Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trailer Reviews. Spiraling Deeper into "Not Giving a Shit"

Two months ago, Chris uploaded videos giving his thoughts on trailers to Batman: Arkham City and Mortal Kombat (2011). Rather, he says he found a trailer, shows the whole thing, and says "wasn't that video FAN-tastic guys?" I chastised him for being a lazy twit only doing this for extra cash. But I was impressed that he didn't call the two videos "reviews".

Two months later, Bores released another "trailer first impressions" video. This time on the yet-to-be-titled Kirby game. However, he screwed up and called it a review. Plus, coming off of his abysmal Epic Yarn review it seemed like he was just mocking us.

Then I went to his site because there's often a lot of bullshit there. I saw this under "Video Game Reviews".
"Trailer Reviews". That's right, he's attempting to make this an official series. This is a guaranteed sign that he's given up. He's only doing this for money now, putting in as little effort as possible.

*reads the other sections* Holy shit there are some horrid grammar mistakes, as well as some self-centered remarks.
"Focus's" - It's "focuses", that's an actual word! Also why is it capitalized?
"The show has recently be revamped for HD!" - Are you sure you went to school?
"THE Irate Gamer Neo" - Again with the unnecessary "the"s. What's next, you'll call Bulletstorm "The Bulletstorm"?
"Episode are exclusively shown..." - Look, there's typos and then there's being a dumbass.
"This is an opened ended series which will span many episodes" - Is it possible to arrest him for crimes against the English language?
"Check out all the coverage and shenanigans from the event..." Witness the zaniness of Bores... giving interviews. Boy those are some wacky shenanigans!
"Dubbed by many fans as the best coverage of E3 of 2010" - How very humble of you...
He must have realized how egotistical this sounded so he added a disclaimer saying "Special thanks to the fans that e-mailed me and thought so". It's like he knew he'd get bombarded by people that enjoy real E3 coverage so he quickly wrote that down.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the trailer reviews. You know who else tried that? The Amazing Atheist/Distressed Watcher. There's a reason he doesn't do that anymore. Just keep that in mind.


  1. "Dubbed by many fans as the best coverage of E3 of 2010 ... Special thanks to the fans that e-mailed me and thought so."

    Chris Bores, FUCK. YOU.

  2. Why is he keeping up this charade? I never knew of any other person who would go through such lengths to preserve a lie. But with every update he tries and tries to convince people that he has been playing games like any other person. But he acts exactly like those fucks on the VGA's, they talk in such a fashion that feels like they're talking down to people, even though they don't know jack shit. He needs to issue a statement that's like his suicide note.

    "Dear internet, Chris Bores Here.

    My time as the IRATE gamer has been a very enjoyable and entertaining experence. I have met many interesting and Freindly people, constantly helping me when asked. But now, I regret to inform you that I must humbly resign. I have been living a long lie as a person who has no knowledge on the subject that I claimed to have studied for most of my life. The concept for an angry reviewer was not started by me, it was James Rolfe. I apologize for any inconvenince such as migraines, and bid you adeiu.

    -A sorry, sorry hack"

    Also, who the fuck calls people gamers? Like when I see a bunch of people at the arcade do I say "Hey, Gamurz!" That sounds exactly like what a person who isn't a gamer would say! Ironic, ain't it?

    Whatever happened to the Distressed Watcher? I watched his star wars overview a while ago, and he's pretty much non existent nowadays.

  3. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    Hey you're right. The way he constantly addresses us as gamers sounds like something a G4 host would say. It's like he's desperately trying to show us he's a gamer.

    As for the Distressed Watcher, he's still around. His latest video was his Top Ten Comedians (posted two days ago).

  4. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    Probably because he keeps earning cash that way. I don't see Bores give up anytime soon, unless he loses his YT Partner status and the money that comes with it.

    But even then, I don't see him apologize to Rolfe (among others) or confess that he doesn't give a shit about video games.

  5. Give TJ some credit, Dan. At least he gave *actual* criticism on Trailer Failure, which is more than we can saw for Bores.

  6. @Megafighter3
    That is true. Plus, TJ didn't like every trailer he showcased. In fact he rarely liked any of them.

    Plus, TheGameHeroes have a similar series that works because they have discussions about the trailer. They don't just say "vewy coo'" and call it a day.

  7. IrateGamer did 20 E3 vids, AVGN only did 3. That means IrateGamer is the better reviewer.

    Apparently ;)

    I must watch this trailer 'review' for Kirby, I'm enjoying the fuck out of Epic Yarn :D

  8. "Is it possible to arrest him for crimes against the English language?"

    I'm willing to give it a try. *picks up a billy club and slowly whacks other palm*


    FFFFFFFFFF- I've come to the conclusion that humans are genetically wired to misuse apostrophes.

    "Check out all the coverage and shenanigans from the event..."

    All I can imagine is that Bores' mind refuses to process the fact that his experience consisted of boring interviews and lifeless footage of him playing video games, so he's accessing the "sitcom" mindset to use the illusion of "shenanigans" as a coping mechanism.

    "Dubbed by many fans as the best coverage of E3 of 2010"

    Well, don't forget that his fans are imbeciles. Either that or all of the other people covering E3 spent the duration running around screaming gibberish and rubbing their butts on everything in sight, thus making Bores' coverage the best. Maybe.

  9. Wow. He's making a series based on reviews of trailers??? Pathetic.

  10. 2600theatari closed his youtube account.

  11. @Shaolin Dave

    That's funny. I just finished a new commentary on one of his videos!

  12. Oh no!! The Irate Gamer shirt is out of stock on his website!!! What am I gonna do????

  13. Gamesradar occasionally does a series called 'Trailer Trash' where they look at really bad trailers and riff on them. Which as you'd expect is funnier than saying 'verwy kelw' at the end of a trailer.

  14. At this point all I can do is laugh. Even his most hardcore of fans must being turning their backs to him. Seriously, why on earth would someone respond positively to this? Several of the trailers he shows have been up for months. Why would anyone at that point?


    There, there. A pair of shit stained underwear makes a perfect substitute.


    Meh, give Bores a little credit. He's the Stephanie Meyer of reviewers: he's everything that a reviewer shouldn't be.


    By the way, is Batdamn on youtube still around?

  15. By the way, what did you think of the Oscars

  16. @VinceThePhilospher
    Sadly yes, he's still trolling. At this point he's now on IG's ED article under "IG Slaves".

    I didn't watch them. I should have though.

  17. Well I thought most of them were well deserved.

  18. Well, I just saw the Black Eyed Peas superbowl halftime show. please excuse me while I go hang myself.

  19. Hey everyone, in case you're interested, I decided to fully launch my Irate Gamer parody, The Z-Top Gamer, which I made a "pilot" for back in October. The new video I made is inspired by the Retro Mini review:

    It's nothing special, but I've already got plans for a bigger and better video so I guess it's a start.

    Feel free to tell me what you think and what I could improve upon.

  20. @Batdamn

    I'm beginning to think that it's really Chris himself. Remember when iratefanboy345 was around? Batdamn is using the exact same arguments that he did.

  21. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    The standards have lowered haven't they? Music, art, and now cinema. Fuck CGI, bring back stopmotion! That was the shit!

  22. @VinceThePhilosopher

    It's not just that, it seems that The Black Eyed Peas are determined to fuck up the beautiful fucking music of old. "The Time of my Life" I'll admit I hated, but when the Peas got a hold of it, I was shocked at how angry I was for them ruing something I already hated. But then they had to kidnap and brainwash Slash and buttfuck Sweet Child of Mine?! Do they have no understanding of what they're doing to music!?

    Oh boy...

  24. To summarize the link, another DealDash style giveaway. Bores never learns.

  25. It should also be noted that the link to the contest on the video is a referral link, meaning that Bores likely gets paid for each referral.

  26. @Nubcake1r

    Next time dude, warn me. I'm trying to not contribute to his videos, no matter how little cents he gains.

