Saturday, October 5, 2013

IG Attempts the News: Attention Defi- Ooh 80's!

Last week on “I’m spending so much of GotGame’s money and I don’t care”
No, stop, come back, I have video game news! See, look I’m talking about South Park The Stick of Truth! Now that I have your attention, NOSTALGIA! Wait, where are you going?

What will this week bring?

Stories from September 30th 2013

“Pokemon – Real Life Photoshopped Versions”

We start the week off with- wait. Haven’t I seen these before? *searches around* No wait, those were different “Real Life Pokemon” pictures. Man, how many times are people going to do the same thing?

I guess I won’t call ultra-old news… this time.
Still, Bores talking about Pokemon is so weird. Just like when he talks about GTA V.

“Game Boy Handheld Hard-Shell Carry On Luggage”

Okay no, that suitcase is just stupid. I mean really.

“Want to travel in style?” A very strange definition of “style”.

Oh, this suitcase is from ThinkGeek. Does that mean this post is a paid advertisement, or just more random garbage to fill space?

“Chuck Norris vs Super Mario Bros. Video Game”

… What year is it? Why are we still making Chuck Norris jokes? I mean really?

It’s another “cool video” post, but here’s a couple things about it. First of all, the video was posted LAST YEAR! This is old. Second, this is a video by Dane Boe (the guy behind The Annoying Orange), except he didn’t post Dane’s version, but a mirror of it that someone else uploaded. You could at least try to find the original!
Also, Dane Boe isn’t off the hook for making a Chuck Norris joke in 2012, he still deserves derision. That and creating The Annoying Orange. Bleh.

Stories from October 1st 2013

“Wii U Huge Freakin 700MB Update! Play Wii Titles on Gamepad Now”

Oh hey, actual video game news that’s current. Sounds like someone’s learning.

He brings up the new ability to display Wii games on the Game Pad, but the inability to actually play them on the Game Pad, and he says…
I looked up who Nell Carter is, and she was a singer/actress that was best known for a sitcom she did in the 80’s called “Gimme a Break“. Why this reference? Even by “nostalgia” standards this is pointless. Do you really think your 12 year old fans would get that? How is it you can’t report simple news without sounding like a Seth McFarlane reject?

Other stories:
“Wonder Woman – New Impressive Fan Made Trailer”
“Video Game Character Facebook Profiles”

Stories from October 2nd 2013

“Breaking Bad – Walter White Appears in Animal Crossing?”

“Not sure how Walter got into this game,” Because somebody made a Walter White Mii and started a new game with him? It’s not that hard to figure out.
“but there he is, complete with Meth lab and bunny partner… bunny partner? Wait a minute, something doesn’t seem right here….” All the other citizens in the game are animals, you couldn’t exactly get a human partner.

You know, this is the only time he’s ever talked about Animal Crossing, and it’s related to Breaking Bad. Maybe if you actually played the game you wouldn’t look and sound like a compete dumbass?

“World of Warcraft Legendary Pictures Movie Hits Theaters 2015”

God damn, 2015 is crowded.

“Well it looks like Video Game movies might finally be reigning supreme finally after years of not being taken seriously.” Not even close. Considering Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil movies are still being made, video game adaptations have a LONG way to go before being taken seriously.
“With Assassins Creed and more coming to the big screen” More? Like what? *looks up list* Yeah… I doubt any of these will be good. Just because Fassbender is attached to Assassin’s Creed doesn’t mean it will be good *cough*Prometheus*cough*.
“Here’s hoping for a Diablo movie soon after!” Let’s not go that direction.

“NASA Creates First Cloud Map of Exoplanet, Kepler-7b”

Who the hell cares? Do you really think your fans reading this want to hear about far off planets we’ll never reach in our lifetime? No.

He notes that the planet is bigger than Jupiter and says… this.
“I don’t know about you but I have the strangest feeling to go out to the driving range and hit a bucket of golf balls right about now” … That’s just you. Weirdo.

“Super Mario 3D World – Offering a Smorgasboard of New Power-Ups”

Bores went a different direction for this article, writing a line or two after a picture instead of one big paragraph.

“and it is power packed with new power ups!” Is he being repetitive to try and be “cute”? Or is he really that dumb?

