Wednesday, December 30, 2009

IG in 2009. The Top Eleven Worst Moments

EDIT: Updated the list to 11, included Resident Evil 5

2009 is coming to a close, and boy what a terrible year.
Celebrities dying left & right, the worst economic recession in the USA since the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Twilight-mania swept the nation, and the incoming “Idiocracy Apocalypse” has shown growth at an alarming rate.

But enough about the real world, we’re here to bash the Irate Gamer and all this bullshit he spews.

2009 was a very slow year for Mr. Bores, sporadically releasing videos making even his hardcore fans annoyed.
Here’s a checklist of the videos and what it amounts to.
- 2 Retro Reviews (Aladdin and Kool-Aid Man)
- 2 “History of Video Game bullshit” videos (Counting both parts of The Odyssey video as one, there‘s no excuse that they need to be separate)
- A commercial for a shitty Famiclone that he poorly disguised as an episode
- 5 Neo Reviews (Sonic Unleashed, Resident Evil 5, Boom Blox: Bash Party, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, DJ Hero)
- 6 E3 videos where he says “Vewy Coo’” to everything (even the utter shit).
- 10 movie reviews (I’m counting the Summer Movie list as one video, see above for reason)
- Finally, 14 random bullshit videos. These include trailers, remastered reviews, and Ghost Hunters on Two Bucks

So 2009 wasn’t a good year for The Bores. He claims his Hard Drive crashed but we all know he was cutting himself to losing Jennifer.

Irate Gamer Sucks is going to send-off 2009 with a Top 11 list of the worst moments from his videos (both IG and CB). It wasn’t easy limiting it just to 11.

11. Over hyping Dragon Ball Evolution
Carried over from his Top 10 Summer Movies 2008 list, Bores went gaga over the live-action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Shonen epic in the 2009 list. Going as far as to bash the fans that say it will suck, he “guarantees” it will be epic and awesome. This led me to believe he has brain damage, but I digress.

When he actually does review the movie, it shows evidence that he had no idea what he was talking about the last two years. Notably when he criticized Master Roshi for having hair, when EVERY PROMOTIONAL PICTURE with Roshi showed him like that. Besides, Chow Yun-Fat wouldn’t shave his head for a role he knew sucked balls.

10. The pace of “History of Video Games”.
We all know Chris Bores isn’t a gamer, and his countless attempts to show us otherwise have failed. So what does he do? A video series about the History of Video Games.

Now, any competent reviewer, or hell filmmaker, would cover the entire history over the course of 10-12 videos. But not Chris Bores, no he decides to take his SWEET! FUCKING! TIME! I mean, two videos and he’s only covered the Odyssey? If he released a new one every week and with competence he would have been done by, at most, September.
That’s not the worst of it, he claims in the comments that the SNES will be around Part 40. Are you out of your mind?

9. Complaining about the flying stage in Sonic Unleashed
Recently I started playing Sonic Unleashed, I haven’t gotten very far since I’ve been busy with other games but from what I’ve played so far it’s not bad. It’s three steps in the right direction but a step or two back.
Irate Hack decided to jump on the IGN-Gamespot bandwagon and bash the game just for being different. You know I watch independent reviewers to see real opinions, not the ones game developers pay for.

Though the really bad part starts when Bores reaches the flying stage and that “it has nothing to do with Sonic.” Then what do you call Sky Chase Zone in Sonic 2? In fact there were a ton of flying stages in Sonic games, though I can’t name any other specifics since I haven’t played every single one. Then he complains that the bosses life bar is too long… let’s move on before I get another brain aneurysm.

8. I can see your ego from Paris (the Guitar Hero: Van Halen review)
The GH:VH review was relatively harmless, there were some stupid jokes and he mixed up Billy Idol with Billy Joel, but it wasn’t epically bad like some other videos. However at the beginning of the video he comments that he got an early copy and follows that with “It’s about damn time I get some Irate Game clout around here.”

Chris, it wasn’t a big accomplishment to get a copy of GH:VH early. Anyone that bought Guitar Hero 5 could get a free copy, because Activision knew they screwed themselves by setting the release date for the retail copy on December 22nd.
By the way, “clout” is a type of reward. He thinks his “stellar videos” awarded him a free copy. Thus the comment about his ego.

