Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Redux Recap: I.G. the Ignorant Guttertrash

E3 is over, it’s probably going to be a long while before Bores makes anything new.

I’m so very very very sorry for taking so long with this redux recap. Last one I did was in January, man sometimes I’m as bad as Bores.

Before I get into the video, there’s something I need to address, it’s also part of the reason I held off on this. The AVGN movie. It’s about E.T. on the Atari 2600, and from the sounds of it, it’ll be about the legendary New Mexico burial. Since the popular thing now is to call James the worst person on the planet, and shower Bores with praise (no idea how this happened), I was a bit weary… But screw those guys, here’s my piece on this.

First off, he’s not “ripping off” IG by talking about E.T. It’s been classified as one of the worst games ever made, tons of people have talked about it. Also, the plot of the movie isn’t even that original, X-Play did it years ago as a parody of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Though I imagine James’ bigger budget and additional cast will tell a better story (he even got Howard Scott Warshaw, that’s impressive).
That’s all I really have to say about this.

Onto the video! Part 1!

0:18 - 1:40: The video opens on the “New Mexico Desert”. That has to be the greenest, most lush desert I have ever seen! So many trees, and so little dirt. … We’re in trouble already.

We see IG holding a shovel and walking about this *pfft* “desert” looking for something. After a while, he finds a random spot and starts digging. How did he know this was the spot? It looks just like every other part of the “desert”.
After another while, he hits something and comes across some well-preserved copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600. The sad part about this scene? He bought 4-5 copies and purposely buried them just to do it.

Here’s some trivia about the New Mexico burial. It wasn’t just E.T. that was buried there, Atari had a multitude of unsold games that went in along with it. E.T. is just well known because it was likely the largest amount they had. But that doesn’t mean it’s rare, it still sold millions to consumers who didn’t have the means to learn this was a rushed pile of garbage.
Also, the cartridges were crushed. If you dug them up, you’d just find a ton of broken plastic. Plus, I doubt you can easily dig it up with a single shovel in a few minutes.

Then again, there are people that claim the burial isn’t even real so what do I know?
The scene ends with Bores holding up multiple cartridges to the camera while giving another look of “WHY WON’T THE EX-LAX WORK”

1:41 - 2:34: The review part begins with IG talking about the movie and bringing up the scene where E.T. almost dies. Rather random scene to bring up. It’s been years since I’ve seen it but don’t most people remember other scenes? Like the bicycle over the moon, Elliot’s little sister seeing E.T. for the first time, Halloween night. Just saying…
Oh, it was a set-up to a transition to the game. “There was another reason that would end up making fans cry even more”. Cry? No. Unbelievably angry that they paid money for a broken mess? Absolutely.

He goes into some history, noting how the end result was what people call the “Worst Video Game in History”, with big red text to emphasize this. Well, ONE OF the worst in history, but THE worst is subjective. Besides, E.T. can’t be the worst on the 2600 considering the lack of quality control and licensing, with companies like Quaker and Pedigree releasing games. It’s only called that because it was based on a popular movie, it was made by Atari, a lot of people bought it, saw how bad it was, and that’s how it got that title

Then he brings up how up the game was made in six weeks, compared to normal production time of 3-4 months.

2:34 - 3:01: “After releasing E.T., people were so confused and frustrated by the game…” Wait a sec, did he say frustrated correctly? Hallelujah, there is hope! See Chris, speech lessons are a good thing. Maybe next time you can say “flaws” without adding a second “L”.

He mentions how lots of people returned the game, and that Atari buried them in the desert. Showing the lush, green “desert” from earlier. Just because you used this field as a desert for your opening sketch, doesn’t mean it’s an actual desert. Ohio doesn’t even have a desert. And again, Atari buried more than just E.T.
“And since I just happen to figure out the secret location that these things were buried in” No, I’m not going tell you how I figured it out. Shut up.

“Time to dust off the old Atari, and see how bad this game really is” See see, I have an Atari guys! I’m so a gamer!

3:02 - 4:37: IG starts the game and points out E.T.’s goofy smiling face on the title screen.
“Now I’m not sure what a shit-eating grin looks like, but if I had to guess, this would be it.” No, that is not a shit-eating grin. Look up a picture of Bobby Kotick if you want to see one. Or just some of your later videos, you really pull it off well.

