Monday, March 14, 2011

Redux Recap: Ambien vs Predator.

*crack* Going through the old videos again, this is going to be a chore.
Let us venture into one of IG’s worst, Predator for the NES.

But first, the trailer. From this point on, Bores started uploading trailers for the reviews. A rather pointless gesture since the video will be on YouTube and not another site.
“only 2 more episodes remain before Season 1 is over” What I find odd is the following episode (R.O.B.) is titled “Season 2”. So was there an episode that was never made?

“And the next review is coming. So be Prepared!” Followed by footage from the review set to that song he played at the end of the Goonies II video. I think it’s more Digital Juice but I heard it’s also something off OC Remix so I’m not sure.
Now onto the video!

One “Blind Pass” later

0:18 - 0:43: The video begins with a stock image of a jungle before cutting to IG looking through a plastic plant. Oh, he’s supposed to be in that jungle. That’s… really lame. He couldn’t film this part outside? *looks at date* April 17th. It’s nice out in April, what’s his excuse for this fake plant crap?
He continues looking through the plastic plant (by the way, poster at 0:35) and stumbles across his copy of Predator. He picks it up and then tries to take a shit. No wait, that’s meant to be anger. Gritting your teeth like that doesn’t make you look angry, rather it looks like you need more fiber.

0:43 - 0:56: “Turning a Hollywood movie into a video game always spells disaster” Should I list off licensed games that contradict this? Yeah I really should.
Chronicles of Riddick, Goldeneye, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Ghostbusters (2009), The Godfather, Aladdin (Genesis and SNES), Little Nemo, Stranglehold (sequel to Hard Boiled), and various Star Wars games. I’d go on but we’d be here all day.

“This game isn’t just bad, it’s more like a shit taco with cow urine for a dipping sauce” Disgusting, also shows that Bores seems stuck on food similes.

0:56 - 1:19: IG starts the game up and points out how you don’t get a gun, despite the front cover showing otherwise. Psst, you can get a gun in the first level if you go left and jump to it. Also, he has a gun because they’re using the movie poster for the box art. Yeah, what a concept.

By the way Chris, could you tell us the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character? Instead of just saying “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character”? Just a thought.

1:20 - 1:25: “So I guess I’ll have to beat these guys down with my FISTS OF FURY” As he says it, the words show up on screen. A half-way clever joke? Something’s not right *digs a little* here‘s the problem! He stole this joke. Not from the AVGN, but from wizwar100/LazyWorkCreations. February 2nd 2007, wizwar reviewed Predator on the NES. It took quite a bit from Armake21’s video but wizwar was man enough to acknowledge his existence and that he was an inspiration.
Around 5:40 he says “We’re in the forest again, but I don’t have my motherfucking machine gun just my fists of fury!”
Sound familiar? You can’t say this was a coincidence, it’s too damn similar. It’s also not a reference to the movie so don’t try that excuse.

1:26 - 1:51: IG then points out that the fists are completely worthless. Noting that the biggest problem is their short range. No shit, they’re your fists. Unless you have superpowers then you can’t attack from a distance.

He also brings up the “fustrating” aspect of being unable to punch when crouching. *gasp* A legit point! He shows that this flaw prevents him from killing scorpions. I shouldn’t get too excited, for every legit point there’s 12 idiotic points.

1:52 - 2:00: He then wonders why Dutch (yes I’m calling him by his character name, even if Bores doesn’t) is wearing pink and if the military has gone color blind. This rant sounds oddly familiar, like someone else already made it.
As if stealing from wizwar wasn’t enough, he also stole from Armake21’s review of Predator. The “Dutch wearing pink” rant sounds way too familiar. (Part 1) (Part 2, only for the first four minutes)

2:01 - 2:08: We then cut to an odd shot of IG turning to the camera while its facing his TV. I’m guessing he did this shot for two reasons. To show off that he’s not using an emulator and to show off his Brawl poster in another “I’m a gamer guys, really” moment.
He concludes that everyone is trying to kill Dutch because he’s wearing pink, even getting the urge to want to kill him. For wearing pink? That’s kind of homophobic. Laugh at him sure, but kill him?

