Friday, June 17, 2011

E3 2011 Part 1: So It Begins...

So it’s come to this… again. For the third year in a row, the people at GotGame took Chris Bores to E3. What do these guys see in him? I can only assume they’re exploiting his unexplained popularity to get views to their site. But here’s an idea, get people that are talented!

As I’ve said, I’m not angry at IG going to E3, just irritated. Maybe GotGame will finally drop him by next year.
Let’s get through this garbage.

I know I said was going to wait until all his coverage was out, but I felt my blog could have used an update. I didn’t feel like doing a Redux Recap and I don’t want to watch that other Mythbusters parody. There's also another big reason but you'll see that at the end.
For context, what I did was wait for a video to come out then write up on it. That way I wouldn’t have to go through 15-20 videos at once. I also marked the date to show how long it takes for him to release coverage.

Video 1: Day 1 Recap with Raychul (June 7th)
Who? She’s an interviewer for GotGame and does her own videos. I tried watching her review on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and she just reeks of “fake” as in Morgan Webb or iJustine fake. Most of the time the camera is focused on her, banking on the idea that gamers are perverts and if she just stands there talking people will watch her. We get it, you have boobs! It isn’t like a vlog because there was editing involved.

Oh right, the actual video. We have IG and Raychul standing next to each other, IG is holding a piece of paper that I believe is some kind of script. I say that because he keeps looking at it.
IG says that if there’s a game that’s on the 360, the Wii, and the PS3, he’ll play the PS3 version because he can just sit there and play. Psst, you can do that with the other two. You’re coming off as a PS3 fanboy Chris. Besides, it’s not like the PS3 is completely without motion control *points to Six-Axis and Move*
They talk about Star Wars Kinect and how it looks “awesome”. No no no. Even the hardened Star Wars fans can tell how crap that is.

IG brings up Ninja Gaiden III, oh I’m sorry, Ninja Gay-den III. You can tell Raychul isn’t a gamer because she hasn’t tried to correct him. I really hate people that pronounce it that way.
Blah blah blah more crap I can get better opinions about from Giant Bomb and Blistered Thumbs.
IG then brings up how he couldn’t get into Ubisoft’s conference and tells them they suck. You’re not important! Who cares that you couldn’t get in? Was it so important for you to see Mr. Caffeine?
Raychul brings up “I Am Alive”, something Bores clearly hasn’t heard of. I can tell he hasn’t because his response was “Ubisoft is really mismanaged”. By the way, I imagine Ubisoft won’t be discussing I Am Alive because the game is about surviving an earthquake, a little too soon.

Raychul brings up Last Guardian and Kingdom Hearts III. Wait for TGS for the former, and Square-Enix has said they won’t work on Kingdom Hearts III until Final Fantasy Versus XIII is finished. I know I’m not talking about Bores here but I had to clarify this.
Bores wanted God of War IV. … God of War III came out last year, be glad you’re getting anything God of War related with the ports of the PSP games.
IG mentions how Microsoft’s conference was lame and how last year’s was better. No it wasn’t! It was just as lame! Oh, he means the free 360’s. Oprah-style giveaways make everything better!
He goes on to mention the “best thing” they could get was Ice-T and you would only like if it you’re a fan of Law & Order. You do realize that Ice-T was a famous hip-hop artist and fronted a metal band, not to mention they brought him in because he’s voicing a character for Gears of War 3, one of the 360’s big titles. He had a reason for being there you unpleasable ass!
The two then sign off.

What do I make of that? You can tell Bores had no clue what Raychul was saying half the time, he kept changing the subject to something else after she brought up a game he wasn’t familiar with. Either way it was two frauds talking.

Video 2: Sony Conference Thoughts (June 7th)
IG starts the video saying he played the demos stationed behind the curtain.
“A lot of games I didn’t expect like Twisted Metal” Twisted Metal was announced last year, how the hell did you not expect that? Oh right, you don’t care.
He says it was only “okay”. Sounds like he kept losing.
He brings up Ninja “Gay-den” III again. IT’S GUY-DEN! Watch The Wizard god damn it.
He then moves onto Street Fighter X Tekken (he calls it Vs instead of Cross but I’ll let it slide). There’s a major audio glitch that he seriously should have spotted before sending the video to GotGame (or he uploads them to the site itself, I don’t know). He also says his favorite fighter is Cammy. There better be more reasons other than “she has a hot ass”.

Video 3: Nintendo Conference and Wii U Thoughts with Raychul (June 14th)
We start on IG and Raychul in front of some wall, IG is wearing sunglasses. They were impressed with Nintendo’s conference.
Raychul starts explaining how it works, in case you were under a rock for the six days since Wii U was announced.
IG says that Nintendo is really innovating and that Sony & Microsoft are stuck. No, I’d say they’re all innovating in some way.
Honestly the rest of the video is just “blah blah blah stuff you heard already if you actually cared to look it up when the news was fresh”.
Technically, both videos with Raychul weren’t made by Bores. They were made by “GotGame TV”. But I’m still counting them.

Video 4: Microsoft Press Conference (June 14th)
For some reason this video went up on YouTube before GotGame. Strange.
“Irate Gamer’s Coverage of E3 begins!” I thought it began last week with that Sony recap?

