Monday, June 27, 2011

E3 2011 Part 2: More Embarrassing Than Mr. Caffeine

Here we go, more E3 coverage from the man that clearly doesn’t deserve to be there.
As I said I didn’t want to split this into parts, but after his childish Ubisoft video… let’s just move on from that.

Video 7: Spider-Man: Edge of Time (June 17th)
He’s skipping Nintendo? Strange. I know he did that video with “Raychul” but that technically doesn’t count.
Edge of Time, looking exactly the same as Shattered Dimensions. Oh good, Activision found another well-received game to exploit for their money pools. This time it’s Beenox-developed Spidey.

The video begins with a montage of the convention floor, with one shot of Bores trying to look cool on the elevator. Stop that, it’s humiliating.
He heads over to Activision to conduct an interview… crap crap crap crap. At least he was kind enough to give the representative’s name.
IG asks four questions. “What’s it about? “What are the new attacks?” “Who are the villains?” “When and where will it come out?” Let’s see how many times he asks these same questions.
We get some broken English answers from Gerard (he’s French-Canadian, I won’t hold it against him). He says a bunch of stuff one can figure out from the trailer or just isn’t that exciting. That’s about it.
I hope I don’t have to suffer through too many interviews, these are just boring. Maybe we’ll get a dumb line like “Harmony of Despair is a throwback to the 8-bit games” or asking a question he was just given the answer to.

Video 8: Sony Conference … again? (June 17th)
Apparently he applies the same rules to his E3 videos that he does to his Neo videos, where the YouTube version is longer than the GotGame version. I’ll count it as a different video since the other one was only over a minute and this one is four and a half… ugh.

The video begins with him outside where Sony is holding a small food festival, where they have a replica of Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck. IG gushes over it. Does he know the name of the clown that drives the truck? Of course not.
We then get a montage of the various booths and food trucks, and we see him eat. This is exactly what I want out of E3 coverage, food! I’m just glad breakfast isn’t involved.
Seriously, it’s a whole minute spent looking at food. If you want to make a show about food, then why didn’t you do that? It’s clear how much you love it.

Then the conference starts. He brings up Sony’s big apology, his casual mention of it makes me think he has no clue why they’re apologizing, Then shows Sony’s new split-screen technology, followed by a pointless reaction shot. Wait that’s the same shot he used when Ice-T appeared at Microsoft’s conference. My God you’re lazy.

He brings up the Playstation Vita, which didn’t happen until much later but screw telling things in order. He says he has a LBP PSVita “review” later. Once again Chris, a preview is not a review. They are two completely different things.
He also brings up Ruin, saying it’s similar to Diablo. There! That’s a game that’s similar to Diablo! I still don’t know where the hell you saw it in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

He moves onto NBA 2K12 (which he calls NBA 2K because he’s an idiot) and how they brought out Kobe Bryant to try it. Cue forced reaction shot from Bores and padding.

That’s followed by the recap video from GotGame with the fixed audio glitch, see Video 2 in the previous post to read what I said about that.

Video 9: Mortal Kombat 9 Skarlet DLC (June 18th)
Of course he spells it “Scarlett”. Some MK fan you are, spelling something with a C instead of a K.
For some reason this went up on YouTube and not GotGame. I don’t understand the logic behind his updates.
It’s another damn interview.
“I’m assuming she’ll have special attacks, fatalities and all that?” Of course she will! Quit asking questions that anyone with an iota of common sense can figure out.

Video 10: Ruin for Playstation Vita (June 20th)
Wait, what the hell is this? “The First Ever First Look anywhere on this game and the Irate Gamer has it!” Wow, that statement just reeks of Bores’ egotism. Especially when Gamespot and Blistered Thumbs both have interviews about it released days before this video. Seriously, it’s a clone of Diablo. There’s not much to say about it. Plus, we got a pretty good demo from Sony’s conference so if anything that was the “First Ever First Look”

It’s another interview. Chris is trying way too hard to sound enthusiastic.
IG says he likes the Diablo-style camera angle. So did IG play the PS1 version? Or is this more of his lying? I’ve never seen him mention PC gaming in any of his videos and he hasn’t reviewed a single PC game. Oh who am I kidding, he’s clearly lying.

