Tuesday, July 16, 2013

IG Attempts the News: The Start of Darkness

Welcome to a new part of the blog I like to call “IG Attempts the News”. Recently, Bores has redesigned to his site to be more like a news/interest blog a/la Destructoid or Kotaku. Only far far far far far far worse. What I’m going to do is find the worst articles and mock them. It would certainly help fill the gaps of inactivity since Bores no longer cares about making videos.

I won’t go into every article as it would take too long. However, there is something bad in every single one. See for yourself and despair.

Stories from July 12th 2013

“Worlds Most Anticipated E3 Video Game EVER - PEGGLE 2! epic FAIL!”

We start off with old news! If you’re still reporting on E3 a month after it happened, you‘re doing it wrong!
“Man this dude is my number 1 pick for the E3 2013 meme.” He became a meme the instant this happened… one month ago. I’d say someone should make an Irate Slowpoke picture, but I get the feeling he wouldn’t understand it’s insulting.
Also, he unironically uses “epic fail”… twice. I see he’s attempting to be Failblog as well.

“Entering Konami Code on Vogue’s UK website Reveals Dino Easter Egg!”

Any other site would just report this. Bores has to make it perverted.
Mentioning “ogling the sexy ladies” and “sexy velociraptors with sexy hats”. Good lord man, keep your fantasies to yourself!
Also, it’s 2013. We have high-speed internet and endless access to all kinds of porn. If you need Vogue to get off, you are sheltered as hell.

“Street Fighter’s Blanka Smacking the crap out of people”

This refers to the “Blanka is a Troll” video series, which takes footage of people falling and adds Blanka in them to make him look like the culprit. It’s funnier than anything IG puts out. Bores claims this is funny because… well read this.
“Mostly because I like to pull the same pranks of people I don’t like, but I gotta go now, the cops ared my door for filling the neighbors pool with jello”. What is wrong with you? I know it’s obviously not true, but is this the impression you want to give people? That you’re an asshole that regularly gets in trouble with the law because of expensive pranks on people you don’t like for reasons I’m imagining are petty as fuck? Is this meant to be “in-character” or are you really this big of a dickhead?
James Rolfe better not appear at E3, or Bores will tape the biggest “Kick Me” sign to his back!

“LEGO Creation - Legend of Zelda NES Overworld Map”

Okay, this one doesn’t seem so horrid, pointless Zack the Lego Maniac reference aside. *clicks article*
“Just don’t drop that sucker accidentally! Link fans around the world will kill you 10 times before your bloody carcass hits the ground. Hell I will kill you 6 of those times!” … You sound like a psychopath! Do you think that gamers are just violent by nature and are trying to act that way? Newsflash: Most actual gamers are getting pretty sick of the overly violent nature of modern gaming.

“MEGA MAN Comic Con Exclusive 25th Anniversary Book! GRAB ONE FOR ME!”

“Holy crap if anyone is going, pick one of these up for me! Hook me up!” I don’t think so Chris. You don’t have a fan rich or dedicated enough to get this for you. If someone can afford the luxury of going to Comic-Con International and have enough disposable income to buy a $100 dollar limited book, they’re either going to keep it, or sell it on eBay for like $300 dollars.
Oh, you want a copy Bores? Sure, that will be $500 dollars. I’m charging you extra so you don’t have money to spend on Skylanders.

“Wow this guy is in super smash bros, in a comic con exclusive…” Yes, you know what would be nice though? If he had a new game! Oh wait, I forgot, Capcom hates Mega Man now. Because Capcom execs are dicks.
“… I swear if they announce a mega man movie is in the works, I’m gonna have to run outside in my underwear just to calm down from excitement. It would be the 3rd time this week actually.” …………I’ve got nothing.
Actually, what would constitute you doing that twice? “OH MY GOD MONOPOLY IS BACK AT MCDONALDS!”
Also, why would you want a Mega Man movie? It would suck. Well, there is a Casshern movie. That’s close enough.

