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Year End List: Top 15 Worst IG Moments of 2011

It‘s almost 2012 everyone! The year of our supposed doomsday… Pffft.
It’s also time for me to reflect on the worst Irate Gamer moments of the year. Poorly-made videos, stupid ideas, the usual lunacy that comes from a hack writer.

But first, the video tally! IG actually did much better than last year, but that isn’t saying much.

Three Irate Gamer episodes (RoboCop, RoboCop Part 2, and Masters of the Universe)
I’m counting the RoboCop videos separately as they were three months apart. Next to no improvement from last year, and if he keeps up this level of pacing then we’ll be at the Playstation 5 by the time his storyline has any resolution.

Eight IG Neo episodes (Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Sonic Colors, LittleBigPlanet 2, Mortal Kombat, Video Game Roundup, Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, and Batman: Arkham City)
Once again, he puts out more Neo videos than anything else, which makes me wonder why he still bothers with the retro stuff. It doesn’t matter as most of the time he reviews the games months after they come out.

One History of Video Games episode (Pong Consoles)
… Seriously? This is getting sad now.

Five 80’s episodes (TMNT Cereal, Micro Machines, Masters of the Universe figures, Madballs, and Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E.)
Once thought to be a dead series, I Rate the 80s (Breakfast Rant 2.0) had an out-of-nowhere comeback, with more updates than his regular IG videos. Prompting many to believe this is his regular series now, which makes it confusing why he still calls himself the Irate Gamer. It’s just as stupid though.

One movie review (Top Ten Summer Movies)
I’m counting the 2-part video as one because both parts were released within a few days of each other. Why did he even bother making this list if he was never going to review any of the movies? He can’t even use his “busy schedule” as an excuse, his movie reviews have zero effort put into them. Maybe we can declare the movie reviews just as dead as the Chris & Scottie Road Trip?

Two sketches (Aflac Auditions and Ronnie Sings Deck the Halls)
In one of his ego-stroking videos, IG announced he would be doing sketches with his side-characters. There was panic, followed by indigestion. First we got a video where IG and his side characters audition to be the new Aflac duck after Gilbert Gottfried was fired from the role. It was unfunny and stupid, and IG made himself look “so perfect” compared to his other creations. I am not counting the “deleted scene” (see Other below).
The other video was a Ronnie the Skeleton Christmas Special and… read the list to see.

Twenty-Seven E3 videos
I stand corrected, he put out more overly-idiotic E3 coverage than anything else this year (not counting the final category) and it was just as blindingly stupid as last year. Vague questions, no new info, released long after E3 ended while many other sites had better coverage within the same day! … It’s really no different from last year. It dragged on and on and on.
I’m also counting the two videos he did with Raychul Moore because those had just as many stupid moments.

Thirty-Four “Other” videos
“Other” refers to videos that don’t count in the above categories. These include update videos, trailers, contests, non-E3 news, trailer “reviews”, videos stroking his ego, as well as the Aflac Auditions “deleted scene” and HoVG Part 1 in HD (remastered video thus it doesn’t count). As you can tell, he had plenty of time to make this kind of shit.
This was a difficult one to count up as he actually deleted videos from his account, so this number may not be 100% accurate.

With all that out of the way, onto the list! Because there was an increase in videos this year, it’s now a Top 15 instead of a Top 10.

15. Sonic 4 wasn‘t refreshingly new enough? But you said…
IG looked at Sonic Colors this year and surprisingly he didn’t bash it, then again Sonic Colors was actually a decent game. Of course, he took this opportunity to bash the other recent Sonic games again, notably Unleashed (might I remind you, he only played it for 90 minutes). He took a brief aside to talk about Sonic 4 to say he wasn’t impressed because it wasn’t refreshing or new. WAIT A MINUTE! In his Sonic Unleashed review, he bashed the game for being too different and wanted Sega to back to the basics. But when they do he doesn’t find it “refreshing” enough? You are the king of hypocrisy Chris Bores.

14. “I’ll eat this 20 year old cereal, what can go wrong?”
In the “triumphant” return of I Rate the 80s, Bores talked about TMNT cereal. Predictable given his love of the food. Most of the video was him talking about the box, and it was duuuuuulllllll. Who the hell wants to hear what’s on a cereal box?
But the dumbest part is at the end, where he decides to take a bite. Unsurprisingly, he spits it out in disgust. Well, no shit! It’s 20 year old cereal, of course it’s going to be rancid!
What really gets me though is that on Facebook he revealed he did SIX TAKES of him eating the cereal just to get “the right shot”. There is something seriously wrong with you.

13. “Early review of MvC3? Better milk the fuck out of it!”
It’s rare that Bores reviews a modern game 2-3 weeks within release, so it came as a major surprise when he released a review of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the day before it came out. Almost like a professional reviewer. Granted, it was a bad review with the usual research failure and side-tracking away from important topics (I’m going to spend most of it talking about unlockable characters). Now, a normal reviewer would move onto the next game. As we’ve learned, IG isn’t normal.
Along with the game review, we got “reviews” of the game’s four opening cinematics, which amount to playing the entire clip and saying “that was really cool” afterwards. With such brilliant insight like “I liked it when Spider-Man climbed the wall” and confusing C. Viper for Jean Grey (showing he never played Street Fighter IV). The fourth video even had a glitch that caused the entire clip to play again. Oddly enough, he removed two of the videos ( and no, not the glitched one).
That’s not all, at GotGame he posted a video of him playing the game. He showed footage, then it cut to him “Winter Gaming” and then it cut back to the footage. What’s the purpose of this video? Hell if I know.
Maybe GotGame will learn to never send him early copies again.

12. Why does History of Video Games still exist?
IG claims he started this series because “books weren’t visual enough”, but the real reason is an attempt to convince the haters that he really is a gamer. Five videos later, not only has he not convinced anybody that he’s a gamer, but he’s made things worse. The single video about Pong Consoles isn’t making him look any more credible.
He can claim job security all he wants, but there’s no reason for this series to go on or even exist.
What makes me laugh is that he’s planning a DVD. The logic center in his brain must be malfunctioning, you can’t release a DVD titled “History of Video Games” that doesn’t even cover the Atari 2600, much less anything from Nintendo, Sega, or Sony. Just… wow.

In 2007, Chris started selling an Irate Gamer t-shirt. It was bland and unappealing. Shortly afterward he released a rushed DVD of his first 11 episodes. People quickly called it out as garbage and an obvious cash-grab to beat the AVGN’s first DVD. Afterwards things were silent for a long time.
This year, we got a lot of shit. Not only did IG have his first DVD “professionally pressed” with a new box art, but he released volume 2 and 3 at the same time. Along with that, a new t-shirt and a… mouse pad?
The t-shirt and mouse pad have an extremely ugly design that looks like a kid was playing with mustard and chocolate. Why anyone would want to wear something that ugly in public is beyond me, and I’m blind to fashion. The mouse pad also looks like it was made with tissue paper.
I can’t say much else about the DVDs as nobody has uploaded the contents online and there’s no way in hell I’m giving him my own money. Judging by Charlie/2600theatari’s video of him spazzing out over the DVD, it looks just as flimsy as before.

10. “I’m a huge Mortal Kombat fan, but the classic games aren’t very good”
IG has gone on and on about being a massive Mortal Kombat fan, even using it as a flimsy justification for hating Tekken 6 (which was already a bad excuse for not knowing Tekken is a fighting game). So when he released a video reviewing Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, people were expecting a heavily biased love-fest that would bore us all to tears. What we got instead was Bores outing himself as a massive hypocrite.
Going on about how he loved the originals, playing the first on Sega CD (such an obvious lie) he ended the review saying “these aren’t good because the new one left me jaded”. What the hell does that mean? The best I can think of is “I’ve been lying this whole time but I suck at covering it up” It would be like a Zelda fan that loved Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, gush about them for ages, play Skyward Sword, play the old games and say “Wow, those old games were really lame”. IG was never a Mortal Kombat fan.

9. “People think I’m turning decent? I can’t have that! I‘ll dress as Skeletor!”
Despite the stupidity of eating 20 year old cereal and talking about a box for three minutes in his return to I Rate the 80s, people still found it better than his normal output. He followed up with a Micro Machines video that even some of the haters said was decent (I don’t see it). Prompting people to believe he’s finally redeeming himself and he’ll actually become- NOPE!
He followed with a look at Masters of the Universe action figures. It had research failure, horrible gags, non-existent reviewing (listing off the figures is the same as reviewing right?) and idiotic sketches with Chris dressed as Skeletor (without wearing a shirt), IG doing the laziest He-Man transformation ever (no changes!) and a completely random reference to the Trix Rabbit (that still shows research failure, it was the kids that said “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids” not the Rabbit!) This video made people realize this “I Rate the 80s” stupidity was just as bad if not worse than his regular output. The Madballs and Kinnikuman videos furthered that.

