Friday, September 9, 2016

Apps & Boxes to Fund the Puppets

As Chris releases more "content" over on Puppet Steve, Irate Gamer is getting more and more neglect. Not today though, we saw two videos! And they're both obvious paid promotions.

First video is another app, and it's yet another "download shit to get rewards" app. I can't imagine Chris uses these after making the video, otherwise his phone would be a bugged up mess. He sounds so lifeless when talking about the app, like he's almost realized this is where his career has gone.

Fans HATED the video. A complete dislike majority, with only a tiny amount of likes. You know, I'm convinced. At this point, the Irate Gamer has become nothing more than a shell channel to funnel money into Puppet Steve. Until I hear about a real job that doesn't involve ghosts, I have to imagine that he's paying for all those toys by making all these promo videos. You're going to have address Puppet Steve at one point Chris. You're running out of fans. Then again, you likely don't care, you have new really dumb 7 year old fans that will watch any crap you put out.

EDIT: AHAHAHAHAHA! Looks like Chris couldn't take the heat and comments have been disabled. Going back to old habits now? Well, ratings are still up, and show the majority dislike it. But man, Chris really doesn't care anymore.

Oh and the second video is another Box Wars. Let's get into it. At least he put the timestamps in the description.

Starting with 1Up Box. The theme is speed.
- A shirt of of Pikachu dressed as the Flash, and he's being summoned by an Arcanine, and Pikachu is holding a phone because Pokemon Go. Stupid.
- A light blue Yoshi plushie. *thinks* Well I guess Galaxy 2 he can really fast.
- A Sonic the Hedgehog patch.
- A Flash mini-lanyard.
- And a necklace with the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Chris calls it the "Squidditch". Dumbass combined Quidditch with Snitch. Couldn't take five seconds to look that up could you?

Onto Brick Loot. Theme is traveling.
- A Lego Minifig of a Buckingham Palace guard. I'm surprised they got an official Lego product in there.
- A red phone box that doubles as a piggy bank. Lame, call me when it's blue.
- Snapos, don't care...
- A buildable Chicago Water Tower which is apparently exclusive to this.
- And a Mystery Defenders random box, yet he somehow knows he got Green Lantern as he once again claims to be a big fan of it. Why do I have trouble believing that? I know he talks about a lot, but he never sounds sincere.

Next is Loot Crate, which Chris has to remind us once again they're one of the more popular ones. We know! We're not stupid. Theme is anti-heroes.
- A Sterling Archer for President shirt. Is that an upcoming plot line? I kind of figured they would have to deal with Archer being dead and all.
- A Harley-Quinn figure. Quit trying to make her an anti-hero, it's not going to happen.
- Kill Bill socks. ... That is dumb.
- And a ceramic bank of Hellboy's fist. Why?

Doki Doki Box. Let's see how much anime stuff he messes up.
- A Homeroom Bear, which is a bear head that can hold change.
- A pencil pouch with a cat.
- Decorative tape. What is this?
- Stickers. No what is this?
- A notepad
- A pocky shaped pen. Chris calls it a "chocolate treat".
- A kitty keychain.
- And a t-shirt with bears on it.
- He also mentions how there's a booklet that tells you what everything is. Then why didn't you look at that before recording?
What kind of crappy box was this?

Pop in a Box, a service that specializes in Funko Pop fig- OH FUCK YOU! Get that shit out! No more Funko Pop! Burn it all! ... Sorry, if you've ever been to a comic book convention these days, it is wall-to-wall Funko Pop, it is obscene. You can't turn a corner without seeing a wall or a display, they were everywhere! How does Funko have so many licenses? Where are they getting the money?
- First is Blinky from Pac-Man. Why?
- Data from Star Trek: TNG
- Squiddly Diddly, an old ass Hanna Barbara cartoon. Okay now you're just showing off Funko, you have problems.