    He seems to have more fun doing contests than anything, what is he "giving away" this time?

  27. Chris Bores is fun to hate. I think he uses "installment" too much when referencing the next video he does.

    Another contest featuring ipods. People still jump through his hoops.

  28. Why does he say "stay tubed" at the end of his videos? It makes him sound like a moron.

    Oh wow, iPod Shuffles. $150 dollars worth of merchandise, Bores is really raising the bar.

  29. @BatDan

    In the description he said he's going to put up 2 reviews later this week. Any bets on whether he'll keep to his word?

  30. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Meh, that's why I'm an oldschool cat. RnB, Jazz, and hip hop (before this new age garbage came along). I don't really have much to worry about stupid shit like that happening in those genres of music. On the other hand, Justin Bieber is referred to as an RnD artist...


    ...Doubt it.


    I think it's his foolish attempt at trying to have his own catchphrases. "Game on", "Stay tuned"? Give me a fucking break. Sometimes I wish Doug Walker would just bitch slap him for his lack of creativity.


    It was pretty good. I think was alittle out of place though. Some of the jokes you had could've been used on other videos. Granted, it was a pilot, but it felt like you used all the good jokes. Maybe if you parody each of his videos it would flow better. Then again, you'd have to seat through them and I wouldn't wish that on anyone... but I look forward to seeing what more. Keep up the good work.

  31. Why do I have a feeling that he's doing this contest, because of lost subscribers? I think he lost a few after uploading that fourth MvC3 "review trailer", because I know that video has more dislike than likes due to the fact that its glitchy.

  32. @VinceThePhilospher
    Thanks for the feedback.

  33. Gotta love the infantile "PICK ME" garbage, for not only bringing his video up the "most commented" lists, but also instantly burying any critical comments.

  34. Do you think these kids will ever grow up? that they'll look back at when they watched this guy who has no idea what he's talking about and just say "Man...what the hell was I thinking?". I know that these kids won't make up a large population of the gaming community, but this is still a good chunk of them...I need a little sense and logic, I'm gonna go to xRazorfistx's channel.

  35. Just something to reiterate:

    "I'm hoping to post 2 reviews later this week!"

    He says that he's HOPING to post the reviews. he also doesn't specify whether they're old game reviews, NEO, movie, or "trailer reviews".

    now for your reading pleasure, I've copied the comments from the video that I see either relentlessly stupid, or pathetic. Enjoy!:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, Oh and pick me!

    Pick me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeeee!!!!!!!!!

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    dude please pick me.....i'm irish!Conor Grennan's the name!and gamings my game!

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! (there are like 300 of these ones)

    PICK ME!

    don't pick me!
    or do?
    or dont?

    pick me, 'kay?

    p1ck m3

    peak mi

    YOU rock irategamer! your the best! :D
    pick me

    PICK ME!!! NOW!!!!

    No Pick Me i REALLY!!! Need it

    Pick me!!... Dont know why i do this cause i never win, but still XD


    There are 7 effin' pages of this garbage.

  36. @vicviper592
    I've realized something. The contests are the only way he can get subscribers. His content is no longer bringing in fans so he's hit rock-bottom and is giving away free shit hoping he gets fans.

    How does Bores even determine a winner? This isn't how you run a contest!

    @The Fedora'd Samurai
    Huh, you're right about that. The keyword is "hoping". Meaning that he won't have two reviews this week and he's continuing to bait what little fans he has left.

  37. I imagine he prints all the usernames out and then puts them in a hat or something.

  38. @Batdan.

    In fact it's like some sort of mad government scheme. Chris gets free stuff because he's 'popular' from scam companies or whatnot which he uses to get subscribers which makes him even more popular thus increasing the freebies he receives from third party sponsorships as well as Youtube partnership cash which he then givers out to his subscribers.

    It's an endless cycle of detritus occasionally littered with a 'review' to feign some form of legitimacy.

  39. @Chris

    I joked about that earlier, but I doubt he has the patience or imagination to do that.

  40. By the way, excuse me for changing the subject, but can someone tell me what happened to ericmansuper? Does he still make reviews?

  41. @fattoler
    Here's a tinfoil hat. You'll need it.
    Kidding kidding.

    He hasn't made a video since December 31st 2009. I think he's gone for good.

  42. I wonder what the 100th AVGN episode will be about... It can't be that long away :)

  43. It's tomorrow night. GT had a countdown up (it's gone now though).

    How long until IG reaches Episode 100? Probably never.

    Considering the Neo reviews and History crap are considered "spin-offs" he's technically only made 28 episodes (that's combining episodes released the same day and removing the Retro Mini commercial).

  44. Good grief. Well I can't wait (even though it's 1am here so it's technically Wednesday) for tomorrow, also It will be my birthday on Friday so it looks like I'll be getting an early present from James. ;)

  45. I'm writing a list of things that America should apologize for. Chris Bores is already on there, anyone have more?

  46. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Well there is Christian Weston Chandler, Alexander4488, NC17 Productions, George Wood, Jersy Shore, most of the stuff on the So Bad its Horrible, many people who make retarded characters for MUGEN and have inflated egos, etc.

  47. @smashhacker

    From what I've heard, Christian Weston Chandler is actually...special. I also got jersey shore on there too. Here's my list so far

    Jersey Shore
    Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer
    Katy Perry
    Black Eyed Peas
    Michael Bay
    Pop music
    Call of Duty
    Shane Dawson
    Pluto Nash

    I don't know who those other guys are. Youtube users?

  48. Ray fucking William fucking *fucking* Johnson.

    Steals other YouTubers videos, puts them on his own videos and leeches their video hits, and then gets paid big bucks while the ones who made the videos he stole don't get anything. Hell, pretty much all the promoted YouTube "talent" that just stand in front of a green screen (RWJ, Shane Dawson, Tobuscus et al) and speak random gibberish should just be flushed down the toilet.

  49. Oh, now I remember who he is. His comedic talent is on par with comedy inc. Half of the freaking video was him staring wide eyed into the camera trying to say something funny, but mistook funny for racially insensetive.

  50. Some of the people smashhacker mentioned are YouTube users.

    alexander4488 = The Game Dude. An atrocious AVGN knock-off that can't take criticism. His videos consist of insane nit-picking, references to animal sex (far more graphic than anything James comes up with), and multiple disclaimers that he's inspired by the AVGN thus making his plagiarism okay.

    He's prone to removing his videos and reuploading them as "remastered" which is basically just added/removed/altered jokes.

    However, America doesn't have to apologize for him because he's from Canada. I think they've suffered enough with Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.

    NC-17 Productions is an even more blatant AVGN knock-off. He sucks at everything he plays, drops far too many f-bombs (think Silent Rob levels), and can't take criticism either. If you say anything that doesn't praise him (it doesn't have to be negative, it can be neutral) he WILL block you.

    He's also a major thief. Many of his reviews steal from the AVGN and one of them steals from Bores. That's how low he is.

    George Wood is the voice of "Gaming in the Clinton Years" hosted on the channel "NAVGTR". It's an archive of surreal "reviews" shown on a public access show from the 90s. Wood is prone to bashing games that would eventually become classics (Goldeneye and Symphony of the Night come to mind), enforces players to cheat, and has some really fucked up ideas (Lara Croft getting breast cancer).

  51. ...I was talking about America in general, not just youtube. Also, people joke about Canada apologizing for things when You guys are putting out for more crap than we are. That's why I'm constructing this list. Just for the hell of it.

  52. The 100th AVGN is out. It's R.O.B.! It was awesome!

  53. @BatDan: It was awesome! Even though he did the "R.O.B. is evil" plot, at least he gave R.O.B. a decent backstory!

    But now I'm worried about the onslaught of IG fanboys accusing Nerd of ripping off Irate Gamer.

    But still, AVGN's 100th episode didn't disappoint!

  54. I'm pretty sure IG fans will go "IRATE did R.O.B. first!!!1111 AVGN plagiarises11" over that, but here's a counterpoint -- R.O.B. first made a very short appearance in AVGN's "NES Accessories" video long before "I""G"s "review".