“and a Mario duplicator item?! Whoa! Now you can play as 3 Mario’s at once?! Taking a page from Calvin and Hobbes!” Really? Calvin & Hobbes is the first thing your mind goes to when you think clones? Man, you need a wider reference pool.

“Guess we’ll be seeing her in Mario Kart WiiU.” He’s referring to the new damsel in distress for 3D World. Don’t get your hopes up. Also, it’s called “Mario Kart 8”, but you don’t give a fuck so why bother explaining.

Stories from October 3rd 2013

“Street Fighter Vs. Plants vs. Zombies Video Game Mashup”

Oh yay, another video he found.

“What do you get when you combine Street Fighter with Plants vs Zombies? Yeah I don’t know either. I just woke up.” Get it? Because he’s… tired I think. These jokes are so lame.

“Simpsons producers to kill off main character this season”

“Well looks like another character will be getting the heave ho.” You say that when they plan to kick off a character, not kill them off. Insensitive much?
“Is this another ratings grab? A cry for attention?” Yes. I don’t think you realize how irrelevant the Simpsons are these days. Hence why they do shit like the “Homer Shake” or episodes that parody “The Social Network” and “Homeland” (the former being two years late). Hell, the whole “Ned and Edna” pairing got a Facebook campaign. They’re that desperate for ratings.

“I’ve watched off an on over the years that I just found out that Fat Tony was killed off a few seasons ago.” But then it was reversed with the mother of all ass-pulls. Fat Tony had an identical cousin named Fit Tony who decides to take over the Springfield Mafia, but the stress of it causes him to eat constantly turning him into the new Fat Tony. It’s near the top of my “Worst Simpsons Episodes Ever”.

“Hmm who could it be? Jasper? Hans Moleman? Homers brother Herb?” No, Moleman dying is a running gag, and absolutely not. Especially not Herb as he had a cameo recently that revealed he’s poor again. He wasn’t even on screen, it was literally phoned in.

Then a random picture of monkeys fighting from The Simpsons. Whatever…

“Adventure Time – Impressive Homemade BMO Beemo Teapot”

No! No! You stay away from Adventure Time! It’s bad enough you talk about Doctor Who, I don’t need you bringing up this show!

“I watch adventure time randomly with the kids” You mean your girlfriend’s kids? Quit acting like they’re “yours” unless you’re actually the father. At least he claims not to be a fan… yet.

“Don’t ask me how you even begin to make these things because I have no clue.” Why do people do anything? Probably boredom, probably flashes of creativity, yet all initiative. Which you seem to lack considering you barely make videos now.
“I’m just a blog poster for cryin out loud.” I thought you were a film maker? Or was it a ghost hunter? Gamer? You don’t know what you are, do you?

“Legend of Zelda – Impressive Realism Link Painting”

“Pop Culture is definitely reflected in the art these days.” It’s like Bores is discovering fan art for the first time. Seriously, how big was that rock?

“I can’t even begin to know which fairy this is since they’ve probably changed her name a dozen times over the years” … There were three, and they were all different. Navi in Ocarina of Time, Tatl in Majora’s Mask, and Ciela in Phantom Hourglass. Every other game post-Ocarina had someone different. The King of Red Lions, Ezlo, Midna, Fi, and whoever will be the companion in the Wii U game. A Link Between Worlds seems to have a fairy, but we don’t know all the details so… we’ll see.

“another fantastic picture of a rodent destroying the city!” Are you sure this is Zelda related? I mean, it’s the same artist but the logo in the corner says “Legend of the Cryptids”. *looks up dA page* The title is “Groundhog Day”, so I don’t know where you got the idea that this is Zelda related. Are you pointing to the bridge?

There’s also a third picture of some fish looking humanoid using camouflage. Looking up his page, it’s also unrelated to Zelda. So, you found a cool picture of Link, then looked through this guy’s page to find other stuff but couldn’t find anything Zelda related so you picked two pictures at random. And now we know why videos never come out.

Stories from October 4th 2013

“Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror – Guillermo del Toro-y Opening”

By that title, Bores seems to think it’s a couch gag done in the style of Guillermo del Toro. Had he done his research, or even bothered to look at the title of the video, he would know that del Toro himself actually directed it. But research is haaaaard!

