Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And Now: Videos I Skipped Over

Bores refuses to give a real reason to his severe schedule slip so we’re stuck waiting for his next “masterpiece” and for parody-makers like Irritated Gamer and Third Rate Gamer to get more material.
So to pass the time, I’m going to rant over the videos I skipped because I didn’t feel like watching them. These include non-IG videos, his “blooper” reels, and anything else that he chose to upload on his account.
Again I will NOT be covering Haunted Investigators, those are just painfully boring to sit through.

The first video I skipped was his review of The Sopranos series finale or as he titles it “the SOPRANOS: Final Last Episode Review (we got whacked)”. This was the fourth video he uploaded to his account after The Goonies II.

The video starts with Bores on camera telling people to calm down over the ending and a title card that says “Irate Gamer on: Season Finales”. Question, why are you in character if you’re not talking about video games? He did the same thing in his Aladdin update video he started off saying “Hi guys, Irate Gamer here.” By the way a “season finale” is when the show ends their seasonal run and will come back next year, a “series finale” means the show is over for good. Unless you’re in Europe then everything is messed up over there.

He goes on that if you have a hit show you’ll get a lot of fans and the last episode better be good. Then starts listing off memorable finales mentioning Arrested Development (YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF THAT SHOW!)
Then talks about the Seinfeld finale and how it’s not as bad as people thought (yes it is). He also talks about Sliders (NOT WORTHY OF THAT SHOW) as an example of a show that suffers seasonal rot.

Bores goes over The Sopranos “multiple plot-lines comparing them to “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and how everything was resolved. Next Generation was better dumbass.
He claims that the series needed closure to see if the characters moved on or some crap like that, following that with “This is the most important thing I’ll ever say in my life” and blacking-out, making fun of the finale he was complaining about. That joke was never funny, even when Spoony did it in his Dirty Harry review I didn’t laugh.

This video felt like “Hey guys I’m cool right? I watch all these TV shows and everything!” A finale doesn’t need to resolve every plot line, sometimes it’s nice to leave things open-ended and up for debate. That’s one thing I didn’t like about Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, they tried to fill every plothole in the last minute leaving us with a semi-rushed ending.

The second video I skipped was a commercial for his DVD.

The first line of the video was “You asked for it, you got it!” Who asked for it? Is your ego that inflated that you think people wanted this? He also calls it a “hit popular show”, so yes his ego is that bad. NEXT VIDEO!

A preview for his second Contra episode.
It’s just a bland trailer showing that he’ll review Super C and Contra Force with his fake deaths, that bad NES-hand photoshop, and using his Game Genie. NEXT VIDEO!

Outtakes from his Contra episodes, or as he titles it “Contra Trilogy of Outtakes”. What does that mean?
The entire video is just Bores stumbling over lines. It’s so exciting! Sometimes he’ll stop in the middle of a sentence, sometimes he’ll fumble a word, and if we’re lucky he would just laugh. Let these set the tone for future outtakes.
By the way, any scene with the Wise Sage is covered in green screen. He took a picture of his wall, and put it in chromakey just so he could rip off Star Wars.

The preview for his Predator episode.
The first title card says “Only 2 more episodes left of Season 1” and this confuses me. When he listed his episodes by season at his site (now he does it by year) he said Q*bert was the end of Season 1 and Predator began Season 2. If Predator was meant as the second-to-last episode then why is the ROB episode part of Season 2? What were you planning Bores? Do I even care?
Oh and he uses that “epic” music from the end of his Goonies II review. NEXT VIDEO!

After the Predator review, he released an update to his Top 10 Summer Movies of 2008 list.
He mentions Dragonball getting delayed but still hopes the movie will be good. Really what was he expecting from this shit? He also explains that he didn’t include Star Trek or Harry Potter because they weren’t summer movies (even though they both came out Summer 2009 not Fall/Winter 2008) and anticipates the GI Joe movie (ugh).
He keeps mispronouncing pictures, he doesn’t pronounce the c making it sound like “Pitchers”. NEXT VIDEO!

