Sunday, February 21, 2010

IG's Special Effects Aren't That Special

Before I address today's subject; I'd like to, once again, clarify that the lack of updates is due to Bores not updating.
I apologize that I haven't talked about anything else but I have no motivation or creative juices to get something out.

However, I noticed an interesting comment left by Jacob9k1 (better known as The Retard Gamer or Jacob041593) about IG's Special Effects.

Source video: DLAbaoqu's I Can't Believe It's Not AVGN: Predator Part B

So yeah, whenever Chris brags about his effects taking a long time he's just bullshitting you.

Which brings me to another conundrum, how the hell do his videos take so long?
Script? Doubtful, his scripts sound like he wrote them in one hour. Unless he needs to find some other obscure 80s reference that has nothing to do with the game.
Game Footage? Probably, but considering how many times he uses emulators, cheat devices, and only shows the first level I have trouble believing it.
Special Guest Stars? That's probably it. Seeing how he has to play all his stupid characters I'm guessing that's where the time goes.

Just to remind you, Bores last updated on the 6th and has shown nothing since.