“Probably the best thing to come out of the Simpsons in the last couple of year.” Wow, your concept of time is just degrading more and more.

“Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Gets Further away from Original”

*reads through* Oh… this is pain.

“I got some hands on time with this title at E3” Take a shot.
“Link to the Past is my all-time favorite Zelda Game.” Sure it is, and your ass can talk to spirits and demons. Whatever you say.
“This was supposed to be an update to that game” No it wasn’t! It’s a sequel set in the same world! This isn’t like Ocarina of Time 3D or Wind Waker HD, it’s a completely new game. They even said that it’s not the same Link from A Link to the Past.
“but I felt all the changes might make this not for the better.” Like what exactly? I don’t know, he doesn’t say what bothers him. He just leaves a video and expects us to take his word for it.

Personally, I like that they’re doing something different. I like the idea that all items are available from the start and you get them by buying them, and you can rent them for a few limited uses. I like that the dungeons are in a non-linear progression, just like the very first game. There are people that complain “Zelda has been the same game since Ocarina of Time”, that’s a very uninformed opinion said by morons (like Egoraptor), but the fact is, they’re trying something different. Chris’ idea of change isn’t “new ideas or gameplay”, it’s “BLOOD AND BOOBIES HUR HUR”. Urgh.

“Megaman (Mighty No. 9) Title biggest Kickstarter Video Game in History”

*headdesk headdesk headdesk* Chris you moron! Mighty No. 9 is not a Mega Man game! It’s a brand new IP that is similar, and headed by Keiji Inafune, but it is NOT Mega Man. That is not Rock, that is Beck, and Capcom has absolutely nothing to do with this game. Capcom owns Mega Man, and others are only allowed to use it with their permission. Mighty No. 9 is a brand new, unrelated character that Inafune and his company can do anything they want with it.

“The recent Mega Man Kickstarter campaign called Mighty No. 9 recently closed and clocked in so much money that somebody at Capcom is sure to get fired.” Why would someone at Capcom get fired? I don’t think they care, especially since they stopped making Mega Man games.
Also, too soon Chris! Capcom Europe just had to lay off 50% of their employees! Not that you would know or care since you obviously don’t read video game news until it’s too late, or people post it on your Facebook.

“My jury is still out on what I think of Kickstarter” Pretty sure your stupid parody said it all… at least until you start your own after your ghost movie flops because you poured your ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT into it!
“I can’t remember how many Megaman games Capcom has scrapped over the years” So you’re aware that Capcom is screwing over Mega Man, maybe you should put two and two together and realize that Capcom has zero involvement in this and it’s NOT MEGA MAN?!
“but this has gotta be shocking to everyone over there trying to push all this Lost Planet stuff on us.” Really? Of all the bullshit Capcom tries to pull, you point to Lost Planet? They’ve done far worse in the past few years! On-disc DLC, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 only a few months after the vanilla version, Street Fighter x Tekken being broken, the Devil May Cry reboot, Resident Evil 6 being a massive piece of shit, Ace Attorney 5 being digital only, Breath of Fire 6 being a terrible iOS MMO, Deep Down being F2P. Capcom has way more sins than fucking Lost Planet!

By the way, Mighty No. 9 is not the biggest video game Kickstarter in history. That would be Ouya… and we all know how that turned out.

“TRON – Own a Street Legal Light Cycle for $55,000”

… Why?

“They don’t offer them anymore, but I’m sure you could pick one up on craigslist if you beg profusely!” So are you for or against begging? Make up your mind!

Other stories:
“Simpsons: Tapped Out App – Halloween Update Today”
“McDonaldland – Creepy Halloween Custom Figures”

That’s all for this week.
I swear, Bores really needs to learn how to pay attention.

No videos this week again, no surprise there.
Next Saturday is the premiere of “Pursuit of the Paranormal” in Ohio. I can’t imagine that too many people would show up. Especially since Pokemon X/Y comes out the same day. Nice planning Bores.


  1. To be scrupulously fair, Bores may not consider the Ouya a video game project since it's hardware, not software. I don't consider it as such, at least. But, that's probably a bit too pedantic.

