Friday, August 13, 2010

Redux Recap: Closing the Contra Trilogy

Oh yeah, I was supposed to get this out today. The final Contra video, sweet merciful crap.
Thankfully it’s the shortest so it will be over a lot sooner.
In the description, he claims the video went through 5 rewrites before getting released. So will we see actual effort? Haha no.

0:22 - 0:32: “Contra III was the sequel fans have been waiting for, and what a great move Konami made by calling it number III. That pretty much takes Contra Force out of the pi-chur” Wrong again Bores, Contra III came out before Contra Force. It’s not exactly “discontinuity” if it was never truly established.
Also, didn’t you “burn” the Contra Force cartridge?

0:33 - 0:45: Bores shows the opening and notes how “pissed off” they are and says “After a game like Contra Force, who can blame them?” Was there a joke in that sentence?
Again, you “burned” the cartridge last time. Is it too much to ask for a little consistency?

0:45 - 0:54: Before starting the game, Bores goes over to the option menu and sets the difficulty to Easy because “If past Contra games are any indication, this might be a good idea”.
I was going to say something, but I’ll let Armake21’s rant speak for me.

“Who, listening to this right now, has to play Contra on EASY because they can’t handle it on normal or hard? … You hear the crickets? That’s because any gamer worth their salt is NOT going to play Contra on easy, Contra on easy is a fucking joke. More so, he bitched and moaned about the other two games, he doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about. He proves non-stop that he’s an ignorant motherfucker who doesn’t know half as much as he claims! He just looks pretty on camera.”

Thank you Armake, though I can’t agree with that last point *shudders*

0:55 - 1:04: He points out that instead of getting a pea-shooter, you’ll start out with the machine gun. It’s still the worst weapon, but it doesn’t matter since you don’t have to mash the fire button for any weapon, you just hold it.

1:05 - 1:16: He also brings up some of the new weapons like the Homing Missiles (or as he calls them “heat seekers”), “Flame Guns” (they’re Flamethrowers, the F in the first two were Flame Guns), and nukes. He points out that the laser has been upgraded, not that it matters because most people don’t use it.
The reason the laser “sucked” was because you suck. You didn’t know how to properly use it.

1:17 - 1:37: “Now you maybe asking yourself, is this a hard game to play? You bet your ass it is! But hey what do you expect, it‘s a Contra game.” I expect monkeys to fly out of my butt?
He also points out how Contra games follow a pattern of getting harder, saying that Super C (or as he labels it “Contra 2” oh now you’re not even trying) is harder than the first. Then says Contra III is “HARD AS FUCK!” Ugh, this is so boring!

“Even on the easy setting, there’s more shit flying at you than an exploding porta-potty” … Another botched attempt at toilet humor. Leave it to the pros Chris.
Also notice that his life count doesn’t go down every time he dies. If you want people to take you seriously Chris, don’t make things like this obvious. Especially when the footage shows you’re not even trying!

1:38 -1:48: “This game doesn’t even have any codes to help you out” Oh boo hoo, big mean Konami wants to challenge you. Wah.
Actually, the Japanese version of Contra III does have a 30 Lives code (it’s not the Konami Code though), maybe you’ll feel more comfortable playing that. Also, why not get the Wise Sage again, was Eric not available or something? I can’t blame him…

“You’re better off using a Game Genie” Durr, if I suck then that means everyone must suck.
Bores tells us that cheating is okay so we don’t “miss out” on some of these great levels. All right, let’s see your justification for cheating.

1:49 - 1:56: “You ride on motorcycles, ride on helicopters, and even climb on walls like a regular fucking Spider-Man”. I feel those levels are better earned through hard work and patience, not through digits from a cheat device.

Also, a regular Spider-Man? So there’s a special Spider-Man or is there a Spider-Man I don’t know about or is this just another instance of Bores botching a line… probably the last one.

1:56 - 2:34: “Sometimes this game can get really difficult” Do you have any other complaints other than “It’s Hard”, or any mention of the new features like holding two weapons at once?
He brings up Level 5 and that the person who made this level should be shot. Yes you can tell how much this level pisses him off by his monotone voice.

He whines about the ledges being too narrow and the “whirlpools” are annoying (it’s not a whirlpool if it’s made of sand you dumb fuck) and that he can’t navigate the latter. Use the L & R buttons, they’ll help you move through the sandtraps.
And then an unnecessary scene where Bores gets dizzy in real life while spinning through the sand. I think if video games make you dizzy, you need to see a doctor.

2:35 - 2:58: Bores brings up how there’s only 6 levels and the last stage is the alien’s lair. He encounters the first boss of Stage 6 and it’s the penultimate boss from the first game. He mentions how he loves these “nostalgic moments” and wishes he could “kep-ture” it on a postcard. Gee, that sounds like a set-up for a bad joke.
*postcard appears with Bores next to the alien with the caption “Wish You Were Here”* Fuck me this is dumb.

2:59 - 3:28: Bores continues on and notices the next boss is the final boss from the first Contra, and the boss after that is the final boss from Super C. He mentions this “trip down memory lane is wearing itself thin”. I thought you loved these nostalgic moments?
He notes how the final boss is just a rehash of a boss from Super C, asking if they ran out of ideas. *sighs* Where do I begin?
One, that’s only the final bosses’ first form. He has a much harder form that looks like a brain (and on Hard Mode a third form with spiked tentacles).
Two, this is meant to be the final battle with Red Falcon, the alien force from the first two games. They haven’t appeared in a single game since (not even Contra 4).
Three, Konami does this all the time it’s not a big deal.

Take Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, there’s so many references to the previous Castlevania titles. The first actual boss (Richter vs. Dracula doesn’t count) is Gaibon and Slogra, two of the last bosses from Super Castlevania IV. In the Inverted Castle you fight Fake Trevor, Fake Sypha, and Fake Grant, Alucard’s allies in Castlevania III. You have to beat the Inverted Castle by getting the parts of Dracula, you get them by fighting the giant bat (Darkwing Bat), the Medusa, the mummy (Akmodan II), Frankenstein’s Monster (The Creature), and Death, the first five bosses from the original Castlevania. Plus, collecting the parts of Dracula was the plot to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest The game’s bonus boss Galamoth is a tougher version of the final boss from Kid Dracula on the Game Boy

Rondo of Blood does something similar. Stage 6 is nothing but a Boss Rush with the priest Shaft summoning the first four bosses from the original Castlevania. That’s not getting into all the times you fight Death in the series.

Woah, went off on a tangent there. I think Bores beat the game.

3:29 - 4:12: Yes he did. He whines that instead of getting a well-deserved ending (you cheated, you shouldn’t get a damn thing) we get a screen of text telling us to try the normal mode. Then Bores tries to act Irate but only sounds like a pussy.
He bitches that he wasted his time and he has to do it all over again. It’s not a waste of time if it’s a good game, you’re making it sound like Contra III sucks (then again, to Chris Bores all games are bad). Then he says beating it on Normal is still a waste because we get a similar screen of text telling us to beat the Hard Mode.

Hey Bores

4:13 - 4:27: Bores claims he’ll even accept an ending that says “You just wasted your time playing this game. Now go fuck yourself you gaming asshole.”
Really Bores, you’re stealing this bit again?
“Congratulations! You had the patience to sit through this awful game. You proved your nerdiness. Now go fuck yourself!”

It’s bad enough you did it in the Where’s Waldo video, but here it’s much worse. You stole the joke when you were under heavy fire for plagiarism (compared to when you made your second video and nobody knew who you were) and you applied it to a GREAT GAME! Contra III doesn’t suck, you suck because you’re a whiny punk-ass bitch! Most of your complaints don’t sound angry, irate, or pissed off, they sound like you’re whining that things aren’t going your way. Even if this is “satire” it’s terrible satire and you should be ashamed!
Let’s just finish this.

