Saturday, September 28, 2013

IG Attempts the News: And We're Back

Things have been so damn slow.
That’s why I didn’t post an “Attempts the News” last week, there was just nothing.
For those that don’t read the comments, here’s why. Only three days actually had news, as Bores went to New York to visit Vicarious Visions, the developers of various handheld versions of Activision games, downgraded versions like Guitar Hero on Wii, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the upcoming Skylanders Swap Force. Bores wasn’t the only guest as I learned there were other Skylanders YouTube channels that were invited, like “Skylanders Boy and Girl”.
Bores has done so much crap about Skylanders, that he’s considered in the same class as users that have Skylanders dedicated channels. Why doesn’t he just make a separate channel for this? It would keep it away from his child-unfriendly show full of curse words. But that would be logical and Bores can’t have that.

As for the three days that actually had news, there was nothing. Just pictures and a video, and none of it was video game related. Stuff like Superman’s logos through the years, or a part of Mercury that looks like Han Solo encased in Carbonite, or DBZ fan art. Just… a lot of nothing.

Hopefully this week picks up.

Stories from September 23rd 2013

“Conan O’Brien Reviews “Grand Theft Auto V” Clueless Gamer”

First story of the week is a link to another Conan O’Brien sketch. Is this going to be a regular thing now? What’s funny is that Conan does more Clueless Gamer sketches than Bores does actual IG episodes. Considering Conan has an excuse for not doing Clueless Gamer, I would like to hear what Chris says about his lack of output.

So yeah, it’s Conan playing Grand Theft Auto V. I get the feeling this is the most we’re going to hear about GTA V from Bores. He could surprise us though.

“Legend of Zelda – Awesome Wind Waker Themed Stained Glass Window Decals”

What’s this? A Legend of Zelda article that doesn’t whine about the series being “too kiddy” and how it needs to be bloodier and gorier? And it’s about the most “cartoony” Zelda game ever? I’d say he’s matured, but knowing him he’ll bring it up again. Maybe if he reviews A Link Between Worlds next year.

“Skylanders: Enchanted Hoot Loop offered by Gamestop”

More. Fucking. Skylanders!

“I’m not big on hats or repaints so sorry gamestop, you still don’t get my business just yet.” How cute, he’s trying to be like those hardcore gamers that complain about GameStop on message boards because they try to offer subscriptions, making it sound they won’t let you leave unless you buy one, even though they only say it once and it’s merely internet hyperbole. Either that or I have a GameStop that isn’t like that.

“GhostBusters 3 UPDATE News! Ernie Hudson Confirms, Bill Murray Not the Hold up”

“Today we’ve got a “” exclusive!” Oh, this ought to be good.

“I ran into Ernie Hudson over the weekend and some interesting news came out of our conversation about Ghostbusters 3. Seems that Bill Murray is not really the hold out on the production of Ghost Busters 3 that everyone on the internet is rumoring he is. In fact, Ernie revealed to me that some of the rumor mess was actually started by another reporter taking what he said out of context.” … Uh huh. You do realize that an actor isn’t the most reliable source for stuff like that.  What I’m saying is, don’t get your hopes up for Ghostbusters 3 ever coming. I doubt it will even be good.
Just don’t take what an actor says at a convention as fact, always take it with a grain of salt. That’s why I never told the Unfiction forums that actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) has been talking with the Marble Hornets creators about the upcoming movie after I asked him about Slender Man at a convention. … Shit! *hides*

“Gotta love some of the morons spreading misinformation out there.” … Does Bores have zero sense of irony? I mean really.

Stories from September 24th 2013

“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Gets Day One Bonus in early 2014”

Oh great, he’s talking about Dragon Ball again. Yeah, you lost your Dragon Ball fan card after you tried to defend the live-action movie before it came out.