“I won’t show the entire hour long conference” That’s why we have sites like YouTube and Gametrailers that archived it. So we can see all the Kinect-related embarrassment. Also, the conference wasn’t an hour, it was 90 minutes.
“So let’s bullet point this bad boy” Why do you talk?

“The first game they showed was Call of Duty 3” Oh wow, he got the name completely wrong. The actual Call of Duty 3 came out in 2006, this is Modern Warfare 3, the “spin-off” of sorts. If anything this is Call of Duty 8. Learn the difference.
He then recaps what happened in the demo. Somehow he made the ultra-linear shooting game even more boring.

He moves onto Tomb Raider, which he claims to be have been looking forward too. Suuuure you were, and I bet you’re totally stoked for *insert revival of classic franchise* because it was on an old console and you want to make yourself look like a total retro gamer.
Now it’s padding time! He shows part of the demo on shaky cam. It saddens me there are people dumb enough to call this the “best E3 coverage” when one can just look up the game and find much better footage of it. It’s like watching a bad Let’s Play.

Moving onto Mass Effect 3 and the use of Kinect. More shaky footage with a shot of Bores for no reason, he wasn’t even reacting to anything.
Did I mention this video is padded to hell?

He brings up the addition of YouTube, Bing and live TV. The last of which he calls “vewy cool”. Oh yeah, that way I can watch TV on my TV! … Something’s not right.

Bores lists off the Kinect games, many of which look awful. Including the boring-as-shit Star Wars, that he’s excited for. He’s probably the only one. He tells us he has a video of him playing it coming soon. Oh this will be fun. For some reason he lists the games out of order.
Then he brings up other game trailers, this isn’t how the conference happened!

He gets to Gears of War 3 and how they brought in Ice-T to “play with the host”. Host? That’s Cliff Bleszinski, the director of the game. Respect him!
Ice-T appearing prompts a reaction from a very green Bores. I have no clue what he’s trying to emote.
More demo padding, followed by Ice-T announcing Body Count’s reunion. Bores complains that they didn’t perform right there. Because a musical act that isn’t rhythm game related during the middle of a conference would completely slow it down. It was okay for Nintendo because they did it at the very beginning.

Bores then shows the trailer for Halo 4. Woo…

We cut to Bores outside, seriously what’s with the sunglasses? He then… recaps what we just saw. My God he really does think his viewers are idiots.

Well that was dumb. The worst part though? We have to suffer through the same thing with EA, Sony and Nintendo. Good thing he couldn’t get into Ubisoft… oh wait we have to see the video where he whines about that.

IG starts the video saying the coolest thing about the conference was a Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy in the hallway. That’s a pretty weak highlight.
He says the first game they showed was Need for Speed: The Run, which is wrong because the first game they really showed was Mass Effect 3. Unrelated to the Kinect stuff from before.
He says NFS looks really cool due to a “storyline” and “getting out of the car”. Because that’s what was missing from my RACING game, fucking quicktime events! There’s a good reason I call it “Need for Speed: The Runs”.
Then some padding.

He moves onto The Sim Social, noting how you can “get it on with your fake girlfriend”. He responds to that with “uhh yeah I’ll just stick to the real thing”. You do know you can do that in the actual Sims right? I won’t resort to a cheap shot here, I really do like to think I’m better than that.

IG brings up that they filled the room with a fog machine to promote the new SSX. Am I supposed to be impressed by that? It’s a fog machine, I’ve seen plenty. Also, is it me or did he sound really awkward when saying “SSX”? Like he was trying not to accidentally say “sex”.
Followed by more padding! For being a 3 and half minute video, it feels like it won’t end.
“Pretty cool” that wasn’t even gameplay! Only say that if isn’t a CG trailer.

“But the clear highlight of this event, had to be for NFL fans, as EA promoted their newest Madden title.” Because it’s not like they release a new one every… I can’t do it. God damn it Bores! Most actual gamers stop listening during this part because they don’t give a shit about coverage of a game that comes out every year!

He then shows the part where the football players show up to… promote I think. At least Ice-T had a purpose! Those guys were there so EA can say “we got these guys, give us our annual $60 dollars for Madden”.
And… that’s it. What about Battlefield 3? That was the true highlight of the show! What the hell Bores?

I am surprised he didn’t bring up the Star Wars The Old Republic trailer and complain about it still being developed. Either way, those were awful highlights.

Video 6: Irate Gamer vs. Ubisoft (June 15th)
Two videos in one day, is he improving? This video is only over a minute long so no.
This minute consists of Bores complaining that Ubisoft was mismanaged and how their a bunch of assholes and good god shut the fuck up! Do you even play Ubisoft games? Do you even care for Splinter Cell or Ghost Recon, Rayman, Far Cry, so why are you complaining?
“You don’t mess with the Irate Gamer” Grr, I’m threatening.
He then has his camera man pull out his lens cap, he presses it and somehow blows up the Ubisoft office. Because that’s the perfectly sane response to not getting into a conference, TERRORISM. What the hell is wrong with you? Even Spoony wouldn’t threaten to destroy 2K Games after the XCOM “betrayal”.
It also happens to be the exact same explosion from the RoboCop review. My guess that it would be his new default was correct, and now I am saddened.
The rest of the video is another “check out these videos” title card.

