Monday, December 12, 2011

Informative Tidbits

You ever wonder how many subscribers a YouTube user gains or loses in a day? How about a month? Well, thanks to the site SocialBlade you can find out!

Looking up the Irate Gamer's stats is... pretty telling.
Earlier this month, YouTube had a redesign. It sucks. Along with this, they did an account purge. Inactive and suspended/closed accounts have been deleted and a multitude of YouTube users lost subscribers. Including IG, losing over 100 subscribers. This may not seem like much but considering his fairly slow growth rate (he NEVER gets more than 60 subscribers a day) that's saying a lot.
Considering he was one of the first YouTube partners, having a cushy spot on the front page next to WhatTheBuck and smosh, it says a lot that he barely gets subscribers now.

However, the purge is long over and he's still losing subscribers. These look to be genuine unsubs. Sounds like people are finally tired of his slow schedule, lack of content, and overuse of contests. I can't blame them.

That's not all I wanted to discuss.
IG does not have a title card artist. Well, he has Drew but he's not consistent. He only did like... three? All the other title cards were made by Bores himself. Nowadays he doesn't even bother making them.

I learned from a source that wishes to stay anonymous (they also gave me the above info about SocialBlade) that fans on deviantArt have actually offered to make title cards for him, even sending them to Chris. He even accepted them, only for the fans to get burned when the title cards were never used at all. In fact, that seems to be common.
BigAl2k6 said in a vlog that he was friendly with Bores and even sent him footage to use for the show as a Gaming Expert. As you can tell, this footage was never used in the show. It sounds like Bores often has people do things but never puts them in his videos.
In fact, he turns down help a lot. Guru Larry has publicly said on Twitter that he's offered to help him proofread his scripts and point out any inaccuracies, but Bores declined.

I have no idea why Bores declines outside help so much. It may actually benefit him.

According to my Facebook informant, Bores says the next couple of videos he's planning are History of Video Games episodes, further delaying his stupid storyline. So, not only will his History of Video Games series never end, his plot with the Shadow Overlord will never end either. I sense more broken promises. Just like Deadly Towers, the NES Simpsons games, Need for Speed Undercover, Castlevania, and the return of the Genie.

That's all for now.


  1. I can understand him declining Guru Larry's help (after all, Bores is always right *nudge nudge* !), but why not use material generously offered by other people?

    And why do you think he won't find a way to put his storyline into his HoVG series? Didn't he do that before?

  2. Speaking of material from other people, did you get an e-mail back from ClevverGames on the stolen "Arkham City" footage?

    I have a feeling they'll wait until the review is on YouTube.

  3. They told me that it's up to Warner Bros since the footage belongs to them, and after watching the video it could have been taken from anyone.

    Something feels off about that...

  4. His subscriber growth is the YouTube equivalent of running up a down escalator.

  5. @Doresh
    He has, but it only made things confusing. Like how he had his Odyssey back after it was reportedly stolen. Then again, the RoboCop video showed it in the background... but that was likely Bores not giving a shit.

  6. About SocialBlade, man, that name generator is fun to use.

  7. IG just released another contest video. This time he's giving away 2 prizes: the first is volume 3 of his "DVD" and the other is some game I've never heard of called Rocketbirds Hardboiled chicken. Chris says he likes it, which makes sense since he likes things relating to food.

  8. Actually, he said he didn't play it, just that it looks cool.

    Once again, how desperate is your company that you have to rely on the Irate Gamer to give free copies of your game?

    Hold on, 2 or 3 episodes? PLAN! YOUR! STUFF! Don't wing it!

  9. The title of contest video says something about the Irate Gamer shirt, but there is no mention of it in the video.

    "Contest Video - Game giveaway and IG shirt"

  10. It seems that Chris Bores has forgotten the words of Stu Pickles of Rugrats:

    "If a promise you don't keep, it will haunt you in your sleep. And as you lie beneath your quilt, you will have a conscience full of guilt."

  11. So, he didn't forgot about HOVG after all. You know, if he hadn't waste so much money buying 80s crap for I Rate the 80s, he could have finished making the next HOVG episode MONTHS ago.

  12. @BatDanNight:

    When did he ever care about NOT making his reviews confusing?

