Monday, February 14, 2011

Early MvC3 Review Shows GotGame is Run by Idiots

One of the biggest games in years, one that people thought would never come out. A game people waited for 11 years to see. And the morons at GotGame allow Chris Bores to release an early review. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Seriously, who runs GotGame and why isn’t he in an asylum yet? How the fuck do you still think Bores is a legit gamer? Time and time again he’s shown how much of a liar he is and you still give him free stuff! You! Are! Idiots!

*sighs* Let’s get through this. Here’s Irate Gamer’s review of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

0:09 - 0:18: “Welcome back gamers” Okay I never understood why he says “welcome back” at the beginning of his videos. Does he think there’s an ultra-long commercial break between videos? I don’t know, this just bugs me. Also, stop addressing your audience as gamers when you’re clearly not one!

He announces the game and wonders how it will stack up.

0:19 - 0:27: “This is the long-awaited third installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise” No shit. What told you this the fact it’s called Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
If you want to get technical then he’s wrong. The “Marvel vs. Capcom” franchise has more than three games. There’s X-Men vs. Street Fighter, then Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, then the series became Marvel vs. Capcom in order to accommodate non-Street Fighter characters like Morrigan and Mega Man.

“And in this title they pull out all the stops” You can gauge this from a cutscene of Dormammu.

0:28 - 0:37: He claims he quickly enjoyed this game. Well, sounds like he won’t be a moron and bash it…
“With three fighters fighting on each side; it makes this unique brawler very unique and very enjoyable to play” Oh for the love… Do you ever do more than one take? Four years and you still haven’t fixed your redundancy problem. Get writing lessons! As well as acting lessons.

0:38 - 0:47: Blah blah blah controls are FAN-tastic blah blah.
“Having your other two teammates assist you is a nice touch” You mean like in the previous game? At least do a little research if you’re going to do an early review.

0:48 - 1:49: He goes on about the roster and how Capom did a really good job. He points out how Arthur from GnG was included and the GnG stage is a “nice touch for classic gamers” Why do you care? I thought you hated Ghosts N Goblins, wouldn’t this “set off your Irate nature”? Do you even care?

YouTube Edit: He added a scene with Devil Bores showing up and Bores wondering how he got in the game. You put him in.

He also brings up familiar “heavy-hitters” like Wolverine, Tron Bonne (tell me Chris, which game is she from?) and Magneto (WHERE’S YO CURELH MUSTACHE?!)

Then he brings up characters he “couldn’t do absolutely nothing with”… could you at least TRY not to sound like an inbred hick?
He cites… Storm? Okay, either they nerfed her or Bores continues to show he has no idea what he’s talking about. Last I checked Storm was one of the characters used by tournament players. Along with Magneto and Sentinel. By the way, if you want your claim to look good then lose as Storm, don’t defeat a CPU version of her.

He responds to Storm losing with a facepalm. Just stop it, it’s not funny when you do it. That wasn’t even a facepalm worthy moment.

He’s also glad to see X-23 in the game since she’s “relatively new” and responds to her defeating an opponent with “you go girl”. Never talk again!

1:50 - 2:15: Bores starts getting into nit-picking asking why they included Super Skrull, Dormammu, and She-Hulk, wondering if these characters were “really in-demand” and he can’t imagine “gamers’ jumping at the chance to play She-Hulk.
First off, shut the fuck up She-Hulk is awesome. Second, there was a reason they included Super-Skrull. They didn’t want to include all the members of the Fantastic Four so they used a character that had all their powers. Roster balance.
He then says they should have included Cyclops, Apocalypse or Ghost Rider, or for female fighters Invisible Woman. Well, Cyclops and Ghost Rider I can see as possible DLC (BEHOLD! OPTIC BLAST!) but Invisible Woman isn’t happening for the reason I mentioned and Apocalypse… well he was in MSH vs. SF but he wasn’t a playable character. There might be a chance for DLC. We’ll see.

