Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Summer Movies. Oh Good, More Trailer Praise

Here we go again. Time to hear Bores gush about movies that aren't out yet. I hope you like hearing “It looks awesome from the trailer”.

Before we start, let’s tally last year’s list with the majority consensus.

10. Inception: Confusing but good fun.
9. The A-Team: Forgettable action from a memorable show.
8. Toy Story 3: One of the best films of the year
7. Grown Ups: Remember when Adam Sandler was funny? Yeah, hard to believe.
6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: The best video game movie ever, but that’s not saying much.
5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: Why did this need a sequel?
4. Tron: Legacy: Major love it or hate it
3. The Last Airbender: I’d call it a train wreck but that would insulting train wrecks.
2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Nicholas Cage needs to stop doing Disney movies.
1. Iron Man 2: Not as good as the first but still a lot of fun.

Alright, enough stalling. Let’s get through this.

The video begins with Bores in front of his green screen telling us he’ll be counting down by release date. Considering his habit of ranking awful movies highly because “the trailer looked awesome” I can understand why he’s doing this.

10. Thor (why is talking like he just smoked a carton of Marlboros? Is he trying to sound badass?)
Looks like Bores is done using static images and is now showing trailer footage. Effort? Maybe.
“Before I watched the trailer, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this movie or not. But after seeing the trailer, it’s pretty much ultimately changed my mind.” So the trailer set out to accomplish what a trailer does, make people want to see the movie. Good God that was a badly written line.

At least he didn’t say “I never read any of the Thor comics”.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
He said he enjoyed the first movie but the two sequels left him confused. The sequels weren’t confusing. Overblown, ridden with plotholes, poorly-written and developed? Sure. But not confusing.
Blah blah movie looks good from trailers.
“Ponce de Leon eat your heart out matey”. Don’t compare a fictional adventure to something that happened in real life.

8. The Hangover: Part II

He hopes it doesn’t fall into sequelitis. Next!

7. X-Men: First Class
He remarks on all the negative reception but still thinks it looks cool from the movie trailer. You know what else looked cool from the trailer? Attack of the Clones. What did it have? Clunky dialogue, bad characterization, boring action scenes, and a painfully forced attempt at making Darth Vader a sympathetic character. Again Chris, don’t judge everything on the trailer. People are skeptical because X-Men 3 and Wolverine suuuuuucked.
He also brings up that he read the Legion Quest storyline and is excited to see how the movie handles it. Legion Quest had nothing to do with how Xavier and Lehnsharr met. In fact, everything I read about First Class says nothing about Xavier’s son.

6. Super 8
Blah blah not much known blah blah attempts to explain the plot blah blah trailer looks cool blah blah big names attached.

And that’s where the video ends. Bores needs money so he split the list in two. And you were doing so well last year with only one video.

After reminding us he’s counting down by release date, because he thinks we’re idiots, he continues the list.

5. Green Lantern
He brings up the negative reception towards the first trailer but then gushes over the second one. I like how he avoids giving his thoughts on the first trailer with the obviously unfinished effects.
“Expect a lot of CGI scenes” Noooooooo really? I thought all of those scenes were stop-motion.

At least he got Sinestro’s name right.

4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (or as he calls it, Transformers 3)
He’s aware that Bayformers are bad but because it’s Transformers he has to see it. No you don’t! You can choose not to see it. It’s not like you still do movie reviews.
He’s hoping since Michael Bay admitted Revenge of the Fallen was bad that this will be an improvement. No, it won’t. It’s Michael Bay, he’s been making the same movie for years. It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be annoying, it’s going to be racist, and it’s going to suck.

3. Captain America: The First Avenger
“Trailer made it look awesome” Yes Chris, that’s what a trailer does. You get a gold star.
“A Super Soldier from the 1940’s being created to stop bad guys?” Woooow, he completely ignored the biggest aspects of Cap’s origin. It was during World War II and they’re fighting Nazis. Not “a hero in the 40’s fighting bad guys”. Just… ugh.
“Now I know nothing about Captain America’s origin story” Oh well that explains it. Still it wouldn’t have hurt to do a little research. Oh wait, you’re Chris Bores. You don't do research.