2:09 - 2:56: He does say there are weapons but you have to go out of your way to find them. He points out the grenades in the first level and how they’re useless, even showing how they can’t blow up the wall of blocks. Once again, I’m getting Armake21 vibes. Did he really think nobody would notice?
“What the shit muchacho?” Mexican on the mind Bores?
“Or should I be saying these ‘pines’ suck ass? Ugh, whatever”. “Pines” is short for “pinecones”, a nickname for grenades shaped like that.

2:57 - 3:24: IG says that you finally get a good weapon in level 3, but complains that they couldn’t give him one earlier. Again, I refer you to the machine gun in level 1. He then complains that he’s using a laser because Dutch didn’t use one in the movie, and wonders if the laser or the “pine” is worse. The grenades! The laser actually works.
“How about giving me a boot so I could shove it up someone’s ass?” I imagine if the game allowed you to kick, it would have the same range as the punch.

3:25 - 3:51: He then says the most “fustrating” aspect is when you beat a level, they take your weapons away. I like how he says “weapons” plural even though you can only carry one weapon at a time.
During his ranting, the Predator is watching him through Thermal Vision. Hang on a second. In the movies, the Predator watched from a distance even when he used his camouflage. A good hunter always watches from a distance. But from this perspective, it looks like the Predator is standing six-seven feet away in the open. Sure, he has his camouflage on but that only works when he’s in trees, when he’s in the open you can clearly see the outline.
Then again, I’m putting more thought into this than Bores did

“This game just keeps getting worse and worse” You can tell how angry I’m getting from my soulless delivery.
Also note that he stares at the camera before it cuts back to the game. Editing flub?

3:52 - 4:01: IG compliments the game giving you a large life-bar, but it won’t help against all the shit they throw at you. *waits* No annoying joke or edit? Surprising.

4:02 - 4:43: He starts talking about level 3 and how you can fall through the blocks. There’s a strange amount of good points in this video. Why did I call it one of the worst?
He also complains about the enemies, saying they aren’t in the movie or even found in a regular cave. Wondering why they couldn’t put in bats or snakes and suggests random things like cows and Richard Simmons tapes. Now I’m starting to remember why this is one of the worst. Random references like that aren’t funny.

If you’re going to complain that the enemies weren’t in the movie, then why aren’t you complaining that there’s a cave level? Remember all those caves in Predator?

4:43 - 5:08: He reaches the boss of level 4 (a Predator) and defeats him, saying he’s easy if you got the laser gun and how your “overrated fists of fury” won’t defeat him. You’re the one that overrated them with those flashy effects!

5:08 - 5:37: IG tells us that defeating this Predator won’t end the game because there’s still ten more Predators despite there being only one in the movie. During this bored rant the Predator continues to watch him and good lord this thermal effect sucks. I actually found a user on YouTube that showed a much better thermal effect in Photoshop.
You can view it here (by biohazardoussnark):
He even provides a tutorial for the Photoshop-savvy:

Oh and a predictable “you ever get the feeling you’re being watched” line. Have to fill the “trite-quota” somehow.

5:38 - 6:29: IG brings up the game’s numerous precision jumps and how many levels have a lot of small platforms to jump across. Well it is a platformer…
“Over-jump your target, you fall down below. Under-jump your target, you fall down below. An enemy hits you, you fall down below” Touch the top of the building you die, touch the ceiling you die, touch the floor you die, too far to the right you die, too far to the left you die, you die, you die, you die die die die die die DIE! He just loves stealing this bit doesn’t he? And don’t give me that “there’s no other way to explain it” crap.