He explains the game, how you need to find three telephone pieces by falling into one of the many holes, but there’s a lot of holes so you need to do a lot of searching.
“This piss-poor attempt at trying to add strategy to a game” Strategy? This sounds more like luck, there’s no strategy to randomly generated telephone pieces in different holes every time.

He brings up the question mark at the top that tells you which pit has a phone piece, then goes into how getting out of the hole is a pain. Followed by a montage of him trying to get out of various holes. I’ve looked it up and what you do is move left or right, not up. Pressing up puts you back in the hole. Not blaming Bores here, just the poor programming.

4:38 - 5:22: “If that wasn’t frustrating enough” He said right again! Oh man, so good that he finally gets it right and he’ll never mispronounce it again. Right? …. Right?

He talks about the FBI agent and scientist that go afteryou. Interestingly enough, you can get rid of these two if you play “Game 3” instead of “Game 1” or “Game 2”. I’m surprised Bores didn’t try the Easy mode considering that’s his go-to default for getting the review portion out of the way since that’s the “boring” part to him.

Some more forced anger, and then he runs out of health and dies (not a timer Chris)

5:23 - 5:49: “Well I’ve had it! This is absolutely the worst game I’ve ever played in my life!” And I’m totally serious, I’m not bandwagon-jumping at all! I’m not baiting for views because someone else wouldn’t review the game. Nope, totally serious about this.

He yells that E.T. should go find his own fucking way home and throws his controller. Suddenly, the movie’s theme starts playing as the camera zooms in on the cartridge and Bores attempts “acting” by looking sad. He decides to try again.
I’m curious if that music is on the DVD version. I would know but someone that said he would send me copies never did. Thanks a lot.

5:50 - 6:19: IG  tries again in a fast-paced scene of him going through him, at one point cutting to him. Jeez, how do you do fake playing on an Atari 2600 controller? It’s like you’re doing that on purpose. It’s certainly not convincing anyone.

He collects the complete phone, calls the Mothership and waits. But then the scientist shows up and takes him away. You should have learned about Game 3.

Part 1 ends with IG yelling out “Mothersucker Doublefucker”… whatever that means and yells at the cartridge again, promising to make it wish he was never born. That would require some time travel to 1982 and… oh never mind.
Then there’s a knock at the door, it’s the FBI. Ah good timing, this person is trying to profit off of lies by pretending he’s something he’s not, and stealing from people to do it! Actually, they’re there because IG stole the games from… the… burial. Ooooh dear lord the stupid.
Chris, if someone throws away an item, it’s officially public property. That couch you put on the curb? Someone can take it and there would be no legal repercussions. If it was actually possible to dig up the New Mexico burial, I don’t think Atari or the god damn FBI would mind that you stole from them. However, there’s a reason he included that knock, and oh boy is it terrible.

IG gloats that the FBI are going to take him away, but then the theme starts up again and he attempts acting sad again. What’s even happening here? How does the music somehow make him sad and forgiving of the cartridge? Is it somehow capable of puppy dog eyes? If that’s the case, I don’t think people would be so quick to return the game. It’s not a living alien, it’s a piece of plastic!
Is this supposed to be a reference to the movie? I haven’t seen it in years, and I don’t have access to it so I can’t watch and confirm it.

Because of this power that makes zero sense, IG decides to help it escape. We then get his attempt at the bicycle escape scene from the movie, combining real footage of him bike-riding and green-screen footage of him bike-riding. He somehow loses the FBI, and then asks E.T. to make him fly. It’s plastic! This is so god damn stupid!
And because it’s plastic, IG just rams right into a nearby dumpster. Because using a bicycle’s brakes would be too logical, and logic is dead.
IG falls right next to two different E.T. games. Were those just waiting on the ground for someone to pick them up? If someone tried to dispose them, they missed the dumpster. Unless the implication is that he hit the dumpster so hard that the games flew out, but that wouldn’t make sense, and if that was the case why didn’t he show that? Going idea no what‘s I on have. Part 1 over.

Part 2 was actually released at the same time because MONEY so I’ll talk about it right now.

