Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aflac Auditions. What Is This I Don't Even

In IG’s “YouTube NextUp” contest entry, he said he was planning to make skits with his “brilliant“ characters (Ronnie, Devil Bores, Cousin Joey). I predicted that nothing good will come of this.
With his newest video… I was right. Again. We get to watch his various characters audition for Aflac commercials.
For those unaware, Aflac is an insurance company specializing in physical and medical policies (Accidents, Dental, Cancer, Life). Their commercials consisted of people worried about their mortality or job, wondering if someone can help. That’s when a duck shows up and shouts “AFLAC!”

The duck was voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried, but was fired after offensive comments about the earthquakes in Japan. Aflac announced they would be accepting applications for a new voice from March 23rd - April 1st. *looks at date of video* Oops.
Well, I’m going to guess that Bores just made this for fun. Well I’m not having fun…

0:01 - 0:32: The video opens with Ronnie and I’ve already given up on this. *sighs* Pull it together Daniel.
The director starts the first take (why yes the director is played by Bores) and Ronnie does his usual gibbering stuff and bumps into the microphone. “Please just read the line please” Please stop being redundant please.
Ronnie reads the line in his same tone of voice and then starts gibbering again. This isn’t funny!

0:33 - 1:17: Next up is Devil Bores, oh for the love of…
Devil Bores is an “actor” asking for his motivation and bragging that he played Macbeth in high school. You’re Satan, you existed before Shakespeare, how the hell could you have… forget it this is just more of Bores’ awful writing.
He reads the line in an overly-raspy tone. I think he was trying to ham it up but only succeeded in boring me.
When the director rejects him, he calls him a motherfucker. Why is it bleeped out? Look Chris, this whole “family-friendly” shit isn’t going to help you.

1:18 - 2:05: Now it’s Shadow Overlord’s turn, ugh this video is dragging.
“I have waited many years for this part” You were waiting for something to happen to Gilbert Gottfried?
Like Ronnie, he reads the line in his normal tone. He threatens to destroy the director if he doesn’t get the job. He reads the line again in the exact same way but instead of destroying the director he leaves. Another unfulfilled promise from Irate Gamer.

2:06 - 2:28: Next audition is AHHHHHHHHHHHH why is wearing overalls?! Jeez, he made Cousin Joey even freakier than before.
Joey wants to see the duck, but the director tells him there is no duck, and he starts arguing that there is. Why did IG create all these characters? There’s nothing good about them.

2:29 - 2:53: Evil Gamer is up, and he wants to do an “Evil Aflac Duck”. Chris, adding evil to the beginning of things ISN’T FUCKING FUNNY! Stop trying to make that his shtick! It didn’t work in “Order Up” and it doesn’t work here!
He continues arguing that he wants to do an evil duck. Wow, IG’s characters are really bratty. Is this part of the joke or something?

2:54 - 3:00: Wilson or Wilkins shows up, but with no fence and a turtleneck over his face. We know that’s you Chris, why do you insist on having this character? But he’s only there for a second before the director says next.
Then Wise Sage shows up, but like “Wilkins” doesn’t get any lines before getting booted. Wow, Chris really does hate that character. In fact, that looks like the same image from his appearance in the Cool Spot video.
Then Tony (the Maplestory sprite) shows up for a second, and we get to see his new look. He’s no longer a Maplestory sprite, but a hand-drawn creation from DatBoiDrew. Damn it Drew, get away from Irate Gamer. You’re better than this! According to the description, we’re going to see more of Tony in the next IG review. NOOOOOOOOO!
Then that goblin from the Monster Party video shows up (you know, the one with the changing accent that Bores told to “Get the fuck off his property”). Are you really that creatively bankrupt that you’ll reuse the Halloween costumes from an old video as “characters”?

3:01 - 3:29: Finally it’s IG’s turn. He says the line and the director likes it. What a surprise, the only audition he liked is Irate Gamer, is there any doubt that he’s a Mary Sue? IG wonders when he’ll get paid, but learns it’s just an audition and doesn‘t have the job. He does his “scowling camera stare” and knocks over the microphone. The director quits.

The video ends with something new. A stinger that links to other videos, his website, and a link to subscribe to his channel. … Weird.

What in the hell was this? Of all the things you could make a video about… and it was so painfully unfunny and… ugggggh.

If Tony is showing up in the next video, I expect pain. Lots and lots of pain.


  1. Bores has been commenting a lot in the comments (lol redundancy), and some of them have been...disturbing, particularly:

    lol its like the whole cast of characters. just needed the Genie.
    JamieBugajski 12 hours ago

    @JamieBugajski oh he's still in the game genie, he'll be back soon...
    Irategamer 12 hours ago

  2. Well, at least he's uploading actual videos, instead of stupid contests and stuff.

    Hell, this year, Bores isn't even trying to hide the fact that he's an egocentric fuck, isn't he? First, the NextUp video, then the 200th "special", now the ending of this video.

    Yep, he's his own biggest fan.

  3. What the hell is even the bloody point with ALL of his characters? Especially Tony is puzzling since Bores admitted he doesn't know what Maple Story is. Did he just found a random sprite via Google Oo ?!

    And why do I get the feeling that Bores is the actual Evil Gamer? The other Evil Gamer just adds "Evil" to everything (AND he is the only character of his to realize that his show sucks), while Bores is always a total jerk - but not in the funny kind of way.

    P.S.: Has anyone made an Evil Gamer parody yet? Might be pretty interesting...

    "I'm the EVIL Gamer, EVILly reviewing EVIL video games for the EVIL NES System! Muahahahaaaa!"

  4. @Doresh

    Third-Rate Gamer (FFL2and3rocks) did an Evil gamer parody, you should check him out.

  5. Dan, you should talk about IG's Zack & Wiki review. I noticed you missed that one.

  6. If the Evil Gamer is the opposite of the Irate Gamer, shouldn't he be good? Aside from the fact that IG is an egotistical jerk, "irate" also means "angry" or "enraged." Shouldn't his foil be calm and gentle, then?

  7. @Arthur Arneiro:

    Thanks for the info! That's the bad part about those IG parodies: There's just too much to choose XD

    And he talked about the Zack & Wiki review: Bores was wondering what a "Wiki" is, and Dan got a little bit upseat about Bores not knowing what a point-and-click adventure is.

