Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Late Video About The New 360

During Microsoft’s disastrous press conference at E3 2010 they announced a new Xbox 360 design. While this wasn’t exactly new thanks to Internet leaks, the shocking part was that they pulled a Sega Saturn and revealed it would be in stores this very week (plus MS went all Oprah and gave everyone attending the new 360 for free).

Hearing about this, Chris Bores decided to compare the two for the Internet… four months later. Seriously, there was probably 30 articles and 14 videos within the week it came out, I don’t see how this will help people. Let’s get this out of the way then, here’s IG’s Xbox 360 Comparsion video.

0:01 - 0:15: We start with a cold opening with Bores saying that “some of us” might have noticed a new Xbox 360 out. I’ve always hated that condescending tone, thinking that the people watching his videos are morons. Oh wait, he does think that.

Intro: Like the regular show, IG Neo also has a new intro. The logo appears over a space backdrop and that’s it. Once again no theme song. Like the other new logo, this one is bland and lazy.

0:21 - 0:28: “The new Xbox 360’s are out” Yes, they have been out since June. “The first thing you’ll notice is that the console is now black” Black 360s have been around for 3 years, you just had to upgrade to the Elite model.

0:28 - 0:38: He mentions how it’s smaller and there are two major upgrades. The first is that it runs quieter than the original. Can you explain how this helps other than being noisy?

0:39 - 0:42: The second is an input for Kinect. Oh wait, I mean “Kinnetics”. Seriously? You got the name wrong! It’s not “Kinnetics” it’s Kinect. You were at E3, why didn’t you notice this? It’s like how people call it the Wii Remote IN FRONT OF HIM and he still calls it the Wii Joystick. He seems to think he’s always right no matter what the facts say.

0:43 - 0:47: “And thirdly…” Stop! Earlier you said there were “two” upgrades. Now you’re adding a third one. Plot holes make everything better!
Oh yeah the third upgrade. The new model runs off its own wi-fi, apparently it does this through radar circles.

0:48 - 0:56: He tells us the reason he stopped playing his 360 is because it didn’t have Wi-Fi, but the PS3 did. Actually, there were two ways to get online. You could connect your 360 to your computer, or you could buy a little dongly device for $100 dollars. Don’t pretend it’s too expensive, I’ve seen the shit you bought.
If you really did care about going online that much, you could have done research on this. Oh wait, research is for losers.

0:57 - 1:09: However, Bores claims he feels gypped because he still has to pay a subscription fee to play online.
I never understood why people complained about this so much. It’s just one $60 dollar (used to be $50, thank you Activision) fee for an entire year. You can hold off buying that brand new game in order to renew your account. It just seems like ammunition from Sony fanboys.

1:10 - 1:39: He then goes to the subject of data transfer as he recycles that scene from his Odyssey video where he has trouble with the connection cables. You can’t even call it a running gag, because there’s no humor to it. He goes on complain about needing a transfer cable for $20 dollars. *gasps* Oh the horror. Suck it up!
The way he’s bashing the 360 it doesn’t surprise me that his little fans are Sony fan boys *cough* AnarchyBalsac *cough*
“What a bunch of BS” Bullshit Bores, you‘re 31 years old. LadyBuggin won’t get the soap if you say bullshit.

1:40 - 1:57: IG’s verdict is no. Unless you want to play Kinect (I refuse to use his retard word) or need a Wi-Fi console (dongly thing Chris) then you’re wasting money.
You don’t seem aware of the Red Ring of Death Chris, or the 360’s many other problems. What if someone got the Red Ring and their system was out of warranty? They’d get this new one which greatly reduces the chance of that happening. My 360 won’t work, the video card is busted. Because it’s out of warranty, I’m looking to get a new one.

You’re forgetting the 360 breaks easily!

1:58 - 2:18: Bores leaves us with one last thought (not addressing any of the technical issues, shocking). He says the old 360 came with a card for a free month of Live, the new one doesn’t. So? You still get the free month. So what if you don’t get a card to tell you this? Are you that stupid?

The video ends with bonus bloopers that weren’t in the GotGame version. Don’t care, video is over.