“If you are going to Comic con and get one without grabbing me one, You’re gonna regret it mister!” Wow, threatening your fans. And you wonder why nobody likes you.
Wait a second, you’re begging for an item by reaching out to the internet. Wouldn’t that constitute e-begging? Oh I see, so it’s not okay for James or other people to do it, but it’s perfectly fine for you. They say hypocrisy is not healthy.

Other stories:
“TRON 3 Movie -- It’s in the works!”
“Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake -- EPIC!”

Stories from July 15th 2013

So he’s not going to update on weekends? That’s dumb. You’re not an actual news site, you’re a blog. You can update whenever you want.

“Nintendo 3DS owners -- 4 New StreetPass Games!”

Oh yeah, this update was awesome. It also happened on Friday. Unless you live in Europe or Japan, then it happened last month. No mention of how North America got it late.

He lists the four games, then the prices.
“How will you get the money to buy these? hey that’s up to you. Lie, steal, cheat, go against man code, hey I’m not judging”. … Or people can get a job? Or use the money they already have from a job? It’s only $15 dollars for the bundle, it’s not like that $100 dollar Mega Man book you’re e-begging for. Also, man code?

He also mentions the four new puzzles in Puzzle Swap.
“Well damn it. I was 3 pieces away from completing that entire game. With this new update, I’ll probably have to collect over 100 more to complete the game! SON OF A BI***! *throws 3DS into the blender*” Okay look, I know you’re the “Irate Gamer”, but the violent acts in these news stories make you sound like an anti-social moron that doesn’t understand people. You’re acting like a terrible crime drama’s depiction of a gamer.
Man, he’s going to be even more pissed next month when NoA releases the Mario & Luigi Dream Team puzzle (Europe and Japan already got it).

“Super Smash Bros Wii-U -- Character Reveal -- Captain Olimar”

“As you would guess, Nintendo is milking these character reveals for everything they got…” You need to look up the definition of “milking”. Revealing a few screenshots of a new Smash Bros character is not milking, it wasn’t even a major deal because Pikmin & Olimar were in the last game. Really it’s only a big deal if it’s a new character, or someone from Melee returns.

“Of course it does seem highly suspicious that this reveal coincides with the release of the Pikmin 3 game being released in August.” It’s not suspicious at all. It actually makes perfect sense. Cross-promotion is advertising 101. Quit acting like there’s a conspiracy.

“Well time to be like the government and spend millions of dollars just to figure out this question while I could’ve just fond out the real answer by emailing my Nintendo rep” … What? Ignoring the terrible political slam, even if you did have a Nintendo rep (which you clearly don’t), he wouldn’t know anything. He doesn’t run the new Dojo.

“2013 SDCC Exclusive -- Golden Pac-Man Avi Arad’s Limited Edition Figure”

There’s one line that stood out. This Pac-Man figurine has a long tongue, prompting Bores to say this.
“Other than putting that to good use with the ladies…” Okay seriously, what’s with the perverted Pac-Man jokes? First it’s the “sequel” to the first-person Pac-Man where we watch him have sex with Ms. Pac-Man, now it’s a joke about having a long tongue. This is all kinds of disturbing.

“Nintendo Famicom turns 30 years old today”

Oh hey, news that isn’t days late. I guess we can thank Scottie E. for that tip (going by the bottom of the article).

“Something that will probably be in History of Video games part 43 or something. lol” Oh please, like you’ll ever get that far. Also, wasn’t SNES meant be Part 40 or something? You have no idea what you’re doing do you? That seems to be a common theme.
“Happy Birthday Famicom! Thanks for making me feel so old you piece of ****!” Why are you censoring yourself? If you’re trying to look “professional”, you failed that days ago. Also, why is the censoring inconsistent? You only partially censored “bitch” up in the Streetpass article, while here you completely censor “shit”. I’d ask if he proofread this, but the insane number of typos and spelling errors tells me already.