Geek Fuel is next.
- Some random Looney Tunes box, he got Daffy Duck dressed as the devil.
- A pouch for Pokemon Go players. There's cards for the three teams, but he calls them the gyms. Yeaaah I don't think Chris played Go after he made those initial videos on Puppet Steve. Why bother? No money in it.
- DungeonRift magnets.Who cares?
- A Suicide Squad comic.
- An Optimus Prime t-shirt.

My Geek Box, I'm surprised at how fast he's going through these.
- A Funko Pop figure of Black Widow as seen in Captain America: Civil War. BURN IT ALL!
- A Pokemon t-shirt showing pest control for Weedles.
- A Pikachu keychain.
- Captain America socks. What's with the socks? Who cares about socks? Just get white or black ones like normal people.
- A Mega Man print of Light & Roll looking over an unconscious Rock.

Something called EsianMall, I looked in the description for the spelling. It's mostly food, because of course...
- He lists a lot of the food and barely shows it. You know, Chris sounds really lifeless in this video too. It's like he doesn't want to do this shit anymore.
- Oh, and guess what, there's a fucking Funko Pop figure in it! Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. THAT'S NOT EASTERN!

Another new one called Mythhoard. All tabletop RPGs. None of which Bores will play because he's a phony.
- He lists them, I do not give a fuck. He doesn't even try because he clearly knows nothing.

NerdBlock, which is supposedly well established. Who gives a fuck?!
- A snowglobe of the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.
- A t-shirt of Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth, and once again he says it wrong! "Laber-ninth". Of course there's Linda and another white knight in the comments crying like babies. "WHO CARES? STOP COMPLAINING! PRAISE ONLY! FUCK YOU!" Ugh, you are awful.
- A Simpsons book from Mr. Burns called the "Handbook of World Domination"
- A hanging thing of the Back to the Future time circut board.
- Ghostbusters art.
- The "coolest thing" is new M.U.S.C.L.E. figures only with Masters of the Universe characters. Of you would care you 80's obsessed manchild. "Make sure you check out my I Rate the 80's" Because I'm never going to make another! PLEASE GIVE MONEY!

Onto Bam! Box. Once again no pointless jumpcuts. I think Chris is too tired and possibly apathetic to any of his "ZANY" editing.
- A pin featuring The Mask (the Jim Carrey one)
- A Hannibal Lecter mask. Apparently the theme is villains.
- A small box inspired by the end of Se7en asking "What's in the Box?" and there's a severed head. Chris tries act all scary and it's cringy as fuck.
- A Harley Quinn comic
- A Harley Quinn print "signed" by her. Yeah that's worthless.
- And the "coolest" item is a vinyl record of the Batman: The Killing Joke soundtrack. "How cool is that?!" It's not. You have shit taste.
He knows people have been using his links. Love all them kickbacks huh?
"I just know everyone is going to love it" You don't know anything.

ZBox. I'm starting to notice he says "cool" way too much. Open a thesaurus please.
- A shirt with iconic sci-fi characters.
- A World of Warcraft plushie, and to show how much of a fraud Chris is, he calls it "Worlds" of Warcraft. Come the fuck on!
- A pair of Alien figures with Ripley and the Xenomorph.
- And the "coolest" thing is a Doctor Who Weeping Angel bobblehead. "Very cool" OH god, I can't stop noticing it!

Finally, the ArcadeBlock. The box is shaped like an NES.
- A t-shirt of the Eye of Truth from The Legend of Zelda.
- A random Nintendo minifigure, he got Bowser.
- A USB SNES controller.
- A random FNAF minifigure, he got Foxy.
- And a Tetris mug.