I’m flabbergasted, this was a completely daft video. You know how many other small-time journalists don’t get E3 interviews? Do they complain? Well yeah but they move on! Do not turn this into an on-going gag on your fucking show. I don’t want to see you review Rayman Origins and try to make Ubisoft sound like an evil company all because you couldn’t get into a damn conference.

This is mainly the reason I uploaded this post early. NOBODY would use an implied death threat to send a message to a big company. Was he even “in character”?

I shall wait for more awful E3 coverage. Ugh.


  1. Great work once again Dan, thank you for sacraficing your sanity for the rest of us.

    Is Bores at E3 as himself or as IG? Cause if he is IG, then why isn't he Irate (That and he refers to himself as Chris Bores a few times) and if he is Bores... Then wouldn't blowing up Ubisoft be a felony?

    Then again (as people usually seem to do on here)I may be thinking about this more than Bores.

  2. Why can't people notice how IG promotes random violence? You have Tony beating random people up, you have IG blowing up the ship just because of the game, you have him destroying Ubisoft (he doesn't even know they make good games, not surprised if they knew about his BS), and he killed the Kool Aid Man on X-Mas! Can't nobody see how that doesn't work?

    And as you mentioned he seems to think all his viewers are idiots. Can someone list them for me please?

  3. His bomb joke makes him seem like he couldt not enter becose of that Ubisoft most have notice that ig walking around with bombs before the press confernce, so they thought that ig might have been an possibly terrorist

  4. ...How do people like this guy? Such an unlikable, horrible person... and a liar to boot! It's to the point I don't even want to watch his crap anymore. I couldn't live with myself knowing I'd be giving him a few cents with any view of one of his crappy videos.

    Someone needs to call this guy out publicly. Some high-profile person needs to go up to the loser in person, point out every thing he does wrong, and tell anyone in the area what a hack he is. Just... AGH.

    Also, has that LadyBuggin made any stupid comments recently, or did that other person claiming to be Bores' mom (could be her, but you can't be too sure on the Internet) scare him/her off?

  5. So he really said "Vs" instead of "X". God, he's so predictable...

    And something tells me he'll make a Neo review of an Ubisoft game (in a few months or so) just so he can bash it.

    "I don't have time to sneak around! I gotta kill people!" (Bore's possible reaction to Assassin's Creed)

    But it's got to know that he's not the only fake reviewer on GotGame. Or maybe no real reviewer is left because of Bores?

  6. Look on the bright side, at least he didn't call them "private" conferences this year.
    But really, that UbiSoft video wasn't funny. After all, I'd blow my parents up if they wouldn't let me do something when I was young, would I?

  7. What's with all those internet gaming shows that put a hot chick in (some of) their videos lately ? I know it's nothing new, but really ? If at least the girls knew what they were talking about, but no !

  8. im really wondering if he will do the same thing he did last year and spend a month or 2 making e3 videos with awful interviews on games shown there

  9. I was kinda hoping he wouldn't go this year, but it was inevitable. Not only are his videos boring and idiotic but he's actually excited for that Kinect Star Wars game? Normally I don't judge games before I try them myself but even I know that game looks incredibly boring and bland just by looking at the gameplay. Besides, I thought he "hated" motion control gameplay.

  10. @digiharrisom

    Bores is the kind of person that quickly jumps on bandwagons when everyone is doing it. The biggest examples of this are his IGNeo review of Sonic Unleashed (where he couldn't get past the first continent because he sucked at the boss) and said the game sucked and his Dragon Ball Evolution movie review, where he at first looked exited about it yet everyone knew it was gonna suck, but then gave it a negative review when everybody else had already watched and forgot about it

  11. @digiharrisom

    Hey, how do you make words bold like you did with "excited"?

  12. @Arthur Arneiro

    It's pretty simple. All you do is type this (without spacing the characters):

    < b > *insert your text here* < b/ >

    And voila!

  13. I'm just waiting, come November, for him to review Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. I'm not planning to watch because I already know what it'll be like.

    As a big fan of Green Lantern, I was really looking forward to this game. The character designs were based on the movie, which was awesome. It's kind of annoying that you can't fly, but fans will probably enjoy it.

  14. The reason IG is so violent is because his fans (being mostly 13 years old) love senseless violence.

    That being said, it seems like more of his recent videos are getting poorer ratings. I think his fans that he's had for a few years now have grown up some and realized that his videos are bad. And I don't think his videos are really featured on Youtube, so he's not really drawing in new 13 year old fans. That's just the way I see it at least.

  15. Second line should read "the fans that he's had"

  16. New news on Jfreedan. He's got partnership with Gotgame. Asa may have another website on his hands.

  17. God, I hope that this combined with his stealing lines from Swag will finally get him dropped from GottGame. Now if you'll excuse I have a date with Power Rangers on Netflix.

  18. @The Fedora'd Samurai
    Oh my God I don't care! I don't care what Jfreedan is up to.

  19. @ Scott

    "The reason IG is so violent is because his fans (being mostly 13 years old) love senseless violence."

    I think the more accurate way to put it is that the reason IG is so violent is because he has the mentality of a 13 year old. I doubt he catered the show to his fans in any way at all.