Preview for his ROB episode.
“Two months in the making” Did most of that time involve buying posters and consoles off eBay? Along with finding the right shirt to completely copy the AVGN? And studying Awesome Video Games’ ROB videos so you can steal from them as well?
“Over 11 Hours of Footage Recorded” So if he recorded 11 hours, then why did it take two months? If you’ve seen the review he doesn’t use a lot of effects, in fact the first video doesn’t have any effects.
“This will be a review to Remember!” Why is remember capitalized?
Then a montage of footage… NEXT VIDEO!

Preview for ROB Part 2.
I love how he uses trailer music that sounds like The Dark Knight’s trailers. Isn’t that cute he thinks he’s epic.

Oh fu-, Chris & Scottie Road Trip 2 BLOOPERS. Kill me.
It’s the same shit of fumbling over lines. Though some of the laughing scenes are convincing bloopers, even though they aren’t funny. By the way, they were barefoot the entire time. Just an interesting thing to point out.
One of the comments on this video says “Did James Rolfe make roadtrip videos? No! This proves that Bores never copied him.” People are stupid.

Preview for ET episode.
Apparently his excuse for taking so long was saying “I’m reviewing ET, of course it will take a long time.” Even though ET is an Atari 2600 game and they don’t require days to complete. Hell ET is one of the few games that you can beat instead of just getting a high score.
He also calls it a double-sized episode. Is that Rice Krispanese for “I’m splitting it into two parts”?

Preview for Home Improvement episode.
What’s with the overly-dramatic Carmina Burana music? You’re reviewing Home Improvement it doesn’t require all that. Again adding “epic music” to your videos and trailers will not make them exciting.
The preview ends and the video continues to run, adding some text at the end asking people why they’re still watching, tells us it will come when it’s ready, and that he has a life (HAHAHA). He tries to joke about that saying he’s going to play with his GI Joe figures… and you ruined it.

Now Bloopers for Home Improvement, hoo boy. Luckily this is only a minute long.
Same bullshit of stumbling lines and pausing for no reason. But the last one wasn’t a blooper, it was Bores dancing with Tony. Why? What purpose did that serve? *sighs* NEXT VIDEO!

A preview for upcoming videos in October.
He said he’ll post the Halloween Special at the end of the month, which is odd since the Monster Party review came out November 8th. Doesn’t sound like October. He tells people to watch SWAG’s Robocop review and for no reason does the “SEGA” shout from the commercials. Pointless pointless pointless. NEXT VIDEO!

A commercial advertising his show is only on YouTube.
Is this supposed to be a parody of something? “Gaming Tip #64, Galaga Aliens are not to be underestimated” and he follows that with clips from Contra Part 2 with Galaga ships trying to attack him.
Strange how he claims the show is only on YouTube even though he makes videos for GottGame. Unless he’s deluded enough to think the Neo show is something completely different. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Preview for Monster Party episode.
Claims this was two months in the making (makes sense this time since he decided to play a bunch of pointless characters) and “You Won’t Believe What Happens”. Oh let me guess, boring sketches with a review in there that bitches about minor details. Did I win?

Bloopers for Monster Party episode. Only 41 seconds this time.
Same pointless shit. NEXT VIDEO!

A video about the announcement of a Green Lantern movie.
He gushes about being a HUGE Green Lantern fan, mispronounces Sinestro’s name (really, you’re a huge fan?) and that they’ll save him for the second or third movie. How do you even know they’ll make a second or third? Maybe the first movie will suck ass. Then goes on about Superman Returns being terrible. NEXT VIDEO!

Preview for Aladdin episode.
His ego has reached Seto Kaiba proportions! He titled this as a “Movie Trailer” and included the MPAA’s “This preview has been approved for all audiences” image. Oh and nice job photoshopping your site’s name in the image, it’s not like the MPAA doesn’t own that OH WAIT THEY DO!
He actually includes segments of the “I Wish I May, I Wish I Might” poem. Wow.
Then tries to make it look “epic” with trailer music and flashy images. *sighs* NEXT VIDEO!