7. There’s no Rule of Four, only bad comedy (the Kool-Aid Man review)
The Kool-Aid Man review… what should I choose? I could mention how his reviews gave no implication if the games sucked, or how his cop-out excuse of a Christmas special is Ronnie the Jew Skeleton on TV, or that the effect of Kool-Aid Man bursting through the wall was just jump-cuts and fabric. Oh I know!

Having the Kool-Aid Man burst through the wall FOUR TIMES! Once is bad enough and unnecessary, twice is verging on Family Guy territory, three times it gets really annoying and should stop, but he did it FOUR TIMES! Does he have any idea how comedy works? Oh, but we’ll get into that later.

6. The entire Watchmen review
We’ve established that Bores has horrible taste in movies, often finding bad movies to be really good. So what happens when he sees a legitimately good movie? He bashes it for the dumbest reasons.
His Watchmen review was terrible on every level. Research failure (“I never read the comics”), bad grammar (“I went and seen Watchmen on opening weekend”), and bashing another good movie (“It’s not as bad as Pulp Fiction”). But if this isn’t enough, he has the gall to say “If I directed this movie, I would put the story in linear order and cut an hour off.” Somewhere in the UK, Alan Moore is crying even harder.

5. A discontinued cereal does not qualify as a Halloween special
When it comes to Halloween, Internet reviewers can either go all-out (James Rolfe) or just make a simple video review of something Halloween related (The Cinema Snob, The Nostalgia Critic, etc.)
So when Halloween rolled around the corner what did Irate Shithead do? Make a video about cereal. …OF COURSE!
I mean really, this is the best thing you can come up with? A history behind a discontinued cereal that nobody remembers or even cares to remember? Hell when NC did his Top 11 Cereal Mascots he asked “Who the fuck even remembers Yummy Mummy?” and he went all-out with the research in this video.
By the way, the title of the video was lame. “I Rate the 80s” yeah that’s not ripping off VH1 or anything.

Side-Bar: There’s a quick thing I want to point out, and it’s all the people that spell IG’s name “iRate Gamer” as in “I Rate stuff” rather then a synonym for anger. To the people that do this, are you really that devoted that you’ll deny the biggest truth? That even his name is taken from the Angry Video Game Nerd? *sighs* Moving on.

4. RE5 isn't hard you just suck at it.
I have played Resident Evil 5, it's a step back from 4 but it's an enjoyable experience.
The Bores' review, however, was like watching the third Milla Jovovich movie after playing Resident Evil 2, a painful suffering to the mind.
But what is so bad about it? Well we have a ton of research failure (Calling the T-Virus a drug, completely getting the story wrong, calling them zombies when they're clearly NOT, and even getting the premise of "Surviving" wrong), we have unfunny jokes ("Thanks buddy I just said that", The Grimace), we have intense Pac-Man Fever (the 360 controller is off), but what is the absolute worst moment?
How about completely sucking at the game to the point of asking for an easier difficulty! RE5 is not difficult, but Bores somehow completely sucks at it. Prompting him to ask "Why couldn't the easy setting be a little more easier?" This is a surefire sign he's not a gamer, a real gamer wouldn't ask for an easier difficulty, they wouldn't ask for their hand to be held through out the game. I can't fathom how people are believing him!

3. The HAL 9000 in the Odyssey review
I would like to remind you that Bores has titled this video “History of Video Games.” As in “telling the history of video games.” Now that I got that out of the way, I’ll get to the point.
The Odyssey review was painful to the soul. Ignoring that the video is a carbon copy of the AVGN’s video, we got insane amounts of research failure, Kindergarten-grade humor, and the absolute dumbest complaints about the system.
But the one thing that pushed it over the edge, that one slow-moving ball that somehow topples the entire dominoes set, was including the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You might be asking “What about Bores visiting the Jawa action figure?” Well, that bit transcends this list to the point that I want to pretend it never happened.
Was his mindset behind this “I’m reviewing the Odyssey, durrr I’ll put in the villain from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m so creative and funny.” He just shits all over the character that it ends up being a horrible reference that makes you want to stab out all knowledge of 2001. Right down to the voice, we can tell that’s you Chris you suck at impressions.