4:27 - 4:54: Bores brings up the only way to beat the game is to beat it on the hardest setting (we just got through this) and the ending is nothing memorable. Making all your complaints about them entirely pointless! This video is already short, did you really have to pad it with your endless bitching? In fact, everything from 3:29 until 4:54 could have been cut.

I feel like I should take IG’s videos, edit out all the pointless complaints, montages, scenes, etc. and show just how short his videos really are without the padding.

4:55 - 5:12: IG tells us there were plenty of other Contra games, noting Operation C on Game Boy (good), Contra: Legacy of War on Playstation (sucks), and Contra: Hard Corps on Genesis (good). No he doesn’t actual name drop the titles, just shows the cover and the system they were on.
Only one game is worthy of being called Contra 4, thus starting his review of it (well it does say in the title he’s reviewing Contra 3 and 4).

5:13 - 5:21: So he introduces the game, saying it takes people back. Okay, how’s the gameplay?

5:22: “Well, I’m done reviewing Contra games..” Wait what? That’s all we get of Contra 4? That’s not a review, that’s not a review at all! That doesn’t even come close to a review.
I know Spoony has made a few 5 second reviews, but those were funny. This wasn’t funny, in fact there was nothing to set up there was supposed to be humor!
You shouldn’t even put Contra 4 in the title because you didn’t review it! This is worse than your TMNT III review, at least that had more than one line!

The video ends with Bores claiming he’s done with Contra and is tired of seeing aliens. “Let’s just go back to some old school video games” *tips head sideways* I thought you were already doing that? Contra isn’t new, it’s total old school.
Bores starts playing Simon’s Quest (you can hear the town music). Actually this scene confuses me, he starts pressing buttons on his controller and the music turns on. So his controller can change his TV’s volume? And yeah, unrealistic “Winter Games” action. You’re in a town, you don’t need to do that!

But that’s not all, Bores hears something outside and sees it’s the aliens from Space Invaders. Oh good, we’re ripping off Futurama now. Fuck this review.

The user “FINbrutal1ty” has a theory that Bores got the idea for a Contra trilogy from the AVGN’s Ghostbusters trilogy. In the first video, both reviewed an NES game. In the second video, both reviewed other games in the franchise. In the third video, both reviewed a 16-bit game. While it is an interesting theory, it’s a little out there.

So yeah, his Contra trilogy was a load of shit. Continuing to show that he has no clue what he’s talking about.

There was a Bloopers video released for the Contra trilogy, and it shows that Chris Bores can even screw up an outtakes video. Most of them are Bores pausing, stuttering, or giggling. Not a single one is funny. How does this happen?

So that’s all for now. Next redux recap is Battalion Wars II (once I feel like writing it).


  1. You can make fun of IG's outtakes videos all you want. But I don't think anything come close to sucking as much as AVGN's outtakes. Have you seen the Ninja Gaiden outtakes? All of them were just the ninja adding in extra lines, clearly on purpose. It's not outtakes if it's on purpose!

    1. Nobody cares, not even a dozen people have bothered commenting on your sad little blog - and this is two years after you posted the comment. What a failure.

  2. Fantastic work, as always. I enjoy reading these!

  3. Great Job as Always, but you kinda forgot 2 things :P

    The PyramidHead Theory i mentioned before, if you remembered it

    the fact that Most Likely the part when Bores shows the endings of the game, he jost went trough VGMusem Video Game ENdings and took the screenshots from there, since the aspect ratio of those is diferrent that the aspect ratio of the footage he's playing

    Just sayin dude :P

  4. Oh yes, his DNDtR page on TV Tropes references a similar thing with Aladdin.

    "He also claims there are 60 Red Gems to collect. Actually, there are 70 to collect. You only need 51-70 for the alternate credits. This page might be where he got that info (it's the same photos he used in his video)."

    The link in question directs to VGmuseum. Might check and see what other games he "finished" from there.

    Oh yeah, visited his TV Tropes page and it seems a tad more...nastier then before. Guess the incidents with the PMs steamed off quite a few people. Such informality is why I love that site so much (Miss the Small Name, Big Ego page though).

  5. Great recap. Thanks for giving Battalion Wars 2 its own post, the video sucked enough to get one.

    You have a good point. That must be it.

  6. Just for the record, has anyone actually tried editing out all the pointless moments in a few of Bores' reviews just to show how short they are? Because I could try experimenting with that sort of thing if you want.

    Anyway, nice recap Dan.

  7. Battalion Wars, the video where Bores acts like a Fetish Fuel editor.


    You are just angry because someone copied your blog

    LOL,the Captcha I have to write is "Cheacula".The perfect nickname for IG

  8. @zonic94
    If you could do that, that would be awesome.

  9. I think I know why Bores started to review Contra 4, but just gave up-- he didn't want to steal Ben Hall's (of Video Game Take-Out, a great podcast about retro and new games for handhelds) review of that.

    Not to mention, I'm sure Bores only mentioned Contra Force because James mentioned it in a deleted scene from his Chronologically Confused rant about Contra titles.

  10. @Gatuca
    I remember that theory. I can see how that's a possibility.
    Then again, PyramidHead87 also "reviewed" Mega Man so... I don't know.

    That doesn't make sense. Bores has no problem stealing from AVGN, Armake21, wizwar100, seanbaby, and countless TV shows. Why would a podcast at Retroware TV be any different?

    I have heard the "Deleted Scene from Chronologically Confused" theory, but that's a major stretch. Though I wouldn't be too surprised by that...

  11. What are you going to do when you're done with all your redux recaps?

  12. @BatDan
    In that case, I'll begin experimenting soon (I'm working on other videos right now, so it might take a while).

  13. I don't know where I should say this, or if anyone else has said this already, but when Bores said "This game reminds me of Diablo in a few ways" and then lists things that are in every video game (in his top 5 DS games), I think he said that because he wanted to say metroid, but everyone says that (metroidvanias). He wanted to sound like he's saying something that hasn't been said all the time and make him look more like a gamer.

  14. @BatDan

    err, maybe that Megaman review pyramidhead made was another take on the IG?

  15. @Blaze
    After I recap his Resident Evil 5 review. When I did the initial posts I began to rush them out. They became sloppy and angry. It was around the Odyssey review that I calmed down and went into more detail with less cursing.

    Maybe. Either that or he never played a Metroid game, and he has no clue what he's talking about. Plus, the way he said "it's not like the original Castlevania games" it sounds like he has never heard of Metroidvania.

    It was. They were both under the title "Ticked Gamer" and were parodies of him.

  16. Of course Bores has never played a "Metroid" game. Remember when he said that "Goonies 2" sucks because there are no stages or levels to advance?

  17. Does Anyone here remembers FINBrutality, well he has kinda back, released a 4 part video on Bores ROB Video, you can saw them on his Dailymotion Page

    if this isnt bother you Dan

  18. @vnisanian2001
    He called Metroid one of his honorable mentions in his Top 5 NES Games video, but he only did that to make himself sound like a gamer. The other honorable mention was Ikari Warriors II, and I've heard that game isn't very good.

    Holy crap! He finally released it! Yaaaay.

  19. @Daniel

    "Ikari Warriors II", for the most part was more or less the same for both the NES and arcade, only instead of taking place in the jungle, it took place in outer space. That's probably why it wasn't good, and also why SNK took the third game into a completely different direction.

