Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Want Your Thoughts In The Year End Post?

2011 is coming to a close, meaning my annual "Worst IG Moments" list is on its way. However, I want to try something different this year. I want you, the readers, to give your thoughts.

What is your worst Irate Gamer moment of 2011? Tell me and I'll include it.
Just post a comment or drop me an e-mail at along with the name you want to be called.

1. Please be specific. Don't say "Everything he does". It can be a moment, a series of moments (running jokes), or an entire video(s), but it can't be "everything".
2. It has to be from 2011. No Aladdin, no 3-in-1, and no Harmony of Despair (even if the YouTube version went up in 2011, it was originally a 2010 video).

The deadline is December 31st.
Have fun.

EDIT: I should mention this is YOUR personal opinion. They will be shown after my list.


  1. I'd recommend his "Video Game Roundup" for at least a number 3 spot. That video was abysmal.

  2. @Cody S.
    This isn't about recommending to me, this is all your personal opinion.

  3. I have to say his whole He-Man video game review is probably one of the worst things this year. It was barely even a review, and the whole Chris being the chosen one thing, it screams Mary Sue.

    Also, when Chris blew up Ubisoft because he couldn't get into there press conference.

  4. Here's a couple:

    1. Bringing back I Rate the 80s. Yeah, I know a lot of us liked it at first seeing as the stuff he covered at least seemed interesting. But then it starts to get really bad after his reviews for He-man, Madballs, and Kinnikuman.

    2. His Kirby Epic Yarn review. The way he bashes the game claiming that it's for "little kids" and that it's too easy. Granted, I personally didn't like Epic Yarn either, but Bores' reasons were just really terrible.

    3. Releasing new Irate Gamer DVDs, T-shirts, and even mousepads. Yes, just when we thought that there was never going to be another volume on DVD, he gets volumes 2 and 3 released during the summer. Not only that, but he also redesigned his t-shirt to some vomit-looking background and a mousepad that looks the same as the t-shirt. Let's also not forget about the fact that he's been holding more contests where he gives away his merchandise.

  5. @blueluigi:

    I agree with your number 2 choice. His "review" of Kirby's Epic Yarn was absolutely terrible. I haven't played the game myself, but it looks very cool and fun.

    My other choice would be when he said that he wanted a gritty Zelda game in his Top 5 E3 2011 Disappointments, saying Nintendo needs to make a Zelda game for adults. That just seemed stupid to me.

  6. I'd have to say it was the "Review Roundup/Rundown". I find it hard to imagine he could find any way to out-lazy himself after making that piece of crap. Pure, concentrated lack of effort.

    On a side note, anyone here watch "Super Smash Bros. Lawl" on Youtube? Even if you don't, I'd imagine everyone here is bound to get a kick out of this one:

  7. I was angry when Chris said that Sonic Colors didn't add any special gameplay elements, meanwhile he also said in his Sonic Unleashed review that Sega should have stuck with the original formula. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the hypocrisy makes me think he based his entire review off

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  9. His "blowing up Ubisoft" video. The first 40 seconds had me in agony as he complained, with his usual air of smug arrogance, that Ubisoft won't let him in. Then to end the video, he decides that the perfect way to cope with not having access to one of many conferences at E3 is to blow up the "Ubisoft" building with another of his stupid stock effects. This video reminds me of why I despise this guy. It reeks of his ego and self-importance and its telling that how he handles rejection is to make a video that amounts to "You're not better than me! YOU'RE NOT! I'm important! I'm the Irate Gamer!"

  10. - His re-branding into Irate Entertainment really stands out as one of his dumbest moves. He did it ostensibly to show that he was taking a renewed focus in his video production. That was back in September. Since the rebranding, he has produced three Irate the eBay Purchases, two IG Neo videos and one IG episode. He produced more contest videos in that span of time than actual content.

    - Contest video abuse. As has been said before, his contests are obvious traps to boost his subscriber base and get views in the cheapest way possible. His attempt at making it a weekly event was viewed with disdain, but he lost steam a month later and made it bi-weekly. He couldn't even keep up with THAT, as he went three weeks in between his last two contest videos. Pathetic.

