Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Insanity. Lots of Stuff.

Wow, lots of stuff to say today.

First thing, Linkara has done a great parody of the Irate Gamer for his April Fool's Triple Feature. Watch it! (Also thanks for the plug)
Blog link:
Blip link:

Now, where did Guru Larry's parody go? According to Joe, the video wasn't screened with the higher-ups, and the overly-negative reception lead to people blaming the entirety of Channel Awesome instead of just one guy. They still found it funny though.
See here:
The video can still be seen here:

I made a mistake. I believed that LadyBuggin777 really was Chris Bores' mother. I was wrong. After seeing some recent comments I'm inclined to believe it's just a blithering troll. This also means that Eric Allen lied to me and I have lost some respect for the Wise Sage. Then again, she made a similar comment on Bores' old Geocities page (long before the Irate Gamer) so I'm not sure what to believe.

Oh yeah, there's IG's new video. His entry to the "YouTube NextUp Contest". In this contest, the winner gets $35,000 in funding and a spot at the four-day "YouTube Creator Camp". Is that a joke?
However, only YouTube Partners may enter. Screw you regular users!

The video has Bores blabber on about how great History of Video Games is, how he spends a lot of money on old consoles and music (wait what? It's Digital Juice! All you did was pay for the program!) Honestly what is his obsession with talking about the music in the series? It's not special.
He also said he wants to make it look professional, as in something you'd see on the Discovery Channel or History Channel. But it doesn't have enough "End of the World" prophecies.
And to get across his combination of "History, reviews and comedy" he uses the "Simon Says Penis?" joke. Even if you get past the voting, I doubt this will win over the judges.

Moving from History, he says he "rebooted" the regular Irate Gamer show. Adding "complex and thought-out" storylines and multiple characters. He even announces that he's planning spin-off skits for these characters.
... Guys, I want you to imagine an entire skit with just Ronnie the Skeleton or just Devil Bores. You hear that cracking sound? That's your brain snapping from the expected atrocity this will become.

In the description, IG says there's an NES review coming soon and that the story gets "complicated". The last time he advertised something as hard-to-follow, we got a lame parody of Sliding Doors. If his idea of "complicated" is having Ronnie stay or go, then we're in trouble.

Whew. Have a wonderful April Fool's Day everyone. Don't get punked too badly.


  1. Guru Larry and Linkara are awesome! But they should beware of Irate fanboys XD

    And how exactly do you "reboot" such a show? He's reviewing video games for Christ's sake! Is he going to review all previous games AGAIN (wouldn't surprise me) ? Or will he simply ignore all those pointless subplots nobody paid attention to in the first place? Well, maybe he'll get rid of Mirror Bores (if he can't come up with a costume for him outside the mirror) and HAL Bores (if he realizes how stupid this character is)...

    And skits? Isn't that what he's already doing?

  2. I should have made it clearer. He meant "spin-off skits", as in completely separate from Irate Gamer.

  3. By "rebooted" I hope he means he's decided to forget about the stupid story he was working into his videos before and start over on something hopefully less moronic. But then, that would imply he's able to recognize a bad idea and admit it was his. The evidence for either isn't very compelling.

  4. Seriously, who cares about stories and characters in a video game review ? He thinks someone gives a crap about the lame-ass shadow in the mirror and his plans for world domination, or any other stupid character from his show ?

  5. @Thelone


    i don't mind a character popping in every now and then for a relevant joke, but the skits get ridiculous.

    some of AVGN's character appearances, such as freddy and jason, were acceptable. bugs bunny pushed the limits. R.O.B. really outstayed his welcome.

    While Spoony and Linkara are a some of my favorite reviewers, I typically turn off the video as soon as the reviews over and the skit begins.

    Then there's that new guy, Apollo Z. Hack. I watched his first episode. 16:45 minutes long, the review starts 5:09 into the video and ends at 11:09. The review is only 36% of the video, sandwiched between one of the crappiest skits I've seen outside of Bores' work.

  6. @ BatDan

    About LadyBuggin777, there's something I hadn't thought of until now.

