Friday, March 25, 2011

A Historically Bad "Making-Of" or "Interview"

Do you remember that “Making-Of” clip that Bores included on his first DVD? The one where he pretends he’s being interviewed, stroking his own ego on how difficult it is working on the show, and going through the “intense” process of moving 5 boxes and playing short games. He did it again!

This time for the History of Video Games. Brace yourselves, this will hurt.

In the description he says this “documentary” will be a part of the History of Video Games DVD coming later this year. I’ll get into that after I finish the video, but I find it funny how he basically destroyed all incentive to buy the DVD. Other than bloopers, I don’t see what else he could include.

I find it funny how he still calls this video a “review”. It almost feels like his video titles are automated considering “review” isn’t capitalized.

0:08 - 0:47: The faux-interview starts with Bores saying the idea has been in his head for a while. Sure it was.
Then says the idea took off when he bought a bunch of books on video games, including one that tells of the history. Can you show us what book this is? Nope, instead he shows a CGI background with a CGI book opening up. Obviously he can’t tell us what book it is, otherwise people would find it and call him out on lying.
“I read the book, cover-to-cover, in a short period of time” You can read?
We then get a pointless clip of him saying “Holy crap”.

0:48 - 1:43: Bores rattles on saying the early days were like the “wild west”. Not even one minute in and my brain is hurting. That’s a really dumb comparison.
Then he says the one thing that bothered him was the lack of “visual representation”, he wanted to see the games. Well, you’re not going to get that in a book. It’s a book! It’s not like there were visual documentaries already made that you blatantly stole footage from and we have evidence that you did. I’m not letting that go.
Oh my God are you still talking about the visuals? We get it! Most of the shit you talk about in the series doesn’t even matter in the long-run.
Then another pointless clip from his show.

1:44 - 2:27: He gets on the subject of “creating the show” and how it’s like an artist with a blank canvas. … That just happened.
To everyone that still thinks the Irate Gamer is a troll, listen to how he delivers that line. He’s 100% serious about this shit. Yet nobody that knows him has the guts to tell him that what he’s doing is a bad idea!
He says that he settled on “a documentary style with reviews and ‘Irate Gamer comedy’ thrown in”. Someone tell him this is horrid! Oh man, his ego radiates pain.

2:28 - 2:54: He talks about the “script-writing” process (what the hell is with this CGI?), how it started with reviews of Space War and Computer Space and then filling in the gaps with “huge blocks of history”. You told us nothing! Except for crap you read off Wikipedia! All I remember about the first episode was “the scream”, the Captain Kirk joke, “Computer Space: Bob Uecker”, and the Devil Bores. Your attempt at informing us has failed because all I remember are the retarded jokes! Gah!

2:55 - 4:29: He then moves onto three possible points he could have started at. The first point (again with the unnecessary CGI) was pinball but he felt it was too broad. He wanted to focus on the smaller aspects. No wonder your pacing is unnaturally slow, no wait that still doesn’t make sense.
The second point was Tennis for Two (no he doesn’t actually say the name) created by “a guy in the military”. … The fuck is wrong with you? William Higinbotham! It isn’t that hard! Names! They’re important! Then again, this is the same moron that got Al Alcorn’s name wrong and thinks Steve Jobs created Breakout.
However, he felt it wasn’t important enough to cover. Translation: He couldn’t find a way to review it and make unfunny jokes.

He chose to start with Space War because it “started” the industry due to Nolan Bushnell playing it, creating Computer Space, seeing the Odyssey (wait, I thought you said him seeing the Odyssey was an urban legend? Admitting you were finally wrong about something Chris?) and creating Pong. Which lead to “the races”. Ugh…

4:30 - 5:18: He then starts talking about the musical score. Wait musical score? You mean that background noise that’s drowned out by Bores’ monotonous voice?
He claims putting the music in was a “time-consuming process” because he wanted to find the right emotions at the time. As an example shows Death Race set to some sort of “horror” tune that he obviously got off Digital Juice.
He goes on about how important mood is and blah blah blah what a load! Oh yeah, I’m sure it was sooo hard putting Ennio Morricone over a Western game and the William Tell Overture over a horse-racing game. Wait, isn’t Morricone’s music copyrighted? How is he going to get away with that in the DVD?
And to make sure we understand this “mood” thing, we get a clip of his editing screen and playing some “dramatic” music over the spaceship scene from the first video. Don’t lie about this, it only makes you look like a bigger tool.

5:19 - 5:40: He then brings up a realistic question, how many episodes are there going to be. He says he doesn’t know. Oh wow, that’s good planning right there. He claims he leaves it “open-ended” because he doesn’t know and because of “job security”. What does that mean?