Bloopers for Aladdin episode.
Same pointless bullshit. Though some shots of the Sage have the boom-mic peeking out. Of course it was covered in green-screen because that’s how all video game reviews should be done *takes out pistol and places in mouth* NO! I can do this.

Preview for Sonic Unleashed episode.
He calls it the newest Sonic game yet at the time of the video’s release Sonic and The Black Knight was out so you FAIL!
“Time to open up a hedgehog sized can of worms”. Not only is this unfunny, but real hedgehogs ARE the size of a can. Nice research asshole.
He then tells us to watch it at GottGame. Hmm, posting a trailer for a video that can only been seen on another site. Where have I heard this before?

Preview for History of Video Games Part 1.
“IG has reviewed the worst” *shows ET* “IG has reviewed the best” *shows Tetris* “IG has even reviewed the R.O.B.” *shows ROB* Wait, he admits he reviews good games? I… uh… *sighs*. Of course the example he used was Tetris, a game that everyone loves. He still can’t tell the difference between a good or bad game. By the way what was with “reviewed the ROB” that had no point.
I think he’s trying to emulate Awesome Video Games and Pat the NES Punk by making ROB a character, however he completely screws that up by using him for puns and hitting him for no reason.
“But now, it’s time to Start at the beginning…” Why is start capitalized? NEXT VIDEO!

Preview for Resident Evil 5 episode.
“In 2007, a Zombie broke into Irate Gamers room”. You referred to this Big Lipped Alligator Moment just for this trailer. What is wrong with you?
And where’s the apostrophe in Gamer?
I like how he included the controller shot from his video. Watch me fail in both the trailer and the review.
I noticed he doesn’t make trailers for his Neo reviews anymore, he just posts the previous video with a vague announcement that the next one is at GottGame.

Last video, his review of Star Trek 2009.
Bores gushes that the movie was good and hopes they make more Star Trek movies. You do know there are 10 other movies out there right? He says he never liked the original series but says the characters here are great.
“There’s a lot of action and subtle moments that hardcore fans will notice.” Like what? You said you weren’t a fan yet you know about these moments? Mixing the messages again Chris.

He compares the movie to Star Wars which shouldn’t happen because the two series are nothing alike. Trekkies have enough problems then to get in feuds with Star Wars fans.
Then he talks about the comic prequel or something I lost interest at this point.
He ends the review saying that it’s an awesome flick.

THERE! That’s all the videos I skipped over. This should hold you over until Bores next “magnum opus of failure.”


  1. After doing some calculations I worked out that if he spends 70 hours making a review Chris Bores could make 4 reviews a month or 48 reviews a year maximum, and I even took into account sleeping working and weekends. What a lazy dick.

  2. And let's take into account other reviewers.

    James Rolfe says that an AVGN episode takes a long time depending on the content. For a simple game review it can be 20-30 hours, for a big production (Super Mario Bros. 3, Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle) it can take upwards to 100 hours.
    And he's still able to get the videos out, along with movie reviews for Spike, the Monster Madness marathons, and stuff he does for fun.

    How about Doug Walker? He gets a new Nostalgia Critic review out every week. I'm not sure how long it takes to make one but I'm sure a lot goes into it. Plus he has the occasional Bum Review, Ask That Guy, and random Sketches and Songs.

    So there's no excuse.

  3. Well let's be fair. Despite the amount of BS that comes out of Bores's mouth, there's no way in hell he can make a living off of Youtube Partner revenue. Not sure how much it pays, but considering how lazy he is with video releases (Reluctance perhaps?) it's probably not much. I could be wrong of course.