  20. @BatDan

    Yeah, and speaking of Ikari Warriors, do you noticed that in the past they were some companies that had a really inestable quality, in an awkward period in wich most of the games they released are not really good (SNK case - Ikari Warriors, Athena, Pshyco Soldiers, P.O.W.) yet every once in a while they made a gem? (Crystalis).

    and sometimes is the complete opposite, when they started great (SUNSOFT - Batman, Spy Hunter I & II, Blaster Master, Batman Return of the Joker, Journey to Silius, Gimmick), and onmly releasing a bad game every once in a while (Fester's quest and Zenomorph), but then they just make shit? (all the 16-bit SUNSOFT Games, SPECIALLY THE LOONEY TUNES GAMES, yaaackkk).

    isnt that strange?

  21. @vnisanian2001
    Ohh okay. Still, it's strange that he made a Top X List of NES games and didn't even reference Zelda.

    I think it depends on who is running the ship. Maybe Sunsoft got a new staff/president during the 16-bit era.
    During the PS2/GC/Xbox years, EA was seen as the Antichrist of Gaming, "ruining" franchises by buying out studios and releasing the same shit every year. When they got a new president things went a lot smoother, with a lot more original titles and a lot less dickhead decisions.

  22. Honestly, who complains about games not having passwords and cheat codes? As for the difficulty thing it would probably make sense if it was his first time playing the game, but he claims he remembers the nostalgia of it as a kid so... And really what's the point of doing a game review if you're going to use a cheat device throughout the whole presentation? There's really no point in complaining about the difficulty if you have infinite lives and infinite health. If anyone should be shot it's the guy who made the Mystique games.

  23. hey Batdan in to other matters, have you ever played online on Kega Fusion?

    im diying to play with someone online?

  24. Hey everybody, look what Bores typed on his facebook page:

    "Some people expect me to be nice with hatemail all the time. I do snap when people write me detailed, long YouTube messages about me like they know anything about me from watching a video or reading a blog. But frankly, I do NOT give a damn what your opinion is. Love me or hate me, as long as you watch my videos you are giving me money. Check fucking mate."!/profile.php?id=100000729062480&v=wall&ref=ts

  25. @ Irate Hater

    And that's why I don't watch his videos or I'm subscribed to him

  26. Hey Dan, I've just uploaded my first attempt at editing out all the pointless moments in one of Bores' reviews. I decided to do these in no particular order, because if I did every review from start to finish, I'll be doing this forever. Anyway here's the video:

    I'm open for suggestions and ideas for things that should also be removed or put back in.

  27. @Irate Hater
    I'm at facebook, but I can't find that message. I'm even logged in. I think he must have put it on friends only.

    Nice edit job there. I wonder what his pre remastered "Tekken 6" review would be like if all the pointless stuff removed? I guess it would be 5 seconds.

  28. @zonic94
    Excellent work. Sad how the only parts that can be seen as a review amount to under two and a half minutes.

    @Irate Hater
    Yes I've been told about this message multiple times. It proves that he only cares about money. The quality of his videos, his fans, criticism, he doesn't care. He just wants money.

    I can't think of a single moment in his Tekken 6 review that had a point other than "Next up, Tekken 6"

    I just watched Armake21's parody of terrible video game reviewers. Strange how the comments are calling it "every AVGN video" when I see more Irate Gamer in there. The terrible skill, the plagiarism, the dumbass complaints, the obvious lack of research.

  29. "Love me or hate me, as long as you watch my videos you are giving me money. Check fucking mate."

    Some Buddhist he turned out to be. Fat greedy materialist fuck.

    Also, like most other YouTube trolls, he sets up his account so his videos starts right when you enter his account. Which doesn't happen when you visit JamesNintendoNerd or Cinemassacre. Even more proof that Bores is just faking his Buddhism.

    Yeah, I went there. A real Buddhist wouldn't give a flying fuck about Kool-Aid flavours.

  30. @zonic94 Excellent job there! Id be cautious though. It might be "infringing" his copyright.

  31. @digiharrisom
    That's why I decided NOT to upload it onto YouTube (that and I don't think a video like that belongs on my YT account). I think it'll be safe on DailyMotion, no-one bothers to file false copyright claims on that site, it's more of a YouTube phenomenon.

  32. So he thinks he's all that just because he makes money on his videos, huh? Those pennies must really add up. This just goes to show that not only is he a money-grubbing, two-timing, uncaring and selfish prick, he's also having a hard time keeping track of his marbles. Way to show us the true you, Chris Boring!

  33. @zonic94: Oh so that's I saw the full version of on there instead of just a picture! Maybe more people should switch to Dailymotion instead of Youtube.

  34. sorry for disagreeing but Dailymotion sucks, im sorry but, they recently change the way they play the videos so that you Cant download videos anymore, (you can download the file, but is a Fake File, it doesnt play the actual video, tried to downloaded using Downloadhelper and Orbit, and is just a FakeFile with no video), and is not like they dont file complaints on video, but rather tehy dont listen to them, Trust me i know what im talking about, and their video player is laggy and buggy, and the quality is not really good, sorry guys but dailymotion was triying in 2007 to became the new youtube, and look what happened, just like Revver.

  35. @Gatuca
    If your having a problem with downloading, try using KeepVid.

    They do videos on DailyMotion quite decently.

  36. @Irate Hater

    Wow......I mean wow. I'm gonna be totally honest with you all. I was kinda giving him the benifit of the doubt back then thinking he could've been in it just for money and he acually liked it in a sense. But now that I know that I will NEVER give the man that benefit ever again. The little piece of repect I kinda had for the guy is gone. And i'm sure he always gets a funny feeling when he says "I'm making money off all this so I'm awesome! Let them hate! ha ha ha!" when he probably wouldnt even be making enough to pull a house payment?

  37. @Motherplayer
    At least when TheArchfiend bragged about getting money he had good reason. His videos were just him sitting in front of the camera giving his thoughts, nothing more nothing less. Occasionally he would do a special video where he would go outside or do pull-ups, but that's about it.

    With Bores, there's a process behind his videos. He does multiple takes, he scripts it out, he "plays" through the game, he puts on his stupid little costumes, etc etc. When he comes out and says "Meh, I don't care if my videos are good I just make money bitches", then that shows he doesn't care anymore.

    He's given up on trying to impress people. He doesn't want respect, he doesn't want criticism, he just doesn't care.

  38. I wish you'd stop saying he only makes pennies. It's really annoying, and wrong. A Youtube partner makes about $0.001 per view, more or less.

    His total upload views are 55,593,906 and his channel views are 7,736,622. Added together that's 63,330,528. Divided by ten: 6,333,052.8. Divided by 100: $63,330.52. That's about how much Chris has made since he joined.

    Chris joined YT 1210 days ago. Divided, that's $52.34 a day, more or less. That's quite a lot considering he only releases videos every couple of months, and they probably took 3 hours to throw together.

    You could also calculate it to $379.22 per video.

  39. @AVGNSucks

    That is quite depressing. It's as depressing as Family Guy being in its 9th season while Mission Hill was cancelled in the 13th episode

  40. @AVGNSucks
    Wow, I don't know what's sadder.
    That fact that you took time to calculate that, or that your opinion on the AVGN flip-flops so much.

  41. By the way: Has it yet been proven that the IG is not just displaying a very incredible display of stealth parody?
    (I'm sleepdeprived, bite me)

  42. By the way BatDan,do you know about NC-17? I discovered him through Asalieri's "Revieving a Reviewer" series and out of curiosity I saw his video about The Legend of Zelda. As you can read in my last comment on the previous post,I was pretty pissed off.

  43. @No Hay Nick Libre

    NC-17 is just your bog standard AVGN rip-off who just records a 10 minute play-though of a game while spouting F Bombs, if you want to see that done right, watch UrinatingTree.

    BTW, who is that guy in your profile pic?