8. The pacing of his “Shadow Overlord” story arc
Normally, I’d point out the insanely slow pacing of History of Video Games. But after two years it’s tiresome. Instead I’ll point out the absurdly slow pace of his storyline. Storylines in internet reviews are nothing new (Linkara, The Game Overthinker, JewWario, Apollo Z. Hack, etc.), and while enjoyable to many, some are negative towards their existence. Some stories are dropped *cough*Apollo*cough*, but IG is insistent that his is an “on-going epic”. That would be nice if it MADE ANY PROGRESS! Not just in story pacing, but in actual video releases. People would probably care more for your dumb villains and “heroics” if they were more common. But no, it’s just as sluggish as … everything else he does.

7. “Robot invasions are boring, I want to tell a fantasy story!”
When IG started his storyline, the first arc was a robot invasion story. His Odyssey was stolen (7-Up Spot) and it somehow made robots that started invading a nearby city (RoboCop). What did IG do? Send out the newly-reformed R.O.B. to one-shot them all as he sat on his ass playing RoboCop games. … Weaaaak. For added let-down, Evil Gamer attempts to stop R.O.B. but doesn’t put up any resistance as R.O.B. casually shoots him. For someone that complains about the endings in video games all the time, you have major issues setting up your own.
At first, I didn’t think it was the ending as his website listed the following episode as the “Robot War Aftermath” (Pffft, war). … We didn’t get that.
Instead we got a complete shift in tone and genre. Nothing about the previous arc was brought up other than R.O.B. being his sidekick and a brief mention of Shadow Overlord. It’s almost like it never happened.
Instead of robots and sci-fi, IG gets a magical sword that powers him up a/la He-Man but lazier (all he did was change into a red shirt, and somehow that’s still better than the transformation mentioned above). Then the ending reveals he’s “the chosen one” that must defeat Shadow Overlord, further cementing his massive Sue status. The jarring transition only serves to show that Chris is obviously making this up as he goes along, and for someone planning out a story this is a BAD MOVE!

6. “Here’s my Christmas special. An annoying Jewish stereotype singing!”
IG and holiday specials have never got along.
In 2007, all he did was release a montage of his videos with a snow overlay, then cut to him saying Merry Christmas to everyone followed by a random Bullet Bill flying by him. Because “herp derp I can do sprites” or something. Oh, and an Elf Yourself video with IG, Tony, Ronnie, and Devil Bores (because nothing says Merry Christmas like the prince of darkness!) This video got removed from YouTube.
2008 saw the most effort with two Top 5 lists of his favorite NES and DS games.
2009 had a shoe-horned bit at the end of his Kool-Aid Man video.
2010 had… nothing! I think all we got was some text on his site.
This year though, he did something vastly different. Something… wretched and foul. A macrocosm of concentrated annoyance.
Ronnie the Skeleton *sighs* singing.
Ronnie invites his… family. This includes his “French brother” Dirk and his mother *holds back vomit*. Then they start singing Deck the Halls with Ronnie and Dirk trying to upstage each other, along with some really lame slapstick. The Three Stooges they are not.
Yes, it’s the same Dirk from the “Days of Our Skeletons” joke. So he hired his brother to be an actor, and why does his brother have a French accent anyway? God damn it I’m over thinking this again!
At some points, Bores doesn’t even bother disguising his voice. It really is a painful video, I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t sit through all of it, and it’s only 2 minutes long!
Here’s the best part, he’s actually SELLING an MP3 on his site. Annoy your friends with a nasally Jewish person singing a Christmas song. How does Bores not notice Ronnie sounds like a stereotypical Jew?

5. “I don’t like change! Kirby must eat not play with yarn!”
At E3 2010, Bores kept saying he was not impressed with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Months later in his review of Donkey Kong Country Returns, he called Epic Yarn a “let-down”. After bags of hate-mail he released a review of it in January.
What we got was a highly hypocritical whiny review that amounted to “Waaah I don’t like change!”
His constant complaining about the easy difficulty only made him look like massive hypocrite given his constant complaints about games being too hard. He clearly had no idea how the medal system or beads worked. What’s strange is he loves the Lego Star Wars games and those have a similar punishment for “dying”.
Given his obsession with food, I imagine Kirby’s inability to eat enemies is why he hated this game. It got so whiny that he complained that there were TOO MANY bonus levels. What kind of shithead does that?
That’s not even getting into the horrible “Facepalm” gag he was doing. We’re not eight years old Chris, we know what a Facepalm is!
Even after the review came out, he continued to salt the wound by reminding us how much he hated Epic Yarn in small videos about Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. We get it! Move on!

4. “FREE STUFF FREE STUFF! Please subscribe to me I neeeeed it!”
Chris is no stranger to contests, having given away a free PS3 and some free energy drinks in the past. It often seemed like a way to regain lost subscribers after putting out really bad videos.
2011 saw a massive increase in contests. It was such a scam yet nobody saw it. Giving away obsolete plastic shit or his own merch, either way it was obvious subscriber bait.
At one point, he started doing WEEKLY contests. He was screaming desperation now. He couldn’t even keep up with it as after a month he declared they’d be bi-weekly now, and even then he hasn’t kept that promise.
Strange how a guy that got his start ripping off people better than him has now reduced himself to giving away stuff in order to keep fans, rather than produce actual content.

3. The RoboCop review
Of the three regular Irate Gamer episodes released this year, this is the one I disliked the most. It was long, boring, and even offensive in some places. Completely forgetting the only crossover he ever did (SWAGshow must be so proud of you) we got an episode reintroducing Tony as a violent asshole, a horrible Days of Our Lives parody with Ronnie, a review that shows IG has never seen the movie, an unfunny scene with IG shooting the cast of That 70’s Show, the most generic robots ever, an out-of-nowhere heel face turn for R.O.B. that Tony somehow built of nowhere since he disintegrated in the R.O.B. episodes, and overall it suuuuucked. Yet somehow we’re supposed to buy this his epic storyline when it’s about as “epic” as grating cheese.
Oh and a joke that’s not only worse than “Call 911 I was ROBbed”, but overly explained because he thinks we’re idiots.

2. “Three games in six minutes? I can do better! How about four games in three minutes?”
My worst moment from last year was the abysmal 3-in-1 review. It showed that Bores not only doesn’t care for his show, but he doesn’t care for his fans. Requests my ass! There was even fan backlash, something rare for IG since he blocks all kinds of criticism.
Did he learn from this and realize he should honor & respect his requests? NOPE!
In fact, he did worse. He reviewed four games and gave even less time and effort to them. Green Lantern has upgrades? Yeah, like every other God of War clone. Lego Star Wars has new stuff? Like what? That’s literally all he said! Mario’s Sports Mix is repetitive? Well yeah, it’s a sports game. They usually are! Shattered Dimensions got the most time and even then it was half-assed. The video was lazy, sloppy, and represents everything wrong with the Irate Gamer.
What shocks me is that the fans were saying it was amazing. Seriously? Are you that easily entertained that “it has new stuff” is good enough for you? This only further convinces me that most of his audience consists of kids.

1. “Blowing up game companies is hilarious! There’s no way this can backfire on me.”
GotGame once again brought IG to E3 this year, and somehow gave him even more interviews and press access. He got into every major conference… except for one.
Due to overbooking or other issues, IG (and perhaps the rest of the GotGame crew) couldn’t get into the Ubisoft conference. A normal person would be disappointed but they would move on. IG on the other hand… good lord.
He made a response video outside of the theater the conference was taking place, talking tough like he’s someone you shouldn’t mess with, tells his camera man to take out a “button” which was really the camera’s lens cap, IG “presses” it, and it cuts to an image of Ubisoft’s office exploding. … What the fuck?
This is immensely unprofessional. Say what you will about Spoony screaming “BETRAYAL” after seeing the new XCOM, at least he didn’t threaten violence! This only shows Chris Bores is an unprofessional douchebag that shouldn’t be allowed at events.
But you hear the fanboys saying “oh it’s a joke, don’t take it seriously” NO! Directly addressing a major company with a THREAT OF VIOLENCE is not a joke. Not only does it look bad for Bores, it looks bad for GotGame. I wouldn’t be surprised if at next year’s E3, Ubisoft forbids them from entering because of that video. I’m surprised GotGame didn’t punish him or kick him off the site for that.
And why did IG care so much? Is he a major Ubisoft fan? Is he obsessed with Assassin’s Creed and needs to find out if the next game has Ezio or not? What games has he even reviewed from Ubisoft? *looks* Turtles in Time Reshelled. That’s it! So why did he care so much?
The video was a disgusting display of journalism, Bores should be ashamed of himself and if GotGame has any sense they won’t bring him to E3 2012.

So those are my Worst IG Moments of 2011. One hell of a year everyone. It was so bad that I asked you to give your worst moment, and here they are!