    She signed Bores' guestbook on the Dark Chapters page long before he was Irate Gamer, before he attracted all the negative attention. This was also before his mother would feel the need to stick up for him, and before any troll would see any point in pretending to be his mother. This is the reason I always assumed LadyBuggin777 was legit.

    However, that guest book signature was there since 2003, and I couldn't have been the first person to find that archived page.

    My thoughts are someone found the page, had their laughs, found out that "LadyBuggin777" was his mother's screen name, and decided to get a youtube account with the same name so they could pose as her.

    On the other hand, I wonder why Bores hasn't blocked or publicly called out the fake LadyBuggin777 if it isn't really his mother. Has he ever responded to her at all?

  7. @Shaolin Dave

    Hear, hear.

    One opinion I have that I always feel like I'm setting myself up to get lynched for mentioning is that while he's a fine reviewer and knows his subject matter well, I just don't think Linkara's funny (except in his April Fool's Power Rangers video. That was pretty funny). Certainly Bores is infinitely less successful at trying to tell a story and crack jokes in his videos.

    Seriously, if you're going to call something a "review," that's what it should be. Your take on a particular movie/comic/videogame, whatever. It shouldn't be your student film. If you want to work a story in, I don't really have a problem with that, but don't give that more time than the thing you're reviewing.

  8. Personally I hate April Fools Day, or at least, the way it's handled on the internet. Why? because the internet is so, for want of a better word, 'un-serious' that pranks and spoofs are no surprise at all, and quite frankly are rather annoying. Whereas when a serious news outlet runs a spoof article or story you are far more likely to take literally, mainly because truth tends to be more bizarre than fiction, as seen here:

    Also, FAR too many April fools jokes on the web are as subtle as a Polar Bear at an African Golf Club, often putting "April Fool!" at the end as if to prevent being sued or something, I mean really...

  9. @Doresh

    I doubt that irate gamer fanboys give a shit about comic books. They're more interested in jokes so awful that Comedy inc. wouldn't use them...actually I think those talentless hacks would accept Bores with open arms the more I think about it.


    I often enjoy the storylines, (I"m sure that I'm one of the few who liked the Vyce arc) but I can understand not wanting a story in a series of reviews. a good idea would be making them into separate videos. That way the people who want to watch reviews will go for that, and the 5 people who like the stories will watch the other.

    As for LadyBuggin777,what tipped you off about this, Batdan? you got some screencaps of her comments?

  10. @Shaolin Dave

    The thing about Apollo Z. Hack that you have to remember is that his show ISN'T a typical review show (for a review show that's more like a typical review show, you have to watch his series called "The HACKdown." The Reviewerverse Saga is the opposite of Atop the Fourth Wall's storyline.

    In AT4W, the story is an extra onto the review. In the Reviewerverse Saga, the review is an extra to the story. It's basically what some people want from my show's storylines - a seperate video line containing the story bits (though with a review added in)

  11. Irate Gamer fanboys must be so fustrated by Linkara's funny as hell parody. Great job man!

  12. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    I forgot they only watch movies based on comics. My bad...

    @Shaolin Dave

    Yeah, his first big showdown with Mechakara could've been a bit shorter with its massive exposition dump, but he's greatly improved since then.

    Speaking of Linkara: he's right. Watch the HACKdowns. They have very little skits, and the reviews are well-done and to the point. You will not be disapointed.

    As far as I understand, the Reviewerverse Saga is just an online mini series that just so happens to have short reviews in them because the story is set in the Reviewerverse.

  13. @Lewis

    At first I was a bit miffed about you doing an Irate Gamer parody, but...

    "Why isn't Simon Belmont an unlockable story?"

    Jesus Christ, that was golden.

  14. That Linkara video made me laugh, from beginning to end.

  15. mnadtaD's account was allegedly hacked, but what makes everyone so sure that isn't an april fools day joke? he could've just taken down all his videos for this one day just to get people's hopes up.

    @ Lewis

    well, i did not like reviewerverse at all, but based on your description i was probably just watching the wrong show. i'll be fair and check out hackdown to see if it's a more coherent review.
    i do stand by my criticism that a show that presents itself as reviewing a movie should primarily focus on reviewing that movie.

