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E3 2012 Part 3: The Homestretch

Last time on IG’s Endless E3 Snoozefest
Rewritten Transformers canon? I doubt that. A Capcom rep shows even they can be dumber than the fraudulent gamer that somehow scores interviews. Some major bias towards Skylanders. Bores somehow scores interviews with Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed and Rayman. He loses major nerd points for not being able to identify the two main characters in Star Trek. A boring-ass montage about Mario. And some things about Darksiders II and some indie game.

And now, the conclusion.

Video #18: IG’s E3 2012 Swag Round up Video
Date: July 5th 2012

The first video to be posted on YouTube only. I guess Rayman Legends really was the last video there.
As you can guess from the title, the video is Bores showing off the stuff he got at E3. The reason he’s doing this? Because SWAGshow couldn’t go. Whatever…

Ugggh, the entire video is Bores showing stuff and saying “this was cool” or “this was neat” or something similar.
He’s really redundant too, “Over at Sony, there was this Sackboy doll handed out by Sony”. Or he’s really obvious “There’s this Dungeons and Dragons Nevermore mug if you played the game… I guess there’s a new Dungeons and Dragons game”.
And what’s the point of the transition effects? You’re doing a vlog, you don’t need to put that damn flashy effect in every couple of minutes. Keep it simple, stupid!

He also brings up Haunted Investigators again when showing a Resident Evil 6 flashlight. Here’s a thought, finish your first episode before planning the ones you haven’t started.

There’s really nothing to say. It was that boring.

Video #19: Top 5 Best of E3 2012 Show stealers
Date: July 6th 2012

Another YouTube exclusive.
As a reminder, here’s his Top 5 from last year (in no particular order as he put it).
1. Super Mario 3D Land. (Awesome game)
2. Sonic Generations (Pretty good game)
3. Ninja Gaiden 3 (Easy piece of crap with no variety, and heinously boring)
4. Kinect Star Wars (How the hell did he think this would be good? No surprise that it ended up sucking)
5. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land (Great game)

As the description notes, this will also be in no particular order. Show stealers huh? Let’s see what he picks.

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us
He’s looking forward to this one because it has “fighting between DC characters” and “special moves” and “all that good stuff”. … Right.
He also brings up how it’s not using Fatalities. Why do people keep bringing this up? I don’t care that it’s the same people behind Mortal Kombat, DC isn’t going to allow their characters to give or receive fatalities. Especially since a good number of them DO NOT KILL!

2. The Last of Us
“Last of Us by Sony” Naughty Dog Chris, they aren’t a small unknown. They’ve been a big name since the hey days of the Playstation 1.
“This one took everyone by storm” This wasn’t a world premiere, we saw a trailer during the Spike VGAs. Yes, this was the first bit of gameplay, but I’ve seen people compare this to I Am Alive or Uncharted. I know Naughty Dog did the latter, but that doesn’t help this.
“It’s a very original concept” Pffffffffffft.

3. Tomb Raider
Oh lord, this game. Everything I hear about it makes me want to vomit.
“By Ei-dos” You pronounced it wrong, and I believe the company you’re looking for is “Square-Enix”. They own Eidos now, the game is even being published by Square-Enix.

“The gameplay they showed was simply enthralling” *plays Uncharted theme*
And he goes on about how it’s so action packed and… *sighs* You are way to easy to impress, it looks like every other action game out right now.

4. Rayman Legends
“A very co-op oriented game” Too bad you don’t have anyone to play with.
Nothing else to say really…

5. New Super Mario Bros. U
… A rehash. An HD Wii game. *sighs* Why do I bother?
 He does acknowledge not everyone will agree with him so he might be getting smarter… until he says that there’s a vast difference between this and the Wii version. No, there really isn’t. All they did was upscale it, add a few new elements, and called it a new game.
“The Mario universe more expansive and interesting” No, something like Galaxy or 3D Land did that. This only exists because the Japanese love it.  The NSMB games sell way more than the original stuff like Galaxy or 3D Land.