“Are there multiple characters and character classes?” If it’s anything like Diablo, then yes! Which is exactly what the representative says.
“I’m sure you can upgrade your weapons” It’s an RPG, of cour- … god damn it Bores.
The video ends with IG showing a ground slam with one of his sound effects added in. I’m convinced, Bores thinks random sounds are hysterical.

Video 11: Star Trek (June 20th)
Yet another interview. This one was really uneventful.
“Will we see the other Star Trek characters?” This isn’t the 80’s, companies try to put more effort into movie tie-ins, especially when the game is going to come out 3 years after the movie.

Video 12: Wii U (June 21st)
IG begins the video showing what the Wii U can do in the E3 montage, along with a terrible reaction shot. You know Chris, it’s not cool or funny to do shots like that. It makes you look like a tool.
He then cuts to the Nintendo booth and starts interviewing a representative, or rather the rep tells him the Wii U is innovative and all that.
IG then tries out some pirate tech demo created to showcase the Wii U’s capabilities. This annoys me, there are a ton of people that really want to try the Wii U and this hack that clearly doesn’t care about video games gets to see how it works. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

I don’t know if it was the bad camera work or Bores being … Bores but that demo was really boring.

Video 13: Wii U Part 2: New Super Mario Bros Mii (June 22nd)
*reads description* Hang on a second, the description for the first Wii U video said “The Irate Gamer gets his hands on this highly sought after device” but the description here says “The irate gamer gets his hands on this device!” Are you that lazy that all you could do is remove three words? You couldn’t even capitalize your name!

“Now we’re checking out the new Mario game for this new platform” These 3 minutes are going to suck.
There’s a lot of padding about how great this “new” Mario game is even though it’s the same thing as New Super Mario Bros Wii but with the ability to play as your Mii. I don’t think it’s even a real game, just a tech demo.
Bores continues to ask questions that Nintendo will not answer because they’re Nintendo and they never give away secrets. Meaning he can’t rely on his checklist of “characters, powers, levels, enemies, etc.”

Video 14: BurgerTime World Tour (June 23rd)
IG says he has an exclusive announcement about DLC. What really happened is that they released an April Fool’s trailer with the Burger King and they want to make it a reality. So technically this isn’t exclusive. Plus I found a couple articles mentioning DLC.

We get more of IG’s “I totally played this as a kid, I’m a gamer guys really” crap. He also said he was really looking forward to seeing this. You know, his usual lies.
“Oh wow that is awesome” Again, why do you talk?
Actually, his excitement over this goes back to his obsessive love of food. Put food in something and I’m sure Bores would call it the greatest thing ever.

The video ends with IG winning a match and doing ANOTHER DAMN REACTION SHOT! Hey SWAG, Steve Masters, Guru Larry, someone tell him doing that makes him look like a douchebag and it isn’t fucking cool. Then again he’d still be a douchebag if he stopped so… yeah.

Video 15: Sonic Generations (June 25th)
“Next it was on to Sega and the new Sonic Generations game” There’s more than one Sonic Generations? Yeah I know made this joke last year with Transformers but he really needs to phrase what he says better.
He also brings up how the game is in 3D and it’s really cool. Honestly if I have to wear those glasses, I’d gladly do without the 3D. It’s still a gimmick.

Another interview *sigh*
“So is there a 3D version and a regular version?” … You’re an idiot. At least the representative tells him “it’s a separate mode”. They wouldn’t release the same game twice but with one version in 3D. Who’s dumb enough to do that?
*points to Ocarina of Time 3D* That’s a remake released 13 years later, it’s not the same thing.

I doubt Bores has even seen a Sonic forum. He just says that to make himself sound like a Sonic fan.

I don’t understand why he put “SHADOW ANNOUNCED” in the title of the video, he won’t be playable and frankly he’s a lame character. I don’t mind new characters in Sonic, but Shadow is the result of “we need to make the series darker, make Sonic a brooding dickhole and call it a new character”.

And it’s probably just me, but I was really annoyed with IG’s fake laughter in this video. It just felt like he was trying way too hard.

