Wednesday, November 4, 2009

E3 2009, better late then never.

Ahh E3 2009, I remember it like it was yesterday. Nintendo almost setting us up for disappointment only to reveal a megaton Metroid title, Microsoft introducing Project Natal while I shouted “That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my life” and Sony revealing Final Fantasy XIV which is sadly another MMORPG.

But enough about what I thought, this year Chris Bores was invited by GottGame to attend the Expo. Since Bores is a pathological liar and continually tries to mask he’s not a gamer, he released a tedious series of E3 Preview videos. Bores however doesn’t know the difference between a review and preview so he titled each video as a review, even though none of the games are complete.

Starting off Bores videotaped Nintendo’s Conference, for some reason he called it a Private Conference even though G4 showed it live and the big sites like IGN and GameTrailers streamed it. A private conference would mean only a select few would see it, since an entire country could get access to it it’s not private.

0:05 – 0:55: The boredom immediately sets in as Bores talks about waiting for a bus and going into the conference. Who the hell is holding the camera?

0:58 – 1:06: Cammie Dunaway announces New Super Mario Bros. Wii as we get an awkward shot of Bores giving a thumbs-up… okaaaaaaaay.

1:07 – 1:43: A Nintendo Executive explains the new gameplay mechanics and after a while we get a shot of Bores for no reason. I don’t remember the NSMB tutorial being this boring, though I watched it live on G4 (the only reason to watch that channel).

1:45 – 2:40: The time listed is just more of the same that you can see in better quality at IGN or GT.

2:41 – 2:48: Bores chimes in that the conference is much longer and instead of boring us he’ll give a recap. At least he’s merciful here unlike his reviews.

2:50 – 3:05: He points out the announcement of Wii Motion Plus (even though WM+ was originally announced E3 2008) and continues to call the Wii Remote the “Wii Joystick.” Does Bores have any idea what a joystick is?

3:06 – 3:21: Bores points out Wii Sports Resort, he introduces it like it’s no big deal. He says he has coverage of the game even though the other videos don’t mention it.

3:22 – 3:41: He mentions WM+ works with Wii Sports Resort (which he just said) along with Wii Fit +. Then he lists off a bunch of sports games, and glosses over Red Steel 2 without a second thought (even though the original game was a Wii Launch Title and people had high expectations).

3:42 – 4:24: Here he talks about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (mispronouncing it no surprise), he says he played it and it’s like the other Kingdom Hearts games (oh please he’s never played Kingdom Hearts) then pads for time by showing the rest of the trailer.

4:25 – 4:54: Next he shows Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. He says he played it and it “feels strictly like an RPG.” Really, what gave you that hint God of Gaming? The fact that this is the third game in the series or even easier YOU GET STATS! Has he ever played a Mario RPG game before? Oh that’s right he’s not a gamer so no he has not.

4:55 – 5:01: Shows Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again and claims “I believe this is the third installment” which I’m pretty sure Reggie just said. PAY ATTENTION MAGGOT!

5:02 – 5:24: Glances over Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, then mentions he has exclusive footage of a brand new Zelda game. Even though Spirit Tracks was announced months beforehand and tons of real journalists have footage, so it’s not that exclusive is it Mr. Bores?

5:25 – 5:37: Glosses over the Wii FPS and Rail Shooter games.

5:38 – 7:40: Bores states they saved the best for last and shows the entire trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I mean the entire trailer.

7:42: “Now once the movie trailer ended…” Wait what?

He called Super Mario Galaxy 2 a movie. I … uh… wha… aw3kl;a45jl;13 12l;5j1kl5j3l;1k j1kl;5jkl;6jl;k *static*

7:46 – 9:44: Then he shows the entire Metroid: Other M trailer. This would be the only good thing about the video if I didn’t have the ability to find a different website with a higher quality trailer. But I do so this video just sucks.