The video ends with IG saying tomorrow is going to be the worst-of list. Oh… joy. Then he shows the title screen to New Super Mario Bros. 2. That’s the wrong game you idiot!

I’m surprised there was no God of War though.

Video #20: Top 5 Worst of E3 2012 Games Demo’s & Presentations
Date: July 7th 2012

I think there’s a grammar error in the title.
So this might be the last video, though there might be a blooper video like last year.

Here’s his Top 5 Worst (rather, disappointing) from last year.
1. WWE ‘12 (Run of the mill WWE game)
2. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Depending on who you ask, it was either better or worse than XIII)
3. X-Men Destiny (How far Silicon Knights have fallen…)
4. Twisted Metal (Insanely fun)
5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Awesome game)

It’s longer than the last video, let’s see where this goes.

1. Madden NFL 13
… HOW?! How can you be disappointed in a Madden game? It’s the same damn thing every year! It’s worse than annual installments of Call of Duty or Mario!

He mentions how the MS conference really hyped these new features and he had to get a hands-on look. … You fell for Madden hype. I can’t believe you’re really this dumb.
He tries it, and saw the only new thing was shouting commands through Kinect. Yes, the accessory you can’t even use in your tiny tiny gaming room. How did you even plan to play Kinect Star Wars in that area?
“It’s more work than it’s worth” You could just use your controller. It’s an optional feature. Like using the Kinect for Mass Effect 3, or Skyrim, or Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This isn’t Kinect Sports.

2. Wonderbook
Well, at least he agrees with the internet majority for once. And he actually says what most people were thinking. Huh…

3. South Park: The Stick of Truth
Wait, weren’t you really excited for this one?
“I thought it was really cool to see Matt and Trey Parker” It’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker! They’re not brothers, we went over this!
He’s upset because he couldn’t get an interview. So what? Obviously not every game is going to have a rep there to give info. Perhaps they want to surprise people? That’s how Matt & Trey work, they make an episode in six days and leave the details a surprise. Sure, this is a game and it’s much more complicated, but the point still stands.

4. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Or as he calls it “PS Vita All-Stars Battle Royale”. Hey idiot, it’s on both PS3 and Vita. The conference even made it clear that during the demo, two people were on PS3, and two were on Vita. Pay attention!

At least he says what everyone else has been saying, it looks like Smash Bros. Though he keeps saying “Super Smash Bros Brawl”. Just say Smash Bros, you don’t have to say the full title of the third game. Makes life easier.

5. Nintendo Land
He brings up how they spent a lot of time on Nintendo Land. If you did a little research, there’s a rumor that Retro Studios had a game planned but called Nintendo and told them “Don’t show it”. You can tell something happened from Reggie’s annoyed expression at the end of the conference.

“Virtual World inside the Wii U” Nooooo. It’s like Wii Spots, but made to show how to use the Wii U Gamepad. It’s a separate game, it’s not “in the Wii U”. It might be a digital download, but I think Nintendo is going to package it with Wii U, making the need for a digital version pointless.

“I could be totally wrong” Yes. Yes you are.

He then complains that they barely spent any time on Mario. … It’s the same fucking game as the Wii version! With new levels and different power-ups! It’s not a big deal!

He then goes into how he doesn’t understand Nintendo’s strategy, and how they’re focusing on this “younger audience”. Oh fuck you, you’re not going to invoke this again!
“Us old school gamers that played on the NES, we’ve grown up now” GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *stops* *breathes* Where the hell did this come from? You’ve never invoked “Nintendo is Kiddy” before this. Now you’re all “Nintendo needs to stop focusing on kids”. What the hell is this?