Video 16: Street Fighter X Tekken (June 26th)
This time he claims to have “exclusive joystick news heard nowhere else”. *Goes to Google* And Yoshinori Ono posted a tweet about it on June 7th. Is it really that big of a surprise? Every big Capcom fighting game has an arcade joystick, maybe other outlets didn’t feel it was important to cover because “duuuuuh”.
We’ve got an interview, and hey it’s Seth Killian. Someone should tell him that Bores is a fraud and had no idea what Tekken was until last year.

Usual questions from IG, characters, DLC, blah blah blah.

But good lord his ego is bursting at the seams, anyone that’s interested in Street Fighter X Tekken would know there’s a joystick, it isn’t “exclusive news”.

I think this is where I’ll end Part 2. Why? In the description for the latest video Bores said he has two more weeks of this shit. With more “great news heard nowhere else”. I'm so glad his fans are noticing how much of an egomaniac he is.


  1. I thought BlisteredThumbs were BANNED from interviews since Joe's fuck-up at the VGAs last year?

  2. Wow, these videos are embarassing to watch. His ego isn't making things better.

  3. Since you mentioned it, what is your opinion on the new OOT3D? I picked it up yesterday, and it's pretty good.

  4. @Cody S.
    I don't have a 3DS so I can't tell you.

  5. Wait, Guru Larry joined GotGame ? I don't see him anywhere on the site.

  6. He didn't, but he stays in contact with IG and I know he reads this blog so I was just naming people that I know talk to him.

  7. Bores putting SHADOW ANNOUNCED in the ttle of the Sonic Generations video, when Shadow is not going to be

    Misleading titles, that's just reaching to the "Youtube Dirty Tactics", you know the shit that the youtube proles and whores will use to get popular and fuck around with people, as well as the trolls.

    Then again, IG is a Hidden Troll.

  8. @ BatDan

    Oh OK, that was a bit confusing since both SWAG and Masters are on the site.

  9. @Gatuca Actually, he has used these tactics since the beginning. Look on his earlier videos, for example, the BTTF video. This is a quote of the tags he put on the video.

    "LJN Back to the future NES snes zelda Nintendo video game Review irate angry mad gamer"

    What a dick. "angry video game" and "zelda snes" And this happens for ALL of his early videos. Take a look for yourself!

  10. You know, I'll give Bores credit for at least not acting as much of a dick during the Sonic Generations interview like he did last year for Sonic Colours ("Unleashed sucked, will Colours be any better?"), I mean he could easily stated that every modern era game sucked while Aaron Webber was giving the run-down (also am I the only one who got the vibe that Aaron really didn't want to be interviewed by him?).

    On a related note, I'm actually looking forward to Shadow making an appearance in Generations. It's been far too long since he made an appearance in a main series console game and damn it whether you love him or hate him, he's STILL one of the better-developed characters in the series. That's just what I think, anyway.

  11. I'm tired of the drama comments. They serve no purpose other than to be annoying.

  12. God his questions are so superfluous. It's like asking if a paint program has COLORS.

    And why the hell has he so many problems with Sonic titles? I hope he never makes a Neo review of Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy...

  13. I'm honestly surprised that anyone lets Bores interview them. You'd think they'd remember the previous year when all the other developers were like, "You wouldn't believe the questions this sonofabitch was asking me, it's like he'd never touched a video game until 2007."

    Has Bore's ever interviewed the same person twice?

  14. I checked a comment on the SFXT video and apparently Chris wants a MK vs SF.
    Personally, I think all he cares about are the blood and tits.

  15. I wonder if he will talk about a Pokémon game. If he will, I can't wait to see what kinda stupid questions he would ask there.

  16. "meh just get street fighter fighting mortal kombat already, not that i dont like tekken but i really wanna rip ryus head foff while hes set on fire

    CrittersRule247 15 hours ago

    @CrittersRule247 haha, "get over here!"

    Irategamer 15 hours ago"

  17. @ Blaze
    Durr, will there be Pokemon?!

  18. What do you think he will say when Mega Man Legends 3 comes out?

  19. I see Bores still thinks randomly saying "Get Over Here" is hilarious. Even though Scorpion doesn't say that when he's setting people on fire.
    Plus, I imagine a SF and MK crossover would be similar to the DC Universe one, with nerfed Fatalities.