    And maybe he's telling his epic storyline in a non-linear way XD ?!

  13. @ BatDanNight

    Is there any reason to believe that the game creators actually asked Bores to promote their games for them. I'm guessing one of the following happened...

    1) He got the game on sale and thought "I can buy that for real cheap and use it for a contest video!"
    2) He got the game for free from some promotion, or as a gift from one of his fans, and thought "I can just regift this to a friend and make a contest video to accompany it!"

  14. @Shaolin Dave

    Dunno my brother works as a game buyer and apparently the markets not doing too well at the moment. Stuff like Deus-Ex is already half the price it was, Arkham City hasn't sold that well in the UK (weirdly) so that will be dropping in price soon too. The chain Game's shares dropped down to about 5p a share a few weeks ago. Maybe the companies are just desperate enough to reach out to anyone with a presence online for advertising.

  15. Not to mention things like Kinect and especially Move not doing as well as hoped.

  16. @Clark:

    And don't forget that release titles look more and more like beta versions. The next video game industry crash is coming, I tell ya :-(

  17. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is a Playstation NETWORK game. Thus, it's only available through downloads. Meaning the company gave him download codes to give away. Thus, how pathetic is your company that you have to rely on the Irate Gamer to give away free copies of your game?

  18. Well, let's look at the plus side. At least he's better than NC17Productions, but that's not saying much. He still sucks as game reviewing.

  19. @Shaolin Dave

    I think it was GotGame who got hold of the download code and decided to give Bores the responsibility to host the contest because, you know...he is SO experienced at it. I doubt Ratloop went to Bores directly.

  20. I'd like to think he got the download codes from GotGame because he realized that giving away his own crappy merchandise wasn't profitable, so he went to his sponsor site for some freebies for him to give away, and there you have it. Nobody at GotGame did any reviews of those games, so it's likely he just got the download codes the companies gave to GotGame as review copies they never intended to review.

  21. What I'm saying is that it's less likely that the game companies asked Bores for help, and more likely that Bores acquired the codes himself.

    I could hold a contest on this blog to give away a download code for games on steam, because I still have some unused download codes and extra copies going unused. I can't remember how I got them, but I do know that at no time did valve or hothead games say "we need this 'Shaolin Dave' guy to help us sell games!"

  22. Actually, listening to the contest video again he said it was the developers of the game that sent him the download codes.

    Once again, how pathetic is your company that you have to rely on the Irate Gamer to give away copies of your game?

  23. @ Batdan

    Yeah, that's pretty pathetic, considering how Bores is notorious for not knowing what makes a good game. I can only figure that the games suck to much to enrust to a real reviewer, or all the real reviewers turned them down.

  24. @Shaolin Dave
    To be fair, maybe their marketing team just sucks.

  25. @BatDan

    Well, it is a mere speculation as I do not know how Bores really acquired the code but he did not outright say Ratloop gave it him. He only thanked "the developers for providing the Rocketbirds game for the fans." If there is any truth to this comment, it would imply the Bores did not purchase the game himself, however, that does not necessarily mean Ratloop gave the code to Bores directly for him to give away.

  26. Man, SocialBlade is fun. I was asking for a YouTube stats thing a while back--glad one was found.

    It's especially fun seeing how much money YouTube partners earn. Rebecca Black gets $300 to $3,000 a day.

  27. I've been reading this blog for a long while. I'm actually amazed at the amount dedication and effort put into it. This is not a comment attacking the site, I promote freedom of speech and all of that other good stuff. Just wanted to finally post a comment after such a long time. ^__^ DatBoiDrew

  28. @ Dat Boi Drew

    Welcome to the conversation.

    Yeah, it's funny how this blog has more dedication and effort than all of Bores's shows put together. For a while, it also showed up first under Google searches for "Irate Gamer" (I think that stopped during the short hiatus, so it's only a matter of time before it happens again.)

  29. I remember the time I was subscribed to the guy... I don't know how I used to find him funny, though. I don't even need to see his videos to know that he fails, reading this blog is all I need.
    Thanks, BatDan, for putting yourself through this thing so others don't have to.