The video ends with Bores clapping with a very ugly smile and saying “Freaking sweet.” I apologize for the lack of snark, this video was just so damn boring. But this is just the beginning, there are 7 more videos to go, tune in… right now.

Video 2 is a “review” of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, even though the game wasn’t out then and at the time of this writing isn’t out now.

Intro: Each of his E3 videos has an intro that sounds like Bores farted into a microphone and added a waa-waa machine.

0:05 – 0:39: IG points out his press pass and walks into the building. You can see the camera man in the reflection, looks like an unpayed Intern that wonders where his life went wrong. The rest is random footage of the show floor.

0:40 – 0:53: He starts his “review” of NSMB Wii saying “nobody expected this game.” Of course nobody expected it E3 is about surprises and new titles. He mentions the game looks great and is a lot of fun. Okay can you tell us why this game looks fun? No? Of course not.

0:54 – 1:05: Bores shows the “really cool” feature of having 4 players AT THE SAME TIME (making fun of his forced excitement here) and continues to call the Toads “Toadstools.” For the last time they’re not Toadstools, that was the Princess’ name in early localizations! The Toads were never called Toadstool, get it through your head!

1:06 – 1:17: He mentions one “drawlback” (English Motherfucker do you speak it?) is jumping off people’s heads messes you up getting you in trouble. How is that a problem since that’s a basic gameplay element? It’s like complaining about killing enemies to get health in Mario 2 it’s not a flaw.

1:41 – 1:54: He comments that fans of Mario will LOVE this game as they brought back Yoshi (who appeared in countless games since but who’s counting?) and The Koopalings (who appeared in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga) as he exclaims “VERY COOL!” Why is the inflection in his voice so… Gah.

1:55 – 2:06: After a weird smiling shot Bores tells us he tried to ask a developer for more info but he couldn’t get it. That’s because Nintendo likes to keep things secret you douche! We can’t even learn about Shigeru Miyamoto’s hobbies because it would give fan’s ideas for new games (many Nintendo games this decade have been based on Shiggy’s hobbies).

2:07 – 2:13: “If past Mario Wii games are any indication, there will definitely be hidden characters.” Wha *looks at previous Mario Wii games* Well you can unlock Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy if you get all 120 Stars. Mario Kart Wii has hidden characters but that’s been standard since Double Dash. SSBB isn’t really a Mario game. What the hell is he talking about?

He ends the video telling us to look for the game this fall and gives us a creepy smile. Boy what a needlessly pointless video, I’m sure glad a boring man-baby pointed out the obvious and shit I don’t care about.

The third video was a “review” of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Yes the game based off the horrible movie. From the reviews and footage I’ve seen, it looks like complete shit. Early Dreamcast graphics with broken Ikari Warriors controls. But hey Bores has no idea how a quality game works so let’s see him gush over it.

0:08 – 0:11: “Now it’s time to review G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” Son of a… there’s two things wrong in this sentence. It’s not a review since the game isn’t complete, and the title is “The Rise of Cobra” as in the creation of Cobra, the terrorist organization that the Joes have to stop every episode.

0:12 – 0:17: “Now this game is based off the movie that’s coming out” Thank you Captain Obvious.

0:25 – 0:31: “What’s really cool is that you can get a second player to help beat Cobra.” *gasp* a second player? What is this black magic? Next you’ll be telling us games will be played in the Third Dimension!

0:33: “The controls were very easy to learn and pick up” of course they’re easy you only press the fire button you dumbass!

0:38 – 1:04: Bores mentions he asked a developer about extra characters and learned there will be, he mentions some of them and does the same “Very Cool” he did in his NSMB Wii review. Still doesn’t matter because this game is a load of crap. He also mentions some characters that won’t be in the game. Again who cares?

1:05 – 1:11: “One cool thing you can do is actually climb into vehicles.” Oh be still my beating heart! Climbing into vehicles, I never thought I’d experience such a dream in a video game!