  2. He had to post a story about THAT light cycle? Does he even realize how old that news is?

  3. Also, I thought you either spell it BMO or Be emo, not both but I could be wrong...

  4. I'm glad me and Film Brain aren't the only one who thinks Prometheus was crap. Such a poorly written mess of a story...

    And wow, Bores is really the biggest moron in the world if he really thinks Mighty No.9 is a Megaman game and that it's produced by Capcpom. He's making Christian Weston Chandler smarter in comparison!

    1. *shudders* Don't even mention that... thing's name here.

  5. "I can’t even begin to know which fairy this is since they’ve probably changed her name a dozen times over the years…"

    If I had to guess, that fairy is, most likely, Navi because she is the most well-known (and infamous) fairy partner in the Legend of Zelda franchise. I doubt it would be Tatl, and it can't be Ciela because she was yellow in Phantom Hourglass due to being the Spirit of Courage.

    "This [A Link Between Worlds] was supposed to be an update to that game [A Link to the Past]".

    Oh come on, Bores. You have to try harder than this. Even back when A Link Between Worlds was still called A Link to the Past 2, I knew that it would be an original game. Sure it would borrow some elements and ideas from A Link to the Past, but it wouldn't be the same game in the end.

  6. Off-topic:
    On a different subject, I really enjoyed the first special episode of Pokémon Origins. It had the right characters, music sountracks, locations, and atmospheric settings. I am actually excited and entertained by this special series, WAY more than the stereotypical Black and White anime episodes featuring Ash and his other friends that I honestly don't care about anymore.
    I don't get it. Why is it that the main anime series of Pokémon is just dull and boring, but the side/special episodes, like Pokémon Origin and Mystery Dungeon, are entertaining?

    1. Its weird but, its probably because they have more heart than the original. The new one just recycles stuff we've seen before. That and the origin is a lot closer to the pokemon special manga

    2. I'm looking at it from the standpoint of a different adaptation. The main anime and Origins are effectively mutually exclusive as adaptations. I enjoyed the special, but the only problem I had with it was the pacing. Looking at the time stamp on the beginning and end of each episode, they seem to have crammed 35 hours or so of gameplay into a 95-minute special. Apart from that, the animation is nice, and it's how I would do a dark Pokémon (not like that horrid Apocalypse fan trailer). I don't approach the main series with Ash, Pikachu, and the others with the same mindset I would this special (or One Piece, or my favorite anime, Gurren Lagann), much like I don't approach Teen Titans Go the same way I do the original series; or any Star Trek series or movie the same way. I personally find it odd; given that most of my work on my blog and my YouTube channel revolving the Pokémon anime is working on how you can do worse in both series and characters; and how many people are often criticizing it for lacking qualities it clearly isn't supposed to have. Sorry if I'm geeking out a bit, I've started school again and I'm taking film studies. I've also pretty much decided to stay off Kotaku for a while until the initial excitement breaks (I much prefer actually talking about strong and weak points of works and characters rather than just taking one adaptation or character as an opportunity to disparage another).

  7. I admit I haven't played it too much, but why exactly do you consider Street Fighter x Tekken broken?

    (Also: Am I the only person who kind of liked RE 6 because he never found RE scary and the whole over-the-top action style fits the B-Movie-Plot of the games much better?)

    1. Several people complained SF x T is broken mainly due to the game's framework, some sounds not matching well and that online mode is not working properly.

      People also complain about the Xbox 360 version not including the online mode despite being advertised on the box and manual.

  8. lol are you guys reading about world politics right now?
    If not here's a quick recap of what's happening this week (the last one's my favorite):

    -North Korea is still being North Korea and blaming U.S for everything while stealing as much as possible from China. "North Korea unleashed a new salvo in an escalating war of words over nuclear threats when its vice foreign minister, Pak Kil-yon, addressed the UN General Assembly in New York last week. He said South Korea was "creating the danger of driving relations back into a destructive stage again"

    -Venezuela is still being paranoid and blaming U.S for everything including power outages, poor currency controls they enacted and food shortages caused by their price controls "Mr Maduro was forced to turn to a well-worn answer for his country’s woes, blaming a US plot to “sabotage the electrical system and the Venezuelan economy"

    - Egyptian media is attempting to blame the United states for their own country electing a Muslim brotherhood government. With their latest entry a news article asserting that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member. "“Newspapers have run more and more bizarre and farcical stories over the last few months, but this one indeed seems to be the oddest story to have yet been printed,” writes Middle East Monitor. “The American president could indeed be accused of many things, but being a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood would be the least probable accusation one could level at him.”"

