Wednesday, June 20, 2012

E3 2012 Part 1: The Boring Wind Blows

Another E3 has come and gone. Personally, I thought it was really underwhelming. While the games themselves look great, the presentations lacked the usual “razzle dazzle” and ended up really boring and forgettable.

I’m looking forward to Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed III, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Last of Us, Metroid Pri- I mean Halo 4, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (still a stupid title), Far Cry 3, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

And since GotGame refuses to learn, they brought Chris Bores with them again this year. So enjoy more insipid E3 coverage that kids will be amazed by because they can’t figure out how to spell “Machinima” or “IGN”.

Like last year, I’ll write what he’ll talk about, and the date the video was posted. At the time of this writing, it’s June 12th 2012. Depending on how things go, you might not see this recap for weeks. We’ll see.

All the videos can be found on GotGame.

Video #1: South Park Creators, Usher, & More
Date: June 11th 2012

Though the title only implies Microsoft, the description says he’ll cover Sony as well. Funny how the only thing the title mentions are the celebrity guests, how very Shane Dawson.

The video starts with IG outside having just finished the Sony conference. But he decides to start from the top and talk about Microsoft’s conference.
He begins with Halo 4, saying that Halo fans will love this one. Right off the bat, we get the captain obvious crap.
“There’s a lot of cool features, and they showed off a lot of different worlds and gameplay” Oh yes, all ONE world shown, and so much gameplay like… shooting and hitting stuff. Did you even pay attention?
At least note the similarities to Metroid Prime! Granted, that would require Bores to know what Metroid Prime is. Hell, I’m not sure he knows what Halo is.
He skips over Splinter Cell: Blacklist to talk about Madden. Why do you bother covering Madden? Most gamers don’t care for it. You don’t even review it! Then we get to watch Joe Montana reading a scrip- I mean play the game.

He moves to the “main courses” as he puts it. He shows the title of Gears of War: Judgment, then pretends he didn’t see that to talk about Tomb Raider. Saying that this was one of the few demos that really captivated him. Anyone that still feels that way, keep that feeling, the info about the story and design make it sound like Tomb Raider: Other M.
Next is Resident Evil 6. Here he comments that with TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies with zombies, that they needed to step up their game and “it sure looks like it”. By making it look like a Michael Bay movie. Stupid Capcom and their impossible dream of “grabbing the CoD audience”.
Also, I doubt Capcom was looking to The Walking Dead for inspiration.
“They were also showing off Dance Party 3” It’s Dance CENTRAL! Not Dance Party! Look, I get he’s doing this without a script, but this is the third installment! Get your shit straight! At least add a little subtitle saying “Oops, I mean Dance Central”.
He then mentions the Usher performance and shows footage of it.

IG brings up that the coolest thing was the new South Park game. He shows a clip of it then says they brought out “Matt and Trey Parker”. You mean Matt Stone and Trey Parker? They’re not brothers, just great friends. Oh, he does get it right in the little text thing he’s been doing at the bottom to try and make this look “professional”.
We see Trey and Matt walk ou- GAH FACE! Stop doing that!
He shows Trey telling his joke about watching South Park while connected to various devices while sitting inside your fridge. A joke that loses meaning since Bores didn’t show the SmartGlass segment prior to this. Context is important!

After showing more of Trey & Matt, and with only two minutes left in the video, he gets to Sony.
He complains that it wasn’t as star-studded or cool as Microsoft. Who cares what celebrities they get? This isn’t that kind of event! The true stars are the games themselves. Not Joe Montana, or Usher, or Trey Parker & Matt Stone, or Aisha Tyler, or Toby “How are you even popular?” Turner.
Of course, he brings up God of War. Because to Bores, God of War is the pinnacle of gaming.
He also brings up The Last of Us, saying it looks “dern interesting”. What, expecting him to elaborate? You’ve come to the wrong place.
Come on, no Assassin’s Creed III? Oh right, Ubisoft… What about Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale? At least mention it’s obviously their way of competing with Smash Bros.

