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Ralph Baer Responds. No Chris, He Didn't Like It

I know I just uploaded something yesterday but I feel this needs a post.

Back in October 2009, IG uploaded the 2nd part of his History of Video Games series, covering the Magnavox Odyssey. It was full of inaccurate information and needless references. Annoyed by this, vicviper592 sent Ralph Baer an e-mail showing him the video. Baer responded saying "it's full of inaccurate information".You can see that e-mail here:

A day after I put up that post, Bores wrote on his site that Ralph Baer responded to him. Chris claimed he was honored and that Baer "didn't understand it". Outright insulting the pioneer. Read under "10-18-09".

Time passes. The other day Bores uploaded that "Making-Of" documentary going on about how much research and work went into it and how he received e-mails from college professors. That last line was the final straw. I myself sent Ralph Baer an e-mail, asking for his detailed thoughts on the Odyssey video.

Here's a screen-cap of his response.

So with a little prodding from me and the knowledge that Bores insulted him, Mr. Baer wrote a response to the videos. I'll post what was said here. I'll also remind you that I did not edit any of this. This is all Ralph Baer's words.

Comments re.
and at

re. "Ralph Baer spent a few years building a prototype of his idea"
Fact: I had the idea on 3/31/66 and wrote a 4-page paper describing the
whole scene on 4/1/66. A year and a half of part-time work with Bill Harrison, a technician and a few months of assistance by Bill Rusch, an MIT graduate engineer, and the Brown Box played ping-pong, volley ball, handball, light gun games, etc. All of the documents generated (several thousand) during that period starting with the 4-page document can be found by anyone at, the Lemelson Center at the Smithsonian's website.

re. Magnavox..."they also filed patents on his technology"...Wrong: Sanders Associates filed all videogame patents for the simple reason that I worked there (I was a division manager there with some 600 engineers, techs and support people in my division, none of whom worked on anything whatsoever that had to do with videogames. All patent applications, prosecutions etc. were funded by Sanders and worked on by Baer and by members of Sanders' patent department.

......"any company going into the videogame business had to pay royalties to Magnavox..." Wrong: The lawsuits were not about "videogames" in general but about games that contained game action in which machine-controlled symbols on-screen interacted with manually-controlled symbols (like the ball and the paddles in a ping-pong game) the early and mid-seventies, virtually all home and arcade games had that game action and were subject to license and were subject to being sued if they didn't take a license.

...Magnavox began producing the Odyssey...and as you can see, the console is very crude in design"....says who? It's actually very nice looking and a typical 1970's design.

At 01.56...the swearing begins...for no good reason...and his criticism of the cables and the RF antenna switch box (which had to meet FCC interference specs) is all just so much ranting and raving. What he completely ignores (or just doesn't know because he is too young) is that the only way for a videogame signal to enter a current TV set was through the antenna terminals...there were no video or cable connections on 1970 and 1980 TV sets.....a situation which I complained about as early as 1972 when I told Magnavox that if they made access via an RCA jack to the first video amplifier in their TV set. I could give them a whole new set of novel products to plug in there....but they didn't want to add 5 cents to their product cost.

At 03:04 he says: "When a card is plugged into the Odyssey card it actually creates new command codes..." What command codes ?...there is no microprocessor involved....micrprocessors didn't appear on the scene until many years later. What the cards actually do is to interconnect various logic circuits inside the Odyssey in different ways so as to produce different games. He shows a large circuit board in the background that is full of logic IC's. That board may represent what was in the mid-seventies arcade games ( like a hundred dollar's worth of IC's) but it has nothing to do with what is in an Odyssey, namely about 40 transistors, 20-odd diodes and a lot of resistors and capacitors, typical of the components in then-current TV sets, so that a TV manufacturer could handle the product on existing production lines.

At 03:44 he completely ignores the use of the English control which determines the ball's vertical trajectory. Without the use of that control, there is no game. He also ignores the fact that there is a Speed control at the back of the unit so that both novice and experienced players can have challenging games.....this business of "falling off the end of the screen" is total nonsense...he just didn't bother to read to Instruction Book or to explore what that third (concentric) English knob is for at the left side of the hand-controller.

