oh ya, she also admitted to being Bores' mom, thanks to IrateSuperMonkey916

  20. @Wayan Hong

    ladybuggin777 told me I should have been sued for damages after I brought up that James came first and that Baer didn't like the Oddysey video and my Youtube page has....NO VIDEOS rare activity

    And btw ladybuggin777 isn't Bores' mom. Its just a troll using her username from the Dark Chapers' old website

  21. @Rafael
    Okay that's just reaching. How would a troll that's been defending Bores for YEARS know about the Dark Chapters page that we recently discovered. Unless it was, you know, his actual mother.

    Yeah I've gone back on thinking that's his mom. Her ultra-positive attitude towards contest winners shows that.

  22. @starofjustice

    In all fairness, I think that's the case. I think it's more so a matter of Transmorphers being influenced and missing the point of what made transformers awesome. In other words, it just sucked.

    @Wayan Hong

    Think nothing of ladybuggin777. Look at this way: she's a troll. Nothing more.

  23. @VinceThePhilosopher

    You make it sound like the Transformers movies were good. Quite literally the most painfu movies I have ever witnessed. I would sooner go into battle against an army of berserkers than go see those films again.

  24. @BatDan

    I can't think of a woman in her fifties using internet slang as often as "she" does and encouraging herassment and throwing out all constructive advice because "If ain't broken don't fix it"

  25. Actually the thing about Transmorphers was it was a script the writer happened to have sitting around that had giant robots, when they wanted to exploit the buzz of another bigger budgeted movie about giant robots coming out. So it got made into a movie. That's all.

  26. @starofjustice

    Like other "mockbusters" by The Asylum...are any of their "mockbusters" good anyways?

  27. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I've seen worse incarnations of the Transformers Media then the Michael Bay films could even dream to achieve.

  28. @Rafael

    Only if you get a bunch of your friends together to make fun of them. The Bad Movie Beatdown treatment of Transmorphers was pretty good.

  29. @starofjustice

    I heard The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes is actually interesting to watch...while the others may deserve a MST3K treatment

  30. @Rafael

    You guys alaways say nasty thing againts the Irate Gamer, yet you stil have the time on looking up his videos, clicking on them, watching to find mistakes, time to click the dislake button and post a comment..... pitiful.You dont need to watch the video, you dont need to share your same ideas on each videos, leave it to us fans to. So, think, THINK for one second just Think " Is it worth it?" Well tell me is it?

    thefamilyadams 1 week ago
    Flag for spam
    Block User
    Unblock User@thefamilyadams This excuse only applys to trolls. To those who offer critism towards, that is nothing more then an excuse. I believe that everyone has the potential to redeem themselves so long as the listen and acknowledge their faults. Chris does neither and at this point, whatever hate or threats he gets, he brought on himself. Whether or not he deserves it really doesn't matter anymore.

    Vinnce12 1 week ago
    @Vinnce12 But it will NOT stop him from creating & delivering new and exciting Irate Gamer installations of the show ~ Tada ~ Haters FAil Epically !!!

    LadyBuggin777 1 week ago
    @LadyBuggin777 Who said anything about him stopping? I want him to improve or put effort into improving.

    Vinnce12 1 week ago
    @Vinnce12 I think you comments need more effort and improvement ... sorry that's my opinion ~

    LadyBuggin777 1 week ago
    @LadyBuggin777 So you have a problem with him getting better? That doesn't really make much sense since you're a fan of his. You should be wanting the best for him, am I right?

    Vinnce12 1 week ago
    @Vinnce12 If it ain't broke don't fix it ~

    LadyBuggin777 6 days ago
    @LadyBuggin777 So basically you don't want the best for him.

    Vinnce12 5 days ago
    @Vinnce12 He already has the best and that makes me real proud AND happy for him ~

    So... yeah.

    @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Please excuse me, I didn't mean to say anything positive about Michael Bay's Tranformers. I was talking about the original Tranformers. Anything that Micheal Bay works on is utter garbage.

    B-by the way... anyone seen Linkara's Lady Gaga comic review...? I... just... wow.

  31. THAT was his 200th video? Another freaking ego-stroke? That was terrible! Consider what others have done for their celbratory episodes.

    * NC: The highly-requested Battlefield Earth.
    * Linkara: Sonic Live with multiple Channel Awesome members joining in on the theme song at the end.
    * AVGN: The ROB, which was a LOT better than Bores' run.
    * Obscurus Lupa: For her 10th episode, she did Razor Sharpe. Yes, Lupa's 10TH episode was better than Bores' 200TH episode.

    God, this guy irritates me.

  32. @Megafighter3

    As said by someone else here, Bores has an ego bigger than Michael Bay's, James Cameron's, and Uwe Boll's egos COMBINED, so it isn't a surprise to see more ego masturbation from him.

  33. @VinceThePhilosopher

    I guess (if that really is Bores' mother) delusion runs in the family...

  34. Guys, POST A COMMENT!

    Yeah, it's one of those days where my subscriptions have posted 0 interesting things. Someone, help!