    As for Mega Man Legends 3, that would require him knowing that the first two exist.

  20. @ BatDanNight
    Kinda weird how he was voiced by Ed Boon for years.
    Also, I wonder if he knows that Tron is in the game?

  21. SF Vs MK, one thing for sure, if the game is made in the side of MK current developers, the SF characters will not speak Japanese, but MKanese, aka Gibberish that tries to sound japanese , if you played and heard the MK games specially MK3 and the 3d games, you will know this.

  22. @Gatuca
    You mean when Raiden does "The Superman"?
    (oh the irony!)

  23. @Derek

    Yeaaaah, and Liu Kang's gibberish when he does the fireball and Bycicle Kick, as well as Sonya in MK3.

    And you know what's even more ironic, in the original SF Movie arcade game (the one that had digitized live actors), ryu doesnt yell Tatsumaksenpykuaku but....tatumarreemututuiutiaku.

  24. >> ryu doesnt yell Tatsumaksenpykuaku but....tatumarreemututuiutiaku.

    I'd disagree. In the movie game, the actor really tried to say the words, except with an American pronunciation ("shoROOken", "...-SENpuu-kYAkU") instead of the Japanese one. However, that's better than this game's Ken just yelling "DRAGON!" and "HURRICANE!"

  25. i mean, i get how gamers are all about detail and actual facts and all that shit, but don't you ever get tired of basing your entire livelihood on criticizing somebody else's work? seriously, that's all you really do. bitch about some other reviewer's synopsis of a game you've happened to play. ok, cool, i've played a lot of video games too, but you really get joy out of this? honestly, you seem like an intelligent person, why don't you get a review show out there and do it right yourself? you're wasting all this creative energy on a piece of shit hack, and the stupid irony of this whole blog is that whether or not you agree with him, the irate gamer is solely responsible for any attention you get at all. this is truth. were it not for the irate gamer, nobody would give a flying fuck about your opinion on anything. that's what you want? you want your success as a writer to be garnered on some other retard's "accomplishments"? do something else with your time, man.

    anyways, it just seems like a waste. seems like you have no other outlet. you should find one, you'll do well.

    women totally hate and are bored with all of this by the way.

    1. hi, I'm a girl and i find this blog awesome
      let's not be sexist =)

  26. @ psycho
    Tell that to Ebert.

  27. @ psycho

    so, to paraphrase...

    "IG is just a retard. You're a retard for criticizing a retard. I'm a total stud because I criticize a retard who criticizes a retard."

    BTW, "basing your entire livelihood"... do you actually think BatDan makes a living with this blog?

  28. I found the following exchange of words between the Youtube troll batdanmnmnmn and LeloniBunny on the Sony conference video:

    LeloniBunny 1 week ago:
    I hope you remembered to feed your cameraman too.

    @LeloniBunny You seem to be grasping at straws for criticism. :D

    @batdanmn What? Feeding your cameraman isn't important? *grin*

    It's not really a criticism as much as a comment on the fact that we see Chris getting to have some good stuff to eat. I was just showing concern for his cameraman too.

    Trust me, if I actually wanted to criticize, I would look for something more relevant to complain about.

    @LeloniBunny Okay. You got me. :D Nice rebuttal.

    Did that IG fanboy just admit to taking back what he said? Looks like this troll has gone soft a bit.

  29. @Blaze:

    Man, THAT would be awesome:

    Bores: "Will there be any new Pokemon?"

    *Interview has to be interrupted because the Nintendo employee can't stop laughing*

    Or he'll make an actual review of a Pokémon game and bash the series for using colors and stuff instead of numbers.


    You can't just critize a critic! You have to make better critics first :D !

  30. So two more weeks from a show that ended twenty days ago?

  31. @Psycho

    ...touche, my good sir/ma'am. Although, I'm pretty sure he just does this for his own enjoyment. doubt Bores killed his father or anything.