“Folks that purchase a Day One edition will receive a code to download a special Naruto costume for Goku.” Eww, keep that crap out of DBZ. That’s a terrible pre-order incentive.
“I guess worlds are now colliding eh?” I direct your attention to Jump Superstars, Jump Ultimate Stars, Battle Stadium D.O.N. and the upcoming J-Stars Victory Vs. What’s that? They don’t count because they were never released outside of Japan? First off, shut up. Second, there’s mountains of rights issues involved with getting these games published in the West. Of course, this Naruto costume is weird since Funimation owns Dragon Ball while Viz owns Naruto. Must be a Namco-Bandai thing.

“Batman: Arkham Origins: Two New Characters Confirmed – Riddler, Lady Shiva”

Is it really a surprise the Riddler is in the game? He’s responsible for the collectables and artificially lengthening the game, of course he’s showing up.

Blah blah IGN blah blah Lady Shiva is obscure  blaaaah.

“Also the Riddler will once again be featured in the game along with his “Riddler Trophies” for players to collect in order to make you go insane trying to collect them all. Since I have a full schedule already, don’t expect me to collect more than 5 of those things. I’m a busy guy dang it!” With what? Throwing all your money away on a stupid ghost hunting movie that nobody is going to care about? Quit acting like you're so damn important that you won’t have time to do extra stuff in video games. Unless it’s Skylanders then all the time in the world is available for that crap.
Also, is it really a shock he never 100% completes  a game? The man barely plays most of his Neo subjects for an hour, like hell he’d ever collect all the Riddler Trophies in an Arkham game.

“Online Casino Gaming Beyond Card Tables”

That’s strange, I have adblock on for his site so I shouldn’t be able to… this is an article. This is something Bores wrote. Oh no.
*reads through* Oh… oh wow. This is such a sell-out move. I know he has ads for gambling sites but this… I can’t even.

“When most of us think of online casino gaming, our minds jump immediately to the games that exist in films like “Ocean’s11,”or in real life casinos at glamorous resorts all over the world” Why even bring up Ocean’s 11? Just… why?

Then he lists off some of the games available on this site he’s promoting. Chris, your fans are 12 years old. You’re telling them to gamble REAL money away. You call me out (in your mommy mask) for telling people to drink (in a game that you don‘t seem to understand), but here you’re telling people to gamble!  I just… I don’t even know now.

“Skylanders Swap Force Preview pt 2: Gameplay Mechanics, Giants Areas, Unused concepts”

Normally I wouldn’t bring up these posts, which are just links to videos on his YouTube channel. However, the “genius mind” of Chris Bores forgot to include the link. And like most mistakes on his site, he’s probably not going to fix it. Bravo.

Other stories:
“Super Mario Bros. – Dad Creates Mario World Themed Bedroom For Daughter”

Stories from September 25th 2013

“GTA V Earns $1 Billion In 3 Days? Yeowza!”

Oh, he actually brought up GTA V again. Looks like I was wrong.

This is probably the laziest article he’s ever done. Because he only wrote one part.

“It took 3 days for GTA V to reach 1 billion big ones. But instead of my crazy remarks, Here’s Joel Johnson from to add his 2 cents about this minestone event:”

The rest of the article is copy-pasted from what this Joel guy said. Why the laziness? Probably because Bores has never touched a GTA game in his life, and in his little bubble it doesn’t matter to him.
Oh and this story is old news considering it was five days late at the time of posting.

“Star Wars ‘Lifesize’ Star Wars AT-ST Walker For Sale”

Oh look, more pointless collectables that few people can afford.

He calls out the seller for calling it life-size, and points to the Star Wars Wiki to show he’s wrong. But Bores, I thought you said Wikpedia was wrong all the time? Sure, it’s the Wookieepedia, but isn’t that essentially the same thing?

“don’t worry we all do it. That’s how death stars are destroyed.” The irony of saying that everyone “miscalculates” while not even bothering to capitalize his sentences, or Death Star.

“Star Trek Teleportation Illusion Fools Mall Shopping Idiots”

Why are they idiots? Because they reacted positively to an illusion? If that’s your attitude, then don’t go to a magic show.