Arthur Arneiro: Kirby’s Epic Yarn review
The Bastard Gamer: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection review
BattleFeverJ: Ubisoft E3 video
blueluigi: Bringing back I Rate the 80s
claudiocardenas92: The ROB-O-Cop joke in the RoboCop review
Cody S.: The 4-in-1 Video Game Roundup
Deliverance115: The overabundance of contests
Derek: The Days of Our Skeletons joke in the RoboCop review
DLAbaoaqu: The 4-in-1 Video Game Roundup
Doresh: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection review
Dromador: The Facepalm joke in the Kirby’s Epic Yarn review
EricKirby: Masters of the Universe video game review
F.A. Whitehead: Kirby’s Epic Yarn review
fattoler: Shirtless Skeletor Bores in the He-Man action figures review
gostars3000: Showing footage of China instead of Japan in the Kinnikuman review
Gr. Rock-River: Eating 20 year old cereal in the TMNT cereal review
Guru Larry: Ubisoft E3 video
Hegerfors: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City E3 video
InanimateGamer: The continuity failure in the RoboCop review (Tony being hand drawn in high school when he used to be a sprite, Wise Sage knowing him in high school despite the Contra review).
Jamin T.: The ROB-O-Cop joke in the RoboCop review
Keith: The re-branding into “Irate Entertainment”
Locus Ceruleus Media: His semi-misogynistic behavior towards Raychul Moore at E3
lordlaharl: The 4-in-1 Video Game Roundup
MortalKombat2007: Harping on starting over in the RoboCop Part 2 review
Neoguest: Masters of the Universe action figure review
Pohger: His hypocrisy in the Sonic Colors video saying Sonic 4 didn’t add anything while back in his Sonic Unleashed video he complained they should go back to the basics
Random Man: Wanting a gritty adult Legend of Zelda as stated in his Top 5 E3 Disappointments
RJ: Ronnie the Skeleton sings Deck the Halls
Sabertooth: Madballs review
Shadow19: Wanting a gritty adult Legend of Zelda as stated in his Top 5 E3 Disappointments
Shaolin Dave: Shirtless Skeletor Bores in the He-Man action figures review
Soverign64: Ubisoft E3 video
Speeddasher: Kirby’s Epic Yarn review
St. Lizard: Aflac Auditions
starofjustice: Making his storyline a generic “good vs. evil” plot
The-CRZA: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection review
ThroningErmine8: Ubisoft E3 video
TTBurger88: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection review
TheUltimateBastich: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection review
UltimateCharm: Ubisoft E3 video
Vex: Ronnie the Skeleton sings Deck the Halls

So that’s all for 2011. I hope you enjoyed reading this insanity the past year, not entirely sure what to expect in the next one. Actually, I foresee research failure, boring reviews, heinous sketches, and empty promises. Either way, I’ll keep myself on my toes.
Thank you all so much for reading and contributing, I’m really surprised that so many people continue to look at this. Then again, as long as Bores continues to put out garbage I’ll continue to write up posts debunking him. Showing people that he’s not as brilliant as he says.
Again, thank you all so much.


  1. I hope Chris Bores never stops. He makes me feel better about my lack of achievement. I hope you don't stop either, your hilarious recaps provide much amusement. Merry Christmas (whether that's for today or yesterday depends, I'm in South Australia and you're in...whichever state you're in, these timezones drive me mad...well, madder)!

  2. Great list BatDan! I enjoy reading these articles a lot. Keep up the good work next year and Happy Holidays!

  3. I can't believe I'm saying this, but combining sci-fi and sword-and-sorcery was an original idea, but he executed it HORRIBLY. There was no foreshadowing as to him getting the sword, no reason to believe he's special, and literally no transition. You get genre-whiplash because he immediately changes the direction of the story. Hell, Final Fantasy mixed fantasy and sci-fi numerous times, and it worked out! Bores needs to learn how to read.

    By the by, loved your countdown, dude. *raises glass* Here's to another year of stupid!

  4. You know, I just realized ANOTHER case of hypocrisy from Bores. In his Contra review, he complained about aliens appearing during what he (stupidly) believed to be a war with terrorists. Yet apparently swords and sorcery randomly disrupting a plot involving fighting robots is fair game.

    Anyway, great list and Merry Christmas.

  5. That was a great list BatDan. See you in 2012. :)

  6. Great list BatDan. Can't wait to read more of you calling out Boring Man on his bullshit in 2012.

  7. Hey! You forgot what I said about his opinion on the WiiU

  8. Chris treats his fans like shit. He can barely keep up a schedule, makes a half-assed effort at research, effects, and humor, while keeping little to no promises and instead just does more contests.
    I hate it when all those kids commenting on the contests shout "pick me" over and over again, like a bunch of mindless idiots who couldn't make a good argument without resorting to the most overused excuses.
    Anyway, have a happy new year!

  9. @JohnNintendoNerd
    I kind of wanted to stick to stuff he posted on YouTube. If there was additional info on Facebook adding onto it (six takes eating rancid cereal) then I'd count it. But since there's no video of him bashing Wii U I didn't count it.

  10. Great list. Sorry I haven't said anything in a while. I agree that the Ubisoft terrorism video was his worst moment of the year. He has to be pretty out-of-touch with reality to not realize that blowing-places-up jokes aren't exactly in style anymore.

    The Kirby's Epic Yarn review sucked, too. I'm not sure how he failed to realize that the jewels are necessary to get the gold medals and unlock the hidden stages that baffled him. The game doesn't even need a life system, because the threat of making a false move, losing a ton of jewels and getting a low ranking compensates for that.

  11. @PanicPagoda Not to mention the fact he complained about the fact you can't die in that game when he moaned about high difficulty in the past... when it wasn't even fake difficulty. *BUZZ* HYPOCRITE

  12. I'm pretty sure GotGame will send him to E3 next year AGAIN. This site seems to be clinging on anyone who gets in the views. If they'd have any sense, they would've fired him a long time ago.

    I can already imagine him not getting into Ubisoft's conference (and probably a few other conferences, since I'm sure his "fame" should've reached those companies by now), saying stuff like "Haven't they learned from last time [Insert Ubisoft HQ blowing up] ?!" and then proceeding to blow up EARTH...

  13. I'm glad the UbiSoft terrorism bit was #1. An absolutely atrocious act proving that not only is Chris Bores lacking in journalistic integrity but he is a fucking child. I bet everyone here that, after UbiSoft turned Bores away at the door, he screamed "Don't you know who I am?!" to the poor usher doing his job. The other low at E3 was calling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Call of Duty 3" like the careless, unorganized and moronic jackass he is.

  14. Should I waste 99 cents on that Christmas Song on MP3 or should I click the link to the music video shown on YouTube, easily ripped the video and use the MP3 on my player? I'll choose better Christmas songs than this one because I'm not a deranged nut.

  15. Unrelated, but "Abobo's Big Adventure" is coming out on Jan 11th. That game looks freakin' awesome.

  16. @Shaolin Dave

    Of course everything about that game is epic! The gameplay, the enemies, the bosses, the levels, the rage moves, the game references, everything is filled with concentrated awesomeness!

  17. I can't...I just...ugh. I can’t believe this guy. I’d like to think that if I created a web show that was even semi-popular, I wouldn’t half-ass it like this guy does. But then, I’ve got a bit of personal pride and integrity, so maybe that’s the difference. This guy is genuinely stupid, he’s addle-brained and devoid of common-sense, he’s allergic to research, he’s not above making shit up altogether when it suits him, he has no respect for his audience, he has no concept of propriety as evinced by the Ubi debacle, he’s lazy, a poser, a liar, a hypocrite, a tool, and a rip-off artist who tried to hide that fact until he got caught red-handed. There is nothing redeeming about the guy or the crap that he shits out onto the internet and has the temerity to call entertainment, and it both amazes and frightens me that that there are people out there who genuinely like the guy’s stuff, and who would defend it and him both with their dying breath if it ever came to that. As if Bores’ own stupidity wasn’t enough of a concern, knowing that there are people whose basement level intelligence not only has them incapable of realizing just how badly they’re being duped by this moron, but has them eagerly eating up his crap up like it’s expensive caviar makes me fear for the future of mankind.

    The sad thing is that since it’s so obvious that he’s only putting even the small bit of effort that he does into these videos because of the money, and that he won’t likely wise up and quit offending people’s senses with his crap until it stops being profitable. I can only hope the drop-off in subscribers Bores has encountered over the last several months means that people are finally wising up, and that the downward trend continues so that by this time next year we’ll convene here not to discuss the 15 crappiest IG moments of 2012, but rather, to celebrate the fact that the internet has finally been saved from his particular brand of brain-melting stupidity once and for all.

  18. Oh wow. Never heard of Abobo's Big Adventure before. I just checked out the trailer on Youtube, I'm kinda looking forward to checking it out. @_@

  19. I understand a tiny bit issues with needing a while to get out an episode in that my own Christmas special video has given me issue after issue so that I haven't gotten it out when I wanting to get this out before Christmas but the editor is still rendering it.