Yeah this is just another sign that Bores isn’t a gamer.

1:12 – 1:20: “One really cool thing is that you can play as the good guys or the bad guys” Ooooh how original, that’s never been done before. I still have 4 more videos after this.

1:21 – 1:36: Bores pads for time by showing the character roster. My guess is that they all play exactly the same, a lazy move that developers do to save time.

He ends the video saying “It’s shaping up to be decent” and expect it soon. Did the developer pay Bores to say all that positive bullshit? You couldn’t have thought this was good in the slightest.

After that trainwreck he gives us “exclusive new Zelda footage” or he “reviews” The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Like NSMB Wii it isn’t out yet so I have nothing to fall back on for Bores’ moronic statements.

0:12 – 0:25: Bores whines about the extremely long line and waiting “40 freakin’ minutes” to finally play. So when he’s not “in character” he can’t say fuck? There’s a shot at the end with Bores looking “Irate” while he holds the DS, if Phantom Hourglass is any indication the entire thing is touch-screen controls so YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

0:26 – 0:33: He points out the three modes while he circles them.

Third Rate Gamer: Hopefully if I circle these words as I read them, it will enhance the video because my fans don’t know how to read.

0:35 – 0:54: He chooses the Dungeon first and believes the entire game has you controlling a large knight with the touch-screen (as he explains it in boring detail). I have a feeling the knight is only there for certain areas like PUZZLES!

0:55 – 1:14: “Durrr dis game has puzzles, like dis one dis one and more. They were challenging but fUn factor still der.”

1:15 – 1:22: He glances over the boss battle because “it’s easy to understand.” Chris this game isn’t out yet, don’t review it like everyone knows what you’re talking about.

1:23 – 1:41: “This is da train mode, it’s very easy to understand but I’ll explain it anyway.”

1:42 – 1:55: Bores tried asking a representative when the train stages appear and responded “I don’t know.” So he assumes that trains are used to travel from one place to another.

Uggggggggggggggh oh god my brain is coming out of my ass aw43523q;l 4j125l4k;j34 5k2536’ *static*

He finally ends it noting that it’s very different but enjoyable, how unrelentlessly stupid and painful. I hope people kicked his ass at E3.

This next video I don’t understand. He originally uploaded it without any problems but took it down an hour later. He then put it back up split into two parts, why? According to the description YouTube forced him… wait what? IG is a YouTube Partner he can go over the 11 minute limit, and the whole thing is only 4 minutes long. I guess it’s to get more ad revenue, which is why he splits his movie lists in two.

The first part is about Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming MMORPG that will try to wash the taste of Star Wars Galaxies out. I’m not an MMO fan but I’m sure I know more about them then Bores.

0:07 – 0:13: “One game that caught everyone by surprise was LucasArts’ newest offering, Star Wars: The Old Republic.” Except the game was announced in 2008 not at E3 2009, and Bioware is developing the game not LucasArts.

0:14 – 1:05: He then shows some of the trailer, yeah the real thing is longer then the listed time but it’s still a lot of padding here.

1:06 – 1:12: Bores comment he was invited for a sneak preview, and was impressed with what he “sawl.” Notice how the title says it’s a review yet he hasn’t mentioned playing it.

1:13 – 1:25: Explaining the story (the same timeline as KOTOR which he doesn’t mention) and some redundancy “This game looks fascinating and everything I’ve seen so far looks pretty darn cool.”

1:26 – 1:33: “I totally got pictures with some real Jedi and a real Clone Trooper” Yeah those totally aren’t LucasArts employees paid to dress up and promote the game.

1:33: Okay, even though he didn’t mention it in the title he’s going to “review” Lego Indiana Jones 2. Though the picture of the video should have been a clue, but he didn’t even leave tags about it.

1:39 – 1:43: “I wasn’t able to get footage because it was prohibited.” Oh boo-freakity-hoo it looks the same as the first one.