“Give us Metroid” You got two original Wii titles! Miyamoto wants one for Wii U. You’re likely going to get it.
“Give us gritty Zelda” And what is this “gritty Zelda” you keep going on about? It’s not going to happen! Nintendo is not going to lose millions on an M-Rated Zelda! The closest you’re going to get is Twilight Princess! Fucking play that and don’t expect Link to turn into Kratos any time soon!
He also brings up Other M for some reason. If this relates to “Nintendo is Kiddy”, that is soooo far from the truth. Other M was hated because of a terrible story that completely ruined Samus Aran’s character.
“I don’t think Nintendo will ever catch on making these games for older audiences” Fire Emblem. Also, Nintendo has ALWAYS been about gaming everyone can play. … Seriously where the fuck did this attitude come from? Are you trying to appeal to the dudebros that play Call of Duty all day? I just don’t get it.

So he ends the video, saying he’ll have one more of bloopers or something, and after that it’s back to “normal broadcasting”. Yeah, waiting months at a time for a new video. That sure is normal.

You know, if the next video is just bloopers, that means I’m done with this recap. I need to wash the E3 stench off, it’s permeated for far too long. Hell, it’s been a month since the conference ended! It goes to show how long he drags this shit on...

EDIT: Checking his site, he finally brings up Tribal Hollywood's purpose. They "helped with the show", whatever that means, and they provided products he will ... give away... in the coming weeks... *sighs* I thought you got rid of the contests! He also says to check their site because he loves their products.
You know, let me check and see what they have. *clicks link, gets 404* Huh? *checks URL* Oh jeez, he completely screwed up the URL. He included both his site and Tribal Hollywood. How do you do that?

*manually visits their site* Jewelery for men. Stuff like pendants, chains, necklaces, rings and so on, but intended for men. This raises a couple questions. If Bores loves their products so much, why does he never wear them in his videos? (EDIT: He wears a necklace in the three videos recapped here, hard to notice) And he said he plans to give this stuff away, does he really think his 11-12 year old fans would be interested in this?

This is the type of stuff douchebags wear. ... Makes sense Bores would like it then.

EDIT 2: His montage/bloopers video is up. It's a load of nothing. Though the video does show he got an interview about a Family Guy game, wonder why he dropped it.


  1. E3 is over now. Now expect much less videos from Chris.

  2. "Gritty Zelda" I'm sorry Chris, clearly Wind Waker, where Link STABS GANONDORF IN THE FUCKING FACE WITH HIS SWORD, wasn't gritty enough. Next time they'll add blood and gore just because YOU want it. I'm so sick of these goddamn retards complaining about HURR ADULT ZELDA HURR.

    1. If I remember correctly, he even stabbed him in the face in OoT. Sure, it didn't look as awesome, but still.

      And then there's Majora's Mask with plenty of Nightmare Fuel. For kids!

  3. I cringed at "PS Vita all stars Battle Royale". I can't believe that after all this time he still can't get his facts right.

  4. What do you know: Bores writes off Nintendo Land as too weird. He's only been using this "Nintendo is kiddy" argument for a few videos and I'm already sick of it. This "Nintendo gamers are grown-up" is weak justification for it, since the advent of social networking has made it so adults and young adults can comfortably admit to liking the same things they liked as kids and not be ridiculed for it. I am baffled why he wants a gritty Zelda yet listed Skyward Sword as a disappointment; when it continues the precedent set by Twilight Princess. And anyone who dismissed the cel-shaded art style in Wind Waker lost all doubt when Link discovered the underwater ruins of Hyrule.
    I will reiterate what I said in the last recap about "rewriting canon" for Transformers: the series has been around for 28 years, making it increasingly harder to incorporate everything. The Aligned Continuity, which the Cybertron games are part of, are made of the select best elements of the franchise. Transformers is simply too large a franchise at this point to make a crossover to include everything, so series like Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime instead used simple shout-outs and mythology gags from other series. I don't think Bores even knows about stuff like Beast Wars and the Unicron Trilogy, only being familiar with G1 and the live-action movies. I belong to a YouTube channel called "AeonMagnus", who takes Transformers clips from all around. He even has some incredibly rare footage from Headmasters, Victory, Zone, and Convoy series, old commercials from the Diaclone and Microman toys that were used to create the G1 series, Toei's pitch for the 1986 movie, and Beast Wars II. He probably hasn't even seen other takes on G1, like the Dreamwave and IDW comics.
    I'm done now, so I guess it will be another long stretch before we see another video from Bores. I imagine the Silver Surfer and Ninja Gaiden 3 videos are making great fuel for parody videos that are far more entertaining than Bores' product.

