Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Uncensored Net Noise Interview. Finally something good.

On June 6th 2008, Chris Bores the Irate Gamer was invited to the Uncensored Net Noise radio show for an interview. When anti-IG critic TheArchfiend heard about this he sprang into action and informed the DJs about IG’s thievery.

This is what unfolded.

Before the Interview: The DJs seem less then enthusiastic about interviewing IG, one of them noting it’s going to be a short interview. DJ1 starts describing IG as a “spin-off” of the Angry Video Game Nerd and DJ2 asks “So it’s the exact same thing?”

The Interview: DJ1 starts the interview saying he’s live with them; you can hear another DJ softly say “Yech” in disgust. The first question asked is about a video floating around accusing Bores of plagiarism and the truth about it. At this point Bores realizes this isn’t going to be a happy brown-nosing interview and Karma has come to bite him fiercely.

Bores answers “It’s all a bunch of nonsense” and starts stuttering through his answer saying he and James do the same thing similar to Leno and Letterman (one DJ retorts ‘not exactly like that’) and if they review the same games then similar complaints will be inevitable (yeah that spotlight effect in the TMNT review couldn’t be avoided). He ends the answer trying to say “Original with my own words.” I’m serious he keeps stuttering to say original it’s pretty funny.

The next question asks Bores what got him into doing this and if it spawned off of James Rolfe’s work. He quickly says “no no no” and explains that hundreds of other people were doing reviews but he wanted to excel at them with his quality production values (pffft). The DJ asks Bores about the similarities between his and James BttF and TMNT reviews, to which Bores responds “With Ninja Turtles I reviewed 5 different *pause* 5 different games and James reviewed like 3 minutes of what I did. I ranted about things he didn’t (“Jump from the wrong place, and you’ll fall to your death”) and I didn’t rant about things he said.”

One DJ interjects that the reviews are almost word for word to which Bores responds “That’s not true, there’s a guy out there named JerichoSquink that did a word for word comparison so go check him out.” JerichoSquink did a 22 Part Rant trying to prove the Irate Gamer isn’t a rip-off and is completely original in every way (pfffft) going by the belief that plagiarism must be exactly word-for-word. When this interview was posted on YouTube in multiple places Squink was one of the first to arrive and say “IT’S ALL A LIE” and defend IG, it wasn’t pretty.

DJ1 asks Bores how long the production process takes, and IG asks “What do you mean by that?” so the DJ makes it clearer saying how long it takes to put a video together. Bores goes through the process saying it takes at least two months for one video noting the special effects and jokes saying it takes at least 70-100 Man-Hours for one video (HAHAHAHA).

A guest-host comedian asks a question while referring to him as Carlos Menica (a terrible comedian that’s known to steal jokes from good comedians in case you didn’t know) “What is the worst game you have ever played?” and Bores stupidly responds “As far as my episodes go?” and begins to think about which one was the worst while exclaiming “There’s been so many” (technically he’s reviewed more good games then bad games so I don’t see what he means by that). After a long pause with Jeopardy music playing he finally says “MUSCLE” and gives a very weak description on why it was bad.

A DJ butts in asking “Have you ever played Hack Attack?” Now this is where the recording gets hilarious. Bores comments he never played it, the DJ tells him it’s an 8-Bit Nintendo game where a bunch of comedians team up to kill Gallagher, and the Irate Hack believes it! Hahaha oh wow that’s amazing.

The head DJ starts to wrap up as they have a “real band” coming on in a minute (BURN) and has one more question which is given to the Guest-Comedian. He asks if Bores feels bad for doing something another person has done and he’s taking attention away from a ton of other unnoticed talented people. The Hack wonders if the only reason they brought him on was to make fun of him but the DJ retorts “We just want to know what went through your mind when you decided to make these videos.”

Bores starts going off on how he stays in contact with James and he enjoys his work, you are such a fucking liar Chris. Rolfe has said multiple times to ignore you since you do the exact same thing to him. Are you really that committed to this story?

One guys asks when the next ROB video will be out and Bores says “Another Week because I run a business and do 5 other things at the same time.” GAH stop lying you fat bastard! Also this interview was conducted June 6th and the ROB review came out the 26th, that’s way more then a week schlong-eater.