    Doug Walker makes a living off his videos. He actually quit his job as an illustrator to bring us the Nostalgia Critic (and others) on a weekly basis. I'm not sure if James is in the same position but it seems more then likely his work provides alot of compensation due to his affiliations.

    No doubt about it, Bores MUST have a job of some sorts to keep himself afloat, and that does take some time out of a 24 hour schedule. Still it doesn't excuse his constant lying about release dates. If you announce a release, do your best to follow up to it in the timeframe you designated.

    But this is merely guessing on my part. For all we know, he can be living with mommy and daddy and is simply just a lazy twit.

  4. @Kama:
    James does make a living from his videos. GameTrailers pays him for AVGN, Spike pays him for movie reviews, anything he puts on Blip provides revenue, and all the ad revenue from people that visit Cinemassacre.

    From what I've heard, you can't make a living off YouTube Partner revenue. That's why people like Phillip DeFranco and that retarded teen that plays Fred whore themselves out. That's why Shane D-Bag Dawson has two YouTube accounts and makes money off both.

    Chris tries to earn money from his DVD and T-Shirts, but do you know anyone that bought one of those? I know a bunch of his haters bought the DVD to either laugh or destroy it.

    Which makes me wonder where he got the money for all those old systems and games? Unless he has rich parents that he constantly mooches off of. I don't know.

    Lying about the release dates though, that's a major problem.
    Like when he said History of Video Games 2B would be out one week after Part 2. Except it appeared two weeks later.
    Or recently when he said the next episode is November. Yes he said the date is subject to change but just pull a 3D Realms and say "When It's Done"

  5. @Karma

    Well I DID deduct 8 hours for 'work' each day leaving Chris with 8 hours of free time on Weekdays and 16 hours on weekends (I presume he also sleeps for 8 hours or 10 even) either way he DOES have the time to make a video review at least once per month.

  6. I guess this'll have to tide me over. Lazy bastard needs to make something already.

  7. Bores' claim that it takes two months to make a video is pure bullshit. I can bang out a script for a seven minute video, get the footage, record the dialogue via wavepad and put it all together via Windows Movie Maker in two to three days or around a week if I'm going slow.

    So why pray tell does it take Bores two months when all he does differently is record himself and add some crappy special effects? It can't be because he needs to do research or "polish" his videos. He just says it takes two months to make himself look more important than he really is.

    And I truly hope that fat fucking gasbag doesn't make a shitload of money off Youtube when there were/are far superior talents there who are languishing only because they aren't advertised well enough.

    In a way, Bores reminds me of Christopher Paolini and Eragon. That little shit stole plots, characters and ideas from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Anne McCaffrey's Pern series and other films/novels, changed a few names, recast it as his own and made off with a mint just because his parents owned the publishing company. Unfortunately, like Bores, the lesson here is that plagiarism works so long as you have enough dupes to follow you. I only wish that so-called fans of the Irate Gamer(and Eragon) would wake up and realize that they're getting stolen, second-rate material in both cases.

  8. @ineptgamer:
    I was just reading the Agony Booth's Eragon recap before I saw your comment. Haha now that's funny.

    To really put the "delays" into perspective. Bores released his Aladdin review February 14th, claiming it took two months to make.

    FFL2and3rocks started work on his TRG parody (Rocket Knight Adventures) about 2 days after the Aladdin review, FFL released the video February 23rd.

    What I'm saying is, Bores is a lazy fuck trying to hide his procrastination by saying his videos took 70-80 hours. Even the guys at UNN saw through that and they barely know him.

  9. You know what the worst thing is? Is that Chris' next ode to fail will not just pop up out of nowhere one morning like it does with the AVGN, instead he will announce on his website, then 3 days later he will post an shitty trailer and finally after 2 weeks of hard-drive chases and hurricanes in ohio delaying production later he will release it (in two parts).

  10. “the SOPRANOS: Final Last Episode Review" is the perfect example of how fucking horribly Bores writes. He writes things like his first language was Japanese or something (no offense to any Japanese people out there).