“Super Mario Bros Still Life -- Power Up Flowers, Mushrooms, Shells & More”

Another “check out dis cool picture” post. Doesn’t seem to have much wrong until…

He thanks someone named Gary for the tip and… oooh boy.
“Hopefully he can also steal this thing for me from the artist’s house while she’s not home shopping. This would look great above my Mario pipe shaped urinal.” Woooow. You’re a sociopath Bores. This isn’t even funny, it’s just horrible.
Why would you assume that Gary knows the artist? He may have just stumbled upon, or was a fan of her work and yours and showed it to you.
Also, “not home shopping”, there are many reasons someone can leave the house. Work, school, appointments, gym, events, movies, concerts, etc. Why did your mind immediately go to shopping? Because she’s a woman? More and more evidence that Chris is a sexist pig.

Seriously, Chris is starting to really resemble Ethan from Ctrl-Alt-Del. Who keep in mind is a self-insert of Tim Buckley. They attempt to sound like “hardcore gamers” by acting like socially retarded morons that make everything about video games, no matter what. They both even have robot sidekicks in their universes! The difference is that ROB isn’t a rip-off of Bender.

“2103 SDCC Comic Con News -- LEGO Exclusive Figures”

Bores has news from 90 years in the future?! He’s a better journalist than I thought.
This post is about exclusive Comic-Con LEGO mini-figs that a lucky con-goer can win.
I’m also bringing this article up because he uses the term “happy ass” but spells it “a$$”. In the Pac-Man figure article mentioned earlier, he uses “happy ass” but spells it normally. Pick something and fucking stick with it!
Oh and he hates Spider-Woman, commenting  that nobody wants her and that if he won her in the contest, he’d be “hella pissed off”. Do you just hate super-heroines? You hate Storm, you hate She-Hulk, and now you hate Spider-Woman. This better not be more of your sexism.

“DUCKTALES Remastered -- Release Dates Confirmed”

Hooray, more old news! This one from last Thursday.
I love how he says the PR people at Capcom gave the news to him, like it wasn’t widely available for days.
He also threatens to beat up anyone that spoils the ending. Charming.
Ending on an “angreh” picture of him in front of the DuckTales box at E3.

Other stories:
“New Batch of Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC -- Martian Manhunter, John Stewart”

Stories from July 16th 2013

“2013 SDCC -- Wizards of the Coast Magic Exclusive Planeswalkers Cards (5)”

Why are you reporting on Comic Con exclusives? You’re not going.
*reads through* Oh, is this your way of telling your fans that might be going to give him stuff? There’s a pretty blatant plea in there.
He also claims he has PR rep at Wizards of the Coast. NO YOU DON’T! Quit claiming you have connections. Because you don’t!

“Angry Birds: Star Wars II -- Now it’s Skylanderish!”

Of course it is… and of course he brings it up.
He notes that he wants his upcoming game to have something like that. Until I see some god damn footage, your game isn’t real.

“Capcom Job Layoffs?!”

Aw yeah smell dat old news. Smells like turtle brains.
“Could this be a sign they are in financial trouble?” Yes! All their big titles failed too meet their expectations! Street Fighter X Tekken bombed, Resident Evil 6 bombed, DmC: Devil May Cry bombed AND alienated the fanbase. I’m pretty sure Lost Planet 3 will bomb as well. You can tell they’re desperate with Ultra Street Fighter IV.

“We recently saw THQ go bankrupt, Take Two games passed on buying booth space at E3 which sounds off the alarm bells…” First off, it’s Take-Two Interactive, not Take-Two Games. Second, this is the company in charge of Bioshock and Grand Theft Auto. They are not in trouble. They just chose not to be at E3 this year, that’s it.
“… Konami had a terrible line up at E3, and now Camcom?” Give up on Konami. They’re nothing more than MGS and that awful Castlevania reboot now. Also, PROOFREAD YOUR SHIT!

He then claims the person behind Capcom’s troubles is … Dr. Wiley. You’re still not funny, and you spelled Dr. Wily wrong. Twice. Uggggh.

“Skylanders Monopoly -- Now Corners the Board Game Market”

I’d say I’m surprised, but there’s a Monopoly board for everything. As seen here: http://www.oddee.com/item_97891.aspx And that’s just the beginning.

