Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bonus Rant: Chris Bores Thank You video and his Letter to James Rolfe

Around his MUSCLE review Chris Bores began to gain popularity at an alarming rate. Those who were aware of his lies were displeased but he still had a large army of zombie fans willing to defend him for his effects and “jokes.”

Because YouTube seems to find this sick joke of a reviewer “quality” (their definition of that word is VERY vague) they featured two of his videos on YouTube’s front page (Super Mario Bros. 2 and MUSCLE). This does explain the sudden rise in popularity so he made a video to thank his “fans” and answer some questions. However this video has since been removed from YouTube but can be found on DailyMotion (which I’ll link at the end). Let’s take a look (this won’t be a minute-by-minute breakdown since it’s short but I’ll just explain the bullshit).

He notes at the beginning that thanks to YouTube featuring him he has gotten a ton of subscribers and a lot of fan-mail (though how much of it is hate-mail for SMB2 and being a rip-off is never stated), he goes through the process of making his videos noting they take 2-3 weeks to “play the game” (HAHAHA), write the script (*shaking my head*), and edit the video. He also notes it takes hours upon hours to make a 13 second special effect (seriously?)

He also answers on why he doesn’t review newer games, he says he doesn’t have any recent consoles but it’s obviously because the AVGN only reviews old games and I won’t hit myself for that comment because it’s true. He also claims to be “emotionally attached” to old NES games, yeah whatever. This video is home to the now infamous quote “I’ve been playing these games for 20 years; I know all the ins and outs of these games” that people often cite in their accusations.

I just thought I’d point out that this video exists and for those who have seen the JoeyDrunko video “Shitload of Fuck” will now know where that quote at the beginning came from.

Now this next analysis has an unknown date but the amount of failure within it deserves special mention. The story is Chris Bores was noticing all the flack he was getting for ripping off the AVGN so he PMed his YouTube account JamesNintendoNerd with an extremely brown-nosing letter. However James Rolfe himself does not monitor his YouTube account, his friend/co-writer Mike ***** does. ***** finds his PM and posts it on the ScrewAttack forums. The post has since been deleted but has been mirrored in many places. Let’s read it shall we?

Hello James,
I'm not sure if you know me but my name is Chris Bores, I do the Irate Gamer videos on youtube.

This is going to end well.

I feel compelled to finally write you since my videos are starting to get popular on youtube and tons of people are comparing my quality of work to yours.

For good reason you asshat. You lift direct lines and concepts that James already did.

I don't know if you'll end up reading this because you probably get tons of emails in a day and I know mine would be swimming in the sea of them, but I wanted to write you anyway.

I’m pretty sure ***** would notice a PM from the user “Irategamer” (that’s seriously how it’s spelled).

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know I've been a fan of your videos ever since I saw your Ninja Turtles game review around last year. And I gotta say, it was very inspiring to me. In fact, I hardly got any sleep that night because I had hundreds of new idea's flowing through my mind of what I could do with this intriguing thing you started. But due to my career, I had to tuck them away for a few months until I could get some spare time to record them.

Where are these “hundreds of ideas” Chris? Seeing as you took James idea and made it worse shows that you’re just talking shit there. Also what career? Making boring DVDs of you, a fat Buddhist Priest, and your girlfriend going around dark areas hunting ghosts? By the way that’s been done as well and your glowing review on Amazon won’t change how shit it is (I’m not kidding, he reviewed his own DVD on Amazon). By the way, make note of the Ninja Turtles comment.

Now I'm not sure if you've ever seen any of my reviews or ever heard of me, or heck, even like me for that matter, but I just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule and let you know I respect your work and I do try my hardest to not copy your material. Although in my earlier reviews, I will admit, that I accidentally used some of your well known made up words in my review and I only found this out because people were telling me I did. I felt really bad about it and still do because the last thing I want to do is steal your catch phrases.

If you really respect his work you’d admit that he inspired you to make these videos. But instead you pretend you’re original, and censor any comment referencing James or the AVGN. Also you didn’t know you “accidentally” used some of The Nerd’s catchphrases? You just contradicted yourself there as you’ve said you watched many of his reviews and now you’re denying it? This is just fucking dishonest.

Since then, I made a point to watch all your reviews again and to make sure not to make that same blunder again. So if I ended up causing any negative feelings because of it, my apologies. But hey, I just wanted to email you and let you know I respect your work and clear the air of any hard feelings if there are any, because I'm just doing this stuff for fun and I know you are too.

Okay, so you’re going to watch his reviews to make sure you don’t steal from him. This will come and bite him in the ass very soon.

So thanks for everything, and I should mention, since day one I thought it would be neat to do a duel review with you, but I'm still trying to figure out how getting both worlds to collide would work. Hmm Oh well, maybe one day. Thanks again my friend, and I'm glad to see you doing so well!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s never EVER going to happen. Since ***** leaked this you’ve been censoring AVGN comments even more then usual and now you deny watching his videos at all. Not to mention anytime James Rolfe is asked about you he says “Don’t bother with that asshole.” You screwed yourself Bores, and everyone with a brain knows it.

So, why am I bringing this up? It leads in to the next review… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s going to be a long one folks so be ready.

To the Thank You Video: http://www.dailymotion.com/user/IrateGamerSucks/video/x55j2x_irate-gamer-mystery-thank-youvideo_videogames
JoeyDrunko's Shitload of Fuck video (reupload from a different account): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpRhEsP3wyY
Special Thanks:
Encyclopedia Dramatica for Mirroring the letter.
themorshushow for inspiring me to make these rants.
IrritatedGamer/Chris Holland for making great parodies of this asshat.
James Rolfe for kicking ass.