    - The pacing of Irate Gamer. He reboots his show with his epic storyline last year. Fine. Seven months pass before we see a follow-up to it, and it was a game he already reviewed. He managed to crank out two more videos, amazingly, but they turned out to be the most anticlimactic battle imaginable and an abrupt genre shift from robots to swords and sorcery. He hit the reset button on his own storyline on the fourth episode. That's hack writing at its worst.

  11. Oh, and here's another one. Announcing the Haunted Investigators revival. It's already enough that he's still taking the series seriously, but now he's planning on reviving it. Plus, knowing how Bores is right now, he might get too lazy to work on it during 2012.

  12. I'm not sure this counts since it didn't get started this year, but I want to nominate including a stupid good vs. evil plot in his videos (especially that he casts himself as good). In my opinion that generally doesn't work that well in the first place unless it's just having a character around for the reviewer to volley criticisms off, but IG's is predictable even worse. He's fighting the most generic bad guy possible, whose robot army's defeated without IG having to get up from his stupid Robocop review, and the pacing's just been awful. Although as has been said probably the worst thing about it is him feeding his ego even more by casting himself as some kind of legendary Chosen One who's the only person who can defeat Boring McOverlord.

    What am I saying? I'm obviously just jealous of his talent.

  13. His review of Kirby's Epic Yarn is at the top of my list. Whilst his research and pacing in the review is his usual low standard, it's not quite as bad as other examples.

    What really annoys me about the review is the repetitive jokes that aren't funny, hypocritical criticisms that make no sense (the game is too easy, they're too many bonus levels) and the fact he hates the game for all the wrong reasons. I do admit that the game has flaws, but even if they were addressed in the review they were not explored at all.

    Close runners up are his feedback on Skyward Sword (clunky controls, God Of War Zelda, are you fucking high?) and his Video Game Rundown just for their sheer laziness.

  14. I personally hated his review of Kirby's Epic Yarn. The running gag was even more horrendous than usual, he complains about almost everything (to many secret levels? Seriously Bores?), and it once again proves how little he knows about Kirby, and gaming in general. Other really dumb moments in my opinion, were him starting that idiotic trailer review series (clearly just a way for him to make money), using footage of China in his Kinnikuman Video, that ego-stroking History of Video Games Interview, and the Aflac Auditions videos.

  15. Oh, forgot to mention this. Bores going to E3 was also horrendous.

  16. For me it was the mortal kombat kollection review. The update joke was pointless, blamed the game for him sucking at it, and you find out that he lied about being a mortal kombat fan

  17. Now, my personal worst moment would be the Kirby's Epic Yarn review, for everything said above. Lack of research, hypocrisy, dumb gag, etcetera.

    As for the runners-up:

    Video Game Rundown: By far his laziest video so far, and that's saying something. Just the thought that his fans will look at that garbage and say "nice vid lol" is enough to send chills down my spine.

    Him flip-flopping on his own story arc: OK, so there's a robot attack on the city, IG sends ROB after them, and... Magic swords? Chosen one? Am I watching the right video?

    I would point out more stuff, as Bores' garbage arsenal is infinite, but it's not coming to my mind right now.


    Hey, I'm subscribed to Chincherrinas! Glad to see someone else knows about him!

  18. My picks

    1.I irate the 80's He-man. He doesn't seem to know much about the history. He didn't even bother to mention that it was originally suppose to be based on Conan the Barbarian. He call the toy line He-man instead of Masters of the Universe, don't know who a friend or foe, call the Horde She-ra's villains, they was her villain on the cartoon.
    She-ra main villain for the Princess of Power was Catra.

    2.The Kinnikuman review, this was even worst, He should now that anime was well known back in the 80's Not to mention the anime ended in 1986 while the manga ended in 1987, his research was very poor.

    3. E3, He pick Zelda Skyward Sword as disappointment, saying the Nintendo should make a mature Zelda which is never going to happen since Nintendo isn't a that type of company who do M rated game. He say the Final Fantasy XIII 2 got a bad story, but he doesn't know what the story is and say the the battle system is dated ? How is it dated ?

  19. Update from my Facebook informant.
    Chris mentions something about Ronnie the Skeleton and Christmas and says "Find out soon". I smell a Ronnie the Skeleton Christmas special. I think I may have opened this contest a little too early... we'll see.