“Well Skylanders is not stopping with just video games, figures, carrying cases, pillows, bedsheets, McDonald Toys, and stuffed animals,” Yes, more crap you can spend your YouTube money on. And it’s creepy too since you don’t have kids
Also, the tip was sent in by a Scottie S. Do people named Scott or Scottie just like Bores? Weird.

Other stories: 
X-Men Days of Future Past -- Story Revealed, Be Prepared…

Wow… that was only three days of news.  How do you screw up something this simple? Awful jokes ranging from disturbing to disgusting, misinformation everywhere, e-begging, and somehow this is what he thinks people want? This has definitely shown an uglier side of Bores, and all the typos and grammar mistakes are so similar to “Linda” that the evidence they’re the same continues to pile up.

I will do this again. Hopefully the initial shock has worn off by then.


  1. I am having a hard time understanding whether Chris Bores is a sociopath or a jackass who acts like one. Considering who his friends are, his concepts of morality and entertainment and who he chooses to associate with, I'd say Chris Bores really is a psycho. You don't become surrounded by crazy double thinking like minded social paths and consistently write anti-social distasteful articles without having sociopathic tendencies as a prerequisite.

  2. REP to Capcom for the Ducktales game, Everyone with some decent humanity should instead gave thanks towards WayForward (you know, the creators of Shantae?........BTW IS COMING THIS THURSDAY on 3DS VC) for making this possible, cause Capcom as they are now, would never thought of the idea.

    Also something occured to me, Why is it that most reboots are just plain BAD? (Lords of Shadows, DC's New 52, Star Trek?).

    1. To answer your question, it's because those reboots (and Man of Steel, as I've heard) alienated the fans. I mean Lords of Shadows has turned most of the Belmonts from the original from vampire hunters with most of them being vampires. As for the New 52, it's mostly that they have decided that instead of continuing plots and stories they have decided "screw that, let's push the reset button", leaving many threads unrevealed.

    2. I actually liked Lords of Shadow pretty well.

    3. The problem with a reboot is an obvious one. You are attempting to replace an icon, gameplay or storyline that is well known by the fanbase and are essentially asking fans to forget and replace the previous work with your reboot. This is problematic in many ways as you are expected to keep the same elements but also expected to do something new. This causes most people to try and twist the elements but the end result is that people will know what you are gonna do with the established elements anyway so people will see your reboot as uncreative (I don't think anyone was surprised in 'startrek: into the darkness' to find out that a main character who shares the name with a major villain was in fact a major villain.

      Reboots that deviate from the established formula tends to cause issues since the original fanbase will feel betrayed (I don't think anyone was happy when C&C 4 became an MOBA)and audiences will have to be informed of the genre switch. Lord of Shadows faces this problem because its not a side scrolling platformer but a third person action game in the vein of ninja gaiden or god of war. That said, given that ninja gaiden was a 2D side scrolling platformer turned 3D action game, its seems that people are okay with major genre shifts as long as the game/movie is still enjoyable. Hell Ninja Gaiden and Lords of Shadow are well received on meta-critic (as opposed to the usually meta-bomb treatment gamers give to games that did betray the fanbase).

    4. Lords of Shadows was an awesome game. It just wasn't a good CASTLEVANIA game. If it had been a standalone title it would have been better received because it wouldn't have any previous foundation. It's like if Uncharted had been the Tomb Raider reboot where Drake was cast as Lara Croft's husband and Lara kept needed rescuing. The gameplay would still be great but it would alienate everyone still attached to the series. Then again, the actual Tomb Raider reboot alienated a few people as well, so it's a moot point.

  3. If I recall correctly about the entire comic con bits from bores was that someone else asked buggin if he was going and most of what that person said involved what bores put in his "articles".

  4. Its old news but, is anyone glad that Marvin Marvin's cancelled? Not this kid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi4S1qBFSAA

  5. How dare he calls the Famicom shit. >:L

    1. Someone commented and called him for this.

      Here's his reply:
      "With a website full of sarcastic remarks in my news, can’t believe you actually believe I think that. Next time I’ll write a disclaimer. lol"

      That was sarcasm? What part of your jokes constitutes as sarcasm?