The video reaches the end with him claiming he’s gotten e-mails from college professors. NO! That’s a huge lie! However, I’ll believe he got e-mails if said professors were debunking his bullshit. Then says that fans enjoyed the- VIDEO OVER! I’m done!

In the name of all that is time and space, what the fuck was that? Could Bores have anymore of an ego? Ugh. You know, the whole “interview” set-up only makes him look like a bigger douche.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Bores is planning to include this on a DVD. On March 24th, he announced three DVDs. Volumes 2 & 3 of the Irate Gamer show coming this Summer, and a separate DVD for History of Boring in the Fall. He still hasn’t learned why his first DVD failed. Also, nobody is going to buy a DVD that doesn’t even have an hour worth of content! No really, I counted up the time for all the videos, including the “making-of”, and it comes to 48 minutes and 32 seconds. That is an outright rip-off!

Can somebody bust his ego? It’s getting really bad.


  1. Interesting how he never posts any evidence about all the praise he gets from professors and video game pioneers...

    And THREE DVDs?! Yeah right. Spread your shitty videos over as many DVDs as possible. I'm sure this will sell like crazy!

    Oh, and long time reader, first time poster here!

  2. Speaking of copyrighted stuff, I wonder how much trouble he'll be in if he leaves in the footage he stole from other YouTube users, especially CNBC's footage?

  3. I doubt Bores has ever read something as in depth as that in his life.

  4. I like how Bores uses "job security" in this context. Typically, job security means that you are unlikely to be fired from your job. Internet comedians have notoriously low job security because once they become unpopular, they lose their sole means of money.

    Bores implies that job security means he can keep earning money for a very long time.

  5. Well it's obvious that the either Bores never read any books on the history of video games. Maybe he bought one and read the back cover, but had he read the actual book he would've actually had some of his facts straight.

    If he had actually read the book, this would be another case of his not citing his sources. Plagiarizing as usual.

    Is there a term for not citing imaginary sources? (skip to 2:09)

  6. "that the either Bores...", should have proofread that.

  7. @Doresh
    Welcome aboard!
    Exactly. He's never posted screencaps of these e-mails.

    That's a good question. Considering he didn't give credit to CNBC and the context doesn't qualify it for fair use... who knows?

    Oh wow. Considering he's nowhere near as popular as he was back in 2007, this is a major stretch to think that this series will help keep him afloat. Especially if he gets in trouble for the upcoming DVDs.

  8. Okay, if you wanna know the history of video games, go to this channel

    It's 110% more entertaining, and 200% more informative. They may have discontinued the series, but I would watch this for an eternity than watch bores for 45 minutes!!!

  9. Why do an interview video now? Isn't it better to save it until the series is finish?

    Ps I have send ig an request that he should do an neo review on Minecraft next ;)

  10. @Zinger314

    Yes indeed. Just because you're working on a longterm project, that doesn't mean you'll have guaranteed support until the end of it. Especially if, as he himself admits, he hasn't planned this ahead.

    More evidence of a runaway ego. If his stuff sucks, it sucks, and by the end the only people still watching are gonna be the people who follow this blog.

  11. I dunno where Chris is getting his idea of releasing DVD's like that. It defeats the purpose of releasing the interview before the DVD is released

    And I think I know the reason why he didn't get in trouble with the Big Ones. Because his first DVD was only bought by people who wanted to destroy it for fun and not by the fans


    Oh that would be a disaster waiting to happen, but not on a scale like if he reviewed either...Super Mario RPG or the Paper Mario series or the Mario & Luigi RPG series.

  12. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    Yeah, Play Value ruled (and still does).

    And what the hell is he gonna put on those DVD's besides the few retro and neo reviews ? His lame E3 coverage, those retarded breakfast rants, his "vewycoo" movie reviews or some unfunny bloopers ? Well who cares anyway since nobody's gonna buy that crap ...

  13. @Thelone

    Mabye he add this

    History of Video Games Pt 0 - Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo

  14. I can't wait to see part 66536, where he reviews the PS3! :D

  15. @Arthur Arneiro

    I also can't wait to see part ∞, where he reviews the Nintendo DS lite! 8D

  16. The only internet DVD I ever bought was Ashen's one. Which was actually good value for money because it came with new footage AND a lanyard!

  17. I wonder why Bores calls all his videos reviews. He should know the difference, unless he's actually fucking idiot.

  18. Yeah, forget the TV shows and movies that pay a songwriter, conductor and orchestra/band to craft an actual "score" - browsing Digital Juice is the real deal! It's so time-consuming! (Aren't literally all actions technically "time-consuming" anyway? It's not like any actions will increase the amount of time in nature - it's constantly passing.)