  8. Hey Daniel, the link at says:

    "The new character made his way into this video. The real use of him will be in the next Irate Gamer episode uploading next weekend. Should be pretty cool to see him semi-animated."

    Get ready to do an episode review.

  9. Pfft, next weekend. I doubt that.

  10. @ Zinger314

    recently it's been disturbing what disturbing comments he recently left in the comments.

  11. How come Chris' PS3 CONtest video still has comments on? I saw lukestarkiller441's comments, and boy is he sucking Chris' dick.

  12. Technically the comments are approval only, he just chooses not to approve any.

  13. I check every now and then for lukestarkiller441's comments and checked his profile as much of an idiot is he again? I lost count after I got an aneurism when I stumbled across his lame attempt at insulting AVGN...

  14. @Rafael

    I tried checking his idiocy with the newly-invented Idiotometer, but it broke due to an overload.
    The same thing happened to my Fanboyometer.

  15. @ Arthur Arneiro

    You can't vote more than once on a video, even if you leave and come back.
    If you could, that'd explain why Bores has more that 3 'likes'.

  16. I gave up with lukestarkiller LOOOOOOOOOOONG ago.

  17. This actually... wasn't that bad. To me it shows that Chris is actually half decent with joke writing and film production if he has a suitable topic, meaning not video gaming. I was actually laughing at some parts.

  18. @TooSlow

    There are times when Chris tries to do something different and does a decent job, yet you can't help the feeling something is off...

  19. @ TooSlow and Rafael

    While I think the quality of the jokes and characters was just as bad as they usually are in Bores's videos, at least the concept wasn't directly lifted from someone else's show. Irate Gamer will never be more than an AVGN rip-off, but if Bores would at least attempt to be original he might have some potential.
    For now, he's just barely getting started. He's made ONE video in which he wasn't plagiarizing, now he just needs to work on the quality of his writing and editing.

  20. @Shaolin Dave

    I think he needs to go to college or something too. actually learn how to write and maybe take a film course. And maybe take some drama for his atrocious acting as well.

  21. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    sad thing is, he ALREADY went to college, before he even did his "ghost hunters" rip-off. he should already have the technical skills at least.
    quality of work should improve in time, and if he keeps working on original content he might stand a chance. then again, the quality of his plagiarized videos never got better, so maybe it'd be better if he just stopped.

  22. @Shaolin Dave

    But instead of improving, his work just got WORSE over time. It's sad, I know.

  23. I checked out IG's channel and he finally got around to edit the "A new episode every 2-3 weeks" part...but then here comes the egocentric bullcrap he started spewing ever since...whenever...

  24. ....But at least he's right in saying that a new video comes out each week.

  25. Why is the guy so insistent on being family friendly now? Is he thinking family's from households all over will sit down and watch his review with great anticipation on what his say is on them so they can decide weather or not they get it?

  26. @Rafael:

    What. The. F**********ck Oo ?!

    "Welcome, You have stumbled Upon the The Irate Gamer Channel Featuring the Irate Gamer Show As well as a Slew of others, All Written, Produced, and Edited, by the genius mind of Chris Bores."

    *Sound of forehead hitting desk*

  27. @Doresh

    He started becoming more arrogant ever since the 200th video...

    WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!


  29. Just as people were saying the 200th video humbled him, he reminds us how massive his ego is. Bravo.

  30. What is this, SNL? I mean, it's better than SNL, but not by much. He needs to stop fucking around with his sketch videos, and keep working on IG. Yes, the Irate Gamer is still a terrible video series, but even I am starting to take pity on his fans for liking this scumbag who doesn't even make that many IG videos anymore.

  31. Is there a way to turn Youtube's Copyright monkeys against him? I mean he has stolen material from NBC on his videos

  32. @Jack

    Out of his 200 videos, less than 50 of them are actually IG videos.

  33. @Rafael

    CNBC should have a YouTube channel somewhere. You could try to show them the video.

  34. @vicviper592

    The channel hasn't been active for a year...

  35. LaddyBuggin has to be a troll. I said "I'm a long time Irate Gamer hater and this... was actually good.  Stray away from the Irate Gamer persona slowly and your videos will be good. At least don't put "Irate Gamer" in the title." on the Aflac auditions. This message was actually a compliment and a tip to gradually get better as a film maker and she comes back with "Fat chance hater ~" complete with random tilde.

  36. @TooSlow

    Maybe she only read the first half of the first sentence.

  37. Jesus this stuff made me want to chew through my own fist.

    This coupled with the "road trip" debacles are just so cringeworthy.

  38. the good news: MK is comming tomorrow
    the bad news: bores is (god please dont let him) gona "review" it.

    worst part is: i still have to wait one week for it to arrive with my ps3


  39. @ Jack

    I disagree. The less IG he does, the better.

    @ Rafael

    Bores seems to get away with a lot more copyright infringement, possibly because of his 'youtube partner' status. A few users have called him out on stealing footage, but unfortunately the major studios apparently haven't.

    @ Too Slow

    You also said you're a long time IG hater and think he should give up on that, so she could've taken it as an insult. she is pretty dumb, after all.

  40. @Shaolin Dave

    Must be why no major studios haven't called him out on his DVD either...yet that POS never went anywhere so no surprises there...

  41. You guys remember 2600theatari? Guess what, he's back.

  42. @SoaceScreaminJohn

    That's his new account?! He was here causing trouble a few days ago, and now he creates a "Parody account" the kid insane or something?

    Oh and one thing that's been bothering IG fans enjoy the parody videos or is their first reaction to call them a rippoff?

  43. @SpaceScreaminJohn

    How is he back? Did he quit at some point? Damn I'm slow. I thought the only one who disppeared was 2600theeatari/2600tehatari.

  44. @ SpaceScreaminJohn

    Watched it. Thumbs down.

    Anyway, here's a better video...

  45. Uhh... I typed in the link to the video, but I can't watch it. Is there something wrong?

  46. What's the name of the video? Maybe I can search for it.

  47. I'm not saying that I want anything from Chris Bores, but the fans subscribe for IG, not Roadtrips or Ghost Hunters rip-offs.

  48. In other news, my PS3 broke, AGAIN. 4th time's a charm though...

  49. Funny how he says he's not an Irate Gamer fan anymore yet he's sent me messages telling me to delete my blog.

  50. @Rafael on CNBC

    I would say to try this site:

    Unfortunatly, I e-mailed it and get no response.