  35. *sigh* he did have ONE fair point, though, and that's that it's harder than people realize to make good reviews...except that HE takes even longer than most people do in making them! It's probably because he has to think up the random references and recreate special effects that aren't his SINGLE STOCK FUCKING EXPLOSION EFFECT! This is why I stick to text reviews - people can't criticize your acting, your voice, your effects OR your looks. Just you and your opinions.

  36. @Random Man

    I could also point out that a good review generally comes from something you have a lot to say about, instead of sticking your hand in your collection and reviewing the first thing you pull out. Not that Bores makes any sign of knowing that.

  37. @ MegaFighter3

    Well, all those people made their milestone episodes with the fans in minds, and Bores is his own biggest fan.

  38. Also consider that those were actual 100th episodes. They've made more than 100 videos in total. That video was to celebrate 200 videos on his YouTube account.

    In reality, there's only been 30 episodes of the Irate Gamer show. That's not counting the Retro Mini commercial or History of Video Games.

  39. @ Random Man

    I do text reviews because I don't have the technical skills or tools necessary for video myself. I'd like to think my writing is good, but I'm not 100% sure of it.

    @ Shaolin Dave


    @ BatDan

    Also true. Unless he counts the Neo and History videos. But if he's going to make a video commemorating his 200th video, which is debatable given that some of them are just DVD promos and one of them is the same video but censored, he should at least make something worthwhile. But then I remember this is Bores we're talking about.

  40. Don't forget the trailers for the episodes, the remastered versions of old episodes, the many MNAY E3 videos, and all the contest videos.

  41. wow, you know, watching the footage of young bores at 1:26, i dont know why but makes me feel sad......if only....if only.

  42. @The Almighty Youtuber

    ...........oh great....its Charlie......

    You know you're not helping your already soiled reputation...

  43. @rafael dont you dare mention me by my real name

  44. @The Almighty Youtuber

    Its not like nobody knows your name by this you want anything or you're just here to spread your fail?

  45. Yeah don't call him by his real name. He's already ruined the name Charlie worse than the Vietnamese did.

  46. I sent a pm for him some months ago, saying as soon as he would acknowledge the AVGN my respect for him would raise sky high. I keep my promises. I still don't like his videos, but the badness of them makes me laugh. He's (mostly) cool in my book now.

  47. @ CHARLIE

    you can't read very well, can you?

    "Okay that's just reaching. How would a troll that's been defending Bores for YEARS know about the Dark Chapters page that we recently discovered. Unless it was, you know, his actual mother."

    LadyBuggin777 has been defending Bores for YEARS, long before this blog existed, definitely long before we brought attention to the geocities page.

  48. @The Almighty Youtuber
    While you're here Im just interested to know from one of his fans.

    How can you defend Bores when even Ralph Baer the central figure from the subject of one of his "History of Video Games" vids has torn apart everything IG laid out as facts?

    How can you defend him when he reviews games without playing them for more then an hour (Brutal Legend)?

    Or what about him reviewing a game without realising he hadn't played the main part of the game (Tekken 6)?

    Forget about if you find him "funny" or any AVGN comparisons, just tell us why someone who gets to visit game shows and makes money based on him being a "gaming journalist" should be anything but mocked and scorned for his complete lack of the type of knowledge people would have from just looking at the Game Menu?
    Even if he did start as a complete novice he has been making Game based videos for a while yet he is still too lazy to do enough research to even wing it convincingly.

  49. I haven't been caring enough for trolls lately, but how's batdamm doing? Has anyone here been entering flame wars against him? Speaking of which, Batdan, you should go to YouTube and flame that guy. Ehh... maybe it's not a good idea, but oh well.

  50. @Clark

    five internet bucks says he doesn't answer a single one rationally.

  51. How can anyone watch IG and say to himself "Hmm... what an in-depth and informative review! I should definately seek him whenever I want to buy a game!"? But I guess his fanbase doesn't really care if the review is in-depth or not. They're only there for the bad special effects and fifth-rate humor.

  52. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Yeah, you're right, and it's another reason why I don't like his show. It's not even about the games anymore, instead it's about shitty special effects that look like it took him 5 minutes to put into his terrible videos.

  53. @Thecruiser8490

    And lets also be honest, some AVGN episodes have turned out that way, but we can tell that James puts a lot of effort into his effects and scenes. I think I'm one of the five people who actually liked his crazy castle video because it was so over the top balls out. Bores on the other hand, clearly has no passion for games, just cashing in on the whole thing.

  54. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    Yes, I was going to mention that AVGN also does this, but he knows how to integrate reviewing and special effects together.

  55. Bores put up a new video.

    It's...uh...just watch it.

  56. @The Fedora'd Samurai and thecruiser8490

    And the IG fanboys actually believe Bores' word about his special effects taking a long time to make when:

    1 - Most of the time, they're default from ParticleIllusion.

    2 - He uses the same effects every single video. Except for the banana special effect.

    But, it could also be for the fifth-rate humor. I can't believe some fanboys claim that he's actually FUNNIER than the AVGN, when, at a RARE case, I snickered at one of his jokes. But at every other joke, I didn't even smile.