  30. @Shaolin Dave:

    We can blame Bores for that. If he wouldn't be so lazy, this blog would have a far more frequent stream of material XD

  31. Is it me or did Doug and Linkara not upload a video this week?

  32. @Arthur

    Check Linkara's Blog for the new AT4W episode. As for the NC video, check the Blip TV channel. Maybe it's there.

    The TGWTG website has been having problems because of a DDoS attack

  33. Of course Bores can't accept help! Then he'd have to give credit for said help! CREDIT!

  34. @DatBoiDrew
    Hi Drew. While you may not agree with what I say, I'm glad you're willing to read it without dismissing my thoughts as "propaganda" or "fanboyism". Thank you.

    @Shaolin Dave
    I checked and I'm still one of the first results now. Don't worry.

    You're quite welcome.

    As Rafael said, check Linkara's blog or Blip channel for his newest episode.
    As for the new NC, it's not out yet. Doug was hit with a massive computer virus so it's been delayed.

  35. @SiFi270
    ... That makes so much sense it hurts.

    My Facebook informant has given me a couple of updates.
    In one, Bores mentioned E3 is six months away and he's cursing companies for keeping secrets.
    Oh no, companies keeping secrets? God forbid they do that! Also, it's six months away why do you care now? Oh right, it's the only conventions he's allowed in.

    The other update was a big one, so big it had to be screencapped.

    Other decades? That's going to be painful. "I Rate the 60s" can you imagine how bad this will be?

    Evolved? Into what? A kid's show with a terrible storyline? Also, your storyline steals so many things from Linkara, just because you aren't stealing from James Rolfe doesn't mean you're original. Besides, most people have moved on from "AVGN rip-off" and call you out for... every other problem you have.
    You're still a terrible writer, you know nothing about games, you fail at research... again nothing to do with the AVGN.

    And don't give me that "I haven't watched him since 2008" crap. Wait, that contradicts a statement you said in 2009 that you haven't watched him in two years. 2009 - 2 = 2007. Piling on the lies.

    "a few references" References? Is that why you deleted comments and blocked the users pointing them out?

  36. @BatDanNight
    It seems Bores is quite familiar with number 4 on this list:

  37. @BatDanNight:

    Does HD now qualify as "evolving" Oo ?

  38. I'm sorry, Bores. Your show has not evolved into anything. In fact, its feels like its gotten worse since it started.

    Anyone else feel like he saw an episode of Atop The Fourth Wall and thought "Hey, I can do that"? Again, I'm sorry, Bores, but Linkara does is soooo much better then you will ever do.

  39. Bores was making worse version's of Linkara's stuff since before Linkara was created. Back to the Past's 90's Kid, anyone?

  40. you have to stop correcting him
    like his batman review you go on to name things he missed
    what you really got to do is make fun of his horrid style of reviewing games
    he doesnt even know how
    all he seems to do is list features and characters as if hes reading a wikipedia page he never comments on gameplay controls and all the things that makes games fun in the first place not to mention comparing games to other high quality games found in the same genre
    the dude is a complete hack
    him reviewing a game is like a plumber doing brain surgery hes just not qualified bores is the biggest tool ive ever seen
    its sad that hes like 35 playing with toys and making terrible game reviews
    i would be ashamed of the legacy im leaving behind i dont think he has any children or even a wife because he went out with that retarded ghosthunter chick and they broke up the man is incredibly pathetic
    he will forever be known as the poor man's james rolfe that is pretty sad i almost feel bad for him but i dont because i hate his fuckin guts could you believe he is 35 he acts like a fucking 15 year old and he has no fucking real life skills his grammar is pathetic and hes just a big lie
    hes not a gamer he just pretends to be
    the guy seriously needs to grow the fuck up
    also breakfast rants LOL what a piece of shit
    like all his other videos its also a rip off of james and devoid of any fucking humor his fanbase must be people dumber than him who just laugh at the retard swearing and using terrible special effect running gags that suck and are just a second rate version of anything rolfe does
    anyone agree that we are dealing with a sad sad man?

  41. @ the truth

    was that all one big question?

  42. Hey Dan, About the Comment you made regarding the youtube accounts, i seriously doubt that youtube will actually purge accounts that had no videos or became abandoned.

    I know one of bigal2k6's accounts that is still active (Bigalforever2k6) and that one hasnt had an activity since August 2009, and by that i meant that he hasnt logged into that account since then.