At 04:08 he laments the lack of scoring....that was just not practical for a consumer product at the time. besides, we all have played ping-pong and other ball games since time immemorial by shouting out the score as we went who needed on-screen scores?

At 04:27 he runs into some glitches and doesn't realize that he has an ancient device that undoubtedly has badly corroded contact fingers on the card and the connector in the Odyssey...a typical Odyssey problem. He doesn't seem to know that all connectors in old equipment are subject to this problem and that it can often be resolved by running an eraser over the contacts to get rid of the accumulated oxidation.

At 04:42 he starts ranting about "you can do anything you want....". Since when does anyone play tennis or ping-pong or handball etc. without agreed-upon game rules beforehand. You just don't move into your opponents field (over the net), etc...this is really dumb stuff...

Around 05:14 he shows "HAL" on-screen. He apparently uses one of the white spots of a chase game, covers the screen with a black overlay and inserts a red glassine window to color the spot...very creative, but irrelevant to a discussion of the Odyssey game.

At 05:39 he starts to make silly remarks about the overlays that were optional for most games but actually lent a lot of color and relevance to such games as the light-gun (shooting) games and others intended for small children.

Re. his description of all of the rest of the accessories (cards, chips, play money, etc.) he is basically correct. I doubt whether many people actually played with those things )ping-pong being the universal game played by needs no overlay). Thhe packaging of these items with the Odyssey game just reflected Magmavox' management doubt about the validity of honest-to-goodness on-screen games.

Why he feels it necessary to swear is beyond me.

He then berates the simple games addressed at preschoolers....enough said.

This guy has obvious talents...he knows how to put a good-looking video presentation on-screen. Now if he had just done it without the unnecessary vulgarity, stopped making faces and got some of his "facts" straight, this would be a presentation with a lot of interesting historical information, presented in a fun way.

Ralph H. Baer

There we go Chris. Facts from the man himself. Many of which could be found through proper research.
This also goes back to the fact that Mr. Baer did not like Chris' video, despite what he claims.
I would like to see Bores try and talk his way out of this one.


  1. It's impressive that Mr. Baer is able to remember a lot of this stuff 40 years later, but I guess it helps that he was actually working on this stuff and knows what he's talking about, unlike a certain jackass who can't decide whether his history videos are a part of his actual series or not.

  2. Do you think Kotaku might be interested in checking this out?

  3. I can't believe he wants to sell this "documentary". Surely this post makes the entire first part of his series invalid and in dire need of a re-write.

    I was just trying to put up a comment on Bores video about the making of the "History of Bad Comedy", (I think thats what its called) asking if he was going to re-shoot the first episode since doing otherwise would mean his DVD was very inaccurate, Only to find that I've been blocked. I have only ever left one other comment on an IG video stating that he really should give a game more then a quick once over if he was going to review it, Ive never insulted him in any way shape or form yet he's banned me like Ive been trolling him repeatedly. What an insecure little man he is.

  4. (sorry I completely ruined that last post with a cut paste edit)

    not that it wasn't in need of a rewrite anyway. But come on! when one of the key figures of what you where talking about systematically tears your "facts" to shreds even Bores has to realise he's wrong.

  5. @Lewis
    It still puzzles me how he's trying to keep his regular show and History show separate yet he takes something from the History show and make it a villain in the regular show.
    That would be like if you gave clues to Lord Vyce's real name in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder video.

    I'm not sure if this is Kotaku-worthy. Bores is just a blip on their radar compared to something like the North American 3DS launch tomorrow. For those wondering I'm waiting until there's more games or a 3DS Lite.

    Ugh yeah, even the constructive criticism doesn't escape blockage.

    If he does plan on releasing a DVD, he really should rewrite the more blatant mistakes ("Al Acorn", Bushnell seeing the Odyssey was only a myth). Then again, he didn't revise "(Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels) is the perfect predecessor to the first Mario game" for that DVD.

  6. Ohohohohoho, I love our elders. seriously, we'd be dead without them.

  7. Wow, Mr. Baer did give his detailed thoughts. Very detailed.

    The man's awesome.