  11. That above post was me vnisanian2001. Sorry, I forgot to mention my name.

  12. @fattoler:
    Actually AVGN episodes come out every 2-3 weeks. The only major delay of recent memory was back in February and that was about contract negotiation with GT. So James does have a consistent schedule with that.

    Bores on the other hand. He'll announce he's doing a review, then he'll announce what the game is, then he'll release the shitty trailer, and then the video. All of this happens over the course of 1-2 months.

    His writing reminds me of the English subtitles in a bad bootleg DVD. Translated by some Chinese guys that know the very basics of English, but not enough to speak it fluently.

    Bores was born and raised in the United States, a country where the predominate language is English.
    The only explanation I have to his poor reading comprehension? He's retarded, and I don't mean in a joking way I think he's legally retarded.

  13. @BatDan

    I know he does his review on a regular schedule but what I mean b the fact that they come from nowhere is by the fact that there is no build-up to them at all, which makes a new AVGN episode a nice surprise.

  14. Oh yes. He rarely builds up what the next AVGN episode will be.
    The only times I think he's done that was for Battletoads and Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle.
    The 2-4 part episodes don't count.

    Sometimes he would mention the next review in his Filmography page or the AVGN's 2009 videos page but that's rare.

    Of course you have Linkara and The Nostalgia Critic whom release schedules of their upcoming reviews, but their work is damn good so they can do that.

  15. @ Batdan


    Okay, okay, I'll quit.
    So... I heard that Battletoads is a good game... but is the 2-player mode that bad? I can understand being a bit frustrated with the competetive and cooperative rules applied at the same time, but New Super Mario Bros Wii has that too, and that game's pretty good too.

  16. YTwatchdog is fun. Unlike Foamy his high-pitched voice tells the truth, and unlike Fred he's entertaining.

    The difference between Battletoads and NSMB Wii is that Battletoads Single Player is damn hard.

    Battletoads has 12 levels, and each one is completely different. Level 3 is the very definition of "NES Scars".
    If you can get past that, then there's an insane amount of obstacles and other vehicle stages that will kill you in one hit.

    Add the fact that you can kill your partner and you've got an impossible game.
    Literally, if you can reach Level 11 the game glitches and you can't beat it.

    I haven't played NSMB Wii yet, but I've heard it has some degree of challenge unlike the DS version.
    NSMB Wii also has Super Guide, meaning if you struggle with a level you can let the computer beat it for you.

    Hopefully that cleared some things up.

  17. Man, I wish that fat asshole would release a video already. BatDan, just an idea, but maybe to pass the time could you do a post about good Irate Gamer parodies, maybe an interview with Third Rate Gamer or Irritated Gamer, or something? I'm not sure if everyone here already knows how funny these guys are yet anyway.

  18. I was just wondering could someone tell me why does the evil CB have hair in the later episodes, when he clearly started out as an exact clone in the beginning?

  19. @RemoveCarefully

    It's because Chris' views are too stupid to tell the difference so he decided to give the character hair in order to differentiate the evil gamer from the Irate gamer

  20. A funny thing I remember, I have been following the game review hype quite a while. I already know about the Irate gamer since his first review and when he had his website running and his Myspace on, he still didn't have Jennifer then. More creepy was the status "swinger" bbbrrrrrr can you imagine him playing cool at a swingers party?

    I also find it damn funny that his English is even worse then mine and it's not even my native language.

  21. @ Batdan

    What are your thoughts on the AVGN's Castlevania videos and how they compare to Irate lamer's horrible Contra videos?

  22. How about you look at y2b2006 on youtube since it has chris bores in it

  23. @Anon (December 5th 10:33 AM)
    *shudders* I can't imagine him scoring. With his frog-face and awkward voice I'm surprised he got Jennifer.

    @Anon (December 5th 9:38 PM)
    I thought it was a respectable tribute. Sure his opinion on SotN was a little biased but he never grew up with the game.
    Still he gave Castlevania a lot more respect then The Bores gave to Contra.