    What I don't understand is how Bores can't get his videos out on a regular basis when that is all he seems to do. In my case I have a built in bottleneck of needing to cook something and figure out how to film it. For everything I've done so far I've needed to try cooking the dish twice, once as a rehearsal and once to film it. What I've found the hard way is filming cooking something is alot harder then just cooking it.

  20. In retrospect, I kinda wish someone nominated Bores's Little Big Planet 2 review in which he'd neglected to mention the game's level-editing abilities and instead praised thed mutliplayer features to high heaven.

  21. I've never really commented here before, but allow me to ask. That guy who keeps trolling here, is that the same charlie who made all those moronic YouTube videos defending the irate gamer with piss poor arguments?

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. @ MylesKennedy

    Yes, it's him. That kid has no life.

    BTW guys, ignore my comment above. It originally says that IG blocked me on Youtube but when I return to Youtube, my comments did appear on his videos after all so that means he didn't block me. My bad.

  24. One bit of of criticism with this "year's worst list" is Bores sometimes manages to shit out one more vid before the year is over. All in all good recap of IG's continued fails.

  25. You know the interesting thing is... I was once a subscriber to this guy. I know the Irate Gamer WAS A MAJOR GUILTY PLEASURE of mine for a certain amount of time. However, after watching the infamous Ubisoft E3 video, I immediately disliked the video and unsubscribed to Chris's channel. It was really one of the worst (possibly THE worst) Irate Gamer moment ever. However, I have a feeling 2012 will come along some more shitty videos. Anyway, good luck with the new year of shit. I wish you luck

  26. @MylesKennedy

    Alter Bridge is awesome.

  27. Hey, anyone else read about the whole thing between Ocean Marketing and Penny Arcade? Because throughout the whole thing, I couldn't stop thinking about Bores' failtastic attempts to cyberbully haters. Just imagine it: Bores in marketing.

  28. @lordlaharl
    Heh, you're right. This fiasco does sound like Bores (or at least one of the people he claims runs his account) responding to criticism.

  29. @lordlaharl:

    It's almost like this guy went to the same course as Bores Oo

    Oh, and this might be a little late, but whatever happened to this IG video game someone was supposedly developing?

  30. @Sovereign64
    That kid just doesn't know when to stop, does he? He really is getting himself into a situation he's too young to handle.

    Yes they are. But i'm not that Myles Kennedy, if your wondering.

  31. @Doresh
    Their Facebook page hasn't updated since March. Safe to say it's dead now. It never left the concept art stage (having gone through three different looks).

  32. @ Doresh

    Yeah, I think it's dead... unless you're talking about "the Irate Gamers existential nightmare"

  33. @BatDanNight:

    And here I was wondering why Bores never mentioned it ever again.

    @Shaolin Dave:

    Or the Irate Gamer drinking game XD

    Take a shot everytime...

    ... he uses vague dates instead of the actual release date.

    ... just mentions all the characters/enemies instead of making an actual review.

    ... his trusty sidekick, his never-changing stock explosion effect, appears.

    ... he introduces a new character.

    ... the plot completely shifts gears.

    ... he talks about all the requests he's getting.

    ... he complaints about the difficulty.

    ... he complaints about the graphics.

    Did I miss anything?

  34. @Doresh

    That would be a good drinking game if you wanted to totally annihilate your liver.

  35. @Doresh

    Take a shot if...

    -He says the word "Alright"

    -He mispronounces something (common offenders being "fustrating" and "flawls")

    -Take a second shot if a list ends with a terrible joke

    -He purports something to be a flaw with no real reason (never apply this rule to the "Mario 2" review unless you want to die)

    -He starts Winter Gaming, taking a second shot if said Winter Gaming turns into a montage

    -His ruling on one game contradicts his ruling on another (Lego games are awesome! But Kirby's Epic Yarn sucks!)

    -He stares at the camera (courtesy of DLAbaoaqu)

    -He applies the Rule of Three to a running gag

    I'll probably think of more later.

  36. I like how this list had to be Top 15 instead of Top 10. Kinda shows that he's somehow getting worse as time passes.

  37. On another topic, I know in the past we've discussed the fact that Bores' "success" can mostly be attributed to him being in the right place at the right time, having been lucky enough to get two of his videos promoted on the front page. So I wonder, where would he be without that fateful stroke of luck? Would he still be experimenting with various other types of web series? Would he have given up trying to make it on the internet and simply stuck with his job as a freelance videographer? (and does he still do that, or does he actually sustain himself on his paychecks from YouTube and GotGame? It'd be rather sad if that actually accounted for the whole of his livelihood.)Or perhaps he might have been hired as a cameraman by another aspiring internet celebrity, one with actual artistic talent? His videography skills are at least passable, and he might actually have done some good work had he become someone else's subordinate. And if things had turned out differently, do you suppose he might have been an all around better person? I honestly can't help but wonder if, before he received recognition as an "internet celebrity", he might have been a reasonably pleasant, if somewhat dimwitted, human being, rather than the smug dickhead he is today. For want of a nail, I suppose.

  38. @ lordlaharl

    he tried to plagiarize one thing after another. his AVGN rip-off show worked by pure luck, so he stuck with that. if it hadn't, he would have just found something else to plagiarize.

    he's obsessed with food, and has delusions that he's a believable "angry" character who curses a lot, so i imagine he would have tried a "hell's kitchen" rip-off at some point.

  39. @lordlaharl

    I think the real question is, what will he do after it? I mean, people are soon gonna' get tired of waiting on him for content and ultimately unsubscribe.

    Not to mention, the whole angry review trend is someday going to die, and when it's unfortunately on the verge of death, Chris isn't gonna' be one of the few of many that will remain popular.

  40. @Shaolin Dave
    Yeah, I've speculated about what would happen if he made a cooking show. Of course, if he cooks like he plays video games, I imagine a good deal of his show would be him waving a spatula and a stick of butter over a stove while making constipated faces.

    True. Most entertainment markets become oversaturated sooner or later, and I'm sure "Angry Reviewing" will be no exception. Eventually, everyone except for big names like AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic will get phased out by lack of interest. Then at some point years later we'll most likely see some form of resurgence of the genre.

  42. I think TGWTG is already over-saturated with angry reviewers. I think the Blockbuster Buster was just one guy too many intentionally reviewing bad movies. I honestly don't get why they have him on there when he does nothing that Doug, Mike J, Phelous, Lupa, N-Chick, Film Brain and Cinema Snob don't do already.

  43. @Clark he specializes in big blockbuster adaptations that most likely bomb

  44. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, guys. *troll face*

    Wanna hear something funny? Well, I was just lurkin' around in the Sonic Retro Forums, when I stumbled upon a post with an embed video. What's the embed video about? Well, some weirdoes called the "Best Gamers" made a review of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, but it really wasn't about Skyrim, but really about Sonic Generations.

    In all seriousness, they take the Irate Parody thing and cranked it up to eleven, now making fun of IGN as well. Here;s the vid:

    And I gotta skid, kid. *still a troll face*

    (All videos by the "Best Gamers" are complete jokes.)

  45. @BattleFeverJ
    What like Return of Swamp Thing, Seed of Chucky and Little Vampire? I wouldn't really claim those to be anywhere near big blockbusters in fact two would be B movies.

    Chick, Doug, Mike J and especially Film Brain already do Movies that had hugely advertised releases or drew big at the box office. He's just not really adding anything that isn't already covered.

  46. @lordlaharl:

    I'm pretty sure his "Nostalgia Overload"-phrase from his "I Rate The 80's" show is originally from a backup-plan as an angry nostalgic movie reviewer...


    I wouldn't really mind him if his reviews would be actually informative. His Atlantis review told us nothing about the movie apart from "It's like Stargate!"

    Doesn't help that the other contributors have a lot more personality and entertainment value.

    Oh, and his side characters give me some serious IG vibes for some reason Oo


    Except he doesn't, because he either ran out of overhyped blockbusters to review or because he just likes the name.

  47. @Shaolin Dave

    I can't image the level of fail that would be. I know what I am doing and I find filming a cooking related show hard. Knowing The Bores he'd go to a place like Applebees or Chili's order a take out meal and pretend to cook it or something.

    I've put effort into my cooking videos and I hope it shows. Of course so far I haven't gotten tons of views and I'm fine with that. If anyone is interested my channel is

    Take a look I've just finished and posted my massive 3 part Christmas Episode, so if you have a chance, enjoy.

  48. Here's another addition to the drinking game I'm surprised no one has mentioned:

    Take a shot if Irate Gamer uses the same word twice in a sentence, has grammar errors in them, or double negatives:

    "Half the time, they don't even make no sense at all."

    "One annoying thing about this game is these annoying floating eyeball platforms".