Oh, seems there's another box from ArcadeBlock.
- A t-shirt of Chica from FNAF yelling "Let's Eat!" You know, for being shaped like an NES, there's way too much FNAF
- A Donkey Kong print
- Sonic stickers
- Super Mario ice cube tray. Why? These are so dumb.
- A Legend of Zelda journal.
- A random World of Warcraft minifigure. Looks like he got a higher-tier Orc. Sorry, my knowledge of Warcraft is very limited.
- A Toad air freshener. Oh hey, he didn't do the stupid "boy this really stinks" joke. Progress!
- A Legend of Zelda keychain
- A speaker in the shape of Mega Man's helmet.
- And we end on "the coolest item" with a Street Fighter sushi set.  It reminds him of something he'd get at E3. It's just a plate, with chopsticks. I don't think Capcom would be giving that way. You're such a retard, and I don't care if I'm offending with that word.

Time for the overall.
Fourth is Bam! Box
Third is Loot Crate
Second is NerdBlock
First is ArcadeBlock
More shilling.

I want someone to go through these and cut together all the times he says "cool". I swear, half the video is just that.
I don't know if I want to do anymore Box Wars. If this is the tone he's going for now, it's just so boring. He'll probably keep doing them as long as he gets kickbacks. But now it's clear he so doesn't care. Why care when illiterate kids will throw themselves onto Puppet Steve.

When I find time, I'll keep trucking through Puppet Steve.

EDIT: Oh and he got rid of the Wisdom Tree video. Hope someone saved it.


  1. Chris is virtually dead at this point. He hasn't posted to Facebook in almost a month, and his latest tweet was 5 days ago, not a long time, but still.

  2. Looks like he got rid of a few recent (this year) videos. Check the page with the videos, it looks pretty slim. Also, I'm really surprised he didn't do the "stinky air freshner" thing this time, especially considering its Toad, who he hates (at least going by his SMB2 scandal abomination)

  3. Since BatDan expressed his opinion on Funky Pop figures, what are your guy's opinions on them. I think they're overrated.

    1. I can say this, tough: If you want some chibi figures of your favorite characters, Nendoroids are the ones you're looking for. Nendoroids have more articulation, accessories, and alternate body parts to make it fun to pose around with. Plus (and maybe it's just me) they generally looks cuter and more expressive.

    2. Never was a fan of chibi figures, but they're OK, I guess.

    3. The only ones I ever bought are Predator (Because I'm a huge fan of Aliens and Predator) and Hatsune Miku. Since then, I never bought another one because it's something that I'll never invest most of my money on and I'm not a fan of the dot-eyed chibi style the line is going with.

    4. Some of the Funko figures I like, but I don't plan on buying them, unless they start to drop in price.

      I also wonder how they got all of those licenses as well.

  4. "Squidditch-" just classic. In his defense, I don't remember him claiming to be a Harry Potter fan, but wow. Didn't the thing come with some printed material explaining what it is?

    1. Now I have the image in my head of Quidditch played with squids.

      That's....pretty cool actually.

    2. You're a squid now. You're a wizard now.

    3. I would definitely like to see a crossover between Harry Potter and Splatoon :)

  5. According to Ladybuggin, Chris keeps misprouncing Labyrinth because "he has an accent." For the love of God, NOBODY PRONOUNCES IT LIKE THAT. How the heck do you butcher a well-known movie title that badly because of an "accent?" Saying things like "fustrated" may be a tad understandable (a tad) because it's just one letter off, but how on earth do you get the idea that Labyrinth is pronounced "Labber-nith?" What's next, is he gonna pronounce Jurassic Park "Jurr-ae-sic Park" and then say "Waaahh!!! Don't make fun of me!!! This is how I talk and I refuse to change it!!! Waahhh!!!" Seriously, Chris go out in public and call the movie "Labber-nith." People are going to think there is something seriously wrong with you.

    Sorry, got off on a tangent. Labyrinth is one of my favorite childhood movies and it really irritates me that Chris is pretending to like it when it's obvious he's never seen it and won't even bother to look up how to pronounce the word. Then again, this is the guy that thinks Alisha is pronounced "Ashley" so what do I know?