    I tried writing a rant about y2b2006, but after one video I wanted to kill myself.

  24. Haha, loved that Rice Krispanies part.

  25. I was checking out the Robocop review with SWAG, since I didn't feel like watching it trough the last time and suddenly I found a comment by LiamRproductions. It stated:

    "I'm not a fan of the Irate Gamer, but people really fail to see that Chris is a really nice guy. He used to be part of freezecracker, like myself, but Geoff fired him due to his suspected plagiarism. However, he didn't take it personally in the slightest, which I admire."

    Let's say that I started laughing hard.

  26. Freezecracker is lame.
    It's founded by one of the guys from Game Life, a show with episodes that lasted 30 minutes and was run by literal retards (I'm not kidding, they looked like they belonged in the Special Olympics).

    The show ended when one of the hosts threatened to kill his girlfriend and everyone in her school, a day after the Virginia Tech Massacre.

    So one of those guys made Freezecracker, and it's still a dumb site.
    Though I think they tried to get the AVGN banned a few times, it didn't work.

  27. One needs only to look on his website to see how downhill he's went with video releases.

    In 2007 he released 12 episodes.

    In 2008 he released 12 episodes, though this time he started releasing certain ones (Contra and R.O.B) in two parts which is no excuse since he has partner privelages. He also seems to consider the second part a different episode which is inconsistent since both parts of the E.T review are labeled as "Episode 21". So in a sense he released 10 episodes, and just cut two of them in half to make it to the 12 number mark.

    It's December 7th of 2009 as of now and how many episodes has he released? 5 and he seems to count the Retro Mini as one for some bizarre reason. And he still has the gall to put "A new Irate Gamer show is posted every 2-3 weeks" in his youtube profile.

    Why is he doing this? What is reason for his severe schedule slip. I have a theory.

    Chris's internet persona as "The Irate Gamer"? He hates it, he hates what it's led to and he hates having to make videos involving it. The accusations of plagiarism and the idiotic decisions (deleting criticism, yanking videos via "copyright infringement" and refusing to acknowledge the existance of any video reviewer that preceeded him) have tarnished his reputation. No doubt he's painfully aware of what the Irate Gamer has done for him. One has to just type in "Chris Bores" or "Irate Gamer" into google and what are the majority of results?

    Knowing that a good portion of his subscribers are sock puppet accounts, undercover haters and trolls, he seems to have lost the enthusiasm to release new Irate Gamer episodes. As they all just led to more material for criticism. So he just releases a new video once a month or two to reap the benefits of his youtube partner status (As well as Gotgame, where all has to do his play a modern title for 3 minutes). No doubt, Chris is just doing this for cash. And it's come to the point when'll he only do when it's necessary to get that cash.

    Bores's "knowledge" of gaming pretty much cements that he was never a gamer growing up. Maybe he dabbled in Madden or something at a friends house, but no. This man in my opinion is not a gamer, and never was. He probably saw one of James's videos one day and figured that he can do the same thing and get some publicity and money off it. And now look what it's gotten him.

    Bores is a sad pathetic little man, who either lives in denial of his own reputation, or just loathes it. I don't think the Irate Gamer will last another 2 years, by then he'll probably drop the moniker and focus on something else. Perhaps a food critic? Bores would certainly excel in that department. Hell, the image of him dressed in a chef hat and apron would probably get a few legitimate laughs ;)

    Just a thought

  28. That's an interesting theory Kama.

    It was plainly obvious his Hard Drive crash was an excuse he made for "I broke up with my girlfriend, I need time to heal."

    Still he probably thought people will fall head over heels for his videos, he chose phrases like "Popular YouTube Show" and "Hit Video Game Show" as early as the 12th episode.

    Only to get hit hard with plagiarism accusations and tons of gamers exposing his lies and blasting him for bashing classic games for idiotic reasons.