  8. I believe the phrase is "intellectually checkmated."

  9. @BatDan

    I remember someone saying that Bores has made a remastered Volume 1. According to the site, he claims he did this:

    Brief List of Changes
    Episodes 1, 2, and 3 re-edited and reworked
    Ep 5 – Dialog reworked
    Ep 6 – Alternate scenes filmed, Dialog reworked
    Ep 7 – Alt. Scenes re-filmed, Dialog reworked
    Ep 8 – Added rant included, Alt. Scene re-filmed, Dialog reworked
    Ep 9 – Major upgrades, Alternate scenes re-filmed, Dialog reworked
    Ep 11 – Scene Added, Dialog reworked

    So the only reviews he didn't fixed were "Mission Impossible" and "TMNT". So I guess he still thinks the arcade version of "Turtles in Time" doesn't exist.

  10. @vicviper592
    Probably. When I covered his DVD I used a Dailymotion channel that had all the DVD versions on it. But I think he had an early copy when Bores quickly rushed it out.

    On Mission Impossible: That's a lie. He changed that one line. Of course, he's not saying he did because it would incriminate him.

    On Turtles in Time: I could have told you that from his Turtles in Time Reshelled review. One of his complaints was that they replaced the Roadkill Rodneys (or as he calls them "robots you love to hate") with boxing robots, when the boxing robots were in the original Arcade version, which is what Reshelled was based on.

    I can tell he didn't get far because he didn't bring up other "changes" like how you don't fight the Rat King at the end of Sewer Surfin, there's no Technodrome stage, you fight Cement Man instead of Slash in the Prehistoric stage, and so on.

  11. I think I'm wrong but, does Bores use his home address for his DVD's return address or something like that?

  12. You say that Bores gets this information from Wikipedia, I doubt it. Even though Wikipedia is not 100% accurate, I think Bores' history of video games series are more inaccurate than any Wikipeida article. So I think he pulled most of his information from his ass.

  13. Chris would probably say(while brainwashing mindless fanboys with flashy special effects because it detracts from his horrible gaming knowledge) "Baer not say that, he like video. Chris always right no matter what the facts say".

    Brainwashed fanboys' response to Ralph Baer's thoughs on Irategamer's History of Factual Errors videos : "so wut avgn cam fist? thye r both goood, avgn iznt teh only reviewer in teh wurld, so stfu!!!1111"

    You know, the usual Irategamer fantard defence strategy.

  14. @ dhochoy -
    It's the only way anyone can defend him, which is pretty sad but funny at the same time.

    Anyone see Pat's new review? It's pretty funny.

  15. @Shaolin Dave

    That and the "don't like his videos don't watch or comment on them" and "let's see you do better so don't criticize his work". Which are easily rebuttable and used against the fanboys, Irategamer never created a console so by their logic, he can't criticize the Odyessy either and the comment section is meant for expressing opinions, not just blind fanboy praises,& IG fanboys are proven hypocrites since they've been caught doing the same(commenting on videos they don't like).

  16. I cant find Ralph Baer comments on the IG videos.

  17. I put a link to a post from my blog.

    Right there, the picture.

  18. Here's what I think Bores' response might be:

    a) Erase Baer's comment and deny it ever happened

    b) Erase Baer's comment and claim he send him another positive message

    c) Ban him

    d) Try to "own" him by calling him "senile" (after all, quite a lot of time has passed, and Baers doesn't have Bores' magical history book)

    e) Claim that he's not the real Baer

    Personally, I think b) will happen - or d) if Bores feels especially arrogant and thinks his young fanbase will trust him more than an "old geezer"...

  19. I can't really understand why Bores would think that it's okay to say that Baer didn't understand the video. The guy isn't like my grandparents who I need to walk over to to help with getting their ipad worked out. Baer was a tech guy long before he even made the Odyssey. Tech guys are always up to date with the current technology, no matter how old they are. Even then, Bores was saying he didn't understand the video. Why? How could he not understand it? It was supposedly a documentary, everyone has seen a documentary at least once in their lives. It's not like one of the founding fathers of video games would be completely alien to the concept of a documentary.

    Does Bores' ego know no bounds?

  20. So Mr. Bar actually comes along and corrects Bores on his own history video... and tries to ban the person the video is partially about in the first place. If we didn't know how pathetic Bores was in the past, we KNOW it's true now. All I can say is, Mr. Baer should leave the comments again. And maybe someone could make a video of the comments and leave it as a video response. In fact, several people should.