    2. It's called parody retcon... and no, it usually never works. If someone had to be told you were being a parody, then ods are you didn't do a parody. That's the interesting part of Lasersquad's experiment. If someone can act like a sociopathic moron and be accepted by everyone (even the real IG fans) as the average Irate Gamer fan boy then its clear that Irate Gamer Culture has degraded to the point that society naturally expects Irate Gamer (and anyone related to him) to behave in an overly entitled and disgusting manner.

      "a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual"

      There's no irony in what Chris writes in his article. Especially since he takes criticism against his show as a blatant insult (showing that he sees his show as an extension of himself) and has made several episodes where he says a good game sucks. I could write more but I think I've wrote enough.

    3. Well, chalk THAT up to the list of "reasons I hate Norman Bores", says a Famicom fan. What. An. Idiot.

    4. Another good example of parody retcon = The Room. See also surrealism/interpretive fiction retcon for the epic fail ending of Mass Effect 3.

  6. Why exactly does he call the Famicom a piece of shit? Does he hate it, or is he just trying to be funny? And if he does hate it, why?

  7. It seems IG site is leaching off gotgames wordpress servers. When I run wpscan I get the following user accounts (which are the same for gotgame.com):

    | Id | Login | Name |
    | 2 | swag | SWAG |
    | 3 | administrator | System Operator |
    | 4 | theirategamer | Chris Bores |
    | 6 | kwingreviews | Kwingreviews |
    | 7 | steve-masters | Steve Masters |
    | 10 | ghostpool | ghostpool |

    This goes to show you how dumb gotgame is... They are helping another videogame news site?

    1. I had a feeling he was too lazy to make his own site. This just proves it.

    2. If you look at the bottom right corner of his page, you can see "Powered by GotGame". Why GotGame would do this for him I don't know.

    3. Because Bores helps them achieve this goal:
      And No, I don't care if the trolls say I am a TGWTG fanboy or not. I have something for that too,

  8. Why is 'Skylanders' it's own separate category? As if I didn't know.

  9. My word. This shows even more of Boring Man's utter ineptitude. He's even worse at making news about games than he is about playing them and making videos about them! Outdated information, cruel jokes, and even his attempts to say something positive are ill-researched and mean-spirited. So far, the only thing I'd be open to buying from Konami is the 25th anniversary Metal Gear collection. Dr. Wily is not the reason Capcom is in trouble, that would imply they had the slightest iota of respect for anything from Mega Man. No, their shady DLC policies, disrespect for franchises that were once adored by them, and canceling of anticipated games for bad ports and reboots is more the cause of that. Also, the third Tron movie and X-Men Days of Future Past have been known for a while now. And calling the Famicom a piece of shit? It's even clearer he cares little to nothing about video games if he insults the system that became the basis for the NES. If Bores is making this a regular feature, then I guess we'll have plenty to talk about in the usual long waits between videos.

  10. Wow it's been a while since I've visited this place.

    You know, reading these articles makes me wonder if Chris is acting like this to somehow "fit in" with gamers. Or, on the other hand, does he see this behavior as being normal? I can't figure out his reasoning. It's like he's trying as hard as he can to be as unlikable as possible.

  11. So did anyone catch the premiere of Whose Line is it Anyway on The CW? I thought it was pretty good. I even like Aisha Tyler as a host (pardon if I spelled her name wrong). Anyone else?

    1. That was tonight?! I missed it... D:

      Do you know if there's anywhere I can watch it online?

    2. I'd Check the CW's website, u can probably catch it their. Or check if the CW will air reruns sometime this week.
      Here is the Webpage for it:

    3. I actually caught the second one and thought it was pretty good. I believe however Drew was the better host, mostly because of how much interaction he and the others had.

      Just the way he and the others joked around on the show made it pretty good. It seemed as if that was missing in the show, but it was still pretty good overall.