He also spoils the ending to the video where they show how they did it. Why even bother linking the video?

“And you thought I was gonna say David Copperfield didn’t you. Well your wrong!” My wrong? My wrong what? Oh wait, you once again confused “your” and “you’re”. Jeez…

Stories from September 26th 2013

“NES Nintendo Game Music Played Real Time By Piano & Robotic Percussionist”

Oh for the love of… he screwed up the formatting of the post again! The title isn’t in big white letters, it’s just a small blue link.

“Boy this would’ve been a real hit back in the old west.” … No it wouldn’t. If by some freaky chance this could be played in the early 1900’s,  nobody would care. It would just sound like normal piano music, people wouldn’t have any connection to it because THOSE GAMES DIDN’T EXIST! Just because Nintendo was around during that time doesn’t mean the games were.

“Heck, I need to put this stuff in the next western movie I make.” You’ve made a Western movie before? That must be a train wreck. Could you imagine a Western made by Bores? It would be the final scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly but with Bores playing everyone, and then references  to unrelated movies would happen.

“Hit the jump for the video of the system playing Super Mario Bros 1 – 3, Zelda, and uhhh, well that’s it. hmm wheres the love for Metroid?” He probably only wanted to compose music for those four games because they’re the most popular. Ungrateful bastard.

“Super Mario Statue – Tanookie Suit Plumber Exclusive from SMB3”

Couple of things. One, there’s no “e” in Tanooki. However, I’ll let this slide as the “First 4 Figures” site also got it wrong by calling it “Tanook” (only once though). Two, this isn’t based on the Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario. This is clearly based on the Super Mario 3D Land one, another game where you wear the Tanooki Suit. It clearly says in the product description it’s based on Super Mario 3D Land.
You know, that game you played at E3 two years ago? You put it on your Top 5 Best of E3? Then again, you rarely talk about the games featured on that list. If I may digress for a bit?

2011 you only talked about Ninja Gaiden 3 and Sonic Generations (which you didn’t even play, you stole the footage and passed it off as your own). You never looked at Super Mario 3D Land, Kirby Wii (now called Kirby’s Return to Dream Land) or Kinect Star Wars (not that you could even play it in that tiny room of yours). 2012 you only talked about Injustice and Rayman Legends (after E3 2013 but that wasn‘t your fault), nothing on Tomb Raider 2013, The Last of Us, or New Super Mario Bros. U. You didn’t even bother with a 2013 list.

Bottom line, do you fucking research.

“18 Very Funny Grand Theft Auto V Glitches”

Another GTA V article? I know what’s going on now. Bores got out from under his rock and learned GTA is a massive franchise, and now he’s cashing in. He’s “writing” up a bunch of articles about it in the hopes that it will bring him hits and thus earn even more money. It’s the same thing people like Tobuscus, iJustine, or DSP do when they blind LP the hottest new games on the day they’re released. Only Bores is not smart enough to do something like that (if you think it’s a  skill problem, clearly you’ve never seen DSP).

“This video, compiled from a number of YouTube videos by AmazingFilms247, has some glitches that I should put in my game.” Oh wow! Hey Chris? Your game is out, it’s been out for about a month. You do realize this right?
Also, your game is nothing but a glitch. It’s a poorly programmed pile of puke. Controls are busted, there’s next to no enemies, gameplay is boring, and really I don’t see how adding glitches can make it “better”.
Here’s the thing, those glitches? They weren’t intentional, that’s why they’re glitches. “Intentional glitches” only exist in games that are trying to be meta (like Saint’s Row or that Matt Hazard game). You can’t pull that off in your shitty iOS sidescroller!
Also, it’s rather adorable that you think you still have some control over it. How much did you pay Mad Media Labs? It was probably too much.

I looked at the video (by searching it, because clicking it on his site means he gets referred and … that’s not going to happen). Most of those “glitches” are caused by cheat codes like “No gravity”. That seems unfair, and would explain why I don’t see them.