The video ends with IG bringing up SmartGlass (there we go) and PS3/Vita crossplay, believing these to be the answer to the Wii U. Hopefully Bores doesn’t pull a CNN/Jimmy Fallon writers and understands the Wii U isn’t just a controller, it’s an all new console.

Not a good start. I don’t see this getting any better.

Video #2: Nintendo Press Conference 2012
Date: June 12th 2012

I don’t expect him to say much, the video is a little less than 3 minutes long.

The video starts with Bores outside having finished the conference. He believes they focused on the wrong thing, noting how they spent more time talking about Batman: Arkham City than New Super Mario Bros. U. … I actually agree. What the hell? Bores bringing up a good point? *looks outside* No fire & brimstone… yet.

He also brings up Nintendo Land and how they spent a lot of time on that. Because they were trying to establish this as the “Wii Sports” for the Wii U, showing people how the new controller works. Yes, it looked lame in the conference, but impressions from people that actually played it said it was pretty good. Plus, if the rumors are true, Retro Studios was planning to show something but they pulled out at the last minute. Hence, Reggie’s annoyed expression at the end.
“It doesn’t have a big fan base yet” No shit Perry Mason! It was just announced at that conference!
“Pikman didn’t get a lot of face time” It’s Pikmin, and what are you talking about? It got its own intro with Miyamoto, and it kicked off the show.

He moves on to the games, starting off with Pikmin 3. This time pronouncing it right.
He says he remembers playing this on Gamecube and that it looks really cool. Oh man, can you imagine Bores and a strategy title? Especially one like Pikmin where your units can break like paper?

He follows that with New Super Mario Bros. U, saying the graphics really impressed him (because “graphics = gameplay” duh) and it looks like they’re pushing the limit of the Wii U. Pfffft hahahahahahahahahahaha. Oooooh man, you’re way too easily impressed. You think THIS is the limit? This isn’t even close. It’s just a Wii game upscaled in HD. Wow, that is too funny. You’re going piss your pants when you see a real Wii U game, one that actually takes advantage of it and isn’t just a different version of an existing game.

Continuing the Mario train, he talks about New Super Mario Bros. 2 (thanks Nintendo, as if Wii U wasn’t confusing enough for the common consumer, you have to have two Mario titles that rhyme).
He says it looks like an improvement and blah blah blah whatever. Personally, I’m surprised this isn’t a Wario game. It’s all about coin collecting, that’s his forte.

Bores notes one complaint he had with Nintendo was the… lack of adult games. You do know all three consoles refuse to allow porno games right? Wait… did he… OH FUCK NO! You did NOT just pull out the “Nintendo is Kiddy” garbage!
That is a bullshit argument created by bullshit fanboys. Let’s get this straight, “E for Everyone” doesn’t mean “it’s for kids”. It means “for everyone”. It’s right there! Do you call Pixar movies “kiddy?” No! They’re for everyone. Have you played the later levels of games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Donkey Kong Country Returns? Those are controller-breaking hard, something intended for adult gamers. Or how about Fire Emblem? The themes in those games aren’t exactly “kiddy”. Parental groups would have had a field day if Genealogy of the Holy War ever got released here! Sacred Stones made zero effort in hiding the blatant twincest between the two leads.
An “adult” game isn’t classified by “GORE BLOOD TITS SHIT FUCK GRRR”, it’s classified by the idea that an adult can enjoy it without feeling insulted.
Oh, and he says he had this complaint for a long time. Bullshit, you’ve never brought this up before. God of War has completely screwed your perception of “adult games”.