  44. @Fattoler

    I guess you aren't familiar with Zero Punctuation. Is just a face that shows up in all his videos. If you ask me, he looks a bit like Rick Astley

  45. @No Hay Nick Libre

    That's where I saw it first and so I assumed you knew, by the way, I just bought an 33 RPM LP of Never Gonna Give You Up for a quid yesterday...

  46. @batdan

    Really, batdan? I just lost so much respect for you because of that comment. You made fun of me for taking 5 minutes to calculate that, but you have a blog dedicated to watching IG's videos and making fun of them.

    You know, one of the big things IG fanboys say is "You took the time to watch the video and make that comment" and all the AVGN fanboys turn around and say "that's a stupid comeback and only shows that you have no real counterargument"

    Also, all I was asking is for you to stop saying that, to make your blog better! If it has incorrect information on it, nobody is going to take the blog at all seriously!

  47. @AVGNsucks

    Really? Thats it? In all the years he's been there thats all he's managed to make on youtube? Not alot all things considered especially with him being a partner as well. Match him up with others and its still chump change.

  48. Yes I know of NC17, and he's a giant pile of shit. His Karate Kid video takes so many things from AVGN's video that it's astonishing. He doesn't even try to hide he's unoriginal.

    Pretty much, yeah. Considering that he's not even on the Top 100 Most Subscribed, and people like nigahiga probably get in paychecks with 4 digits.
    Plus, when Bores wastes money on rare items off eBay for his botched history lessons then it's really all for naught.

  49. @motherplayer

    I think that's quite a bit for the effort he puts into it. Think about it, he spends 3-4 hours making a video once every few months, has very few real fans, and still makes about $50 a day.

    Think about it, he could start releasing even crappier videos and he would continue doing great, if not get paid more. Even if his few fans left him, he still has all the haters. Very few haters are going to stop watching him. His videos are entertaining, just for the wrong reasons.

    Match him up with others? First of all, the majority of Youtube users aren't YT partners. So he's at least above all of them. Second, anyone above him probably releases videos once a week and spends several hours on each one.

    Comparing him to others is like comparing how much someone gets paid to be a mattress tester, to how much someone else who gets paid to build bridges.

  50. @Batdan

    Good job ignoring my comment.

    Buying rare items for his history lessons? How many rare items has he actually bought for his history lessons? I can think of the Odyssey, but that's not even that rare. Either way, as far as I know, he collects games and consoles. He may not be a gamer, but he could be a collector. So he may buy those things anyway.

  51. @BatDan

    Very true. For all the money he tends to spend on getting these things together the payoff sure is underwelming and thats kinda sad. Also hate to bring up the nerd for this but it must be said. James himself does also spend cash to get certain consoles or games for his reviews and he definately knew how to make the payoff for those things worth it. Heck he's even been lucky enough to get some goodies sent to him by fans like hotel mario or the very rare jack bros. which was covered pretty well considering it being a spur of the moment thing.

    @AVGN sucks

    I personally dont get the logic behind collecting something you seem to have little interest in other than making money off the idea if that was the case.

  52. Now that someone mentioned NC17, I wonder where he got the idea for this video from:

    What's also ironic, like the Bores, he too says "fustrating". XD

  53. I watched NC17's OOT review, and he dissed on "Majora's Mask". I'm sorry but I totally disagree. Of the five Zelda games I've played (the first three, OOT and MM), MM was the one I enjoyed the most. Nintendo deserves an award for trying something completely different (and executing it right, too) for that game, instead of just the typical "Save Zelda" plot.

  54. @Vicviper592
    Don't forget about something else NC17 stole from Bores. NC17 also deletes as many, if not more comments on his videos than Bores.

  55. @vnisanian2001

    That was what pissed me off the most about his video (I can't call it review)

  56. Wow a AVGN hater here in our midst?

    He'll make an awesome observational specimen for IG fanboy psychology.
    Now we'll all have a front row seat view of what make these people tick.


    Any Idea which youtube user this might be?

  57. @Anthony
    Don't get your hopes too high :/ He's just a troll, who, and I quote, "has dedicated his entire essence to oppose and refute this blog". Only unlike anon4488, who at least has facts and evidence to back up his claims, this one just brags on the whole "Anti-BatDan" thing and comes off as a Bores fanboy even in situations like this. I mean, come on - even IGfantards have to feel uncomfortable after hearing that fans and haters don't mean anything to him as long as he gets his money. So much for "Bores isn't into it just for the money" and "He loves his fans!"

  58. @Anthony

    AVGN sucks!


    Are you saying i don't give facts for my claims. Really, you're that stupid? First of all Second, my post where I calculated Bores's profit is a fact. Maybe, numbers aren't factual in your eyes.

  59. That's right! Visit AVGNSucks.blogstop to read things as intelligent as this:

    "The Karate Kid should be white, not black, and karate is not Kung-Fu!"

    Would you care to explain us,oh your omnipotence, why the Karate Kid can't be black?

  60. @AVGNSucks
    "First of all"
    BWAHAHA~! Yeah right...
    "Second, my post where I calculated Bores's profit is a fact. Maybe, numbers aren't factual in your eyes."
    And what exactly did it prove? He makes quite a lot of money? Good for him, doesn't excuse his Facebook statement, though. But you still get a point for that. And that Huh. Oh and keep saying "AVGN sucks!" more, 'cause that makes you look so much menacing ;/
    P.S. Seriously though, the reason why I don't take you seriously is because how blatantly obvious you are. Calling yourself AVGNSucks, ripping-off this blog and advertising it here (Hello!?) posting messages that either accuse James or praise Bores. Do you think anyone is going to take you seriously. *Yawn* Hate to agree with anon, but fanboys are truly the worst kind.
    @No Hay Nick Libre
    As much as I didn't like the remake, but if the "It's Kung Fu not Karate" thing was chanted to death, this is actually the first time I see someone having a problem with the color of the main character's skin. Way to go - Bores would be proud!

  61. By the way,look what I just found:

    Did you know about this,AVGNsucks?

  62. @Rick

    No No

    Don't react to him.

    You just give him shit for him to feed on.

    I mean why do we want to lower ours standards to IG-Fanboys-Can't-Think-For-SHIT level?

    Just ignore him (like the NOBODY he is) by not directly replying to his trolling and let's have a group discussion by ripping his pathetic arguments to shreds.
    Should be worth the extra laughs

    He desperately wants direct attention and reactions from us so let's NOT give it to him.(My guess is he didn't have any from his parents when he grew up... Tsk tsk Another tragic example of BAD Parenting).

    Also it's nice to have an antagonist to gang up on and make things interesting around here.
    It should also work in fav for strengthening the anti IG group.


  63. @Anthony
    Sorry about that, mate. Just hate when kids interject when grown-ups talk ^_^
    "Also it's nice to have an antagonist to gang up on and make things interesting around here." much as I like over-the-top-cheesy movie villains like M.Bison, who have only one hackneyed goal of taking over the world (Of Course!), but I wouldn't even think of considering our little troll here to be "the antagonist". An antagonist should be a rival to the hero - smart, cunning and relentless, not naive, pestering and predictable. He's more off a comic relief :)

  64. @No Hay Nick Libre

    Whoa! His posts are REALLY dumb!

  65. @rick: isn't what you are describing usually the hero's boss/superior?

  66. @lilmaibe
    Err...depends on the type of the movie we're talking about. If it's an action movie, where the hero is a soldier and his boss and mentor is a general (Say like in Rambo), then yes. But! I was referring to the kind off villains you would least suspect. Say, a character that was there since the beginning of the story and even acted as the hero's friend, but in the end for his own malignant purposes goes for a treason and reveals his true self :)

  67. It looks like Irate Gamer posted a link to an interesting article on his Facebook page. I'm guessing he didn't read it because the guy who wrote it is obviously parodying his braindead fans. Although it's possible that he's has an odd sense of humour about it.