  55. That battle scene in the end is what green screens should be used for - then again, James Rolfe is in a league of his own, and there are few people who can do what he does on a good day. I know, I'm sounding like a kiss-ass... :)

    To a hundred more episodes!

    And yeah, the IG fanboys will diss James for "being a rip-off". Strange, I don't recall any lame name puns ("I got ROB-bed") in James' video. The gyro pun did make me laugh, though.

  56. Guess I have an idea for a stealth IG hate-art. Wonder if that will go.

    A pic with, say, all the characters from any fighting game with the weakest characters receiving IG character faces. All the other characters, on the other hand, may get some more subtle features from AVGN characters or other real reviewers.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. According to Asalieri the IG ROB was better than the AVGN one. I have completely lost all respect for him. Period

  59. well, i gotta admit, im rather dissapointed on te AVGN 100th episode, i honestly was expecting Nintendo World Championship considering the ending of the latest Pat Nes Punk Episode.

    Plus the whole climax feeled like a reharsh of the SMB3 episode.

    But one thing for sure, at least it was better than IG's own take.

    the part that i did like was the Nerd acting like the robot :P.

    man, you know, i was kinda expecting some cameos or crossovers with other reviewers, speaking of, is there any possibility tha James might wanna do a crossover wth other reviewers, i almost expected Pat the NEs punk considering he did visited james place.

    And BTW, do you still think that Derek Alexander "HVGN: wants to do a crossover with James at this point, or not?.

  60. I think that Derek is a cool guy, but he's more of a reviewer than James is. When you think about it, James mostly points out the flaws and then shows off his film making skills. If they ever did do a crossover (Which is highly unlikely since Derek lives in Alaska) They're styles would most likely clash in a way that wouldn't feel like their creation. Besides, James is more of a sketch person, while Derek focuses on the game, not really going for comedy, but has an inherent charm that just makes you grin.

  61. @ Nubcake1r
    He is kinda right, and I'm not saying that because I'm an Asa fan. IG's review isn't superior though, they are equally bad. The thing is, you expect something mediocre from Bores, not from Rolfe for his 100th review.

  62. Now I wonder if any IG fanboy went to James's trailer and commented, "His name is Professor Gyro!!!!", or some shit like that.

  63. Some people just can't be pleased I guess. I thought the episode kicked ass.

    R.O.B. reminded me of those asshole friends that would only play one game and nothing else.

  64. @ BatDan

    Don't get me wrong, I'm an AVGN fan, but his 100th episode is just unoriginal. Everyone was expecting something huge, and we get the most generic review possible about R.O.B. and another pointless skit at the end (oooh it's evil, how original). Sure, Rolfe doesn't get his facts wrong, has better jokes and green screen skills than Bores, but it's basically the same review at the end.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I've just watched the episode and honestly. I realised something as I pondered about the Complaints citing "Originality": This is what I think we've missed out. R.O.B. was intending to rid the world of shitty games by replacing all of them with Stack Up and Gyromite, correct? That would mean that there would be only 2 games in the world. No more shitty games means no more AVGN. AVGN Would no longer have a reason to exist as there wouldn't be any more games to review and he wasn't going to stand for that.

    Save the world of shitty games so that he could tear them apart. We need Shitty games as much as they need us.

    Thats how I feel after watching the episode. What do think guys?

  67. @Truthfulpietro
    In the same way Batman can't live without the Joker, the AVGN can't live without shitty games. That's exactly how I felt watching it.

    Good that someone else picked up on it.

  68. Honestly, I didn't care for AVGN's 100th episode. The ROB thing has already been done and it was extremely predictable. IG's wasn't better by any means, but merely being better than IG shouldn't be anyone's goal. Overall, I was just pretty much....bored with it. I know he had to go big for his 100th episode but I was really meh about it.

    I really wish AVGN would go back to the simplisticy that made his character great. The increasingly over the top nature of the episodes has grown stale to me.

  69. Where did Asalieri say IG's was better than AVGN's?

  70. @ResidentialEvil

    On his youtube channel.

  71. @Truthfulpietro
    I second that. To be honest, one part of me thought that James' speech in the beginning where he says he's tired of video games would be the start of phasing out the Nerd. And all it took was one robot turning SMB3 (and all the other classics) to Gyromite to make him change his mind.

    Here's the quote from the comments page on his YouTube account:

    "I can't believe i'm going to say this, but... Irate Gamer's Rob the robot review was infinitely better than AVGN's. There is no god."

    And then the comments page got clogged up with IG fanboys saying that Bores' review was way better. The stupidity goes way off the chart when one fanboy writes that the AVGN-ROB video was "5-7 mins of actuall[sic] review and 10+ mins of horribly written skits" - you know, just like every Irate Gamer review ever made! Except for the length, when has Bores ever clocked past 10 minutes in a review?

  72. I don't know what everyone's talking about, even IF it was poorly written, It was clearly better acted than anything done by bores. I was kinda disappointed that he did the ROB is evil thing, but it was again much better than bores. not as good as Awesome Video Games, but still. Also, at least he gave him a backstory.

    If I ever had ROB, I'd do it so that he was trying to get on the show, but I would keep saying "Dude, it's been done far too many times. get the fuck outta here." "I'll be the bad guy!" "Is there an original circuit anywhere in your plastic chasis?" But in The AVGN's universe, he's the only one who does the "angry reviewer" shtick, so it's understandable that he wouldn't acknowledge other reviewers.

  73. @Truthfulpietro

    Ah, now I see it.

    While I think saying IG's was better is silly, I do think Asalieri makes some pretty good points about AVGN. A lot of legit criticisms of the Nerd are often overlooked. I agree with him that his over the top episodes like the Bugs Bunny ones are pretty horrible, and that's why I don't like his ROB episode. It almost seemed mailed in.

  74. Why are people complaining that the AVGN's newest video was too over the top? If he didn't do ANY skits, you would still complain because "it was too stale". I prefer the skits. Also, what can you say about the ROB games? "ROB's a slow bastard", "You're better off playing alone", "You can cheat in Stack Up", and just a few more. Without the skits, the video would have clocked 5 minutes at most.

  75. @Arthur Arneiro

    I know, That was the reason I loved the bugs bunny crazy castle, all of the games were the same, so the fight scene was what kicked the most ass.

  76. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I agree it was better than IG's but that's hardly the point. As I said before, I would hope AVGN's standard isn't to merely be better than IG, because that is a VERY low standard to meet. It is better than IG's but IMHO still overall not a great episode. It's a given that IG sucks; it's not even a debate anymore. But that doesn't mean AVGN is automatically awesome.

  77. @Arther

    Because when he does that, the Nerd gets away from what made the whole thing awesome; reviewing bad games. When it turns into some big production, then he's basically a better IG.

  78. @ Arthur Arneiro

    AVGN IS getting stale. Since the revisited reviews, his videos have been awful with little to no anger in them, barely any swearing and just not fun to watch. Rolfe doesn't want to do that anymore and you can feel it in his latest reviews.

    "Also, what can you say about the ROB games?"

    Not much more obviously, but since E.T. and R.O.B. were two obvious choices for a 100th episode, he could have reviewed both at the same time and talk about the 1983 video game crash instead of going the easy route with the "R.O.B. is evil and his games suck" cliché.

  79. @ResidentialEvil
    Totally agree with you there. Asa may have some...controversial opinions, but whether you agree with him or not he does give his reasons and I respect him for that.

    As for the new Nerd episode, I thought it was good but a little disappointing. I wasn't as disappointed with it as a lot of other people, just a bit.

  80. God, I love the Gyromite theme, makes me wanna dance to it. Let's do the ROB!

  81. @ResidentialEvil
    Arthur, not Arther.
    For me, the bad point for that video was the choice of game, I mean, you can't really do much with ROB. It could have been a game where he had a lot to talk about.