2. The Irate Gamer goes to E3.
This gets on the list since his mere presence at the show offends all my gaming sensibilities. Bores only created the Irate Gamer to make money off an idea that wasn’t even his, and when he was confronted he started lying. The lies continued to the point that he attended the Expo.
Some gamers would break their thumbs just for the chance to go to E3 (not me, I rather like my thumbs) and Bores gets to go because he’s a con artist.
The videos he makes about it aren’t any better. Calling Super Mario Galaxy 2 a movie? Calling his preview videos “reviews?” Saying he “reviewed” Star Wars: The Old Republic even though he didn’t play it?
I also blame GottGame for this, if SWAG wasn’t so blind to his incompetence then this wouldn’t happen!

And now… the number 1 worst Irate Gamer/Chris Bores moment of 2009.

1. “Someone call 911 because I was ROBbed” (from Aladdin)
You all saw this coming. You all knew this would be at the top.
The Aladdin review was bad, and it wasn’t “AVGN rip off” bad or “Failure to do Research” bad. It was bad all on its own. Even the fans hated this video, and almost every commentary I see about IG is this review.
I could have filled this entire list with moments from this video it is that bad. The Genie’s Narm-filled acting, the terrible excuse of a “plot”, the CGI snake at the end, the Abu rant that went on for WAY TOO LONG, completely missing the red diamond because he didn’t know how to use the parachute AND claiming he did know but thought it would be funnier if he didn’t, and so much more.

But no, I’m going with the moment that insulted my intelligence. Insulted my perception of reality and comedy. Offended every single sane thought in my head.
And you know the worst part? He pre-wrote that line, he put it into his script, he planned to tell that joke. Somewhere in his insane mind he thought “this is going to be perfect for my video.” Just… what the fuck?

So, that was the 11 worst IG/CB moments of 2009. Even with the lack of activity he still had a deplorable year of reviews. So, have a Happy New Year and see you in 2010.

By the way if he releases a video on the 31st that counts as 2010.


  1. My thoughts:

    Not even the most rabid "Dragon Ball" fanboys would like Irate Gamer.

    I know you said that you wouldn't too many comparisions to AVGN, but I couldn't help but wonder if he had AVGN's "Bible Adventures" review in mind when he made his painfully unfunny joke about it being a game sent from heaven in his Retro Mini review. Also, when he said "Just take any OLD NES game", was he trying to give viewers the assumption that NES games that haven't been played once won't work on the Retro Mini?

    And yes, his Aladdin review was his worst work ever. I love the SNES Aladdin. It's a great game, and he's a moron to make it out to seem like that game sucks.

    I also would consider anytime he explained the joke as a dishonorable mention. Third Rate Gamer made fun of this once in his Kirby's Adventure review:

    "What do you mean explaining the joke ruins it? Fuck you."

    I bet that if anyone complained to Chris that explaining the joke ruins it, he would say the exact same thing to him.

  2. Though technically not in his videos, I'd say one of his worst/dumbest moments of the year is putting April 31st as a 'legitimate date' on his website.

  3. The Nerd reviews shitty games.
    The Nerd had to TORTURE himself digging deep into the memories he'd already repressed.
    The Nerd did it just for shits and giggles.
    Then, he became popular.
    The Nerd, now an influential being of great wisdom, continues to torture himself, to waste his precious time playing these terrible games, possibly to the day that he'd die, just to review them and to entertain his audience.

    Batdan, you torture yourself by watching the Irate Lamers crappy videos, and did it for the sake of pointing out the truth, as well as for the sake of shits and giggles.
    I believe that the Irate Lamer may not be the only shitty reviewer on the web. There are those that are, shockingly, far worse than he.

    The Nerd never complained in his prediciment. Somehow... It was fun to him. You, Batdan, seem to seek the same kind of mission as the Nerd: to critique a putrid, vile, smoking piece of shit that is the Irate Lamer's miserable existence as a Youtube Parter...
    And you COMPLAIN?!

