Monday, June 12, 2017

Fan Testimonial from Prince Mario

While I'm still retired from covering Bores, I will still post former fan testimonials. Here's one from Prince Mario.
If you have a testimonial you wish to submit, please let me know.

Hello to all of BatDan's readers I'm a somewhat popular youtuber by the name of PrinceMario (You can view my channel right here In this post I'm going to tell my story on how I used to love Chris Bores when I was 10-12 and how I grew to hate the guy.

It all started back in 2009. I was just 10 years old at the time and we still had dial up because we couldn't afford wifi. Back then there were certain sites like YouTube that I had just discovered and found it to be the most amazing thing ever. I started looking up videos on Super Mario Bros 2 because I always wanted to know how the NES Mario games were (keep in mind that Mario 64 was the first Mario game I played so I didn't know a whole lot about NES) and the first result was Irate Gamer's Super Mario Bros 2 video. At the time I loved it because I was a huge Mario fan and I loved random humor. I also found his jaws and back to the future reviews and found them funny, 

At that point I was an Irate Gamer fan. I wasn't the kind of IG fan who would go and attack AVGN fans (I didn't know who AVGN was at the time) but I was just a casual fan who enjoyed his work. I would show my cousins at family gatherings Bores' reviews and they would find them funny. Just keep in mind I didn't know as much about retro gaming as I do now so at the time I thought Mario 2, Ghost and Goblins, and Contra were bad games because Bores said it. 

This all changed about a year later when I discovered the AVGN. I discovered his Ninja Turtles review and saw the date it was posted and thought that Bores directly stole from that video. Then I went and watched more videos by James Rolfe (Back To The Future, Mario is Missing, etc). However at the time I still enjoyed both Bores' and Rolfe's works and just thought they were similar.

Then in 2011 Bores posted an E3 video on him blowing up Ubisoft because he wasn't allowed to attend the conference and that was the first video by him that I hated. Then it got even worse. In 2012 James Rolfe posted a video promoting a Cheetahmen II kickstarted that got a lot of hate. At the time I didn't care too much about the video because I try not to get involved in internet wars (I didn't with the war between IG fans and AVGN fans).

However right when the whole flame war was going on Bores posted a video titled Ebegging The Spoof and I hated that video so much I unsubscribed from IG and totally lost all respect for him. After that I completely forgot about him.

That is until 2014 when he posted a 40 minute video attacking James Rolfe and this point is where I found the IG sucks blog. I started reading every post on the blog and going back to Bores's videos and thinking 'how did I find this funny." I then found I can't believe it's not AVGN and DoubleEdgedSowrd's take on the videos and that was where I found Bores entertaining to watch again. The guy's text commentaries were s o enjoyable. I also found the Third Rate Gamer and loved him and I wish he could make more stuff. 

Then afterward I started reading the blog until Bores called it quits. Now will Bores come out of retirement or put something that's worth ripping on. We don't know. That is my full story thanks to Batdan for letting me share this.