    I assume he means the professors at Clown College... in addition to the factual inaccuracies, the "Irate Gamer comedy" kills any remaining potential for it being taken seriously on any academic level. What kind of historian would use an utterly pointless, nearly 60-second segment of his clones inserted in Steeplechase? Aside from not being funny at all, it irritates anyone who's watching this to gather information for a project, since it's completely unnecessary.

    Anyway, I look forward to hopefully seeing those new DVDs on Amazon - I guarantee they'll be one-star wonders!

  19. The only thing left is for him to call his Road Trip videos reviews.
    That'd be like if I did a video of me having lunch and calling it a review beacause I talked about the quality of the food.

  20. @PanicPagoda

    What kind of people would be using Irate Gamer's videos as a resource? Unless it was his Encyclopedia Dramatica article or something.

  21. Perhaps the "college professors" were Psychology professors who were trying to tell him to get some mental help.

  22. Taking us off the topic of Bores, DW just put up a video where he responds to Justin Bieber trolls (not people who troll Justin Bieber, but pre teen girls who troll FOR Justin Bieber). He's made some good points, but is it bad that I laughed at the joke at the very end?

  23. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    Yes, it is very bad that you laughed at the joke at the end.

  24. @starofjustice

    Here's a comment from the History of Video Games Part 4: "last year I explained the history of video games as a history project and I won 3rd place :D Your previous videos about it help me, thanks :) (don't worry, I didn't plagiarize)"

    Oh man, I would have loved to see that project, "Al Acorn" and all. I just assume there simply aren't that many educators who know about the history of video games, so sadly, their ignorance leads to acceptance of the Bores' videos.

  25. Did anyone notice htat he removed what the fireballs of shiet from his HD version of PT1, also he dressed up differntly in the space shi scene. so he reshot it.

    God, no wonder hes Sloooooooow delivering videos if he does crap like the above all the time.

  26. I swear Batdamn is calling hypocrisy on everything we say:

    "Another moment of hypocrisy from the IGSucks Blogspot brigade, this time from PanicPagoda: Yeah, forget the TV shows and movies that pay a songwriter, conductor and orchestra/band to craft an actual "score" - browsing Digital Juice is the real deal!

    Ironically, AVGN himself makes constant use of Digital Juice, specifically his SwordQuest review (outside from his ganked "Orchestral AVGN tune", obviously). Oh, and speaking of unoriginal hack, AVGN tends to use fan covers of that song he didn't make either, right? LOL, hypocrites."

  27. @ Truthfulpietro

    I think James cowrote the lyrics with Kyle. Even if he didn't I'm willing to be the AVGN got permission to use the AVGN theme song.

  28. Yay, batdanm is pissed at me! ^O^ It's funny because I don't recall AVGN bragging about how tough it is to find music for his show, even if it is Digital Juice. Oh, and FYI about the fan covers: James makes sure to give the performers credit. Yes, CREDIT! A foreign concept to the Bores, I know.

  29. James wrote the lyrics while Kyle wrote the music. I think it's safe to say James has every right to use the AVGN theme song.

    Plus, James doesn't use Digital Juice that often. Most of the time he uses songs from video games.

    Exactly. James always credits the people that make his themes. When Bores had the 8-bit cover for the Aladdin review, he didn't bother to learn the name and just called him "A dedicated fan". Later he added an annotation with his name "Jesse Proper".

    In fact, Jesse himself commented on my blog. He said he only did IG's theme because it was easier to cover than AVGN's theme. Makes sense since The Nerd's theme has actual melodies while IG's theme is just the same thing again and again

  30. I doubt Bores has even read "The Ultimate History of Video Games" If he even SKIMMED it he would have actually made less errors than he did. But then again, that would involve reading. I'm not even sure IG reads his own damn scripts let alone a somewhat long book.

  31. I think the book Bores might be referring to is called "The Ultimate History of Video Games". I actually have that same book, and the info contained in it is far more informative than in Bores series.

    Also, I noticed he actually had that book shown in the background during his ROB the Robot review.

  32. @blueluigi
    Interesting, I'll have to keep an eye out for the book when I rewatch the R.O.B. videos.

    I figured the book would be better, especially since it actually informs people and doesn't shove in pointless comedy bits.

  33. i would like to ad a little footnote to this as i have heard from other more credible sources that steve jobs did have a hand in the creation of the first breakout arcade machine in 1976, however it was first conceptualized by Nolan bushnell and i believe al acorn, while the majority of the programming was done by steve woznaik as far as i know and was not paid or under an atari contract interestingly enough