  9. Chris sure is a moron. He thinks Mighty NO.9 is a Megaman game. Kenji Inafune quits Capcom and Capcom owns the right for Megaman.

  10. I haven't watched the Simpsons in years so I had no idea about the Fat Tony thing. It sounds even worse than the tasteless/unfunny Snowball 2 death story.

    If the Simpsons wants to retain at least some credibility they should actually make the death a big deal. Have it be Mr Burns and let his death lead to a power struggle at the plant, or have it be Barney due to years of alcohol abuse and make Homer consider rehab for his own drinking. Instead it'll probably be a minor character like Superintended Chalmers in a throwaway story that then leads to his son, who looks just like him, taking his place.

    1. Actually, people have speculated that it might be Sideshow Bob, which would make for an interesting death.

      And amazingly, no one here has pointed out that Simpsons showrunner Al Jean said the character will be one that got their VA an Emmy, which whittles the list down a good deal.

      Also, Family Guy is also going to kill off one of its characters, and apparently the one who will be offed is a member of the main Griffin family. Also rather interesting.

    2. I'm betting its either Brian or Meg. That show can be so predictable even when its trying to be random.

    3. @Mr.Kill Ultra

      I'd go Chris or Meg, They wouldn't kill Brian I don't think, he works to well with Stewie. Plus he's voiced by Seth Macfarlane so there would be no reason for it.

    4. Haven't they been building Brian as some sort of unlikeable loser recently? I mean he got chewed out by a guy with even worse morals and the audience was expected to laugh like seals at it. In-universe, it appears that he is about as unlikeable as Meg though the audience doesn't seem to care about that.

    5. I agree that Sideshow Bob would make sense, or Snake; but what would surprise me is if they made it stick like Maude Flanders. Also, Quagmire's brutal call-out of Brian's hypocrisy did help set up the fact that Brian was suicidal and had been trying to hide it.

    6. I still doubt it would be Brian. He needs him to be his mouth piece whenever he gets on his political high horse.

  11. Wow bores is officially a moron guess what he essentially advertised on his site. Cocktails based on the eeveelutions. What a frigging hypocrite just like his mother.

    1. I... don't see any point why he posted that on his news blog.
      That again, Chris could be pretending his mother.

    2. He sockpuppeted as her to bash the drinking game (despite the fact that the rules were very specific to avoid serious malady or death, and I suggested using non-alcoholic beverages. Just as well, my first attempt ended up meeting my quota of sips in less than 3 minutes with the ICBINAVGN of the Home Improvement review); yet he shared something that most of us found out on Pokémemes a year or so ago. And I agree that most people will be waiting for X and Y and not see his ghost movie.

    3. @Micharion - And how many grown-up fans does Bores have again?

  12. Oh, Chris. Let me get this straight. You claim that Zelda needs a new direction, yet when one comes in the form of a crossover between two of my favorite Zelda games; you say it isn't a good one to take? Why do I see another Kirby's Epic Yarn situation where people call you out for not knowing what you want? I would suggest playing Elder Scrolls if you want a darker Zelda; but I imagine you'd hate it for being too hard. These articles. Just when I think I know what to expect, Boring Man finds new ways to make me wonder.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are attempting to compare a entertainment cartoon to the holocaust. Any attempt at discussion would be pointless. Do try again though.

    2. S I highly suggest that you leave and never come back since if you try and pull another stunt like this I might lose my temper and even I don't know what will happen if I do.

    3. @micharion
      Speaking of getting angry, will you ever LP incredible hulk? I've always wondered how people would play that game.

    4. Mind saying a specific name so I could deliberate on it. Also if it is console my library right now is very limited not too mention not having a capture device for consoles. Oh and there is this little thing I have been wondering about since I have always felt a bit of finality out of credits in games. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to completely hold off on the credits until everything in the game is done.

    5. This one. It was called 'The incredible hulk' and it was multi-platform. As for credits, I don't know, play them when the game would normally play them (i.e at the end of the game). Most people aren't gonna watch that part unless you are making exciting commentary.