    Oh Blaze, how I dream of having logic as idiotic as yours...

    1. Doesn't he know that people on the Internet aren't interested in dronings, but want to be entertained? I'm almost starting to think that Blaze fell for that "Opening Up" video!

    2. Since this comment is directed towards me I might as well reply. I don't care how any of you will take it, but I am going to anyway.

      No, the reason I stopped hating him is not because I fell for the opening up video. It's because I started liking the humor in the irate the 80's and the irate gamer show. And for the record even though I don't agree with BatDan's post on that video 100%, I do agree that James Rolfe was innocent since I know he's a good guy.

      I think you guys have a problem with me simply because I like Chris Bores, and I find that hilarious.

      I will say no more, I will keep ignoring this blog since I rightfully should do.

    3. I find no problem that you like Crisbo! That's fine! I find Crisbo himself the problem since he has tons of fans and THIS is how he treats them?!? Instead of game reviews, he just doesn't random crud that no one cares about! That... is the real problem!

    4. Really, blaze? You make a video saying that the people of this blog sucks, and then you wonder why people dislike you?

      It couldn't possibly be because of that.

  7. If the 1Up Box is about speed, why did they include a light-blue Yoshi plushie? Even if you bring Super Mario Galaxy 2 into this topic, the Yoshi in question that ran really fast was red (Dash) Yoshi, who could run along walls and vertical platforms after eating a Dash Pepper. Light-blue (Blimp) Yoshi could only inflate like a balloon and float upward to reach otherwise-inaccessible areas after eating a Blimp Fruit.
    I'd say to swap these two different Yoshi types and it would make more sense.

  8. Does this guy sleep with PC notifications on so he can make long winded ass posts about IG as soon as a new video is posted?

    This is getting beyond sad.. so the guy doesn't make videos for his fans anymore, right.. that's his decision.

    How about stop the bullying now? Because this is effectively what it is, do you feel like a big man trying to rip apart every video he makes?

    Come on man.. get a life now.

    1. Whatever you do, Spiggle, don't just ignore us. Only by pointing out all our flaws- vehemently and repeatedly- is there even a chance we'll see the error of our ways and turn sensible. Quitters are losers; fight the honorable fight, brother.

    2. It's always amased me how almost every post there is another new random guy complain about the blog even though you have to go out of your way to search for the blog, like how do you even find it when clearly you don't give a shit about the blog. Also having the blog description said "AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT ONE OF THE WORST VIDEO GAME REVIEWERS ON THE INTERNET" and didn't cover most of what he do is kinda false advertising isn't it. And read a bit further you will see Bat said won't cover the box war ep anymore meaning he doesn't rip apart everything, read even further you will see some of the post took days to appear after IG post his video, sometime Bat even ignore the video all together meaning he doesn't have a notification and doesn't post about it asap, read even further down you will see Bat only took barely an hour to write this meaning the rest of his time is for what? oh LIFE, and if you read even even further down you will see this blog is for exposing Bore of his lies and people like that, and they want more, and since Bat wrote "indepth" in the blog header and the blog barely took time to do, why not give the people what they want

    3. What's sad is people like Spiggle, who actually have no life, because they spend all their time defending and white knighting Chris Bores.

      Seriously dude, step away from your computer and step outside. It'll do you good.

    4. "so the guy doesn't make videos for his fans anymore, right.. that's his decision."

      Please tell me you're not an IG fan, because what you said above is very cringeworthy and immature. YouTubers are free to do whatever they want, but they should never ignore their fans. IG is not an exception, he should respect his fans and give them the best quality possible. Disrespecting your fans is like shooting at your feet.

    5. There has to be a word or phrase for this. Like "The Complaint Paradox". Someone makes a blog to complain about or criticize something. Someone complains that it's a waste of time and to get a life. The same criticism levied against the author can then be applied to the commenter. Defending the author (they have a right to say what they want) can then be applied to the commenter. It's just a never ending cycle of "You shut up!" "No, YOU shut up!"