0:03 - 0:25: Since it’s part 2, there’s no intro. Right into the madness.
IG mentions that E.T. got such a beating that nobody dared touch the franchise. That or nobody cared as there was no reason to release an E.T. game during the third, fourth or fifth generations. What would a Super Nintendo E.T. game even be? Probably just a clunky platformer.
“But almost 20 years later, Nintendo took the plunge” Wrong! Both games you’re going to look at were published by NewKidCo, Nintendo had nothing to do with their creation. In fact, both games were made to coincide with the movie’s 20th anniversary and re-release to cinemas (that was the infamous one that replaced guns with walkie-talkies, something Spielberg promises won’t be on the Blu-Ray release). Also, there was a PlayStation 1 game. Are you going to talk about that? Nope!

“They decided to release a few E.T. titles for the Game Boy Advance” Wait for it…
“The first one we’re going to look at is called E.T. and the Cosmic Garden” That’s not a GBA game, that’s a Game Boy Color game. There’s a huge difference!
“Time to plug in the Game Boy Advance Player to the bottom of the Gamecube…” It’s just “Game Boy Player”, no Advance. Also, I think you’d find it easier if you actually plugged in your Gamecube, and had a controller connected.

0:26 - 1:19: IG explains the objective is maintaining a garden, and immediately writing it off as a piece of shit. I don’t know, it looks okay to me. Just a quick garden sim, nothing in-depth like Harvest Moon.
He points out that you need to fertilize the plants using your pet’s fecal matter, and is aghast by the fact you play with shit. You mean a game about gardening has fertilizer, something that’s very important to maintaining a healthy garden? My mind is so blown that it’s on the other side of the room! … Ugh.
He also points out you actually see his pet take a dump. How else would you know there’s fertilizer available?
After keeping your plants alive, he goes to the next stage and complains that gardening is the only thing you do in the game. What else is he supposed to do? It’s called “E.T. and the Cosmic Garden”, plus this clearly reeks of rush-job. Just like this review.
Also, no mention of the music? The only video clip I found shows it has awful music.

“Cosmic Garden should be shit out of a cosmic asshole” What’s a cosmic asshole? Never mind. First game done.

1:20 - 1:57: He moves onto E.T. for the GBA. What’s that in his first controller port? That doesn’t look like the Wavebird’s receiver, it looks third-party.

The first mission is to collect flowers that are spread apart pretty far. He decides to pause for a moment… with the Super Mario Bros. 3 pause sound effect. Something that’s obviously not in the game. We’re not stupid Chris, just pause the footage if you want to discuss something, no need to waste time searching out Mario sound effects just for that.

The reason he paused is ask the audience how E.T. defends himself, giving three choices. Since this joke was taken from an episode of Garfield and Friends, and likely many other cartoons/bad comedies the answer is obviously the last one. Ugh.

1:58 - 2:20: He moves onto the next level, a maze full of FBI agents. He says don’t let them catch you they’ll force E.T. to … give them a blowjob. Then it shows what looks like that, even though it‘s just an agent shaking him. This is why having an audience of kids hurts you, by explaining the joke to them, you kill the joke!
We also cut to a grimacing IG doing more of his awful fake-playing with… what the hell kind of third party controller is that? You really couldn’t find a Wavebird, or even a regular controller?

He complains that later objectives in the game stop being “fun” and start being stupid. Stupid you say?

2:21 - 2:52: He pauses again (same out-of-place Mario sound) to explain why he needs to run around the “neighborhood”. Neighborhood? That looks like a house!
He once again gives a multiple choice question, and since he’s predictable it’s C. I really wonder what the point of this “joke” was. What purpose does it serve other than slowing down the video?
So you have an issue with collecting P-Blocks but not with collecting flowers? Man, you’d hate… just about every MMORPG ever.

“I guess logic really has no place here” That’s exactly how I describe your videos.
“And I can tell that by all the P(ee) and poop found in these games” More toilet humor. Remind me how he’s better for “not” using it?
He also points out that there’s a toilet in the GBA game. Yes, how dare they put a toilet in what’s obviously a bathroom. Screw accuracy, every bathroom in media MUST be like The Brady Bunch! I WILL NOT ALLOW TOILETS!
“What do you expect me to do, wipe my ass?” *points to above statement about accuracy*

2:53 - 3:14: We cut to IG saying it’s ridiculous and … if they want toilets so bad he’ll give them a toilet. What? How do they want toilets? What does that mean?
He removes the cartridge, goes to his bathroom, and, I’m not kidding, actually flushes it down the toilet. You just ruined a perfectly good game, good job you asshole. Be glad it’s not a rare game either otherwise you’ll have collectors tearing you apart. As for its quality, the reviews I’ve seen say it’s hit-or-miss, the common complaint being the overly hard difficulty. Hmm, wonder why Bores didn’t mention that.