“South Park: The Stick Of Truth Release Date and Action Figure Goodies”

Holy shit! Actual video game news!

… Yeah that’s all I have to say about that. But wow, that’s a surprise.

Stories from September 27th 2013

“Mega Man – The Board Game?”

You know, I’m just completely numb to any stupid idea Capcom has now. I just don’t care anymore.

“Want a Mega Man Board game?” I think people would prefer a video game, but what do consumers know?

Other stories:
“Seusstastic Park – the Jurassic Park, Doctor Seuss Mashup”

That’s all for this week. Jeez, I wrote more than I thought I would.

Video wise, just more Skylanders crap. Only a couple more weeks until Swap Force comes out and he’ll shut up about it for a few months. Then they’ll announce Skylanders 4 and the cycle will begin anew. *sighs* God damn Activision.


  1. A Mega Man board game? Sounds like something good for a Board James episode...

    And nice to see that Bores is still sucking at being the next Walter Cronkite. XD

  2. You know, it's become a ritual of mine to listen to "The Gonk" while I read your articles.

  3. Just wanted to say about marble hornets, troy has stated he is in talks with film company about it on his twitter account whatatroy

  4. You say that Chris muddles 'Your' and 'You're' in your post, but you did it yourself just a few lines prior.

    "Quit acting like your so damn important that you won’t have time to do extra stuff in video games."


    This blog gives me a great laugh with every update, look forwards to the next post.

  5. He actually got a studio tour of the video game developers of skylanders which is surprising, haven't seen any other internet reviewer get this far so you have to give him credit for that.

    1. No other reviewer has been so blatantly sycophantic towards one franchise so I don't really see what 'credit' you think Bores deserves. He stroked a developer's ego and was rewarded for it, in the same way as so many mainstream reviewers have done in the past with overly-apologetic or excessively-positive coverage of certain companies. It's the lowest form of journalism.

  6. And speaking of gambling...

    Has Bores (or his fans) ever played Vegas Stakes on the SNES or Game Boy?

  7. Just imagine what would happen if Ernie Hudson knew what Bores said about his hypothetical role in Dragon Ball Evolution.

    Come to think of it, how DOES Bores avoid constantly getting his ass kicked wherever he goes?

    1. I guess his relative obscurity has saved him from getting nailed time and time again.

      I feel like it'll catch up with him at some point, though. That's why I'm looking forward to that movie thing... does he really think people are going to want to actually see his movie? Most people would probably go just to get a chance at calling him out.

  8. I wonder what if Chris talks about Gundam? Nah, he probably won't. If he actually knew that.

  9. I have a feeling that Bores is going to bash Arkham Origins because of his claims of "obscure characters." Seriously Bores, there are other Batman villains that had yet to appear in games and media and just because Lady Shiva and Copperhead made the list DOES NOT mean it's going to suck.

    Also, about the Riddler trophies and riddles, what's wrong with that? Collecting trophies and solving riddles unlocks bonus content like pictures, audio clips, and such.

    Like every hardcore gamer, their goal is to beat the game with a 100% rating to unlock a special bonus at the end of the game like in GTA: San Andreas, reaching a 100% unlocks the V-TOL jet and Rhino tank near the Johnson family home without the use of a cheat code and unlimited ammo. Beating Arkham City with a 100% rating unlocks a bonus ending of Harley Quinn singing a nursery rhyme to her unborn child (spoiler: in Harley's revenge, she isn't pregnant. Tests came back negative).

    So yeah, I completely don't understand why moan and bitch about underrated characters and Riddler trophies and challenges.

    1. - Kirby's Dream Land 2: Collect all Rainbow Drops hidden in each of the worlds in order to fight the REAL final boss, Dark Matter.
      - Kirby's Dream Land 3: Collect all Heart Stars inside each level of all five worlds in order to face Zero.
      - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Collect all crystal shards hidden inside each level across the six different planets in order to face Zero-Two (instead of simply Miracle Matter) and get the "good" ending.