*ahem* The jumping in this game is difficult to control, especially in the platforming segments with multitudes of tiny blocks. It’s a tedious process and frustrating when you’re almost at the top only for one over-shot jump to impede your progress.

But this over-explanation is interrupted by another needless joke! Bores falls on purpose to the left of the screen and starts going through multiple screens leading to the gag where he’s in different games, ending on Dutch going through Hell and Devil Bores commenting on it. Ugh, there’s two minutes left. Just two minutes.

6:30 - 6:45: He talks about the large amount of levels and how some are called “Level Big Mode” and it’s called that because everything is big, leading to…
“Well if we’re going to be honest, why not just call a few of these stages ‘Level PieceOfFuckingShit?’” I can’t figure out why, but this jokes hurts me. And not in the usual way.

6:46 - 7:23: He gets to a level where he needs to throw grenades at the wall to reach other items. His comment “It would be a helluva lot easier if these enemies weren’t trying to kill me!” Pfft hahahahahahaha! Wow, that’s all kinds of dumb. Complaining that enemies are actually trying to kill you, I’m amazed.

Then we see Bores “Winter-Gaming” and whining while trying to take another shi- I mean get angry or something. Along with some really bad acting and ugly expressions. During this he breaks his controller in half. Quite a clean break if you ask me, almost seems planned…

So we’ve FINALLY reached the end of this endurance test with Bores telling us the game sucks when the Predator’s triangle laser sight appears on his shirt. He ducks out of the way of a Particle Illusion effect and explosion that hits his NES shelf… and does nothing to it. That shelf must be on a separate plane of existence to withstand an explosion. That or Bores was too lazy to make his NES games fall.

The Predator appears and good lord does it look lame. I do wonder who’s in the costume though, Bores doesn’t give credit to who it is.

Now, before I get to the fight scene I want to bring up something he said in the comments to the trailer video. Bores was bragging about his martial arts training and said that we’ll be seeing some of it in this video. I have a feeling he might have been lying.

IG charges the Predator, disarms him, but the Predator gets him into a chokehold, IG knees him then punches him but gets punched back knocking him over. He gets up and delivers a bunch of badly-choreographed punches finally knocking down the Predator. So the Predator blows himself up taking IG along with him! Nooo that’s what the movie Predator would do, the shitty Irate Gamer Predator just lies there while IG grabs his gun and… blows his head off. Watch AVGN’s Friday the 13th episode much? Seriously, it’s almost exact.
Bores stares at the camera and the video ends.

*slams head down* Now I really remember why this is one of the worst. It’s unbelievably boring! He sounds bored throughout most of the video, there aren’t enough idiotic complaints to make fun of, the fight at the end was slow and bordered on Mary Sue levels, it was just a big ball of dull! That and all the material he stole for this. I mean, three reviewers?

On the bright side, for you at least, the next video is abysmal. There will be sooooo much to talk about in that one.
I’m going to go watching something exciting, like After Last Season.


  1. Ambien?, what the hell is that :P?

    other than that nice to see the reduxes recaps back Dan

  2. Ambien is a sleep-aid. It helps people with insomnia/other problems fall asleep.

    I found this video really boring so I thought of that title.

  3. @Okay, I actually just watched his video (Just for the fight scene since I love picking on bad fight scenes in movies) and it was wretched. The Predator costume is admittedly not that bad, but for the love of god, Linkara has much better fight scenes. When he did the fight against mechakara in Neutro, it made sense that the punches were slow cause they're supposed to be effin huge. But here they aren't even convincing in the slightest. When I would film a fight scene with my friends, we'd practice feigning punches first, making sure that the strikes would stop just before it hit, or sometimes take a punch because it wouldn't look convincing enough otherwise, but Bores and whoever's in the costume look exactly like when me and my friends would play fight as toddlers.

