Monday, May 26, 2014

E3 in Two Weeks

Hey everyone, just a reminder that E3 starts up in two weeks. The conferences will air on June 9th and 10th, and the show officially opens on the 10th. I imagine the insane folks at GotGame will once again bring Bores along, where he will dedicate like 3 minutes to games people actually care for, then hours to Skylanders.

Speaking of, he posted yet another Skylanders video. The subs dropped again. He will never learn...

As for my storyline analysis, I want to wait for the TotalActionAdventure review to get posted so I can learn which episodes are on the DVD, and thus which episodes he considers part of his "movie".

EDIT: So Chris finally answered why he keeps doing stupid Skylanders videos. Special thanks to RndmAZN for informing me about it, and to Ladyluvlygaga for the image.

He claims he keeps doing them because he earns more from them than regular IG videos.
... I find that really hard to believe.
Sure, maybe when you started doing these videos and they were somehow getting a ton of views. But now you've alienated most of your fans, drove off a ton of your subscribers, and the views on the Skylanders videos really aren't much better than all your other videos.
Maybe you earned a lot that time you came back from New York and posted like 11 videos? But that's the DarkSydePhil way of "earning money", you spam a bunch of videos that alone won't get many views but culminated they'll start making something. That doesn't mean people like them. By the way, as often as DSP complains about barely getting views and need more subscribers, he still gets way more views than Bores. Seriously, what does Bores do for a living outside of this?

I think the real reason he keeps doing them is so Activision can keep sending him free shit. He knows the fans hate it, but he doesn't care because Activision and GotGame keep giving him free crap for no reason. I am curious what Chris will do when Skylanders crashes and he's left with piles of worthless plastic. Try to sell them using his name? HA!

Back to the point of what he does for a living... I think he's doing paid ghost hunts.
My Facebook informant saw an image he recently posted where he said he partook in a ghost hunt with a "ton of fans", and by "ton" he means "around 20" (going by the picture). Do people pay him to ghost hunt? That's... depressing.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Here Comes IG's Most Illegal DVD Yet

Honestly, I thought this wasn't going to happen. The surprising amount of copyrighted footage in the last few episodes said to me that Chris has no plans to release his stupid story arc on DVD. ... I was wrong!

His site updated to announce that Irate Gamer Season 4 is now available. Apparently, Chris' name for the story arc is "Rise of Red". You mean the lead HAL-bot? Strange that the arc is named after him considering how little screen time he actually had. Hell, everyone considered the main villain to be either Shadow Overlord or the Evil Gamer. Did Red even do anything? Man, I should work on my storyline analysis...

The DVD cover is awful. It's waaay too busy, all of IG's characters cluttered together in a small space, the placement on some look kind of weird. Hell, a couple characters are covered by the title! Maybe you should have hired an artist Chris, one that would know how to actually make a cover!
"I have gotten so many emails about this DVD" And of course the obligatory "a lot of fans asked about it" comment.

And yes, there are bonus features. According to the post, they are as follows. Deleted scenes, a blooper reel, the "Irate Shorts" segments (all two of them), the awful Aflac Auditions skit, the awful Ronnie Christmas song, and a 20 minute documentary. 20 minutes?! Really pushing the envelope there Chris!
"There are 2 DVD’s worth of content here on one dual layer disc!" Considering how sparse your past DVDs were, I can't imagine that means much.

All this can be yours for $20 dollars. I predict many contests to get rid of excess stock.

That's not all! Chris posted the "short version" of the making of documentary on YouTube! Let's take a look.

He says Season 4 is his favorite season and he worked hard on it.
HD camera mention... He keeps misusing  the word "episodic". Does he mean serialized? Episodic usually refers to shows that can tell a whole story in one episode, like crime dramas or sitcoms.
He mentions great shows like "Dexter" and "True Blood". Clearly you haven't seen the last few seasons of Dexter... blech. He wanted to really make it "epic", a "life or death situation". That's why most of the videos involved IG sitting on his ass.
He comments that he had the endgame planned from the start, and that he wanted them to pilot the Power Rangers vehicles. Looks like this answers my question about copyrighted footage, anyone know how I can get in contact with Saban Brands?
He says the reason he picked Cool Spot is that he knew about the ending screen and how you had to take a picture of it to get a prize. I'm wondering how he actually knows that... He claims that nobody knew what the prize was. Looking around the internet, the prize seemed to vary from person to person. A Cool Spot figurine, cans of 7-Up, supposedly there was a cash prize...

He mentions Kool-Aid Man, and that this season would be a "group effort". Pretty small group considering it's only two people... Blaaah.
Apparently, he didn't know at first who the additional four "friends" would be in the finale. Great planning! And the point of bringing back all the old characters was to see how it "flows" and who would work. Considering that you really don't have that many characters, it wasn't much of a surprise they were the ones you used.

He starts talking about the Inferno Force. Going to mention why these powers have zero rules to them? No? Apparently, he thought it would be "fun" to have IG train his Inferno Force for a couple episodes. I'm more and more convinced that Chris made this up as he went along.
He brags over the final scene of the Silver Surfer review where he surfed inside the game, going over how much work it was and how hard it was and blah blah blah. He claims the reason he didn't do the game years ago is that he didn't have the technology to do this ending. Bullshit! We all know the real reason you didn't do the review. I won't say it because it's redundant.

Chris goes over the ending.
He confirms that the little angel & devil were from the Temple of Doom review. Odd place to bring them back...
He says the ending was full of nods that only the fans would get. Were they really? He lists off a lot of the characters he placed in, one of them being "the Hulk guy". Who the hell is the Hulk guy? Do you mean that green guy who appeared in one scene ages ago? What the hell...
Apparently, two of the costumes were Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Cause they sure contributed a lot to this series... well Scorpion did contribute a bunch of horrible gags.
Blah blah blah ending stuff, apparently the reason for the Hell gag at the end was due to IG saying earlier in the video "Now let's send this thing to Hell". Huh...

That's the end of the YouTube version. Whatever... I'm just ready to report him for copyright infringement. I can't imagine it will end well for him.

I look forward to the review at TotalActionAdventure.