The video ends with IG noting that the other two games are too big to flush so he plans to blow them up. Before he puts the Atari game in the box, he looks at it again and finds some fine print about phoning home with a 555 number. I remember back when comments were enabled, people would claim they tried calling that number. People need to realize 555 numbers aren’t meant to be called, they’re fake ones used in various media so real people don’t get called if a real number is mentioned. Just ask all the people that had the number 867-5309 in the 80’s. Sorry, got off on a tangent.

IG refuses, but then the theme music plays again and we go through this bit one last time. For those playing at home, take a shot for rule of three use.
He gives in and calls the Mothership, threatening to pick them up or he’ll blow them up. He puts the Atari game in the box with the bomb still inside. Gee, I wonder if he’ll keep his promise.

Later that night, he goes outside and sees the Particle Illusion spotlight effec- I MEAN the Mothership. Hang on, that’s the same effect as the Roswell scene in the Chris & Scottie Road Trip. Considering how long he reused that same explosion, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. But three years?

The Mothership picks up the box with Star Trek technology and flies off. IG starts having memories about the game, but then they turn to bad memories, leading to scrunchy face! Why is he thinking about the GBA game? It’s not in the box, he flushed that.
So IG… blows up the ship. Our hero everyone! Blowing up innocent aliens over a bad game. Such a role model! Then he gives a smug nod to the camera.

Before the video cuts, he actually gives a special thanks to someone. Captain Chuck of ClipCritics for voicing the FBI agent. Checking their channel, they abuse the thumbnail system by using half-naked women. Classy. What’s interesting is that they made a tag video four years ago, and one of them was the Irate Gamer. Warning, contains horrible gay joke in the beginning, and horribleness for the rest of the video.

Terrible, just terrible. Despite reviewing three games, this had a rushed feeling to it. Especially in the last two where he barely went into detail. Plus, his bandwagon jumping about this being the worst game he’s ever played. I wonder what his answer to that question is now, if he even remembers reviewing this game at all.
Dumb sketches, awful jokes, as par for the course.

I hope to get the next Redux Recap out much sooner (again, I’m very very sorry). I’ll cover his review of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

Here in the present, Bores posted yet another contest video. Giving away necklaces from Tribal Hollywood, a jewelry store for men. Like I said last time, this is the type of stuff douchebags wear.


  1. "E.T." was a horrible game, but people calling it the worst game ever haven't really experienced what the industry has to offer.

    Howard Scott Warshaw created "Yar's Revenge", so he had the ability to make good games and I believe he spend his six weeks on "E.T." trying his best to make it great.

    If he had the same apathy as his superiors, I think "E.T." might have been the worse game ever. At least it's playable.

    ---Also, the cartridges are really cheap. I bought a whole bunch the other day for $1 each and that was probably too much. I'm trying to turn them into gift card holders.

  2. I have played this game, and it's nowhere near as bad people say it is, but it is still bad. No one blames you for the updates, all you can do is update when Bores does. I am interested in seeing the AVGN movie, as I hear there's going to be a horror motif to it. Might even check out the Monster Madness videos I'm backlogged on.

  3. I'd suggest, BatDan, that you're getting a LITTLE hung up on minor factual discrepancies when the suckiness of Chris' filmmaking sinks on its own. You wouldn't snipe at James if the movie has ET cartridges, and no other games, in the NM landfill, so why pretend that's a primary and egregious problem with Chris' work? [This is just my loudmouth two cents. I love the blog.]

    And most definitely, James will tell the ET story better than it's ever been told. I would note that his avowed favorite movie of all time is one about a mad dash for a buried treasure:

    Speaking only as a fan who's never met James, I suspect the dig-up scene will be something he takes special pleasure in presenting, if not the main reason he selected the E.T. legend as the backstory for the film.

    1. Good suggestion, I really should be easier on certain things...
      I do have a feeling the movie will end with nobody winning like It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

  4. If I've heard right, they covered the cartridges with concrete, to prevent anyone from digging them up.

    1. Man, they weren't messing around when they got rid of those cartridges Oo

  5. There was more then just ET games that were buried. If my research is correct there may actually be more copies of the Disastrous Pacman games in the lot then there was ET games. Atari expected the ET and Pacman games to help sell tons of new 2600 consoles but it had the opposite effect. So there was a massive surplus of unsold consoles buried there too.