    Don't be discouraged. It is not by the Nerd's hand that Irate Lamer came to be. But remember this one thing: The Nerd does it for US! He sacrificed precious time and energy playing shitty games for our amusement. It seems that he may wish us to do the same, to seek out the lowest form of scum and villiany on the internet, whether it be crappy videos, fan arts, and other things, and be happy with it.

    It should not be your purpose in life; It can only be a mere hobby and nothing more. I'm sure we're all having fun thinking of various ways to critic an Irate Lamer as the Nerd Critiques a steaming pile of total fucking gar-bitch. Things in life will continue to puke snot up your ass, as you could only dream that a buffalo would take a diarrhea dump in your ear, as you feast upon a rotting asshole of a roadkilled skunk, and, given then time and money, wash it down with beer. In the end, you just back up, wash the bullshit off of your face, and smile, knowing that poeple have been entertained and like a cycle, the painful process should start again some time very soon.

    The Irate Lamer's popularity...
    Is not our absolute weakness.
    It is mearly a sign that he's here to stay;
    to be made fun of due to his lack of talent and his utter ignorance, dissapointing those who have at least half a brain. He keeps making shit sundaes; we slurp 'em down, puke 'em out, and make hilarious comments about the puke in front of some person looking at the moniter of their computer.

    The Nerd's done it for us.
    Let's do it ... for him ...
    And all the good game reviewers, movie critics, and other opinionated people.

    In conclusion I say to you:
    Happy New Year
    and May Wayne Allwine Rest In Peace.

  4. @vnisanian
    I should have also mentioned that he complained about the childish script and how it should have been written for adults.
    Even though Dragon Ball was always intended for kids and any adult fan would avoid this movie.

    I don't think he was thinking of AVGN there, he was thinking "How can I make this anymore of a commercial?" Because that's exactly what infomercials at 3 in the morning do. "It cleans, it scrubs, and it even neuters your dog."

    Made even worse in that he never changed it. When it was archived he just removed it, pretending it never happened.

    @Anon (December 31st 1:25 AM)
    What the fuck are you talking about?

  5. His Aladdin review by far his worst video. Tell me something, if not getting red jewel was suppose to be a "joke" how come Bores didn't overexplain the joke like he has in his other videos?

  6. @Batdan

    Well, looks like my long-winded New Years speech fell into deaf ears. Allow me to rephrase in a level you can understand(in all caps, no less):


    Okay. That should clear things up, hopefully.

    Once again, Happy New Year
    and may Wayne Allwine rest in peace.

  7. Hey man, good list, although i would have put the whole alladin review at the number 1 spot, let us not forget " my rug is double parked outside" , the jewels, the monkey, the genie, "lets get drunk and find me some bitches" just everything about it could be considered a number 1 spot. I personally would consider his resident evil review to be up there as well, especially with his line " why couldnt they make the easy setting a bit more easier" Anyway, i have written my own blog, about a bunch of video game reviews which i consider to be worse than the irate gamers, please let me know what you think. Sorry for pulling a game dude and advertising in your comments, i just would like to know if you think i should keep up blogging or not.

  8. Sonic Adventure is another Sonic game that had a flying level. That was the last Sonic game I ever played, so I can't think of any recent ones which have.

    I agree with the other commenters that the whole Aladdin review was a pile of fail. The worst thing about it is that he claims it took two months to make.

  9. @Jenn
    I have a couple ideas.
    1. He really didn't know how to use the parachute and when he was confronted about it he said "Uh yeah that's the joke."
    2. He did know but did it on purpose to set up the "ROBbed" joke.

    That's another problem, he'll either over-explain the joke or make it so vague that it's not a joke at all.

    @Anon (December 31st 12:36 PM)
    The goal isn't to get rid of Bores, it's to point out to people why he's a lying con artist with bad video game and film making skills.
    And RIP voice of Mickey Mouse

    @Irish Anon
    I knew I should have put the RE5 review on there. Maybe I could have made this a Top 11 and put that at #3.
    Just consider the request for an easier game a dishonorable mention.