    Thanks for getting my name right.
    At least when he did those ReRevisited episodes, he did the games that he could have given a better justice.
    I agree with you on the "ROB is evil" part, but kudos to James for actually putting effort on that part, unlike someone we all know really well and is the subject of this blog.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. I liked the 100th episode, not my favourite admit but yet again we must bear a few things in mind.

    1. AVGN is a character and not meant to be a genuine reviewer.

    2. The thing about James Rolfe is that he clearly enjoys making videos where he gets to be more creative and doesn't sit in front of a camera and swears, for which he should be commended.

    3. It would also be good to note that AVGN has always used short 'skits' in his reviews, such as the beginning of the Karate Kid video.

    4. James actually listens to his fans and he seems to have struck a balance between 'cinematic' episodes and episodes where he sits and plays games.

    (Also at Fedora'd Samurai, what's wrong with pop music? Sure it's sappy at times and is a lot worse today but it's not as bad as say, rap, which is glorified rhyming at best)

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. @fattoler

    Dude, every single song on the radio is sung through an autotuner. You know what an auto tuner is? you speak into a microphone, and the computer will tune the recording to notes, utterly removing any soul or effort put into a song. Also, I fucking hate pop stars. I prefer bands. Because pop stars (when they have actual people playing actual instruments) never seem to give credit to real fucking musicians.

    Have you spent 5 minutes on the radio? I can not stand a single second of that soft, bubblegum shit. every single song is a narcissistic love letter to themselves about fucking somebody. Pop music is what I have to thank for me having to break my vow. I'm not one to punch a woman, but there are to women I want to punch, that's how much I despise pop music.

    You may be thinking it's Katy Perry or Ke$ha, but they're just stupid! they don't know any better other than to fuck, do drugs, and use pitch correction. There are people who are actively destroying music just by continuing! Fergie can not sing. But she tries anyway, and that is not a compliment. Did you see the superbowl halftime show? They kidnapped Slash, brainwashed him, and did something absolutely vile to the Amps in that place to make his normally beautiful opening solo to sweet child of mine sound like Anamanaguchi was on crack. And Fergie trying to sing sweet Child of mine, GOD! kill me now!!! It's like if Axl Rose did even more meth, chugged a liter of vodka, and had his vocal chords switched with that of a frog. She can not sing, and her "band" can not write lyrics worth shit. I could throw pieces of shit at a wall and whatever word I can make out of the smears would be better than the writing skills of If this is the kind of music people listen to and enjoy, I fear for our future.

  86. Well, I never said I like pop music today, but the Beatles and the Beach Boys are good, er, right?

  87. Well it seems many people have their own views on the 100th episode. As for me I'll be honest, it was semi-boring at times but I will honest to god be damned to say Irate was better. James made some interesting moments with R.O.B. Making him seem like an annoying kid who only wants to play the same 2 games despite their being better ones to play, making a quite enjoyable moment talking about the know story of R.O.B revitalizing interest in games by proclaiming him as some "Chosen hero" in a time of dying interst and even noting how with gyromite and stack up as the only games of the world it eliminates many of the annoyances of some of the games back then and therefore, there are no "shity games". I say that was quite creative how that was handled so I would say at least give credit on that behalf but I can completely understand dissapointment fom some people from this, his 100th review. And as for Asalier I have also lost interest and respect for the guy. I mean back in the past I agreed with some of his opinions on AVGN cause he honestly made some good points and he seemed to really have fun in his old reviews and vids. But now he talking out of his ass, proclaiming his opinions as fact and that everyone would share his veiws and pretty much waste his time going after TGWTG crew which is now getting quite old and stupid in my book. Which reminds me Batdan. Did you ever see the vid where he mentioned you and also what is your view on Asalieri as of this writing?

  88. Oh and I am the same "motherplayer" on this site. Just I had to make a new one due to yahoo deleating my old email

  89. But if my old comment doesnt come back, it was about mention my understandment with people being disapointed with AVGN's latest review (though I enjoyed it even with its semi-underwelming presentation) and that I personally thin if you though Irate's review was better then you really have questionable taste and this isnt even because its the irate gamer, its because when you compare the 2 side by side, Avgn's presentaion and devolpment was much better done than irates. I'd watch his 1,000,000 times over before I say "Getting jiggy with it" was more worthwile. And I also mentioned how Asalieri has far fallen from grace and is a shell of his former self. Spouting his opinions as if they were fact, getting amazingly arrogant (Seriously, Video Game Connoisseur people. He takes the name "Gamer" so seriously he had to change it. Is that telling you something about him?)and that his crusade against TGWTG is getting old at this point and he should move on. It was funny at first its just now its.....sad for lack of a better word. And Batdan if you saw his video where he mentioned you how do you feel about it and as of this writing whats your opinion on Asa?

  90. Hey motherplayer. Sorry the spam filter acted up and I have no way of changing it.

    I stopped watching Asa's videos after his rant about how people shouldn't review retro games because "they're from the past and I want to keep those past memories, thus people shouldn't talk about them". So no I didn't see that video.

  91. I died laughing when he duct taped the controller together, it reminded me of an inside joke so it was a lot more funny to me than to others. And the gyro bit was amazingly funny, too.

  92. Well what happened was that he found a comment somewhere of you mention how Asa was losing his touch and all he did was mentioned this site and said you may be "obsessed" with doing this. And seems you got out when the getting was good. Seriously you would weep if you saw how far he's fallen from his past, fun self. All it is at this point is his arrogance and fighting a hopeless battle against tgwtg. Someone mentioned to me how he was spamming Angry Joe's review of magika I believe it was called with hate comments even after Joe defended himself. He still kept with it. And need I remind you "Video Game Connoisseur." Takes the word "Gamer" with such offense he's now a "Video Game Connoisseur." and for no good reason either. I guess the question is are you disapointed in how much he's changed?

  93. I guess James changed the horror themed thing for mister bucket. anything on our Bores yet? release his reviews of oddly unspecified nature?

  94. I think a horror themed R.O.B. would have been better, after all James really does horror stuff well.

  95. I stopped watching Asa once he started getting an ego. But the final nail to the coffin was when he trolled the hell out of TVTropes and when he got kicked, he cried to his fans and thus busy street declared war on TVTropes. Asa used to be very entertaining, bringing up very good points, and being mature.

    But after he hit 1000 subscribers, he started getting full of himself. As for the war on TGWTG, I agree on ONE thing Asa has said, and that is that NC isnt as funny as he used to be. I also "love" how he claims that TGWTG fans are worse than IG fanboys.

    Sorry Asalieri, I still love your earlier reviews (the ones before episode 11) but your ego, rude attitude, and somewhat obnoxious fans are what contributed to me leaving your page for good.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. What is busy street? All googling I've done only shows a bunch people bashing TGWTG people for inane reasons.

  98. Yep, that's pretty much it. I'm going to listen to some Ska...

  99. I'm kinda annoyed with Asalieri's fall too, because he was the only person I've been able to find that actually agrees with me on Final Fantasy Tactics being the last good FF game. You do not know how freaking hard it is to find someone who actually acknowledges how effin' bad FF has gotten since 7. But I was annoyed with his assault on Spoony. I could get behind Asa, I'd listen to him and see what things about Spoony that piss him off. What does he do? He walks around Spoony's hometown at night and asks random people on the street if they know him... That's it. He doesn't give criticism, He interviews random people on the street at 10 at night. He doesn't even ask if they're gamers, he just asks one question. I don't understand how Razorfist can associate with him.

  100. I like the ending of AVGN's 100th episode, where it fades to black on Simon's Quest. If he had to do a final episode of AVGN, I think he should revisit Simon's Quest, so it would be like a full circle or something.

  101. @ thecruiser8490

    He already did that in the second episode of his Castlevania retrospective. But it would have made for a good final episode.

    Just a few more days till the end of the week. doubt Bores will get those episodes finished in time. I'd like to point out again that he never specified what he'd be doing. He said "reviews" but not of what. it could be for NEO, old games, movie, or even more of his trailer review trash... god I despise him.