Just a generic, boring video from IG. Some major mistakes as usual, but overall it just put me to sleep. Still, doing nothing to address technical issues is a big problem. Then again he always overlooks that, like neglecting to mention battery life in that handheld Famiclone that Think Geek doesn’t sell anymore. No really, check their site, they don’t sell that model anymore.

Since this video wasn’t as painful as the Spot one, I’ll get the next recap out a little faster.


  1. I'm planning to get the new 360 as well. I'm sick of the prehistoric model I own always getting the RROD and being unable to read my discs.

  2. The new spacey IG Neo screen reminds me of the Mac OS intro the first time you turn it on.
    Isn't it also possible to transfer your game saves with a thumb drive? Don't know since I don't have my Xbox 360 anymore. Also, "Game on" is a nice line to say when you're shown turning the Xbox off.

  3. Game On?

    Wwwwhyyyyyyyyyyyy do i have the impression that he stole that line? :P

  4. Batdan, someone is saying that "batdanm" (note the m) account on YouTube is not you, meaning he is another person who got mad at reading your blog because he likes taking the piss by insulting the IG haters.

    To clarify, are you batdanm or not? Because he also is subscribed to JamesNintendoNerd and gooligymoo (who does the Mediocre Gamer parodies). And it may be a coincidence, but he's also from the same state as you.

  5. That's not me. That's someone impersonating me and white-knighting Bores. It's the same person that was spamming a while back.

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  7. @BatDan

    Well I have a comment on paying for a online. It is a big deal to me since I paid a 60 dollar for a game. That means I should have FULL acess for what the game offers. So online play feature should be included with the 60 dollar purhase.

    If you pay for online then that means you "renting" a feature of a game that you already paid for.

    Batdan I a big fan, but I have to give you a insight why people don't like paying for online, one of the reasons is what I mention above.

    Its like buying a pair of shoes and then paying $5 a Month just show you can use them.

    I don't want to sound harsh, and I sorry if I sound like a troll or a fanboy. But I just like to address the issue.

    Also with the new reduces the chance of RROD, not remove it. For me its still not worth the purhase if it "Reduces the chance of RROD"

    Also I find funny that not many people realize MS is actually making their 360 easily breakable on purpose because they make more money when people foolishly replace their old unit when their warrently is over.

    My friend is on his third 360 as we speak and he is getting the new one by the end of next month. I will not pity him if it breaks down on him.

  8. How does he keep getting these names wrong? It's staggering to see just how he manages to keep fucking it up. I know I shouldn't expect much from him, but Jesus Christ Chris, this is just embarrassing.

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  10. I cannot stand console fanboys, especially 360 fanboys. I mean I really do like the 360. It has very good games, and a very good online.(Actually I don't have one but I have played it enough to want one), but fanboys fail to realize that every console has its flaws. And the 360's is the fact that it breaks....very easily.

    Thats the one thing that makes me hesitate buying a 360. But before people label me as a fanboy of one of the consoles, I am going to list my likes and dislikes about the other consoles.

    Wii-Terrible 3rd party support, small amount of memory, and not as good WiFi. Most of the good games on the Wii are by Nintendo's first party developers. (except Dokapon kingdom, that game kicks ass!)And the Virtual console is very good.

    PS3-Terrible, terrible pricing. I don't CARE if Blue Ray is High Definition, all it did was shoot the price of the PS3 up through the roof. Most of its games can be found on the PC or 360 for lower prices. It does have its share of really good games though.

    Every console has its strengths and weaknesses. But people don't seem to GET this. I personally think most consoles of today aren't as good as consoles of the past. But thats just me.

    Good Recap as always Dan

  11. I didn't know batdan was a 360 fanboy... that sucks.

  12. @Monticrystal
    I see... I guess I've just accepted that gaming is an expensive hobby. I mean, I spent over $500 dollars on Rock Band (1 & 2) before quitting. Maybe I'm just used to it by now?

    Exactly. I like all three consoles equally, but they all have their flaws. The sooner people accept this the better.

  13. Isn't it cute when kids pretend they know things? Except Bores isn't a kid and has supposedly been a console junkie for the vast majority of his life.