    1. I wonder if Bores has any familiarity with the Transformers comics that Marvel put out way back when, let alone any of the stuff that came later. Though, to be fair, I doubt guys like James and Doug are all that more informed.

  5. What's so bad about Injustice? I think it looks awesome.

    1. I guess the part where they were saying they were "making it like a movie" rubbed me the wrong way. I don't want a movie, I want a game.

      I'll see what else is released about the game.

    2. I imagine it was probably just the rep trying to push the recent "superhero movie" hype. In all fairness, though, the last Mortal Kombat was a better Mortal Kombat movie than either of the actual Mortal Kombat movies.

    3. You should watch "Mortal Kombat: Legacy"

    4. @BatDanNight:

      I can understand your concern. I myself curse the day Square-Enix started trying to make their combat system "look like Advent Children"...

    5. Hmmm, I recommend watching the 15-minute gameplay video that IGN uploaded to YouTube, then. Now THAT looks quite promising.

  6. Batdan, what do you think of New Super Mario Bros. U? You seemed pretty negative when you talked about it being nearly identical to the previous iteration.

    1. Honestly, it doesn't look that special. Nothing about it really stands out from NSMB Wii.

    2. This is just my two cents here, but I think Batdan, as well as many other people, are missing the bigger picture on this one. The true significance of New Super Mario Bros. U is that it'll be available at launch. Compare this to the 3DS launch. With that, they didn't have a new Mario game, or any of their big franchises, available within launch window, which really hurt its sales until the end of last year, when we finally got Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Like it or not, Mario U is the sort of game that the masses will buy at launch, thus getting units into homes, thus encouraging developers to make games for the system sooner. Also, I think the game looks pretty solid, but again, just my opinion.

    3. I'm not saying it's going to be bad, Mario titles tend to be really well done. I just think it looks too... samey.

      But you have a point, it's the game that gets Wii U's into households. That and Pikmin 3 (I'm more excited for that one).

    4. That's how I felt during last year's show, when all the stages I saw pretty much looked like the last game. What I saw this year looked fairly distinct.

      And I do think Pikmin 3 is a bit more exciting, but it certainly won't sell nearly as well as Mario. After all, for all the bitching people do over Nintendo not having enough new IPs, whenever they try to introduce a new one stateside, the reception is often somewhat lukewarm.

    5. "A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever."
      -Shigeru Miyamoto
      Mario games are like pistols. They aren't hard to make, and can last awhile.
      Games like Pikmin 3 and Kid Icarus Uprising are like lasers. They take time to create, but the end result will be a huge success.

    6. I can understand why the wanted to get a Mario launch title, but couldn't hey at least replace those 2 Toads with actual characters Oo ?

    7. With who?
      Wario and Waluigi are too different from Mario and Luigi.
      Wario is smaller than Mario, and Waluigi is too tall.
      Balancing issues prevent them from being in the game.

    8. Well, for once, they could replace one of the toads with THE Toad. I know it's basically just a color change, but hey, Toad's an actual character.

      And now that we have Mario, Lugi and Toad, why not revive the spirit of SMB2 (aka SMB the American version) and add Peach into the mix?
      This has also the slight bonus of forcing Nintendo to come up with a more interesting story than "Peach gets kidnapped", like how in SMB3, where Bowser and his kids terrorized multiple kingdoms, instead of just one.