  16. @Darthgamer

    They'd probably go like "so wut irategamr cam afer? they r bof good so stfu".

  17. @Shaolin Dave

    Maybe you're right, but hey! If he returns, I'll have fun trolling him.

  18. did any of you try that 1911 feature on YouTube? (if so, what are your takes on this feature?)

  19. @DynamiteNinja

    I'm sad that it's only for 1 day. D:

  20. And now it's gone. Shame, really.

  21. Hey guy! I just got past Ghetsis and got the National Pokédex in Pokémon White! :D

  22. I posted this on the last update, but I just need to repeat it

    Linkara, the unrivaled awesomeness of that video has inspired me. it has inspired me to do something I've wanted to do for a long time, but never had the real drive to do. It is something that has been done an unlimited numer of times over the internet, but I plan to do it a little differently, and on a subject not done before (to the best of my knowledge). On this day, March, 31, 2011, I pledge that one day, I will reach this goal. of course I do need to fulfill some requirements for this target I pursue. I need to work out a little bit, get my hair to look good and not short and stupid, I have to find some good bracers that wont snap off every five minutes, and I'll need to study more in field which I will reveal shortly, but I vow that one day, I will...and it well be a triumphant day. The day that I do a show revealing to the masses the glorious ways of Metal!

  23. batdanm was hacked. I hope its not an april fools joke.

  24. apparently the government thought a good april fools day joke would be to not pay me this month.
    oh boy, those knuckleheads sure got me good!

  25. Hey batdan, you know what you could've done for April Fools but I guess it's too late now?

    You could've riffed on Linkara's IG parody as though he was serious about it.

  26. @Simon
    It would have been funnier if I did a recap on one of Third Rate Gamer's videos. Ah well.

  27. @Simon:

    Come on! You can't make an April Fool's joke out of an April Fool's joke!
    If anything, he should've bashed AVGN's R.O.B. review for being an IG-rippoff.

  28. I don't like that video at all. (the one irategamer made that is)

  29. Update from Bores on his site.

    "Also it's come to my attention many times that there are a number of people running around on facebook and other people's forums pretending to be Chris Bores or the Irate Gamer. For the record, none of these people are me. I do not belong to any gaming forums other than and I do not have a public facebook account or anything irate gamer related. If I do ever to decide to open one, I will link it from this website"

    He finally addressed something! So yeah, if anyone has "news" from his Facebook account then ignore because that's not him.

  30. @ BatDan

    so the FuckBook account from 2002 that allegedly belongs to Bores saying he was bisexual and looking exclusively for married couples is no longer fair game?

  31. He seems to have little to no respect towards his fans. He just sees them as little screaming four year olds that will furiously type "lol" into every single one of his videos. If he truly did like his fans, he'd constantly update them on what's going on and interact with them more frequently in the comics like Linkara does.

  32. Is "FuckBook" an actual site or is that your nickname for Facebook? Because Facebook wasn't around until 2004.

  33. I meant comments, have The Darkness on the brain. been trying to ask him if he knew anything about the comic series.

  34. @batdan

    well from the (censored explanation) yes, I have found that there is indeed a website called "fuckbook"

  35. @ BatDan

    I meant "FuckBook", and I was saying that as a day-late April fools joke. guess I failed when I included a date.

  36. @ Doresh

    Oh No No No No No, that would been a disaster, you have no idea what happened awhile ago around that video, trust me :P.

  37. Oh please let's have Ronnie the Skeleton and Devil Bores spin-offs. I'm dying to see how bad this can get.

  38. @ Lewis

    because of your recommendation, i watched an episode of "the hackdown. you're right, it was pretty good. i might start watching it regularly.

  39. @Gatuca:

    Oh, right. Maybe the TMNT-review? That way, we can bring in a bit of Bores history logic by claiming that the IG review of that game came before the AVGN one!

  40. Oh, boy. Bores has just released the first part of a new Top 10 Summer movies list. It mostly consists of him saying "having watched the trailer it looks pretty good" for each film. The first part is also only 3 minutes long so he can make more ad revenue (of course).