    Facebook wall:


  68. I made a screen cap of the one where Bores "doesn't care about his opinions":

    Like I said before, so much for being "laid back and not using so much fowl language".

  69. @Irate Hater and Vic Viper

    I KNEW IT!
    He's a troll! He's a god-forsaken troll!
    And he get's paid for it?
    No, wait.
    Cheap. That's what I meant.

  70. In that message he talks about a blog. That means he knows about this blog. Hi Chris!

  71. Well,it appears busy street has made fun of you.

  72. that's not his real facebook account. His real facebook account does not accept friend requests I don't think.

  73. @vicviper592
    Finally, a high quality screenshot of that comment. Thanks.

    Good for me!

  74. @Charlotte
    I'm really starting to question the quality of that site. First they "review" Kickassia as if it wasn't a humorous 2nd Year Anniversary Spoof Series, but rather a serious Hollywood funded blockbuster, then they write that pseudo-list of reasons, why Bores is "a good reviewer" and now they just dedicate a whole article to Dan because...he mentioned them? I mean say what you want about ED, but at least those guys have the decency to nag and attack people who deserve it, while these It's a good thing you don't give a damn about those guys Dan. But wait...did you say that one of writers at that site was the guy who made The Forky Experiment? As in That Guy With The Bag? The one who kept making so-called "tributes" to his favorite reviewers and posting his stuff on TGWTG forums? If so, that actually explains a lot...

  75. @Charlotte

    Awwwww,how cute they think they are Encyclopedia Dramatica

  76. A many people on the net seem to think they are something different. It's bizarre...

  77. ED is evil in it's most basic form.

  78. When it comes to Internet Drama, it's the place I trust most. Oh,and don't hate me for this,but I actually laugh at some of the stuff there.Yeah,I like Dead Baby Comedy. I had to disable the images in my browser,though

  79. ...Huh. Daniel Hirsh, huh?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, BatDaniel Hirsh, but it looks like Busy Street got all your dox and curb-stomped you without you even realizing it.

    First, your Wordpress plans hilariously failed, with you returning here after that award-winning endeavor. Then, your promising plans at using private messages to humiliate Bores backfired because one of your own people is a complete and total idiot who actually faked a letter for "lawls" without realizing that it has put into question all the rest of the little messages you've reviewed.

    From there, AVGN Sucks showed how big those pennies are; you try to compare Bores to Nigahiga, but that's a weak rationalization because the bottom line here is that Bores is still making money thanks to you. And now here, you're part of some good ol' Internet drama. Tsk, tsk. SMH. So much for your short-lived success at going in the right direction of humiliating Bores, Mr. Hirsh. These trolls are even more effective at doing to you what you've been trying to do to Bores for over 200 articles, which is just sad.

    Also, LOL at your rank: "Button Masher". I hate to say it (well, not really), but you've dropped into Bores' level of failure once more.

  80. anoy4488, get off the internet, at once!

  81. @anon4488
    Having the fun of your life, eh? ;)
    I see that thanks to Sean Fausz discovering this site it has gained more attention and (negative) fame. And while Anon might admire their trolling I don't get what the guys are hoping to accomplish. Judging by their articles they don't "review" reviewers, they just outright insult them. And one can use the defense: "Well they're insulting the characters, not the people themselves", but one also can't overlook the hypocrisy. They accuse people of being fan boys and insult them for disagreeing with their opinion and yet they themselves make fun out of people, who just so happen to disagree with them (They themselves call Bores a piece of shit and constantly mock him here and there, but when describing Dan they say he has no life for dedicating a constructive and informative blog to Bores and his idiocy? Come on...)The fellas just want to become a new center of Internet drama; only a thousand plus haters, mostly negative feedback and minimum views and comments won't get them very far.

  82. I just saw Nostalgia Critic's review of The Flinstones Movie and I gotta say. Rick Moranis looks a lot like Film Brain in that movie.

  83. BTW: I'd like to ask for an advice (again, I'm sorry for this) related to being a reviewer: Can you review an animated version of an opera without tackling the opera's story itself?

  84. @lilmabie
    Well, I'd recommend doing some cursory research into the original opera before reviewing an animated adaptation of it.

  85. Website update:

    "Hey gamers. work on the next episode is coming along surely but slowly. As you know I'm gonna start producing everything in HD and so far its proving to be quite a challenge, but once I'm over that hurdle, long time fans should really enjoy this new episode.
    In the next 2 weeks I'll be putting together a contest for you guys to design a new irate gamer logo. I haven't worked out all the specifics and prizes yet, but just giving the heads up here just in case anyone wanted to get an early start on it."

    Considering his effects, it shouldn't be that much harder to render in HD.

    New Irate Gamer Logo. Of course Chris would get people to do his work for him.

  86. A new logo. What's wrong with your old one, it wasn't suitable for this "next level" you keep going on about?

    Also, what are the challenges of filming in HD? More space on Hard Drive, more time to render, seriously what's different?

    Yeah I can imagine he's going to pay someone to make his logo, none of his fans can draw.

    The fan art sucks, the "tributes" on deviantART are creepy, and DatBoiDrew isn't really a big fan, Chris just pays him to draw his shit.

    Also, who is going to see that message on his site before a video announcement? It's been proven that TheArchfiend gets more site traffic than The Irate Gamer.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. ^He might as well use that one, considering everything else he's stolen. Nice job!

  89. @BatDan
    His old logo isn't "irate" enough... or something.

    Though in all honesty, I kinda wished he did change his logo eventually since his old one's kinda... meh. So why not have someone else do the work for you?

  90. Nice review, as per usual, my friend.

    Also, just went through Phelous' "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories" review, and if you don't know, he made a reference to IG. At one point near the end, he appears in some get-up and announces "Silent Hill Shattered Memories is the perfect predecessor to the original!"

    Not sure if you saw it, just thought you'd get a laugh out of it.

  91. @Shaolin Dave
    Hmm, Barney Gumble what do you think?
    Barney: I like it!
    How about you JewWario?
    JewWario: I like it!
    There we go.

    Yeah that's true, his logo is rather generic.

    Thanks man. Haha yes I have seen Phelous' review of and I saw the IG reference. I thought that was awesome.
    I also saw his newest review of Pulse (the 2010 made-for-TV movie about zombies in a hospital).

    If I recall, the get-up was that blue shirt Bores tries to pass off as a uniform ("I don't rip-off the AVGN, that's why I'm wearing the exact same style of shirt he is only a different color!")

  92. Dan, JewWario has something else to say

    JewWario: Cameo!

    That is all from JW.

    Yeah, you see, I probably wouldn't have known that since i only watch bits of his videos when you point out a bit I go to watch like in the GnG review. I gotta tell you, refusing to watch his stuff makes keeping up with Third Rate Gamer REALLY hard!

    I used to have NO fucking clue what was up with the girlfriend joke in The Lion King review.

    Then again, is it...worth watching his stuff to "get" one or two jokes? I submit that it is not.

  93. A new logo, eh? I wonder if that also means a new intro and theme music which ISN'T taken from a public domain website...

    Anyway here's my second attempt at editing the Bores' reviews, as a thank you for the positive feedback I got for the Aladdin review edit:


  94. First: thanks for the advice, BatDan. :)

    Second: HD? Why? Just...why? There's nothing to justify that.

  95. BatDan,did you ever made a recap for his History of Videogames first video? I'm searching everywhere and I don't find it

  96. @Artimus
    At times I feel like making a reference guide for videos like Third-Rate Gamer, so people don't have to torture themselves to get the jokes.