  21. @BatDan

    OK fine, but you know why GotGame got Bores in the first place now : they love controversial reviewers. I guess their motto is the good ol' "Bad publicity is still publicity".


    His fans want the old review format and not BS storylines no one cares about.

  22. Btw, am I the only one who thinks that all that shit with Shadow (Over)Lord, EG and the HALs could be his Irate Movie ?

  23. @The Fedora'd Samurai:

    Is there ANYONE GotGame won't hire? Seriously, it wouldn't surprise me if mariotehplumber would get a partnership there...


    He'd probably steal a lot more from Lord of the Rings or all those super hero movies he loves so much. Or it'll be somewhat like "Daniel – Der Zauberer" - aka BAAAD.

  24. Personally, I think Chris Bores should stick to stories and stop calling the videos he makes with a lot of story "game reviews". Obviously he doesn't care about reviewing the games.

    And I am of course talking about his Irate Gamer Show where he barely reviews retro games and focuses more of a story that has nothing to do with the game.

  25. @Doresh

    Or he could just use the incredibly original "I have a twin brother and he's EVIL" storyline. You know, I can actually see where he is going with this crap and why the wooden genie is gonna make a come-back.

  26. My Facebook informant has provided updates on Bores.
    He says a Neo episode on MK9 is coming "soon". See, I knew he would get to it. As for how soon? Hell if I know.

    The next actual IG review is RoboCop 2 & 3, he says expect it after the E3 coverage. So... months from now.

    He says he won't be making a movie because "his series is currently like a movie". God damn that ego of his is massive.

  27. @Thelone:

    This reminds me: Where DID the Evil Gamer come from, anyways?

    And I guess if the genie ever comes back, he'll be played by Bores. Not sure if he still cares about the original actor - if you can call this acting...


    I didn't know movies take YEARS watch XD !

  28. @Doresh

    IIRC, he first appeared in the infamous SMB2 review.

    And I don't know, he took back the Wise Sage/E. Allen after quite a while.

  29. FFL2and3rocks commented on the Ubisoft video.
    "So, he already had the explosives ready beforehand, just in case?"
    He has a good point.

  30. I've seen James as a pony, Doug as a pony, Lewis as a pony, and Dr. Insano as a pony.
    But for the love of god, I don't wanna see a Chris pony.

  31. HA! I knew he would review the Robocop sequels!
    Then again, he's broken promises before... Let's wait and see.

  32. Come to think of it, do you think he's gonna release those DVDs, Arthur?

  33. @Thelone:

    I know. I was asking about his origin story. As it stands now, he's just a clone that came out of nowhere and decided to be evil because Bores sucks.

  34. @Derek

    You mean the rest of the seasons? If the deadline is 5 years, then maybe.

  35. @Doresh

    Oh I see, my mistake.

    Well, it's basically what you just wrote, except that he was evil from the start for some unknown reason. I guess we'll never have a backstory on why he's evil, but who cares anyway ?

  36. @Thelone:

    His fans maybe?

    Maybe he'll save the back story for his movie XD !

  37. @Derek- I don't think there's gonna be a Chris Bores pony

  38. Guys, a bit of plugging, but don't forget to check out Legoking831's blog!

    It's a good alternative while waiting for Dan's next update.

  39. I just noticed: This blog has lost a lot of traffic since the troll attack in February.

  40. I Am Alive? Too soon for an earthquake-related game? Japan isn't a primary audience for most of Ubisoft's franchises.

    Some of his followers are already complaining about IG's shoehorning of storylines. They too find the extra characters ridiculous and want to see the 'classic' IG back.

    It's ok to have a little story that's themed around the game, but a story arc that has no connection to his reviewing makes it lose all focus. As Dan said, what is this, Lost? This review is just a half assed walkthrough.

  41. Its fine. That kind of publicity isnt needed

  42. @Motherplayer

    I'm talking about the people who used to comment here before, and left after the troll attack. Did they think Dan quit after that?

  43. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    Okay, maybe Troll Attack was the wrong term for that, but remember in February, in the Trailer Reviews recap, that whole flame war involving Dan and Asalieri? That's what I was talking about.

  44. Oh yeah, that one that left everyone looking like an idiot or an asshole, just like every internet flame war.

  45. I feel that Chris really isn't a fan of the things he claims.
    Fan of Kid Icarus? Don't know hero's name.
    Fan of Kirby? Complain about difficulty.
    Fan of X-men? Mistake Jean Grey for C. Viper.

  46. @ Derek

    It's been obvious for a while now. He also didn't know the name of the hero from Gyromite (Professor Hector), and thought it was a great unknown mystery that the American SMB2 was different from the Japanese version.

    Obviously pretending to be interested in the paranormal in order to rip off "Ghost Hunters" didn't work, so his next attempt was to pretend to be interested in games to rip off AVGN.

    I'm not sure why he doesn't just make a show about something he has actual interest in. Maybe because his only interest is to get as much fame and money as possible with the minimum amount of work.

  47. @Shaolin Dave

    Here's a scary thought:

    He DOES genuinely care about video games, he just doesn't know shit about them.

    He DOES try his hardest in his videos, he just absolutely sucks.

    Or in his mind, his interaction with the outside world is appropriate, he just doesn't realize how big of an ass he is.