  12. With all this mention he's been giving Mega Man, I wonder, is he just faking being a fan so he could pass himself off as a gamer? Knowing his history with games that are challenging, I wouldn't be surprised if he went out and said they sucked because they're difficult.

    Heck I find them difficult, but they're still fun and I enjoy them.

    1. Over on Hladniks page, he's been trashing 8-bit and 8-bit styled games, so I'm guessing he's faking being a fan.

      So, yeah probably faking being a fan and he's been trashing those style games, so I wouldn't put it past him to so they suck.

    2. @Justin I think he doesn't even bother playing Megaman. He didn't do an IG Neo about Megaman 10. Megaman 10 was released in 2010, there's no excuse.

  13. So apparently according to Chris now me and Dan are the same guy. He went off and called me Batdanknight again after I proved him wrong on the whole his game coming out before AVGN's game.

    Apparently there's already an AVGN fan game that's been made and released over 5 years ago. Chris went bragging on Hladnik's channel about how his was going to be released before AVGN's and I brought that up and pointed out how that game was released before his was ever thought of he started trashing 8-bit styled games.

    1. People will insult others with the words their most afraid of conforming to themselves. Considering that both Batdamn and Chris Bores love using puppet accounts, its no wonder they want to pretend that their opposition does it too. They'll feel less guilty that way.

    2. Really? he bashes 8-bit games yet he gushes about Mega Man? Is that why he wanted Simon Belmont in Castlevania, Harmony of Despair? OR WHY HE WANTED THAT MEGA MAN BOOK!? God bores, how stupid can you get? You say you like mega man yet hate 8 bit games? Did you only play 7 and 8? One, if you played 7 u never played 8 cuz 7 was for SNES and 8 was for PS1, so unless you could afford both I doubt u played them. Second, 7 and 8 SUCKED!!! 7 is hard for all the wrong reasons, and 8 is super easy!!! What Bores, did you play Mega Man X? Doubtful, BECAUSE THOSE ARE CRAZY HARD!!! I love the X series, but I doubt he would enjoy them since he hates hard. And like his review of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt has played Legends. And nowadays he'd probably say the Battle Network series is too kiddy...and as for Mega Man Zero, see my argument for the X series...Yeah, you're not a Mega Man fan Bores, quit pretending. And dont even pretend you are old school. If u are, u would act like most Mega Man snob and think that all Mega Man games should be 8 bit...

  14. “Something that will probably be in History of Video games part 43 or something. lol”
    Geez, Chris. By the time you did Part 43, you're already an old man. I rather watch Linkara's History of Power Ranger. (I'm not a fan of him, BTW)

    1. And of course you're free to not be. And even if you were, I freely admit that the release schedule of History of Power Rangers is abysmal at 1 episode per year. The difference between Bores and I, though, is that I still put out weekly scripted and edited content. He has no such excuse as to why the History of Video Games takes so long.

    2. Plus, I assume you're more professional than to mix up your storyline chronologies to the point that continuity is chopped and changed between all your series. Unlike Bores who tried to continue his 'movie' from the Irate Gamer Show during the History of Videogames and STILL messed up the consistency.

  15. Hey, BatDan, just wondering...

    Should "Irate Gamer Attempts the News" be a spin-off of the original blog, or should it just stay here? Depending on if Bores continues with his site...

    1. It's going to stay here. Especially when Bores goes weeks at a time without uploading anything.

    2. As I figured. :-)

      I still think Bores is ready to call it quits with how slow his progress is going.

  16. I can't be the only one that actually liked the new DMC. Don't get me wrong, I hated the new Dante, but the game itself was very fun.

    1. Haven't played it, or the previous games for that matter, but I've seen Angry Joe's review of it, and he rated it pretty well, though he didn't care much for new Dante or new Virgil. He also took time out to call out both fanboys who refuse to see anything good about the game and professional reviewers who failed to acknowledge the game's actual flaws.

    2. I've played it. And like many people, I hated the new Dante (Shocking isn't it?) but the game itself is rather fun. Heck, I tried the demo and was thinking of buying it.