2:16 - 2:23: The camera cuts to Bores telling us he’s about to show some spoilers. Wow, that’s bad form. You don’t spoil a game that hasn’t come out, everyone knows this you pile of moron! Even if this is a fighting game, and the story isn’t important, it’s called common courtesy. You don’t see Giant Bomb or Gamespy spoil a game.

2:24 - 2:55: So, what is this huge spoiler? Galactus is the final boss in the Arcade mode… didn’t we already know that? This whole part feels like padding. Instead of going into the various modes and controls, he pads by spoiling the final boss of a fighting game. I don’t know, something about this seems really off.

2:56 - 3:42: Bores starts getting into the unlockable characters… for a long time. Dude, unlockable characters aren’t that important. Gameplay, control, multiplayer, the actual characters themselves, these are the things that are important.
He notices that there are still four empty spots on the select screen, wondering if there’s more characters “lurking”. Clearly those are the slots for DLC characters. Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine have been confirmed and my guess is when someone downloads them they’ll appear in those slots.
Bores then talks about the four unlockable characters, drooling over the Sentinel and how one of his Hyper Combos can go up to 33 hits. Yeah, most Hyper Combos do that. How is that one special?
He then starts talking about Taskmaster, saying he has no idea who he is and complains about the “obscure” characters. Taskmaster isn’t obscure, he’s been around since 1980 and is one of Deadpool’s adversaries. They probably included him because Deadpool is in the game and Taskmaster’s ability would be interesting for a fighting game.
Also, who are these obscure characters you’re talking about? The closest I’d call obscure are X-23 and Tron Bonne, but you pointed them out. I’m confused.

The video ends with IG giving his final verdict. If you like fighting games you might like this one. Vague.

Honestly this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Sure there were some really stupid moments but it could have been much, much worse. I’m hoping one of the conditions of doing this early review was no retarded gags. Then again, the people that run GotGame are idiots for entrusting an early review to him. I’m just glad that some of the other people on the site (ReviewTechUSA, Kwing, Aqualung, Chris Holland) do not like him. Plus ReviewTech is on Blistered Thumbs now so it’s all good.

*stares at PS2* I think Persona 4 is calling me.

UPDATE: Bores uploaded the announcement video to YouTube, where he also "reviewed" the opening cinematic. Rather, he showed it and said "Isn't that awesome guys?" My God his laziness knows no limits.

UPDATE 2: Now he's uploaded a poorly-edited video of him playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He tries to look badass by playing on Hard but the CPU characters barely do anything, meaning he's playing on Easy. Also some annoying shots of him button-mashing. Look, I know MvC is a button-masher but that's not how it's played!


  1. Bores, You're not doing your job. Give us a BETTER reason to hate you!

  2. he only referred to Tron bonne as Tron... a affectionate nickname, or has he got the movie on the mind?

    Vapid review.

  3. Meh, an okay review, but nothing really amazing. I'm not surprised that he doesn't get Super-Skrull, but She-Hulk is awesome, but Dormammu has even me scratching my head.

  4. Bored uploaded a second video, in which he "plays" MVC3

    He switches the difficulty to Hard before the fight...yet it seems like the CPU fights on Easy. You can tell from the music glitch when he switches it to Hard that there is some editing shenanigans involved.

    Also lol at Button Mashing.

  5. Fuck you, Bores! You ruined the fighting game genre TWICE!

  6. Pfffft. 33 hits?

    M.O.D.O.K has a 98 hit Hyper Combo.

    Where yo curly moustache at, Bores?

    Also, Dormammu was clearly added in to replace Blackheart... and because he's badass.

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  8. @Wolfmweh
    He probably thought she was somehow related to the movie. I doubt he's played one of the most polarizing Mega Man games out there.

    Jeez, what a lame video. If he didn't like Taskmaster then why did he play as him? Also that button mashing was way too exaggerated. I know MvC is a button-masher but that was ridiculous.