  51. @vicviper592

    Well...that long has it been since you sent the e-mail?

  52. @Rafael

    I think it was 3 weeks ago.

  53. I was reading a blog about the AVGN vs IG plagiarism and someone brought up other plagiarist and said,

    "While the plagiarizers are morally wrong, we (the viewers) do benefit from the competition they create. I think it motivates everyone outdo each other and we get better material to watch."

    ...I'm not entirely sure this is true. Maybe if Bores had any skill, then it'd give James a reason to up his efforts, but Bores sucks so bad there's really no competition. Aside from annoyance and insult, the only way Bores affects AVGN is that he might decide to review a game that James hadn't gotten around to yet, and James either has to cross that off his list or face criticism himself (like with the ROB review).

  54. "are you really that stupid? First off, It's obvious James is a lazy greedy hack. Just look at his recent work. Hardly any effort at all. He doesn't give a shit about his AVGN show anymore, he only does it now as another way of lining his pockets. it's so obvious, Hell he pretty much said it himself! Now IG, How in any way is he greedy and uncaring to his fans when he runs all these contests for him. I won an Odyssey 300 From IG, Does James ever give anything away like that?"

    lukestarkiller441 still being a rabid fanboy...

  55. @Rafael

    Wow. I mean wow. I've honestly have never seen such stupidity, even for IG fanboy standards. Does lukestarkiller441 even have a brain?

  56. @Arthur and Fedora'd

    I think he's getting things WAAAAY too mixed up. Unfortunately we can't dig deep into his skull to fix him

  57. A "lazy greedy hack"? "Hardly any effort"? Does lukestarkiller441 suffer from some kind of tick that makes him confuse AVGN with IG? Cause while James has done better episodes in the past, he sure as hell CARES about the stuff he makes. Bores NEVER puts any effort into his videos - except for stupid props that only appear for a few seconds.

  58. @Rafael

    ...Ow...Ow! It burns! the stupidity is agonizing!

    "are you really that stupid? First off, It's obvious James is a lazy greedy hack."

    Please, elaborate, you can't just say something and expect it to make sense.

    "Just look at his recent work. Hardly any effort at all."

    There's effort all right, if you're talking about the R.O.B episode, people just didn't think the review portion was informative enough, and people hate skits in reviews for some reason.

    "He doesn't give a shit about his AVGN show anymore, he only does it now as another way of lining his pockets. it's so obvious, Hell he pretty much said it himself!"

    ...WHEN?! Seriously! Point out to me where exactly he said this or any indication was given!

    "Now IG, How in any way is he greedy and uncaring to his fans when he runs all these contests for him."

    Okay, give me an episode count. How many episodes of Irate gamer, not NEO episodes, has he done? In said episodes, has he displayed any adequate knowledge of the games he supposedly reviews? He had an entire page of fails for him in the TV tropse page! It's gone now, but it was there and I'm sure someone must've copied it out!

    "I won an Odyssey 300 From IG, Does James ever give anything away like that?"

    Does it work? did you really want it or did you get it because you're just his fanboy and should want anything just because it was given by him? If Freddie Mercury had risen from the grave, and started a contest where the winner would get his first used condom, I wouldn't get it! Yes, it was Freddie Mercury's, but it's still a used condom! Also, James wouldn't do a contest like Bores' because he doesn't want to beg for subscribers and likes like every single pathetic person with a channel on youtube! Ever think about that?

    Why would anyone want an Odyssey nowadays anyway? unless you're a gaming historian or a guy showing others where it all began, but Bores' fans? I know exactly what kind of "gamers" they are. In a few years, they'll be walking around with their pants down to their knees, with baseball caps on backwards, and playing the latest piece of crap Call of Duty game! Fuck his fans! Fuck them with a flaming Battle axe until Ragnarok!

  59. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    It's like he tries to find flaws in James' work, fails at it, doesn't realize he did so, and thinks he owned somebody. Just like *insert name similar to BatDan's*!


    this scene best describes my reaction towards Luke's INCREDIBLE stupidity....

  61. actually another of the things that characterize trolls, is the ability of putting words on people's mouth or distorting what someone said to make it look bad.

    the example when Luke says:
    "He doesn't give a shit about his AVGN show anymore, he only does it now as another way of lining his pockets. it's so obvious, Hell he pretty much said it himself!"

    Actually he's probably referring to the fact that james decided to limit his AVGN schedule from 2 episodes per month to just monthly, yes Luke, he did it so he can focus on other projects and series of his own, like board jame,s his reviews and this new series the overanalysers, as well as his more personal cinemassacre stuff, YET, he never said that he cared only about money, you are distoring his words and confusing him with IG, or better yet......are you chris bores?

    that would explain it even more

  62. Actually, lukestarkiller uploaded a video showing the (non-functioning) Odyssey he received from IG.

    That's obviously someone else talking.
    Of course, going by his voice he sounds to be older than 12... this troubles me.

    I also find it funny that on the list of people he recommends, he wrote the Nostalgia Critic. So, he recommends one of AVGN's friends? Or did think the "feud" was serious?

  63. ah, the AVGN/NC feud. that's how i first heard about NC.
    it was great, but anyone who thought it was real was/is a complete idiot.

  64. @BatDan

    According to his channel, he's a Sophomore, so I think he's around 15.

    Also, what I find really funny is almost all the reasons he gives why AVGN sucks are flaws that can easily be stated about Irategamer's work. That's not all, he says Irategamer's joke are original; yeah and Data Design Interactive makes good video games 9_9

  65. If we could capture stupidity, and turn it into energy, lukestarkiller441 would be an endless source.

  66. I think out of all Chris's work, this was actually decent.


    Here's the thing about Trolls that I'm surprised that people don't keep in mind: if the ability to keep their identity secret on the internet was taken away then they would have nothing. They're under the misconception that the internet is a second life where they can do whatever they want. The reality of it being the internet is just a way for them to run away from their problems. I speak from experience, for I use to be a troll. With that knowledge it mind, trolls don't bother me at all. I just pity them.

  67. The thing about people like Luke is that they cannot be reasoned with. They think that they are right and anyone who has an opinion different from theirs is the devil.