    9. Wait... if Wario is too small, what's with the two toads Oo ?

  7. F**K YOU CHRIS!!! Why are you hating on Nintendo for making games that are intended to be family-friendly? (Especially since he is trying to make his show like this.)

    Who cares if they spent so much time showing off Nintendo Land instead of Mario? Like BatDanNight said, the new Mario Wii U game looks very similar to the Wii version. Nintendo Land, on the other hand, is a Wii U exclusive launch software that Nintendo showcased to demonstrate what the Wii U can do.

    Also, just because Nintendo Land is supposed to be family-friendly doesn't mean it's just for kids. Whole families, from kids to
    grandparents, can enjoy the games that Nintendo Land has to offer.

    One last note: Chris once again, like last year, wants a "gritty" Legend of Zelda game. Two things:
    1.) Play Twilight Princess if you want that.
    2.) You're obviously not a Zelda fan Chris. Go and play God of War or something that is more "adult-oriented" if you want blood and gore.

    I'm sorry, but I am really sick of his complaints about Nintendo being "kiddy" and how games should be made that are more adult-oriented. Does he really think all people who played NES/SNES when they were kids want adult games? I don't think so. I'm 19 (hence the number in my username) and I have no problem with Nintendo making games that are aimed to be family-friendly/for everyone. As long as the games are fun and innovative, I love them.

    1. He could also play pretty much any Metroid game (maybe except Other M).

      Fire Emblem would also be a good pick, but he'll probably complain about the perma-deaths and it being a turn-based tactic game...

    2. I'm 29, and I've played Nintendo for 23/24 years of my life. At no point did I stop and say "Hey, these games are cool, but you know what would be cooler? Have the Koopa Troopas flatten and bleed when Mario jumps on them! None of this kiddy crap! I want realism in my game about overweight Italian plumbers saving princesses from giant dragon-turtles who can breathe fire!" I hate Bores and everyone else who makes the argument that Nintendo is too kiddy. Hey, Bores? Resident Evil 4, the REmake, and 0 all would like a word with you.

    3. I don't think the Resident Evil games count (especially not RE4, which was later ported to every console known to man), since Nintendo had nothing to do with them (besides having them released on their console). "Nintendo is kiddy"-guys probably mean first-party Nintendo games.
      Otherwise, you could debunk those morons with Castlevania, Contra, Mortal Kombat...

    4. Fair enough. As I mentioned above, what about Zelda? Granted, there wasn't blood or gore during the scene, but Link DOES stab Ganon in the face at the end of Wind Waker. Shockingly violent scene considering the lighthearted-ish tone that the cel-shaded graphics usually provide (though they do have their "dark" moments, executed REALLY well. But then again, WW is my second-favorite game in the franchise). I read your reply to my post above as well; I'd forgotten this even happened in OoT before. And more than once, to boot. Link goes to town slashing Ganon in the face. Again, while there's no blood, it's come a LONG way from the NES and SNES days in terms of what Nintendo will put into their own games. Just the scene itself was brutal, and would've been horrifying to watch if I'd been born several years later (I was 15 when OoT arrived in America).

    5. You want a "mature" Nintendo game, Bores? Okay, then - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. It was developed by Silicon Knights, sure, but the game is OWNED by Nintendo. Or how about Baten Kaitos Origins? A Gamecube RPG with an incredibly deep, dark plotline with interesting, well-developed characters.

    6. "I don't have time to research a company, I just gotta complain about it!"

    7. @jazzypants2010:

      You don't need blood to be brutal (or badass, which those stabbing scenes are, too). Sadly, most people seem to think that everything without blood is automatically for kids...

    8. You could even say certain Pokemon games have very dark tones to them. The GameCube games for example ...

    9. "Sadly, most people seem to think that everything without blood is automatically for kids..."

      The same thing happens with the WWE these days, although they kind of ARE aiming it at kids. People say it sucks just 'cause there's no blood or hardcore matches.

