Sunday, February 21, 2010

IG's Special Effects Aren't That Special

Before I address today's subject; I'd like to, once again, clarify that the lack of updates is due to Bores not updating.
I apologize that I haven't talked about anything else but I have no motivation or creative juices to get something out.

However, I noticed an interesting comment left by Jacob9k1 (better known as The Retard Gamer or Jacob041593) about IG's Special Effects.

Source video: DLAbaoqu's I Can't Believe It's Not AVGN: Predator Part B

So yeah, whenever Chris brags about his effects taking a long time he's just bullshitting you.

Which brings me to another conundrum, how the hell do his videos take so long?
Script? Doubtful, his scripts sound like he wrote them in one hour. Unless he needs to find some other obscure 80s reference that has nothing to do with the game.
Game Footage? Probably, but considering how many times he uses emulators, cheat devices, and only shows the first level I have trouble believing it.
Special Guest Stars? That's probably it. Seeing how he has to play all his stupid characters I'm guessing that's where the time goes.

Just to remind you, Bores last updated on the 6th and has shown nothing since.


  1. It's the 21st today, only 8 days till the end of February, lets see if Chris decudes to release the trailer on February 31st.

  2. @fattoler
    February 31st? You jest. I'm thinking he'll hold off until March 0.

    The really sad thing is that there's a bunch of free stock effects online (such as some explosion effects from Detonation Films) that look a lot better than what the Bores uses. He could have easily used one of those if he wanted to blow our minds away with... um... I'm sorry, what was I talking about?

  3. why haven't you done the mythbusters "parodies" yet?

  4. @anon (3:57 AM)

    Daniel said that he tried to do one, but found it to be too painful for him to endure.

  5. Yeah, his Mythbusters "Parodies" are just too boring to recap.

    I prefer to call these recaps a/la Agony Booth, it sounds lot less mean-spirited then rants.

    I know Linkara uses the explosions from Detonation Films, and they look 1000x better then the stock ones IG uses.

  6. @dtm666
    I actually messaged Bores with a link to Denonation Films and he thanked me for it.

    It has been about 3 months since he responded, and he has not used ANY of those effects.
    Lazy mother fucker, I guess it is SO hard to chroma key!

  7. @fatoller

    Good. I don't want him to make any more shitty videos.

  8. I still have trouble believing that some people actually admire his special effects. They are the shittiest ones and the visual quality of his videos is usually crap.
    God, the anticipation is killing me. Chris said the new episodes are worth the wait, so I expect some legendary BS.

  9. @RemoveCarefully
    Ya I find it hard to believe that people actually think his effects are good, his effects are probably worse than the ones in Battlefield Earth.

  10. What's this I hear about Chris holding off on putting out videos because he constantly gets made fun of?

  11. The next video will be a breakfast rant on the Cop and Robber from the Cookie Crisp ads. 60% of the video will be common sense and wikipedia facts, the other 40% will be pointless bitching like:

    'Why the Cowabunga Shiet did they get rid of the toatally cool mascots, I hope they bring them back for a limited time. How cool would that be?'

  12. @ Darthgamer
    People are just stupid. But I will say this: Nothing tops Shark Attack 3 in terms of special effects so bad they are good to make fun of.

    Trix! They changed the balls into fruit shaped pieces and then back again! What happened to the fruit shapes?! Cereal without Milk is ruined!

    And once again, I want to say that, without a doubt, I do NOT want Irate Lamer to release anymore videos. They are cancerous tumor to the internets! I still can't get over that dancing scene where he asks for the girls' phone number in his Tetris review. I probably don't wanna play Tetris again because it reminds me of his terrible, boring, obnoxiously stupid review! Fuck farts.

  13. Hey Dan, did you watch the latest Archfiend video about how to transcribe audio on partner videos? I tried it on Irate's Kool Aid Man review... EPIC lulz! It just shows how incomprehensible Bores' speech really is - the subtitles are so random and hysterical.

  14. @Anon (February 24th 2:20 PM)
    Yeah I just tried it out. Hilarious.
    If it can't properly translate TheArchfiend, it sure as hell can't translate Chris Bores.

    "the wars in Iraq and solicit my show" That's hilarious.

  15. Transcribed from the Kool Aid Man review --

    "there were kids were looking for something to drink his popularity was so huge that even crossed over into the realm of the human aids"

    I know Irate Gamer sucks, YouTube, but to compare his videos with "the realm of the human AIDS" is just in poor taste.

  16. The very next line is about colon cancer too. I mean, what the fuck?

  17. about the closed captioned video:...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!anyway here are two suggestions and three 2:irate gamer parodies.questions:1:what is your favorite game? 2:what is your favorite movie? 3:where did you hear of the irate gamer?anyway great blog.

  18. How do you do the closed caption trick?

  19. @ Anon February 25, 2:27 A.M.

    watch this video and skip to 0:31:

  20. Hah!

    "The disturbing will be looking at both"

    Chris Bores is pretty disturbing so that's an accurate transcription.

  21. The only reason it takes him so long to make videos is because he's a lazy bastard. He claims he puts effort into his videos, but most of his "special effects" are lame explosions on places it doesn't even make sense. It's just awful.