Monday, January 27, 2014

Sit Back and Relax, We're In For a Looooooong Wait

It's been a while since IG posted something new, nearing three weeks since the last thing was yet another Skylanders video.

And it looks like we're going to have to wait even longer now, as he reported on Facebook (thanks to my informant for letting me know) that he's running into obstacles left and right and there will be delays. How do his fans tolerate these long waits? He doesn't even make side videos or shorter reviews, it's just weeks and weeks of waiting.
I'm betting late February at the earliest.

Also, a fan mentioned Arkham Origins (something about the voice actors that anyone interested in the game knew about already) and Bores responded that he didn't play it because "he was on the review list, but they passed him over". ... Really? You gush about the game at E3, you make endless posts about it on your site, and yet when the game comes out, you don't say anything about it and months later remark that you didn't play it because you didn't get if for free. Greedy idiot...
If you were really such a huge Batman fan that you claim to be, a "Batman purist" as you once said, and a Black Mask fan, you would have bought the game Day 1. Instead, you're upset you didn't get a "review copy" since you seem to think you're so important. Maybe you should consider that you're nothing more than an amateur, and that you should probably invest money into buying games for this show? As far as I know, it's still your only source of income. Unbelievable.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

R.I.P Justin "JewWario" Carmical

This majorly sucks...

Justin's wife Jenny reported on Facebook that on Thursday, he committed suicide.
My heart goes out to his family and friends.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starting Off the Year with Boring. How Can You Make Lego Marvel Boring?!

It’s 2014 everyone!
Hope all my Midwest readers are staying warm from this massive blast of winter.
I know Bores is suffering as well, my Facebook informant told me he posted about the cold. I guess this means that we won’t get any videos until next month. Yeah I know this post was short but…. There’s something new at GotGame? Shit.

Well now, we have our first review of 2014. Lego Marvel Super Heroes, only three months after it came out. Or two months if he’s going to talk about the PS4 or XB1 version. Going by the derpy title card, it will be the PS3 version.
Also, Bores gets the title wrong for some reason. He calls it “Lego Marvel Universe Super Heroes”. There’s no “universe”, that just makes things a little too long. I guess reading the box is hard work.

0:06 - 0:20: The video begins with IG behind his desk, with a bunch of Lego Marvel figures standing in front of him. I really don’t get why he needs to buy the figures when he does a Lego video game review, about 99% of the people that would review these games see no need to.
“How does this one STACK UP? Let’s check it out” Could your line-reading be anymore forced? How has your acting gotten worse?

0:21 - 0:41: “If you loved Lego Batman 2, then you’ll love this” *takes a shot* Fuck that’s bitter.
Improvement on the last game, roaming around NYC… next.

0:42 - 1:03: He goes over the storyline, about Doctor Doom “kep-turing” Silver Surfer and teaming up with other villains.
“It’s your typical comic book story, only in Lego form” Ya don’t say. I thought that a Lego game about Marvel Super Heroes would be about politics.

1:03 - 1:47: He goes over the different worlds, and how they’re all Marvel related. Zzz
He brings up that each character has their own role to play. Okay, what are these roles? … Not going to explain huh?
He mentions easter eggs, and the massive roster of characters, including the ability to play as the Statue of Liberty. Meh, I’d prefer if it was the Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty. Also, no mention of playable Stan “The Man” Lee? Come on son!

1:48 - 2:21: He mentions the characters all have different moves, but won’t say what they are. He brings up that Spider-Man’s web-slinging is really good, and that other games have a hard time pulling it off. Go play Spider-Man 2 for PS2/Gamecube/Xbox, that does it beautifully.
He also calls the cutscenes “animatics” for some reason. You really need to learn your video game terminology.

Onto the final verdict.
He liked it a lot, mentions “oozing on the couch and being lazy”, brings up that it’s good for kids (new drinking game rule, I expect we’ll see him say that a lot now that he has little brats in his life), and that his only issue is that many of the in-game characters aren’t real Lego figures, and he’s also mad that he doesn’t have the entire Justice League
“It makes me very irate” You can tell how irate I am by my bored tone of voice. Grrrrrr.
Oh the video ends with a random appearance from Lego Deadpool. Whatever.

Boring boring boring zzzzzzzzzzzz
A generic way to start 2014. His descriptions of the game were extremely vague, never going over the “different roles” or “different moves”. Also, why doesn't Bores make videos about the actual Lego figures? There’s an audience for that, and he’s obviously bleeding views. Then again, Chris’ video ADD is so bad that a series about Lego is the last thing he should do. I don’t know…

Keep warm everyone.