  43. Heck, Mattimeo's Account (the creator of the Megaman Short Megaman Back in Action (Done on conmemoration of Megaman 9 release) is still up, AND HE HASNT BEEN LOGGED SINCE 2008 (YT says he hasnt logged since 2006, but is a glitch, since the Back in Action video was made like i said, when Megaman 9 was gonna be released).

    And Knowing How Youtube Manage themselves, i bet they are not doing what they should do in the 1st place.

  44. @the truth:

    The problem is: If he can't even admit to have gotten easily-checked facts wrong (he just claims the respective sources are "not trustworthy"), why would he ever admit that his review style needs work?

    He hasn't improved one bit over all those years he's been doing this. If you check audio commentaries of older episodes from people like Spoony or Linkara, you'll usually hear them talk about how embarrassed they are about the old stuff, what they did wrong back then and how they improved over time. There aren't actually all that many reviews they are completely satisfied with, and that's a good thing: They're always looking for ways to improve their reviews.

    Bores on the other hand seems to be perfectly fine with his style. The only flaw of his older episodes (in his mind) seems to be the lack of HD...

  45. @Doresh
    Step 1: Buy HD camera.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit!

  46. So Bores is Chef Idiot. It all makes sense now!

  47. I dunno. Bores has admitted a few times (in his 200th episode, for example) that he didn't really know what he was doing back when he started, and that his earlier works didn't distinguish themselves from the all the other reviewers flooding YouTube.

    That doesn't change the fact that the volume of work he puts out on a regular basis has decreased sharply ever since 2009, and a lot of more recent videos are exceptionally lazy, so heaven knows how he can feel that his work has improved after all this time.

  48. I'm thinking of starting a show where I interview a local game store owner about video game history. This guy probably knows less than Bores.

    Did you know that Mario's creator is arabic? That's why Mario wore a turban everywhere except the US back in the Donkey Kong / SMB days.

    Oh, and the Nintendo 64 wasn't actually the first 64-bit system like most people believe, nor was the Jaguar. The Commodore-64 claims that title.

  49. @John Pannozzi
    Just because you admit that your older works sucked doesn't ensure that your current ones are any better. But I guess after watching other internet celebrities acknowledge their early shortcomings, Bores figured he could do the same thing and get the same results. So basically the same logical fallacy he applies to everything else he does.

  50. Couple of updates from my Facebook informant.

    IG is working on the script for the next History of Video Games. It will cover everything up to the end of 1977, before the 2600/VCS came out.
    Good fucking lord pick up the pace! This isn't how you do a documentary! You'll be dead by the time you get to the Sega Saturn. End! This! Series! It's embarrassing.

    The other... wow.
    Bores says the Wii U doesn't look good and he understands how investors feel. Where do I begin?
    Why do you suddenly care what stock investors think? Are you trying to sound smart? Because it's not working.
    Didn't you say the Wii U was awesome at E3? Where did this sudden change of heart come from? Are you contradicting yourself yet again?
    And where the fuck did this comment even come from? Wii U news has been minimal since the E3 reveal. What exactly prompted this?

    What's worse are the fans that are agreeing with him, saying it's a flop. I'm scratching my head wondering how they know this because IT HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET!

    Chris, you know nothing! Shut. Up.

  51. @BatDanNight
    Bashing a system that hasn't com out yet? Dear gourd, Bores gets more idiotic by the day, doesn't he? Keep it to the IGN message boards, jackass.

    Personally, I'm hoping the Wii U will be awesome. I actually like the look of the new controller (though I obviously haven't held one yet, but neither have any of the naysayers) and I'd really like to see what Nintendo can do with HD (not being a graphics whore, I just think that with how good they've made games on the Wii look, I can only imagine what they could do with a stronger system). I'll admit, the big N did kinda drop the ball with the 3DS launch, but they're really picking up the slack in that department and they seem to have learned their lesson. I'm really to bet that at E3 next year, they'll announce at least one AAA first party game for launch, as well as some future projects. Hopefully when this happens, GotGame will have acquired the sense to not send Bores again. But if they don't, I would be surprised if the two-faced asshat didn't see what Nintendo has to offer and say "dis luks awsum".