      And as for bloody Mario games, there's a bunch of Flash ones. They all suck.

  8. Just saying

    1. Chris doesn't know the difference between mature and adult.
      No More Heroes: Not for children, but not exactly mature.
      Majora's Mask: For everyone and awfully dark.
      Seriously, holding a soul that lets you resemble them through a painful transformation.
      Makes me wonder what the 3DS version will look like.

    2. Possibly reworked puzzles and a Master Quest mode. In OoT3D, the Water Temple was made slightly easier.

      If Majora's Mask wasn't difficult enough now I'd hate to imagine how weird Master Quest Majora's mask can get. At least the game has one of the best swimming controls ever seen

  9. Chris says something that I find kinda weird in his swag roundup video. It's around the 5:00 mark and it's something like "it's a pendrive. I thought that's kinda neat. I've never seen anything like that before"

    Really Chris? Never seen a USB stick before?

  10. While we're on the Nintendo being kiddy is bullshit subject. There is the difference between Smash Bros and Playstation All-Stars. Mainly the character roster. The strength of Nintendo characters is that they are for everyone. And we have all grown up with those characters. No matter which generation it is. For example, a younger player will go for Ike, Link or Samus while an older, nostalgic player will choose Yoshi, Pit, Fox or Ness.

    While PASBR have characters like Sweet Tooth, a psychopath who is nuttier than the Joker, Kratos, a guy who beheaded monsters and gutted gods because he is pissed and Mael Radec, member of Killzone's Nazi equivalent.

    If you put those M-rated characters, you lose the idea of a Mascot Fighting game for everyone. I checked the roster and, unless it will update, it's not promising. No Ratchet and Clank? No Jak? Heck, they couldn't bring back Crash Bandicoot and Spyro? (I know, Spyro is now with Activision, but he was one of Sony's mascot, damn it.)

    I'm not saying that because I'm a Nintendo fanboy, far from it, I'm trying to be subjective, the game can't work in my eyes because those characters can't work in a game where characters like Fat Princess and Parappa the rapper. There is a clear contrast between those characters. It makes the game more odd in my eyes. But, hey you can still enjoy it. It's just not the thing for me.

    1. It's too early to judge the game's roster. They've only revealed 210 characters and the game has over 20. Yoshi and Pit are to you what Sweet tooth and Kratos are to me. I grew up with PS and can't wait for this game.

      P.S. I'm not trying to insult you or anything, just explain why I'm excited for the games=.

    2. I don't get why anyone wants a "gritty" "adult" Zelda game? Would you go to watch the Avengers movie expecting high-brow political intrigue? Would you read Harry Potter and expect it to evolve into a Song of Ice and Fire? Different series have different tones, Nintendo could make a more "adult" Zelda but then they might as well make a different game entirely .

    3. Like I said before, the cool thing about Zelda is that they can make it gritty or cartoony. It's versatility makes it awesome.
      Still, if they wanted anything darker than what they've already done, it'd be better to start a new franchise.

    4. Seriously. You might as well tell Hasbro to make a GI Joe cartoon based around the horror and tragedy of modern warfare.

    5. @lordlaharl
      Look up "G.I. Joe: Resolute". It's not about modern warfare, but the tone is much different than every other G.I. Joe cartoon.

    6. It sure is a weird mix. I also fear that the roster doesn't quite of the iconic level of the core Smash Bros roster. And it doesn't quite scream "All-Stars" to me when most of the currently known cast is fairly young.

      The title of the game might also be misleading, since there will surely be quite a lot iconic Playstation characters (like Dante, Cloud or Solid Snake) that will probably not appear in this game because of licensing issues.

  11. So on another note, James Rolfe posted a video on Mortal Kombat and, unsurprisingly, convinced me that he knows/cares more about the series than Bores ever will.

  12. At the end of Spoony's new Ultima 9 video, the villain taunts him by reminding him he's been abandoned by his friends and coworkers...

