Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A short one today, his Revenge of the Fallen review

Well it looks like there’s another shitty movie “review” from Chris Bores, and this one is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Oh boy this is going to be painful

Wait, didn’t he say in his GI Joe review that he couldn’t recover this since his Hard Drive crashed? Oh, it seems he found it. Wait what? How could he have found it? If he lost everything that means HE LOST EVERYTHING! Again Chris you’re such a fucking liar! *sighs* On with the analysis.

He starts the video saying “If I had a dime every time someone asked my thoughts for this movie, I’d have a lot of money.” HAHAHAHA Oh fuck what a dumbass! Again Bores pretends he has actual fans but tries to say that with a very cliché phrase. I guess one year in college can’t help with your writing skills huh?

“When this movie came out, it was getting nothing but positive reviews” *slams head against keyboard* Are you fucking kidding me? If anything the reception was overly-negative, it has a 19% at RottenTomatoes and everyone I talked to absolutely hated it!

IG starts ranting about the over-use of stupid jokes, yet he doesn’t say why these jokes are stupid other then “This is supposed to be a serious film.” You’re asking for drama from a movie about alien robots that can transform into vehicles… do I even have to comment?

He then calls the racist & annoying Skids & Mudflap “Hillbillies” are you stupid Chris? If anything they’re like racist caricatures of black men in a Minstrel Show, even being compared to Jar Jar Binks by standards of offensive. He then asks for more Autobot characters that will never appear because Michael Bay is a hack.

Bores starts noting the positives including the storyline (which doesn’t exist) and the special effects, hmmm you hate the stupid jokes but love the special effects? Sounds very familiar Chris, in fact it should be like home territory for you. He ends the review saying if you don’t know the characters then you can see it.

Wow, a negative movie review. It was still a piece of shit but at least he gave some reasons even if it was read like a 5th Grader’s Book Report.

These movie reviews a surefire sign that Chris Bores doesn’t listen to his fans (the ones that still exist) because they were all asking “Where’s the next History of Gaming” or “WE WANT REVIEWS!” and Chris gives all these poor excuses that nobody buys. Well it seems History of Gaming Part 2 IS coming out, and I really don’t see how it could take almost 4 months to make a review of the Odyssey, again Bores is a lazy fuck.

We’re cutting this one off very early today but next time is going to be a very controversial subject that’s difficult to talk about. The Irate Gamer’s Fanboys, ohhh this is going to hurt.


  1. He also said that on his hardrive was a Harry Potter 'review' aswell. When is that video going to be released?

  2. I don't know, he doesn't have a set schedule otherwise I'd have more material to make fun of.

    I think I can do his Harry Potter review "Cool characters, awesome effects, a good story (that I won't explain), all in all it's an enjoyable movie. Final Verdict: Awesome Flick!" There I just did an Irate Gamer movie review off the top of my head.

  3. Know it's late, but good to have y'back. Love this blog.

    Just found out an interesting tidbit. Retuspurae, a couple guys from SomethingAwful that do ripping commentary on videos (ala Mystery Science Theater 3000) actually got banned from Youtube for a while via Chris.

    They did a video on one of his Haunted Investigation films. Being the sensitive man Bores is, he got the video pulled from Youtube within mere hours after uploading. Pretty sad the man can't take critisism and parody, unlike the other more talented people can.

    Looking forward to the next entry!

  4. Actually retsupurae got suspended by false flagging from the fat pizza rolls kid and a fat furry talking about Pokemon, they already had a copyright strike from a Policenauts video.

    Chris Bores suspending them was just a rumor, however with his record and the timing of RP's suspension it wasn't surprising that he was a culprit.

    You can still find the video on their Viddler account.

  5. Huh?! Chris Bores emailed me and he said the review he lost was Kool Aid Man. He should really learn how to keep his story straight.

    Also, AVGN wanted to do a GI Joe review, but he said that the games weren't "Crappy enough".

    I thought for a while Chris was laying off the bullshit, but he's still keeping it up.