Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Status Report: Meh

I'm still here everyone. I'm not completely gone.

As for new stuff Bores has done? Not a lot.
He reuploaded the Marvel vs Capcom 3 video to YouTube, adding an unfunny scene with Devil Bores when talking about Arthur and the Ghosts n' Goblins stage.
He also reuploaded History Part 1 IN HD! He did change a few things though. He's wearing different clothes in the intro and "cockpit" scene, and altered/removed the cursing. "Holy fireballs of shit" became "Holy fireballs of crap" (with a bizarre emphasis on crap) and he removed the "WHAT DA FAWK?" after learning his opponent got 64 points.

That's all for now. Just meh.

Edit: I'm not ending this just yet. Stop asking if I'm going to quit.


  1. Well, not sure what the point of censoring the cursing is. That's one thing he's doing different than AVGN though, so one point for Bores.

  2. Maybe he's removing the cuss words because he truly wants this madness to be on TV. The signs are so obvious. The strange pauses, the "welcome back" greeting, and now censoring himself. Well, with the way TV is going these days, it wouldn't surprise me if he gets on at 3am on his PBS station.
    Didn't he say he'd post something eventually, by that he means 4 months later? What if he's doing the new Pokemon games? Good god, that would be tragic. FFIII was the sign he never touched an RPG before.

  3. Okay, so is this all good? No more pointless arguments and shit? you and Asa make up as best it's gonna get?

  4. Welcome back batdan.

    Wasn't ig history of lies a bit short?

    During your earlier blogs you talk about that ig created an page decade to his trailer reviews on ig main site. Wouldt suprise me if he did an page decade to his contest videos.

  5. @brennaball
    PBS is being too kind. I'm thinking public access, shown in only one state. If anything that's a downgrade.

    @Fedora'd Samurai
    Yes, everything is okay now.

  6. Nice to see you sort this whole mess up with Asa, Dan.

    As for Bores attempting to be on PBS, why does this remind me of this guy:

  7. @vicviper592

    Navgtr isn't at Bores's level. Not at a long shot.

    If Bores can suggest something similar to "Lara Croft gets breast cancer" in a review I would be impressed.

  8. Why don't you do a recap of the Predator and Monster Party reviews? It'll be awhile before Bores posts anything new.

  9. Bores on T.V.?

    I can't see IG being a TV show, not just because of the bad language or bad quality.

    IG is a rip-off of AVGN and it's presented exactly like AVGN is, as an internet review show.

    Haunted Investigators was a rip-off of Ghost Hunters and it was presented exactly the same was as Ghost Hunters, like a broadcast TV show.

    If Bores wanted to be on TV, I think he'd be trying to do it with Haunted Investigators, or he'd be finding another TV show to rip off. Ohio Shores?

  10. @Shaolin Dave

    Even if he did somehow get on TV, he wouldn't be able to make episodes in enough time. And even then, the entire gaming community would call him out on this, and I'm pretty sure news of his plagarism would hit TV just as quickly.

  11. Don't forget that he can still get called out for stealing something from the Internet.

    Case in point: South Park.
    The episode "Insheeption" took direct lines and jokes from the College Humor video "Inception Characters Don't Understand Inception". Matt Stone has since issued an apology.

  12. From what I heard about that, Matt Stone saw the video and thought that that was actual dialogue from the movie, and he just added Sharon's lines to be the voice of reason. That movie wasn't all that complicated to me.

  13. Oh yeah, public access is what I meant. I just threw it out there because where I live, a show comes on early in the morning that's literally just a guy talking about conspiracy theories in front of a podium. No visual aide, nothing. Just him for an hour. And he has ridiculous explanations. Like JFK was really shot by Fidel Castro in disguise, and Princess Diana was killed by Queen Elizabeth.
    I'm just saying it's not really impossible for Bores to get on TV, the man's ego is bigger than the sun, it's just not the best idea

  14. I remember when eBaum's World were meant to have a TV show...

  15. Maybe Bores should have a reality TV show where he tries to get his own TV show? We'd get to see exactly how he wants it so bad yet obviously doesn't give a crap at the same time.