2. The Smurfs
He acknowledges the viewers confusion but says Smurfs were a part of his childhood so he’s curious how this works out. He says the CGI looks decent (no it doesn’t) but is leery of the NYC setting and the voice actors (specifically Katy Perry and George Lopez) because the voices from the 80’s series were “iconic”. He hopes a good script will save it. The footage shows Smurfette imitating Marilyn Monroe. Nothing about this will be good.

1. Cowboys & Aliens (at least he knows what an ampersand is and didn’t call it Cowboys vs. Aliens)
He knows it’s corny but it has a lot of big names and the trailer looks awesome *headdesk* Sorry I needed a jolt, the blandness was knocking me out.
By the way Chris, her name is Olivia Wilde. Not “the chick from House”. You couldn’t even say Thirteen, her character’s name? Whatever the list is done.

Bores closes out saying if he has time he’ll review some of the movies (considering you only reviewed two movies last year, I don’t see this happening).
“Cut, print, that’s a wrap” That’s still a lame catchphrase.
Then a CGI rendering of a clapboard. Seriously what’s with all the CGI in his videos lately? It’s really off-putting.

This was predictable as hell. I knew he would put all the comic book adaptations on there. Hell, I somehow predicated the Smurfs and that was as a joke. Now I feel sad.

I need to go cheer myself up.


  1. I have to say, his fanboys are beginning to irritate me. Not because of his blind servitude but because of they seem to be unable to speak up. I mean, come on. Doesn't get fustrating when your idol takes so long to release videos? When I was a AVGN fanboy I... no, I think he had a regular release date though I'm not really sure.

  2. The AVGN did have a regular schedule. A new episode every 2-3 weeks (mostly 2 weeks). Now it's once a month with a Summer hiatus coming up to focus on The Overanalyzers and multiple TMNT videos.

  3. You know what else looked good from the trailer? Avatar.

  4. Man, he always seems to be amazed because of how "good" the trailers are. Ever seen a trailer proclaiming its movie to be a big pile of shit? No? Good, cause that's NOT what trailers are supposed to do!

    Mmh, I don't think you should bash him for not knowing Cap's backstory. I'm not sure if our history expert Bores knows when WW2 happened...

    And this Smurf CGI movie is FOR REAL Oo ? Well, it'll probably fail like all recent movie adaptations of cult shows...

  5. going back to guptil a bit, i think he deserves a post on this blog, considering the stupidity that he said in another video regarding video game reviewers in general, here's an ERC that RandomDCE made


    and to guptill video, i say, the only good Angry Video game reviewer aside from James, IMO was Urinatingtree, while he started swearing a lot, he had more comedic timing, but then he switched to a more sarcastic cynical style of reviews for a short time, with some pop culture reference but done right, and he was funny as hell, such as shame that he stopped doing them.

    also seems that guptill never heard of HVGN.

  6. "And this Smurf CGI movie is FOR REAL Oo ? Well, it'll probably fail like all recent movie adaptations of cult shows..."

    You found out about it just now?...dude I've known about The Smurfs CGI movie for months now.

    And also Bores lists The Hangover Part 2 as one of the summer movies he's looking forward to?...am I the only one who's noticed that for once Bores is looking forward to a movie that is not a special effects fest?

  7. I'm just amazed part 2 came out within the same decade as part 1. He must be bored.

  8. I remember seeing the Smurf trailer in the movie theater and thinking, "I hate Hollywood". I stand by what I said...

  9. I will admit that at first I was looking forward to the Smurfs movie since I'm a fan of the animated show. But after looking more into it, I have a feeling the Smurfs movie is gonna suck.

    As for most of the comic book adaptaions, well, I'm looking forward to Thor, Captain America and X-Men: First Class. I might even see The Green Lantern, I don't know.

    I know that most people hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I understand why. But it was one of my favorite movies of 2009.

    I really enjoyed the second Transformers movie, I know most people hated it, but I enjoyed it, so I will see the third movie for sure.

    As for Pirates of the Caribbean, I will see it for sure, I am a big fan of the third one.

    I also am looking forward to The Hangover Part II.

    I'm not sure how Cowboys and Aliens will work out, but I'll see.

    I don't know what to say about Super 8 though.

    I am a movie fan, and I will admit that my taste in movies is strange. I am entertained by a lot of movies. I have a feeling that this summer is gonna be fun for me.