Sorry about that… what does this lead into?
He likes that it has Arkham City and ZombieU (oh hey, a Ubisoft game) and likes that they’re “heading in this direction”. They’ve been doing this for years. They were the ones to originally get Resident Evil 4 before it was ported to every damn console. They got the Resident Evil remake and Zero, Eternal Darkness, Mad World, Manhunt 2, No More Heroes 1 AND 2, House of the Dead Overkill. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

His reason for this complaint? Because a game like Modern Warfare 3 can generate billions in revenue in the first month, where Nintendo doesn’t have a game like that. Oh God, you really don’t know what you’re talking about! You seriously don’t get it. Nintendo doesn’t care for fast gains, they’ve always been about the long-term. There’s a reason many of their first party titles stay full-price for years, because they still sell loooong after the initial release! Call of Duty can’t sustain this, and Activision knows this, that’s why they release a new game every year.
“This direction will bring lots of dollar signs” *headdesk headdesk headdesk* God damn it… Nintendo still makes money! Just… gah!

That’s the end of the video. Holy crap…

Video #3: Lego Batman 2 DC Justice League Game 2012
Date: June 14th 2012

Jeez, bit of a run-on title there.

Gah! The video begins with IG yelling at us while standing next to a Lego Batman statue. Why can’t you show some of this energy in your actual videos? Not the forced fake anger you constantly convey?
After the title card, he’s outside telling us he’s going to head inside. MONTAGE TIME! Including a shot of Bores standing next to a Lego Gandalf statue and a shot of him playing Lego Batman 2.
Next… *sighs* an interview. I don’t see how any new information will change anything, especially when the game comes out the week following this video’s posting (June 19th)

It’s a pretty safe, generic interview, as expected. Asking questions for stuff that’s been known, like playing as villains (something that could be done in the first Lego Batman), the addition of voice acting, and the sandbox world. That’s it.

The video ends with a clip from the trailer of Batman and Superman, then cutting to Bores “laughing”. *rolls eyes* On the bright side, he didn’t attempt another “Lego Irate Gamer” joke.

Video #4: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Magic the Gathering
Date: June 14th 2012

… I’m in trouble. Not because I suspect this video will be bad, but I know absolutely nothing about Magic: The Gathering. I don’t play MTG and I never have.
I know that Bores has talked about it before on Facebook, so he seems to be a fan. But from what my Magic-playing associates tell me, he’s terrible at the game. I’m not surprised.

*starts video* It’s an interview video so he can’t get too much wrong, right? *remembers him calling the graphics in Harmony of Despair 8-bit* Ugh…
I’ve talked to experts to clarify if anything he says is wrong.

I’m told that this isn’t a new game, more like an expansion of the previous Duels of the Planeswalkers. With a new boss that was actually in the last one, a new multiplayer mode, and new decks. So when Bores claims this is a “big overhaul”, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
I find funny how he made a big deal over the addition of a red circle telling you to attack. Because graphical improvements are so important. Hell, I don’t know anything about Magic and even I can tell that’s bullshit.

The worst part? Real Magic fans treat this game as a joke! It’s just a tutorial with some multiplayer added in. If anything, this makes Bores come off like a total MTG noob. That’s what I’m told anyway.

The only part he got right is that Nicol Bolas is the villain.

Video #5: Pikmin 3 Nintendo Wii-U
Date: June 15th 2012

Wow, a Nintendo game already? Normally he saves those for last. Let’s see how this goes…

Just another interview where he asks ultra-generic, safe questions. He once again claims he played the first two games, but I seriously doubt it. This was so bland that I really can’t say anything.
Since that was short, here’s some interesting info from my Facebook informant. He actually did attend the EA and Ubisoft conferences, but he didn’t make videos on them to “focus on other things”. Really? Or was it because you had no damn clue about any of the games shown?

Video #6: Super Mario Bros U Nintendo Wii-U
Date: June 16th 2012

It’s NEW Super Mario Bros. U. You forgot a word.