      The reason Bores could rant on about unlockable bonuses and side-content is because he "doesn't care for sidequests" and is too lazy to actually go back time after time to complete a game 100%. Why? It's because Bores is not a hardcore gamer.

    2. Wait that is the definition of a hardcore gamer? So I actually would count despite the games I play.

    3. I doubt he could even get all of the weapons and unlock every single character in Soul Calibur 3. That took me most of my Freshman year of College. And don't get me started on beating Tekken 5's arcade mode with every single character. Jinpachi was pain. Pure pain. Hell, I don't consider a fighter fun until I have beaten every single character's story mode. I doubt bores could do that. I doubt he could even beat Shao Khan once in MK 2011...and again, I did that with every character...

    4. @ Micharion:

      The definition of a "hardcore" gamer is completely free for anyone to describe.
      Me personally, I think that a hardcore gamer is an individual who plays video games a lot during his or her leisure time for pure fun and entertainment (it doesn't matter what kind of rating the game has either: from E for Everyone to M for Mature).
      I wasn't directly implying that individuals who consider themselves as "hardcore" gamers always try to 100% a game, but rather repeating a common fact that Bores himself is not a hardcore gamer.
      I'm sorry if this caused any confusion.

    5. Hardcore gamer in my opinion is someone who plays games of all types for fun. This will obviously involve playing the game to the finish as well as playing the additional bonus content that the game has after it has been beaten. Hardcore just means you are dedicated to genre and like every if not most of the aspects of it (with an emphasis on what isn't mainstream and popular). It shouldn't be used as a term denoting superiority over others (since liking something does not make anymore superior) but it may be used to denote devotion towards a particular work, and thus imply creditability to the one labeled hardcore.

      Micharion, all you need to do is just play games for fun and work hard to get good at the games you aren't good at.

      And as for Chris Bores. Chris makes no attempt to understand the gaming genre or the tastes of people who actually enjoy it. Chris makes no attempt to understand the shortcomings of the genre (such as its lack of plot which still hasn't been reliably overcome) or made any attempt to show that he may actually like or derive fun from games that legitimately suck. As a result, Chris cannot be considered a hardcore gamer since he has made it abundantly clear that he only talks about games because its popular not because its interesting to him.

    6. I do think that wanting to look through every nick and cranny of a beloved game is also about it to. I'm sure that most gamers are like explorers or archeologists, we scour are games so that we can find all of the hard work and easter eggs the developers left for us, and to learn the ins and outs. But yeah, I doubt Bores would find that fun, since he can barely play most games for an hour...

    7. Hardcore for me just means they play games for the sake of playing games, because they get a fundamental enjoyment from games that they don't get elsewhere. They don't even necessarily have to be that good at the games in question as long as they treat them with respect and play them for fun rather than status or because they think they should. Bores isn't a bad gamer because he sucks at games - he's a bad gamer because he a) doesn't try to improve, and b) often has no respect whatsoever for the games he plays.

    8. @SHIELD Yes. I had no idea who Lady Shiva was before this year, but thankfully, Beware the Batman helped get some exposure (I enjoy how the show is making use of lesser-known villains and not relying on ones everyone knows like the Joker, Two-Face, and the penguin). I can pinpoint her arrival as one of the points where the show became a unique version of Batman to fill the void Green Lantern TAS left.
      @Adam. I know the feeling. And playing Tekken 6 on my brother's new PS Vita, I know hate fighting Alisa and Azazel just as much. Also, I noticed the arcade version is right on top. Boring Man really screwed up that one (bashing the game on the beat-em-up portion and not knowing how to navigate a menu screen, which is one of the first things I learned how to do when playing games); and now the Tekken fanbase has effectively made him persona non grata. That's also how I found out I was blocked for the first time, when I tried to tell him Turtles in Time was in arcades before SNES. That man would make Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau say, "good god man, what are you thinking?"