  49. @vnisanian2001:

    Wouldn't that be like "Take a shot if Irate Gamer TALKS"? Do you want to doom us all XD ?!

  50. Sorry, I didn't realize that. Okay, forget I said that.

  51. On The Blockbuster Buster
    I can see what he's going for, movies that attempted to be cash cow franchises but failed, and I enjoy some of his stuff. But I do agree that his other characters give off an ugly Irate Gamer vibe and that impressions video was a massive misfire. But I'm willing to watch him without too many problems. I did like his bit in the holiday video.

    Update from my Facebook informant:
    Bores says he's sick with tonsillitis and strep throat. I was going to take him seriously until he said "Where's Doctor Mario when you need him?"
    First of all, that wasn't funny. Second, don't shoehorn video game references like that, it isn't helping you look like a gamer.

    This probably means we won't get any videos until February.

  52. @BatDanNight:

    Yeah, I have a soft spot for Space Balls references myself.

    But well, didn't have much time watching videos in the last two months or so, so I had to set my priorities...

    And did Bores ever play Dr. Mario? Don't think so...

    And I hope he won't release anything till February. I don't want him to ruin my birthday in January XD

  53. @Doresh
    Actually, he did cover that one in his Tetris episode.

  54. Okay, okay. I know about the bad stuff that Chris Bores has caused. But how about the good things?

    Confused? Well, here's what I mean:
    *He's given us great parody material
    *That 'actor' who played the Genie was kinda funny.

  55. God dammit Bores! Do you want your ANYBODY besides your fans to take you seriously? Don't make a damn joke over something like this!

  56. Does Bores have to put his stupid jokes in every video/post he makes. He's really trying to convince people he's a gamer.

  57. Can we all agree that Bores is the John Cena of game reviewing?

  58. @ Austin

    Nope. Bores has to be successful for the comparison to work.

  59. Let's see;

    only liked by kids(and fat chicks-check

    sucks at what he does-check

    ignores criticism-check

    hogs out crappy merchandise-check

    Can't make a decent joke to save his life-check

    Yeah I'd say he is.
    plus Bores had to be successful to get somone to make a blog like this. You can he's successful at sucking.
    btw it's still me,austin

  60. Stop bullying the Irate gamer batdan, he is very good, like jason friedberg and aaron seltzer are

  61. @Charlie
    I didn't want to reply to your dumb posts but, this hurts me to say, you're probably right this one time.

  62. (holds back laughter)

    Charlie likes Seltzerberg? That explains a lot.

  63. I now wonder what would happen if Bores still did fil reviews. He would probably say that the best films of the year were Transformers 3 and The Smurfs.

    Also, I tought Apollo still kept the plot and was delaying episode 6 due to recasting and rewrites.

  64. @RW64
    To be fair, he did say Transformers 2 was really stupid so he may have not liked the third. Knowing him it probably would have been X-Men First Class.

    I hope he never NEVER reviews Skyrim.

    I did hear Apollo would release Episode 6 but afterwards the story would be dropped.

  65. @Charlie
    Just like the Bores, Charlie, you fail at research. You do realize that ALL of Seltzerberg's films have been universally panned.

  66. Happy New Year. Let's see how long it takes for Bores to drop ROB as a reoccurring character.

  67. Happy New Year from British Columbia! Here's to another year of Bores' crap!

  68. @Charlietehplumber

    Don't you have to eat your mom's pussy after she's done getting gangbanged?

  69. @KUKEDUKE:

    You're missunderstanding. He just says that Bores is as good as Seltzerberg - and I highly agree: Bores shows the same amount of talent, quality and care as Seltzerberg!

  70. @lordlaharl (about what would Bores do if IG didn't catch on)

    Well, Bores follows trends, so that's easy to figure out.

    He wrote his heroic-fantasy novel in the LotR-era.
    He did his ghost-hunting show when they were popular.
    He started IG when Rolfe's AVGN became big.
    After that, maybe a tech podcast around '08-'09 and a cooking show nowadays.

  71. @ Ozzymaustin

    Cena is still the biggest star in his line of work. You can't say that about Bores when AVGN's popularity dwarfs his. The better pro wrestling analogy would be that Irate Gamer is the TNA of video game reviewing.

    1. I'd say that IWA Mid-South is the better analogy. Known for a lot of rubbish, somehow has a fanbase and instead of having good moments, they have not as terrible moments.

      Because TNA does do some stuff right and the potential is there. I can't say the same about Bores.

  72. @DynamiteNinja

    Dude, that wasn't very nice, you know? I know where you're getting at, by trying to beat a troll in his own game, but it's unpleasant to see a non-troll saying things like that. I know Clark tried that in a previous post, and I don't think people found it funny.

  73. By the way, have a nice New Year, all of you! I stayed up until 4:30 or so, what about you?

  74. Well I was up at 5.00 to catch in on American New Year...

  75. @Charles/Fattoler

    Why? O.o

    Do they broadcast a foreign country's New Year festival on TV?

  76. Just an FYI; Asalieri posted another RaR, on Bores Monster Party review. Only the first half is up though.

  77. @Ozzyman

    about time too. i was tired of his other ones on people i actually liked.

  78. @Arthur

    They do show snippets of other countries ringing in the new year


    Seriously, this whole Bores is the chosen one in his own videos reeks of egotism. It's just Bores stroking his own e-cock and expecting everyone to, well, you get the idea. You know what MIGHT be original? Having someone ELSE be the damn chosen one! Can't do that though!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. You know how Tony rebuilt ROB out of his ashes? Reminds me of how the X-Hunters rebuilt Zero in Mega Man X2 after he disintergrated in X1. Then again, X still had his control chip and the X-Hunters probably made their own Zero parts or something. Prehaps part of ROB still survived? Though Tony said he found ROB lying broken in a closet. Was it FCR? Did Tony really take the time to rebuild him from his dust? Fuck you Bores! I try to find sense in your videos but your plotholes are just that bad.

  82. @JohnNintendoNerd
    Well, at the time they didn't know they would be bringing Zero back. And in the remake, you actually see the remains of Zero's body get left behind.
    New theory: Tony is an alchemist.

  83. Just watched Asalieri's new video, and the first of his videos I've seen altogether. Pretty good, from what I've seen, though without watching any of his other stuff I can't really say anything about whatever controversy there is about him.

  84. @Arthur

    Well I always find it quite surreal to watch people do something you did five hours previously...

  85. Just saw part 2 of Asalieri's new RAR. The part at the beginning was in bad taste if you ask me.

  86. @ BattleFeverJ

    Well that´s Asalieri for you, he has vecame a Delusional Gun Jumper, and Fagfiend too, that like to generalize and make a mountaibn out of a molehole, not to mention attack and ridiculize everyone who disagrees with them or defend the people they attack.

  87. lol loved the beginning of Asalieri's 2nd part of RaR.
    That's what I don't understand with people here. Any crack on the Bores is ok, but a crack on James(who has become as bad if not worse then Bores, imo is automatically in bad taste)
    Sure Asalieri & Archfag are the most hypocritical pieces of crap on youtube. But I have to give them credit realizing what a cheap hack the nerd became. But I digress

  88. a Cheap Hack?, for what?. for asking Donations for Finishing a Damn Project movie that he wishes to make?, because is not like James has a decent Reputation or is a nice guy or actually loves his fans, and he actually uses that money for equipment for his movie etc.

    because you know, everyone that ask for that is like Richard Kuta or Even Yahtzee.........

    Really?, just because there were assholes who asked money for petty reasons )again, Rich Kuta and Yahtzee), DOES NOT MEAN THAT EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE LABALED IN TEH SAME CATEGORY, something that Fagfiend and AsaIlovetojumpthegunandhacezerohumildityLieri love to do recently.

  89. @BattleFeverJ
    I thought the bit was kinda funny up until the end, with the "unwatchable since 2008" line. Saying that just makes it seem less like he's ribbing James a little about the situation and more like he's just acting like another spiteful dickhead who's being pissy because he doesn't like some of the more special effect driven episodes. Hell, the Nerd himself acknowledged the fact that some people don't like those episodes, but also pointed out that other people do like them, so he's trying to strike a fair balance between the two.

    Yeah, you're an ass.

  90. James just get better every time, at least for me.

  91. Well excuse me for having an opinion!

    I'll honestly take anything that talentless hack Bores shits out. Over that egotistical, greedy hack James.

    Yeah, sue me.

  92. @Ozzyman
    In what way is James an "egotistical, greedy hack?" All I see when I watch him is an aspiring filmmaker, who wants to make good movies. He is not greedy, he is not egotistical, I mean, where did you even get those ideas? I actually want an answer. In what way?

  93. As someone who' spoken with both James and Bores on a personal level multiple times, I can definitely say that James is not "greedy" or "egotistical". The quality of his work might vary, but the quality of his character pretty much stays consistent.