    To everyone else: Is this a good idea?

    Great job zonic. His reviews do get a little better once you remove the filler.

    I doubt HD would make a difference. If he decides to play the games on an HDTV, it would only make them look worse. Of course, he always uses emulators so that won't matter.

    @No Hay Nick Libre Don't worry, eventually it will get an update (I'm ending the redux recaps around this point).

  97. @BatDan

    About the joke guide: It's a good idea,thet way people won't have to watch IG's videos to get the jokes.

    About HD: AVGN made a HD review once and didn't look bad.

  98. Exactly what i meant.
    I mean, if he'd have the skills to create neat effects at least and decide to completely move from retro-games to new ones, then there might be a reason... But like it is atm? Guess he's just doing it because it's en vogue, more or less.
    Well, what can we expect therefore? Longer vids, longer 'waiting time' and less of actual gameplay.

  99. @BatDan
    The weird part is when I edit out everything, I don't feel like I'm watching a Bores review anymore, I feel like I'm watching a long lost NAViGaTR review or something.

  100. Anyone see the update on IG website? He is gonna start a contest for his "fans" to design a new logo. Someone who is better at using Photoshop or Gimp than I am needs to make a logo for IG thats an exact copy of the AVGN logo.

  101. @Chris

    Yea, if you read the comments someone already said something about it.

    I'm going to attempt that, right now. I'll come back later if it's half decent

  102. OK guys. I just finished the new Irate Gamer logo. I made it, but when IG starts up this contest, everyone should send it in (but, if you do that, make sure you rename it so he doesn't know which ones not to look at ;) ).

  103. Nice job slow.Holy crap it just take you two minutes?

  104. @No Hay Nick Libre

    Thanks. But, it took me longer than two minutes. What happened was, I typed my first comment and hit post, then I minimized it and started work on the picture. After I finished and uploaded it, I came back and noticed that I forgot to type the captcha code so it didn't post until I was done with the photo.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Think about it, if every one of Batdan's followers sends a fake logo one time each, Bores would get 86 fake emails for every 3 real emails!

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. @Zonic94
    I have a challenge for Chris Bores:

    For his next episode of "The Irate Gamer Show", create a storyline in which Little Cousin Joey gets raped.

    Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Little Cousin Joey fending off his attacker, at the risk of being murdered.

    It needs fleshing out, no pun intended, but I guarantee that everyone, even the biggest Irate Gamer fans would be shocked, stunned, and moved at the efforts to make his show more watchable.

    I love to hate on the Irate Gamer, but it's about time he did so shocking and unexpected for a change.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. @ vnisanian2001

    I crack up everytime I listen to navgtr say that. I just keep looping it and I laugh like crazy!

    What was he THINKING?

  111. Whoa, IG changed the homepage site layout a little.

    It looks like he was going for two things: one, to make the homepage look like the others (navigator bar on top) and two, to make the "Advertise on" more visible.

    Maybe he'll update the fan art soon! And maybe, just maybe, he'll include mine!

  112. I wonder how is gonna be the quality of his fan art.The one that is right now is really shitty. Maybe he includes the pictures that psycho kid draw of him killing The Archfiend and such

  113. IG changed his website layout? Hadn't noticed.

    You know, he really needs to change the layout entirely. That design's been around what? Four years? It looks old, terribly generic, and I fear the possibility of the damn site CRASHING MY BROWSER whenever I try to get in. I'm not joking - there were times when that would actually happen. Although admittedly... not as much as before.

    If web design isn't Bores' thing, he should adopt a blog-style set-up. He can post updates more quickly, it'd get a much cleaner look, and people can comment on some of the various updates... um, then again, Bores might not like that last part.

    But yeah, website needs an overhaul... and a purpose. Sometimes I think he added one as an afterthought.

  114. @dtm666

    I actually like the site design. I don't think it looks generic or old and it's never crashed my browser.

    The thing with generic now, is that, what was generic before, everybody stopped using, so now it's no longer generic.

  115. @Slow
    Different tastes, I suppose.

  116. Who really cares? All I want to know about now is what the next episode is about, please let it be the return of the Genie!

  117. @slow

    Sorry man, I kinda glazed over the other guys commenting on that. Thats what I get for trying to read 100+ posts after a long night at work. Cool work on the logo, I like it.

    Perhaps you should see if he'd change the name of his "company" from Y2B to CineMurder.

    Oh, and one good thing about his site I will say, it loads a hell of a lot faster than Though he has a lot less content on his site than James as well, not to mention James runs his own server for his site out of his house.

  118. I don't like his site. It looks like it's made in Geocities.

  119. @No Hay Nick Libre

    That's because it's made in Microsoft Word. And he uses .bmps are pictures.

    Here's a hint to *anyone* who wants to start their own website but has no webdesign experience: Install Wordpress. Makes your life a lot easier.

  120. Case in point: is Wordpress.

  121. Why are we talking about a website just about nobody visits?

  122. Has anyone noticed how bad Chris writes on his Youtube account & on his website? You would think that he would spend a little more effort to make sure his writing is correct...

  123. anonymous4488, will you stop acting like you're a form of authority here? You're not. You hear me? YOU'RE NOT!

  124. You know, he probably wouldn't care since he's only in this for the money, but I wonder what would happen if someone decided to pay to have AVGN's logo in IG's advertising space.

    It's only 25 dollars per month. If someone decided to get a quick group together donating 1 dollar each, it wouldn't be that hard.

    I know some people would shoot down this idea as it gives him money, but it's not like we care. He makes money either way, he's going to continue either way. I doubt an extra 25 dollars is going to push him further.

    Actually, instead of the AVGN logo, we could have an ad for this blog. But he probably wouldn't stand for that, but it might be worth a shot if anyone wants to do it.

  125. I find it funny how anon4488 is gung-ho about humiliating me because some losers that aren't good enough for ED made an article that "exposed" me and signed me up for harmless sites.

    "Hurrr, we're signing him up to We are good trolls hurrr!"

  126. "I find it funny how anon4488 is gung-ho about humiliating me because some losers that aren't good enough for ED made an article that "exposed" me and signed me up for harmless sites."

    I find it funny that you deleted my comment while supposedly mocking me. What are you afraid of? You're twenty years old, and you have a high school AVGN ripoff club. If it's not embarrassing, then show it to the whole world!

    AIM: BatDanNG
    Xbox Live: BatDanNight

  127. @Slow

    I care. I won't give him money even if it's to ridiculize him. Actually,that reminds me a post James Rolfe made in Cinemassacre about an ad for Scientology that some fans asked him about. He said he doesn't want that stuff in his site and pulled it off

  128. @No Hay Nick Libre

    We all give him money, just indirectly. We watch his show. If you don't watch his show, that's fine, but it's still feasible for all of us.

    As AVGNSucks said, he makes about 50 dollars a day from haters, what's the difference if he makes 75 dollars for just one day and has a month of humility.

    About the James Rolfe thing, the difference is James cares about his fans. Chris is in it just for the money. It's possible.


    Whoa, at the 4 things you posted, those look like obvious. It couldn't be too hard to find them as all but one directly say "BatDan" in them.

  129. For context, here's a recreation of the original comment that was baaawleeted.

    "For those who don't go to Highland Park High School, this a review show about video games that I, Daniel Hirsh, have created. I analyze video games and give the game a score that it deserves."

    LMAO. Wow... Hey, Hirsh. If you're any good (since you have this high and mighty take on Bores), then show us some of your high school videos. The Nostalgia Critic did it. AVGN did it. Hell, even Chris Bores still has that Haunted Investigators thing lying around. Come on. We want to know what _your_ idea of quality is.