  41. His comments for the Thor movie is just painful.

    "Now before I seen the trailer, I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie or not. But after seeing the trailer, it's pretty much ultimately changed my mind."

    Yes.. that'd be because it's a trailer. It's designed to sell the movie to people. THAT'S WHAT IT IS MEANT TO DO YOU STEAMING IDIOT! It takes a product (namely the movie) and tries to sell it to people, it doesn't matter whether the movie is good or not. A good trailer can sell any movie for a short while.

    And really, what does 'pretty much ultimately' mean anyway?

    He then goes on to say that he found the plot of the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies 'confusing'.

  42. Why did he split the Top 10 into two parts? The first part is only 3 minutes, so no YouTube length cutoff issue. I think this is proof enough Bores is now a moneygrubbing scrub.

  43. I have no problem with people get money from their work using ads, but when its obvious that the money is the only thing they care about I draw the line.
    most ads support the reviewer who creates the show.
    Bores' creates the "shows" to support the ads (and milk them for everything they're worth), which support his lazy talentless ass.

  44. @Marsten

    Exactly that's what trailers are for, but isn't that about all he has to form his opinions from here in April? So by making this list isn't he mostly saying "this trailer which is meant to make the movie look good, makes the movie look good"?

  45. @Shaolin Dave

    Unlike Chuggaaconroy. He puts ads in every one of his videos, but he makes sure to make them lenghty, not splitting them into a million parts, and he puts effort in them. So yeah, he's earning money from his videos, but rightfully so, unlike Chris here.

    And let's not mention that Chugga can control his ego, unlike most other YouTube partners.

    Damn, I've been mentioning Chuggaaconroy a lot lately, but meh, that can't be helped.

  46. @Arthur Arneiro

    You know where I've heard of Chuggaaconroy? From NaturalBornGamers, which was Cloud8745's collab channel with other LPers.

    Btw why do people say Cloud was a bad LPer? I found him preety entertaining until the last moments of the NaturalBornGamers channel...was it because he was e-begging?

  47. @Rafael

    I haven't checked Cloud8745 yet, but, from what I've heard, I might as well not.

    But yeah, he does lose points for begging his fans to give him money for a new computer.

  48. @Arthur Arneiro

    I got a couple of laughs from his WTF Adventure vids...and he at least shows how Toad is useful in SMB2

  49. @Rafael

    Oh, I remember his SMB2 video, and yeah, it's pretty good. Don't know about the rest of his videos though.

  50. @Arthur Arneiro

    Someone posted with his permission his I Wanna Be The Guy LP, which he goes insane on it, and he also did one on a obscure game on the PS2 called Greggory Horror Show

  51. I wonder what his definition of complicated is. If he thought that his sliding doors episode was tough to figure out, he must have been sitting in the corner of the room rocking back and forth in the fetal position while watching Inception. And Inception wasn't all that tough to figure out.

  52. Just watched the extra review on the new Nostalgia Critic DVD. it's good.

  53. Oh man, there's a huge contradiction I missed in IG's Sonic Colors video.

    Back in his Unleashed video, he wanted Sega to stop trying something different and get back to the basics.
    When talking about Sonic 4, he said it didn't offer a "radically refreshing game" despite being about as basic as you can get.

    I'd like to thank Shadsilvson11 for noticing this:

  54. Hm. Now that I've really taken the time to think about it, Linkara's april fools day joke wasn't very good. Yes, they were hilarious, but as April fools day jokes, the predictablity of them kind of takes away from it.

    @Arthur Arneiro

    Besides his tendancy to get off topic during his playthroughs, I did in fact find him entertaining. I think it's a matter of bias (an understandable bias I might add). Aron exhibited a strong amount of disrespect towards others and an unjustified ego. If you want to see what made me dislike him entirely, search for the video where he rants about Armake21. It should be on Facebook.


    I think you said it yourself, if he were to look back at his previous reviews he could avoid such contradictions.

    On an unrelated note, Jame's Overanalyzers just came out. It's pretty interesting to see James exercise a dry sense of humor.