  94. @Cody S. First off, don't get me wrong I used to be a fan up until 2009 or so. I would still occasionally watch him. His whole mindset with his AVGN movie is what really pissed me off.

    James Making a movie about a character he created just reeks of blatant egotism.
    Besides that, he really has no clue what he's doing. He's asking fans for "donations" when he should be financing the movie himself. Even the movie itself, Besides his shrinking fanbase who else is going to see a movie about somone screaming at the worlds shittest game?
    Has he said what kind of release the movie is going to be? Direct video? Local showings, national?
    His giant ego can't accept the fact that his AVGN has run it's course. Instead of letting it go and moving on to to those filmmaker dreams he has. instead he has to be so greedy and suck every last penny with his AVGN movie.
    James wants to be a filmmaker, But how is he going to look if his movie is a gigantic flop?

  95. @Ozzyman Have you been brainwashed by Asalracist and Archhate?
    Because i'm sure you have.

  96. @Roken

    I agree with Ozzyman. The whole angry reviewing genre is quickly dying these days and if the AVGN movie takes a year or two to complete, it won't be relevant anymore at the time of its release. Two years ago, this movie could have been his big break; nowadays, he's just digging his own grave.

  97. @Roken: Nope. Just because I agree with them one matter, it doesn't mean they aren't still the most hypocritical garbage on youtube.

  98. "James Making a movie about a character he created just reeks of blatant egotism"

    John MacClane
    Freddy Kruger
    Luke Skywalker
    Ash Williams
    James Bond
    Ellen Ripley
    Peter Venkman
    Shōtarō Kaneda

    Thats just the created characters in movies that I can see on the shelf by my Computer desk. What a really silly thing to say honestly. If James was making this Movie about a real life person that would be fine then would it?

    "Besides that, he really has no clue what he's doing. He's asking fans for "donations" when he should be financing the movie himself"

    He was looking into getting outside finance but people emailed him and asked if they could help. I've written this before so sorry for the repetition, Independent movies are made through fund raising and donations, in the time before the Internet filmmakers had to try and sway local businesses to give them money or try other ways of fundraising. If he got his funding corporately people like Asa and Archfiend would say he was whoring himself (in videos with ad sponsorship missing how that makes them parasites feeding off said whore)

    James sounds like he's got a little bit of ambition for this one and knows that his previously self funded movies were lower quality

    "Besides his shrinking fanbase"
    roughly 2,726,310 page views a month still a decent potential audience for an independent film.

    To be honest all the arguments against James Rolfe seem to imply some sort of completely unconformable malevolent intent on his part by people who have never met the guy. What is this type of thinking for anyway? Should Jerry Seinfeld have stayed touring small clubs for the rest of his life? Why is it that just because he found a little bit of fame on the internet, and wants to turn it into a financial future that helps further some dream he's clearly had for a long long time, that he's suddenly a bad person?

  99. Sorry about the length of that but I don't understand what he's done other then make hundreds of free videos that kept people entertained at their desks and then said "Im trying to make a movie if you want to help me you can".

  100. Also, most AVGN critics can't seem to fully understand that the AVGN movie won't just be a feature-length episode. James has stated several times that it puts the character into a bigger world than the regular settings of the skits, much like the Wayne's World movies did (and I've never heard anyone call those betrayals to the orginal SNL sketches). And just the first Rocky film centered around a fight, yet wasn't just one big movie-long fight, neither will the AVGN be one long video game review.

    And if filmmakers like Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz and the rest of their Troma Team (ya know, the ones who made the Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke 'em High, Tromeo & Juliet and Poultrygeist), or Charles Band and his collaberators at Full Moon Features and before that Empire Pictures (they made Re-Animator, Ghoulies and Puppet Master among others), or even an old-school legend like Roger Corman (for whom we have to thank for the careers of Coppola, Demme, Nichelson, Cameron and Joe Dante) can make low-budget independent films and achieve a fair amount of success and perpetutal recognition, why can't James?

  101. I think a line was crossed when the following sentence was said:

    "I'd rather watch Bores' videos than James' these days."

    While you may stick to your opinion about the quality of James' videos (I honestly think they're still good), Bores isn't and will never be as good as him.

  102. @Clark
    But did any of those people who created those character use them for 5+ years before making a movie of them?
    James AVGN character has run it's course, His jokes, skits and just his whole act has become boring and predictable.
    His greediness and huge ego is why he's making a movie about The Nerd. Instead of leaving his nerd character behind and pursuing his film career the right way.
    As I mentioned before, what if the movie bombs? there goes his film career.

  103. @ Ozzyman

    okay, you win. AVGN is over 5 years old, so therefore James is a greedy hack who doesn't deserve the willing support of his fans.
    you've made your point.

  104. @Ozzyman Well then..
    make your own web series and see what happens after a few years or so, That happens all the time, It starts by being good then, gets a little bit uninteresting but then it gets better. Like Godzilla for example if you know what i mean.

  105. hey guys check out asalieri2s channel comments and then go to page 3.

  106. @Charlotte WOW never thought i'd see that there.
    I kinda feel something inside.

  107. By the way who is that batdanmn is that you BatDanNight?

  108. See, this is why it's so hard to take people like Archdouche and this Ozymandias schmuck seriously when they diss James Rolfe's movie project. All their criticism ultimately seems to par down to "I'm angry at James because what he's doing doesn't square with a bunch of arbitrary rules that I made up that don't make sense to anyone except myself and anyone stupid enough to listen to me!"

  109. James Bond's first book was out in the 50's while Connery didn't start playing him until 1962. Batman has been around since 1939. Honestly do you think every single character that appears on screen has just been developed brand new the day before filming?

    "As I mentioned before, what if the movie bombs? there goes his film career"
    Why? Even well known directors can be critically panned or lose millions on a pretty much guaranteed franchises ( M. Night Shyamalan) and still end up working on projects with big name actors.

    "James AVGN character has run it's course, His jokes, skits and just his whole act has become boring and predictable"
    So whats the problem with him doing something different with the character?

    The funny thing is I would rather James carried on making AVGN episodes, I don't really want an hour/hour and a half film instead of the multiple game reviews he could make with the time he's spending, but the thing is James wants to do something different and as I've learned from the Simpsons I honestly don't think stuff should just get pumped out for the masses when nobody involved in making it gives a damn anymore. I have never paid anything towards AVGN, I have never contributed anything to creating an episode so just answer these questions and I will understand your anger.

    How does making a movie based on a character we watched hurt anyone?

    Since you can call him greedy you'll know the answer to this (otherwise you're just speculating)
    What is James using the money for if not the movie?

    Since you say he is a Hack you'll know this as well (unless its just speculation of course)
    What was wrong with the Movie script to make you think it was hacky?

  110. @Roken
    No, I'm not batdanmn. He's some whiny troll that's butthurt this blog exists, uses insane logic and NEVER listens to reason. He seems to have a vendetta against the AVGN given the stuff he's written.

    I just ignore him because his schtick is just sad at this point.

  111. @ John Pannozzi

    Why ? Here's three reasons :

    1. The Nerd has no backstory whatsoever. I know, Wayne's World barely had one and it was a success, but the movie starred Mike fucking Myers.
    2. Rolfe is a god awful actor. People bash Bores because he can't act, but Rolfe isn't much better. I mean, just look at his latest videos in which he emotes like a madman to simulate anger.
    3. Except his loyal fan base, who's gonna pay to watch some movie about an Internet celebrity ? Look at the Fred movie, it barely got a theatrical release in some countries and failed anyway.

  112. @Thelone

    And your three reasons are wrong and here's why:

    1. Wayne's World was the first movie Mike Myers starred in and launched his movie carrer. Back then he was only known for his SNL sketches
    2. Rolfe also has Board James and OverAnalizers as testing grounds and he's also has a skill for providing information that makes it more interesting
    3. Fred the Movie was based on a series about a chipmunk voiced teenager who got popular quickly. Fred is sometimes seen as the scourge of comedy and people could tell it was going to suck no matter what they did. Yes it failed...BUT IT GOT A DAMN SEQUEL!!!

  113. @ Rafael

    1. Yeah, so ? Myers is a terrific performer and proved it after WW. Rolfe on the other hand...

    1-2. Actually, that's the problem with Rolfe : he was fine when he reviewed games as himself, but he's barely watchable when he's trying to act and do stupid skits for no reason.

    2. People don't watch AVGN because he's informative. Frankly, he never was.

    3. Guess what ? It's going to be the same thing with the AVGN movie. Actually, you can replace "Fred" with "AVGN" and "a chipmunk voiced teenager" with "some guy cursing at bad video games" and voilà. And yes, it's going to fail miserably and won't get a sequel.

  114. @Ozzyman:

    How dare James making a movie about his own creation! He should ruin other people's creations, just like Michael Bay XD !!

    (And btw, what idiot allowed Marvel to make their own movies, anyways XD ?!)


    I've never watched a single episode of SNL (not even sure if that ever aired in Germany), but I still love the movie. The first few minutes explain the characters perfectly.