Blah blah blah “The levels will be completely different from the first game” because that never happens in a sequel… *puts gun in mouth*

1:57: Now he’s talking about Activision and their line of rhythm shit. Again this wasn’t mentioned in the title or tags, and I didn’t get a clue like Indiana Jones.

Okay I’m going to take a quick moment here and point out how much he says “and from what I sawl” that’s not how sentence transitions work you inbred 5th grade dropout.

Anywho, at the end of the first part he started talking about Beatles: Rock Band and he awkwardly cuts the video. So, on to the unnecessary second part.

After calling himself a big fan we’re treated to a horrible performance of I Saw Her Standing There ending with Bores doing an embarrassing impression of John Lennon. Yeah this is the entire second part.

*sighs* There’s just one video left and he saved the dumbest for last (probably). IG “reviews” Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up, one is a decent licensed game and the other is a bland Smash Bros clone (yes I know some of the team worked on Brawl but it’s still a bland game).

0:25 – 0:45: Bores notes the controls take getting used to (like every other video game out there) but he caught Slimer for the first time! Notice how the representative is cheering him on, kind of sounds like a parent cheering on their short & scrawny kid in a basketball game.

The way he said “I caught Slimer for the first time” goes back to my point about him always wanting to be a Ghostbuster. Seeing how he still does Haunted Investigators I guess reality should catch up sooner or later.

0:46: “Outside there was a cool replica of the Ghostbusters car.” Uhhh that was the real Ecto-1 not a replica, in fact James Rolfe took a picture of the same car even saying “The original Ecto-1” in his post.

Disclaimer: This is not another accusation of plagiarism, I used the example posted at Cinemassacre to prove that Bores was once again wrong.

0:54 – 1:26: Bores “reviews” TMNT: Smash-Up, and by review he says a few words and does a pointless montage.

1:27 – 1:49: IG mentions the celebrities that attended as you see him jizz his pants over Stan Lee being there. Only he didn’t walk up to him he just pointed at him from a distance and went nuts.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2007 I went to a restaurant and I saw Stan Lee at a distance, I didn’t go crazy I just saw him and said “Oh hey Stan Lee is eating here, awesome.” You know why I didn’t go crazy? Because celebrities are always going to be at big events like E3 or Comic-Con, that’s how it works!

So the video ends with Bores doing a montage of various games he played while his “Neo” theme song plays, and finally leaving the convention that never wanted him stating “That was one for the record books.” GOOD GOD THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

What I want to know is how many people confronted him about his bullshit? Did SWAG scare them off? Someone had to see him and call him out. God damn it all!

There are some interviews that Bores conducted with random developers at GottGame but I’m done with this, E3 has been over for months and I’ll just wait for Bores’ next failure to pop up.

Stay Brutal My Readers.


  1. Thanks, I predict that Chris will make his next video a Christmas special, in January.

  2. Ahehehehehem.

    They WENT to E3.
    They BOTH WENT to E3.

    Wouldn't it be nice if they actually met face-to-face? What do you think could happen?

    I'm hopin' to god that it finally settles the issue in hand.

  3. @fattoler
    So what poor excuse of a special will it be this year? Will he do another poorly-made Top 5 list and still get his info wrong? Will he find some Christmas-related Breakfast Cereal and bitch about it?
    With the limited imagination of Chris Bores the mediocre possibilities are unknown!

  4. I didn't watch most of these the first time around because I figured I had seen actual E3 coverage so there was no point to waste my time with these. But I'm glad I watched them to follow your posts because there were a few nuggets of gold.

    One was a killer Bores pronunciation on the Nintendo video where he refers to The Conduit as the "Condo It." Brutla.

    Then in the Zelda Spirit Tracks review, first he talks about "cowls" on the tracks (I think he means cows) before talking about how he asked a Nintendo rep about when the train would appear in the game "and he said he really didn't know." Bores talks about this like he's some kid leaving a movie theatre and asking the kid who sells the tickets at the front counter what happened to his favourite character after the credits rolled.