    Also, I took karate at least up until I was an Orange belt, (I quit because I had to focus on not doing homework) and I can tell you that there is nothing about Bores or that fight that screams "Martial Arts" To me in any way. He's got as much training in martial arts as my goldfish! He never struck a stance, never did any block or strike that I'm familiar with, he lazily pushed away the gun, kneed the predator in the leg, did a bunch of hooks while dancing to DDR (I've seen boxing matches and it's not that kind of dancing), and fired a gun. Move over Jackie!

  4. Oh man I would kill to see that big dork practicing martial arts...would be comedy gold!

  5. Chris Bores shows off his martial arts skills? I gotta check this out. BRB.

  6. You should buy the domain name and have it redirect here.

  7. On the "martial arts" in the Predator review, I see nothing that resembles any martial arts that I have experience with. I see nothing that resembles competent fighting of any sort. I wrote Bores a message to ask him which styles he uses, but I really doubt he ever attended a single martial arts class, much less reached the level of "expert"...

    7:39: Bores pushes the gun out of the way. While this is the first thing a real martial artist should do when attacked by an assailant with a gun, I don't know what kind of move that is. It most closely resembles "bil sao", a Kung Fu block used to defend against round strikes, but even that's a stretch. His arm isn't extended properly and he isn't blocking the inside of the elbow. The way he's winding up for the punch from the opposite arm makes it look like a Karate block. It's been a while since I've studied Karate, but I'm pretty sure the initial block would be using his forearm and his hand would be in a fist.
    Had he done the push on the other side of the gun, it might've been a "pak sao". That would be the ideal move in this case, because it'd bypass the gun and put Bores on the outside of the predator's attack, where the predator's other hand wouldn't be able to reach for a follow up attack.
    Pak sao usually pushes at the outside of the elbow to take the opponent entirely off balance, but it makes sense to go for the gun in this case because fractions of a second matter and first priority is to get the gun pointed away.

    7:41 - Nope, it wasn't a Karate block. He would have done a full step forward and thrown a horizontal-fist punch directly from his chest. The predator appeared to be doing something similar to a bil sao, as he blocked on the inside of the elbow, but even he didn't extend the block enough to affect Bores' balance at all.
    Not that Bores' balance needs to be affected at all. No fighter leans into punches as much as he's doing. I'm not sure if the predator blocked and choked him or caught him before he fell down.

    7:42: The predator block him at his elbow but now is holding him by the wrist. Bad choreography.

    7:45-7:46: The predator is no longer holding his wrist. Bad editing. Also Bores his holding his arms out to his side instead of in front of himself to defend against follow-up attacks. He delivers the weakest-looking knee strike I've ever seen, managing to lean into it even though the predator is supposedly holding him against the wall.

    7:47: Bores leans WAY back to chamber a round punch. As he throws the punch (horizontal fist, maybe Karate, but probably not) he makes no effort to rotate his body. He doesn't switch stances as a Kung Fu practitioner would do, he doesn't step with the punch as a Karate or Tae Kwon Do practitioner would do. He just stands with his left foot forward and right foot back as he throws a highly-telegraphed round right punch, apparently twisting at his waist.
    There's no power there, even if it isn't a "real" fight, it's impractical (and dangerous) to stand that way. If the actor playing the predator stumbled and fell against him, Bores could be seriously injured.

    7:48: The predator lands a vertical-fist punch round punch. He includes no footwork, just twisting at the waist as Bores did. As all punches in this, it looks like it has no power, and it's highly telegraphed. No one fights like this, regardless of the martial arts style they know.

  8. 7:49: Bores falls to the ground. Even for a fake fall, it looks painful. It doesn't look painful because Bores knows how to act, it's because he doesn't know how to fall. It's important for martial arts students to learn how to fall so they can minimize damage to themselves if they are thrown.
    Most martial arts schools don't teach how to take a fall correctly, so if Bores did in fact learn a martial art, I'll blame this one on his instructor instead of on him.