  10. You know it is funny how a lot of people think that most LPers just do it to try and get essentially an easy job. I don't actually care about the fame or the money my entire reason for starting LPs was to try and get my confidence up.

    1. Yeah, that really isn't fair. It's like all of those stupid people that guys like you or internet reviewers shouldn't make money with their hard work. But what's wrong with doing something you love for money? you keep doing what you love, for whatever reason as long as your happy. Now, if you all excuse me, I'm going to try to sneak into KFC's head office to learn all 11 secret herbs and spices. FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING THE UNKNOWN!!!

  11. It's like all of those stupid people that say that guys like you or internet reviewers is what I meant on line two. God I can suck at typing...

  12. You know I think I am starting to see a sort of pattern with how Nintendo releases games each generation. First is Mario pretty much to supplement the amount of games on the system and to show off a rough estimate of what it can do. Then there are games that experiment with what the console is capable of. Of course once it has reached about half of its lifespan the limits of the console will be pushed while Kirby sees his way onto the console.

    1. It makes sense. Gives people a new version of their flagship franchise and developers time to see what they can do with the technology given to them. See what works, what doesn't; and how they can make use of it for their games.

  13. Actually, I know why Chris would reference Ocean's 11 in that article. It's a hot keyword, so he was probably hoping his site would show up when people type it into Google. Definitely not going to happen with just the one mention, but I can see his thinking.

    (This is assuming Chris knows anything about how keywords work in search engines, obviously.)

    1. You're also assuming Chris wrote that article. I figured the casino provided their own copy- note the coherently assembled sentences and few or no typos.

    2. If Bores really wrote that article the process for the Ocean's Eleven reference was probably no greater than searching 'casino movies' into Google. Maybe he saw Casino and thought a film from the 90's would be too obscure for his young audience, but also thought Casino Royal (or Royale if he was spelling it, since he's dictated by his love of food) would be a bad choice because people were complaining about Daniel Craig before the film was released and he's so behind the times that he probably thinks that's still the consensus among James Bond fans. So he picked Ocean's Eleven.

    3. Casino Royale is the correct spelling... ain't none of us Bores, but ain't none of us perfect either. =o)

    4. Yes, many people were quick to doubt Craig for his fair appearance, but they ate their words once they saw his performance in a new take on the franchise that brings the character to a post-9/11 espionage climate and stories closer to Ian Fleming's books (seriously, Die Another Day did that much damage to the franchise). Quantum of Solace was more divisive, but Skyfall is considered one of the best Bond films in years. I enjoyed how the film celebrated the franchise but also wasn't afraid to show its age. It's also one of the most dramatic entries in the franchise; and it set a new record in the multi-billion dollar series.

  14. Now I'm noticing Bores is pretty much bandwagoning with his articles; trying to hop on the latest trend in hopes of getting views. Yet, he still has not solved his problem of being an incompetent at playing video games, canyon-sized holes in research, and treating both his side characters and and actual other YouTube users like crap unless it benefits him. I doubt he could follow the story of Grand Theft Auto V enough for a review; and his dislike of sidequests won't be good for a franchise that's known for them as much as their looks on urban crime. Also, I'm not too big a Naruto fan either (when it was first on, I was more of an Avatar: The Last Airbender guy, I still am thanks to Legend of Korra). Of the "big 3" features of Shonen Jump (Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, though this talk of Toriko replacing it after the Thousand Year Blood War arc ends persists), Naruto would have to be my least favorite. I don't know, it's just seeing Naruto's face everywhere while not really getting into the other two until I started college (I had to be convinced by a friend to watch Bleach, I rediscovered One Piece after Funimation got the rights) may have had something to do with it. Also,the Breaking Bad finale was amazing. If Bores reviewed that, it would probably be like his Sopranos finale review. I also doubt he'd understand the meaning behind the lyrics of Badfinger's "Baby Blue"; and know why it will now inevitably bring tears to fans when it's played. Watch the finale, and you'll know why.