    6. Might be interesting to do I will think about it after I somewhat finish Perfect Dark. Also the I've been thinking about the credits thing because of Battle Network since the third game and on has a powered up final boss that you get after literally doing everything else.

    7. I thought you meant this one (not really)

    8. 5:24 WHAT? You can escape the ants by going down the hole you dug? How the hell does that work?

  14. Ben is so funny. Check out his response to a comment asking for an opinion on Patthenespunk "He's an ebeggar so that sums him up"
    It honestly baffles me how Chris is free of this same criticism considering he asks his fans for shit ALL THE TIME.

    1. Ben also has no spine, look how quickly he changed his opinion about Asa. Not like it matters tho, he's a fail troll on both sides, just making himelf to look like a complete zero.

    2. Gotta love how buggin is spinning her idiocy now.

      LadyBuggin777 2 hours ago

      It must be backwards day as Blade states IG asks his fans to give him shit all the time when infact IG GIVES his fans ITEMS all the time with all his many contests. Blade has always been a little backwards and this just proves that point ~ hummm when has avgn given anything to anyone, especially his fans? Hey Blade get with the program before you make yourself look even more rediculous than you already are :D
      How in the world does she not realize that the contests that are freaking rigged mean anything. Oh and buggin here's something to use A FREAKING SPELLCHECKER. My mother is about your age you just come across as a stereotypical old woman. Of course considering bores age and yours you probably had him way before you actually should have.

    3. "when infact IG GIVES his fans ITEMS all the time with all his many contests"

      Contests in which you, ladybuggin777, choose the winner thereby removing any goodwill or generosity that a contest would imply.

    4. Let's face it buggin your son is essentially a whore. He would do just about anything even for a little bit of money which is exactly how much he gets from youtube.

    5. I can't wait for this Saturday when his 'mom' really does show up at the movie screening. I absolutely love how it has to be at an event no one will be attending and that he can't solve the problem by simply making a goddamn video. If Bore's somehow manages to Houdini his way out of the mess that has been years in the making I'll be surprised.

    6. Speaking of which, anyone near enough to actually go to that thing, and if so, would they even want to? I mean, the whole event's seems like it'll be a massive disaster, it'd be quite the thing to see in person I'd imagine.

    7. I can't because its in another country. Even if I could... WHY? Its a long weekend here in Canada, I'm gonna go freaking nuts my ever growing pc game collection. I can't wait to see how air units work in wargames airlandbattle, hell who knows, maybe I'll finish that neverending 200 star game of sword of the stars? It's a long weekend anything can happen, I've even managed to get Borderlands 2 to run split-screen on my laptop. I wonder what other people are gonna be doing while Chris is showing off a video that (given previous trends) will have no effort or production values? Bonus points if it involves getting or playing a certain pokemon game.

    8. @Micharion It's hilarious that you posted that on here because literally 2 hours after Buggin posted that Bores posted a contest video, as if just to prove that he gives his fans crap.

    9. Well actually the video was posted before buggin even said anything about the contests. Buggin thinks she can play me but I will come out on top.

    10. Well, now we know Chris is one of the greatest living authorities on Garbage Pail Kids, from how quickly he identified "The Muck Man Person from series 2 or 3."

    11. I live in PA but I would rather play Mega Man X6 than go see that. I would rather watch Gundam SEED Destiny than go do that. I would rather run on a hot asphalt road barefoot...but I'm getting Pokemon Y so I won't have to worry about that...

    12. Typical Norman Bores response. Even though Chris has asked to spend lots of money on him for an item at Comic Con, said he wouldnt review ACIII or Pokemon because Ninetendo and Ubisoft wouldnt send him review copies, and how he begs people to subscribe to him with his dumb contests.

    13. Ah it seems Ladybuggin is now ending her sentences with laughter faces now. She really does miss Constantine Chernobyl doesn't she?

  15. @ skyrunner14

    I live about 2 hours from the event, but my Saturday is set up for Pokémon X and Y. Speaking of which, my local Gamestop is having a Pokémon costume contest on launch day.