    Well he pretends he's doing fine, it obviously wounded him. Now his name is synonymous for "Lying Greedy Douchebag".

  29. And besides, If he hates his own persona so much, then...


    There's just no point, not even in the first place! Even so, his ego is probably to big for him to even care.

  30. Are you aware that he also happens to have imdb page


    Because it makes money. A majority of his 2009 videos didn't involve the Irate Gamer, he justs uploads anything he feels like just to retain his partner status and rake in that extra dough. It's sad, but some people will do anytjing for money, even if it means being the public fool.

    He only releases a new Irate Gamer show to appease the brain dead minority that he considers his fans. Least that's what I think.

  32. Wow.

    That there's some surprisingly low self esteem. :(

    Maybe low enough to make a mockery of the Gradius series, perhaps?

    And why does it still tick me off that he somehow managed to keep everyone from seeing his subscribers.

    Why I bet the YTWatchdog would've ACTUALLY exposed that guy if he had the chance.

    If only there were another way to see his subscribers...?

  33. Bores could at least salvage himself a bit by doing a simple/normal game review citing appropriate good or bad point, rather than wasting time on pointless and crappy sketches, special effects, and incorrect research. Then again, all his videos, Irate Gamer or other "Y2B stuff", pretty much suck anyway.

    I think many people do wonder what goes on in his mind/what kind of logic he follows.

  34. You know what, let's request that he does a video WITH NOTHING but pointless sketches. Not a review, not a (mis)informative video, not even a rant. No. A video in which 100% of it is NOTHING but pointless sketches. Pointless sketches up the butt! Pointless sketches with Devil Bores, Tony, that skeleton guy, and whatever other lame-ass characters he pull out of his ass. I cannot stress that enough.

    THEN we'll see what happens. HA HA! >:P

  35. "Bores was born and raised in the United States..."
    Really? I thought he was born in Retardistan...

  36. You know... there's always Game Dude.

  37. @damien

    "He is a Gamer, he is so thick, he is a gamer who sucks AVGN's dick..."

  38. @fattoller:
    Ah. That must be why he sees dicks everywhere.

  39. @damien

    yeah, well people say Irate Gamer would skin James alive and wear it over his body are wrong, because Chris Bores strenuously denies the existence of James, (except in that UNN interview, but he never mentioned that interview to his fans or on his webpage). Game Dude on the other hand would probably do such a thing or at the very least hang James in a display case so he could worship his body.

    By the way, on Irate Gamer's fanart page, he did not mention where the picture which was taken from "Internet People 2" came from, more than likely because AVGN is the first person mentioned in the song!

  40. @Fattoler

    He may have had a good reason for not mentioning that interview:

    "All they did was bash the hell outta him, slander him, say nasty things to him, and then, as soon as he got off the phone, they said 'By the way, you suck.' And that vido got posted on Youtube and everybody said 'Oh, this video exposes the Irate Gamer.' It doesn't do dick! It never exposed him or anything! All it did was say nasty shit about him!"

    quote by Bigal2k6

  41. @fattoler:
    I guess the song just included any popular Internet person, no matter how stupid. Like What the Buck, HotForWords, and Fred.

    Still it's dishonest to take that picture, post it on his site, and not give credit to the song. Kind of like taking the AVGN's ideas, Armake21's jokes, and Awesome Video Games' concepts and not giving credit.

  42. Dan, i know this is a REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY old article but i wanna point this out.

    the whole dancing sequence with IG and Tony on the Home Improvement bloopers, its obviously taken from AVGN Battletoads episode wich was uploaded on september 3 2008, IG bloopers were posted on 15 september.

    and doesnt seem that it's a blooper but rather something he made later.

  43. "One of the comments on this video says “Did James Rolfe make roadtrip videos? No! This proves that Bores never copied him.” People are stupid."

    Spat my tea out reading that. Honestly, just when you think you've seen the pinnacle of inbred ignorance on that site, somehow the trolls find a way to outdo themselves.