  130. "Whoa, at the 4 things you posted, those look like obvious. It couldn't be too hard to find them as all but one directly say "BatDan" in them."

    Oooh, burn. You sure got me, Slow. And if you hadn't created the TooSlowGamer show, that would've hurt.

  131. @anon4488

    I wasn't "burning" you. It was a comeback in the slightest. I was just pointing out that posting those names may not effect him as much as say, his home address.

    I wasn't insulting you or making fun of you in the slightest.

    What does my TooSlowGamer show have to do with that? The difference is, I stopped that a while ago, and so did BatDan.

  132. Wow, posting my e-mail address and messengers. Yes, you sure burned me by reposting info that I voluntarily put up on the Internet. Woooo.

    Logic is dead.

  133. This is your answer...

    "Wow, posting my e-mail address and messengers. Yes, you sure burned me by reposting info that I voluntarily put up on the Internet. Woooo."

    to this...

    "If you're any good (since you have this high and mighty take on Bores), then show us some of your high school videos."

    Yep, logic sure is dead.

  134. "What does my TooSlowGamer show have to do with that? The difference is, I stopped that a while ago, and so did BatDan."

    Hear that, Hirsch? You're two of a kind.

  135. Hey kid, I don't care. Have fun knowing my full name, I'm sure it will enrich your life and give you happiness.

  136. I take your feigned apathy and raise you to a Facebook group.

    Hmmm... not as many Irate Gamer haters protecting you now, eh, Hirsh? Must be because they're thinking, "Eh? This is our proud leader? Another AVGN ripoff?"

  137. @Anon4488

    What the heck man?

    It's one thing to troll on the internet, and it's another to bring real life into it. You're getting a bit too close to crossing the line.

    The videos that BatDan made, aren't being shown because maybe he thinks they aren't good, maybe he is embarrassed by them. Who cares? If Chris Bores took down his videos, we can't make fun of them. Making a crappy video is nothing, releasing it is something.

    It's like bashing an unreleased game. And, since I'm already an AVGN fanboy in your eyes from liking him better than IG, I might as well quote him. "Even though it pisses me off, I can't really complain because this game was never released. It's like someone took a shit and buried it and someone else decided to dig it up."

  138. Can we all stop this comment shit now? I mean, isn't the point of this blog to show how crap Chris Bores is at making videos, and not to just be dicks to each other?

  139. @Anon

    "Durr hurr hurr I found out his name and some videos he did despite him not acually putting them out and that makes me awesome on the internet."

    Thats all I hear

  140. @Stupid Sexy Scout

    Oh,don't worry,you'll get used to it

  141. @Stupid Sexy Scout

    As much as we would like that someone insist on being an ass all the time.

  142. "Durr hurr hurr I found out his name and some videos he did despite him not acually putting them out and that makes me awesome on the internet."

    I missed the part where I'm supposed to take this little kid barely out of high school who's waaaaaay too obsessed with Bores seriously.

    It's like taking Game Dude seriously when he starts making blogs against the Angry Video Game Nerd or any of the Let's Play brats dissing the Irate Gamer. You don't.

    Hell, a lot of the regulars that used to post here don't even post here now. Any guesses why?

  143. Again, I don't care. I don't use Facebook anymore, I stopped using it years ago.

    If your opinion of me is going to change because some losers posted some info about me because I had the audacity to MENTION THEY EXISTED (the horror!) then be my guest.

    Have fun.

  144. @anon4488

    What does age or even the person have to do with taking him seriously? Just look at the blog. Right there is valid points, that's why you should take him seriously.

  145. "If your opinion of me is going to change because some losers posted some info about me because I had the audacity to MENTION THEY EXISTED (the horror!) then be my guest."

    ...And now for something completely different:

    P.S., Time to "Grow the Beard" and prove me wrong, Hirsch. Looking forward to your failure or win, whichever comes first. I'll be watching. ^_~

  146. "What does age or even the person have to do with taking him seriously? Just look at the blog. Right there is valid points, that's why you should take him seriously."

    If it were Game Dude who was making this blog, will you take it seriously?

  147. Now that we are off topic, don't you hate those guys in Youtube that post commentes like " X people missed the like button" and such. God they're annoying.

    Here's a funny Youtube Poop:


    Wow that guy has some nice pictures

  148. Okay TWO questions
    1. Slow are you this stupid to acctually start arguing with Anon again>
    2. Anon what are you trying to gain by trolling this blog?

  149. @ No Hay Nick Libre

    Not as bad as people who say "Did x person die?" And yes I agree. Those are some nice pictures

  150. "Anon what are you trying to gain by trolling this blog?"

    Less fail, more Bores bashing. This was undoubtedly fail.

    I posted this a few months ago, so you might have missed it. Here's a repost of the things Daniel needs to improve upon:

    1. Get a sense of humor. Irony is funny.

    2. Stop stealing jokes from others to complain about people who steal jokes.

    3. Don't do anything that can be used against you.

    4. Research about games before criticizing someone who doesn't know about games.

    5. If it's a boring IG video, don't bother posting an entry. It's pointless.

    So far he's broken rules... well, all of them (especially number three, as illustrated above).

    Most of his "wins" against Bores came from the contributing haters (Archfiend, MatthewErich, that email thing from nuclear...), and most of his failures can solely be blamed on him.

    Besides which, I'm objective. I object to everyone and everything. ^_~

  151. Ahem.. I don't want to get in the way of the comment wars so i will just say what i wanted a long time ago.

    Chris going HD

    I don't know how many softwares (and which) he is using, but let's take sony vegas for example, all you have to do is to set the project ratio or something to a specific number and all the project becomes HD. You can also crop the video/picture to 16:9. Sony Vegas is not the most difficult program to use, neither is it the most easiest one, but how could it be that hard to make HD videos in other softwares? (It's a question to any video editing software users).

    Of course it chops some of the video/picture, but not that much, he could add some of his effects to cover the black parts while showing game footage that is not HD (if you know what i mean). And shoot everything else with a HD camera. Also he is using greenscreen a lot so he can easily 'post' himself anywhere he wants by using a normal camera.

    Sorry for some typos

  152. He should use HD for his Neo videos, since the games he reviews there are usually HD,and stick with the standard format in his regular videos.

    Well, it's cool this way.Switching to HD means more wait between episodes,and that means more pissed fanboys unsubscribing to him.

  153. BatDan if you hate Busy Street so much, WHY THE HELL are you commenting on there posts so much? Renember a few months ago Anon showed up and you constantly said ignore him so maybe he will go... oh wait. What I mean is just IGNORE Busy Street forget about them don't walk into there turf and stur up trouble.

  154. I am ignoring them.

    *looks at BusyStreet comments*
    Unless you mean that fake BatDanNight that's stirring up trouble for some reason. I have no idea who that guy is, obviously he wants to make me look bad.

    FYI, my WordPress account is "BatDanKnight" with a K.
    So whoever is posting at BusyStreet, that's not me.

  155. Who's ready from some IG fan art from our good friend Chotetsumaru?

    I can hear you puking from my house

  156. "Who's ready from some IG fan art from our good friend Chotetsumaru?"

    It's a... Japanese fan of the Irate Gamer?

    That poor, deluded man!

  157. ...Nope, wait, checked out the actual eye rape front page of the guy. False alarm, it's just a weaboo... right? I kind of closed the tab almost as soon as it appeared. Did see "United States" there, though, so he could be American Asian, full fanboy for all I know.

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. What is this?

    Daniel, just stop. You're fooling nobody.

  160. Well, whoever is framing me was dumb enough to use an e-mail address I stopped using ages ago.

    I only use that for MSN Messenger.