It’s another damn interview. He praises the graphics, then brings up that he sees enemies from Super Mario Bros. 3 that you don’t see elsewhere. Err, I just looked up the Mario Wiki, and some of these enemies showed up in Super Mario World, or New Super Mario Bros, or New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The way you phrased that, it sounds like they’re bringing back enemies that last appeared in SMB3.
“And the Yoshi’s are back?” They were in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Unless you meant the Baby Yoshis, but you didn’t say that.
He asks about power-ups and release date, during this you see a clip of Bores shaking the Gamepad like the controllers on his show. What are you doing?! As far as I can tell, you don’t use the Gamepad like that! It’s a soft motion, not a crazy one.
The video ends with a clip of Bores finishing a level and then giving a peace sign to the camera. Because it’s such an accomplishment to hit the VERY BOTTOM of the flag pole! Don’t be proud of that!

Video #7: DC Universe ‘Injustice’ Batman vs. Superman?!
Date: June 17th 2012

First off, it’s called “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. DC is nowhere in the title. Second, you make it sound like the idea of Batman and Superman fighting each other is new when you could do that in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Another game developed by Ed Boon. But if you really want to get technical, you could first do that in Justice League Task Force. Sure it sucked, but you could still pit Batman and Superman against each other.

The description describes “exclusive news” about battle damage. Is it that nobody really cares about battle damage?

It’s an interview, and the two are going on about how the game is “like a movie”. That’s just causing all kinds of alarms to ring in my head.
“It sounds a little reminiscent of Mortal Kombat but taken to the next level” It’s by the same studio and people! Of course it’s like Mortal Kombat! Same engine too!
“I saw some of the limit breaks…” *sighs* Tell me Chris, do you call the Hyper Combos in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “limit breaks”?  At least he corrects himself with “special attacks”, a broader term that can encompass any type of game.

He asks about hidden characters and… fatalities. Come on, really? Just because it’s being made by NeatherRealm doesn’t mean it’s going to have fatalities. Do you really think DC is going to allow that? Hell, they barely allowed it in the crossover with MK, that’s why everything in that game was severely toned down.
“I saw that each area has different uhhhhhhhh areas?” Oh wow, brilliant reporting skills Bores. How does GotGame not see this? I like the sloppy edit put there so avoid showing the guy go “Sorry, I don’t speak idiot” and then it goes right to him answering the question that was likely rephrased by the camera man.

Then there’s the “HUGE MAJOR EXCLUSIVE” reveal of battle damage. … Who cares? It’s just a graphical touch, nothing big. Unless it’s “breaking an arm effects you” or something. But the way all of this was phrased, it made it sound like their skin gets cut or their clothes get ripped.

This is getting tedious.

Video #8: God of War Ascension
Date: June 18th 2012

Bores and God of War. This is going to suck…

The video opens with Steve Masters (the man that runs GotGame now) standing next to Bores, telling an overhead camera that they’re watching GotGame, and Bores says his stupid catchphrase. By the way everyone, if you want to blame someone for Bores still being on GotGame and being allowed at E3, blame Steve there. He’s the one responsible for keeping this idiot around.

As you might guess, it’s another damn interview.
“Will there be new attacks?” Yes, new attacks that people won’t use in favor of the easier mashing of Square and Triangle. Great design!
Chris asks if the “humor” will still there. God of War is supposed to be funny? I don’t see the humor in an angry character ripping the heads off minotaurs and massacring innocent people. I imagine the representative was merely humoring him when he asked that, and thinking “Is this guy for real?”

At least he didn’t end with his catchphrase.
By the way, as of this video, he’s made more videos about E3 than actual reviews this year. No wonder he keeps losing subscribers, even after the inactive account purge has ended, he’s not making content people want. If he thinks people want E3 content, he’s sorely mistaken.

With that, I’m going to end this part. I know he’s not done, but with the above remark I think it’s an appropriate spot. Part 2 will happen when I want it to happen. See you soon.


  1. I found E3 to be pretty good this year, at least it was devoid of unfunny meme material.7

    The only thing I found interesting was when one of the developers of Assassins Creed III said that the enemies in the game would be Templars on both sides of the conflict rather than the British in response to a comment... and then showed a trailer in which Connor kills a large amount of Redcoats...