    3. Never played the game or the franchise before. Oh yeah, I was curious about why peoples didn't like the new Dante. Can someone explain why?
      ... Probably not.

    4. Same issue as Lords of Shadow - good gameplay doesn't always make a good game. It sounds counter-intuitive but things have evolved now to the point where people genuinely care if your story is crap or characters change for cynical or inexplicable reasons.

  17. Do people named Scott or Scottie just like Bores? Weird.

    Chris and Scottie Road Trip, anybody?

  18. To be fair...look, I'm not defending Chris, but...you guys are what, mostly in your early 20s, right? I'm old enough to remember a time before the Internet, when all we had was game magazines. And guess what? Most of those aimed at a younger audience were written in the style that Chris is using here, crass jokes and all. He is quite simply aiming his news at his target demographic (10-to-15-year olds). It was lame when those mags did it, and it's lame here, but he's acting no different than what game mags aimed at kids used to do in the 90s.

    Also, Dan, did you delete my post about the AVGN's new video, or did it just not post? I really disliked the video and found it absolutely Boresian.

    Please note, again, that I am not an IG fanboy (or AVGN - if I'm a fanboy of anyone at this point it's Ashens, and even he did slightly reprehensible things, such as mild e-begging for his film.) I'm just older than most of you so I have a different slant on things.

    1. I didn't delete anything. Keep looking.

    2. "In unrelated news, just saw the new AVGN, my first in a LONG time, and only because I'm a Bill & Ted fan. Unfortunately, it blew. Half of the complaints are Bores-level (like the time-circuit thing and the phonebook thing and jumping on the grass), he's not playing the game right at the start, and the 'shitstorm' effect would also make our favourite hack proud with how bad it is. Granted, it's more of a straightforward review, which is good, but James wasn't even trying.

      Also, wasn't James balding? When did his hair come back?"

      its on the article named "Updates of the Future today"

    3. @Pedro Benoliel
      I don't remember gaming magazines telling people (oh noes a list!); that they'll never get laid, people who play sequels out of order should be killed, ghost and goblins is a shitty game, Zombies ate my neighbours is a shitty game, Ask people to buy stuff for the magazine via intimidation, consistently ask and require fans of the magazine to harass competitors, have a shitty storyline no one cares about, racist characters, personality cult mascot, threaten gaming companies, with jokes that even the target demographic doesn't find funny and get every major fact wrong. What magazines were you reading? I distinctly remember being in the target demographic when I became fed up with Chris Bore's disgusting antics and apathetic attitude towards the behavior of fans (of which I later found out to be him).

      I'm not mad but I do find your take on him rather too lax. Since when has Chris managed to imitate any style correctly? He may very well be imitating those gaming magazines, but he must be doing it in his trademark sucking style or I read only the good gaming magazines when I was 10.

  19. ^I was referring to this specific instance (the jokey game-related articles). I agree with most complaints lobbed at Chris otherwise, especially about how he replies to criticism.

    And yes, you probably only read the good ones, because I remember every game mag I read drooling over Lara's tits and the girls in Dead Or Alive, and joking that viewers should send them cool stuff.

    1. yay I got lucky with the gaming magazines! GMR was very nice read (though I don't understand their review of C&C generals).

  20. PS I was looking for my James comment in the wrong thread. I fail.

    1. It happens to the best of us. I don't agree though that his Bill and Ted review was anywhere near as bad as you're suggesting. I certainly preferred it to his crossovers with Kyle Justin and Lloyd Kaufman which came across as really juvenile. Still, each to their own.

    2. Like I said, I stopped watching James a looong time ago (shortly after the Glitch Gremlin/ROB double-whammy fiasco.) I only watched this one because my friend, knowing I like Bill & Ted, linked it to me on Facebook and I thought 'why not?'

      Funnily enough, his older reviews (unlike the Nostalgia Critic's) did not survive the test of time for me either. NC's new material may be ludicrously self indulgent (not to mention he was retired for all of one month before coming back for the $$$), but I can still enjoy his original reviews (up to about 2010/Bart's Nightmare era.) I can't say the same for James.