  161. @Shaolin Dave

    Let's do it! If we can get 25 people to donate a dollar each, it'd be simple and easy. Think about it. We should do it for April, it'd be a pretty epic April Fools Day joke.

    Plus, whenever someone confronts IG on it he can say "Durr Hurr! I don't care, it gets me more money!"

    It's win-win.


  163. ""

    Then explain update update!

    ...Wow. Don't you just wish it was Bores who did this instead of, um, "fake" Batdan?

  164. Hey, updated news on his Irate Gamer Website:

    Next Episode Update
    Hey gamers (10% of you ages 2-12 that like me, 90% of you ages 13+ that hate me but follow because I can't take a hint) work on the next episode is coming along surely but slowly (because you're too busy doing other things like making sock accounts to increase your subscriptions and viewers and jerking off while you watch James Rolfe). As you know I'm gonna start producing everything in HD and so far its proving to be quite a challenge (again because you have no skill so you try to think of how you can ripoff James Rolfe without anyone noticing), but once I'm over that hurdle, long time fans should really enjoy this new episode (just like you said about all your other ones and they just continue to be the same crap).
    In the next 2 weeks I'll be putting together a contest for you guys to design a new irate gamer logo (I wonder how he will con his fans on this one?). I haven't worked out all the specifics and prizes yet, but just giving the heads up here just in case anyone wanted to get an early start on it (yeah right, none of your true fans know how to do graphic art, the only ones that follow you that are good at graphic art are just going to make fun of you in their logos like this:

  165. @anon4488

    Whoa, I went to that link and I see someone used one of my usernames for something? Why is that on there?

    WTF? I'm very confused as to what i even going on, and now I find that someone is using my username for something?


  166. "WTF? I'm very confused as to what i even going on, and now I find that someone is using my username for something?"

    LOL. Sorry, for laughing, Slow... it's just that the wording of your phrase reminded me of that old 4chan meme.

    "I am 12, and what is this?"

    Or in your case, 15, but you get the idea.

  167. "Hey, updated news on his Irate Gamer Website:"

    Ugh. The Bore is taking so long to post, even his _haters_ are doing all sorts of stupid, stupid things in his absence.

  168. Please tell me what is going on right now? Make fun of me all you want, but just explain what's going on!

  169. Why did IG refer to his viewers as gamers ("hey gamers" and his E3 videos)?

    I mean, it's not like you have to be a gamer to watch IG or even AVGN, but none of IG's fans are even real gamers. If they were, they'd see that he made fun of Contra, SMB2, Tetris, Ghost n' Goblins, Q Bert, Aladdin, Kool Aid Man, Yo Noid, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors and realize his show is stupid.

  170. "Please tell me what is going on right now? Make fun of me all you want, but just explain what's going on!"

    I don't know. I don't have enough information on this event. I'm as much in the dark as you. Maybe Batdan can shed some light into this.

    If we are to believe that he really is being framed (which, and I'm sure you know why, I sincerely doubt), what the _hell_ did you do to piss off someone enough to "frame" you? Or, hell, why did Busy Street suddenly have a vendetta against you in the first place?

    Alternately, I daresay Batdan dun goofed. Badly. There's no smoke without fire, after all.

  171. @anon4488

    I'm way more in the dark. What is someone framing BatDan of doing? What are you trying to "expose" BatDan of? I don't even know how BusyStreet even fits into all of this.

  172. "I'm way more in the dark. What is someone framing BatDan of doing? What are you trying to "expose" BatDan of?"

    Are you serious?

    Read the post. Come back when you're done. If you're still confused, then just complain about Bores some more, because this topic is way too complicated for you to grasp.

  173. I've read all the posts on this comment page. I'm not going to go back and read the entire history between you and BatDan.

    Or are you talking about the post you linked to. I've read that, too. My question is, is that post by you, or is it by someone else?

  174. "Or are you talking about the post you linked to. I've read that, too. My question is, is that post by you, or is it by someone else?"

    Let's get that posted link first...

    See "" thing there? That's what's being talked about. No, I don't post articles on and I'm not the author of that post, although I did share some of their "discoveries" on Batdan via this comment page (Video Game Gurus, LOL).

    Do you understand now or do you want a flowchart and graphs next?

  175. I think I understand what's going on now.

    Someone is accusing BatDan of... posting a comment on BusyStreet? What's wrong with that? Is it just because he said he wasn't posting comments on there?

    Also, why is BatDan or the person who's framing BatDan using my screen name for a sockpuppet account to make a comment linking to this blog?

    If someone used my TooSlowGamer name, that would require them to know about my fake messages. So it could be BatDan, but it could also be another person who comments on this blog.


  176. "IT COULD BE ANON4488!"

    Proof or it didn't happen. Also, quite a lot of people saw the fake message thing. Although nice try on getting back on me for exposing you as TooSlowGamer.


    You're acting like childs and IG fanboys, maybe even worse. What's the point of this?! If anon4488 is trying to be a moron, let him be! Ignore him, damn it.

    Sorry, i snapped, but this is getting ridiculious..

  178. "Sorry, i snapped, but this is getting ridiculious.."

    Speaking of _ridiculous_, here's an update that, surprisingly enough, addresses Slow's very complaints.

  179. Fuck,I go to sleep and all the drama kicks in. I'm still thinking Busy Street is ED without Goatse and with a huge ego.

    About Chotetsumaru : He's a weeaboo of epic proportions. Fun fact: He's 22

  180. You know anon, if you went though BatDan's blogs and pointed out all that was wrong with them, and quoted the parts you didn't like (You know, like a proper critic) rather than kicking up a huge amount of drama and mud slinging we would probably think of you as a nicer person.

  181. ^ He tried to,and registered a blog called BatdanFails in blogspot,but it's deleted now. I discovered this by searching his name in google. But maybe it's not him

  182. Fucking hell. This is what happens when Bores doesn't release videos, people go crazy.

    Agreed, that's why I'm ignoring him 98% of the time.

  183. "He tried to,and registered a blog called BatdanFails in blogspot,but it's deleted now."

    LOLwut? I did what now?

    *Googles just that*

    ...People sure love to jump to conclusions and accuse me of things. As per usual, I would like proof that it's me doing these things. Or perhaps this is what I do when I sleepwalk? LOL, you guys are hilarious as always.

    "Fucking hell. This is what happens when Bores doesn't release videos, people go crazy."

    Hmmm? The humiliated one says what?

    This was a more thorough bludgeoning of you than even I could have ever done. All I did is point it out; no more, no less. You sure pissed people off, Daniel. I daresay that "someone" has dun goofed.

  184. "You know anon, if you went though BatDan's blogs and pointed out all that was wrong with them, and quoted the parts you didn't like (You know, like a proper critic) rather than kicking up a huge amount of drama and mud slinging we would probably think of you as a nicer person."

    I'm not here to be a nice person, your argument is invalid.

  185. Hell even in game like Metal Slug they have you fight previous bosses, and it's glorious! Look at Metal Slug 3's final mission where you fight the Stage 2 boss and the final boss from Metal Slug 1, then the last two bosses from Metal Slug 2 but all having a new twist (First being piloted by Pvt Allen and being on an aerial stage, the second having a Gun Turret nearby, and the last two being on a Space stage).

    I just pray that Bores never decides to review Metal Slug.

  186. @The House of C.R.P.
    Haha, that would require Bores knowing what Metal Slug is, or Neo Geo, or SNK.

  187. @BatDan
    I pray that he doesn't decide to review them via Anthologies. He would complain about it being a rip off of Contra, that the Vehicles can only take three hits, then when he gets to Metal Slug 2, he would bitch the moment that the Mummies make their appearance.