    Hopefully the actual game will be less 'MERICA. If not then I've always got Empire Total War...

  2. "You did NOT just pull out the “Nintendo is Kiddy” garbage!"
    This is similar to what I was thinking when I first saw his Nintendo recap video. How does he not realize that the majority of games made by Nintendo are for EVERYONE (ESRB rating: E = FOR EVERYONE). Gah, this is just like last year when he brought up how he wanted a gritty adult Legend of Zelda game. Sometimes, the stuff that comes out of Chris' mouth disgusts me.
    On a side note, ZombiU does look really sweet, as well as Assassin's Creed III, New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

  3. One thing about Nintendo that pretty much catches everyone off guard despite the appearance of their games and pretty much tells people Nintendo games aren't "kiddy":

    Despite most of their franchises sporting cute characters and cartoonish visuals, some of them sometimes have very dark themes.

    The Mother series being one example, since it starts off as a light-hearted adventure which a good sense of humor but then gets really dark when fighting a Lovecraftian creature

    Kirby also has some disturbing scenarios, mostly on Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64 having a boss that bleeds from it sole eyeball

    Pokemon also has its share of dark scenarios, either from the monsters themselves or also in the Spin-offs

    The recent Kid Icarus Uprising despite it's fun factor at the beginning stages and comedic dialogue from characters and bosses gets a bit darker in the later chapters

    Heck even Mario doesn't escape this. Partners in Time has areas which get really depressing despite the comedic overtones the game has

    1. And that hasn't even touched upon stuff like seeing your allies get devoured alive in Pikmin, or several of the creepier elements of the Zelda franchise, especially half the stuff in Majora's Mask.

    2. Twilight Princess is also one of the darker Zelda games, though it is more depressing then scary.

      Wind Waker has one of the scariest incarnations of ReDeads and Wizrobes...and Link shoving a sword between Ganondorf's eyes.

    3. Super Paper Mario: The bad guy tries to destroy ALL EXISTENCE. Including the fucking AFTERLIFE.

    4. Super Paper Mario (AGAIN): Little girl breaks her neck and spider legs grow out of her head.

  4. I hate this videos the most because they're SO boring! I mean, with his regular videos like IG or IG Neo, there's SOMETHING to comment (like the shitty Pixel Demon or him stealing gameplay footage). In this videos there's barely anything to talk about.

  5. Bores played a Startegy Game and it was Battalion wars 2, and he sucked at the game. XD

    BTW guys, I'm not impressed by the Wii U controller because it functions just like the iPad. Sure sliding technology was very impressive when the iPhone came out in 2007, but now, it's not very new. I rather stick to my games on my iPhone.

    Wow, Bores wanting adult games on home consoles, what was he smoking?

  6. God of War humor? I don't remember there ever being humor and I've played every game in the series minus the cellphone one. Considering this is his favorite franchise then you would assume he actually knew something about it.

    Oh and Call of Duty was on Wii, Call of Duty 4, World at War, Black Ops, and MW3 were all on it. Plus Black Ops 2 was revealed after the conference for WiiU.

  7. So I guess Bores either lied about his 3rd Place on the "Avacyn Restored" Prereleased, or he just got lucky, since the prerelease was just a 5 booster sealed deck. I take it he sucks at Standard, aka Type 2.

    BTW, on the "Duel of the Planeswalkers" games, you can't make your own deck. You can only use the precon decks. Which is one reason why most MTG players don't like it. Although on "DotP 2012", it was funny seeing Karn used a non-tournament legal deck with 4 Mox Sapphires. Bu then, last bosses always break the rules.