    It is quite sad

  68. “Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you.”

    -Lemmy Kilmister

  69. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    That quote was so full of truth, that it could make Pinnochio choke on his own nose.

  70. @Arthur Arneiro

    Have you prayed at the church of Lemmy recently? accepted Snaggletooth as your lord and savior?

    in all seriousness, I hate fanboys. am I a fan of somethings? yes, but I have the ability to criticize or recognize flaws in the things I like. Dragonforce? I think I'm the only one who likes them that knows that most of the time, they suck. Herman Li's guitar playing may be fast, but that's about it. He can not carry a melody at that speed to save his life.

    I want to see an IG fanboy look through every single one of Bores videos and find ONE THING. repeat, ONE THING, that they hate or don't like. If they did, I'd have hope for them as future "Gamers" (we need to get rid of that label.

  71. @ Fedora'd Samurai

    thought you might like that. or hate it. whatever.

    back on subject, you're right about the fanboys not being able to pick out one bad thing about bores. the criticism they pull out of their ass against james could be directed to bores. but they just don't see it.

    i'm a fan of AVGN, Spoony, Pat, Linkara, a few others from TGWTG, but i could still think of many things from each of their shows that i can't stand (or at least think they could improve on.)

  72. @Shaolin Dave

    I don't watch Spoony a lot...and I lost a bit of respect after what he said about Sonic 4. None one gave Sonic 4 a chance when it was announced and I heard it getting bashed for the most stupid of reasons

  73. I'll think you'd like this Fed

  74. @Fattoler

    Please excuse me, that last few seconds was the most awesome thing I have ever seen....

    Okay I'm good. have you seen Asalieri's new video?

  75. It's good, I think I'll have to get Fraps and try doing a review of something...

  76. I'm not surprised if someone ever heard of Mariotehplumber around here...

  77. @Rafael

    Are you talking about the "Sonic fanboy" who rants about every Sonic game after Sonic 1, curses and inserts racial slurs in his videos like there is no tomorrow, calls everyone faggots, and bitches about minor character designs?

    I'd like to thank DLAbaoaqu and Tvtropes for this information.

  78. @smashhacker

    You should see the way he reviews. He just goes by the designs alone without focusing on...I dunno...gameplay...and also he reviews games that haven't even came out yet and calling others "Modern Morans" (Yes he spells it like that)

    Surprise surprise...*le gasp* he is an IG fanboy and a hypocrite. In one of his videos about Sonic Generations, he says he wants Eggman to have a penis shaped head, yet he bitches that the current Sonic design is Hentai...

  79. @Rafael

    Mariotehplumber is 4/5 of the Sonic fanbase in a nutshell.

  80. @Arthur Arneiro

    Just because of one mediocre game and a bad one that the fanboys always have low expectations

  81. @Rafael

    I don't know which is worse, that mariotehplumber is the worst Sonic fanboy in existence or that he couldn't tell the difference between anime designs and Hentai.

  82. According to DatBoiDrew's website, the new IG episode will come out this weekend.

    I don't think so. He hasn't uploaded a trailer to YouTube and he hasn't talked about how "epic" it will be on his site.


  84. @Rafael

    I know, right? And if the mediocre game you are talking about is Unleashed, heck, even that was good. The only Sonic games I can call "bad" are '06, the one for PS3/360 (At least I hear it's bad), and Shadow the Hedgehog, while all the others are above average. They also tend to forget the existance of more Sonic games, like The Secret Rings, The Black Knight, the Rush games, and many others.

    So, in conclusion: In Sonic "fans"'s minds, three bad games are enough to ruin an entire fanchise. My cousin seems to be the only Sonic fanboy with a brain.

  85. @Artur Arneiro

    I meant more on Shadow the Hedgehog, but that one was a bit on the okay side. Unleashed on the PS2 and Wii are good, The Secret Rings was okay for the first time Sonic was on the Wii and The Black Knight is bashed just because Sonic has a sword. Acording to my brother that one was fun

    One thing I realised: There was a remake of the first Sonic on the GBA called Sonic Genesis. According to MTP, it is a masterpiece because it has Clasic Sonic, but to everyone else, its a severely broken and unplayable mess

  86. @Rafael

    Let me get this straight. Mariotehplumber called the worst sonic game in existence a great game?! NOOOOOOOO!!! DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! AOWOEIJRTLWJJDLTJWOEJRTLJWE}TJWLERMWEKRLJtlkjejgkljjsegfrtlasjert;l34htehrt

    (One Hour Later)

    Ugh. Sorry for the outbreak. It is just unbelievable when someone states that Sonic Genesis is a good game. Even the worst of classic Sonic fans can see that the game is too bad to play.

  87. @smashhacker

    That's Mariotehbatshitinsanefanboy for ya.

  88. @smashhacker

    Well I didn't say that MTP considered it a good game. I just figured it out a bit by checking his logic. But yeah...we have way too many morons in teh interwebz

  89. Enough about sonic, his very name inspires tears to fall down my face. How about we predict what's gonna be Bores' next review?

    "Hi Gamurz! It's me again. You know, I always have been a fan of The Clash since the Metal band first started in the early 1970's, but their video game on the other hand, is total garbage."

    *Pops in Clash at Demonhead upside down, and the wrong way*

    "First of all, it doesn't say how to start the game! You can either 'attack' or 'password'. I don't know the password! Why would I ever need this option!?"

    "So when the video scene starts playing, it says that the main character's name is Bang. What kind of name is that? That's like if some person was named Nathan Explosion, it's completely retarded!"

    *Footage of him jumping into enemies without any weapons or items purchased from the shop*

    (to be continued by the next poster)

  90. *Bores finds out that the game is non-linear*

    "I don't have time to figure out where I'm supposed to go! I gotta play the game!"

    *Proceeds to list of EVERY enemy in the game plus an X-Wing*

  91. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I'm gonna predict another review:

    "Welcome back gamers. Today we're reviewing: Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    Now I know what you're thinking: that I'm gonna sit here and attack Mario Galaxy 2, now, before you start to send me hate mail, just hear me out.

    I don't really hate Super Mario Galaxy 2, but when you compare it to the other Mario games, it just has "Ass" written all over it!

    I've always been a huge fan of the Mario franchise ever since the first game on the Game Boy. But ever since his jump to 3D, he just hasn't been the same.