    Other than that the review is awesome.

    1. As long as doesn't turn the villain into a caricature of someone on TGWTG or claim whatever falling out they had to be a setup by the villain.

    2. I would laugh if he somehow got Lupa to be reveled as the Guardian though.

    3. "Lupa? You're the guardian?!" - "Yes, Derp-dee-doo!"

    4. Darkness Emperor: "You haven't handled the Spoony sitiuation yet? But I told you to pay his coworkers to be a bunch of stupid jerks!"

  13. Also, last year when Chris was done with his E3 2011 videos, he promised a review of the Nintendo 3DS "in the near future" because a lot of people had been asking him to do one.

    One year later and he still hasn't released a video review of the 3DS. Is it safe to say that he won't do one at all?

    1. Silly Shadow19, you know Bores exists in a temporal rift where the passage of time is incomprehensible to anyone but him.

    2. I think it's more like he's an entity from a plane of existance outside our own time-space-continuum. He talks about time (like "in the near future" or "next week"), but his extradimensional mind doesn't actually understand the concept of time, since it doesn't exist for him.
      This could also explain why his review quality never improves, because he's in a never-changing state of existance.

  14. -slams head on desk-

    Really, Bores? That's your argument for Nintendo Land? That it's too kiddy and that Nintendo should focus on more adult-oriented games? Bores, you should know this by now: that's NOT going to happen. The best you're going to get for not-aimed-for-kids-Nintendo-game is probably Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem and the Metroid Prime series. Link is NOT going to be making blood splatter everywhere anytime soon! If that happened, Nintendo would be losing A LOT of their fans!

    And also, just because PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is like Smash Bros. does NOT mean that it will suck! Though I AM disappointed that they chose Heihachi as their Tekken character...

  15. Here's a 30-second video, the ad revenue from watching it go to a charity supporting sexual assault victims (I assume BatDan doesn't mind me posting it here.)

  16. Another thing that's often overlooked by these "Nintendo is teh kiddeh" jackhats is the fact that they effectively dominate the family friendly market, at least in terms of quality. This is largely due to the fact that the other companies really don't try all that hard to compete with them on this front. Sony has a couple of kid friendly franchises like LBP, but other than that nobody seems all that intent to fight them for it. So why should Nintendo attempt to one-up God of War and the like?

    1. Most Nintendo games are intended for gamers of all ages. What they don't realize is that it doesn't appeal to them because they're not the right age, it's because they're not real gamers.

    2. The worst part is when they claim that games like Modern Warfare and God of War are "edgy". Violence alone isn't edgy. Take a look at Majora's Mask, Zero-Two from the Kirby series, and fricken' Giygas. Nintendo's just for kids, huh? Now that I think about it, Chris' complaints with the age demographic is the same as his complaints in his Wall-E review.

    3. Violence = edgy? It's like the 90's all over again...

    4. Heh. I can imagine Chris being a huge Rob Liefeld fan.

    5. Every time I see someone say they want a "gritty M-rated" Zelda game, I want to wring his neck.

      Bores probably thought Bomberman Act: Zero was a great game.

  17. What do you have against the new Tomb Raider, Batdan?

    1. Gameplay wise: It looks like a blatant Uncharted clone. I know Uncharted is based on Tomb Raider, but the fact it went full-circle does not bode well with me.

      Story wise: Everything about it screams "Tomb Raider: Other M". How they're trying to make a tough badass into a vulnerable girl, the attempted rape scene, how they said we want to "protect her". It does not sit well with me.

  18. Hey, a Deadpool game was announced at Comic-Con today. To quote Chris, "freakin' sweet", but what do you guys think Bores would say about th game, aside from possibly complaining that Deadpool's not like his Wolverine movie counterpart.

  19. With James working on a new AVGN episode whats the betting he will overtake the number of IG episodes this year after Chris has had a 7 month head start?