  21. Now we just need more 5 years for him to review the Wii, so he can piss Miyamoto off, and BAM! There goes Bores' credibility!

  22. Its been said before and I'll say it again; you know you've failed if the grandfather of gaming is insulted by your video. Does IG GET anything? Lying to your fans about Mr. Baer claiming that he LIKED your video is pretty damn low.

    I would love Bores to cover the nes, snes and genesis just to see every true gamer launch an all-out attack on his home.

  23. @Arthur
    5 years? That's unrealistic. Bores has been working on this since May 2009 and hasn't even gotten to the Atari 2600. I don't see him getting to the Wii in 5 years.

  24. @BatDan

    I know. I even joked with the fact saying "I'm so eager to see part 66536, where he reviews the PS3! :D"
    It might take even more time than that.

  25. On a side note, why hasn't James done anything yet? I know it's something about the earthquake in Japan, but...

  26. Chris Bores reviews the Wii in HOVG part 25

    "The Nintendo Wii System was created by Sugari Miyitomo, who was most famous for creating all the best Nintendo characters. These include Mario, Luigi, Professor Gyro, Zelda (shows a picture of Link), and the guy from Metroid.

    Although the Wii is a great systems, it still has it's flawls.

    First of all, the Wii joystick needs two AA batteries. If you play to long, they'll run out of energy, and you'll have to buy new ones. I can't be wasting my time buying batteries! I just got to play!

    Secondly, some controller designer is laughing their ass off because they decided to change the A and B buttons to 1 and 2, and move the A and B buttons somewhere else. Also, I have to turn the Wii joystick sideways to see what button I'm pushing. Maybe if I had a Wii joystick for a hand, I'd stand a chance.

    So the Nintendo Super Wii Entertainment System... sucks (tosses it aside.)"

  27. Nah, he won't get to the Wii by part 25. He said he'd get to the SNES in part 40. I think I know why he does this. His fans are kids, and if he reviews old systems, they can't call fraud on him.

  28. I wonder what games he'll play for five minutes and call it a review in the future? If he so much as touches The Darkness 2, I'm gonna go Ramza Beoluve on his ass... I should probably go and find the comic books the game was based on.

  29. What about Super Paper Mario? It's a really underrated game for the Wii that most people hate just because it was different from the previous installments. I'm sure Chris will hop on the bandwagon if he ever reviews that game.

  30. Has anyone considered on Chris Bores praising a game for the wrong reasons and contradicting/making a hypocrite of himself in the process? An example might be him reviewing a next-gen console, saying the console is great because of its graphical capabilities, and calling previous consoles bad because of having less powerful graphics than the one he is reviewing.

  31. Does anyone know the story with this batdanm guy? I've been watching some Bores videos and he starts flame wars in every single one.

    Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm new here

  32. @ Arthur Arneiro

    I doubt Bores played the original Paper Mario. It's not old enough to fit in with the generation of games he reviews when ripping off AVGN, and not new enough for his NEO reviews.

    @ smashhacker

    He does have a tendency to bash older hardware because of technical limitations at the time. He doesn't seem to understand that the NES couldn't handle FMV storytelling in Contra.

    @ Joe

    He's a troll. Best to ignore him.

  33. If he ever comes around reviewing the Wii - which might happen somewhere around 2050 - he'll probably bash it for having worse graphics than the PS3 and XBox 360. And to prove that all Wii games suck, he'll probably only review sucky third-party games. And THEN he'll claim that "the boss of Nintendo", who is "some Japanese guy", praised his video but "didn't get it"...

    @Arthur Arneiro
    He'll probably bash the game for being 2D, not realizing that you can switch into a 3D-perspective.

  34. People for some reason seem to hate variety in their games lately...

    @Arthur Arneiro

    Why would people hate it? Super Paper Mario was tecnically the first Mario game on the Wii! Even though its part of the Paper Mario series, its still a Mario game because of the gameplay

  35. I feel that Bores intentionally made his HOVG series progress very slowly so that he will have more material to put in his "documentaries". If he reaches part 40, which he said that he will look over the Super Nintendo, major advances of video gaming has occured in the year he releases the episode, giving him more stuff to talk about in his series.