    I have to say though, this game opens up with an amazing beggining cutscene that definately sets the right mood for the game.

    Now you start off the game with the classic 2D controls, while you're hitting coin blocks and killing some Goombas. Mario is all about jumping, jumping, and more jumping.
    *Footage of him jumping continuously through the intro stage*
    Oh hell yeah!

    But as soon as the fun begins, you're rudely interrupted by this cutscene, which shows King Koopa destroying the Mushroom Kingdom! Wow.

    And after 20 minutes of boring dialogue sequences with these star-type creatures, you start the game and- WHAT THE HELL? We're in space? What does this even have to do with Mario anyway? The game is called Super Mario Galaxy, not Super Mario: A Space Odyssey! That's it! This review is over!

    After doing some research, I found out that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is actually the perfect predecessor to a game called Super Mario Galaxy! You mean they made more games of this crap? Was this series even popular for it to span multiple games? I don't like this game, so therefore nobody should like it!

    So I went to some Sony fanboys' forums, and they all thought the game sucked, so what made it popular is way beyond me.

    So until next time, gamers, where I review an awesome game on the Wii which I insist in saying it doesn't have many must-haves!

    *Alternate ending*

    So New Super Mario Galaxy Bros. 2... sucks! *"Destroys" the box with a special effect*

  92. (continued from Doresh's post)....

    now every time you try to battle somebody, these stupid "talking time" things pop up. talking time? i thought this was "clash at demonhead", not "talk at demonhead!"

    if i just wanted to sit around talking, i'd go on a first date with a girl!

    now, in this game instead of fighting bosses in this game, you have to fight "governors". so instead of nintendo giving us normal emenies, i have to fight arnold schwarzenegger? what a shitload of fuck!

  93. "You know, if I were playing a game called "Clash at Demonhead", I would expect to play as Todd Ingram at some point! What a load of ass!"

    *Stares at the camera for 10 seconds.*

  94. I woke up earlier than anyone else! Sure is great living in different timezones, huh? XD

  95. No subscriptions, no updates, time to comment about something:
    What are you guys' favorite color? Mine is green, tied with blue.

  96. @Arthur Arneiro

    I'm gonna be in a movie dub X3

  97. Happy Easter! Or if you're a Brit living in America, Happy St George's Day!

  98. @fattoler

    How dare you live ahead of my timezone! I demand you go to the US now, Charles! Or prepare to suffer the pain of hearing me rambling about school, MWAHAHAHAHA!

  99. I know I'm a little late to the party but here's yet another IG Prophecy:

    Ever since the first Half Life point and click game on the Apple VII I've loved the wacky hijink adventures of Gordon Freeman's adventures but when the series turned into a first person beat em up in the second installment back in 2001 I knew that the game would get the Irate treatment.

    Half Life 2 Episode Zero reminds me of horsemeat on a hamburger but instead of ketchup and mayo there's shit and crap.
    You might be wondering why I'm calling this turd of a game episode zero but before I explain I want you to prepare yourselves for a big scandal...There are two episodes named episodes 1 and 2 which makes it hard to put Half Life 2 in the correct canon position, what a FUCKLOAD OF SHIT.

    When you begin the game you don't have any weapons and you can only go around and talk.
    I don't have time to talk I just wanna kill mutants.

    When you finally get a gun it hardly does any damage, I mean come on. Just give me the best damn weapon so I can be big and strong all of the time, a thing Jennifer always complained about was the fact that I wasn't like that at all.

    After FIFTY hours of gameplay or just thirty munutes with God mode you get a Gravity gun, what is this game ripping of Super Mario Universe now? I also noticed that you can jump in this game, obviously stolen from MGU just like how AVGN steals my Urkel jokes.

    In conclusion Half Life 2 Episode Zero makes me think of Bacon with lots of fat and gravy, except that the gravy is replaced with shit. The fact that it steals so much from Super Mario Solar System which in turn steals from Super Mario Planet is like how I steal from the Nerd which in turn steals from Seanbaby, wait a minute scratch my name out of that equation!

    Untile next time gamers, game on.

    I'm also currently experiencing easter at 2 pm local time

  100. I wonder if this new episode that's coming sometime today or tommorrow is just another "IG Neo", but on "Mortal Kombat (2011)"? If it is, I wonder if Bores will praise this game to death and start bashing other fighters just like an insane MK fanboy?

    But to be honest about the new MK, this is WAY better than the last 5 MK games, and as good as the current fighters (SSF4, Tekken 6, MvC3).

  101. I think Drew was referring to the episode where his hand-drawn Maplestory sprite will appear.

    I doubt IG would put it in a Neo video because that would actually require effort, and we know Chris refuses to put any effort into his modern reviews.

  102. so no easter special? oh and i wanted to see bores dressed up as a cock. (rooster for you americans)

  103. I've just discovered something interesting on IG's site. It appears that his T-shirt is out of stock with a message saying "New T-Shirts Coming Soon!".

    My theory is that he's going to re-release the shirts with the newer (and somehow worse) IG logo.

  104. @zonic94

    My theory is that the T-Shirt is going to be a group photo of the IG characters with an angry (read: constipated) look on Bores' face or that derp look. But he'll Probably use the channel banner and considering the amount of work he likes to put into his stuff that's probably the case, if he decided to go with a group photo that is.

  105. @Stefan
    Americans are familiar with "cock" also meaning rooster (that's where "cock-fighting" comes from).

    That's been like that for a long time. I don't think he ever restocked his T-shirts after they initially ran out.
    As for a new one, I imagine it will just be the "new" logo.

  106. God, every time I go to Bores' website to give me a reason to hate him, this just always grabs my attention

    "Christopher Bores is the owner of Y2B Productions. Chris Attended Ashland University for Film and Broadcasting, and has since worked at television stations, created Television Programs, Commercials, DVD’s, Instructional videos and currently regarded as a YouTube celebrity."

    God, that is the very definition of egotistical.

  107. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    What TV programs, what instructional videos, and since when was he a YouTube celebrity? Doesn't he know a thing called MODESTY?

  108. @Fedora'd Samurai

    Ever since the 200th video his ego has been getting out of control and none of the "fans" have seemed to notice this...