  10. I was another one who wasn't aware of the Smurfs film until now. Sad to know I only found out about it from Bores' Top 10 Summer Movies list. Then again, I put films far below games, music and even TV shows so it's no wonder I didn't hear about this atrocity until know. After all, I thought there weren't going to be any movies worth seeing this year.

  11. I see more movies in the theaters than I probably should. It's expensive, and I always leave saying, "that sucked" or "should've waited to get it on netflix."

    The last really good movie I saw in the theater was "Gran Torino", and even that one was ruined by other members of the audience.

  12. @Invisible Crane

    I've known the trailer for quite a long time, too. I just couldn't believe this actually gets made (too bizarre for a concept, and I haven't heard anything about it after the trailer). That's why I'm surprised.

  13. @Blaze the Movie Fan

    I too look forward to Thor. Why? Because it's THOR.

  14. @VinceThePhilosopher

    Defiantly, it's the movie of 2011 I'm looking forward to the most.

  15. Shouldn't his fans be extremely pissed off? I know I'd be pissed if Linkara started giving out reviews of things that isn't in his field of work like video games or fan fiction.

  16. Now, I know the Bores is a complete moron, but I kind of sympathize with the Smurfs bit since it was a part of my childhood as well.

  17. "I see more movies in the theaters than I probably should. It's expensive, and I always leave saying, "that sucked" or "should've waited to get it on netflix.""

    I don't see movies at all, even those that I know I'd enjoy because modern movies are so bad I just lost all faith in going to the cinema. I make exceptions though on rare occasions like for The Simpsons Movie, Star Trek and Paul though

  18. I don't see why everyone's so optimistic about the Smurfs movie. it is going to suck, they made it clear just from the trailers. This is one of the few things I can agree with moviebob.

    1. Why are the Smurfs in New york? They're from German folklore, they should be wandering around Brussels or something.

    2. Want to know why they're in new york? celebrity cameos, obnoxious product placement, screwing up what story the cartoon if it ever had one (all I can remember is that some guy wanted to eat the smurfs or something, that was the plot of every episode). Not to mention all the pop culture references. We get it Hollywood, you just discovered pop culture, just stop!

    3. You know that they're going to make some awful modern gay jokes about vanity smurf or make the girl smurf become like this valley girl stereotype to try and appeal to an adult audience. Hollywood doesn't understand human beings. when was the last time you ever met a gay person who had a lisp or was over effeminate? Don't get me started on the Valley girl thing, the girls in school I knew that were closest to valley girls were only smoking pot after school. Not ending every sentence with a question mark.

  19. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    From what I've heard, it sounds like they're trying to do the same thing with "the Smurfs" that they did with "the Brady Bunch" movie", modernize and turn it into a parody of itself.

    Of course I only see these movies because I take my nieces and nephews to them, and I have low expectations of shows from my childhood becoming anything less than a crap movie. This will probably be "Inspector Gadget" all over again.

    I think the only exception to the old children's show becoming new crappy movie was the 2007 TMNT, I actually liked that more than the kids did.

  20. @Ron

    I always thought that the Smurfs were lame. Granted, I admit the one thing the show had that made it stand out from others was character. Other then that, I don't much of the appeal.

    @Shaolin Dave

    These days the it seems that the quality has deteriorated into guilty pleasures.

  21. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Wanna know how little faith people have in this movie? Last year, when my family went to see "Toy Story 3" in theaters, they played the trailer for this movie. Literally EVERYBODY groaned when they saw the trailer, even the children.

  22. I was never a smurfs fan as a kid and this movie I can already see wont do it justice. Its got the makings of terrible already especially hearing one will be imitating Marolyn Manson

  23. "Smurfs in New York" sounds better as a Robot Chicken sketch than a feature film.

  24. The last film I saw in the Cinema was "The King's Speech" which was in my humble opinion, the est film of 2010 and a vindication that film-making isn't dead. I think I might go and see "The Eagle" this weekend, as I have always had a soft spot of a good old boys own sword and sandals flick.

    As for the films on Chris Bores' list, the one I'm most excited about is Captain America, which is odd considering that I'm British...

  25. I find it sad how Bores can't express ANY other emotion than being constipated (not angry). Mesprit must have looked down upon him. Then again, who wouldn't? His fans, of course.