  48. @ The Fedora'd Samurai

    It's obvious he doesn't realize what an ass he is. The most recent blatantly obvious example of this is when he didn't get into the ubisoft conference and said, "the unthinkable has happened."

    off-subject: if anyone's in the movie that so ridiculously stupid that it's absolutely brilliant, check out "alien vs ninja".

  49. Just 1 little thing: Would you mind putting up the links to the videos like you previously did? Thanks!

  50. I think Chris Bores was a gamer, but a very casual one at best. He really did sound convincing when he played the TMNT NES game considering how inspired he was by AVGN's review. But like with Haunted Investigators, he never had an extreme interest in video games like he says he does. Sure maybe he had an NES with a few games, but part of the reason he gets his facts wrong is because he he stopped playing video games after the NES.

    Someone should try to look for IG's Ebay account, lol.

  51. I wonder if anyone from Ubisoft watched Bores's video on their conference? I'll be funny if they try to sue Bores for death threats.

  52. Considering how evil IG is, I think I'd rather have Evil Gamer as our "hero". He hasn't killed anyone!
    Also, EG started out trying to take over the show, then all of a sudden he is trying to rule the world. Why should he care about IG in the first place?

  53. @Derek

    Maybe he wanted to take over the show so that he could obtain the Odyssey. That or Bores' writing makes no sense. I think it's the latter.

  54. My word verification was "skingrow". Like the growth of skin? Weird...

  55. @ Arthur
    Even then, the Odyssey wasn't enhanced when he first started his takeover attempts.

  56. @Derek

    And let's not forget that he was originally working for the Devil, not the Shadow (Over)Lord.

    But then again, if we were to cite Bores' mistakes on continuity, he's failed almost every single time.

  57. I wouldn't be surprised if Bores does suck at Twisted Metal. My guess is that he doesn't know that there are previous titles in the series.

  58. I know I'm probably being a nuisance, but I wish Daniel would do a redux recap of Bores' R.O.B. the Robot review soon, especially considering that there's a ton of info about Nintendo's history that Bores got wrong that Daniel didn't mention the last time he covered it.

  59. Is that really all he has to say about Street Fighter X Tekken? It was my personal most anticipated game featured at E3 2011, and all he has to say is that Cammy's his favourite fighter because of her butt? Bores, your last name explains everything: you Bore me.

  60. I think we're reading too deep into Bores and his show. Honestly, it's like watching a child's film project.

    Shadow overlord? couldn't you come up with something more creative than "big evil guy in castle whose minion is your evil twin"? Does this sound like what someone who's old enough to be a father would think up? It's about as original and creative as the last 20 Dances With Wolves movies.

    You know what, I'm done. I'm done caring about Chris Bores until he does something that is truly offensive to my senses.

  61. Chris Bores really shot himself in the foot by not being honest since the beginning. Now he has to keep up this facade that he is a gamer and he is into a large diversity of games. I was watching James Rolfe's coverage of E3 and he admits that he is not all that into a lot of the games there and doesn't have much to say about them. Even though James Rolfe doesn't have much more to say than Chris Bores in a lot of his E3 coverage. The fact hat he comes off seeming relaxed and going with the flow makes the coverage much more watchable. Plus James Rolfe has proven his worth so people are more accepting of him than Chris when it comes to coverage of things.

  62. @Ghostbusters

    The IG character is Bores' big break, it's that easy. His LotR rip-off book didn't work out, neither as his ghost hunting show. Like I said a few times, he would be making a tech podcast/cooking show/any video-related fad at the moment if the IG character tanked back then. Bores is just some guy trying to get his 15 minutes of (e-)fame by ripping-off whatever is popular, and it finally worked with the Irate Gamer. He'll never admit he doesn't give a shit about video games, or ghost hunting, or writing.

  63. I really don't like Chris Bores's intro and exit in every video where he says "alright guys, Irate Gamer here", and finishes with, "until next time, game on." James Rolfe doesn't do that crap and his videos work a lot better. Does anybody buy this "game on" crap? Does anybody actually find Chris to be an intellectual video game reviewer and take his "game on" at the end to be flattering?

  64. How does Chris Bores make decent money off his videos when it takes him so long to get them out? He only made 1 Irate Gamer episode this year so far and at this rate he will not have another one out until 2012. His Neo/movie reviews are not much more than him showing video footage of the game/movie and saying he thinks it looks great and sometimes having some horrible humor or gag to go along with it.

  65. He puts ad revenue on ALL his videos, including trailers and short videos.
    However, the amount of views he gets has gone down considerably so I imagine the amount of money he gets has gone down too.

  66. @ Ghostbusters and BatDanNight

    So, if you can't resist the urge to watch some of Bore's stupidity, check him out on DLAbaoaqu's "ICBINAVGN". That way he doesn't get any money for your view.

  67. My word verification was "yessir", even the blog's anti-spam agrees with me.

  68. @~SuperSaiyanSonic75~

    He does that everytime there is a hot female character in a game/movie. Nothing new here.

  69. Does he still get money if the person watching his videos uses Adblock Plus? Cause if not I feel we should advertise that a little more.