  16. LadyBuggin777 2 hours ago

    Micharion likes to talk about whores. He also likes talking about his own mother. Could there be a qwerkie connection??? No wonder he has anger management problems. Eck !
    Did buggin seriously suggest my mother is a whore?

    1. Yet somehow youtube is convinced that Ladybuggin's conduct does not violate speech guidelines involving slander and personal attacks.

      Are they seriously obsessing over us? Have you done anything recently to even merit her attention?

    2. Yeah buggin respect has to do with everything. (sarcasm) Even if you don't respect someone you do not try and insult the ones not involved, leave my family out of this or you will find me most disagreeable.

    3. I'd just recommend ignoring them and only tuning when you want your daily intake of lulz. It's kinda hard to be angered by the words of someone who can't keep a story straight and can't even hide the fact they're a puppet account with no sense of honor or dignity. Empty words have no commitment or value... just like a an Irate Gamer review.

    4. Well the thing is even when I know I shouldn't read some of the tripe that comes from them I do. Doesn't help any that for a long while I had suicidal tendencies because of what happened to me at school. Most of which is a lot like what buggin and her cronies do.

    5. If bullying happens at school, then a teacher should be asked for help immediately. When someone does the same thing a bully does on the internet (assuming the bully isn't doing something like posting your personal info and picture on like hitlist site), the proper response to retreat behind the cover of anonymity and prevent the bully from following you. I will not pretend that I know what happened to you in school but I will admit that when bullied or harassed I played it calm and sought help when and where appropriate.

      While I find the antics of Ladybuggin777 and several others frustrating, I find that at the end of the day, they can't do anything and they're just wasting their time. People like Chris Bores don't want to filter what they type. They're completely thoughtless and uncreative in what they do. I find that ignoring them is the best course since its clear that they're pathetic enough to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of being pointless. I mean jeez 12 hours of non-stop ass kissing? Who's the person losing here? The victim being 'insulted' or the troll? Its entirely possible that replying back would give them the false assumption that they asserted power over the replier. Unlike real-life, victims on the internet have plenty of methods to ignore someone or even get them banned. Its when the internet abuse also coincides with abuse in real life that it becomes a problem. Considering that Chris Bores doesn't have a life and has an aversion to exercise, this isn't an issue. On the other hand what's happening to Kyle is a textbook example of when police intervention is necessary.

      Either way, I'm gonna call it a day and see if I can get some more data recorded.

    6. I did try and tell the teachers in fact it is because of them not doing anything that I have a pretty much permanent scar on my psyche. The thing is I don't want people to turn out like I did since I can even really trust people anymore. Also I think I am starting to develop a hatred for humanity in general. That is also another reason why I started LPs to let people forget about their problems of the day even for a few minutes.

    7. Not every one is lucky to have teachers who actually do something. Life is subjective and we should do what we can. As for hatred for humanity, well that's actually perfectly natural though depending on the level, may be a sign of generalized anxiety disorder. People will have to learn to ignore bullies on the internet eventually. Considering how utterly stupid and harmless Ladybugin777 is I don't really see any major worry aside from maybe a few dozen kids having a poor time on the internet. At some point in time, internet goers must learn that to avoid talking to someone you don't like, just don't reply to them/block them. I see that you are concerned about people being bullied by people on the internet, but there's ladybugin777 in particular can do. We must put faith into the next generations of internet surfers to handle their own problems and avoid attention whores like Ladybuggin777.

    8. Buggin's logic seems a might screwy.
      LadyBuggin777 4 minutes ago

      Micharion calls my son a whore that would do anything for a little bit of money. Then proceeds to degrade and put down my son's mother, which is me. When I counter with my reply to this he claims internet bullying and proceeds to conpare it to him being bullied at school in past years. Seems to me he started the bully act first and is now claiming to be the victim. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, little boy, Macharion, whom cried wolf ~

    9. Don't worry man, its macharion crying wolf and throwing stones in glass houses.

      "Then proceeds to degrade and put down my son's mother, which is me"

      Who the fuck writes like this? I think this is as close as a real joke you'll get from Ladybuggin777

    10. Funny how she also tries to call you a hypocrite. Hey buggin there is this little thing called burden of proof when you make a claim you are pretty much required to show evidence about it. But considering how you said you were going to your son's "movie" then conveniently you can't certainly nothing suspicous there.