    I like the idea of a NAVGTR Sucks blog, maybe you could mention how the narrator's name is George Wood and these reviews were part of "Flights of Fantasy" a public access show based in Maryland.
    So far so good. Severe good luck to trying to watch his videos. You could do his Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island video where he said Super Mario World was disappointing.

  10. @Anon (December 31st 12:37 PM)
    He claims that all his reviews take two months to make, and those videos look like they could really be done in two weeks.

    He also said getting help with the snake delayed it. How could additional help delay it?

    Oh yeah Sonic Adventure, that was a fun game.

  11. @Batdan(again)

    Indeed it is. You seek to expose his true nature; You wish to point out his mistakes. But in doing so, you'll come to understand that some readers, especially your supporters, interpret this goal as an attempt to get Irate Lamer in enough trouble to be forced to either improve himself completely or leave Youtube. In other words, you were indeed trying to do something that would lead to him losing his place on the internet, which was already ill-gotten gains to begin with.

    Critisize him all you want, as the Nerd critisizes bed video games, but remember: The Irate Lamer could not be check-mated. In fact, the only way for the Irate Lamer's madness to end is if he himself ended it. Sorry I did not mention this before, but the Irate Lamer's planet-sized ego either blinded him of the truth or it was mearly motivation to simply ignore the critisism provide by all that oppose him. Perhaps there could be a way to break that barrier, but as far as all of us know at this point, there isn't a way. His ego was too big, his name is all over the internet, and all he had to do was pay Youtube to feature him. Like a some obtuse weed, his popularity spreads amongst fools who even go as far as prefering him over far superior video makers. And yet, his spreading popularity is contributing more than ever that popularity of the Nerd...
    Anyway, for this madness to end, for the making of terrible videos only for gaining extra subscribers, Irate Lamer must end that madness himself, by himself, and possibly even for himself. Truth be told, he'd have enough reasons to do that, mainly that his reputation would lead people to troll him and call him a faggot, or whatever else along these lines.

    No offense, Batdan, but how would you like it if you decided to make crappy videos, only for people to hate you laft and right, and for any public appearence resulting in people saying nasty shit about you AT YOUR FACE?! What could you have done if you were in Irate Lamer's shoes? If you can somehow overcome this great ego, it is indeed possible that you could finally redeem yourself either by maing better videos or not making anymore videos at all.

    But then again, Batdan, I'm sure you'd rather (AVGN speech as usual, I see) than for that to ever happen. You're too good to be a Youtube Partner.

    Of course, I am not defending Irate Lamer here. His videos are horrible, his motivation behind his videos are no better, and worst of all, then only person that can stop his bullshit is himself, and therefore, no matter how much you critisize him, you cannot do a thing about his place on Youtube.

    The only thing to do though, as the Nerd would put it, is to "pop this piece of shit in and give it a go".

  12. Oh and one last thing.

    You need to take a break.

    You have done enough work, and I am sure the Nerd is satisified.

    Someday, the Irate Lamer will turn his ugly head and make another piece of shit video. But that won't be for a couple of months, so hey, break out the party hats as 2009 comes to a close. Let us celebrate the end of a very strange decade! WooooooOOOOOO!

  13. Great list. And I agree that the "I was ROBbed" joke was so bad even a five year old wouldn't find it funny. I can only hope that next year he'll just give up--though I doubt it.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  14. Whenever the Aladdin review is mentioned, I'm surprised I never hear how bad the mention of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman by Wise Sage truly is. I mean, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVEN SAY THAT IN A REVIEW ABOUT ALADDIN?!

  15. Hahahaha I agree, "ROBbed" is one of the most vile and dangerously unfunny things I've ever heard.

    Happy New Year to all Irate Gamer haters out there! It's 22:00 in Argentina by the way, I've no idea what's the time round there.

  16. Happy New Years my fellow IG haters. Here's hoping Bores continues making an ass of himself in 2010 (09 was a lousy year for him).

    In response to navgtr, George Wood is at this time deceased (or so I heard). Aside from that his reviews are so bad, I don't think anyone on the planet has taken them seriously (Unlike Chris's legion of 12 year old fanboys). Devoting a blog to his ineptitude seems rather moot since retsupurae already took him down several pegs. Least that's how I feel.