    7:56 - 7:58: Bores charges at the predator, winding up a round right punch. For the entire two seconds it takes to show this, it's obvious what's coming. If your opponent can see a punch coming and say "one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand" before it lands, then they obviously have enough time to block and counter it, and you obviously suck at martial arts.

    7:58 - 8:03: Bores pulls off a combination of the most ridiculous punches ever. He's bouncing around like he say a Bruce Lee movie five years ago and remembers everything he needs to know about Jeet Kune Do from it. The punches are slow and could only be telegraphed more if he told the predator each move he was going to do by mail.

    8:04: Bores lands the last "punch". Notice he punches with his right hand but has his left leg forward. Who does that?

    8:10: Seems like a weird way to hold a gun, with only the fingers of his second hand grabbing in front of the trigger guard. Bore's has probably never handled a real firearm in his life either.

  9. I also found odd that in some of the fights Boring Man does, the character he's fighting against never has a moment of yeah Boring IS a Gary Stu

  10. @Shaolin Dave
    Wow, that's pretty detailed. You should totally make a video explaining everything wrong with that fight scene.

  11. @Shaolin Dave

    Same thing as BatDan said above

    Yeah there are no martial arts in that fight whatsoever, as if he were purposely hamming the fight as if he thought it would be taken head hurts from overthinking that "logic"

  12. @ BatDan and Rafael

    Looking back at what I typed in, maybe it was TOO detailed. I shouldn't have had to make two post just to say, "no martial artist fights this way."

    I'll consider making a video.

    BTW, do you have a reference for when Bores said he was a martial arts expert? I'd like to get his claim, word-for-word, before I make a video disproving it.

  13. In this video, around 2:27

    Yes those are actual comments.

  14. 8 years my fuckin' ass. my god damned puppy could beat him up.

  15. Lots of good quotes in that video, I decided to post the ones involving martial arts here...

    "I've studied martial arts for about 8 years now and when you really get into it's deep roots, you see the genius of physics and mathematics of the human body play out. Very enlightening stuff."

    "Actually, I do alot of Martial Arts Body Conditioning during the week so no, it didn't hurt."

    "Martial Arts? I've been training for about 8 years now."

    "I practice traditional Kung Fu, mainly the White Crane system. You might be able to spot a few movements from the system in the next review."

    Wow, traditional Kung Fu, just like me. There are definitely no White Crane movements in his video.

    Here's what White Crane looks like

  16. Huh, I didn't think you'd actually do it. Thanks. As for the "Martial Arts" garbage, I have a strong feeling that Chris only took a month of Karate and gave him because it was too hard. I don't really know all that much about Martial Arts, (I intend to seek training in Iron Palm) but that, White Crane, comment is a load.

    @Shaolin Dave

    "Actually, I do alot of Martial Arts Body Conditioning during the week so no, it didn't hurt."

    What did he mean by that? Don't tell me that someone asked him if the slow motion punches of the Predator actually HURT him.

  17. Man, those comments are full of shit. Qīniáng must be rolling in her grave. I can't pass anymore criticism on that fight scene than I've already given above (Or that Shaolin Dave has already detailed). But I will say that it is freaking low, LOW, that he'd lie about something so unnecessarily.

  18. Wow. I honestly didn't think you'd do it. Thanks Batdan. I can't help but notice how flexible you seemed to be this time around. This is probably your least scathing recap I've read.

  19. @VinceThePhilosopher
    The problem is this video was just boring, it wasn't on the same level of bad as Aladdin or Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

    I'll make up for it in the next one.

  20. @ VinceThePhilosopher

    I got that quote from the video that BatDan linked. He was responding to a comment from a fan asking if he hurt himself doing some kind of stunt in one of his videos. I don't know which stunt, I don't know what video, the only thing that's certain is that it was Bores who posted that comment.