  70. I think Chris bores is more jealous than envious of James Rolfe. when he saw his AVGN videos for the first time, Chris was kicking himself for not thinking of that first. He wanted to take the success away from James Rolfe. But all he could think of was imitation. When he realized that his Irate Videos were not taking fame away from James he changed the story to wanting to video games reviews just like "hundreds of other people on youtube were already doing". If Chris Bores would have got permission from James first and not stole exact dialog, he would probably have a lot more respect now.

  71. Weird, on my comments Twilight is my avatar, but on the followers list it's Rarity!
    Anyway, have you guys ever heard of the troll SuperGGangsta?

  72. @Derek Pretty much every 11 year old in existence. Here's an older one. xXMysteriousManXx is an interesting specimen, but he seems a lot more likeable for a troll as he tries hard at it. Whereas the two wiggers you just mentioned are just being plain retarded.

  73. @ JohnNintendoNerd
    I hate those 11-year olds, it give students like me a bad name!
    (BTW playing MVC3 with Twilight Sparkle, Space Core, and Mr. Herriman.

  74. @ Ghostbusters

    "If Chris Bores would have got permission from James first and not stole exact dialog, he would probably have a lot more respect now."

    If the only problem was the aforementioned plagerisim, then that would work. But there are several other problems that keep him from getting respect.

  75. Now to be specific:

    1. He seems to be a perfect example of those who care more about graphics over gameplay.

    1A. His Super Mario Bros 2 review for example sees him dismissing SMB 2 for the NES solely on the grounds of it being different from other Mario games.

    Yet he praises the SNES and GBA port. Both of which have higher graphics.

    1B. He makes a point of roasting TMNT 2 for the NES for the lack of 4 player capability. Even after praising TMNT 3, he implies it to be a bad game.

    Yet he states that he overlooks if for TMNT 4 because it's a great game. Better gameplay than the other games or because it has better graphics?

    2. His regular tendency to give misinformation. Now no one expects reviewers to be perfect or have a superhuman IQ, but like any mistake, refusal to improve or to acknowledge his mistakes is something that needs to change.

    And when doing a documentary like History of Video Games, getting the facts straight should be a number one priority. When someone like Ralph Baer tells you that your video is highly inaccurate, you don't dismiss the comment and leave the video as is. You redo the video from scratch and actually do research.

    More in a bit.

  76. 3. From time to time, Chris inserts a joke which really has no relevancy to his review. Examples include:

    A. Aladdin- Some call 911, because I just got Robbed!
    B. Jaws- The video ends with him shooting the Duck Hunt Dog, because?
    C. TMNT- What does playing DK have to do with Ninja Turtles?

    Now James might have a joke that makes no sense (the censored TV in his Action 52 review), but his jokes usually apply to the subject of his review:

    A. Star Trek (as DLAbaoaqu pointed out)- James' offering the Klingon a "Sega Genesis" is a reference to the Klingons wanting the "Genesis" Project in ST III.

    B. Fester's Quest- The "You were expecting maybe The Ninja Turtles", was a reversal of a quote from the 3rd Ninja Turtles movie.

    C. NES Accessories- To be honest, the only reason I'm doing comparisons is to point out how to do, and not to do something. And in this case, James was playing Duck Hunt to demonstrate the Zapper, and thus his attempt to shoot the dog doesn't come out of nowhere.

    4. Constant grammar error. Especially the regular ones like fustrating or adding an l at the end of aw words (i.e. Jawls or flawls).

    Now I might be naive and reading too much into it, but if mispronouncing words like Jaws or flaws is due to an accent of sometype, he should acknowledge it so he won't appear to be making constant errors.

  77. @ antiyonder
    Don't forget the ego too!

  78. Raychul... haven't heard of her. But she must be pretty lame if you're going to compare her to the Goth.

  79. I know Fedora mentioned this a while back and BatDan doesn't care about it, but now that JFreedan is with Gotgame, what if this means JFreedan might convince Bores to "go back to the good old days", and start nuking videos bashing his show, the same way JFreedan's been doing recently?

  80. New bit of egotism from Bores. At GotGame he uploaded an interview about the PS Vita title "Ruin" and said it was the "First Ever First Look" of the game.

    Except I found interviews about the game at Gamespot and Blistered Thumbs. Smooooth

  81. How could that be the first look if they showed it off during the conference, and had a demo of it on the floor?

  82. @BatDan

    First Ever First Look? I can imagine the grades he got on English exams...

  83. Wow. I expected it to garbage but this is really something else. I... really don't have much to say.


    I can't help but find it amusing how his legitimate fans are beginning to call him out on his ego.

  84. How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Irate after all he has been through
    He lost his father, he went through a breakup. He had two fuckin kids.

    His girlfriend turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now he's going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. readers and making money off of him.

    HE’S A HUMAN! (ah! ooh!) What you don’t realize is that Irate is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.

    He hasn’t performed on stage in years. Her song is called “give me more” for a reason because all you people want is MORE! MORE-MORE, MORE: MORE!.

    LEAVE HIM ALONE! You are lucky he even made a review for you BASTARDS!
    LEAVE IRATE ALONE!…..Please.

    SWAG talked about professionalism and said if Irate was a professional he would’ve pulled it off no matter what.

    Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publicly bash someone who is going through a hard time.