  9. It's still entertaining to read the posts and see what crazy stuff Chris does. I'm pretty sure this time next year he'll be doing Puppet Steve full time.

  10. You think Funko's bad like that? That's nothing! When I've been to an EB Games, there was an ENTIRE WALL of those figures where Nintendo games used to be. Those games are now relegated to a tiny corner!

    But I digress! It's an entire friggin wall!

    1. As a Nintendo fan, that offends me.

    2. Funko is slowly taking over this planet. Not even Mattel, Hasbro, Bandai, Hell, ANY TOY COMPANY IN THE WORLD can stop them.

    3. These things go in cycles. 20 years ago there was Beanie Babies, a few years ago all comic shops had a My Little Pony section.... give it a while.

  11. The Warcraft figure is of Gul'dan. In the movie, he uses his magic to open the Dark Portal to allow the Orcs into Azeroth, and eventually at the end of the movie becomes the Warchief of the Horde.

    In he game, I'm not quite sure about his place in the lore. Warlords of Draenor probably goes into more depth on it, but I've not played much of that expansion, so I don't really know if it does or not.

    Other than that, these videos are just horrible.

  12. "I want someone to go through these and cut together all the times he says "cool"."

    Got you covered:

    1. check this out too (no i didnt make it):

    2. and this too from the same user:

  13. > A t-shirt of Chica from FNAF yelling "Let's Eat!" You know, for being shaped like an NES, there's way too much FNAF

    I wish it'd say "Devour my Hot Bird Ass"

    1. Presumably while doing her jump scare? know, she might probably be saying that when she jump scares you!

  14. New Puppet Steve video. Now Chris is reviewing toys for little girls. He has a little girl doing the voice of Minecraft Puppet Alex (probably one of his gf's kids), and it's just chock full of really stupid jokes. I mean, seriously. Is this show supposed to be for 5 year olds? I guess it is, so the joke is on me.

    Where's Mike Mozart when we need him?

    1. Even shows for 5 year olds aren't this stupid. My kids watch a bunch of children's youtube videos and a lot of them are actually half-decent. Usually the music ones like Dave & Ava, Bob the Train, and ChuChu TV. idk maybe it's sad I know about all these youtube channels for toddlers lol

  15. Also I wonder if Chris is trying to have a clean slate on the Internet and almost completely distance himself from IG, hence why he deletes any comments on FB referencing Puppet Steve. I guess he's trying to appeal to the toddler/preschooler crowd because they're not critical of everything. His puppet Steve videos are better than what he has put on his IG channel as of late, but not by much. It's like the poorman's version of a Nick Jr. show.

  16. Replies
    1. It's a mystery how he still has 160,000+ subscribers. There are youtubers who don't even have half that subscriber count yet put out much higher quality videos

    2. Either they're because of his "opening up" video... or those COULD (keyword: COULD) be sockpuppets.

    3. No surprise to see that the comments are disabled for that one as well.

  17. I don't know if anyone cares, but I went to my first con on Sunday in Florence, SC. Found a Mega Man shirt and a Sonic charm for my car keys... Plus a few decals and a Godzilla fridge magnet!

    Then I got behind the wheel of the '66 Batmobile on my way out!

    1. Nice! Like I said, I also went to a con last week (Friday and Saturday, actually), Fan Expo! I got to meet Charles Martinet there!

  18. Yikes look at these socialblade figures for IG:

    1. how does a channel lose views? is it from deleting videos? and it seems that costs them money? His puppet channel is doing well according to sb, though that channel lost a couple thousand views one day

    2. It's likely a view exodus YouTube is doing. I have not deleted any videos on my channel, but I am losing a few views.

  19. New tech Chris shows is kind of pointless. You can get a device that runs at least iOS 8 to see your health and that crap.