  16. @Shaolin Dave

    Now THAT I can imagine generating some laughs. Bores will never come up with it though.

  17. Since our boy Bores isn't giving a good reason to hate him, what do y'all say we go take a break from caring about him?

  18. Shaolin Dave@

    The discussion you have .................,he reminds me alot about one certain YouTube user that love to Def ig all day long. if I am true then your discussion will go on an on.

  19. Seeing that in HD made my eyes hurt...

  20. Bores needs to realize that nobody gives a shit if he swears in his videos, it's common on YouTube. I can think of several YouTube partners who swear a lot in their videos.

  21. swearing can sometimes add to the entertainment value, but it's not entirely neccisary and sometimes the lack of sweating makes it funnier (Linkara has proven that)

  22. Hey guys, see this:

  23. I'll shallow my pride and admit....*gulp* IG reviewed ROB bette....*bites on fist untill it bleeds* than AVGN.

    *loses mind for 10 minutes*

    That's not to say IG is the better man, but it's shocking....REALLY SHOCKING that one of the vilest, most unwatchable sorry excuse for a reviewer that ever set foot on the planet , informed better than the far more talented and knowledgable man that he has constantly stolen from and pretended to not exsist since day one.

  24. @dhochoy

    the day hasn't come yet that i actually think IG did a better job that AVGN on anything at all.
    when (if) he actually does, i'll admit it, and i'll probably lose my mind as well.

  25. I bet you WVIZ* wouldn't want to produce a show for Bores on PBS (or PBS Kids, given his fanbase).

    * - Considering Bores lives in Sandusky, OH, which is near Cleveland, that would be his local PBS station...

  26. Hope something new shows up so there's something to riff...

    Maybe this blog should be expanded so there's at least something to do while we wait for the next thing from Boring Man or a redux from an old episode

  27. I would love to see from you a comment about Asalieri's comparison of AVGN's ROB review with IG's.

    You said that IG was being very unoriginal for portraying ROB as evil... how about that?

  28. @Rafael

    I was thinking that Dan should bash at another target, like NC17. But then this blog should change its name, if he does target other users.

  29. When I was saying unoriginal, I was referring to how he stole everything from Awesome Video Games. That's all.

  30. I actually support the idea of expanding the blog to other bad video game reviewers, if Dan accepts its of course :P.


    Oh please no, you have no idea of the Drama that happened the last days, it would be better if we leave that video alone.

  31. @Gatuca

    I can picture Dan going for the fake AVGN. That guy has fanboys for some reason and I dunno why. He's not even angry...

    And the odd thing is his "10 reasons why Megaman sucks" video. All it has is stupid complaints and the video has more Likes then Dislikes

  32. On other reviewers:
    Maybe. NC-17 is a likely candidate.
    I'm avoiding Jaako because he has far too many videos and I can't understand a thing he's saying.

  33. @BatDan

    Thank goodness you won't...

    For some reason I think NC-17 has the "voice" for an angry reviewer, but because of his awful work, he isn't doing anything else correcty

  34. @Rafael

    I looked at that list and good effin' lord, there is literally no good reason to hate megaman.

    1. Character Design
    2. Respawning enemies
    3. Anemic Level design
    4. Inane Musics (?)
    5. Buggy Graphics
    6. Difficulty through unfairness
    7. Unmoving (?) big monsters
    8. Bosses
    9. Childishness
    10. Mega Man is (?) faggot

    where in the bloody hell do i begin?

    1. The NES wasn't exactly the system that brought us lifelike imitations of people. Mario looks pretty damn similar to megaman (mario from the first game that is) so does his design suck too? Also, the very first original design for Mega man was the one for Powered Up, and they couldn't possibly have fit that into an NES.