  1. Wow! I've never seen that video before! LOL Great rant!

  2. seriously, what's the big deal??? both reviewers are entertaining in their own way... who cares if one was inspired by another? So Bores review might be a pretty similar to AVGN's on TMNT... so what? So now what's happened is you beat this one guy up for doing something similar and now he won't do them anymore... even though there are plenty of games he reviewed that James didn't. I wish there were more reviewers like AVGN... CB's was a great tribute. Chris' biggest mistake was not owning it when called out. But I'm really surprised at the backlash (like this blog)... is it really that big of a deal? [I'll be back to check for a response, maybe I'm missing something more to the story and you can explain]

    1. Stealing entire lines of dialogue and even video from another reviewer, not referencing or attributing them, and preventing people from commenting on your videos because 90% of the feedback is negative is a big deal. Also, using alternate accounts on Amazon to review your own DVDs (as well as using his own account under his own name, which was later removed) is further proof that this guy is not simply 'inspired' by James Rolfe. He literally would not have a single second of material if it wasn't for things he has taken from James and other sources.

  3. "both reviewers are entertaining"
    And I stopped reading right there.

    How is he entertaining? Try watching his videos without effects you'll be asleep in 30 seconds.
    I don't care about him being an AVGN rip-off he's an insult to gamers and a horrible actor.

    So if you can't see the "flawls" in his videos then I don't know how to help you.

  4. How the fuck does it take hours to make an explosion effect. All you do is import it into the program, then put it in the timeline, then chroma key it, and change the size and the other crap!

  5. I see no flawls in his videos. Only massive amounts of stupid.

  6. Simply put, IG is just a blantant knockoff. He is the perfect definition of pure laziness. How hard is it exactly to not only do the exact same review, but to also use the exact same context and effects that AVGN created with his own mind?? Its like one of those annoying rap songs that a rapper remade from an old 80's song. Its just lazy. I could have a little more respect for the guy if he could have at least made a couple of his own catch phrases or a little more of his own style with his effects. Heck, he might have even done a little better then AVGN if he did those things but I doubt it.

  7. the Irate Gamer not only copied James idea, he wants to have a dual review hahaha

    I've never seen a bigger fake on YouTube, and he knows that without James approval no one will ever care about him, that's why he wants that dual review! His jokes are boring and unfunny, his acting is terrible, his knowledge of games is mediocre, and he always contradicts himself. Watching his show is like watching a train wreck everytime. He disabled his comments or requires approval because he gets his ass ripped apart when he doesn't.

    Bottom line is he is a very hateable guy, based on his actions on and off the camera

  8. Hey everyone, I haven't gotten a chance to read all your comments, but look what article Irate Gamer posted on his facebook:


    As one of the people commented, did he even read any more of this article than the title of it?

    Second, on his facebook page, AVGN and James Rolfe are both in his Like and Interests categories. In case he removes them, I have captured the image of this and a few other things I want to preserve them incase he decides to remove them.




    1. Hello there, this is already old stuff, why are you still determined to just pinpoint a character a "shtick" of the internet sorts? I think that the IG was unfairly attacked, flamed on, etc. But I also think he has very low quality on his videos and that he has been an ass on his fans expressing a sincere fandom on him?

      The tl;dr of this comment's core would be, why is this still a thing? Why is this still very mysterious? Also, Mike Matei is a dick... I dunno I wrote this last part, is just that I simply never grew up on him.

  9. LOL, you are just jealous... he is humorful cause he rants so much. so shut up.

    1. Also, 'humorful' isn't a word, and 'so shut up' isn't a sentence. I guess we can't expect anything less from someone who supports an uninformed hack who thinks Ghosts N Goblins is one of the "most hardest" games ever made.

      Stay away from the internet, you're incompatible with it.

  10. I for one like the Irate gamer, I also like AVGN, they're both good. Anyways, everybody copies somebody now, anything and everything is just something somebody has done before, music, movies, gadgets, games. there are just too many people in this world for everything to be a first time original.

    My final thought is Chris Bores did the "irate the 80's" and he does the E3 stuff so there is plenty of stuff he does that AVGN doesn't, who cares if in his early days he got a bit of inspiration from his YouTube hero, from what I can see he only did maybe 2 or 3 similar videos then went on to do his own thing!

    I will finish with saying again, I like James rolf and I like chris Bores, they're both good at what they do and I am subbed to them both and watch both their videos!


    It appears I'm 5 years late to the hate party, but still, I wholeheartedly share:
    · The outrage over such blatant, shameless, and unapologetic plagiarism.
    · The contempt of his lack of balls to accept (or even address) criticism.
    · The frustration over his unearned dough and undeserved popularity.
    I couldn't, however, not take at least some exception to the 2nd half of your 3rd paragraph. Believe it or not, his production time claims may not be as scoff-worthy as they might seem. As a working motion graphics and animation professional, who produces videos for a living, I can personally assure you from my own experience that it is not at all uncommon for a ten second sequence to take up hours, days, or even weeks of work, and we're not even talking some blockbuster VFX shots from ILM, Digital Domain, or what have you. More often than not, halfway decent execution of even a modest visual trick for a YouTube video can prove deceptively time-consuming.
    With that said, I firmly believe that no amount of style can make up for lack of substance, and the quote If it's not worth doing, it's not worth doing well comes to mind. To me, Hack's videos fail not only due to their (I hope to GOD!) completely obvious absence of originality, but also their utter lack of humor. More importantly, though, he lacks what I'd call journalistic integrity of a fair and adequate reviewer, as sometimes he just doesn't seem to know what the hell he's talking about when criticizing a game.

  12. I believe we have an AVGN fanboy in our midst.

    1. let me know when you are done playing "pin the tail on the donkey".

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