    But really, Microsoft Sam has more Emotion than Bores.

  26. Uhh... why did I capitalize "emotion" on the 2nd paragraph? Oh well.

  27. The Irate Gamer seems so much like George Wood if you remove all the padding and skits, doesn't he?

  28. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Smurfs are not from German folklore, they're "just" the invention of a Belgian cartoonist. The closest thing we have to a Smurf would be a Heinzelmannchen or Kobold, and none of them is blue.

    They're probably setting the movie in Hollywood so they can make it a Live-Action movie with horrible-looking CGI-abominations. Should be much cheaper than making a full CGI-movie or trying to re-create anything resembling a medieval setting.

    Who the hell needs this movie, anyways? Fans of the original are most likely too old (or clever enough to avoid this POS), and the young folks don't friggin care about Smurfs.

  29. Well, at least they didn't do a movie with the Smurfs in space... oh, wait.

  30. Is Chris putting The Smurfs on his top 10 Summer Movies going to do the same thing like when he was anticipating Dragon Ball Evolution? Oh boy...

    Btw when I saw the trailer...that looked more like Clayanimation mixed with CGI...isn't that odd...

  31. Man, the comment section here sure is boring now. Come on! Someone, post something!

    *Goes to YouTube*


    And if that wasn't enough, NONE of my subscriptions have posted something since today's afternoon! What a suckish day!

  32. So, he doesn't know anything about Captain America's origin, but knows who Red Skull is? Okay....

  33. @Shaolin Dave
    I see what you did.

    @John Pannozzi
    I'm filing that under "pop cultural osmosis".
    He knows Cap's greatest enemy is the Red Skull, he sees a guy with a red face in the trailer and figures out that's Red Skull.
    That's my theory.

  34. @Doresh

    Wel, you learn something new everyday!

    *The more you know*



  36. AVGN reviewed Jaws NES and he is going to review ET for his movie.

    IG fanboy will have a field day with this.

  37. Well, it's more a Jurassic Park marathon + two quickies to hit the 20 minutes mark, but it was a billion times better than R.O.B.

    At least he explained the game mechanic of Jaws way better than Bores.

  38. I wouldn't be surprised if James had never watched Bores' R.O.B. review, but maybe after the backlash and BS accusations he checked out Bores' Jaws review and made a point to do it differently and better?

    Beyond that all he can do is make a list of every review Bores does and not pick the same games, but I don't think he should have to do that. it's bad enough that his entire show's concept was stolen by this asshat, he shouldn't be forced to be affected by the asshat's claim-jumping.

  39. I don’t really mind if Chris or James picks the same game to review, as long as they explain things in their own unique way and style.

  40. Just watched the new AVGN video, I guess ET's next? Nahh, he wouldn't blow his most requested game so early.

    In the trailer video, there's some troll saying James ripped Bores off. I'm trying to shut him up.

  41. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Honestly, I have the feeling that this is the last AVGN episode. He'll make the Nerd movie, somehow review E.T. in it, and move on. At least, that's what I understood from one of the last updates on Cinemassacre a few days ago.

  42. @Arthur

    Cinemassacre is losing a LOT of traffic (down 28% in 3 months), I have a feeling this is James' desperation attempt.


  43. Also, James would actually have to care about copyrights if he was making a movie.

  44. @Thelone

    No, from what i did understandt, this is just a Break to work on the film, afterwards he might come back, in fact, i think he needs to take a break from the episodes for months in order to finish his film.

  45. I can't believe that Thatguywiththeglasses members made 3 Irate gamer jokes this April fools

    Guru Larry: made a fake introduction/welcome to the Irate Gamer

    Linkara: Made a beautiful purposefully bad review...I still get chills every time I see it.

    Phelous: had the new Phelous review tmnt 2. and almost did it word for word from IG's review.

    It's good to know that they aren't afraid to make fun of Bores.