  36. Although I enjoyed Super Paper Mario, it is my least favorite of the Paper Mario franchise. I'll admit that I was disappointed that it was different from the other games, but it was fun, and had a good story and an excellent soundtrack.

    Why didn't I like it as much? I beat it in 2 days. The game is SO easy its not even funny, yes the first two games are easy, but they were longer and had more to do even after you beat the final boss. A lot of my favorite elements from the first two games were cut out like the badge system, the game itself was very short if you ask me and parts of the game were made frustrating due to somewhat slippery controls and somewhat frustrating hit detection.

    So while SPM was fun, I don't think it was as good as the first two.

  37. @Doresh
    that would be Satoru Iwata

  38. When you have a DVD about History of Video Games and Ralph Baer himself disapproves of it, that pretty much destroys any chance of the series being successful.

  39. Guess what everyone! The Youtube version of the IG Sonic Colours review does have lame gags! Its just Chris talking to Team Sonic's Genesis sprites as they run away from him!

  40. @Tony

    Come one! You know that the internet is full of false information! Wait for Bores to correct you XD !

  41. @Rafael

    Somehow, Bores is even getting lazier with his gags. I didn't even know that was possible. Although I am curious how he did the table-falling-over gag.

  42. @Zinger314

    He was obviously holding the table and then let go when Knuckles left. Didn't you see his hand?

  43. Hm. Ralph Baer seems like a very brilliant man. I didn't think much about Chris saying that Ralph liked it though I knew it was a lie. It's that comment "he didn't undestand it" that bothered me. First of all, he's been working with technology for years. He knows what he's talking about. Second, that's your elder, show some respect. Third, it's the founding father of video games and if he tells you that you got information wrong, you'd better listen. Does Mr.Baer respond often to emails? I'd like to speak to him myself.

  44. In all honesty, I'm beginning to think that Chris might have a mental disorder of some sort. Granted I understand it wouldn't justify his ego, but I think that's something to be taken into consideration. After all, read some of the comments that his mother leaves. It's pathetic.


    I wonder what Chris's real hobbies are. I mean seriously, what does he do when he's not pretending to be interested in video games and movies?


    Trolls come and go. It's best not to allow them to feed of your hostility

  45. If you want to learn about Video Games in a smaller scale like game titles, systems, even the Crash of '83 and SMB2/Doki Doki Panic transfer. I recommend the Gaming Histroian. Atleast he gets hsi facts right unlis Mister Bores.

    Getting chewed up by one of the finding fathers is a good indication that you(Bores) don't know anything about video games. nOt to mention a Blog dedicated to one's failure as well. Bores is that bad huh. Let's just hope Mister Eye-Rit-Gay-Mer reads it and learn something about it.

  46. By the way, is probably the book Bores got. I'm not sure but it's one of the most popular video game history books and I've known of it for a while now.

  47. @VinceThePhilosopher

    She really is pathetic, even more pathetic than batdanm and lukestarkiller441(during his fanboy rage days), but not as bad as 2600theeatari/2600tehatari, here's some of her comments that she left me and here's my responses to them:

    LadyFaillin says:

    "Who really cares what you believe and who really takes anything you say seriously?"

    I say:

    "Clearly you do since you respond to nearly everything I say about IG."

    LadyFaillin says:

    "Actually it is you that gets shafted but you are too immature to see that. I have decided you are too young at the age of 14 for me to carry on a conversation with. For now on i will not speak to you as i really think you have a social problem with getting along with other humans. I wouldn't speak with you in person and i won't talk with you via internet anymore. Your parents need to have a serious talk with you as you need medical help! You have many nasty issues! The End ~"

    I say:

    "How is going off-topic, making fun of people's grammar(which is hypocritical of you since your grammar is atrocious), acting like a 11 year old,& saying stuff like "HAHAHAHA u mad?~" and "ur jealous of Christopher~" in anyway owning someone? All you do is harrass,& spam others who don't like Irategamer, he's ****ing 31-years-old, he doesn't need his mommy to fight his battles,& actually lady, the only person who needs help is YOU, except that there are people out there who don't like his work, grow up, get over it,& the sooner you do, the better you'll feel."