    Oh yeah, the Aladdin review was a pile of horseshit. The Bores hit a new low with that one, wonder if we'll ever see something worse.

  17. His Sonic Unleashed review was actually the first Irate Gamer vid I ever saw. Before then I had heard of all the controversy surrounding him, but I decided to watch one of his reviews just to see for myself how bad he was, I thought to myself, "how bad could he be?"

    After the review ended, its clear to say I hated him from the beginning. Seriously how the fuck can you call yourself a "big fan of the Sonic series" and say the flying stages in Unleashed have nothing to do with Sonic when Sonic 2 and Adventure included such stages(and possibly Sonic Adventure 2 if you count Tails/Eggman's stages because there was quite a bit of flying involved)?

    Also I really took note of his line, "but ever since the he took the jump to 3D, the hedgehog just hasn't been the same."
    Well of course he hasn't been the same! In 3D you have 360 control, its not going to be the same for ANY gaming franchise that jumps dimensions. Mario, Castlevania, Zelda, Mega Man and many other series are going to play differently in 3D at least to some degree!

    And yeah, 2009 was a horrible year regarding Bores' material, but I must thank you BatDan for taking these videos apart in the best way possible and pointing every single flaw in them. Other than that, Happy New Year!

  18. @Kama
    Happy 2010 to you as well.

    Well, someone out there took George Wood seriously. Why else would his videos be considered official? I don't know, I guess Maryland is just weird.

    The first review of his I've seen was Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The moment he said "this game needs to be chucked in the nearest meat grinder" all his credibility went out the window.
    Then I heard about the controversy and tried watching his other videos. Ignoring that he ripped off the AVGN, he still wasn't funny and he knew absolutely nothing about video games.

    Also I got farther in Sonic Unleashed, and that flying stage was no big deal. It seems Bores can't understand the concept of timed button presses.
    I bet he hates God of War because he can't beat the Hydra.

  19. The first Irate Gamer video I remember watching was his first episode, the "Back to the Future" one. I actually didn't really care so much about why people hate this guy, so I subscribed to him (yes, I was subscribed to him at one point), but after I watched Silent Rob's Unsolved Mysteries spoof about the Irate Gamer, and how he exposed him for not only being an AVGN rip, but not also for not being a game fan (the innaccurate points in his M.U.S.C.L.E. review, and the illegitimate complaints about SMB2USA), that was when I bega to notice the truth about him. And Rob was right. More often than not, YouTube features dumbass people, when there's actually some real talent there.

    Video after video, I then began to notice just how bad the Irate Gamer really is, ripping off the AVGN and sometimes other reviewers, being a graphics whore (which he is, I mean he had the nerve to say that it took "4 tries just to get the home console TMNT games right", and say that TMNT 2 and TMNT 3 for the NES suck because they aren't as close to the arcade game as possible), innaccurate statements like how the Arcade TMNT game was the very first one, Turtles in Time was only on the SNES, his lack of knowledge during the Tetris review (he even said that he despises Tetris 2, because of the flashing bombs. That isn't a legit complaint. If anything, Tetris 2 is actually better than the first), calling Pit Kid Icarus, the plot for Resident Evil 5, and the Grandaddy of them all "Sega released a gaming console called the Sega Genesis, to compete with Nintendo's gaming console, called the Super Nintendo". Also, Sega didn't always have Sonic as a mascot. Originally, their mascot was Alex Kidd, then it was Michael Jackson, and THEN it was Sonic.

    I also couldn't stand how he bitched about shit that no one really cares about, like the enemies (or should I say "emenies") in Zombies ate my Neighbors, and breakfast cereal.

    And let's not forget his stupid jokes, like the evil twin, Devil Bores, Ronnie the Skeleton, Rice Krispanese, Professor Plum, "Call 911 cause I was ROBbed", "Damn, B-A-N-A-N-A-ASS, and Computer Space: Bob Uecker edition (which, last time I checked, the longtime Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster and co-star of "Mr. Belvedere" has 0% to do with video games). I bet that Chris had the episode of Futurama where Uecker guest-starred in mind when he made that joke, the only difference, that episode of Futurama served a purpose, the Bores' joke, however did not at all. The fact that Bores ignores complaints about how stupid his jokes are in his videos, doesn't help either.