  9. Well, that review tells me that Bores never played the previous MvCs (what a surprise) since there's other characters that can surpass 33 hits. Also I feel like I'm one of the few people that don't button mash in MvC.

  10. Well, sounds like the review is full of fail. At least he didn't bring up Mortal Kombat.

    ah, shit, he's probably going to get a review copy of that as well!

  11. Bores posted ANOTHER video, containing the second Intro and merely saying "Oh, Captain America is in the game, I wonder if that's intentional."

    And he said he will still put up more videos after this.

    Is this better or worse than the E3 video spam?

  12. @Shaolin Dave
    Oh jeez I hope not. Well we won't find out until April...

    Honestly, I think it's worse. Because he's talking about the same game again and again, and he's not even doing a Let's Play.

    By the way, I'll sum up the next video.
    *shows this*
    "Wow, this was so awesome. Magneto is in the game too, and more Arthur."

    He's really milking this "early review" shit.

  13. @BatDan

    He posted another video, and you called it. Except he noted that he thought C.Viper was Jean Grey. Okay then.

  14. It's way too late for him to give his thoughts on the first episode trailers.

    And the people in the comments are acting like they've never seen it before. What the fuck?

  15. @LordofCorruption Its expected. Bores isnt targeting people who have played it since the first. Its more people who just now are knowing about the MVC series.

    Also want to note he misprounced Hishen-Ko's name. The "Hi" is slient.

  16. @Zinger314
    The hell? Jean Grey is already in the game as Phoenix. Does Bores even listen to himself?

    The people that like his videos have never touched a controller. I doubt they'd actively seek out trailers for AAA titles.

    Yeah, I figured something was off about the pronunciation. That's why I did a Google search for the correct one.

  17. Well, he did say Jean Grey appears in Episode 4...

  18. For some reason, the video is not working for me. I swear I don't understand why GotGame is so problematic for me.

    Guess I'll have to wait for it to appear on YouTube.

  19. He posted the last video, and he said, I kid you not:

    "I like it when Spider-Man was climbing up the wall."

    And that's all she wrote.

  20. Video 4:

    "Spider-Man climbing a wall was interesting."


    Also, did the video double`?

  21. UUURRGH...That's not button mashing! That's what frustrated people do when their game freezes up on them!

  22. I'm a little surprised you didn't comment on the pronunciation of the character names. I flinched when he said "Hsien-ko" as it's written. It's pronounced "Shen" dammit!

  23. You know how "fustrating" correctly pronouncing names would be for him when he even can't spell some of the normal words correctly :).

    But if he'll ever "do" a "review" of Street Fighter II (that's very likely, considering he likes to bash actually-good classic games and the fact AVGN did SF2010) and pronounce Ryu's name with an "eye", that would be just unforgivable.

  24. I think I know why Bores's "Winter Gaming" MvC3 in the worst way. I believe he set his controls to "Simple Mode", since that mode lets you do special moves and combos very easily.

  25. "Hey look guys! I won a match on hard without breaking a sweat! I'm a true gamer, really!"

  26. I saw the review, and it is pure hot ****. Very little reviewing content, all he talked about was the controls but he didn't go into much detail, and the rest of it was just gameplay with him rambling on like a dumb fanboy. Excellent article as usual.

  27. Dull...dull...dull...! Gah! Why must he be so damn dull!? I mean jeez, I could just go to wikipedia for crap like this. This is probably his least terrible review but to quote James Rolfe, "That's like saying the shit I took last night is better is better than the shit I took the day before". I can't comprehend way Gotgame spoil him so much. If they think he's attracting publicity then... I just don't know. The fact that Swag has to filter out the comments should show that he's worth keeping around. Plus, almost every other reviewer on the site hates his guts.

  28. @VinceThePhilosopher

    Just wondering where did you hear that every reviewer on GotGame, except SWAG, hates Bores?