  21. He was probably referring to when the Predator punched him and he fell.
    That clip was also in the trailer.

  22. I remember after this video came out, I tried to find a link for the "pineapple" nickname to send him. I thought it was inordinately hilarious that one of the first ten results was an online copy of this game's manual.

  23. No way someone could hurt themselves with a fall like that...

  24. Batdanm is so annoying. has anyone else had a problem with him on youtube?

  25. @steve

    Me. I pointed out a few problems with Chris's research on his MVC3 video, he brought up the AVGN when I don't even mention him and accused me of being a fanboy even when I said he was right on some parts and I corrected him.

  26. Mnadtab (I refuse to use the actual name) is either a REALLY persistent troll or a REALLY persistent fanboy. My guess is both.

    Btw, he's also a major hypocrite.

  27. Uh-oh! Mnadtab is butthurt again! This time with more personal info, a larger version of the waste of space he calls "list of people I've owned", more flame wars, and less actual evidence!

    It's the new and unimproved Mnadtab!

  28. Referring to Rafael's post about Bores going all Gary Stu.

    Self insertion in stories has been done for centuries I'm sure. even people who don't specifically put themselves in their story put a little of themselves into every or many characters. The thing that you need to do when it comes to this is to make the character vulnerable. If you make a character unbeatable or immune to everything you remove all dramatic tension.

    Take the Wolverine movie for example, total shit to be sure, but wouldn't it have been better dramatically if Wolverine could die or be injured? This would be totally out of canon with every comic in existence I'm sure, but every time that he "dies", there's no drama because we know that he'll survive because he's effin' immortal. At least when AVGN does his fight scenes, He gets the shit beat out of him a lot.

  29. I don't know what his deal is. Why does he think posting personal info of mine from an outdated Facebook page would do anything?

    All I know he is he needs to go outside.

  30. That last joke was a bit low, BatDan. Bores is a better actor than ANYONE in After Last Season. And has betetr special effects. Then again, that's not saying much.

  31. @Megafighter3
    Okay yeah, that was kind of low.
    How about Birdemic? It has just as many pauses and default Particle Illusion explosions.

    Read it backwards.

  32. News everyone! Bores just released a new NEO episode. He's reviewing Sonic Colors.

  33. "So the Predator blows himself up taking IG along with him! Nooo that’s what the movie Predator would do,"

    The movie Predator wouldn't even waste his time hunting someone like Bores, no sport.

    BTW did anyone else see that he has a new IG Neo up on Sonic Colors? He actually complains that Sonic and Tails are the only major Sonic characters in it.

  34. Sonic Colors? God damn it.
    I just woke up so give me some time to get ready. I don't like starting my mornings watching an Irate Gamer video.

    Good point.
    Bores tries to handwave this later by saying his evil twin hired the Predator. But Predators aren't mercenaries, they're hunters.

  35. Amazingly, some of his fans seem to be tired of all these 'contests' Bores is doing...

  36. I watched it. I actually bought Sonic Colors back in December, I think it's alright. Not great, but it's passable.

    Irate's review wasn't bad, he didn't say anything too stupid. I understand his point about the lack of Sonic characters, newer Sonic fans might find the lack of characters as a drawback, although I'm glad they left out annoying characters like Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit. I also agree that the cutscenes are done extremely well, but there are some pretty corny lines. The Eggman scenes remind me of Scratch and Grounder, just because of the dysfunctional behavior between Eggman and his robots.

    He didn't go into enough detail about the game. What about the awful controls? What about the plot? I'm surprised he mentioned nothing about the graphics. It didn't appear that he made it very far in the game either. I can't be sure about this since you don't have to select the levels in order, but most of the footage he showed was from early scenes in the game. That makes me wonder how he knows that only Sonic and Tails are in this game.

    Overall, there's a lot to say about Sonic Colors, which is why I think his review was too short. Other than that it wasn't bad; his points were valid (except his Sonic: Unleashed bash). How did you guys feel about it?