    Careful what you say, dude. Batdanmn and a bunch of other dudes watch the comments, judging us on our opinions. They said that I'm either a hypocrite, or I have the memory span of a goldfish. Think it was because I called Angry Joe a bad reviewer, even though I don't remember calling him a good one. And apparently my love of Heavy Metal is merely a ruse to hide my homosexuality.

  32. @Clark:

    Oh yeah, right. WHY IN THE HELL does he claim to have "exclusive news" if said news are already old Oo ?

  33. Oh no...Charlie is back again...

    Apaprently, 2600theatari has now evolved into 5200theatari!

  34. @SpaceScreaminJohn
    God damnit. Won't this kid give up?

  35. @SpaceScreamingJohn and Cody S.

    Trolls and fanboys never give up.

  36. So the Atari kid wants to become The Angry Movie Dork of all things related IG? Another reason YouTube is going down the toilet. That, and a certain video-stealing cu(#!" becoming #1 recently. -_-*

  37. The 5200 was such a flop compared to the 2600. I hope Charlie flops harder.

  38. Shadow will be in the game, as a boss actually. Also the only thing of Generations that was announced was City Escape from SA2, not Shadow. Iizuka left hints about other characters like Shadow (Tails and Knuckles as well), and Cream's Jap VA confirmed she was playing a role in the game.

    Also, I like Shadow, don't be mean. :'(

  39. >Apaprently, 2600theatari has now evolved into 5200theatari!

    Now we only need to wait till he becomes jaguartheatari and crashes miserably.

  40. @d1337r
    I wish I could thumbs up your comment.

  41. “Now we’re checking out the new Mario game for this new platform”


  42. @d1337r:

    This might take a while. But if someone would be so nice to create the usernames "7800theatari" and "XEGStheatari", we might speed up the process.

  43. Wow, Bores is a hack. Listen to this from his most recent video:

    "Only two more weeks left of IG's E3 coverage coming at ya and still some great news to uncover heard nowhere else!!"

    Two more weeks...Of stuff you could have heard the day it was announced if you actually gave a fuck. Also, heard nowhere else? He really ignores other reviewers/gaming sites then.

  44. I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally thought to myself "who the quck is Mr. Caffeine?" and Goggled it...

    Riduculous, and stupid, but still more entertaining than Irate Gamer.

  45. @Cody S.

    You gotta love how Bores treats E3 like some sort of obscure gaming event no one knows about.

  46. @Shaolin Dave:

    *Googling it too*

    Who the hell is THAT guy? Is comedian his ACTUAL JOB? It's like his jokes were written by a computer program, incapable of comprehending the very concept of humor Oo

    (But then again, Germans like me are used to incompetent comedians...)


    He himself probably never heard of E3 before GotGame sent him there for the first time. Neither do his fans, apparently...

  47. @Rafael:

    Not even in Engrish does this sound so stupid. Was that supposed to be a joke of his?

  48. @Doresh

    Since he keeps saying that, I doubt its a joke

  49. @Rafael:

    Didn't stop him from his other "hilarious" running gags...

  50. @Doresh

    Oh that damn time machine effect he does...time machines don't go "Doodly doodly doodly". They go "ptchuu" or that cool sound effect the TARDIS makes

  51. Mr. Caffeine's "Doodly doodly doodly" is a reference to Wayne's World, when they flashback they do that hand motion and make that sound.

    It was mildly amusing the first time, but got to "nut-stomping annoying" by the end.

  52. So that's what that is...yeah but he wasn't activating a flashback, but an alternate timeline sort of thing

  53. I just got some of those caffeinated Stay-Puft Marshmallows from and ate two of them right away. They got me pretty hyped up, I might do some "Doodly doodly doodly"s in a minute here.

  54. The joke worked in Wayne's World but not with Mr. Caffeine.

  55. My Facebook informant has provided an update from IG's page.
    He says there's one more week of E3 coverage, followed by a contest courtesy of Gameforge.

    Oh good, more subscriber bait.
    I looked up Gameforge, all I could find was a German developer that makes free browser-based games.

  56. Game Dude Exposed got removed >:(

  57. @ DynamiteNinja

    I'm with the crowd that believes Game Dude isn't really relevant anymore. If he were still making shitty videos like Bores, then maybe a blog about him would have a point.