  115. Sorry for changing the subject, but is that HoVG episode ever coming out? It's been almost a whole year!

  116. I mean, even the fans hate waiting! Who puts improving an older episode slightly as their first priority rather than a new episode?!?

  117. Comments are moderated right now.

  118. AW don't delete the 4488 guys stuff I just threw some logic at him and wanted to hear his reply :(

  119. @Clark
    Don't. It won't work on him. He'll call you a hypocrite and fanboy.
    People have tried logic on him before. It has failed. It's not going to work.

  120. Fucking flame wars, where do they come from? Let's recap:

    1 - "Some guy" talked about about the new RaR.

    2 - "Someone" felt the need to take a jab at Asalieri.

    3 - "Some guy" then said that people only like the RaRs when they're talking about people they don't like (Well, of course, do you like it when people diss your favorite game or show?). Then "Some guy" took a jab at James Rolfe.

    4 - "People" called out on "Some guy".

    5 - "Somebody" said James was a greedy hack and said that the AVGN movie would bomb.

    6 - "People" refuted "Somebody"'s argument.

    7 - "Somebody" replied, giving reasons.

    8 - "Person", part of "People", replied to "Somebody"'s reasons.

    9 - "Somebody" then replied to the reply of the reasons.

    How did we get there, anyway? Oh yeah, Asalieri. Wow, it's incredible how people can stretch something in order to get to a flame war. *Clap clap clap*

    Seriosly though, shall we stop this? It's getting ridiculous.

  121. @BDN
    I was going to use this clip and everything :(

  122. @ Arthur Arneiro

    I didn't mention Asa once in the messages I posted in this thread. This is my opinion on the subject and I don't need Asalieri or Archlame to make my own.

    Frankly, I'm just dissapointed to see so much double standards here. When Bores does crappy skits, can't act and milk the shit out of his Irate Gamer character, it's like the end of the world or something. But when the Lord and Savior Rolfe does the exact same thing, it's comedy gold/him achieving his life-time dream. But hey, this is the IG sucks blog, so what should I expect ?

  123. @Thelone
    Look, no one here is saying that Rolfe is perfect. Some of his videos are weaker than others and yes, occasionally there's a joke that just seems to fall flat. The thing is, at least in my opinion, the good tends to outweigh the bad more often than not, and none of his main videos have come off as decidedly "bad" on the whole. Bores videos, on the other hand, consistently suck, and at some points he almost seems to go out of his way to make the weakest moments of his reviews more painful than they already are (unnecessary build ups, explanations, and pauses, among other things). So maybe it does come off as a double standard, but I'm pretty sure could write an entire thesis paper on why the Angry Video Game Nerd is still miles better than the Irate Gamer if I were so inclined.

  124. @Thelone

    You weren't "Some guy", you were someone else. ;D

    And why did you start talking about double standards? I wasn't defending James or anything, I was just talking about how this whole flame war was unnecesary. The comment that started this wasn't someone defending or bashing James' work, it was about friggin' Asalieri!

  125. @lordlaharl:

    Don't forget that Rolfe actually knows what the hell he's talking about.

  126. To exhaust myself, and fall in this place... That was the path I was to follow... But my fate have changed!

  127. Though I think Asalieri and the Archfiend are being a bit man to James, and that I think that some of his newer AVGN episodes are decent (when they're not full of bad sketches and James talking about how he would be raped and eat animal shit than play a bad game), I still think the movie is going to bomb in cinemas. Why? Let me answer that with another question. Who the fuck wants to see a 30 year old man talking about an old game? I mean outside of the internet of course. Fred was a household name. He was at one point the number 1 most subscribed on Youtube and got a cameo in various tween girl shows (iCarly is the only one I know of that stared Lucas Crookshanks). As popular as James is, He is nowhere near no. 1 subscribed and the crowd outside of his fanbase AVGN will be aimed towards (teenage boys) will not really be interested as most of them think the only good games are COD, GTA and Fifa/Madden, and the only bad games they can think of are, get this, Mario, Pokemon, every old game and any game on a Nintendo console, as they actually think that a game has to be new and contains no kiddy content to be good. They will certainly not care about a movie about ET 2600 as, hey, it's an old game. They all suck.

    On an unrelated note. I just got 3D Classics: Kid Icarus on my 3DS yesterday. I have only played it for an hour but I think they did a good job on improving it. Though the sprites and graphics remain intact, the added backgrounds and the 3D effect make it feel alot more fresh and makes me feel like I'm not looking at an old granny of a game. The controls and gameplay feel alot smoother (eg less friction when I bounce my head of the walls) and there is now a save feature instead of those annoying passwords. So far so good. The only way to get this game is to register two select 3DS games into your Club Nintendo account before January 31st. After that, you can only get it when you sign up to the 3DS eShop for the first time.

  128. *are being a bit mean to James

  129. @ JohnNintendoNerd

    "he movie is going to bomb in cinemas"

    why is everyone thinking this movie is going to be a theatrical release. James said from the beginning that it's only a possibility, but a very unlikely one. the scope of the release has yet to be determined.

    it might be in theaters, if so then it would be a very local release.

    based on james's expectations for donations before the project started, the most likely release would have been on DVD. now that he's got the HD camera, who knows? maybe blu-ray, too.

    of course, based on the donations far exceeding what james had anticipated, i wouldn't be surprised if the movie were just a free download, like the AVGN episodes of the past. in an email i received months ago, james implied that there would be no physical disc.i think either it will be a free download, or it'll be a free download with the option to buy a limited run DVD.

    they're making money in order to make the movie, not the other way around.

  130. James Rolfe wrote on his Cinemassacre blog that the movie will most likely be released as U.S city tours and perhaps overseas, specifically, at film festivals. However, I do agree with the above user, Rolfe did seem very unsure of his plans.

  131. I suggest to go to asalieris channel and debunk their stupid ideas.

  132. @Charlotte Nah, they are still going to hate, so i say no.

  133. @Charlotte:

    I fear he's become debunk-proof a looooong time ago.

  134. @Charlotte
    That's a bad idea. They're the type that refuse to listen.
    Just let them fester in their own filth.

  135. @Charlotte

    Besides, he can came out here and Bribe us about it, or worse, switch the attention like he did back in 2010 and make it look like we started the drama.

    He's Became Delusional because he felt into the treap of people who critic the reviewers, thinkin he cant be the same douchey snarky smeghead with good talented people.

  136. While James implied that the movie would be distributed free, I'd be surprised if the plan didn't switch to a DVD release (I wouldn't blame him either.)

    Still, if he did release it free, that'd be the only real way to debunk the "greedy" accusations. Hell, I'm not sure that would even be enough for them.

  137. @Shaolin Dave

    That might actually make those accusations more likely. Getting a movie to theaters or even video costs way more money than putting it online. They might say it cost less than he said and is currently using that surplus money.

    I really doubt these people would accuse him of something like that, though. Some might, though. These things keep happening. TrOlLs, you know.

  138. I'd request you to construct a video reviewing these events, but the less I have to see bullcrap Bores's mug, the better. XD Thx for making this site. I was WONDERING if he was still in commission.

  139. I say, if Doug Walker and the TGWTG guys can put TWO feature films and not fail, surely James Rolfe can manage at least one movie.

    Good lord, i wish i never saw this.

  141. Hey look! The Offensive Stereotype from TRG is back! *kill me*

    I also saw something worth mentioning on DLAbaoaqu's channel comments. The Game dude is no longer a supporter of the AVGN because of (aint it obvious) the movie and the donations it's receiving.

  142. Certainly lives up to his name: Game BOOB!

  143. @Justin De Lucia
    Yep. If there's one thing worse than an idiot who emulates someone else to become popular, it's that same idiot trying to bandwagon with people who've turned on that someone else.

  144. Been awhile since I've posted, but I just wanted to say I can't wait for this movie to come out so all this drama can end. This "taking sides" and "James is egotistical" nonsense has been going on quite long enough. I'm not trying to defend his later work or anything like that, but people need to realize that this character they suddenly hate with a passion now is gonna be gone once this film is finished so I don't see why they need to harp on it til then unless they want to get some final blows before the character loses his relevancy.

  145. @John Pannozzi
    I wouldn't call them movies per se, but it says something when they film a feature-length video in 4-7 days. That's Roger Corman levels of dedicated. From the sounds of it, James will be filming for months.

    Correct. People are complaining about a movie that isn't even out yet, it's meaningless and tiresome drama. But I haven't heard anything about James retiring the character though.

    Shifting back onto Bores... he hasn't done anything new. His mother has confirmed in a comment that he's sick. So I'm not expecting anything until February.

  146. Oh he wasn't? Well seems I must have been out of the loop a bit because I heard he was gonna retire after the movie but whatever.


  148. @Charlotte

    Why am I not surprised?