    Atari was effectively dead because of the terrible business decisions they made that year.

  6. The GBA games he reviewed doesn't look bad to me at all so once again, he's just nitpicking, not reviewing. The only reason why people called ET the worst game ever it's because people believe it to be the cause of the Video Game Crash. But ET isn't the only Atari game that caused it. Other Atari 2600 games like Pacman and Chase the Chuck wagon are also the cause so ET isn't the only game that should be considered the worst game ever.

    Oh and one more thing, James Rolfe isn't ripping off IG's ET review. He already got requests from fans to review ET BEFORE Irate Gamer came along!

  7. "First off, he’s not “ripping off” IG by talking about E.T. It’s been classified as one of the worst games ever made, tons of people have talked about it."

    But don't you understand? One person talked about this, now nobody else is allowed to. That's the law. The Potty Mouth Review Police watch this kind of thing very closely, you know.

    1. "Reviewer dibs" is such a bullshit concept. Anyone that believes it or takes it seriously is a fool.

    2. So you mean that different people are allowed to voice their opinion on the same subject?! MADNESS!

    3. As Nash once said, most professional reviewers don't care if someone else reviewed something. He reviewed a Doctor Who episode that Diamanda Hagan already did, and he said that it didn't really matter.

    4. yeah, I think what matter's most is how a reviewer applies their special brand of creativity.

    5. Spoony talked about it before IG ever did. It'd only IG's moronic childish fans that go on about this kind of stuff.

  8. I still don't get the backlash against AVGN over the movie. Most of it seems to be about the donations, but nobody was under any obligation to donate. He even put the donation goal on Indiegogo clear as day, and people continued to choose to donate long after it had passed that mark. Some are using the IMDB page as proof that James 'lied' about the budget, but James himself has stated that he has little to no control over that page - it had Will Ferrell listed at one point, and he even asked earlier today that somebody else get the page updated to show Kevin Finn as a joint writing credit. That doesn't sound like someone who's doctoring the page to fool his fanbase. There's some genuine criticism perhaps to be made about the fact that he's only sending rewards to people who donated through Indiegogo and not Paypal, but I guess he just found it too complex to have to calculate everything he'd received through Paypal for that period, especially when he's already been receiving donations through it independently of film-funding for years. Besides, I would have thought that seeing him make a movie that thousands of fans have been demanding for years would be ITS OWN reward.

    As for the concept, like you say, it's not like Bores created the story of the landfill or the concept of digging it up. James probably wasn't even aware that Bores had done this, and why should he be? Bores isn't relevant to Rolfe in any way, and never really has been.

    1. I think all this backlash is a combination of "haters gonna hate" and the fact that far too many people on the internet can only differentiate between "AWSUM!11!" and "PIECE OF SH*T!" and have a problem differentiating between "own opinion" and "fact/law".

  9. Seriously man, I was agreeing with your stance that Jordan was a dick, why'd you delete it?

  10. What's this I hear about IG making a movie? If he does get around to making one, I wouldn't worry, Batdan. I doubt you'll be posting here at the age of 50 if you know what I mean.

    1. I think you're confused. We were talking about Rolfe's movie, and how some folks are trying to argue that he's ripping off Boring Man's E.T. review.

    2. Actually, a few of his fans were asking on Facebook if he's going to do a movie. Bores replied "If you string all the Season 4 episodes, you'll have my movie"

      I don't even know where to begin with what's wrong with that.

    3. So what do you want to bet he'll try reposting all his episodes consecutively and try to pass it off as HIS movie when he finally finishes this "Shadow Overlord" bullshit? Or better yet, just post the ones he's finished so far as "part 1" as soon as the AVGN movie comes out, claiming it to be on par with the last Harry Potter?

    4. @lordlaharl:

      Which reminds me: Just how are the Shadow Overlord and the Pixel Demon connected? If this is supposed to be a movie, you can't just constantly forget the old villain in order to introduce a new one.

    5. @BatDanNight

      That kind of reminds me of Seth MacFarlane's bullshit claim that those episodes of Family guy made into a movie.