    LadyFaillin says(Honest to god I'm not making this one up):


    I say:

    "How does he rule? For getting his @$$ whooped in old kiddy games, his hilariously bad acting, his unclevar and predictable jokes, stealing material from other reviews without getting caught, brainwashing the minds of many with flashy special effects from realizing how little he knows about video games(which is the only thing he's good at),& having the diction and reading comprehension of a 6-year-old."

  48. @ Vince

    when he's not pretending to be interested in games and movies, he's busy pretending that he does paranormal research or pretending he trains in martial arts.

    it's got to be a lot of work to maintain so many fake identities.

  49. Typical bores, he didn't have enough time to add an joke. And the joke was just one of those 3 time clitche joke.

  50. @dhochoy Really, how can she possibly be taken seriously acting like that at her age?? I bet when Chris was a kid and got a bad grade in school or didn't make a sports team, she probably said it was the teachers and coachs faults he didn't make it and never his. Constructive criticism probably didn't exist in their house.


    Forget hobbies, what do you think he acts like in every day life like going grocery shopping? It's probably like Pat's opening for Caltron 6.

    Cashier:Hi, how are you?

    Bores:Oh I'ms real good. Just finished a truly epic video for my popular internet show.

    Cashier:Hmm, that's nice

    Bores:You bet it is, have you heard of me? Chris Bores aka Irate Gamer?

    Bores:Well, I have millions of fans, and my videos have gotten praise from Harvard professors and many pioneers of video games.

    Cashier:That will be $40.65 sir.

    Bores*hands the money over* that's cold hard cash from my show!

    Cashier:Here's your change, and please never come in my lane next time.

  51. @brennabell

    If I were Irategamer, I'd block her @$$. All she's doing is giving people one more reason to make fun of Bores, she should realize that? Not only is she humiliating Bores(like he wasn't enough of a joke?), she's humiliating herself, she should be locked up in an insane asylum(maybe she used to be in one before she escaped 0_0), but then again, she'd be too insane for them to handle.

  52. Has anyone ever played Odin Sphere? I just wanted to see what IG would complain about in another great game...

  53. update on Bores' "martial arts expertise"...

    i asked him what martial arts he studies and he said "kung fu". i told him i study kung fu as well but didn't recognize any kung fu from his videos, and he told me the only kung fu he's used in his videos was some blocks in the R.O.B. review, but he couldn't quite remember.

    well, there are no blocks in that video.

    there are two examples of how to NOT take a fall. the first time he goes hands first to the ground (perfect way to break your wrist), and the second time he hits shoulders first, with his arms too high to absorb the impact even if he did try to break the fall.

    aside from that, there's the kinda karate-style horizontal punches. kung fu punches are vertical fist (a.k.a. chung chuie), these horizontal punches pretty much scream, "i just watched a chuck norris movie so now i can fool people into thinking i know kung fu!"

  54. He didn't say "White Crane"? Once again he changes his story.

    But yeah, nothing about the ROB showed martial arts experience. Especially those punches.

  55. @ BatDan

    "White Crane" is one of the thousands of Kung Fu styles, so I wouldn't criticize him on that.

    He knows the names of the styles, but not the styles themselves.

    "I know Karate, Judo, and three other japanese words!"

  56. @dhochoy

    Maybe to Chris getting praise from your cuckoo mommy is better than none at all, aside from 12 year old fanboys. I mean, it's good when parents support their kids in what they do, but not at this level. I wonder what the rest of his family thinks of his "success".

  57. An interesting collection of relevant comments from an important gentleman. Congratulations on garnering them. Chris clearly has little love for the industry or it's pioneers, as seen by his disparaging and trivial attitude towards them.

  58. Um, guys?

    Baer did complain about the vulgarity.

    You think he'd have the same critisism for James Rolfe, should he watch his Oddysey video?

  59. @94d65cca
    Not necessarily. While Rolfe does use profanity as his AVGN persona, he does work his skill as a filmmaker in and do research on the games/consoles he's reviewing. In the case of the Odyssey, while he does note it by modern standards, he concedes it was revolutionary for the time and also gave Baer credit on his other contributions to the world of video games.