  8. Nintendo is kiddy. Bullshit. There's a reason the term is called "Nintendo Hard." Most given Zelda games have a lot of thought put into them, having extensive dungeon layouts and intricate plots that challenged gamers. Zelda: Wind Waker had Link driving the Master Sword through Ganon's skull (this was rated E in 2003. E10 didn't come around till 2005). The New Super Mario Bros. games are every bit as engaging as the original games (though you did bring up a good point with them releasing 2 similar-sounding games around the same point in time).
    The Pokémon games have been consistently fun RPGs with progressively darker stories (which also applies to Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, and now Conquest).
    I found the Metroid Prime games to be entertaining companions to System Shock 2.
    Not only is Bores oblivious to economics (Call of Duty makes money, yes, but insinuating that they outperform Nintendo when they make one new game a year when Nintendo can have a bestselling game on the shelf throughout a console generation is akin to saying Kool-Aid flavors that didn't sell should be brought back); his mind has been warped as to what constitutes an "adult game." Sure, God of War and Batman: Arkham City Armored would likely qualify, but that terminology would bring to mind the infamous pornographic Atari game Custer's Revenge if thrown at me. If a game got an AO rating, most major stores wouldn't sell it, and none of the major console manufacturers would publish it. Since most of the veterans of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming are now adults and young adults; if they grew up with the likes of Mario, they probably would not consider the E rating a stigma. Hell, a college professor I saw once started off a lecture by saying he plays Mario games with his young son. Speaking in my capacity as a 20-year-old video game player, my next targets for my DS include the E-rated New Super Mario Bros. and Pokémon Conquest. Stick that in your cereal bowl, Bores.

    1. He's unaware of lots of good games. He's really mainstream.
      No More Heroes is bloody, funny, and overall a light-hearted game about killing. Chris just doesn't care about anything like that, which is why he plays GoW and CoD.

  9. Bores must be a big Happy Tree Friends fan if he can see humor in God of War...

    And he want's adult games? Someone should send him a few H-Games XD

    P.S.: While I like Nintendo, I find their new naming conventions for their recent Mario games a bit weird. "New" could be added to every new entry in a franchise, and a title like "New Super Mario Bros. U" might suggest that there exists a plain "Super Mario Bros. U" Oo

  10. "Let’s get this straight, “E for Everyone” doesn’t mean “it’s for kids”. It means “for everyone”. It’s right there!"

    Yes. Similarly, WWE being marketed as 'PG' does not automatically mean 'aimed at children'. TNA fanboys in particular jump all over this while concurrently treating Anderson's tired, childish "asshole" catchphrase (and I use that term very loosely) as proof that TNA is the 'mature' option.

  11. Its said to think that Bores' fans are eating this subpar coverage up like candy. Shows just how 12 year olds will like anything these days.
    BatDan, you said Steve Masters now runs GotGame. Did Swag quit or something?

    1. Kind of. He gave up his manager powers and merely uploads videos the site through YouTube. His latest videos are just vlogs from his car.

      What's interesting is in his latest car vlog, he mentions meeting up with Chris in Florida. He also mentions Chris' friend Steven, who works as his camera man and even shows a picture of them together.

      Why doesn't Chris use him in his videos? It would cut down on filming yourself in 50 different costumes.

  12. Wow, those interviews were bad. Chris, you need to plan your questions in advance, not pull them out of your ass. But then again, you're the same person who thinks an 8-pixel high demon is a legitimate threat.

    Also, Batdan, when's the next redux recap? I mean...hold on....
    *looks around cautiously*
    I mean, at this point, you're no better than Bores when it comes to updates.

    I'm not trolling, that's merely my opinion.

    1. He updates when Chris updates. And we all know how long that takes.

  13. When's the next redux recap? I might have sent you a question asking this before, but I don't think it showed up.

    1. It showed up.

      And I think BatDan's waiting for the rest of Bores' E3 videos, which will probably get uploaded during the next 1 or 2 weeks. So there's no reason to make a redux recap now that Bores makes makes more or less frequent E3 updates.

  14. Replies
    1. No he was fired for the way he was acting on twitter. I've been a fan of his for a while but he has gone way too far in the last few days, lupa wasn't exactly helping.

    2. What fusioncode9 said.
      His behavior has gone too far due to quite a few factors. While it was a wise move to fire him, I can't deny that I'm saddened. He was an amazing contributor and he will be missed.