  102. Bored put up 1 of his promised 2 reviews!!!'s the MVC3 review.

    But it has an added scene!!!'s just Devil Bores talking over the Arthur section.

  103. @Zinger314

    So did Bores finally pronounce "Hsien-Ko" correctly?

  104. ...THATS...NOT...GRAAAAGH! What the hell?! You can't do that! I know he didn't say that they were going to be new reviews, but SHLAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! You just don't do that! I'm dumbfounded. Really, I am. I have found dumb, and it's name is Bores.

  105. Asalaeri has posted a response to us:

  106. @Truthfulpietro

    Not even gonna bother. In my book he no longer has any right to talk about anyone considering his own very noticble flaws. Hell I'm even gonna go as far to say that he makes Irate Gamer look so much better in believe I just said that.

  107. I've tried explaining my case to Asalari.

    I can see what I mistakenly applied to on my post. But the problem is that on his video he went around accusing AVGN of hating Shadowgate, Dragon Warriors 1 and 3, Contra and Rampage. I did some research and I found a negative review of Shadowgate:

    And I know someone who likes Rampage's concept but not its execution.

  108. That's because like most everyone else talking shit here rather than telling me themselves, you're a coward, Motherplayer.

    Are you saying you have any more right than I do to give an opinion?

    (This is Asalieri, btw)

  109. @Motherplayer

    I had the courage to speak to Asalieri, myself.

  110. Truthfulpietro gets lots of points for doing it, too. While I may not agree with you on AVGN, I respect the fact you came in and stood up for yourself.

    Way to go, man.

  111. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Like I said before, James has better green screen and writing skills, but it doesn't change the fact that it's basically the same review in the end. You have the review itself bashing the games and R.O.B. as an accessory, the robot as a villain for some reason, and a fighting scene to conclude.

  112. @Thelone

    My thoughts exactly. Although I agree that its the same concept, James didn't try to copy Bores. Yeah, a reviewer can find the same flaw the other reviewer can find, but at least James didn't use human excrement lines after complaining about ROB being slow.

    As for that episode itself, I perfer that "Awesome Video Games" episode over Bores's and AVGN's ROB episode.

  113. @Truthfulpietro

    Okay, I never heard in any of AVGN's videos about shadowgate, dragon warriors 1 and 3, or rampage. And where did he say that he hates contra? Who could possibly say that other than people who have never touched a video game?

  114. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    I think Asalieri believed that because Contra, Shadowgate and Dragon Warriors were in the video of the 100th episode he must have assumed that The Nerd would think they were crap.

  115. @Truthfulpietro

    Interesting to know. Why would AVGN hate Contra when back in his terminator review he referenced the game multiple times as a means of showing how to do a run and gun right considering how complicated so of the games's mechanics were.


    Wow. I'd take some minor offense to that if I still respected you. But as it stands I wont bother presenting my case to people I dont respect plain and simple. If I did you'd be here arguing all day and it would become another TVtropes/AngryJoe and I rather not see such sad displays from you.

  116. I though he was just embracing the good and the bad games. I'm sure that there were some bad games in that little hug. Isn't that what everything is? Just a clusterfuck of good and bad?

  117. This sounds like the Mischief Makers incident all over again.

  118. @BatDan

    Quoted for those who don't know:

    "In the intro to DoubleVision Part 1, why do you show Mischeif Makers and make an angry face at it? That’s a good game and doesn’t deserve that treatment!

    It’s funny for me, because I just put random stuff in my intros and see what the fans talk about. But I can never predict what causes a fuss. How about Fatal Fury Special on the Neo Geo? That’s in there, and its a great game! I never said Mischeif Makers was a bad game. Yes, I put it in the intro, but it might as well have been any game. Now you want to know the real funny thing? I’ve gotten many requests for Mischeif Makers. I even recieved the game as a donation with the usual note saying “tear this game a new one!” And everybody seems to want an N64 review, so I decided to put it in there. But now, NO? Are you all playing a joke on me? Well… good one. You got me."

  119. The hypocrisy on here is astounding! Apparently Asalieri criticizing TGWTG is old and pointless. Yet a fucking blog dedicated to tearing apart IG is so refreshingly new and will definitely effect IG.

  120. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Figures. Some people wouldnt understand the awesomeness that is Mischeif Makers. Its nowhere near avgn worthy. Something that may be more up avgn's alley would be fatal labrinth on sega genesis. That game is all kinds of bad.

  121. @angryjoesucks

    touche, but there are people who deserve constructive criticism like some people on TGWTG, and those who don't. I mean he declares war on TGWTG, not just the people on there that suck. That's kinda like me bashing Red Hot Chili Peppers' one hot minute tour just because I don't like Dave Navarro.

  122. I do agree I expected a bit more from AVGN's 100th episode still, I will always watch AVGN's review 100 times over for the line, " You're not a hero, THIS is my hero! *Beats ROB with a Mario doll*" than watch IG's review even once for the line, "Watch him get jiggy with it" (That or the "ROBbed" line from the Aladdin review).

  123. Bores updated the website (if anyone still cares)

    "Episode 1 in the HOV series in HD is almost finished! Expect to see some bonus items popping up as well in the coming days.
    Also just posted the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review on youtube. Make sure you check out the added scene during the ghost and goblins mention!"

    So yeah, now we know what the second video is going to be...

  124. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    Well, Asa doesn't seem to like anything that comes from TGWTG anymore, so it's not crazy that he bashes the entire network and not just x or y. However, I think he goes a little to far with the Pissed Jose spin-off which is painful to watch.

  125. @ Motherplayer

    well that's perfectly fine, I have none for you, either. Just telling you personally that you are a prick and a coward. =)

  126. @ Thelone

    You're correct. The website sucks nowadays in my own opinion (which I should point out, I only speak for myself when I say this, no one else)

    As for Pissed Jose, that's got its' own channel for people who want to see that kind of stuff. You don't enjoy it. You shouldn't subject yourself to it.

  127. Asalieri has sent BatDan a message:

  128. Okay, if we're gonna be a part of some pointless internet flame war, I'm out. I quit. Shit like this only leads to everyone looking like an idiot or an asshole. I refuse to be associated with this.

  129. I used to like Asa for his rants on horrible "reviewers" and giving good criticism on this and that.

    Then the 1000 subscribers hit, and his ego and arrogant attitude got the better of him. In the Coming Attractions video, he insults you guys for making an OPINION stating that you think the AVGN's R.O.B. video awesome. I thought the video was okay, certainly better than IG's.

    You see, Asalieri has fallen into a pit he doesn't seem to want to get out of. As soon as he became popular, he started insulting people, declaring wars and thinking he was the only sane man. I'm on the verge of unsubscribing to him. It may be possible that he developed a narcisstic or megalomaniac. personality as his fanbase grew.

    Why is he saying James is a choad and a scum of the Earth? Did James do anything to him other than not being the same quality he was. I admit, after he started doing only one episode a month, his quality dropped, but by no means does that give Asalieri and his followers a right to bully him.

    Asalieri thinks he's fighting a war of some kind, but can't get it in his head that he is the one shooting flames at everybody. He's becoming the Bores, or possibly something worse.

  130. Hey Danny, you friggin' idiot, it is Batdan, IE Daniel Hirsch that I am calling scum of the earth for spreading lies about me.

    James I have no problem with, he strikes me as an ok guy, actually. Perhaps if you had a brain you'd realize i'm not needlessly attacking people.

    Reading comprehension. Get some.

  131. no one, absolutely NO one from my camp ever bullied the AVGN.

    Can you say the same about your unnatural and dysfunctional hatred for Bores?

  132. @shakemoliere
    I assume your Asalieri. I got confused by a bunch of comments in your channel. Sorry about that.

    How is batdan spreading lies about you?

    Why do you have to be so rude to people who call you out or write flaws about you? Ad hominen much.