  15. If it helps break the tedium, I'm one of the iPhone users who got the crummy, broken-graphics experience from the demo of "The Irate Gamer Game." I have recently discovered that, through a lot of tedious trial-and-error experimentation, it is actually possible to finish the demo. I do not specifically recommend trying this, nor am I especially proud that I somehow reached this meaningless finish line to a race no one will remember, but I did actually finish with no help. I say this in case a reader of this fine blog is trapped on a bus or train with a full charge on their mobile device.

    1. Now is it better or worse than Final Fantasy all the bravest? Of which I just noticed has a 4 out of 5 star rating on

    2. I couldn't say, as I haven't played it. If the TIGG demo had any conceivable edge over the FF game, I'd guess the difference was that it only encourages a single additional one-time purchase. Which is unrelated to actual gaming enjoyment delivered to the purchaser.

    3. Seriously, $3.99 for that? I think I only paid $1.99 for my X-Men app, $2.99 for Sonic 4 Episode 1, and I got Episode 2 for free with a voucher at Starbucks! To think someone compared TIGG to Super Mario Bros. If anything, it's more like Deadly Towers or the tie-in to Total Recall in terms of NES games.

    4. Yeah, but atleast Deadly Towers tried to be a good game. Heck, Total Recall was actually one of the better licensed games on the NES in my opinion. But TIGG? Not a single damn was given. Not. A. One.

    5. @skyrunner14:

      Agreed with your point on Deadly Towers. I remember that a YouTube user called "thee3nd" did a review on the game back in 2007. He said that "it had a good concept, but was executed poorly."

    6. @skyrunner14: I have far more respect for game that try something new and end up wretched than for games that aim for mediocrity and achieve it.

  16. Did anyone hear that Sonic is Returning in SSB4? Now, all we need is Pac-Man, and we can have a 4P mascot battle royale.

    IMO, all they need is Krystal and Samurai Goroh.

    1. I'm in. And they're also making a CGI Sonic TV show, I gather.

    2. I just saw the screenshot of this. Why is Knuckles so huge!

    3. He spent too much time with the Master Emerald.

  17. Off Topic: Tom Clancy, the man wrote the novel Rainbow Six that later became one of the most popular video game series, has passed away. R.I.P :(

    1. Yes. As the original Splinter Cell was my first stealth game, and with his work as a longtime writer, he will be missed.

    2. For serious? Damn, thats... damn :(

    3. While he never took any part in actually making or planning the games, his loss is still devastating and tragic.

  18. Bores talks about Super Mario 3D World in his latest website article.

    "Holy crap! Nintendo just release a new trailer for Super Mario 3D and it is power packed with new power ups!"

    Yeah, they released a trailer about it yesterday and showed it in their recent Nintendo Direct. This news is a little old, Bores.
    Wait, you forgot to include "World" at the end of the title. Also, "power packed with new power ups?" Geez, repetitiveness much?

    "This game also gives you a ton of hats. Helipcopter hats, Coin hats, even Cannon hats that shoot out cannons??"

    Only one of these hats is "new". The first one was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as a Propeller Mushroom and again in Super Mario 3D Land as an actual block Mario and Luigi wore on their heads. The "coin hat" appeared in New Super Mario Bros. 2. (You know, a game YOU REVIEWED earlier this year)

    "This game looks like a lot of fun and they’ve included everything but ol King Wart from SMB2. That would’ve been a twist eh?"

    Why? Didn't you hate Super Mario Bros. 2? You said Wart in that game was a pushover. Besides, seeing as Nintendo hasn't reintroduced any enemies from SMB2 (except Shy Guys and Bob-ombs), I doubt Wart would appear in this game (although he did have a cameo appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening).

    "Instead you’ll have to save some mushroom kingdom toad princess. Guess we’ll be seeing her in Mario Kart WiiU."

    What? Where did this assumption come from? How do you know that captured princess will be in Mario Kart 8? Wait, is this another "joke?" If so, you're still not funny, Bores.