  109. Well it's 8.40 here and no new review from Chris, but to be fair he probably still in bed munching Easter eggs.

  110. Smashhacker here, and I am late at jumping the parody bandwagon:

    Welcome back gaming gamer guys! Today on this week's Irate Gamer show, I will do something new on this show. Yes, I am going to play a computer game that is only playable on the computer and requires a computer to play it. The game is... (looks at title) Toohoo... Yeah I think that's right. (stares at camera)

    Toohoo is a computer game series made by someone in China called Sun. And If I was the governer ruler king of China, I will arrest that guy for making such a sh*tty game series like what he did. (stares at camera)

    First, let's first look at the title. Toohoo? Look's like calling it The hoo doesn't give it much pizzaz. Its like calling my show the Too Irate Gamer Show... Too.

    When you start the game, you get to choose between a bunch of girls. What, girls? I don't want to play as girls. I am a guy and guys don't play as girls because guys are not girls. If I want to play as a character in a first person shooter, let me play as a guy, such as dukem nuke, jafar, or reducto.

    A thing about this game is that it is in Japanese. What. The creator of this game doens't have the time to put the voices in American. I can't believe it. And there is no mod that makes the voices American. I don't care what everyone says. Any voice that is not American is always Japanese.

    Another thing about this game that can piss a gamer like me is the graphics. Look at these graphics. Do they come as close as the graphics on Call of Duty? I don't think so. If I want to play a first person shooter it must have ps4 quality graphics.

    Another thing about the game is the difficulity. Look at these shots. How do they expect me to dodge all of them. (shows footage where he doesn't move/moves towards the bullets) I hate games that have too much bullets coming at me. (does gag where stock explosions come down at the ceiling)

    If you think that's bad, just listen to the music. This music is so badly made that i am getting vertigo just from listening to the badly made music. If I want music in a game, it must be from popular artists, such as Van Halen, Justing Beaver, Revecca Dark, Madame Googoo,

    (fifteen minutes later)

    and Ka¢ha.

    One thing good about this game is the music. Just listen to it. (plays random music) Bitchin. I want to put this in my Ipod MP3 along with some Van Halen songs made by Van Halen and published by Van Halen.

  111. @smashhacker

    Bravo! You should make a video about this comment!

    On a side note, a thunderstorm just fell here! I, as usual, decided to cower below my trusty bed while breathing heavily with my eyes and ears shut.

  112. @fattoler
    Don't forget to take timezones into account. He lives in USA and you live in the UK.

    By the way, IG has now organized playlists of his videos. He's split various IG episodes into "seasons"
    Season 1 has all the episodes featured on the only DVD he's released.

    Season 2 has Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Tetris, Contra (all three parts), Q*bert, Predator, and both R.O.B. videos. As well as the Direct TV commercial parody

    Season 3 has both E.T. videos, Home Improvement, Monster Party, Scrabble on DS scandal (a scandal originally reported by the DailyMail, a British tabloid), Top 5 NES games, Top 5 Worst Video Game Movies (wait, this was an IG episode?), Aladdin, Retro Mini Commercial, Kool-Aid Man, and both Mario is Missing/Mario's Time Machine videos.

    Going by all that, "Season 3" went on for 19 months.

    Right now the show is in "Season 4" and the only episode is Cool Spot. An episode that came out 6 months ago. Laaaaaazy

    He also has playlists for History of Video Games, Breakfast Rant 2.0, IG Neo, Movie "Reviews" and Haunted Boringshit.

  113. Continuing my parody:

    As I was playing this game, I come across some girl named China. What, why name her after the state she came from. It is like calling the third gym leader from pokeman raby Hawahi. What were they thinking. (stares at camera for 22 seconds)

    China, more like Virginia. (shows a picture of CWC) What, I didn't steal that from the Iwikipedia Gamer. That's like when the Irate Gamer stole from the Third Rate Gamer's Cool Spot review.

    Well I almost beat the game (shows footage of Flandre Scarlet fight from youtube) and I am beating the final boss that needs to be beaten. And tell me if the final boss music played during the final battle sounds familiar. That's right, they stole it from McRoll. Just look at it they sound the same except that the Toohoo vertion sound like the McRoll vertion without Ronald McDonald orgasming. Well that's enough of this game. (Picks up toy gun, shoots game, explosion effect comes 5 seconds after shot, and stares at the camera)

    Do not leave yet because there is another game i am going to review called Toohoo reden: High Responses vs Praying, which is the successor to TooHoo. Try saying that 80 times fast under 5 seconds while eating Fruity Yummy Mummy in gimicky flavored Koolaid. This game has even worser graphics than the first, like it was made for an older computer. And look at the characters used. They should have used memorable characters such as Marisa (shows Wicked Witch of the West), Alice (shows Alice from American McGee's Alice), and reducto (shows Space Ghost), but no. All we get is Purple Haired Girl, Ball Man, these wierd Brick Dudes, and boss people.

  114. I know, but when I get up on Wednesday morning, there's a new episode of Nostalgia Critic, so I really don't see the excuse for Bores, after all he DID promise to have his next review up 'this weekend'

  115. Hey guys, I'm uploading a video! So happy! My YouTube channel is arthurarneiro. Also, the quality sucks, I'm sorry. I'm not even sure if it will finish uploading, so meh...

  116. Yep, the video got uploaded with no problems! Now you can watch me fail at Kirby's Adventure, which is, as we all know, the first Kirby game ever made.

  117. @ Arthur Arneiro

    watched it. not too bad.
    I was watching it on my iPhone while my nephews being loud so it was hard to to be sure, but it seemed as if you were pointing a camcorder at the screen.
    this really lowers the video quality and introduces too much background noise. I highly suggest you get a video capture decide.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. @EHeroFlareNeos

    Well, since he didn't know what a point-and-click adventure is, he sure as hell won't know what a puzzle game is (besides Tetris, of course). He'll probably complain that the portal gun is useless, that the game is too hard (he'll probably only play it for 20 minutes), that you don't get any weapons and that there aren't enough enemies.

    And again: WTF?! You can't just claim that you work on TV shows! Where's f*cking proof?! And where's your goddamn university degree?! WHERE?!

    Phew, now with that out of the way: He should be glad that his fans are probably too lazy to read this insanity. They'd probably want to now where they can find their idol's TV shows...