    6. I don't know, but even if they are, I'd be surprised if we found out how any time before 2015.

      But yeah, that was arguably my biggest gripe with that episode. A new plotline is introduced that both blows off the previous one (which even had a recap at the beginning of the episode, making it all the more jarring) and cuts off the end of the review, only to turn out to be a huge anti-climax.

    7. Honestly, with how long it takes him to produce anything for his main series anymore, I have to think he probably got bored with the Shadow Overlord and Evil Gamer thing and decided to just drop it. It doesn't help that those were the most generic villains in one of the lamest plots ever.

    8. Well, like I said he did a bit with EG at the beginning, so I'm hoping that means he'll get back to them eventually. Otherwise, he's an even worse writer than I thought.

  11. Daniel, have you seen this video?

    Here, Brutal1ty says that Bores is wrong about the Spielberg contract calling for the game to be released by Christmas. In actuality, it was Steven Ross who wanted the game released by Christmas.

    1. So the trend of rushing development so you can release your unfinished game for christmas started even back then Oo ?

    2. Yeah this month is the 30 year anniversary of when production on ET started.

  12. So old Ozzwipe showing up again reminds me of something. He made a "Hiatus" post a couple months back on his blog, claiming that he had family business to take care of or something, and was all like "I know you haters are going to blah blah blah". Anyway, I thought I might show that I wasn't a completely unreasonable person, and made a comment saying that I while I thought his opinions were all bullshit, I respected that he needed to take care of business and wouldn't assume that he was making excuses for his absence. Some time later I check back, and he removed my comment! I guess he's just that determined to paint us as mindless haters that he'll bury any evidence that would suggest that we're decent human beings. So yeah, not much better than Bores, really.

    1. How dare you make comments that conflict with his opinion of you!

      (And I fear he'll even deny that you made a comment in the first place, or claim that you just insulted him or something)

  13. Hey BatDan, do you know that Irate Gamer's theme song is Stacktraxx "Blindpass"?

    1. There's been mention of that. As far as I know Bores has always referred to it as "The Irate Gamer Theme", never referring to it as by it's real name or giving the original artist's any credit.
      Some people say this is another case of plagiarism. Not exactly, but close. If the credits claimed he'd written the song, then yes. Instead, he's just left it up to assumptions and without proper credit many would believe he wrote it himself.
      I also remember hearing something about the artist permission to use the music for free, so long as the user did not use it for profit. As soon as Bores became a YouTube partner and started selling DVDs, he violated that license.

  14. So apparently Asaloser has made the whole anti-e-begging crusade his main thing now. At least, that's the impression I get from him creating a series called "Kickstarter Nightmares".

    1. I like his older videos better.

    2. I liked some of his old stuff too. And I'm sure some folks will say I've just fallen victim to "He Panned It, Now He Sucks", but it isn't just about him speaking up against James Rolfe once or twice, but how now he seems to consistently bash things I like. Sort of like Zero Punctuation, or Random Clips, or hell, even Archfiend.

    3. Either he has run out of better stuff to talk about, he's just bashing them to start a flame war (thereby giving him more attention), or he's trying to make his loyal fans hate any rival so that they stay loyal to him.

    4. I just don't get the concept. He's entitled to his opinions but he's guilty of everything he claims to be against. He mugs to the camera, makes low brow jokes that don't add anything to his reviews, has a following that refuses to accept he does anything wrong. He makes videos for attention and money but pretends he's on a crusade against minor internet personalities. At least we all know that we're on this site for a laugh more then anything else.

    5. I'm guessing ScrewAttack will be his next target since they are e-begging via Kickstarter for funds to do SGC 2013.

    6. "Guilty of everything he claims to be against"? That seems to describe a lot of reviewers on TGWTG.
      "Seems to consistently bash things [we] like"? Same here.
      Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of videos in TGWTG and I am a fan, but I always find annoying the white-knighting fanboys that always pop up, calling any expressed criticism "trolling" or "fandumb", using the tired excuse "if you don't like it then DON'T WATCH IT" (then don't read their criticism if you dislike it!), etc. Yup, it's not just IG who has over-defensive fans (IG still isn't good, though).
      I still enjoy AVGN, Nostalgia Critic and others, but I found Asa's bashing refreshing, even if I don't always agree to it. After all, we all make fun of the things that we like, no?