  29. I can't say all of them do, but some I can tell.

    Chris Holland = Irritated Gamer

    Kwing has stated he hates "gaming YouTube partners" that turn out to be frauds (notably UltraNeko/Sadie's Gaming Infection).

    Aqualung is subscribed to notable IG critics.

  30. Well it's still better than his Tekken 6 review, atleast he didn't say "Chris like Mortel Combat moar, so Marvel vs Capcom 3... sux."

  31. Judging from comments, it seem that Bores is sure that Megaman is an unlockable character.


    Think he will change the review if he finds out the truth?

  32. I just played the game, pretty fun. I will admit to sucking, but damn, Bores didn't even do and combos other than the Light Medium Heavy that everyone has. That was not as bad as it sounded like it would be.

  33. Been playing the game for awhile, I can confirm he sucks. (He uses *zero* assists. Really?)

  34. Aqualung = AqualungGameReviews, right?

    If so, yeah I can confirm he hates the Irate Gamer, because of the comments that he wrote in his own Super Mario Bros. 2 J review.

  35. Actually, Ghost Rider was considered, but they couldn't find a way to implement his bike, so they gave up.

  36. I got the game. It kicks ass. That is all.

    Nice. I noticed his sarcastic "hours of research" line at the beginning so that's good to know.

    Ah okay. I must have missed that. Thanks for telling me.

  37. Now I know why Bores likes Sentinel. He seems to be scrub friendly:

    What's funny, one of the GameStop tournaments already banned him. And I thought Dante would be the overused one.

  38. @vicviper592
    Wow, Sentinel is still a cheap bastard. You're right, it's no wonder Bores likes him.

    Thor and Deadpool are pretty cheap too.

  39. @Batdan

    Hah. Once again going to the "it would be funny if he reviewed M.U.G.E.N" comment, I can imagine him only using Dark Orichi and Chuck Norris. I hate when people do that. Yeah, cheap characters are fun to use but it's not fair to use them against another player.

  40. It's obvious Bores sucks at mixing video footage to correspond to what he's actually saying at the moment.

    If we again go to the "what if he would review SF2?" scenario, it would be like saying "...this game introduced new playable characters with different fighting styles..." and having Ryu and Ken throwing fireballs at each other on the video.

  41. As a comic fan theres probably a ton of Marvel characters Id rather have in the game before X-23 (Iron Fist, Machine Man, Moon Knight) so I don't get why he thinks she's such a great inclusion. As for She-Hulk why wouldn't she be in the game? Name one female Marvel character who isn't an X-Man that is as well known as her.
    Seriously go here and see how many names jump out at you

  42. @Clark
    Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Black Cat, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl

  43. Fine characters all but my point is She-Hulk has longevity, name recognition to people who don't read comics that often and is associated to a Big name in the Hulk (Spider-Woman has association as well but she's so far removed from Spider-Man in her character, powers and origins that its just a casual one) so I don't get why Bores is so up in arms about her being there.

  44. @ d1337r

    Reminds me the clusterfuck that was his "behind The Scenes" documentary, you know the part when he says, the character goes straight to the point, then cut to the part when bores says, This games sucks ass...........and the game in question was Mission Impossible on the NES.......

    Do you think that he realized that he made fun of himself?.

    @ General

    You know, i dont know why, but the whole Game on catchphrase seems stolen to me, i tell you this because i think i heard that somewhere else, but i cant recall where.

  45. @ Clark

    he probably just prefers x-23 to she-hulk because x-23 is hotter.
    i think she-hulk is a good addition, and besides being eye candy x-23 makes a good inclusion instead of having two wolverines like in MVC2. that never made much sense to me.

  46. "Game On" has been used since time immemorial, so I don't think Bores stole it.

  47. You know, arguing with people on the escapist on why FF7 and on sucks balls gave me an idea. Bores needs to review another Final Fantasy game. it needs to be FF13. You can't win if you review that game. If you give it a positive review, all the 12 year old fucks will come down on him along with the FF fans. If you give it a negative review, Otakus, the scum of the internet will do battle against him with their 7 foot long pieces of pocky.