    Leave Irate Alone Please…. !
    Lave Irate Gamer alone!…right now!….I mean it.!

    Anyone that has a problem with him you deal with me, because he is not well right now.


  85. @NostalgiaCriticSucks

    Oh Hai Charlie

  86. @NostalgiaCriticSucks

    Welcome back Charlie :)

    I thought you hate Irate now :P It's good to know Irate had 2 kids (where are they now?) Mr. Jones XD

  87. @Thelone

    That is true. The only games he wouldn't just talk about the female characters would be God of War and Mortal Kombat. Speaking of which, when is that MK review of his coming? At the pace he normally goes, probably not for another 2-3 years.

  88. @NostalgiaCriticSucks

    Hey Charlie.

    If I'm not mistaken, you said in your response to SpaceScreaminJohn's commentary on you that you hate the Irate Gamer now. So, why are you defending him?

    Also, "Vampire Killer" is NOT stock Castlevania music!

  89. Ah. Chris Crocker parody. Took me awhile.

  90. @~SuperSaiyanSonic75~
    He said on Facebook his next Neo video is Mortal Kombat. When that will happen I don't have a clue. Probably two weeks after his E3 coverage ends, which is likely a month from now.


  92. @ Charlie
    But seriously, GTFO.

  93. Totally off topic again, but I think that the few of us who are thinking that Jfreedan's the next Irate Gamer need to see this.

    It's really long, but you don't have to listen for too long to realize that Carey Martell is a fucking child. I though he was just throwing harassment and slander around on the internet, but here he's spewing it out of his mouth like a Machine gun.

  94. Thanks Charlie, you just got the Irate Gamer's TV Tropes page locked.

  95. @Fedora'd Samurai

    Jfreedan's "points" in a nutshell:

    Jfreedan: You're harassing me.
    Asa: No, I'm not.
    Jfreedan: Yes, you are.

    If he wants to prove that, he has to do more than act like a child.

  96. Wow, Bores blocked me. I dunno why, I've only ever posted one comment on his videos, and here's the comment, word for word.

    "Well, I didn't like it, but that's my opinion. I guess I'll stick with AVGN."

    That's it. And he blocked me for that.

  97. @Arthur Arnerio

    And that's not the worst of it. It's how he's trying to justify some of the incredible douchebaggery that he's responisible for. And not to mention that when Asa asks him a question, Carey seems to do his best not to answer.

  98. @ Cody S.
    Looks like Bores' ego strikes again. Just goes to show how insecure he is. It's like that episode of American Dad where Stan deports his entire neighborhood just because they don't like him.

    Same thing with Bores... he has to constantly surround himself with people who actually think his work is worth more than a bag of flaming crap, and even if you were to say "Well, I don't like your tie, but you still seem nice," he'd amount that to saying you hate him and everything he stands for (sloppily put together "video game reviews", of course) and kick you out.

    You know, people like that can only go for so long. I'm looking forward to the day someone rises up and deflates that dangerously large ego of his, exposing him for what he really is and making Bores realize what an ass he's made of himself. We can only hope...

  99. Bores's latest Irate Gamer episode was really despicable, taking rips at James Rolfe and the video was just plain terrible.

  100. @ Ghostbusters

    Taking rips at James Rolfe? You mean how he dressed up like him when he was running in the background?

    I really don't know what he was trying to do there.

  101. Looks like I didn't miss much.
    A huge storm caused a power outage and I didn't have power for a day, but looks like things are fine around here.

  102. Caught up with his E3 coverage, so boring. So very little to actually make fun of.

  103. @ BatDanNight
    He's so boring! Chris bores me! When he's not being stupid or ignorant of others, he's so incredibly boring!

  104. Maybe Bores could be the cure for insomnia everywhere.

  105. I've been having sleeping troubles recently. I know what I should watch before I switch off the laptop for the night.

  106. @ Bahamut
    I had a similar problem.

  107. Hey, that user Asalieri that made the Reviewing a Reviewer episodes has been banned.

  108. @ Ghostbusters

    Yeah, we brought that up a while ago, it was because of some feud between him and some douch named Jfreedan accusing him of slander or some bullshit.

  109. Well Asaleri was slandering TGWTG by claiming that they intentionally hurt someone on the set and covered up, but provided little to no evidence about it.

  110. Why haven't I been blocked by Bores yet?

  111. @ vnisanian2001

    that's not the reason he hot banned, though.
    has he even retracted those claims?

  112. @Shaolin Dave

    No, the thing that happened was that Asa was contacted about an accident that took place on set of the latest TGWTG anniversary. The person in question was duct taped to the wall for 20 minutes and passed out. Channel Awesome made them sign a non disclosure agreement meaning that they could sue channel awesome if they wanted to do the part. There were no medics on the set to aid them. When Asa got this info he wanted people to know what the hell happened, but misinterpreted some facts. I'm not sure exactly what happened with that whole thing, but he's since apologized for jumping the gun I believe.


    The reason he got banned is because of a little child named Carey Martell.

    a few months ago, Asa did a Reviewing a Reviewer episode on Carey (aka Jfreedan, Aka The RPG fanatic) where he decided to find a decent reviewer to tone down on all the negativity. Now the RPG fanatic wasn't perfect, but Asa still gave him a passing grade.