    My informant has also noted he's an expert at what I call "politician speak". Saying a lot without actually saying anything.
    Fan asks if he'll review Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for NES. He responds "one day"
    Another fan asks about E3 rumors. He says "Just a lot of games here and there"

    Boy, those are some through answers!

  20. His grand storyline definitely deserves a mention. First he hypes the crap out of it, then everything gets resolved - very disappointing, I might add - without him actually doing ANYTHING.

    Kinnikuman is also a good pick. Shows again that he things his audience are braindead morons who don't know what "Japan" or "Anime" mean.

    But my personal favorite is his Mortal Kombat Kollection review. For all the times he gushed about this series in the past, he sure didn't look like he had any kind of fun actually playing the damn games. Then he actually complains about patches and didn't really mind the games being hard, even though this is his favorite complaint. Such a weird review...

  21. The laughable 'herp derp you're a girl' crap in his videos with the blonde woman from GotGame - sorry, I forgot her name and can't be bothered to check.

    His videos constant, predictable, strict adherence to the 'comedy rule of 3'.

    The 'This game is more than just a bunch of bananas' line from the Donkey Kong Country review.

  22. I am going with Bores' Robocop 2 review in which he complained about starting over from the beginning of the first stage. This joke would of worked if he did not drag on about it for too long. What's worse, he was specifically told he failed the mission in the mission report, so Bores should of known he would of have to restart the level after the targeting range, however, Bores still continued to rant on the subject because apparently, he thinks by highlighting and zooming in on the orders on the Mission Report screen, his audience would not notice the nonsense of his rant evident by the results in the report. This "review" was very much one ongoing joke one subject. Bores only found one "flaw" in the game which would not be much of a issue if he learned to play the game.

  23. @Arthur
    Did you see his newest video?

    Anyway, I really hated "Days of our Skeletons". When I saw that, I clicked away as soon as I saw it.

  24. @Locus Ceruleus Media

    The girl at e3 is named Raychul. I'm not really sure how much of a legitimate gamer she really is, but what I do know is that she used to date Dan Hsu... who used to be one of the head writers at EGM.

    Also, his Donkey Kong Country Returns review is from November 2010, so that's not going to be on the list.

  25. I would have to say that the WORST thing he has done this year is in his MUSCLE toys review, where in the start of the video, he asks where they came from and states that we must travel to Japan. Then he switched to footage of (and I'm not kidding)the Forbidden City in China. SMH

  26. @Shaolin Dave:


  27. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    5 - The pacing of his storyline. Seriously, if you're gonna do an epic storyline, don't have gaps that last several MONTHS.
    4 - His Kirby's Epic Yarn review, which was pretty much him saying "THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DIE EVEN THOUGH I HATED GAMES FOR DIFFICULTY IN THE PAST! I'M A GAMER RIGHT?" and also complaining about the change in gameplay. Also, that facepalm gag.
    3 - Announcing the return of Haunted Investigators. Even DLAbaoaqu's text riff didn't save that boring monstrosity. Why bring back a series where basically NOTHING HAPPENED EXCEPT THREE TWITS STUMBLING AROUND LOOKING FOR GHOSTS?!
    2 - Video Game Roundup/Rundown. Talking about 4 games in less than 2 minutes. I will not elaborate because this doesn't deserve any more effort than he put into the video.
    1 - Blowing up the Ubisoft office because he couldn't get in. How is he not in jail for that video? How did anyone think that was acceptable? It wasn't funny, it wasn't necessary, and if GotGame had any sense, they would have disciplined or even fired him for that.

    Dishonourable mentions:

    His reasons for putting Skyward Sword on his disappointments list. I can respect opinions on a game that I don't agree with if they give legitimate reasons, but I played a demo of the game and I can refute the points. Clunky controls? Yeah, because 1-1 controls are reeeeal clunky. From what I played, I didn't have a problem with the controls. He didn't elaborate either. I'm guessing he didn't know that it was a MotionPlus game (wouldn't be surprised considering his track record with research and the fact he never mentioned MotionPlus) and expected to be able to waggle the Wiimote around to attack. Wanting a Zelda for adults? Last time they made a game series more mature that I can think of was Shadow the Hedgehog, and people hated that game if I remember correctly. Also, if you want a Zelda for adults, play Darksiders.