  46. As Gatuca and BatDan stated he's taking a break. Honestly James does the shit he does because he likes it (from what I can gather) so why would a drop in user traffic (which can be caused by a variety different things)make him want to stop. I have a feeling that he'd keep doing it even if only 200 people visited the site. Also about the copyright thing, do you really thing Atari is going to try and sue some one for recording footage of a 30 year old Atari 2600 game they haven't sold since 1983. If you answer yes to that you need to get you're head checked out. Honestly is a company felt his reviews were giving one of there 20+ year old games a bad name (which is pretty stupid in it's self) he'd have been shut down long ago. It's the same reason Capcom, Konami, Nintendo, and Sega don't really pursue litigation against people that down load roms of there NES, SNES, and Genesis titles. It's a big waste of time and money.

  47. @Bob

    Yes. And if Atari doesn't sue, Steven Spielberg will.

    Large companies don't sue internet reviewers because there isn't much money to be made from damages. But when a movie is involved, it draws more attention. And in this context, James can't claim fair use.

  48. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Where's Phelous's IG spoof? I can't seem to find it?

  49. @vicviper592
    It's a small part of his "Twilight" video. After "reviewing" Twilight and Resident Evil Afterlife, New Phelous (played by Eskimo Bob creator Tomas Guinan) reviews TMNT II The Arcade Game.
    Then it proceeds into more Doctor Who insanity. Including a reenactment of the Ninth Doctor's regeneration.

  50. @Zinger314

    on what legal grounds could Spielberg sue, he sold the video game rights to Atari. Plus do you really believe that Spielberg would give two shits about some random internet person making a self funded movie were he rips on a game that even when it was new was called trash. I really don't think so he made his money in 1983 when he sold the rights to Atari, as well as the actual film. To tell you the truth most internet reviewers can't claim fair use, most of them post full play throughs (hell look how many spoony has done). Fair use only covers a small portion of the material to be used, for example you can use a song by Asia in you're flash game if you only use 10 or 20 seconds of the song (still have to give credit to the artist of course), that's covered under fair use. Using the whole song is not.

  51. I can't wait to see what stupid shit Bores has to say when he makes a trailer review of this:


    Sorry, I just had to share this.

  52. @ Zinger314

    He's talking about it for quite a long time now, but the loss of traffic could be a valid explanation. Although, I think Rolfe is just tired of the Nerd and wants to end with a proper finale.

  53. If we're lucky, Bores will rip James' retirement off, too XD


    That one's easy:

    "When I first heard about this game, I was a bit skeptical. But then I saw the trailer, and it literally blew me away. I had to sit in a train for one hour to get back home!

    Sonic Generations: The Hedgehog is the perfect predecessor to the first Sonic game on the Sega System. It's all about speed. Speed! Speeeed!

    I've never read the manuals, but it seems like the story will be confusing. Why is there another version of Sonic? And why does he look so retarded? I though this is a Sonic game, not an Odyssey 2001 game!

    [Insert pointless cameo of Evil Bores and HAL Bores]"

    Does that sound about accurate?

  54. Guys, he's not ending the show.
    I just told you he'll be back in September.

  55. The Nerd will be back when college starts lol

  56. @ The news of the nerd returing when I'm back in college:

    But seriously, I'm glad he's coming back. About the Smurfs thing, eh, to each their own.

  57. Depending on how the movie gets distributed, he might widen his audience considerably. If that's the case, stopping the show would not be a good move.
    Even if he doesn't get more viewers out of it, I think he'll stick around a while longer. I believe he actually still enjoys being The Nerd.
    Hopefully he won't go all Homestar Runner on us and stop updating with no explanation.

    BTW, if anyone intends on buying an x-arcade joystick, please do so via my site. http://www.awesomesaucegames.me/

  58. Okay, SO not trying to defend Bores here, but...

    "Don’t compare a fictional adventure to something that happened in real life."

    Why shouldn't you compare a fictional story to real life events? If a made-up adventure parallels something that happened in real life, isn't that just asking for a comparison?

  59. So, Mnadtab is back, huh?

    The weird thing is, there's still all the stuff mocking him on his channel. You'd think he'd have them removed by now.

  60. @ Arthur Arneiro

    it looks like he's hasn't actually gotten his account back, he just opened a new account. now he's "batdamm", instead of "batdanm"

  61. @Shaolin Dave

    LOL! That means now he can't use the sockpuppet account argument anymore, since now, not only is he a sockpuppet of BatDan, he's now a sockpuppet of himself!