    I did really enjoy the Beatles Rock Band video though. It's like some cruel parallel universe version of the Ed Sullivan Show appearance where instead of the Beatles you get Chris Bores and three dudes. The three guys are just trying to play a game while Bores has flashes where he sincerely thinks he's some rock star.

    Oh, also a thought -- Bores steals John Lennon's shtick the way he steals James Rolfe's shtick. Probably nothing to that.

    I want another Aladdin video, damn it!

  5. @ Batdan

    IN E3!
    THAT COULD'VE ENDED IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHY IGNORE THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. I saw him working out back in OHIO burger king. Or at least it was some guy who looked like him.

  7. Thanks for this BatDan. I never had the balls to watch this vids, because they're so boring!

  8. @BatDan

    Well using my phycic powers it will probaly be either a top 5 list of the best Christmas movies, because he likes to go five steps below. Or it would be his review of Pong and it will feature santa or some other stupid character to act as filler for a review for the most basic game ever.

    Also knowing his ego he would probaly call it a IRATE Christmas or even just make a stupid joke about how his name is CHRISmas Bores.

    Remember! Future events such as these will effect us in the future!

  9. @Anon 1/2:
    I'm aware of that, but if Chris Bores is going to continue lying then it's not going to end.
    At this point it's much more fun to make fun of him then get angry.

    @Justin Holmes:
    "Condo It" oh wow. I still can't believe he thought the GI Joe game would be good, he had to get paid by the developers.
    Climbing into vehicles? Choosing sides? Yeah these haven't been done 100 times before.

    @Anon 3:
    I guess he was fired from the Hardware Store and could only get Burger King.
    He claimed a while back he does video editing for companies. Huh, that sounds like James Rolfe's career before he made Cinemassacre a full-time gig.

    Nah CHRISmas Bores would be too clever, in fact AkewsticRockR titled the second Bores N Doors video "Merry Chris-mas Mr. Bores!"

    The Nostalgia Critic is already doing the "Next Best Christmas Specials" as in 11 other specials that didn't make the cut the first time.
    I doubt it's Pong since Bores claims he wants to do a few regular reviews before he continues "History of Video Games."

    I love Plan 9 from Outer Space, I can't believe it's getting a remake. It just looks like 28 Days Later now.

  10. @BatDan

    Hmmm... I didn't know that Chris said that, well in that case it will probably be a rip-off of AVGN's Bible Games (after all he did show off Bible Adventures in his Retro Mini review) or a stupid 2009 recap thank-you to all his ten year old fans.

  11. I believe he said that in the description to the Light Rifle video.
    Seeing how long it takes for him to do reviews, I made a joke saying we'll see it June 2011.

    I think he used Bible Adventures as a "joke" saying the Retro Mini is so good it can play games sent from heaven.
    However that joke failed for many reasons, the biggest is that Bible Adventures is A HORRIBLE GAME!

    By the way, remember the AVGN's Virtual Boy review where he said "You wouldn't want to play this in public, you'd look like an asshole."
    The same applies to the Retro Mini, would you want to be seen holding a Gizmondo-lookalike with a big gray cart sticking out?

  12. Do any of you guys remember what the AVGN said about the Irate Lamer in a conference?

  13. @ Batdan again

    Okay. Let me put this in the calmest way I can. James Rolfe and Chris Bores both went to E3. Yeah, they didn't really meet there at that time, but WHAT IF they did? WHAT IF someone knew of this ahead of time and decided, "Hmmm. I always wondered what'll happen if this fine man with a nack at nostalgia and that fat guy who was often accused of stealing this man's material?" and planned to make the proper arrangements so that James and Chris DO run into each other, everybody around them gets excited, and... Well, who knows? But chances are James might've put it on his blog on, saying "Okay, I ran into the Irate Gamer, and here is my opinion of him and such-n-such." and all that jazz, including a message to both the AVGN fanboys and the Irate fanboys. Probably a big "FUCK YOU" to them. Then Chris Bores... Yeah, he may just lie about it, but his lie would've been blown out of the water by Jame's Blog entry on him. James is a really honest guy, especially in his Nerd reviews, and I trust him. You guys trust James Rolfe, right?