  133. For TGWTG, honestly right now I only like Phelous and Cinema Snob, and mostly because they don't seem to take themselves that seriously. The NC has become pretty stale to and he does mug for the camera way too much. He's falling into Stuttering Craig territory; not quite there but he's definitely on the path. I still watch his stuff and he does still make me laugh some but I find myself rolling my eyes more and more and his stuff is getting predictable. Spoony is ok but he also gives me a similiar vibe that Craig does, that is he seems like in real life he can be a real dick. The rest of the site is mostly unwatchable to me, with maybe the exception of Film Brain and Mike J, and I don't count the Game Heroes guys as part of TGWTG.

  134. oh you tell me, buddy. Do you think it's right to say things like

    "asalieri sends death threats to people who happen to like TGWTG"

    I certainly prefer ad hominem over out and out lying to make yourself look good.

  135. call me an asshole if you like, but spread lies and you bet your ass i'll call you out like the lying coward you are.

  136. @shakesmoliere
    "asalieri sends death threats to people who happen to like TGWTG"
    Don't be so literal. It's called hyperboling, exaggerating something to create a strong impression. What he means is that you almost assault the people who like TGWTG. Who cares if someone likes it? Just let it go man.
    How am I lying to make myself feel good? I've already retracted my claims.

  137. @Daniel

    I don't want to speak for Asalieri, but I don't think he is bashing people for generally liking AVGN's ROB episode. What he is bashing is people on a site where the sole purpose is to Bash Bores (and I've certainly participated so I lump myself in), there seems to be a complete opposite reaction to AVGN; i.e. everything Bores does sucks, everything AVGN does is awesome. Now we have an episode of AVGN that generally the same thing Bores did and AVGN's video is being praised through the roof.

    That smacks of total fanboyism. I see too many people excuse AVGN's video by proclaiming "It's way better than Bores'!!" Again, that's hardly an endorsement and not even the point. I've never seen Asalieri say Bores is great, in fact he's made it clear he's awful, but that doesn't mean the AVGN is automatically awesome. Both can suck, and I think both ROB videos suck. And I can even agree in a way that AVGN's episode sucked MORE because I expect more out of him.

    It's like who was the more disappointing team this year, the Colts or the Lions? The Lions are clearly the worse team but the Colts were more disappointing since much more was expected of them. Everyone knew the Lions would suck, so overly bashing them for having a bad season seems pointless.

  138. Asa, I'm surprised you referenced the "Asalieri sends death threats" quote without stating where you found it.

    I've personally removed it, mostly because it did indeed violate several rules.

  139. And no, I'm not a fanboy of anyone. Especially not AVGN.

  140. hell, this gentleman already said it better than I could.

    As for lying, I was referring to batdan himself, unless you're him, that is, Daniel.

    He said that I literally sent a guy named hardcoregamerkid a death threat. I did no such thing, and I am going to continue to humiliate and smear batdan's name until he answers for his bullshit personal hatred of me.

  141. I did reference where someone else found it on my comments page.

  142. @ResidentEvil
    I agree with pretty much everything you say. That settles it.

    Bores' videos may be terrible, but he isn't the center of the "bad reviewers-galaxy". There's plenty of horrible things out there. The AVGN isn't a god to be worshipped whether or not his videos are good or not.

    Are we on the same level now?

  143. this is exactly what my channel is about; showing that the people we tend to put on pedestals aren't as perfect as we like to think they are, and hopefully giving you a laugh while showing you this.

  144. @slarp
    I am not batdan.
    In the context of smearing his name, that is both a defense mechanism and a logical fallacy. It's just that you are so uptight with TGWTG fans that his statement almost fits in.

  145. i'm not, really.

    It's like my buddy Afroblue says; "I am a fan of Linkara, and me and Asa are still friends"

    You assume i'm uptight why, because I made one dinky video about the Mashables awards? I'd love to hear this one, really.

  146. Oh for the love of Freddie Mercury, can't we all just get along?!

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. I dunno, Fedora, can't you?

    You guys reside in this crappy blog, judging people on a daily basis, and then you complain when you yourselves are judged for your own sycophantic, unnatural hatred?

  149. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    Yes we can.

    Do you have anything against fans of various TGWTG reviewers who watch their videos for entertainment or only those who voted for them in the awards? Because you keep calling them sheep and stuff.

  150. I think I better stay away from this blog until things settle down.

    For the record, I'm not an AVGN fanboy or anything. I thought his 100th episode was enjoyable, but I understand and respect why other people didn't like it.

    With that said, I don't want to be involved in whatever's going on.

    So...peace out, everyone!

  151. 'keep'?

    It was one video, and only in the context of "if you're stuffing the ballot box for awards they clearly don't deserve, you suck".

    I still stand by this sentiment, the TGWTG ballot stuffing made me sick to my core. No sweat off my back if you love them. I'd expect you not to give me shit for NOT liking their boring ass circle jerk site, too.

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. Oh please, guys, stop this bullcrap. The last thing we need now is for BatDan to quit AGAIN because of a stupid flame war that's based entirely on people's OPINIONS. And heck, this is a blog made to show how the IG sucks, are the AVGN OR TGWTG even relevant to all this?
    And to think this all started just because we praised the AVGN's ROB video...

  154. I'm new to this blog. So I am saying hello from norge. Doesn't like it is the best time to blip.

  155. Arthur Arneiro@ Ig low gaming knowledge and his lackluster bad reviews ,was the reason why I joined this blog. So I do hoppe to see more posts about that.

  156. @Linus
    Some people here think that any reviewer is relevant to the IG. Sometimes they are, but that's not a reason to start flame wars everywhere in the comments.

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. Arthur Arneiro@
    well maye they should make an blog about those other reviewer. Anyway I doesn't consider ig an irl reviewer. Since he never gives any good reason why the certain games that he reviews are good or bad, or he never go into detail on the games that he does review.

    Srry for my bad grammar, English isn't my main language.

  159. Oh,Batdan, Batdan, Batdan. Many months later, and you still haven't learned your lesson. You'd think that after the shellacking you suffered from Busy Street, you'd learn to shut your big mouth (or at least keep your fingers from typing shit).

    However, what else could I expect from someone who couldn't even keep his own word about quitting? About someone who outright stated that he'd filter dissent even as he'd criticize Bores for doing the same.

    Now you've pissed even Asalieri off! And for what? So that you can continue sucking off AVGN and TGWTG? Your silence speaks volumes. Your inability to address the people who call you out show how much of a pea-balled, gutless coward you really are.

  160. Heck I only said I felt that AVGN's ROB review was better than IG's. I never recalled saying it was great or anything cause I felt myself that it was dissapointing for AVGN's standards. But hey considering his drop in quality has already been known countless times, guess it isnt much of a suprise.


    Dont blame me pal. If you hadent gotten an big ego, Undermined your talents by engaging in pointless flame wars and mouthed your questionable opinions as if they were the fact of everyone I would'nt have turned my back on you. You have no one to blame but your change of pace as a character for this. But then again why should you worry bout me? You have tons of other subs and friends so I'm kinda suprised you acually paid attention to me when I'm no skin off your nose.

  161. "Heck I only said I felt that AVGN's ROB review was better than IG's. I never recalled saying it was great or anything cause I felt myself that it was dissapointing for AVGN's standards."

    I love how the Batdan sycophants are painting it as though Asalieri made the video because of the video instead of the fact that Batdan alleged Asalieri to have made death threats to some kid. Way to go in missing the point, guise! LMAO.

    "Dont blame me pal. If you hadent gotten an big ego, Undermined your talents by engaging in pointless flame wars and mouthed your questionable opinions as if they were the fact of everyone I would'nt have turned my back on you."

    According to Motherplayer, Asalieri's opinions became questionable when he started using the same standards of criticism he used against Chris Bores or Alexander Badr. But oh noes, if it's someone you like, then they must be treated speshul! LOL, you guys are hilarious as always. ^_^

  162. Are you guys referring to batdamn the YouTube user that answer on ig negative comments all day long.?

  163. @linus

    Nope. Everyone is referring to this Blogspot's brave, fearless, and absent leader, Batdan.

