Thursday, August 11, 2011

Four Years! Irate Gamer DVD Volumes 2 and 3

I was about to start work on the Part 2 of the ROB Redux Recap when I checked IG's site and saw some shocking news. After four years, IG finally released Volumes 2 and 3 of his stupid DVD. Not only that, but he reprinted Volume 1 to be "professionally pressed". Wow, way to admit you rushed the first shitty DVD to beat James Rolfe.

The new Volume 1 is $13.99, has a new cover with IG wearing a gray t-shirt and at least trying to look angry this time (compared to the original cover where he's just indifferent), but content-wise it looks the same.
Episodes include Back to the Future, Where's Waldo, Goonies II, Mission: Impossible, Ghosts N' Goblins, Jaws, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Super Mario Bros. 2, MUSCLE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Yo! Noid.
Extras include Added scenes, outtakes, the "making-of documentary" that I've shown in the past, "commercials" and Hotel Gaming.

Volume 2 is $14.99, the cover has IG doing a combination of the Awesome Face and slack-jawed anger.
Episodes include Tetris, Contra Parts 1, 2, and 3, Q*bert, Preadator, and ROB Parts 1 and 2. Hang on, where's Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Well, he did upload the "DVD version" to YouTube... well that's just cheap. Especially when he uploaded it before the DVD release. Do it after!
Extras include deleted scenes, an alternate ending to Predator (hopefully one where IG loses), missing Zombies Ate My Neighbors scene (so you won't upload the episode but you'll upload a missing scene?), additional scene added to ROB video, outtakes, trailers, and a Christmas video that was banned from his YouTube account.

It was a bunch of random scenes from his show with a snow effect overlayed on it, followed by him saying Merry Christmas and a random Bullet Bill flying by because "That's related to video games! I'm so a gamer!" Followed by an Elf Yourself with IG, Tony, Devil Bores, and Ronnie. The last clip is what got the video removed, or so I've heard.
This is what an average Elf Yourself video looks like:
It's not IG's, but it should give you an idea.

Volume 3 is also $14.99, the cover is modeled like an early NES box cover. 8-Bit IG with 8-Bit Ronnie in the background. Hmmm:
Episodes include E.T. Parts 1 and 2, Home Improvement, Monster Party, Aladdin, Kool-Aid Man, and Educational Mario Games Parts 1 and 2. Jeez, his show is modeled like a British comedy.
Extras include deleted scenes, 3 "mini-sodes" (no idea what they are, probably the Retro Mini and Top 5 NES games), 8-Bit intro (that's part of the Aladdin video, how is that an extra?) outtakes and trailers.

The reason Volume 2 and 3 aren't one big DVD is quite obvious. Money money money money!
Before you ask, no I will not be purchasing the DVDs. If I wanted to willingly waste my money on annoying garbage, I'd buy Limp Bizkit's entire discography.

I imagine a brave person will buy the DVDs and put the content onto various video sites that aren't YouTube. If someone does, I'll gladly do a recap on them.
Until then, let's laugh at Chris' rampant egotism as he thinks this crap will sell out. HAHAHAHAHA

Update: And the announcement video is out, and guess what he's doing another contest! Goody, more comment spam.
"For months you've been asking..." He also said this on his site. Months? Try years! Don't pretend it's been nearly four years since your first DVD.
Volume 2 DOES have Zombies Ate My Neighbors, apparently he made a mistake on his site. Because double-checking is for losers!
One of the Volume 3 "mini-sodes" is that idiotic Scrabble DS Scandal that originated in a British tabloid. It's like he wants to make a TMZ for gaming but scandals aren't an everyday thing.

I just want to remind you to use your money on something better. Get an awesome TV show on DVD, buy some music, subscribe to Netflix, get a new console. That's all I'm saying.


  1. Wow, that's cheap. (I mean the DVD).

  2. Daniel, Chris also redubbed a lot of his dialogue for the new ZAMN review, such as the part where he says "I think I'm gonna need a bigger gun".