  14. I hope the GAME DUDE goes to E3 next year

  15. Speaking of AVGN and Irate Gamer meeting, remember that letter Chris wrote to James apologizing for ripping him off 'by accident' he mentioned trying to do a joint review in the future...

    Now that would blow hard, it would probably go something like this:

    James: Hi, now today we doing something a little different, here is Chris Bores who says he has a peice of shit game to review, so Chris, what did you bring?

    Chris: The game I brought is Ducktales, I mean what the fuck id a ducktale? if you break it down, we simply get more questions than awnsers!

    James: ...Er yeah so...

    Chris: Now believe it or not, Ducktales was also a popular Saturday morning cartoon show in the 80s, and some jackass at nintendo thought it would be a good idea to make a game based on it a few years later, and this is the result.

    James: Right... So how is this a bad game?

    Chris: Well lets pop this shitload of shit in, and find out!

    (Title Screen)

    James: Right so this is...


    (Chris makes constipated face and goes to the door, it's Ronnie)

    Ronnie: Oh-goodness-me-thankyou-for-inviting-me-Mr-Bores-I-am-really-looking-forward-to-playing-with-you!!!

    Chris: Er, sorry it's a one player game.

    Ronnie: Oh-fuck-you-man.


    (Slams door and sits back on couch)

    James: What the Fuck was that shit?

    Chris: Who cares?! I can't be wasing time on pointless bullshit! When I get a game I just want to play it!

    James: Yeah, sure, anyway Ducktales was one of my favourite games from my childhood and one really cool feature was that you could use the cane as a pogo stick to attack enemy

    (Close up of Scrooge McDuck killing a enemy)

    James: Just awesome...

    Chris: Now the story of this game is that you play as professor Duck on his quest to kill nazis. But for some reason you use this pogo stick which makes you jump around like a Mexican jumping bean, jump from the wrong place and you go falling to your death.

    (He proceeds to do so)

    Chris: WHAT DA FUCK?!

    (Close up of Hewie)

    Chris: Who the fuck is this? Remember him from Ducktales? I sure don't.

    James: Actually his name is Hewie and he is Uncle Scrooge's nephew...

    Chris: Oh, so he is some obscure character from the 5th season, then why the fuck put into a game? It don't make no sense at all! A Ducktales game should have Professor Duck and no one else dammit!

    James: ugh, shall we move on Chris?

    Chris: Yeah, the graphics suck ass, compared to the cartoon they look like shit! Cool intro, GONE, Voice acting, GONE, (Picture of Glomgold) Magica De Spell? GONE, oh come on that was the best feature, damn she was hot.

    (James facepalms)

    (Review Continues in this manner for 3 minutes before James decides to beat the Irate Gamer up until the stupid falls out.)

    BTW I copyright that comment in case I do a Irate Gamer parody in the future.

  16. HahahahAHAh that last post was just awesome, with Chris always interrupting the review and padding the time with pointless bullshit

  17. Hahaha that's even funnier when you remember that James did a special AVGN Video Game Vault for ScrewAttack and he reviewed DuckTales.

    Chris: You go around stealing people's treasure? What kind of sick fuck is this duck guy? They should call 911 because they were ROBbed *holds up ROB*.

  18. @ Batdan


    The Angry Video Game Nerd in:
    featuring the IRATE Lamer

    James: Classic.
    Chris: What an assburger with a shit taco on some diarrhea dick waffles! Where are the graphics?! This game is so hard! What a piece of Cowabunga-shiyaaaaat!
    James: There, I win :)
    James: and that's the review.