    He was/is a complete douche, though. Just to make sure he was really gone for good I checked up on his YouTube activity and found his last comment posted was 8 months ago on a video titled "Woman shows face after chimp attack" in which he responded, "EEEEEEWWWWWWW kill her."

  58. @Bahamut:

    It worked because there was an actualy flashback screen effect. And Mr. Caffeine probably never heard of Dr. Who.

    @Shaolin Dave:

    Why can't Bores vanish so simple?

  59. @Shaolin Dave:

    Wait wait wait wait! The host of OGame (one of the most popular browser games in Germany - at least a few years ago; don't really care about that market) works together with Bores Oo ?!

    I can only assume they don't know who he is and think his badshit insane self-promotion is true.

  60. Ugh, that bill isn't going to pass.
    There have been bills like it before, this will be shot down like the rest of them.

  61. @BatDan

    I know. I don't think it will pass either.

  62. Kinda reminds me of the German government's failed plan to fight against child pornography via stop signs instead of, you know, TRYING TO SHUT THE SITES DOWN. Cause as long as you can make dumb people believe that you're actually fighting child pornography, it doesn't matter if you actually DO shit.

    Politicians: No f*cking clue how the internet works.

  63. @Shaolin Dave:

    Their plan was to block those sites for German internet users and show a site with a giant stop sign instead (with some warnings on it).
    This idea was stupid for 3 reasons:

    1. It would've been the first case of internet censorship in Germany. Plus, the relevant authories could've blocked just about any site without justification.

    2. You could've easily circumvented the stop signs if you wanted to. Proxies, anyone?

    3. The plan basically amounted to "As long as our pedos have a slightly harder time getting to their kiddie porn, we don't care if kids are still getting abused in the intarwebz. It's so much more convenient than trying to shut the sites down and get the ones responsible into jail. Durr!"

  64. Go to this link

    Tl;dr: Sadly, we're finished guys :(


  66. @DynamiteNinja
    No. We are not. Stop overreacting.

  67. @Charlie

    Ear raping =/= Funny.

    And pfft... 0 likes. Please get out of the internet.

  68. Did you go to the link and read what was on there?

  69. So... Charlie deleted his channel? That was quick.

  70. @Arthur
    Give him a month.
    By the way, I went to Anime Expo.

  71. @Derek

    Why can't there be cool stuff like that here in Rio? T.T


  72. @Derek
    Key:number of letters before space
    2 3 7 5 4 2 4 6 1 3 2 8 4 7 5 5 2 3 9 1 3 2 4 8 3 4 3 6 5 3 4 1 7 5 1 4 5 3 1 5 3 5 9 2 6 4 5 3 1 3 6

  73. @ Charlie

    I was going to watch the video and give you some honest feedback, seems to already be gone though.

  74. @Shaolin Dave

    His account got deleted. That was fairly quick, to be honest.

  75. @Arthur Arneiro:

    Maybe he can't wait to get to jaguartheatari?

  76. @Doresh

    More likely his mum caught him making videos again and made him delete it or she would ground him.

    Mum:"Charles Charlington I thought I told you to stop making these fail Troll blogs?"

    Charlie: "But Mum Batdans being mean to the Irate Gamer"

    Mum: "Well the Irate Gamer shouldn't make reviews of games without knowing what the fuck he is talking about. Now stop brining disgrace to the Charlington name"

  77. @Clark

    Damn, I'm calling him "Charlington", now! XD

  78. Anyone who's a fan of Portal 2 should check out this video...

  79. @Clark:

    I would've prefered Charles Charleston XD !

  80. Batdan, Chris Bores blocked me from posting comments on his youtube videos. I barely said anything negative about him. I am curious how you have been able to continue to post on his videos without being blocked?

  81. I don't. I've been blocked too.

  82. ^He has stated several times he has other people subscribed to Bores who ARE allowed to see the page and post comments who transfer the information to BatDan. It's like a ring of secret agents... awesome stuff!