    For those who don't know of his sockpuppet claim, it's like this in EVERY COMMENT:

    "LOL, when AVGN fans get butthurt, they make sockpuppet accounts because they can't handle it themselves!" And some more crap. The irony was already astounding the first time, but now he has just sunk to a new low.

  62. I sometimes just check Bores' videos just for the comments, but there's this wierd delusional idiot by MegaGangstaparadise

    He leaves messages in ALL CAPS about stupid shit, like he doesn't know AVGN is just a character. He also said that because James has a beard in the SMBSS DVD Menu video, he's ripping off NC

  63. @Rafael

    Must be a troll, no one can be that stupid.

  64. @Arthur Arnerio

    then you haven't been on xbox live in a whle, ZING!

  65. The BG video will be reuploaded shortly.

  66. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Haha, good one. Although I don't have a 360, you can easily see fanboys claiming it's the best console ever, and that it doesn't have any flaws. And let's not mention the Kinect, which they insist in saying that it's the best thing ever invented. I could go on this whole comment section citing downsides to it.

    Excuse my ranting. Going off topic, looks like I won't be getting a 3DS anytime soon due to those damn earthquakes. I've heard that because of the earthquakes, Nintendo stopped making 3DSes for now. Is it true?

  67. @ Bjarni Gautur

    "BG video"?

    @ Arthur Arneiro

    there's no such thing as a flawless console, but 360 doesn't even come close. the 'red ring of death' is something that shouldn't have existed in the first place, and shouldn't have required several years and a completely new model to fix (i've heard the 360 slim doesn't red ring, is that true.)

    the closest thing to a flawless console i've ever used was a commodore 64. i'm so glad they're rereleasing it, even though the new ones might not be as sturdy.

  68. @Shaolin Dave
    He means this:
    He uploaded it yesterday but YouTube fucked up and added 10 minutes of nothing. Here's the reupload.

  69. @Shaolin Dave

    Forme, the closest thing to a flawless console is the DS/DSi and possibly 3DS (If you're including handhelds). Like, 90% of the games are must-haves, has some of the best RPGs overall, has multiplayer online games, and an online store. It's perfect in nearly all categories.

  70. in concept, i'd say the best portable console is the tubro express. something about a portable console that's just as powerful and even plays the same software as the top-of-the-line current generation home system is awesome.

    no other company has really pulled that off. yeah, genesis surpassed turbographix16 hardware-wise, but it took years for nomad to come onto the scene.

  71. @Shaolin Dave

    Well, I didn't live through that generation of gaming, so I can't really state my opinion on that one. That means I still stand by the DS family.

  72. @ Arthur

    "I didn't live through that generation of gaming"... thanks for reminding me how old I am.

  73. @Shaolin Dave

    Hey man, that's not age, that's experience!

    but going back to a post that you put on a few recaps ago, I too wonder what Bores' interests are other than lying about what his interests are.

  74. My brother is playing a few Genesis games and enjoys them and he's 12. Old school gaming never dies

  75. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Bores' interests? One word: Culinary.

  76. Off topic but has anyone here watched The Game Boob on Youtube?, if not he's this guy who started out doing IG parody videos but then went on to do parody of reviewers in general, both good and bad.

    Check him out at http://www.youtube.com/user/Dooku11384

  77. @ Arthur Arneiro

    LOL. I imagine if the Irate Gamer Game is going to be true to the source material, it'll borrow heavily from Pac-Man (only way to progress in the game is to eat nonstop)

  78. @Shaolin Dave

    And the ghosts would be AVGN heads!

  79. @ Arthur Arneiro

    ...and you wouldn't need to have the fruit for bonus points, because let's face it, you'd already be playing as a fruit!

  80. @Shaolin Dave and Arthur Arnerio

    And the power pellets would turn all the AVGN heads into videos saying that this game is a major ripoff, citing it's poor controls, laugh inducing dialogue, and saying that the main hero isn't even a hero. once Bores eats the videos, they disappear forever only to turn up as blogs on other games that can't be touched by Bores-man.

  81. My two cents: If there ever is an Irate Gamer game made...

    ...it will be developed by Zynga.
    That is all.

  82. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am saddened to say that Macho Man Randy Savage, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into the sqaure ring, has passed away. Let us bow our heads and take a moment of silence... *ten bell ring*. Rest in peace Macho Man, we'll miss you dearly.. ;_;