  19. So, Chris updated his "fan art" section, which mainly consists of poor drawings and horrible photoshop pictures. But then I noticed two particular that raise the question why...Both of them included Godzilla, one of them was an image of Chris just PSd onto the game screen or smth like that, other one was a movie poster that stated - King of the montsers vs THE THE KING OF THE GAME REVIEWS. That got me sick, I mean what in the world makes him the king of the game reviews (and apparently he needs to articles), but what's more important - IN WHICH WAY IS HE ASSOCIATED WITH GODZILLA?!?! Has he ever stated that he likes the movies? No. But someone else has. The same thing was and is with the Ghostbusters thing. Dressing up as one, taking a picture with Ecto-1, "reviewing" the E3 demo...I mean, its like he wants to be James so much that he also believes he shares the same emotional link with those movies and games as him.
    Now I know that this is pretty farfetched and that he doesn't control his "fans" and their "fanart" (I think), but god damn, still...just wanted to get this out of my system.
    And another thing about fans. IG fans state that Chris is better to his fans, because he takes time to answer some of the comments on Youtube, but does he share facts of his life on his web page? Holiday photos? Favorite movies? Childhood videos? NO! We know so much of James without even asking, but about Chris? Even his fans don't know shit about him.

  20. I went to check out the new fanart, it was horrible.

    Most if it is bad photoshops or drawings done by a nine year old. I noticed one of them was credited to Eric Allen, AKA The Wise Sage.

    There's no such thing as a King of Video Game Reviewers, he probably made that picture because most of the pictures don't have credited artists.

    IG's fans are out of their minds. So what if Chris responds to SOME comments (usually the first ones that are positive) James often updates his site with info about the places he's been and has a page about his Video Game Collection. He makes more videos thanking the fans, and if the game he's reviewing was donated he'll give thanks.

    Bores can barely do a Q&A, remember the UNN Interview where it took him 2 minutes to answer "Worst Game You Played?" Look for any Q&A Panel James Rolfe was a part of, he'll get answers out quickly. Ask him the worst game? Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde every time.

  21. @ RemoveCarefully

    If Irate Lamer were a monster in a Godzilla movie, he'd be that annoying bully monster that picks on Godzilla's son in "Godzilla's Revenge", that piece of crap movie which is nothing but stock footage.

    @ Batdan

    Wait... The Sage weirdo made a picture for his fuhrer(joking!!!)? Aw, that's so... Uuuuugh.

    And you really want proof he doesn't care about his fans? HIS SSBB REVIEW!!!

    All that review was was kissing the game's ass, enticing millions of views from those stupid SSBB fanboys who think that Brawl is teh best game ever, continuing the vicious cycle in which said fanboys insult everyone who either hates SSBB, likes SSBB but feels that it needed improvement, or people who don't have SSBB at all. Okay, that went out of the subject, but my point is that he didn't do it for the fans, but he did it to get millions of views. That's underhanded.

  22. Oh...

    The fan art is horrible!

    My favorite one. Why? It doesn't look like fan art. Looks more like "hate art" (if such a term exists.)
    It's bores, dying, with a retarded look on his face, made with paint and no effort at all. Seriously it looks like the "artist" really hates him. Only bores would think of this as fan art.

  23. @Rafa
    Holy shit that's hilarious.
    What kind of fan would draw Chris Bores dying? I guess someone submitted it as a joke and Bores put it up because he'll take any form of art.

    If you look at any of the AVGN's fan art pages at Cinemassacre or ScrewAttack, you'll find a lot of hand-drawn and well-made pieces. Most of the stuff involving IG is bad photoshops or MS Paint.

  24. I'm guessing what he means by they brought back Yoshi,and the Koopa Kids is that fans of past meaning old school, can't you jump to a
    conclusion by inferring from what he said. And he doesn't need to tell why it's cool NSMB Wii is destined to PWN.