  164. @Anonymous4488

    Dont mean to sound rude but mabey he isnt here because he's doing other things IRL instead of eyeing down the comments of this topic at the moment?

  165. anonymous4488@,
    : I'm rather new on this blog, so I thought you guys was referring to,the batdam that doesn't allow people to critice ig, and once someone is doing it he starts and flame debate, and he does that all day long, an hard core fanboy.

    But the owner of this blog eh k..well seems like he isn't online.

  166. "But the owner of this blog eh k..well seems like he isn't online."

    You should have seen him the first time he went on hiatus. As soon as people started questioning his manner in presenting this blog, he volunteered to quit, only to go back on his word and stir up shit again by alleging that Asalieri threatened a kid on Youtube without any proof on Batdan's part (it used to be located in TV Tropes, under the "Dethroning Moment of Suck" entry for Web Originals.

  167. anonymous4488@

    Well I'm just happy to see an return of this blog, thx the return of ig lame reviews. Besides I really don't care about theflame debate lie of whatever, since this blog is decade to ig
    suck, and since bat is probabl doing some irl stuff, you have to take the conversation about whatever that bother you, with him once he is online

  168. "Dont mean to sound rude but mabey he isnt here because he's doing other things IRL instead of eyeing down the comments of this topic at the moment? "

    Seeing that the flight patterns of that chickenshit before and after Asalieri called him out on his bullshit, I highly doubt it. Or have you forgotten how he pulled the exact same thing during his hiatus and his claim that this blog will "end"?

  169. "Well I'm just happy to see an return of this blog, thx the return of ig lame reviews. Besides I really don't care about theflame debate lie of whatever, since this blog is decade to ig
    suck, and since bat is probabl doing some irl stuff, you have to take the conversation about whatever that bother you, with him once he is online "

    He's the reviewer Bores deserves. They think alike and they act alike. Both are huge hypocrites.

  170. Most of you Batdan supporters are hypocrites! Back when Asalieri was criticizing people like Irate Gamer you thought he was awesome, but when Asalieri applied those same criticisms to AVGN and TGWTG you turned on him. Proclaiming that he's become an egotistical cunt just because he dared to criticize someone you like!

  171. @anonymous4488

    Hey man, welcome back! I remember you owning Batdan months ago. So, what brought you back to this pathetic blog?

  172. Dan, and to the followers of this Blog, dont listen to Mr 4488, Dont reply ti him, dont encourage him, Just Ignore Him, he's only here to make things worse.

    As for Asa, well, im dissapointed of him, but not for the reasons he might think, specially how he snaps back in that video against Dan. good.

    Dan dont let this make you feel bad on any way.

  173. @Gatuca

    Batdan said on TVtropes that Asalieri had sent some kid death threats. He never showed any proof of this happening. So, it's okay if Batdan spreads lies to make Asalieri look like a prick, but if Asalieri angrily responds to Batdan's bullshit then he's the bad guy?!

  174. "And heck, this is a blog made to show how the IG sucks, are the AVGN OR TGWTG even relevant to all this?"

    How is it NOT relevant? It's relevant for the very reasons brought up in these comments. IG's crappy ROB video was destroyed here, and in these very comments, AVGN's crappy ROB video was praised...especially by Batdan himself. Those are going to get replies.

  175. @ResidentialEvil
    That was a one-time comment, but you guys responded to it saying that the episode sucked, then mentioned Asalieri, and now LOOK AT THIS MESS! You guys brought three people here, and it all could have been evaded if people didn't respond to Dan's opinion about the AVGN's newest episode.

  176. @angryjoesucks "Hey man, welcome back! I remember you owning Batdan months ago. So, what brought you back to this pathetic blog?"

    What else? To call out Daniel "Bashit Insane Fanboy" Hirsch for running his mouth and then running away at the first sign of trouble. By the third iteration of this blog, I wouldn't be surprised if he starts deleting posts outright just like his "idol", Bores.

    He's that much of a cowardly piece of shit. I also can't wait for sycophants like Shaolin Dave to protect Batdan as though they were soul mates. Hey, Dave! I didn't do shit for months, and look what your idol did this time! LOL.

  177. @Arthur "That was a one-time comment, but you guys responded to it saying that the episode sucked, then mentioned Asalieri, and now LOOK AT THIS MESS!"

    You do realize that Batdan put that entry in TV Tropes many, many days before the AVGN review, right? February 11, judging by the TV Tropes page, to be exact. He had it coming.

    "You guys brought three people here, and it all could have been evaded if people didn't respond to Dan's opinion about the AVGN's newest episode."

    Batdan should address this (I doubt he will, because he denied to death his troll-like behavior in Busy Street) and answer Asa like a man. The likelier scenario is, of course, him quitting the Internets again (with or without an announcement) and coming back a couple of months later to do... The. Same. Old. Shit.

  178. @Gatuca "Dan, and to the followers of this Blog, dont listen to Mr 4488, Dont reply ti him, dont encourage him, Just Ignore Him, he's only here to make things worse."

    Jesus Christ, Gatuca. Listen to yourself. You're really willing to coddle Batdan's actions like a pathetic little syccophant just so you can keep this shitty blog that talks over and over about just one thing, "Chris Bores plagiarizes, he doesn't know what he's talking about"? Are you really that bereft of self-respect? Slap yourself and grow some balls, man.

  179. @Arthur Arneiro

    So now people can't respond to someone's opinion that they post? You don't seem to have a problem with anyone who positively responded to Batdan's opinion.

    You're pretty much proving Asalieri's point.

  180. Maybe you wouldn't have a problem with me if you all had the willpower to form your own opinions on things, without relying on sycophants like Batty boy to tell you what's good and what isn't.

    If y'all weren't so lazy in finding out for yourselves and had the initiative and guts to give your opinion without fear of reprisal, you'd be worth respecting.

  181. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  182. The problem with Irate Gamer is not only that he plagiarizes.
    1. If you saw his first reviews in detail, you'd know he just couldn't be a gamer back then as a child like he says (not even properly inserting an NES cart in the TMNT review, for example -- what the hell?) and looking at the old games as if they are made today (like not reading the instruction manuals in the Contra review -- seriously, did you expect the whole story to be told in an 8-bit game?).
    2. His research errors. I don't say AVGN doesn't make these, but the rate of these in the Irate Gamer videos is stunning.
    3. His attempts to make unrelated easy-to-make "trailer reviews". It's just a trailer + "wow, very cool" at the end just to make some more ad revenue.
    4. And the amount of effort put into IG's videos is quite low for the amount of time BETWEEN them. AVGN brings us new videos every month and they look nice. IG brings us new (retro) videos every 2-3 months and they look like they were done in a few days.

  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. Ig when he doesn't do any research, just take an look on his goonies 2 review.

    His main complain was that he would love to play the first one first, and well he couldt find it, ....... castlevania 1-3..... . Some country....... against the law.. anyway if he hade done some research he would have notice that the first goonies does exist and are avable on Playchoise 10, family system, msx

  186. @ d1337r

    We all know that Bores is a lazy idiot and basically not a gamer, it's hardly a news and we're pretty much beating a dead horse here (including myself since I'm a reader of this blog).

    Nowadays, he is not the only one who sucks and even "respected" reviewers can produce crappy videos, including the Nerd.

  187. I think people mightve gotten their expectations too high for the 100th episode. I enjoyed it just as much as any other episode. no more, no less. To expect a higher quality one would have to assume that James wasn't giving 100% on the rest of his episodes.though James isn't a perfect performer, I do believe he has the work ethic to do the best he's capable of with every project, and there's no logical reasons to believe his skills would magically increase because he finished episode 99 and started episode 100.

    as for the allegations that he ripped off Bore's R.O.B. review, I watched James review without knowing Bores had already done one. One think I would was critical of when i saw it was that it reminded me too much of older AVGN reviews when he fights characters such as Bugs Bunny, Freddy Kruegger, the Super Mario Bros. 3 cart, etc. After reading about people saying James ripped off Bore's idea, I watched the IG version, and also found it similar to the older AVGN episodes.