  48. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    "with their 7 foot long pieces of pocky"... LOL!

  49. @Gatuca
    >Reminds me the clusterfuck that was his "behind The Scenes" documentary, you know the part...

    Sorry, haven't seen that one. I guess, it's on his DVD? Did anyone upload this to the net?

  50. @d1337r

    My favorite part is where he says it took a lot of work for the cave sequence in Indiana Jones and you see him moving four boxes!

  51. @Shaolin Dave

    Actually, I think even the Final fantasy fans will take up arms against him if he does a negative review, probably giving a bad review for all the wrong reasons.

    "The main character uses a ridiculous weapon"

    "It sucks because there are 3 discs"

    "It shouldn't be on the xbox"

    god, I want him to do it! I need another reason to hate him! I hate FF13 like I hate pop music! every time I see someone who loved this game I have the urge to ring hells bells on him! GRAAAGH!!!...I am sick and tired of this stigma on the FF series...totally off topic, sorry.

  52. @Shaolin Dave

    I have nothing against X-23 just making a point that if you look at every comic you could pick a dozen characters more well known. but unless they include every Marvel character thats just bound to happen (just happy to see Deadpool).

    Did anyone else find the way Bores said Dormammus names as Door'm'moo funny?

  53. Thanks to some morbid curiosity, I watched the Brutal Legend part of the 3 in 1 review...The Metal Gods are displeased. It makes NO sense to review a game after playing for an hour. It's like judging Judas Priest's Electric Eye by only listening to the Hellion (which is coincidentally on the soundtrack). The mere thought that he played it as long as the demo is sickening. He would play Shadow of the Colossus, wandering around the temple and would review the game on that. Also, I have the sinking suspicion that it wasn't him playing...I dunno, it just doesn't feel right. This game converted me to metal, and this fucker isn't even throwing up the horns. I call bullshit on him.

  54. Unrelated note: I applied for a job at Blistered Thumbs. I probably won't get in. :P

  55. What do you guys think of this guy Razorfist?

    He mirrors practically everything I say about games, he's a metalhead who actually knows his metal, yet there's something keeping me from fully liking him... Maybe it's because he doesn't wear a fedora...

  56. In a way, I'm glad he didn't play more of Brutal Legend. Bores is a bandwagon hopper, if he reached the RTS parts of the game he'd start calling it the "biggest piece of she-it ever!" Just like everyone else that hated it.

    Good luck.

  57. @BatDan

    I loved the RTS part of the game. I hate all the games where you're some omnipotent Jackhat, sipping a cup of coffee and sending soldiers to their doom. I like being able to get in there and help them, not to mention bust out a guitar solo so awesome it melts faces. Schafer said in an interview that he built it to be a multiplayer focused RTS, but EA's marketing PR crap get scared when they hear "RTS" so they forced him to make a single player campaign as a tutorial for the multiplayer and call it an "Action Adventure" game. There wasn't even going to be a single player, he wanted it to be solely multiplayer. Can't say I wish he had it his way because we wouldn't have "DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!"

  58. ^Most new gamers (like Halo fan boys) are used to playing as one person. RTS games are mostly played by people that played them when Dune II and Warcraft were new. I for one love them and try to find more (I once used to buy Empire Earth, Empire Earth 2, Original War and Total Annihilation.) That's why Halo Wars is considered to worst Halo game and most fan boys dont care about it.

  59. ^No, I am trying not to buy 360 games to save up for the 3DS. How is it?

  60. 2600theatari tried to PM me the goatse picture (as if I'd fall for clicking a link that says "goastse" in it.)
    I reported him to youtube for sending porn spam.

  61. @Shaolin Dave

    What the hells goatse? Also, that kid didn't do that homework assignment I gave him?

  62. It seems that most new "gamers" won't play a game unless its an FPS. In fact, some kids in my shop class were talking about a game (I don't remember what game) and one person asked "what kind of game is it" and another person shouts "its a shooter! just like all video games!"