  37. I think Bores is learning about how backlash works so he's toning it down a tad. Although I'm not sure why he focused back on himself (with him off center) so many times...

    Another interesting thing on his channel:

    "(update) So many people logged into at once, it crashed the site. I was informed it should be back up soon."

    I don't believe that for a second.

  38. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    At least Wolverine has people he can't win against, like Magneto for example

    On another thing, IG does another harmless, but still annoying review...meh at least its harmless

  39. @ Tetch27

    Yeah, I was thinking about that when I watched the video as well. In the first two movies, they mention that predators are only interested in hunting dangerous prey. It's the reason that they're drawn to areas where combat is already going on.
    The movies also mention that they're attracted to heat (which is why they picked the jungle in the first movie, and Los Angeles during record-high temperatures in the second. AvP kinda screwed up that point.)

    I really can't imagine the predator saying to himself, "Screw all this prey in the desert! I've got to go kill some guy playing a video game in Ohio!"

    Then again, skits added into game reviews never make sense. I don't even like skits when competent reviewers do them.

  40. @Shaolin Dave

    Thanks for that little bit of info on the Yutja (I have friends which are so geeky on the Predator universe they know the word for their race XD)

    On AVP...they may have ignored it so they could get them hunting Xenomorphs. It is still wierd from your point of view though

  41. I'm not surprised he stole from someone else, it's usual.

  42. @ Rafael

    "Yutja", huh? I never knew what they were called.

    I know that in "Aliens" they referred to the aliens as "xenomorphs", which literally translates to "alien form", so that name also applies to the predators.

    It reminds me of Yahtzee's joke about "Alien vs Predator" being an odd title because they're both "aliens" and both "predators".

  43. He's not giving that many reasons to hate him any more other than the fact that he's been lying for like 4 freaking years. I wouldn't say that he's improving, he's just not being as aggressively ignorant to gaming as he was earlier...I mean he's still ignorant, know?

  44. @Shaolin Dave

    Sometimes Yutja, sometimes Yautja. Look that up on the Alien Species Wiki. It has interesting info on that species

  45. You know, people can say what they want about how the fight scenes in my videos look bad or are obtrusive or unnecessary for a review show - it's perfectly fine and we're not professionally-trained fighters (Well, okay, Will is and he kept asking me during the Vyce fight if I wanted to do anything more elaborate, but I wanted Vyce to be so powerful he didn't NEED to be elaborate), but it's just sad seeing so one-sided a fight and the lame moves featured here.

    As for his attempts at being more boring in his videos as opposed to just being REALLY incompetent... well... I guess boring is better than bad?

  46. @Lewis
    Don't forget that this recap is about a video from 2008. I'll stop covering his old videos when I get to Resident Evil 5 (2009 video).

    Lately he's really shown his incompetence. His Sonic Colors video was rushed as hell. He told us nothing about the controls, the story or the graphics, the 3 minute "review" amounted to "I liked this game for pretty cutscenes and power-ups but where are the other characters?"

  47. @Lewis

    If I'm thinking of a one sided fight scene, I'd would have my character fighting a crowd of mooks, like a generic thug. If I want a main fight on an episode, I'd first have my character getting the shit kicked out of, then fight back in a miraculous comeback

  48. @Rafael

    Nahh, the "miraculous comeback" cliche is, well, a cliche. Sure, it's awesome the first time we see it, but after a while, you can pretty much predict what happens in the fight.

    If I was coordinating a fight scene, I'd either just make the main character beat the crap out of the villain, or make them equal in abilities and let each other get beat a little, with the main character winning in the end, either way is better than some overly cliche crap.

  49. @Arthur Arneiro

    There are a few clichés which still work though...but its better for both to look like their in the same level until one of them messes up

  50. I think there's a good chance he's lying about knowing martial arts, like he is about "knowing games front and back, having played them for 20 years." I imagine if someone did try to fight him, they'd determine he's not worth the effort.

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