  3. IG's face on Vol.2 DVD is weird. I can't imagine it'll catch on like the derp face in his Tetris review or the "Final verdict? BURP!" face from his ET review.

  4. I hope someone buys the DVDs and uploads the content somewhere online so I can see the special features.

    No way I'm wasting my money on this shit.

  5. I noticed the Predator episode wasn't on there. Does it have to do with Bores's "Fist of Fury" scenes?

    Also, won't Office Max sue Bores if that "Elf Yourself" video is on there?

  6. @ vicviper592

    we can only hope.

    it's a shame that a single person might actually waste money on this crap.

  7. @vicviper592
    Whoops, forgot to include that. I brought up Zombies Ate My Neighbors because he says Volume 2 "contains great episodes between Tetris to ROB the Robot". If Volume 1 ended on Yo! Noid and Volume 2 started with Tetris, that leaves an episode missing.

    @Shaolin Dave
    His fans have to ask mommy and daddy if they can get it. There is Karbia but he has bigger problems...
    There's also the people that will buy them as gag gifts.

  8. Holy shit I'm surprised these actually came out on time more than anything else really.

  9. Well, to Bores' credit, the NES DVD cover actually looks pretty cool. However, I doubt any of the episodes on the DVD are that different from the ones on YouTube, except for maybe better quality.

  10. @JohnNintendoNerd:

    Bores' thoughts on Vol.2: "Duuuuuuh..."

    Or maybe he's just hungry.

    More importantly: Why did he chose THIS picture above everything else for his DVD cover? This looks more like a PARODY cover XD !

  11. @Doresh

    This is also the same image that's shown in his account (you know, the one where he uploads his NEO reviews that's posted on

    As for the DVD... one thing that I'm hoping would happen is if somebody uploads a torrent of these DVDs so that people who want to see what's on it wouldn't have to waste $30-$45 on all three volumes.

  12. I can bet they won't even match half the quality of Awesome Video Games Vol. 1.

  13. "...make sure you get yours quickly just incase I sell out"

    Too bad Chris became a sell-out four years ago by rushing his first DVD.

  14. actually, there's nothing even worth pirating on the DVDs, so hopefully no one will even buy them for that purpose.

    so these are 'professionally pressed' instead of being shitty homemade DVD-Rs. i have no idea how many disc he's having made, but based on my research into manufacturing i'd say if he's ordered 1000 DVDs he'll only need to sell 170 or so to break even at his prices.

    so, between the few actual fans he has, people who want to buy it just to see how bad it is (youtube's not enough?) and people getting it as gag gifts, bores will be making some money off this.

  15. Well, Bores now made a video talking about volumes 2 and 3.... and surprise, surprise... he's holding another contest where he's giving away the two volumes.

    Also, Bores mentioned in the video that volume 2, does indeed, contain Zombies Ate My Neighbors... so the description on the site where he says that it starts with Tetris is apparently a mistake he made. Also, it seems that apparently, one of those 3 "mini-sodes" included is the Scrabble DS "Scandal" video.

  16. So basically we were right in assuming the 3 mini-sodes were just random crap from his youtube channel? Can't say I'm surprised there.

  17. If anyone buys these I will cry


  19. @Shaolin Dave

    Uhh... What is this? I don't even.

  20. Blueluigi, are you the same guy who made that Krusty's Super Funhouse review for AGentertainment's contest?

  21. @pohger

    Yes, I did. That was a while back, though.

  22. @ Arthur Arneiro

    it's gameplay footage of the first (and so far, only) irate gamer game. it's been posted online for about a day so far, let's see how long it takes before it's falsely flagged and/or the user is banned from youtube.

  23. I don't know why but I feel like I want to make another game, this one being based off of memetic image macros, such as this one.