The next question asks if Bores enjoys making the videos to which he notes “I do it for the entertainment and to make people laugh.” PFFFT HAHAHAHAHA! Ohhh that’s a good one, you actually told a funny joke. That’s 1 joke out of 163 done right. When asked about the animosity created by the accusations he replies “It’s only from the other reviewers and fans, I have my own fanbase that supports me.” So that’s why your first subscribers are only subscribed to you right? They’re so loyal they remove all their other subscriptions and show complete compliance to you. By the way, how are the sales of your DVD?

One of the last questions asks what videos we’ll be expecting in the near future after ROB Part 2. To which The Hack replies “I’m working on 6 at a time.” Really now, where are these other reviews? All we’ve seen since then are two videos on ET, Home Improvement, Monster Party, Aladdin, some History thing, and a bunch of modern reviews that don’t qualify. Oh it seems I paused too early, most of these videos are in the scripting or filming stages (or so he says) and the next one out is ET.

Damn there are more questions, he’s asked if he could beat James Rolfe at Street Fighter and Bores just laughs it off saying “I don’t think of those things” (James would annihilate his ass) and then he’s asked what game he is best at and we hear “Zelda and Kirby those kinds of games” So easy Nintendo games that are meant for everyone, how cute.

Bores is asked if he has a girlfriend and he says “Yes I do.” Ohhhhh man, this is an awesome Reverse Funny Aneurysm Moment. Very recently (like the last few days) Bores broke-up with his girlfriend as evidenced by his MySpace saying Single and the blonde chick from Haunted Investigators no longer featured on the site.

The Hack is asked if he has the Power Glove (while being called Carrot Top) and he does not, you wuss you call yourself an old-school gamer? So the interview ends and right before he hangs up someone belts out “You Suck.” Then they start laughing at how much bullshit they just heard before taking a break.

After the Interview: They point out a ton of hate in the chat room before discussing how full of shit the Irate Hack really is. They bring up the “2 Months to make a video” comment as an utter load as they’ve done productions that only take a few hours including an HBO Funded online show that belts out at least 4 episodes in one hour. They also discuss UNN’s similarities to Howard Stern but they don’t steal jokes/lines and Radio Talk Shows have been going for years.

At the end they talk about comedians that steal material and need to be called out for it, the same thing is said for the Irate Hack. They are so right about that, however calling out Bores is troublesome on YouTube.

After the interview was leaked, Bores used his Partner Powers to remove any trace of the recording for “Copyright Infringement” for his Film Company Y2B (which doesn’t have a copyright, meaning Bores has broken the law with these false DMCA Claims). I should mention that isn’t the first time he’s removed videos for Copyright. As soon as he got his Partner Status he used this fake company to remove any criticism videos that point out incorrect facts or just call him a rip-off. It was a really dark time for the Game Reviewing community and people weren’t pleased.

There was something I forgot to mention back in the DVD Rant, the address of Y2B is Chris Bores home address. There is no Y2B, there is no copyright, and it was all a Godwin’s Law regime used to make the Irate Hack look like the only game reviewer on YouTube. Needless to say but Chris Bores hasn’t done a single interview since then showing UNN did a number on his ego.

Karma is a Bitch Irate Hack, and you got the bluntest edge.

Next Time: The second ROB video, an overview of “Chris and Scottie Road Trip” (oh goody), and Zack & Wiki. Brace yourselves for the lightning!


  1. Any chance of knowing where I can get the full show? The "leaked" bits starts with the interview and there's also the post-interview bits, but I'm actually interested in hearing the pre-interview bits. Seems like interesting fodder.


    The entire interview.

  3. "I feel bad for him."

    So do I actually. I'm starting to think he's ready to call it quits.

  4. where can I find JerichoSquinks rant about IG not being a hack?

  5. @Person
    Gone. He took them down. I'm not sure if anyone has reuploaded them.

  6. I think he said he was good at Zelda and Kirby not because they are easy (I would say they're average) but because they are well-known. I bet he barely even played these games. But the question was not really relevant in the first place anyway.

    Btw, I love your blog, you're almost helping him by making his videos enjoyable to watch!