  83. Er... ninja'd and proven wrong. I thought you had other people looking at his Twitter account or what have you... guess I was wrong. :-/

  84. I do have informants on his Facebook and Twitter.

  85. Somebody else must be monitoring video comments on Chris Bores. I can't see him doing it himself. There is someone named Batdanmn who is commenting a lot on Chris Bores E3 coverage. All I said on one of Chris Bores's E3 coverage videos is, "Chris Bores tries, but he fails" and that got me banned. When Chris Bores made that stupid Ubisoft blowing up video I said that was awful and I need a shower after watching that. That's all I said!

  86. I've been banned for saying less than that, apparently I can still PM him.
    Bores apparently has a few people reading his messages and responding on his behalf.
    he barely spends any time on his videos, you'd think he'd have time to deal with his own damn hate mail.

  87. Heh, surprisingly I haven't been blocked yet.
    I also surprisingly don't catch the attention of his fanboys or Batdanmn, only LadyBuggin777.

  88. Speaking of Batdanmn, why does he put "ITT:" at the start of every comment he makes? What does "ITT" even mean?

  89. In The Topic. So putting that there makes no sense.

  90. so, off topic question. What does everybody here think about the Casey Anthony verdict?

  91. in "Brad and Phelan Try Grass Jelly", Phleous calls the painting in his room a "piece of cowabunga sheit" and Brad says, "face it, Grass Jelly breakfast is ruined!"

    Bores references are becoming more and more commonplace. I think James is the only reviewer who doesn't openly mock him.

  92. @Shaolin Dave:

    Didn't he once said he ignores Bores' existance because Bores ignores his? That's about the right attitude IMO. The other reviewers like Linkara or Brad don't review old video games like those two do, so they don't risk useless fanboy flame wars about who is better or who ripped whom off.

  93. In regards to Casey Anthony, I have no say in the verdict and have no opinion thereof. Unless, you are affiliated with her, you shouldn't either. I have no idea why this was on national news non-stop for EVER, heck it's still on there, none of this affects me. Even if she didn't and was ruled not guilty, I'm not affected in the slightest.

  94. @ Slow

    When the justice system fails, it affects us all. You might not have affiliations yet, but you'll be surprised what people are capable of. People in your neighborhood, and people you think you know (I speak from experience on both counts)

    @ Doresh

    Yes, James said that at a Q&A and some con. Unfortunately a lot of people still insist on asking him about IG (either because they don't know or they're just too persistent) and he's really gotten annoyed with it.
    In his position, I don't think I'd have the willpower to ignore Bores. When people plagiarize me, I call them out on it.

    @ Everyone

    Another off-subject... sorry. Anyone who hasn't played the Penny-Arcade games, "On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness", should buy them on Steam. They are $1.30 each, or both for $1.80. Hell, I wouldn't mind buying them for some of the blog followers, just to get this criminally underrated game some recognition.
    The sale is only for the next few days.

  95. I love hiw Bores says in the description for his 3DS games video that after E3 it'll be back to our "regularly scheduled programming." That's just, to steal a term from him, mind-baffling.

  96. "Another off-subject... sorry. Anyone who hasn't played the Penny-Arcade games, "On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness", should buy them on Steam. They are $1.30 each, or both for $1.80. Hell, I wouldn't mind buying them for some of the blog followers, just to get this criminally underrated game some recognition.
    The sale is only for the next few days."

    What's the point in buying them, they won't finish off the story cause they flopped so I don't see the point in buying a series of games that have an imcomplete storyline

  97. @ Keith

    "regularly-scheduled".... I didn't realized "whenever the fuck I feel like it" was a "schedule".

    @ Invisible Crane

    The first two episodes are still really good. They finished on a huge cliffhanger, but if you want to know how the story ends they published it as a short story on the website.

  98. @ Shaolin Dave

    His definition of timetable is that thing they made him memorize in 3rd grade math class, so it should come as no surprise he deems that a schedule.

  99. @ Keith

    He doesn't know what a schedule is, he doesn't know the difference between a predecessor and successor, he doesn't know what a muscle is... motherfucker doesn't know shit about shit.

    oh hey, there's a new post!

  100. I think Shadow still divides the fans. Some hate him and some other love him

    I generally dislike him, but like Sonic, when a good writer is making his dialogs, he can work as a character sometimes.