  55. @VinceThePhilosofer

    Also saw Overanalizers. It was preety nice to see James doing a web series where he's calmer

    Has anyone ever heard an LPer called OverTheGun?

  56. Few things make me as depressed as Hollywood 'complicated' movies. People have told me that I didn't 'get' Donnie Darko because I didn't like it - I understood it fine, I just don't like the movie. Same with the Matrix movies - I dislike them because they're not very good.

    Neither is Inception.

    The most 'complicated' movie I remember in recent memory from the US are the Harry Potter ones - not because they're complicated, but because they're convoluted and self-contradictory. In the same vein, the only thing 'complicated' about the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies is that they were full of pointless plotlines that went nowhere, contradicted themselves, served no purpose, and were excessively nonsensical and convoluted.

    I'd like to see Bores being forced to watch some really challenging works. Ask him who the stalker in Michael Haneke's "Cache" was, or to explain the symbolism in David Lynch's "Eraserhead", or to deconstruct character psychology in Lukas Moodyson's "Container" or to describe recurring themes and motiffs in Von Trier's "Antichrist"...

    It annoys me when people confuse "Complicated" with "Badly written".

  57. Yo Dan, there's this user called guptil89 that made a video triying to defend Chris Bores, he's a gold mine.

  58. @Gatuca

    I already saw RandomDCE's ERC on it...

    guptil89 I heard he tries to do a good job in his videos, but he messes up a lot because he mentions something that might bite him in the ass

  59. I'm convinced. There's something wrong with Guptill89's brain.

    The man makes a list of the "hottest" Sonic characters and is shocked that people call him a furry.
    Then he compares "IG being similar to AVGN" in the same breath as talk shows and Tiny Toons. Newsflash: Tiny Toons were created by Warner Bros, the same people that made the Looney Tunes. How dumb are you?

  60. By the way. Who exactly is TheAmazingAtheist? I've only seen one of his videos and I clicked off after seeing all the videos he made on god.

  61. @ VinceThePhilosopher

    "The Amazing Atheist" is also know as "The Distressed Watcher" on TGWTG.

    He's done a few so-so reviews that I've seen. Unfortunately he's one of those bigots who feel they need to shove their anti-religious views down other people's throats.

  62. Here's what I recall about him.
    The Amazing Atheist (as he's known on YouTube) does rant videos about religion, personal life experiences, and society in general. His attitude has lead to a lot of hate towards him.

    On TGWTG he's known as The Distressed Watcher where he talks about movies and games.

    He's one of the people on the site I choose not to watch.

  63. Dan, you should do a recap of all these videos (and possibly comments) defending IG. These guys really need to shut up and see how dumb their arguments are.

  64. if you do, start with Guptil please :P.

  65. Guptil sounds like the pimple-faced teenager from 'the simpsons', without any comedic effect.

  66. I feel we shouldn't go after all the IG defenders. However, Guptil is one that's hard to ignore, especially his infamous hottest Sonic characters. It's people like him that make me glad I was never a big fan of Sonic to begin with.

  67. Guptil's rant against IG was pretty painful. He used the exact same arguments we contradict here (i.e. plagiarism is copying phrases word-for-word). It also seems that he chose the worst pictures of IG possible for his rant.

  68. I'm going to send Irate Gamer a message on Youtube asking him if Ladybuggin is his Mom. I'll show you guys what he said if he responds.

    I sent him a message a few years ago and he responded to that one. Therefore I'm guessing it's likely that he'll respond to my next message.

  69. @Bahamut
    It's people like Guptill89 and Richard Kuta that make me feel ashamed to be a Sonic fan. Both he and Kuta represent the worst of what the fanbase has to offer. Kuta for his whining about irrelevant shit and Guptill for his creepiness towards the female characters.

    Even though I'm a big fan of the series, I won't deny the fact that a good portion of the Sonic fanbase is made up of some of the dumbest people on Earth.

  70. @zonic94

    According to SpaceScreaminJohn's opinion, Guptill89 is the more saner of Sonic Fanboys. He does make good points if it wasn't for the fact his infamous Top 10 video made him look more crazy then he actually is