    WHAT THE HELL. And no, this wasn't an 11 year old that made the comment, it was a 15 year old, someone who has probably seen more then just the "Shooter" Genre. Then again, this guy constantly reminds everyone about how the 360 is the best console of all time and how no other console exists........

  63. @The Fedora'd Samurai

  64. HUURRRRK...HUUUUURGGGGH...Oh god, I haven't seen the picture but that wikipedia page is descriptive enough! BLUUUUUUUUURRGH...This is why the internet needs to be banned!!!

  65. @nuclearneo577

    It's also on PC (which for some is not really an option).

    As for the game, it's one of the best Console RTS games out there, the campaign is alight (it mostly teaches you about how to play the game), the multiplayer on the other hand is brilliant. The best thing about it is that it isn't a click-fest like CnC.

  66. Man...
    You guys have it lucky to play this game when it came out.

    My Xbox 360 just red ring'd on me. Last week!!

    Here I am now, sitting on my thumbs as I HAVE TO WAIT TWO OR THREE MORE WEEKS to be able to play the game. And yes. I have the game. I preordered it the night before. I payed it all off on the spot that day. AND I CAN'T PLAY IT!!!


  67. @94d65cca-3ef2-11e0-8825-000bcdcb5194

    I feel very sorry for you. God that sucks.


    My PC can run Starcraft 2, but it lags on the slowest speed. I still like it, but I wish it could run faster. Or patch (it keeps exiting out and no one has uploaded the manual download). If I was not worried about my specs I would try and maybe buy get Supreme Commander 2, and Empire Earth 3 if I could get it for cheap (if I ever buy that I will not pay more than 3 bucks). Are the specs high? Also, what do you mean by calling CnC a click fest?

  68. @nuclearneo577

    Well R.U.S.E. is fairly cheap if you know where to get it. Empire Earth 3 apparently sucks gonads so I wouldn't bother, and by 'CnC click-fest' I mean a RTS game where you are constantly moving the camera around clicking orders at a rate of knots and hitting the hotkeys like a man with ADHD.

  69. Apparently Bores is "hard at work reworking the first History of Video Games installment into HD for the upcoming DVD release".

    Like anyone bought his first dvd. I know what kind of people watch his show, they'd download his episodes off youtube onto their ipod. If they ever do but his DVD, they'd instantly regret it once seeing every episode is 5 minutes long and they bought a dvd with 45 minutes worth of non funny shit.

    What scares me the most is the possibility that Girl gamers would watch him. Because, I know a lot of girl gamers on Xbox live (who you do not wanna get into a game against, they're like freaking amazons) and they know their shit, they're not like booth babes or those spokeswomen on G4, they know that FF7 wasn't all that, they braved through Ghosts n' Goblins twice, they went to the arcades back when they were the shit. But if there are lasses that watch him and enjoy him, I fear for the future of the gender diversity in gamers.

    Another thing, why did bores call his "company" Y2B? My best guess is y2b, yu2b, yu2be, youtube.

  70. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    So Bores is making a DVD for his "HoVG" series? I have a feeling he'll forget to remove the stolen footage again, especially the CNBC one.

  71. Wait. Bores said he's busy converting the first History of Video Games to HD for the DVD. Assuming he's releasing "Season 2" then why does he only mention that one video?

    Unless he's planning to release just the History of Video Games episodes. But that would be the biggest scam he's pulled since DealDash.

    Why? I totaled up the amount of time in all five videos. There's only 41 minutes and 39 seconds of material. That is inexcusable.

  72. @fattoler

    Is this your Youtube channel?

    I just wanted to be able to keep talking without clogging up the comments here.

  73. @BatDan

    When I first heard of Irate Gamer, I was like, "Irate Gamer? who's that? Some kind of 'AVGN' knock-off."