    2. This is common in all NES games (Zelda, Metroid, Mario). Hell, it's common for many other games today like most beat em ups.

    3. I actually had to look up anemic. my answer is "no". The first one had a lot of blue stages, but that's it.

    4....Go to hell, nobody can possibly hate these soundtracks, I have them all on my ipod. If you actually have to bitch about The soundtrack for a megaman game, the 8-bit equivalent to Metal, you have ears meant for crappy pop music (I kid, all pop music is crappy.)

    5. They were probably better when they were first realeased, the cartridges are over 15 years old.

    6. The first and fifth one were the most difficult in my opinon, the others I went through in a flash.

    7. These are minibosses designed for you to use some ingenuity and skill. dodge and shoot at the right place.

    8. The bosses were always hit or miss, but none of them really force me to yell "THIS GAME SUCKS"

    9....These games are made for CHILDREN. They were always made for kids. don't expect a gritty realistic story or a bloody body count when the target audience is still in elementary school.

    10....I don't know how to respond to this.

    In Conclusion, just because something is popular, don't attack it because you hate it for being popular. point out actual flaws and missteps in the game design, or just don't bother.

    God, I don't know how people could be fans of his...then again I'm sure if IG came out and said the same thing, than his fans would probably protect him like a flame shield.

  35. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I played Powered Up and the Fan-made Famicom Rocman 7. They are preety awesome.

    You should see a video of Jaako doing Link to the Past...he gets lost EVEN WHEN THE GAME TELLS HIM WHERE TO GO!!! AND HE WASTES THE MAGIC ON THE BUSHES WHEN HE GETS THE LAMP!!!

    *takes medication* Sorry I went bezerk there...its just...*shudders*

  36. Well, there's always the possibility Jaakko is just a troll with lots of friends/alt. accounts/ paid people to act as his fanboys. I saw only a few of his videos, but I can already tell that every single one of them suck. There's no way people could be honest fans of his.

    Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna watch some Game Dude to ease the pain of watching a troll making reviews.

  37. I just watched irategamer's Rob review. Now that I've seen it again, I can see it IS better informed then AVGN's Rob review. I still say AVGN was more entertaining. Does that mean it was better? I admit, no. But than again, I don't think it's that big of a shock.

  38. @Arthur Arneiro
    I often like to quote Yahtzee in situations like this. "If you can't draw, then just wipe your ass on a sheet of Mega Man sprites and someone on Comic Genesis will call it brilliant".
    While this refers to webcomics, it can be applied to any appalling media that somehow has fans.

    To me, it's about execution. Sure, IG's video was more informative (even if some of it was wrong *cough*Professor Gyro*cough*) but AVGN's video did the sketch parts a lot better. That's what I think though.

  39. He is the Game Dude
    And he is so rude
    He is the gamer with the bad atitude...

    Wow....I hate to admit this but...I think Game Dude's intro song is a sinful way...

  40. @BatDan

    I know, but the problem is that he has way too many fans. It's just not right. I still stand by the troll statement.

  41. You know, a blog about why people don't like NC-17 or Game Dude wouldn't be the stupidest idea in the world. Navgtr/George Wood would be a good choice, too.

  42. @2dd-ah-screw-it-your-name-is-too-long

    Well, NC17 or GD I can see as possible because they still make videos. George Wood is dead, so when you riff all of his videos, there'll be no point in that blog existing anymore.

  43. Well, my name was supposed to say "DaBoyAndy", but for some reason, a stupid glitch caused my name to say "2dd6a2..."

    And yes, I do agree-- riffing on Alexander Badr or Kenny wouldn't be that bad of an idea. And now that you mention it, doing a riff on Mr. Wood would be kind of a bad idea, since he's been dead for some time.

    (Hope Mr. Badr doesn't see my post!)

  44. @DaBoyAndy

    I've never seen a glitch like this...