  15. I'm curious about something. What happens if Chris Bores loses his partnership?

    1. He won't get paid money by YouTube anymore. Chances are he won't bother with the show if that happens.

  16. I think its obvious that Bores' deadly sins are Sloth, Greed, and Gluttony.

    1. Lust - Many perverted jokes, like jacking off on cheerleaders, prefers controllers that look like breast...
      Gluttony - What can be said that isn't painfully obvious?
      Greed - "I will only sell out to myself!" followed by selling out to and tribal hollywood and (allegedly) and tecmo.
      Sloth - How many videos did he make this year? How much effort did he put into them?
      Wrath - "I'll bomb anyone who won't give me privileged attention!"
      Envy - He wants to be AVGN
      Pride - Totally in love with himself

  17. I read your blog and I have a question. How can Chris Bores call himself a gamer if he can't handle Nintendo Hard?

    1. It seems to me his problem is more that he can't distinguish between a game being hard and him sucking at videogames.

  18. Well James released a new AVGN episode. One of them is the Predator game for the NES.

  19. That intro. I think I saw it from somewhere...
    Wintergreen - When I Wake Up

    Oh well. I guess it is just a coincidence.

  20. The new AVGN was a bit dull. Does anyone else think he went too far into IG territory towards the end of it with the facial expression close ups, winter gaming and childish tantrum?

    1. He's always had childish tantrums and close-ups of his face. That wasn't new.

      I will agree the winter gaming was severely out of place, and really odd.

      I really enjoyed it, especially since the last episode was so boring (Bible Games III).

    2. Probably just everything happening in such quick succession at the end.

    3. It wasn't bad per se, but it was dull. And if I'm going to be fair, some of his stuff was too IG for me. Like the "kicking the enemies off the screen"...geez that was straight up IG lame.

    4. Certainly not his best, but promising considering the long hiatus.


      He did winter gaming before (like in his Die Hard or Frankenstein review), but I do think it worked a little better in those games.


      Yeah, it felt a bit weird, but at least the joke had something to do with the game.

    5. I don't care as long as he's back.

    6. "Didn't they test this game before they released it?!"

      Oh my~ .0o0.

      Looks like Third Rate Gamer is getting props here! \^o^/

    7. People tend to forget this, but James said it in the first episode. Very near the end.

    8. I know. So he stole some else's line. Isn't that what an IG parody is supposed to do?!

    9. So a bit of fridge brilliance occurred to me on this one. The Nerd spends a good part of the episode stoicly spouting catch phrases, then in the last part goes into a scenery chewing rampage. Now who is this episode about again?

    10. reminds me of the nerd three years ago

    11. I was comparing it to Schwarzenegger, actually.

  21. The last AVGN episode was a bit of a letdown to me. Not because of itself, but because I saw another bad-old-video-game review French show called "Joueur du Grenier" (he had a cameo in Mike Matei's NES Hacks video) where the reviewer said almost the EXACT same things as AVGN about Total Recall and Predator. Schwarzie wearing pink, the enemies not being creatures that appeared in the film, comparing the enemies to the Shy Guys, talking about the blood-pooping bird, getting shocked at the "fists" coming out of the wall...
    This wasn't as bad as the "Dark Castle" review. 99,99% of what AVGN said in his review, I already heard in Joueur du Grenier's video, including a comparison of the game's protagonist with Scooby-doo's Shaggy.
    I highly doubt AVGN is fluent in French and is aware of Joueur du Grenier, so obviously this is another case where similarities in videos will be inavoidable (Joueur du Grenier went through a lot of effort to make a review of NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that concentrates on what AVGN didn't cover, despite most of his French-speaking fanbase not even being aware of AVGN). We should think of this again before calling others plagiarists, and that includes Irate Gamer, even if he is still not a very good reviewer.

    1. Agreed. I usually try to give Bores the benefit of the doubt on the plagiarism front, except when a joke was all but lifted wholesale from somewhere else (looking at the blackjack joke from the last HOVG). Besides, all the "AVGN ripoff" claims seem to detract from all the other legitimate complaints people raise about IG.

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  23. E.T actually took five weeks to make.

  24. Oh I see, it's OK when AVGN flushes a game down the toilet but suddenly it's not OK when IG does it? You are such a pathetic fucking hypocrite.

  25. Also AVGN beat the shit out of Bugs Bunny for basically no reason in the Birthday Blowout video, so can't say I really care about IG blowing up a spaceship.