    Besides that, it was fairly harmless.

    1. Cannons do not shoot out cannons they fire cannonballs.

  19. You know, I'm curious-- what video game companies seem to get the most praise and hatred these days?

    1. EA for F2P (where its always pay to win) and ruining many of their franchises including C&C and then there's Square Enix for ruining their own franchises and continually trying to westernize games by making them stupid. Who could forget Capcom for its failure to westernize games and DLC abuse? There's microsoft and the constant production of frustrating OS that continually acts as if new PC users don't deserve things like a start menu or the ability to view animated gif images and yet still manage to be dominant since publishers only want to work in their OS? How about Activision for franchise milking (a step away from franchise ruining) and their delays of PC ports?

    2. Gotta agree with Capcom. I have never seen a company just completely give up on keeping up their quality. DMC was where I stop buying their products. That was heinous...

    3. Yeah, I've noticed that a lot with them.

      How about praise? Atlus, Tecmo, and Nintendo seem to be up there...

    4. Weren't Tecmo the guys who decided Ninja Gaiden neededto be easy? But I will give props to Atlus and Nintendo...Oooh!!! and Ubisoft for reviving Rayman,,,Oh, and Sega for putting sonic back on top. Even if half of the fans think thy aren't. Seriously, I hate all these people that say Sonic Lost Worlds is a cheap Mario Galaxy clone...

    5. Y'know, I gotta ask considering DMC:Devil May Cry (I know, a stupid name). Was there a reason why the combo system needed to be more accessible when the original DMC didn't need it on account of it just being a great game overall?

    6. @Adam Burchfield

      It kinda sucks that Sonic Lost World is getting delayed. I mean, I already marked Oct. 21 on my calendar.

    7. In all honesty I don't hate any of the particular corporations since quite frankly I don't care who made the game but rather if the game is good.

  20. You know, I recall Dan mentioning a gent who went by the name DarkSydePhil. I know little to nothing about him, though from whay I've seen of him he's... well, he's a boarish oaf. On that note, I'd like to share this with you all

    1. Wow, I can't believe what a big dumbass he is, he's probably dumber than Bores and that's saying a lot. Also, that reenactment is hilarious.

  21. Pokemon The Orgin is already out. What's your thought of it? Since I only watched two parts of it so far. Pretty faithful to the game, unlike that anime.

  22. Off-topic:
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD launches today! I would love to buy it . . . if I had a Wii U and the extra spending money.

  23. What do you guys think of ReviewTechUSA?

  24. Oh boy, Norman Bores has this to say:

    “Ben: Rather you feel he is in the wrong or not does not justify you harrassing and leaving your insensitive opinions on his channel. How can anyone come between two people that were originally good friends and choose sides? That is between Asa and Kyle and not any UTube sycophants to decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Bottom line it’s none of your business! Let them work this out themselves. Most likely they will come to some kind of friendly terms and you will be out in the cold. Never come between friends, brothers, sisters, and yep, even husbands and wives as it’s none of anyones concern but theirs. This is a personal situation not a UTube fanbase situation. You are being totally ill-logical and cruel with your continued harrassment of Asa. Think about it?”

    Asa left threatening voice mails on Kyle’s answering machine you dumb bastard. You said this:

    “How can anyone come between two people that were originally good friends and choose sides?”

    which contradicts this:

    “BEN Why are you treating Asa with disrespect and harrassing him on his channel? I’m really disappointed in you and expected you to have more sense than that. What, you following all the other hater trolls now? Shameful! I consider Asa as a friend and I find your actions offencive and utterly cruel.”

    Sounds like you’re on Asa’s side you fucking hypocrite.

    Just for clarification, the Ben Bores is referring to is Ben Wagner.

    and for even more clarification, here's a couple of videos that show Asalieri's true colors:

    the latter video shows how far Asa has fallen.

  25. Decided to reupload one of my older music videos, here's the link