  120. @Doresh

    Bores says he attended University, not that he got a degree from it. Of course, the rest of his egotistical crap is probably BS. I mean, who's gonna hire a college drop-out for any serious work, and it's not like Bores is a filmmaking genius either.

    @Arthur Arneiro

    I also started to upload gameplay footage on my channel, although without commentary atm (Thelone1986 on YouTube for those interested).

    I have to agree with Dave about the "recording the TV isn't good" thing. Even with the crappiest DVR (like my Neuros OSD), you can get decent image quality.

  121. You have only ONE reason why you hate me; You hate me because you think i'm an Irate gamer fan. Even if I try to argue without bringing up the Irate gamer, you somehow link it back to the Irate gamer

  122. It's been 19 months since I knew who the Irate gamer was and the more I see his work, the more I realise it is pretty cheap and rushed, I was first Introduced to AVGN about 21 months ago and I thought he was hilarious, especially his bugs bunny review where he took a massive shit on Bugs bunny's face, now i'm moving on to be Interested in disney

  123. @The Almighty Youtuber

    So you changed your ways uh?

  124. @Thelone:

    I just think the wording makes it sound that his studies were successful, especially considering the other BS.

  125. @ The Almighty Youtuber

    No one here "hates" you, but you've constantly made personal attacks (both as a IG fanboy and hater), with nothing to back it up with.

    Both you and I (at different times) have disagreed with BatDan's thoughts on LadyBuggin777. I calmly presented some evidence that LadyBuggin777 MIGHT (not entirely sure) be Bores's real mother, and he's agreed that there is a CHANCE.

    You, on the other hand, responded with impossible evidence (proving you didn't actually read what BatDan had to say about it) and personal attacks.

    Had I come at BatDan with, "you are speaking COMPLETE TOTAL GIBBERISH!!±@£R^Y&**)){">"}":?", I doubt I would have gotten a warm reception either.

  126. It's actually my emulator that isn't too bright. I actually recorded the video with HyperCam. I would NEVER point a camcorder at the screen and call it a decent video.

  127. @ Arthur Arneiro

    I left comments on your first video on fixing the sound. Basically you have the input selected to record from your microphone instead of your system's sound.

    Depending on the emulator, you should be able to change the settings to make it show up better. Tinker with the display settings and see what you come up with.

  128. @Shaolin Dave

    Sorry but I can't find LadyBuggin777's name anywhere on the guestbook, all I could find before 2010 is Alan cicco's name

  129. Sorry but the link I put above doesn't work, You'll have to go to the bottom of the Geocities page and click on "View My Guestbook" and you won't find "LadyBuggin777" anywhere on the guestbook

  130. @The Almighty Youtuber

    You must have missed this last time I asked so here it is again. I would just like an answer.

    While you're here Im just interested to know from one of his fans.

    How can you defend Bores when even Ralph Baer the central figure from the subject of one of his "History of Video Games" vids has torn apart everything IG laid out as facts?

    How can you defend him when he reviews games without playing them for more then an hour (Brutal Legend)?

    Or what about him reviewing a game without realising he hadn't played the main part of the game (Tekken 6)?

    Forget about if you find him "funny" or any AVGN comparisons, just tell us why someone who gets to visit game shows and makes money based on him being a "gaming journalist" should be anything but mocked and scorned for his complete lack of the type of knowledge people would have from just looking at the Game Menu?
    Even if he did start as a complete novice he has been making Game based videos for a while yet he is still too lazy to do enough research to even wing it convincingly.

  131. @Clark

    I ignored your comment on purpose because I no longer care about the Irate gamer, and my interest for this blog is almost obsolete

  132. @The Almighty Youtuber

    "I ignored your comment on purpose because I no longer care about the Irate gamer"

    So, why you're still here, why you're still talking about Irate Gamer, LadyBuggin etc.
    It's you caring, right there. And people don't hate you because you like Irate Gamer. People hate you because you act like a moron. No matter who you like/dislike at this point. It's your behaviour making us to dislike you, Chuckie Jones.

  133. @ The Almighty Youtuber

    Well, while the 'Dark Chapters' site is archived and can not be edited, the same does not go for the guestbook page. Several people signed it in December of 2010 (when we pointed out it's existence here.)

    Apparently the guestbook only shows two pages, so the only signature that's on the site now is the most recent from before we pointed it out. That was the signature from "Reverend Virupa Arya".

    At the time, there was a message from the Reverend, and a couple other people who signed the guestbook multiple times. Most were probably friends of his, they didn't give much info. A couple of them were from a girl who I could only guess was his girlfriend at the time. Two or three signatures in a row were from LadyBuggin777, all during 2002 (long before IG or this blog existed), where she said her real name was "Mommaz", asking him to buy her a 25-room home with the money he made from his books.

    Since the guestbook has 'phased out' the old signatures, I can't give you the direct URL. look at our comments in the blog from December 2010, and check the current guestbook before someone writes another signature phasing out the Reverend's comment from 2003. We made mention of the LadyBuggin777 signature back then, which would have had to be before the Reverend's signature in 2003.

  134. @walter

    can you trash the comment please and repost it without mentioning my name

  135. Charlie you will stop this nonsense.

  136. @shaolin dave

    The only other option is that it could have been ig's sockpuppet account, or someone who personally knows the Irate gamer or a hardworking troll so I don't know

  137. I've just come back from Thor and I gotta say, I literally blown away....

    Er, yeah, it was pretty good, the acting, directing and all that were very workmanlike and there were a few funny moments; but it felt more of a setup for The Avengers* and the 3d was pretty unnecessary. As for it's accuracy in relation to the comic, I don't know, but wasn't Thor an old man who could change into a god or summit like that?

    *Watch the end of the credits

  138. Is Thor already out in the UK? Lucky!

  139. Yes, I was surprised as well, I guess it came out early here because.... it's by Kenneth Branagh?? *shrugs*

  140. have you guys seen his new channel presentation.

    He claims to have a genius mind.

  141. @Stefan

    Yeah we all noticed...he's just showing off his huge ego

  142. Going back to Thor, the ads seem to make it appear that it WAS supposed to be released on Wednesday but both of my local cinemas, owned by different chains, released it on Monday, in both 3d and 2d for reasons I don't know. I guess they thought that with St. Georges Day, Easter, and the Royal Wedding nobody would notice, I guess. Either that or the studio really fowled up with marketing.