    11. LadyBuggin777 1 minute ago

      @Micharion and KillUltra: All anyone has to do is read the IG sucks blog and the proof of all your hypocricies are proven there. Back peddling or all your damage control won't change that fact. PS KillUltra the real joke is YOU ~
      Once again buggin you made the claim we are not required to verify for you.

    12. "All anyone has to do is read the IG sucks blog and the proof of all your hypocricies are proven there"

      You're obviously reading this blog right now Ladybuggin777 seeing as how once again I have not done anything and you are referencing me again. So where's the evidence.

    13. Oh great now she is actively trying to bait me. Oh what you thought I was going to copy and paste what you said buggin? Sorry not this time.

    14. And of course no evidence. Good night everyone!

    15. Isn't it funny she was telling me to show up at this Ghost Haunt business to be proven wrong about her and. Chris, and yet she backs out claiming that her ride backed out. Wasn't it proven that she lives with Chris? Didn't she also admit this? If Chris lives with her, then why couldn't she have rode with him.

      Same as usual. Chris claims they're not the same, and then talks about proving it, and weasels out of it at the last second. Seems pretty obvious to me who Ladybuggin really is.

  17. Reminder-- tomorrow's the day Bores will preview his "Pursuit of the Paranormal" in Toledo. Wonder how he'd react to people who'd rather buy Pokemon X/Y instead of seeing his crappy film?

    Bet the local news media in Toledo (WTOL/11, WTVG/13, WNWO/24, and WUPW/36) won't even cover it. I'd be surprised if they did, though.

    1. LOL they did. That's awesome. It's posted up now on his youtube page.

      My deleted comment is this one, I messed up the reply.

    2. He comported himself a lot better on live TV than I would have guessed. Why isn't he that at ease in his own home talking into his own camera?

    3. Did he pay to get time on the news or something. It must have been a really slow news day otherwise.

    4. I've never heard of it working that way... traditionally, morning news has a lot of time to fill, and a press release or well-written letter about something interesting puts you in the running.

      Which leaves the question of where Chris got something well-written.

    5. @Harrod
      It's true he definitely seemed a lot more competent. I think it's because he actually cares about this ghost hunting thing and he could give a fuck less about video games lol.

      I would go for the hell of it if I lived close.

    6. No offense to anyone here in Ohio but....Ohio is a boring as shit place (Hey! "Bores") practically anyone can get on the local news there if you are doing anything related to film.

    7. @KingCrimson - Aw, fuckballs... so he did get an interview after all. I bet all of Toledo and the surrounding parts of Lucas County, OH are laughing at Bores now...

      @BatDanNight - Bet the next post is going to be about his interview with WUPW (the city's Fox affiliate) about the PotP event. Either that, or another "IG Attempts the News"...

  18. Someone who lives in Toledo should go to Bores' dumb movie just see how many people showed up.

  19. Out of a sick curiosity, I would actually go if I lived anywhere remotely near Ohio. I mean, aside from the stupidity factor (I am a BIG bad movie fan, and considering Bores' past work this'll be downright abysmal), it'd be a great chance to confront him on quite a few things. I really hope SOMEONE goes, if only to document the event and have someone call him out on his bull.

  20. I bet a lot of his fans, who are 18+, are at New York Comic Con having fun without him. I rather be there attending and meeting celebrities, sneak peaks of upcoming games and tv shows than just going to a 2 hour documentary of ghost hunting.

    Also, not only the news, but a radio station (Star 105). The one last thing that will come to mind would be a commercial running throughout the city of Toledo. Who knows?

    And why the St. Augustine Lighthouse? That place has been done to death a lot. TAPS went there twice, some other ghost hunting crew went there, and such. We get it! It's haunted! Leave as it is as a tourist spot and for paranormal lovers. I even went there last year with my family...and experienced nothing. '

    Here's a tip, Chris: if you want to investigate a huge area that has a lot of paranormal activity, one that could draw a crowd to your theater...and one that TAPS has not touched about you investigate Dudley Town, CT (an abandoned 1700 town that is guarded by Police and owned by the Dark Entry Forest) or University of Ohio (a college campus surrounded by 5 cemeteries and rumored to be built on indian burial grounds).

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