    1. Depends on how many long/short episodes he makes, though I wouldn't be surprised.

  20. Batdan, I have a question. Why don't motherfucker Mike's comments show up on the blog anymore? And why is his last name censored?

  21. Since my previous comment was removed I will say again...what is so bad about Chris Bores going to E3, I mean at least he does not scream "BETRAYLE!!!!!!" like a child who does not get his way like Spoony One did or say he will punch someone in the face like Angry Joe did

    1. No, he just pretends to blow up buildings. Nobody is making excuses for Angry Joe and Spoony (oh god, especially Spoony now), but our problem with Bores is that his coverage is uninformative, completely stale (not just by his competitors' standards, but basic journalistic standards) and he has almost no background knowledge of the subject matter prior to his going to the event. It's entirely why his interviews consist of questions about characters, powerups and other hot topics that haven't been hot since the '90s.

    2. Everything Keith said was spot on. However, another issue with Bores is that he can sometimes try way too hard at convincing people that he is a gamer, especially when he states he's a fan of everything.

      Also, I remember when he did a interview/round up/talk thingy with Raychul from GotGame. Raychul brought up I Am Alive (A game infamous for its long development) and asked Bores what he thought of it, of course, after a long pause and a nervous look at the camera, Chris answered and it was extremely unconvincing, generic, and barely elaborated on the subject.

    3. @Kukeduke:

      Which is a nother problem of his: His generic questions. No matter which game, he'll always ask the same stuff over and over again.

    4. Don't get me wrong, I despise Spoony and AJ is one of the worst reviewers on the internet. But it's mostly the arrogance with Bores, he consider his E3 videos the best on the internet when they're awful. That's why everyone hates them.

  22. So, umm, Irate Ga-, uhh, I mean, LadyBuggin made another comment on Chris' Silver Surfer review. It involved Chris' disabled ratings. She was telling someone that the ratings were disabled from the beginning and have to be turned on, and there's no point of having them on. I haven't uploaded a video in years, but I'm sure that isn't the way it works.

    1. Was it written in the usual "crazy lady/delusional Internet reviewer pretending to be a crazy lady" style, or was it written intelligently? Because no matter how you look at it, this attempt at trying to appeal to us is too little, too late.

    2. I really wish he'd at least own up to this whole charade and stop hiding behind his e-mom.

    3. Gotta love how LB, whoever they are, said that commenting on the video of someone you don't like is stupid because it increases their views, but she did the exact same thing to one of my videos!

  23. The new Nostalgia Critic (Baby Geniuses 2) ends with NC, Uncle Yo, Brental Floss, and Team FourStar reading "50 Shades of Grey" in a variety of cartoon character and celebrity voices. It's great.

    1. I wonder if they make a movie adaption of that novel...

  24. Update from my Facebook Informant.

    Fans are asking about an Irate Gamer movie. Each time he gives the same response.
    "If you string all of season 4 together, it will be my movie"

    ... And he's serious about that. He gave the same answer to at least 3 people.

    So, if you put together all 5 episodes of Season 4 so far (7-Up Spot, RoboCop Part 1 and Part 2, He-Man, and Silver Surfer) it becomes a movie.
    Considering the tone shifts and overall randomness, this would probably be one of the worst movies ever made.

    All five episodes (so far) combined clock in at around 43 minutes. The first "big threat" is defeated in the first 30 minutes, the tone shifts, and then a new villain appears. This is not how you make a movie! Does he have any clue how movies work?

    Good lord.

    1. You've seen his movie reviews; you already know he hasn't the first clue how movies work.

    2. Considering how vehemently his fans defend IG (even going so far as to claim that the AVGN is the true knockoff), isn't it a bit weird how they basically demand something from Bores that is guaranteed to start a new Plagiarism flame war?

      And considering how long it takes for him to make an ordinary IG episode, an IG movie will probably take longer than the King and the Mockingbird...