  52. I hope it could be used in Zelda as the Lens of Truth or an inventory screen or even beacons like in Skyward Sword!

  53. I'll wait till the Wii U comes out to give my judgement, thank you very much Bores.

  54. The Archfield basically denounced AVGN and hopes his film will fail. I'm not going to needlessly bash Archfield or anything, but he comes off as way off-base.

    And here's the correspondence between Archfiend and Mike Matei mentioned in the video, interesting Mike comes off as quite honest and good-natured about everything, which only makes me wonder Archfield called Mike a jerk.:

  55. Oh, and regarding the Wii U, I'm looking forward to it, but it sounds like there's some serious bugs that need to worked out (perhaps this is what Bores was referring to):

  56. @John Pannozzi
    Well, bear in mind that said article was a rumor posted in September. Considering that they probably won't launch until closer to Holiday time next year, it's really not much to worry about. I'm pretty sure Nintendo is more than capable of working out a few bugs in a year's time.

    Also, something tells me Bores didn't even put in as much research into the issue as anyone here did after his reading his idiotic Facebook post. I wouldn't be surprised if he were just trying to impress people by jumping on the anti-Nintendo bandwagon. Like I said, he's nothing more than a two-faced dickhead.

  57. @John Pannozzi
    And speaking of two-faced dickheads, I've already seen Archfiend's commentary on the AVGN movie, but having just read his e-mail exchange with Mike, I also can't understand his animosity towards either him or James. In the conversation between the two of them, they both seemed mostly polite. There closest either got to being remotely rude was when talking about their respective beliefs regarding the whole "selling of merch" issue, but I can sort of understand that. After all, everyone has their own moral code to live by, and it's natural to be a tad gung-ho about it. Mike even said that he liked AF's idea about having giveaways for some of the merch. It just confounds me, then, how AF could turn around and make such a rude video. Now, discussing how their business practices aren't entirely kosher by your own standards and ideals is one thing (I personally side with Mike and James on the whole issue, but to each their own), but as the video goes on, it just seems like less of a proper analysis of the morality of the situation, and more of a personal attack on Mike and especially on James. He starts by declaring his own disdain for the recent AVGN episodes, which seems like it should be mostly irrelevant to an objective argument. But the end of the video was what really upset me. He concludes it by calling James a "greedy piece of shit", declaring his hope that his film fails, and even pulls the "Irate Gamer did it first" card.
    And what bothers me the most is that, as we've established, he's more than capable of contacting Mike, and by extension James, by e-mail. Yet he didn't even have the balls to tell either of them what he really thought directly, instead running to his fanbase on Youtube, where he's guaranteed at least some degree of positive response. Not only that, he has the gall to insist in said video that he is, roughly paraphrasing here, "never afraid to speak his mind", when in reality he'll only do so for those who'll continue to put bread in his jar regardless. He's proven that he's nothing more than a dirty coward, and that's one thing that doesn't sit well at all with MY moral code.

    Sorry about the long-winded Archfiend rant. I'll try to make my next long comment about Bores.

  58. G4 said that although Skyward Sword won the deathmatch, it was only because of the "angry fanboys".

  59. My God, I Lost Respect for the Archfiend, he came off a VERY VERY BIAS and Personal Mean Spirited.

    Now in Before Asalieri makes a comment or video Following him like Sheep.

  60. What business is it of the Archfiends what James does with the AVGN movie?

    If he wants the moral high-ground shouldn't he disable the ads that play before his video claiming someone is a a sellout?

  61. TheArchfiend is a Youtube whore, plain and simple. Why do you think he keeps bashing YT celebrities all the time and rambling about random trendy shit ?

  62. Archdouche criticizes other partners for how they use the money they earn from their videos, whereas he doesn't acknowledge his own self-serving contests wherein he brags about how much money he has and how fortunate we are that he's giving back to us lowly peasants. Seriously, fuck that elitist shithead. He may hit targets that we agree with (Bores, et. al.) but he's only doing it to get the spotlight on himself - he doesn't give two fucks who Bores is scamming.

  63. If you want to make an independent movie you have to ask for money, if you are making a movie involving a character with an existing fanbase why wouldn't you check to see if they can help you?