    The point is to make two captions for the top of the image and the bottom of the image that has something to do with Chris Bores. For example:

    Top: Rips off of better reviewer
    Bottom: Becomes Youtube partner

    Top: Hates most games for being too hard
    Bottom: Complains that Epic Yarn is too easy

  24. Top: Attempts to establish ongoing plot
    Bottom: Makes less than two episodes a year

  25. Top: Chris has been a gamer for the past 20 years and knows all the ins and outs.
    Bottom: TMNT: Turtles in Time was only on SNES, the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive was built to compete with the SNES and Kirby made his debut in Kirby's Adventure for the NES.

    Top: Welcome, You have stumbled Upon the The Irate Gamer Channel Featuring the Irate Gamer Show As well as a Slew of others, All Written, Produced, and Edited, by the genius mind of Chris Bores.

  26. Top:Make a show about magic colorful talking horses.
    Bottom:Get huge fanbase full of men.
    Top:Write own jokes to avoid plagiarism accusations.
    Bottom:"Somebody call 911, cuz I was ROBbed."

  27. Top: Smell something strange in my house.
    Bottom: Don't bother to check on it.

    Top: Ubisoft won't let me in.
    Bottom: Resort to terrorism.

    Top: Kool-Aid Man keeps bothering me.
    Bottom: Murder him and drink his blood.

    Top: Show Resident Evil 5's "complicated" controls.
    Bottom: Leave controller off.

  28. Top: Doing hours of research.
    Bottom: Nolan Bushnell seeing the Odyssey as only a myth. Also... Al Acorn.

  29. Top: Sees cutscene with Japanese language.
    Bottom: Assume the entire game is Japanese.

    Top: Sees Korean army from "Homefront".
    Bottom: Assume their Vietnamese.

    Top: Make a roadtrip video.
    Bottom: Insert stereotypes and racist jokes.

    Top: Finds out Ernie Hudson was going to be in "Dragon Ball Evolution".
    Bottom: Assume he'll play Mr. Popo.

  30. Top: Being a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.
    Bottom: Saying that Sonic is about speed, speed, and more speed.

  31. Top: The game takes place after the movie.
    Bottom: So does the game follow the movie plot?

  32. Top: as soon as pong became popular, another problem was about to hit atari... copycats.

    Bottom: what a shitload of fuck!

  33. Top: Welcome back 80's fans.
    Bottom: Fanbase consists of 13 year olds.

  34. Here's some non-IG ones.

    Top: Bugs Bunny keeps bothering me
    Bottom: Shit on his face

    Top: Take over micronation
    Bottom: Do nothing but watch TV

    Top: Clone took over my show
    Bottom: Become Black Lantern and Persona 4 Shadow

    Top: See new XCOM
    Bottom: BETRAYAL

    Top: Make joke about "Super Marvel vs Capcom 3"
    Bottom: OH FUCK IT'S REAL

    Top: Hear catchy song
    Bottom: Dance naked on porch

  35. Top:I can't waste my time reading about a game!
    Bottom:Where's the manual?

  36. Top: Contra sucks!
    Bottom: Contra is the 5th best NES game of all time!

  37. Top:Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't that bad.
    Bottom:Super Mario Bros. 2 is the worst of the bunch!


  39. Top: Create a villain character.
    Bottom: Have the hero act more evil than said villain.

    Top: Create a whole cast of characters.
    Bottom: Do absolutely nothing with most of them.

  40. Top: Create review show focused on new games.
    Bottom: Only review games several months after release date.

  41. Top: (Sonic Unleashed)"Stop reinventing the wheel and just get back to the basics!"
    Bottom: (Sonic 4) "It wasn't a RADICALLY refreshing title!"

  42. Top: Bashes new Zelda title for having motion controls
    Bottom: Praises on-rails Star Wars game on Kinect

  43. It appears that Phelous made a very... interesting kind of "I rate the 80's" parody:


  45. Well Batdan, you heard the man. TAC ET DOWN!

    Although I do wonder what tic tacs have to do with this.