    If the creators of "Dances With Wolves" decided to make "Dances With Wolves part two", with an almost identical storyline, would that mean they were ripping off "Avatar"?

  188. @Residential Evil
    I'm not saying that you shouldn't respond to any of his opinions. But this time you should have not. Now we have two trolls and Asalieri here, and the only way to make them go is simple: not responding to them.

  189. @Arthur "I'm not saying that you shouldn't respond to any of his opinions. But this time you should have not. Now we have two trolls and Asalieri here, and the only way to make them go is simple: not responding to them."

    I love the "Let's talk shit, but when called on upon our shit, we'll ignore it" tactic you have on this blog. It's like throwing a rock at someone, then hiding to avoid the repercussions of throwing said rock.

    That's just classy. If you can stand by your opinions, then surely you can take having it go through the acid test of logic and reasoning, right? No? Then you're just acting like a bitch. ^_^

  190. LOL, let it be on the Batdan's bitch, Shaolin Dave doesn't want to talk about Batdan's post on TV Tropes: "BatDan: A small-time reviewer called The Hardcore Kid commented on that video saying he still likes TGWTG. Asalieri and his friends sent him death threats for thinking this."

    I just love the hypocrisy. If the Bores were the one who was captured in lying about an insult, you'll be all over it. But lo and behold, if it's Batdan who does it, then it's all right in your book. Fucking beautiful.

    You might as well admit yourselves to be raging hypocrites right now. The next time you go and make fun of an Irate Gamer twelve-year-old who doesn't know any better, do yourselves a favor and take a look at the mirror.

  191. "as for the allegations that he ripped off Bore's R.O.B. review, I watched James review without knowing Bores had already done one. One think I would was critical of when i saw it was that it reminded me too much of older AVGN reviews when he fights characters such as Bugs Bunny, Freddy Kruegger, the Super Mario Bros. 3 cart, etc. After reading about people saying James ripped off Bore's idea, I watched the IG version, and also found it similar to the older AVGN episodes."

    Let's put that argument to the acid test, shall we? Allegedly, AVGN isn't ripping off anybody but himself when he made his 100th "Meh" episode as AVGN fan Shaolin "Weeaboo" Dave alleges despite the fact that a.) he's hardly the only video reviewer on the planet, and he's certainly not the first one, b.) Dave watched AVGN's review first, and c.) had a reviewer, any reviewer, done ROB _after_ AVGN, they'd be called plagiarists.

    Wow. Remember kids, according to Shaolin, even if somebody makes a video _before_ AVGN does, they're still ripping off AVGN through space and time. My god, man. Get a brain. When faced with the same plagiarism allegations used against others on AVGN, the fanbrat's response is an automatic "AVGN ripped off _himself_", apparently.

  192. "If the creators of "Dances With Wolves" decided to make "Dances With Wolves part two", with an almost identical storyline, would that mean they were ripping off "Avatar"?"

    If the creators of Dances with Wolves created a same-concept sequel featuring blue cat aliens and the big bad military, are you alleging that they're not ripping off Avatar?

  193. I actually liked both James and Chris's reviews of ROB.

    I was expecting something different for his 100th episode (he should have made his revisited review the 100th episode), but ignoring the fact that it's the 100th episode, it was excellent. The Gyro gag, although predictable, was still funny. It makes me wonder where he got that Gyro from. The part where he morphed the two controllers into one was also hilarious. I wonder if the controller actually worked.

    Chris Bores' review was surprisingly good, probably my favorite review from him. The cutscenes, as usual, were stupid. The Castlevania scene was unoriginal, the ROB fight at the end was lame, but he did a good job explaining why ROB failed to entertain. I was honestly impressed by Chris Bores' ROB review.

    As a result, both AVGN and Irate had good reviews, but AVGN's cutscenes were better, making his review better. Still though, Irate's review wasn't bad.

  194. "As a result, both AVGN and Irate had good reviews, but AVGN's cutscenes were better, making his review better. Still though, Irate's review wasn't bad."

    They both sucked. The Bores overused his Party Button gag, his "FCR" joke was excessive in the sense that he had to buy a Japanese version of the accessory on Ebay just to make that joke and nothing else, and his "battle the game/toy" in the end is the same as any other review he made during 2008.

    As for the Rolfe, it's tragic how his overuse of skits in his ROB Review was hailed as "creative"; if the Bores were the one who did excessive skits, he'd be crucified in this blog. But not AVGN! When he does the exact same shit, suddenly his video gets "depth" and ROB gets some "backstory" (WTF?).

    It's tragic when _the Bores'_ review goes more in-depth into the games themselves than the Rolfe's review. Tragic indeed.

    P.S. Surprise, surprise. That piece of shit Batdan hasn't addressed his lying yet again. I bet he'll say he doesn't care too, just like he did when he was exposed trolling Busy Street. What a hypocrite.

  195. I admire you for thinking outside of the box. Most average humans are easily persuaded by society, therefore they never think for themselves, they let others think for them. It's nice to see something different for a change.

    What's this situation involving BatDan? I saw that video about him supposedly making rumors about Asalieri, but is there any proof of this? Maybe the situation was exaggerated.

  196. Batdan's post on TV Tropes: A small-time reviewer called The Hardcore Kid commented on that video saying he still likes TGWTG. Asalieri and his friends sent him death threats for thinking this.

    This was already deleted. You can search for the deleted quote here:


    Asalieri found out after ElvenRaptor posted this on Asa's channel comments: Asalieri, did you really send The Hardcore Kid death threats for saying he still liked TGWTG. If so, dude, not cool.


    After an active discussion, Vicsor posted this on the same channel comments: Hardcore Kid's channel is apparently called headbanger142.

    Mashables video:

    - Headbanger142: Oh God, Asalieri. To think your I subscribed to your videos and thought they were funny but this is when you've jumped the shark. *unsubbed*
    - Asalieri: S'all good, Headbanger142. Go someplace good, like Ray William Johnson's channel.

    Dammit Asa! Do your malicious ways know no bounds?


    It was around this time that the video about Batdan was made and SpaceScreaminJohn unsubbed to Asa. Finally, Zinger314 wrote in Asa's channel comments:

    I was the one that removed BatDan's comment from TVTropes, and yes, Hardcore Kid admitted he was lying in the same thread that he alleged Asa/BS made the threat:

    "Alright, as it turns out Violent Dee isn't actully part of BS. He was just someone from Youtube who doesn't like my videos. I'm sorry if I caused any trouble with anybody but it would be best if we just put this whole feud to rest."

  197. Hey guys, I apologize that this is kinda off topic, but I did finally get a chance to test an app I programmed a couple months back. Check it out...

  198. @Shaolin ""

    I love how both Shaolin and Motherplayer would rather censor dissent than face facts. Thank you for proving my point, even though you'll never "see" this comment anyway, if you filter is in any way real. ^_^

    Talk about your Batdan protection... Ha! For people without the "filter" who want to know how BatDan handles criticism, here's a URL I found on Google dating back 2005:

    Ironic comment from Batdan FTW: I have a lot of things to say right now. I made the mistake of posting a letter I sent to 4Kids on GameFAQs and surprise surprise guess who was on at the time. That's right RomanMack a.k.a. RomanGod. He and many others criticized the letter to no end. Saying it was filled with grammer mistakes (lie) and biased (lie)

    I love the part where he says that he doesn't make "grammer" mistakes. ^_^

  199. @anon4488

    Excuse me but I just noticed the video. I have no opinion on it whatsoever just to clarify. I have no interest in arguging with anyone else on this blog because at the end of the day, it really does nothing to further your own real life accomplishments. Thats all I wanted to say. Feel free to respond. Please at this point I'd be flattered you care so much.