    His Robocop review. Reviewing a game he already reviewed, with a lazy storyline put in. And he didn't improve.

    Comparing Skylanders to Pokemon. Why did he have to compare a game that could be summed up by Lickboot from the Tom and Jerry movie to my favourite video game series? Let me point out I have nothing against the game itself, but slapping the Spyro name on and making you buy toys to play the game properly seems like a blatant get-rich-quick scheme, as much of a Captain Obvious statement that is.

  28. Shirtless Skeletor Bores (Skelebore?)

  29. You know, I don't really like bragging, especially on a blog unrelated to the subject, but I just got a world record on Mario Kart Wii! It's on GCN DK Mountain. I beat the former record by 7 seconds or so. I think my time was either 2:48:493, 2:47:493 or 2:46:493. Can somebody please post a comment if you find my name on the rankings?

  30. I asked you to post a comment because my Wii can't connect to Nintendo WFC right now, so the World Record may have been beaten without me knowing.

  31. He posted a new video. Ronnie the Skeleton and *sighs* family sing Deck the Halls.

    It's not getting a single post recap, but it's going on the list. It was beyond fucking annoying.

  32. Just watched the 'christmas video'... WHY?

    Then I read the comments... Is there anoter species that is somewhat less stupid I can join?

    The I rad his site, and it says there will be no more videos until 2012, thank god for small favours.

  33. @Relinquo Spes
    On his site? I'm looking and I don't see it.
    If that's the case then I'll have no qualms about posting the list before 2011 is out.

  34. Someone needs to tell him that he doesn't need a credit screen when A) it's only one person doing all the work and B) he refuses to credit anyone else when it's not just one person. And I'm really glad he made sure to tell us he did all the voices in that video because I sure as fuck couldn't tell they weren't all different people with ridiculous Ohio accents. Christmas is ruined.

  35. After watching that video I just have one thing to say. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH?!

    My God, I thought it was impossible for Ronnie to be anymore annoying, but Boring Man somehow found a way to do it. That french accent (atleast I think it's supposed to be french) is horrible, and why is every other skeleton just a red or green Ronnie? I really hope he doesn't try and incorporate these characters into his already boring, slow paced story line.

  36. His logo change from a decent, albeit slightly bland, logo to some generic word art that's a more high quality image.

  37. @BatDanNight
    In his update, he said 'see you in 2012,' implying that this is the last video of the year.

    Also, IG is charging $.99 to buy Ronnie's Deck the Halls. Cause that's what I want to waste a dollar on: An egotistical hack dressed as an irritatingly unfunny character butchering a classic Christmas carol.

  38. I immediately rolled my eyes and groaned upon finding out that is an entire music video with Ronnie Skeleton AND HIS FAMILY.

  39. @Sam.J.L
    He changed the logo last year so it doesn't count. Sorry.

    Hate to break it to you, but they already have. His "French brother" was in the RoboCop review in the "Days of Our Skeletons" bit. This raises so many questions ...

    I see. I guess I'll post the list sooner rather than later since it sounds like we won't get anymore videos.

  40. @BatDanNight
    I'm aware of that, but I really hope the others introduced in that butchering of Christmas Music don't appear. Also, I really, really, really hope Bores doesn't try and turn Days of Our Skeletons into an actual show.

  41. New list after wa... TRYING to watch Ronnie's Deck The Halls thing. The pacing is now a dishonourable mention. Oh yeah, it knocked the pacing off the list.

    5 - His Kirby's Epic Yarn review, which was pretty much him saying "THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DIE EVEN THOUGH I HATED GAMES FOR DIFFICULTY IN THE PAST! I'M A GAMER RIGHT?" and also complaining about the change in gameplay. Also, that facepalm gag.
    4 - Announcing the return of Haunted Investigators. Even DLAbaoaqu's text riff didn't save that boring monstrosity. Why bring back a series where basically NOTHING HAPPENED EXCEPT THREE TWITS STUMBLING AROUND LOOKING FOR GHOSTS?!
    3 - The Deck The Halls abomination. I knew it was gonna suck because it had his most annoying character doing karaoke. So many questions about this, but the only one that I can think of in this madness is why? Why is a Jewish skeleton doing a Christmas carol, you know, Christmas being a CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY? Why is there a family of skeletons? Why does he think this particular character is suitable for a music video?
    2 - Video Game Roundup/Rundown. Talking about 4 games in less than 2 minutes. I will not elaborate because this doesn't deserve any more effort than he put into the video.
    1 - Blowing up the Ubisoft office because he couldn't get in. How is he not in jail for that video? How did anyone think that was acceptable? It wasn't funny, it wasn't necessary, and if GotGame had any sense, they would have disciplined or even fired him for that.