  14. @Batdan

    A little advice from a fellow gamer. Just because gaming is an expensive hobby doesnt mean you have to make it expensive. Like I rent new release games for a week just enough to get my full. Then I just wait until that game has a price drop. All the games I got was for $20. I Save over $200 that way.

    @Shaolin Dave

    That the reason why MS is a very smart company. They know how play and control with their customers into buying more of there stuff. They rival Apple with there Iphones and Ipads.

  15. Can we just get over fanboyisim, and I mean this not only in the Console department but in just about everything, I mean when did it become bad to like both sides of the competition, I blame Coke vs. Pepsi, no, I blame the 'sportification' of modern society.

    Seriously, everything in the news these days is a 'race' or a 'contest' and of course the console market today is known as the console 'war'. By creating 'winners' and 'losers' we force people to take 'sides'. I truly believe humanity will enter a golden age if they learn to accept that life isn't a competition all the damn time. That is NOT to say you can't criticise a product or person, but just because you had a Dreamcast doesn't mean you had to defend it's 'season record' and whine loudly about the PS2 and Gamecube.

    *Rant Over* This review was dull and didn't really tell me anything new.

  16. @fattoler

    We were having a mature disccusion until your little rant of yours. There was not any mention of any system of being better. We are just pointing out flaws of all systems, hence treating all of them equal. There fore not taking sides.

    That is the problem no in days, when people can't tell the difference between fanboyish and actually having a conversation.

  17. I know there is something I dislike about irategamer's donkey kong country returns video, but I don't know what. I will check "Irate gamer still sucks"'s video and find out.

  18. @BatDan, Okay thanks for clearing the identities, man. I was confused because the impostor goes to Highwood IL and you, well, are from IL. And he has the Facebook page to prove it.!/group.php?gid=2351348291&v=wall
    (read the first set of posts, it's hilarious)

  19. Ohhh dear.
    I quit Facebook years ago. That was a group I started in High School because I did a show for the morning announcements (they played on a TV).

    In fact, the only comment that isn't from morbidchid and Janelle Johnson is from an old friend and it was written 3 years ago (see the timestamp).

    batdanm just used the picture and old info for his account.

  20. @BatDan wow, he's really going out of the way to pretend he's you (when he's not going in diatribes about avgn).

    Anyways, I want to love the Xbox 360. My opinion of the platform is, great games, shitty hardware (my opinion about the new 360 is still withheld). It's like Microsoft took the concept of planned obsolesence and run it into the ground with these hardware problems.

    I have a PS3 now but plan to get a 360 again sometime, when my job picks up. Gaming really is an expensive hobby, but again I also DJ as a hobby so who am I to talk :P

  21. @Monticrystal

    Did I accuse you of being fanboys?

  22. @BigStoneRocks

    Can you really blame him for wanting to be as awesome as Dan, here?


    Is this Janelle Johnson real? I get the feeling it is a guy. If that were really her most girls don't want to put that exposing of a picture of themselves on their facebook profile. Plus most girls are not into this videogame stuff, especially ones that hot.

  24. Are you guys sure there is no real Chris Bores facebook page, only imposers?!/profile.php?id=100000729062480&v=wall

    I noticed this one is mention AVGN and James Rolfe a lot. This user changed his political views from "who needs them" to Republican Party. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris really is. He's so clueless about everything else.

  25. I'm fairly certain that this is his real Facebook account.

    Anyway has anyone notice that Irritated Gamer closed his account I wonder why?

  26. @Jaguar9400
    That might be it, only Bores himself would have access to a picture like that. Strange that he wouldn't advertise it on his account.

    As for IrritatedGamer closing his account, according to Jacob9k1/Retard Gamer he's tired of doing parodies. Seems kind of vague...

  27. Seems to me like he's going under "Disconnect"

  28. Batdan, you can report him and get him banned for impersonation, I got rid of an impersonator that way. Just go into the safety section and choose harassment.

  29. @ Batdan

    I don't know, that picture kinda looks like a shop.

  30. I know why he fails to pronounce Kinect correctly.

    On the other hand, that'd probably require more video game knowledge than he has.

  31. @Micheal Heide
    I doubt it. Sure, people have compared the Kinect to the EyeToy but I doubt Bores knew what that was.

    He's just an idiot.