    3. Agreed, I just hate the fact that Lupa isn't getting punished for this. She continued to provoke him on his twitter and you do not do that to someone in his mental condition.

    4. The guy gained fame/notoriety for pissing people off. Is it any surprise that he'd take it that one extra step too far? Dude's been on a downward spiral ever since his girlfriend dumped him and it's sad to see him continuing to fall from grace. Still, I hope he's able to continue to put out some good content and earn something of a living.

    5. You know I'm amazed at how eDrama passes right by me.

    6. Yes Spoony was being a dickhead but if I had gone after a co worker in a public manner while HR was supposedly dealing with it I would have been reprimanded. Ive seen Lupas blog about context but she's happy to chat to MikeJ who ha made jokes about the Fritzl case in one of his videos. I wonder what context your suppose to take a joke about somebody who kept their daughter locked in a basement while incestuously raping them for 24 years to make it alright?

      Tbh every producer that got involved has really soured me to them. They all took things so personal when they've probably met each other 2 or 3 times in real life. Im just going to stick with Linkara and the others who did the right thing and stayed out of it.

    7. yeah it makes me sad, But i still like Spoony.




      You know, i cant really tell if this is honest legit seriousness, or a malicious jab, well knowing Ass-o-rechid.....


      So that Asalieri huh?


      I hate that guy.

    11. Shit I wish Blogger had a private message option, none of you have email links in your profile.
      Everyone responding to the Spoony thing here should shoot me an email. Include your screen name so I know who I'm responding to.

    12. Meh...I haven't watched TGWTG in ages, I didn't even go back to watch Linkara's new HoPR installment (pretty much the only show I still followed).

      I think the way that site is jumping the shark, legitimately entertaining contributors like Ashens should get out before they get dragged down too.

      Also, Asalieri is SO 2009. Why is he trying to regain relevance now?

  15. lol the Bores is taking a break. He says "producing" a video a day for 8 days is hard work. All he has to do for each video is show the interview with some gameplay footage, it can't take him longer than 20 minutes for each one.

  16. On his website. It happened on the 18th.

    1. *checks* Oooh. Well he did start back up on the 20th with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and posted one yesterday on Resident Evil 6. So it was a short break.

  17. Gonna have to disagree about the Tomb Raider: Other M comment. While the game is taking Lara and making her more vulnerable than we have seen, it's supposed to be a reboot. The whole point of the game is to see Lara become the badass tomb raider we all know, love, and possibly fantasize about. Other M took an already established badass and turned her into a sorry bootlicker.

    1. It's interesting to compare those characters considering that Other M borrowed a lot of its plot elements from a prequel Manga - aka her "before I was a badass"-story...

      Anyways, the problem is not necessarily Lara's personality or lack of boobs, it's that it seems the developer's are drifting into a whole different, more disturbing kind of fetish / fan service.

  18. Personally I think RE6 looks great. They only showed the action sequences and on purpose didn't show any of the horror elements. The latest gameplay videos show the zombies are back, which I really love. I didn't hate RE5 but I was disappointed.

    Then again I am pretty much an RE fanboy, so I may be a bit biased.

  19. The net PBG episode seems to have a couple subtle jabs at reviewers with ridiculous 'save the world' story lines shoehorned into a review. I get a feeling it was mainly aimed at IG.

    1. Uh...Linkara anyone? That one might have been just as bad as Duh Borez's. Ashens satirized the trend perfectly with the harmless and easily-disposed-of Silver Skull.

  20. Hey BatDan, how the hell did the Irate Gamer became a Youtube Partner? Is it like Youtube finds some random Youtube user and gives them a partner status?

    1. Sometimes I seriously think that must be the case. There are people who have literally thousands of other channels above them in regard to subs and views yet they get to be partners.

    2. He's been a partner after he released his Super Mario Bros 2 and Muscle reviews. Youtube basically skyrocketed his views by putting these two videos on Youtube's front page, and he's been a youtube partner shortly afterward.