    People donating money have a choice on whether they do so. I for one don't really want to see the AVGN stretched beyond its 15-20 minute review format so while I will continue to watch the Angry Video Game Nerd show Im not going to contribute to the movie and feel no pressure to do so from anyone.

  64. Truly if there is evil in this world,
    it lies within the heart of mankind.

    -Edward D. Morrison

  65. @Batdannight
    who gives a shit about linkara? mens assholes like you

  66. @Charlie

    I know you're a mentally disturbed little kid but it doesn't justifies you, really. Kids at your age, including challenged ones don't use foul language and know how to respect different opinions and how to to explain themselves without throwing da poop everywhere. You are simply unable to achieve such standards, and you never will mostly because your parents are obvious ignorant fossils, not giving a damn crap on teaching you a basic behaviour towards others.

    They're probably too busy spawning another dumbshit brat like you anyway.

    Lemme tell you this, when you grow up (physically, because mentally you will always stay the same) the life WILL kick you in the butt. You demand respect and ask people to "leave you alone", yet you're still keep coming back here, throwing your poop around like a retarded monkey and you expect us to do what? To start respecting your demented antics? You're only lucky because you're
    still a kid, but when you grow up people will be kicking your ass instantly like there's no tomorrow. You are, and always will be a big time retard. And i can predict your response, you will probably say something like "go choke on some black dick hur hur". Your posts are pretty much the same so i
    expect nothing else from ya' this time as well.

  67. You know, he's just going to keep coming back until we truly ignore him, like everybody keeps trying to say. How about we just don't ever reply to him anymore. Treat him like he isn't there. Until then, he's going too continue to troll. Can we please just ignore him? It's like telling an ostrich to fly, regardless of the fact that it never will.

  68. And, on a lighter note, Kim Jong-il died.

  69. Just looked at his Facebook post about the next HOVG episode. Sweet merciful Christ, he's not even going to cover the Atari 2600 in this one? He IS going to be at this forever, isn't he? Honestly, this may be the first historical documentary I've seen that's happened slower than the history that it's covering.

  70. I just took a look at Bores Facebook post about the Wii U. I love how all of his fanboys have already tried out the system.

  71. @dynaboyj

    It's not good news. Kim Jong-il will be replaced by his son (28 yrs old) who will, most probably push their nuclear aramament forward to demonstrate his power, making North Korea a bigger threat.

  72. Kim Jong Il is dead. Homefront anyone?

  73. @walter22

    I heard he was getting replaced by Kim Jong Getting-Better... #BaDumTish#

  74. @fattoler

    NK was about to tone their Nuclear Garbage Disposal production down to become a somewhat more stable country, yet (oh the irony)Da Boss is dead and replaced with his "sonee". For me it's just swapping one madman for another, yet the previous one was possible to predict. What his "sonee" will do we can only guess. I think he will start off like a good young dictator: by showing his powa to the rest of the world. But that's just me ;)

  75. @waltern22

    For some reason I have an urge to play Mercenaries on my PS2...

  76. @lordlaharl:

    That way, he'll never run out of stuff to make videos about XD !


    I don't think he'll push North Korea's nuclear armament forward. They already have an unspecificed amount of nuclear warheads, AND they are BFF with China. Just one of these facts guarantees that the rest of the world leaves them alone.

  77. fuck you batdan, you suck, this blog is a piece of shit

  78. All this time I thought it was Kim Jong the Second.

  79. So, have I missed something in the past few days?


    So I saw Doug's The Grinch review yesterday. I found it to be a very good one. Reminded me of last year's AVGN Christmas special.

    And hi there, Charlie! I have to say, you were being more succesful when you weren't being downright obnoxious, but hey, that's just me!

  80. I thought Kim Jong had alreadt left most of the decisions to his son for the last few years due to ill (not a pun) health?

  81. Nothing really. Chris hasn't uploaded anything since the Kinnikuman video and a contest video. I doubt he'll do anything for the rest of the year so I'll get to work on the Top 10 Worst Moments.

  82. I'm really looking forward to the top 10 worst moments of 2011. Seeing everything that IG has put out through out the year, I think this will be a very interesting read.

  83. Just finished watching Marley & Me. Great movie, for those who haven't watched it yet.