  42. I'd also like to point out that Ronnie debuted in a Halloween-themed episode and has now been in two half-assed excuses for Christmas specials (this and the end of the Kool-Aid video). Because when I think Christmas, I think skeletons.

    Side topic: did anyone ever check out his DVD releases this year to see if there were any signficant (or just any) changes from the YouTube videos? I don't blame anyone for not buying them but I'd think there would be somebody out there who did for comparison and/or satire.

  43. OMGWTF did I just WATCH Oo ?!

    Face it guys. Christmas is ruined...

  44. all-in-all, the ronnie Christmas video has no reason to exist.

    the concept is stupid, the singing is annoying, and the acting is downright horrible (accents were all over the place, i think the french brother turned scottish for a moment.)

    still, for some reason it didn't seem nearly as lazy as most of bores's videos. i was actually kinda impressed by the editing. bores should really just focus on developing that skill by working on other people's videos for them. so long as he stays out of the writer's and director's chair, and doesn't attempt to act, he could make a decent (and legit) career out of it.

  45. His Mortal Kombat Kollection review was one that pissed me off more than his other videos. He goes off about how big of an old MK fan he is, but these Klassics bored him and it was too hard.

    The Arkham City Neo review was bad, but that ending with the action figure made me cringe real hard. I find it hard to believe he's like 30.

    Also the "they all can't be winners" thing he does is annoying and unnecessary.

  46. @Keith

    Have you ever seen Nightmare Before Christmas?

  47. @ DynamiteNinja

    That's an exception. But now that I think about it, between Ronnie at Christmas and his theme song sounding like Making Christmas, maybe he really is ripping off Burton in addition to everyone else.

  48. His "gritty Zelda" comment. Seriously, that has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard about Zelda. That's like saying you want a mature Mario game - it doesn't work like that! I almost stabbed my screen with the Master Sword - and yes, I DO own a real, metal Master Sword.

  49. According to my calculations, Bores is an ''grown up'' man that tries to appeal to hopeless,far from help kids. Any questions?

  50. So I look into the rankings today, and find out that my time was actually 2:24:493. What the hell? I could swear that yesterday it showed 1:56:493! Was it a glitch?

  51. It's been a long time, but I'm back.
    Yeah, I'd say his comment on Facebook about the WiiU being a flop deserves a mention. Why? Because it has a few bugs? This convinces me that he's not a gamer. Does he not remember back in 2005 when the Revolution (now called Wii) was announced that only the console itself could be shown because the remote at the time was full of bugs (or prehaps visa-versa)? I only became a gamer in 2008 and even I remember that. The WiiU won't be released until late summer - Christmas next year. Nintendo will surely get the bugs fixed and, if they play their cards right, the WiiU will knock PS3 and Xbox360 off the charts once again.
    As for the Ronnie video, I don't really think it's worth mentioning as I think it was one of Bores best pieces of work (which is incredibly sad, really)

  52. By the way, Merry Christmas guys

  53. So he's ripping off Jack Skellington? There's a difference between a Halloween-themed character stealing christmas and a stereotypical Jewish skeleton appearing in christmas specials for no goddamn reasons.


    Merry Christmas ^^ !


    Seriously, this was the most awkward review I've ever seen. What kind of emotion was he trying to convey? "Meh" Oo ?

  54. Definately his ROBocop joke... WHY AM I EVEN CALLING IT A JOKE? IT WAS A HORRIBLE THING. HE EVEN EXPLAINS IT AFTERWARDS. Sorry for the caps lock.

  55. Since IG isn't posting anymore videos for the rest of the year, I'm going to end the submissions early and put up the list. Thank you everyone for contributing.