  143. @fattoler

    Oh I need to check it out now

  144. Wow, my busy schedule has kept me out of the loop more than I thought. I didn't even know that PSN was down until this morning, and it's been almost a whole week.
    Oh, and my personal information is compromised. again.

  145. Well the good thing about PSN being down is that I have been able to catchup on my model-making... Apart from that, anyone else see Thor?

  146. @ fattoler

    By "model-making" do you mean like "arts and crafts" or "computer graphics"?

    if it's the latter, i might be able to use your help with some stuff.

  147. I liked NC's new video, though I highly disagree with his number 2.

  148. BatDan, why haven't you done the redux recap of ROB yet?

  149. @Charlotte
    Lack of motivation
    Besides, next one isn't R.O.B. it's Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. I guess I could work on that today.

  150. Hey guys. Batdanm sent me a friend request on youtube. Is that common?

    @Arthur Arneiro

    See, here's the thing. Princess Peach has shown many times in the games that she's strong, competent, and a good leader. The people in her kingdom love and respect her and all that. BUT, it's her peaceful nature and perky attitude is what gets her kidnapped all the time. She's always quick to trust people and never wants to resort to violence. Though I DO think she belongs on the list I don't think she deserves to be that high. Perhaps as number...10. Mainly due to how many times she's been kidnapped.

    @Shaolin Dave

    Actually, I heard about PSN being down yesterday from listening to Chaos Pony (it's a podcast on Itunes. Check it out if you want a good laugh). My opinion? I don't have Ps3 and I'm not sure that I want one. Honestly, I hate this new age of online multiplayer games. Not that I don't have fun with it, but I have love of local multiplayer games due to my days playing video games with my sister (before she started to suck at them). Besides... some people... just... ear-rape... gah. Then there's blatent racist and sexisum, "OMG, is taht a girl!?".

  151. @VinceThePhilosopher
    That's his old hacked account, a while back "batdanm" was hacked. So he created "batdamm", but that also got hacked.
    He's now on his third account "batdanmn".

  152. About Peach being #2 in the recent NC top 11:

    I agree with all you people saying peach shouldn't be #2. #2 belongs to none other than Princess Elise from Sonic 2006(or as I'd call it, Sonic 666, because it's evil, and the devil made it). I mean,, she gets kidnapped SEVERAL TIMES IN A SINGLE DAY! Compared to Peach, Elise's personality is basically non-existant. And besides, considering Bella from Twilight being #1 on the list, I'll go ahead and say assume Elise wasn't even in the list at all, and deserves to be #2. Yes, even Twilight is worse than Sonic 666.

  153. Well, he's persistent... I'll give him that. I wonder when he'll give up and realize he'll keep getting hacked as long as he keeps up his stupidity?

  154. That turd is now on his THIRD account? Doesn't he ever give up?

    @VinceThePhilosopher and guy with glitched username

    I think Peach shouldn't have been in the list at all, and you'd clearly my reason for that by playing Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario games, where you see even though she's kidnapped, she actually DOES things to help the hero, such as sending important items or even joining the party. So, my point is: Peach actually DOES something, something that damsels in distress can't do for shit; so therefore, Peach shouldn't have been in the list, and it shows that Doug... Did Not Do The Research.
    I hope someone can e-mail him about that so that this falls in his next "Fuck-ups" video.

  155. just because Peach isnt ALWAYS the D.I.D. doesn't excuse the fact that she usually is, and almost always useless at the same time. maybe her place could be a tad lower on the list, but she definitely deserves to be on it.
    i forgive Doug for not knowing every role peach has played in every game shes been in, that'd be lime expecting him to know every stupid superman spin-off comic where Lois Lane somehow got super powers and sometimes even tried to kill Superman (it happened a lot more than you'd think)

  156. @Arthur Arneiro

    Well... mind you, Doug doesn't seem like that much of a gamer. And not to mention he said it himself, she's so casual about being kidnapped and you already know that SHE knows Mario would eventually rescue her.


    I don't care it's called Fuckfart34, it's the same person. I sent him a message explaining why I wouldn't accept him and what I had against him.

  157. @ VinceThePhilosopher

    The thing is, it's NOT the same person. Whoever sent you the friend invite wasn't the original Mnadtab, it was whoever hacked his account.

  158. @Shaolin Dave

    Batdanmn sent me the request not Batdanm. Excuse me for not being specific.

  159. Um, I did mention Princess Elise, right?
    She's a terrible D.I.D.

  160. I like how most Irate Gamer fan-tributes are just shots of his videos or his title cards, with ramdom music playing over them. His fans are lazier than he is. That's... quite an accomplishment.

  161. This comment has been removed by the author.

  162. Seeing that we're running out of things to talk about I'll just say I wish Prince William and Catherine all the very best for the future.

  163. @fattoler
    lol :D

  164. How do you pronounce "94d65cca-3ef2-11e0-8825-000bcdcb5194"?

  165. @Shaolin Dave

    It's a glitched username. He didn't actually name it that.

  166. @ Arthur Arneiro

    Yeah, I know. I was just being a smartass.

  167. What Bores might think of the wedding?

    "When I first heard about the royal wedding, I was sceptical. But then I watched it and was blown away!

    Kate and William are the perfect predecessors of Queen Victoria and King Ralph!"

  168. Didn't Datboidrew say Chris was going to release a new episode "next weekend"?

  169. @fattoler
    Yes, he said it at the end of this post:

    We don't even have a trailer, or Bores bragging about how much time the video took or how "epic" it will be.

  170. You all forget that Bores uses a widely different system of tracking time. "Next weekend" means "Whenever the hell I feel like it".

    And that link is hilarious:
    "His request was for me to redraw him in my style. I think this sprite came from a game called Maple Story. Obviously he cannot use this character… so my work begins…"

    Well, except he F*CKING USED THE CHARACTER!! And making a rip-off of it doesn't help much! Do you even know who you was drawing for?!

    Anyways: How much do you wanna bet that Bores won't give any kind of credit for this drawing?

  171. Epic? More like epic fail... God I'm so lame.

  172. Wha? What happened to the May 1 post?

  173. Did anyone else notice that the second time Ronnie hit the mic, you could tell it was not an accident, but he purposely hit the mic?

  174. And now, after the video got 1000 dislikes, the ratings has been disabled.

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