    3. It was when he released his SMB2 video. He was more popular and/or infamous back then.

    4. well to be honest i am not sure of what are the full requirements of becoming a partner, i know that you cant make stuff like YTPs or uploading random clips from a show, and i heard somewhere that, you need a certain amount of views and subscribers.

      and you have to set your account on Director.

      i am gonna say that i always tough that they add Bores as a partner at the end of 2007, since earlier at the beginning of that year, james decided to stop producing the premiere AVGN episodes on his YT account after his review of TMNT3 (the movie, which by the way it was meat as a spin-off series as the angry movie nerd for reviewing movies, and it preceded NC) got taken down by "copyright infringement", even tough it was OBVIOUSLY a review, (Yeah since 2007 YT started becoming stupid with his messed up copyright terms), and since James rolfe was a HUGE hit on YT since 2006, and he decided to post the premiere AVGN episodes on gametrailers instead, they wanted to have a rebound, someone who can replace him, and when Bores appeared, they decided to promote him in the featured bar (the old one), and then they make him a partner.

    5. I'm pretty sure I have an open invitation to become a partner despite my videos being pretty random, very few (if any) subscribers, and never having applied.

    6. Well I've made only 14 videos so far and every other one it seems I end up start getting do you want to become a partner spam messages. I think that he might have grabbed the first one of those he got and ran with it.

    7. AND YT didn't turned people like Gurry Larry into partners because they weren't "original enough"...

    8. Not sure. All I know is i post video and half of the time i get a partnership request.

      I do get a Sub for Subs spam every time i post something no matter what it is.

  21. Proof that the Irate Gamer and LadyBuggin is one and the same.

    See the comment for yourself at Boring Man's Silver Surfer Review (before he deletes it).

    1. Lol, so much about that.

    2. Wow Chris, JUST WOW. Looks like someone used the wrong account. Chris, you have just reached a new low.

      Granted, it's not as bad as actually hiding behind your mom, but still, this is quite pathetic.

    3. I've just recorded the comments so no one can pull the Photoshop argument out of their ass.

    4. "We all go a little mad sometimes"

    5. Wow. Just... wow.

      And I thought telling people his fictional villain was ending people to troll him was pathetic. But creating a sock pupper account under the guise of his own mother just to troll people who don't like his videos?

      This made my day so much.

    6. Wow, is Bores a tool or what? Seriously, I could build a doghouse with him!* In all honesty, though, this is quite sad.

      *I know this isn't funny. You don't need to tell me that.

    7. Holy Shit! Norman Bates anyone?!

    8. Oh, boy, Bores. You've doomed yourself....

    9. Wow, I have to say, I wasn't sure I believed this one, but I checked and, sure enough, the incriminating comment is still there. You know, someone needs to get the word out on this one. This is too good an opportunity to pass up.

  22. The new Penny-Arcade game comes out today. I know what I'll be doing when I get off work.

  23. Can someone explain this whole Spoony and Lupa thing? I knew he was being released from tgwtg but I never was told why.

    1. AFAIK, a several month old rape/SM joke by Spoony suddenly spiraled out into a Twitter flame war were several people - Spoony included - seemed to have lost their mind Oo

  24. Okay... So LadyBuggin claims to be Bores' mother. Some people believe her, some don't. Then LindaOhio shows up and tries to debunk her, but get's blocked by Chris Bores, and later deletes her account. Then Bores blocks me (and some others) for criticizing LadyBuggin, saying she was in fact his mother. Now, LadyBuggin accidentally got his profiles mixed up and replied from his Irate Gamer account thinking he was still "disguised" as LadyBuggin...

    Bores has been posing as his own mother in a sock puppet account, and possibly blocked his real mother who innocently tried to call out the impostor (not realizing it was her own son).

    Wow, that guy is more fucked up than I ever realized.

    As much as I dislike Bores, I'm hoping he get whatever insane amount of mental help he needs. I mean... damn...

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.