    A few months later, Joey Roo of Clan of the grey wolf did a 16-bit gems video on a classic JRPG, Lufia 2. In the video was a little side talk or whatever where he talked about a couple of groups online saying that JRPG is a racist term. He basically said that it isn't and it's kind of a pointless argument due to the huge differences between the two genres. Little man child Carey somehow took offense to this.

    Carey made a 15 minute long video that was a rebuttal against Roo's point, believing that Roo called specifically him out. the video was a very angry one, calling Roo a racist for saying such things. He cited no sources, and did not back up any of his claims. Asalieri (being a friend of Roo) wasn't gonna take this crap. Asa made a video where he was kind of poking fun at Carey while still criticizing his lack of respect.

    (it'll probably get taken down quick. I'll put the name of the video so you can search that. people are mirroring them like hell.)

    "Where's It From? Is JRPG a racist term?"

    The next video was less humorous and more serious toned, politely asking Carey to take down his video and put up a more respectful video where he backed up his sources and apologized to Roo.

    "Jfreedan: A Legacy Of Pride And Elitism"

  113. Carey was unwilling (to say the least) to cooperate and ignored criticism and reason. Carey then had Asa's videos where his footage were being used were taken down. All of the videos that were taken down used Carey's footage under fair use, for commentary, parody and review. As we all know, that's what Asa is all about. This is where Asa went and did what he did best. take the piss outta him


    Carey then had this ideo taken down, claiming that it was slanderous and harrassed him, like all of Asa's other videos about him. Carey sent a couple messages to Asa, threatening him with legal action. slander is when you make a false claim against someone that causes them to be harmed financially. All of Asa's claims were either fact, or based on opinion. which falls out of slander. Any accusations of harassment is also ridiculous. Nobody put a gun to Carey's head and told him to watch Asa's videos, even if they were meant to harass him. Even then, I'd be more worried about the gun at his head. Asa then made his final video about Carey, which also had him taken down, forced to fall back on his second youtube account.

    "Why You Shouldn't Disable Comments Responding to Jfreedan's Empty Threats"

    fortunately, this has not silenced Asa, who has continued to upload videos and keep in contact with his fans on Asalieri2. Jfreedan has since been unable to shut up about Asa, talking about him on his blog and trying to bring in asa's father into this...fucking low.

    (Jfreedan has deleted this post from his blog. this is from Asa's rebuttal on busy street)

    Now, I don't know about you, but I have no respect for someone who brings the other person's parents into an argument, trying to insult them. Here's Asa's response on busy street.

    Since, there has been an interview with Asalieri on Original

    And of course, there's the verbal fist fight with Asa and Jfreedan. It's really long but totally worth it to listen through. you don't need to listen too long to realize what a fucking child Carey is.

    Okay...I need to go take a breather.

  114. Did JFreedan ever explain WHY JRPG is a racist term? Oh no! A RPG from Japan! I feel so dirty just typing those evil, hate-filled letters!

  115. And besides Linkara already cleared up what happened.

  116. @ Doresh
    By that logic, Chinese food is a racist term, as well as Belgian waffles.

  117. @The Fedora'd Samurai

    At least Asa had the balls to admit that he fucked up on that one, unlike a certain RPG guy we all know.


    Yeah, you'd better stop writing Belgian waffles or I'll kill you.

    Wait, what ?

  118. @vnisanian2001

    Since when did Linkara clear anything up? all he did was give his point of view on what happened, I'm not sure he was even there when it went down.

  119. Linkara explained what acutally happened, and several TGWTG crew members gwho were actually there set the record straight.

  120. And now for something completely different...


    Oh, and Team Fortress 2 is now free to play.

  121. @Thelone:

    Yay! I never said that XD !

    Mmh, is this the right time to tell you guys that we Germans use(d) to call chocolate marshmallows "Negro kisses"?

  122. @Smashhacker
    It's not free today.
    It's not free for a month.
    It's not free for a year.
    It's free:

  123. @Derek:

    What? An Afro-American officer once stationed around here laughed his ass off after hearing that!

  124. No one has commented today, so let me start.
    Why do people like the Irate Gamer?

  125. @Derek My speculation is that it's because they are either:

    A) Under 13 yrs old
    B) Have never heard of other, spectacularly better reviewers
    C) Are trolls who think it's funny

  126. @Cody S.
    I'm 12 and I despise him!
    Also, his fans that are aware of others like him equally, if not more than them.

  127. @Derek
    I guess that renders my speculations invalid.

  128. @ Cody S.

  129. Because they can't aknowledge quality even if it would punch them in the face? This would explain why those 3D-CGI-shitfests are so popular.

  130. Well I'm trying to do a cooking show but as of right now I'm stuck with the power adapter for the laptop I use for editing dead meaning I can't even do anything. Sadly. it means I look lazy and that does annoy me. I want to film and post some episodes on making a lemon meringue pie and on home made bread but feel so helpless trapped behind the 8-ball.

    Watching Bores take forever making his videos and getting so many views does make me feel a bit frustrated.

  131. I just found one of his videos on YT, the smash bros one... what the hell? o.O 6 mil views? The guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about and he doesn't even say anything meaningful about the game, he's like a child. Maybe he just found a way to hack the YT views

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