    He also has serious grammar issues like "Half the time, they don't even make no sense at all", "When you think of one of the most hardest games for the NES", "This game, right here, is the perfect predcessor to the first Mario game", and when he yelled "What a shitload of fuck" in his Mission Impossible review, it sounded more like "What a shitload of FAWK". As far as I know the people of Ohio don't even remotely talk like that, so he's an insult to the people of that state.

    It also doesn't help that he is a dishonest whore, who will do ANYTHING for money (him reviewing his own Haunted Investigators DVD on amazon, and passing himself off as a online customer, is all the proof I need)

    And last but not least, his taste in his movies. Just the fact that he listed "Dragon Ball" as the best summer movie of 2008, made it out to seem like "Pulp Fiction" sucks, compared "The Mummy" to the first two Godfather movies, and called the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie a "pathetic excuse of a Batman movie" is all the proof I need.

    When I finally turned against him, I also discovered parody makers, such as Irritated Gamer, Third Rate Gamer, Mediocre Gamer, IGSRJ, and Joey Drunko.

    And then eventually, I discovered this blog, which I can't get enough of reading.

  20. The first Irate Gamer video I saw was TMNT after hearing the AVGN rip-off comments several times. I decided to see what he was like and it felt like a downgraded version of AVGN. As I heard more bullshit him, I hated him more and more. I could have completely avoided him but then I wouldn't have seen brilliant videos from Third Rate Gamer and IGSRJ.

  21. Being a relative newcomer of the Angry Video Game review fad, I've heard of AVGN and Irate Gamer this year. I had watched all of AVGN's videos by March 2009 and then I started watching Chris Bores' videos (not all of them, just mostly Irate Gamer episodes). I didn't really care for the notion of people calling these other reviewers "AVGN copy cats" or "AVGN ripoffs", thus I didn't have that mentality when watching his BTTF video. After watching like the first 2 or 3 episodes, my first impression was that he wasn't outstanding, but he probably might develop himself better. As I keep seeing his later videos, he was more and more pathetic and consistently unfunny. Probably the time I started to see how outrageously bad he is was with his Super Mario Bros 2 review. The game was good, he screwed up his facts/info, and made very uninspiring skits and gags.

    And as we've all witnessed, he's really gone even more downhill in an unbelievable rate.

  22. Chris has just made anew video, it's another IRate the 80's (but again, doesn't). I wont give it away but the ending just hurt soooooooo much.

  23. @fattoler
    Kind of late there buddy, I already put up something about that.

  24. 11- That wasn't even a dragon ball movie to me it was just some stupid remake of something that i liked back then when i was a kid. Also is Chris a manchild because that was supposed to be for kids and dragon ball was also for kids back then?

    10- I agree and I also hate when he does his "Research" by using wikipedia. WIKIPEDIA DOES NOT MAKE YOUR VIDEOS INFORMATIONAL!

    9- Reminds me of spax3 for some reason -_- Dear fucking god. ALSO FUCK IGN ALL TO HELL FOR HATING SOMETHING I LIKE!

    8- Not much to say about that one but I was left in question, How did he get an earlier copy?

    7- That wasn't even a review it was just once again talking about how the game worked. Also I agree that how doing a joke 4 times is the worst idea for comedy.

    6- In my opinion it's the stupidest review i've ever seen by him as he bashes pulp fiction which is a movie that i like.

    5- I don't even remember eating that or seeing that on store shelves. Come to think of it I never auctually even heard of the cereal.

    4- Pathetic. Did he try co-op as well? No? Again pathetic.

    3- Seriously? HAL 9000? Is that the best he can think of that doesn't have to relate to star trek? Family guy fanboy as usual.

    2- It get's better because his ego seems to have build up even bigger because he's like "Hey guys im auctually a gamer because im going to E3 im so awesome please subscribe and buy my shit." Also where did he get the invitation did he buy it from someone or something?

    1- *Slams head on desk* WTF. He has no idea what humor is and how it works. I hate when people use random puns for no reason in their "Comedic acts"

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