    But if I saw a DVD titled "History of Video Games", I might take it more seriously. A lot of people will buy the DVD thinking it's a legitimate historic documentary, and won't know it's a worthless piece of junk until after their money is gone.

  74. I checked my subscriptions, and I got this in my 'Recommended Channels'.

  75. Oh well, at least I'm there to make up for having Irate Gamer in your recommended channels. :P

  76. Ugh...I got "IRATE Gamer" for recommended channels too. I've noticed that most of the channels are youtube partners.

  77. You know, regarding all these angry reviews and reviewers, that's something we gotta get rid of. If people on the outside of video gaming are going to take this medium seriously, we have to outline the more positive aspects of gaming. That's why I'm planning on doing a show where I show everyone underrated or overlooked games. Now I hear you saying "But that sounds exactly like the Happy Video Game Nerd!" Well, you're exactly right. BUT! I am going to have 3 things that he doesn't:

    -two people instead of one
    -modern games, old games, all of that crap
    -Fight Scenes. Lots and lots of fight scenes

    I doubt I'll ever make my own website and be able to get paid for it because according to my Web publishing teacher back in university "Get the FUCK out of my classroom."

  78. @The Fedora'd Samurai:

    "I doubt I'll ever make my own website and be able to get paid for it because according to my Web publishing teacher back in university 'Get the FUCK out of my classroom'."

    Any chance I can quote that on my Facebook page for giggles?

  79. @The_Soul_Gauge

    Knock yourself out. Also, I won't call them reviews, I'll call them Attacks.If I do call them reviews, they'll be spoiler free, giving my own impressions on the game, then I'll do a longer overview on the game going through the whole plot.

    I wish Bores would get back to proving that he never played a video game before 3 years ago.

  80. @Fedora

    Publishing websites requires absolutely no skill nowadays due to open-source CMSes (Wordpress, Drupal, etc.)

    That's partially why so many bad internet reviewers have been popping up lately.

  81. The worst case of spoiling I have seen in a video was in one of Machinma's Top 10 FTW videos, being "Most Depressing Games". The list was inhumanely bad to begin with (They put GTA4 as 1# with one of the most asinine reasons imaginable. I immediately commented about 21 games that I considered more depressing). But the clincher was that the idiot running the thing flat out spoiled the big twist in Persona 3, and there were NO SPOILER WARNINGS AT ALL. And this was released around the same time as Persona 3 Portable, so that dick had NO EXCUSE. (And he mentioned that while glossing over the method used to summon Personas in that game)

  82. But I would have to make the spoiler free reviews REALLY good so I can make sure that the people that are going to play the game won' be thinking that there missing something.

  83. @The House of CRP
    Ugh yeah. I remember hearing X-Play got a lot of heat for spoiling a major plot point in their Persona 3 review. But yeah, if you're talking about a 60+ hour RPG like that then be careful what you say.

    Also, GTA IV depressing? Pfft.

  84. Reviewing the Bores really takes it out on you, doesn't it, BatDan? Maybe you should review a good reviewer every once in a while to relieve the Bores-Stress.

  85. @Cherub
    Well, I'm not writing recaps as often these days. Plus, the point of this blog is about how much Irate Gamer sucks at what he does.

  86. Hey, guy~s.
    Guess who got back his Xbo~x? <3

    It's-a-me, 94d65cca-3ef2-11e0-8825-000bcdcb5194! And I'm playin' my Mahvel 3, Baybeh... Only in the evening, cause I have to go to school tomorrow.

    FfffffffffFFFFFFFFFF- Oh, I kid, I kid. I'm good now. Later. ;)

  87. That GTA thing gets worse. The reason the idiot put it as 1#? It was a half assed joke about how you can commit suicide and it's just like real life or some moronic BS like that.

    The Persona 3 spoiler gets worse when it was the ENDING PLOT TWIST.

  88. @ BatDan

    Bores re-uploaded the review to YouTube and he added the Bores Devil when he was talking about the Ghosts-n-Goblins level. It was just plain stupid and unnecessary.