  20. Chris is wearing the exact same shirt in the new tech review as the recent box wars video. Did he make these videos right after each other? In that case, he probably uploaded the tech review late so that people don't know that he's lazily throwing videos together. Or maybe he's just running out of shirts.

    1. I'm sure he did record it all in one day. I'm not defending Chris by any means, but it's not that uncommon. Mike/James have mentioned for J&M mondays they record/play a lot of games/footage in one day to release it weekly.

    2. The videos are lazily thrown together, but recording on the same day isn't the problem.

      One example is the game show "Jeopardy", which spends 12+ hours filming 4-5 episodes a day, twice a week. After this, they go to post-production and queue to be aired months later.

      Bores problem isn't filming on the same day, it's that he doesn't do good work on that day, and that these work days are too infrequent. Oh, and the content sucks.

  21. He turned off comments for his health watch thingie video too! Now no one can see my comment where I called him the HeartRate Gamer aka <3R8 Gamer!!!

  22. Yet another Puppet Steve video is up. It's a LEGO Batman set, featuring a badly animated and unfunny LEGO Batman.

    1. If I really want to see reviews of Lego sets, I rather watch Jangbricks. His reviews are more informative and has no pointless and unfunny skits.

    2. Bores does show n' tells. Not reviews.

  23. Look at your last post BatDan.

    "It’s a message about racism! Something this country desperately needs." Something does not sound right here....

    1. I meant to say, a message about not being racist. Looking back, I can see how someone can read that the wrong way. Oops

    2. At least you are not turning off comments so people can't point out your "flawls" like a certain tech box puppet ghosthunter has been doing in recent (and ye olden) times.

    3. I actually found the anti-racism message of "Zootopia" to be pretty racist. I enjoy it a lot more just taking it as a meaningless talking animal movie.

      I was going to write up an explanation as to why I felt this way, but someone already made a video that explains it pretty well

  24. It's really difficult watching the Puppet Steve videos (only watching them so I can understand BatDan's posts). Puppet Steve is like Sesame Street if it was written by Seltzer and Friedberg trying their hardest to write for kids.

    1. Don't forget that Sesame Street doesn't insult kids' intelligence! Crisbo, of course, thinks that writing as not just for kids, but for everyone else as well!

  25. Starting a fic to mock an overdone spin-off concept.

  26. New video- "Peppa Pig House Playset & George, Suzie Figures Unboxing Review Puppet Steve"

    1. I think it's safe to say now that this is going to be Chris's main show going forward. I mean, he gets more views, he gets more positive feedback on it, and he makes videos on it more frequently. It's more tolerable than recent IG episodes, especially when you keep in mind that it is for kids, but it's just that - for kids. Therefore, I can't really care too much for it.

  27. Get your popcorn ready - new tech review. And put those fingers away - comments disabled.

    1. Other than the critically negative comments, I wonder if he's disabling comments because he's afraid people are going to start leaking info about how Irate Gamer runs the Puppet Steve show. I mean, he already censors FB for the same reason.

    2. Best review ever! Not only does he show us a keyboard that lights up and glows in the dark so you can scare your cat, NOT ONLY does he show us a one-handed professional gaming keyboard that is specifically for the gamer (INCLUDING all the major keys that you would need when you are gaming), but he even shows us the art book to the Duss Ex game. What exactly do all you haters want from him, anyway?

    3. Harrod, is that supposed to be sarcasm?

    4. iDuck, I was hoping it might even earn the label of 'satire.'

      But since you asked, yes. The whole post was meant to expose the video's flawls in the guise of praise. I dug deep and took actual lines from the video to do it, so I shouldn't be surprised that it's hard to decode.

  28. sound familiar?

  29. Just saw an article, haven't had a chance to read it, but apparently Digital Homicide has been booted from Steam because of their conduct towards users.
    So, that's cool.

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  31. I think it's safe to say now that this is going to be Chris's main show going forward.
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