  149. Just saw Asalieri's new video, and I'm inclined to agree with him. Atleast he acknowledges the Double-standards and hypocrisy on this blog.

  150. You know what? I'm just gonna say it like it is and change Asa's video name to be "Who are the REAL futile idiots here?" Is Asa's constant trashing on AVGN or his movie or anyone else doing it gonna change anything about the fact that it's going to happen? No. Is this blogs tabs on Chris's work and personal life doing anything to hinder his work or fans? No. It's just armchair protesting at best and each side is doing what they are doing merely to vent out anger and accomplish nothing. NO one wins no matter how much we protest and call out others and at the end of the day, we're all stupider for trying. No one is gonna change the others mind so I don't even see why this should have been brought to attention. This is just trying to fan the flames of an unnecessary war. So to get myself out of this internet stupidity, I am ceasing my viewing of this blog and ceasing my viewing of Asalieri for good this time. I'm sorry to you both but I'll be damned if I'm gonna continue to be involved in such petty squabbles. Good day.

  151. @Motherplayer
    Fair enough. Myself, I just find BatDanNight's rants on Bores amusing. I doubt this blog will ever cause Bores to quit (hopefully his own laziness/idiocy will be the cause of that). I probably speak for most of the other regulars (that aren't named Charlie, anyway) when I say that I'm just here to enjoy the ride.

  152. @Nathan It will never end..............and i am really scared now, something really terrible is going to happen. T_T

  153. well watch these series, it is so freaking hilarious.

  154. So, did Asaloser previously troll on this blog or something? I pointed out the hypocrisy of his calling us cowards and, in turn, hypocrites by saying that he hasn't confronted either BatDan or James Rolfe about his qualms with them and he claimed that he's been blocked. I wouldn't be surprised, with his rather flippant manner of address (He called me an asshole in his reply) he seems like the type who would start flame wars.

  155. Just to make things clear as my final post on here, I hate neither Asalieri nor Batdan. It's just everytime someone badmouths Asa on here, he has to take it so personally as to make a video about it and try to refute anything like he's trying to further some hidden, hate filled agenda. That was NOT the Asalieri I subscribed to those many years back. While with Dan, Bores is so low on the radar now that it's kinda pointless to talk about him anymore and the fun has been sucked out of it because of certain people who take things too seriously on this small, insignificant blog. I wish I could say I'm just here to enjoy the ride but it's become too much of a hassle with all this off topic nonsense. So I thank you Asalieri for better times and you Dan for a lot of fun despite the ups and downs and of course all of the people on this site for your fun and sometimes witty comments. Now my closure is complete and I can safely say I have no regrets. Thank you and farewell folks.

  156. @Motherplayer
    I applaud your tact, good sir. If more people on the internet, both those I agree and disagree with, showed the same level of manner you've shown in your posts today, the internet would be a much finer place. Farewell.

  157. I'm gonna be honest, when I decided to view this blog thanks to Asa's futile attempt to start another e-war, I thought I was gonna read a blog filled with mindless hatred against IG. I was surprised to figure you guys actually do criticize Bores in a somewhat mature way. Granted, I personally do not like his work or care much for him nowadays, and I believe all the bandwagon of bashing on him is old. But it's relieving to at least see people who bother to back up their claims and arguments about what is wrong with IG, unlike what Archfag and many other numbskulls have done in the past.

    As for Asa, I wouldn't worry much about him. I'm still amazed over how emo he is being for the simple fact his name got mentioned a few times in this comment section, and uses it as an excuse to start another scapegoat to justify his insignificant existence as a wannabe e-lawyer and try-hard troll.

  158. I come here to get a chuckle or two out of IG's continued attempt at passing himself off as a gamer. Nothing wrong with getting a good laugh every now and then. Granted the guy is a idiot, but he's an amusing idiot at least.

    I wonder if he'll review Old Republic? He's a Star Wars nut, it would be a perfect fit. Though knowing him, he'd probably bitch that Darth Vader doesn't appear.

  159. @Kama
    I doubt he'd review The Old Republic, he doesn't seem to care for PC games. We're more likely to get a Kinect Star Wars review... if that ever comes out.

  160. At least our IG hate is based on meticulous analyzation of Bores' videos, not some vague accusations. Once the movie's out, I'm perfectly fine with Asa ranting and raving over it. Now is a bit early, isn't it?


    Of course it'll come out. It has Star Wars on the title, so it will sell regardless of whether or not it actually works XD

  161. Asalieri is really overreacting...he reminds me of what jfreedan was to him!

    On to a more thoughtful note filmwise I believe James should do documentaries. Dragon of my Dreams, Jumped over a Park Bench, Monster Madness, visiting sites from the living dead movies... He does such a splendid job with those! I can see James doing a documentary about horror movies: how they inspire him, interviewing the people behind the movies, visiting film locations, showing the details of props, etc.

    Anyway I hope his AVGN movie turns out well.

  162. Everyone, be wary of fake emails from someone claiming to be Bores. I got one earlier today.

  163. Wow. I got three more emails from the fake Bores, insisting he's for real. Apparently he read my post earlier. Dude, shows you're contacting me from Mesa, AZ. That's pretty far away from Ohio.
    How sad does your life have to be if you're pretending to be Chris Bores?

  164. @Shaolin Dave

    Amusingly enough, "Mesa, AZ" is exactly the city where Asarieli lives. I'm not trying to jump to half-assed conclusions here, but my guess is that he's somehow involved on scheme.

    Dave, would you mind sharing the content of the emails that the fake Bores has sent to you so far? I think that would hopefully clear the situation.

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Asa sure loves taking comments out of context (It doesn't take a brain cell to figure I WASN'T SAYING he was guilty) and being oversensitive to the max. And with all due respect, isn't he becoming a bit stalkerish by constantly refreshing this page only to know our thoughts on him?

    And sure, I'll shoot you a email.

  168. Chris hasn't made new content for over two weeks now, I'm starting to get bored.

    Not a surprise, he is indeed lazy when it comes to videos. I wish he'd put effort into making his Neo reviews more than just first impression videos with no explanation, but we all know it's never gonna happen.

    Now I'm gonna ask you guys something. Are there any game reviewers that review new video games that you can recommend to me? Besides the Irate Gamer Neo reviews, I don't watch any, and the only reason I watch those is to see how bad they are. I used to be a fan of Angry Joe but after Asalieri exposed him, I'm no longer a fan.

    I'd love to look for good video game reviewers of newer games myself, but the problem is I'm not much of a gamer so I have no idea where to start looking.

  169. @Blaze

  170. @Shaolin Dave: Holy crap... is your life really that wrapped up around Asalieri? Using the word "life" loosely.

    "As for Asa, I wouldn't worry much about him."

    What are you, a matinee villain? The guy is just a Youtube user who uploads videos. You're talking about him like he's Pinochet. Get a fucking life, dude.

  171. Wow, some guy comes from out of nowhere and insults two people because they were talking bad about someone who he seemingly supports. Looks like he hopes to start a flame war!

    Definitely not a troll

  172. @Battery Voltaire
    Phreakindee is awesome.

  173. @Blaze The Movie Fan: Bores said he was sick with tonsillitis and strep throat. Which explains the lack of updates.

  174. With the lack of updates within the next month, perhaps it's time for another Redux Recap.

  175. huh, i thought "abobo's big adventure" was coming out at midnight. looks like it was delayed 9 hours.

    maybe i'll do a video review or "let's play", it could be fun.

  176. @blueluigi
    That might be a good idea, or I can do the second Mythbusters video. ... Redux Recap it is. Zack & Wiki is next.

  177. it's out!

    i can only hope the game i'm working on turns out half as awesome.

  178. Youtube is going to be staring it's subscriber in 24 hours, let's see how much Bores has afterwards...

  179. You're braver than brand.

    ^Now what the fuck does that mean.

  180. @BatDan

    I suggest the Home Improvement vid

  181. So James Rolfe posted another of his convention panel videos, which makes me wonder: what do you suppose would happen if Bores got it in his head to go to a convention?

  182. Oh BTW, i Wanted to comment on the Blockbuster Buster criticism.

    At first, i dint like the guy, cause i felt that he was trying a bit too hard to be like the next nostalgia critic,(he admits that he wanted to be part of TGWTG as desperately sooner after he started) and his earlier reviews had indeed problems, like the piss poor impersonations and the fact that he ending "Busted" the movies taht he even said that they werent that horrible, oh and the off key singin in his lemony snickets review.

    However i realize then when i criticized him i was a bit of a douchebag unintentionally trying to flame him, and i did apologize for that, and after watching his videos a bit more, i did realize that he had the energy and that he loved what he was doing, and his reviews had became better.

    Oh and TGWTG impersonations were pretty good and well done, except for his Marzgurl Impersonation when he made up the names of the guys behind the SFII animated movie....XP

    Plus he needs to know that MarzGurl pretty much has quit anime Reviewing.