Friday, June 20, 2014

E3 2014 Part 1: This Isn't Toyfair

It’s the most cynical time of the year! That’s right it’s the E3 season! Or it was since by the time this will go up, E3 will be over.
But that doesn’t mean Bores will stop posting E3 coverage!  Now with his site, he can do E3 coverage in one extra place!

Let’s get started.

June 11th 2014

E3 2014 – Metal Gear Solid 5 – Phantom Pain. Preview and Review

First bit of coverage is surprising, a site-only article about MGSV The Phantom Pain. Why would Bores cover this though? He has shown no signs of being a Metal Gear fan.
“I can’t show any footage from this game” He’s not wrong, gameplay was a closed door event.
“The opening scene showed the main hero Snake on a horse and the horse actually took a poop during the gameplay.” Really? That’s the first thing you bring up? This feels like a metaphor…
Also, something bothers me about the way he says “the main hero Snake”. Maybe it’s due to the horrible atrocities you’ll commit in the game?

“You must use your stealth to take them down which means riding sidesaddle, a new feature, and using a new power up which is a box.” …………… ……. …. Are you fucking kidding me? Did you seriously just call the box a “new power up”. Just… wow. Yeah, it’s clear now that Bores has never played a Metal Gear game in his life! The box has been a staple since the fucking beginning! Almost every Metal Gear game has had it, even Revengeance, and that’s not a stealth game! The only game not to have it was Ground Zeroes, and that’s just an expensive demo!
How can you be so ignorant to gaming culture? The box is one of the most parodied aspects of the Metal Gear franchise, along with its weird dialogue. And why are you calling it a power up? It doesn’t power you up, it just makes you harder to spot. I just… ugh.
“Yep a box. It is cooler than it sounds, trust me.” We know that, we actually fucking played Metal Gear games! Unlike you!

Then he brings up some other stuff like tagging animals and people, sending them back to the base, as well as the ability to build the base up. Just like in Peace Walker, but I really doubt Bores would know what that is.

E3 2014 – Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Shows up in Disney Infinity 2 Toybox

The site article and video description are identical, he just says he’s surprised to see the Mystery Shack in the game and asks about playable characters, with the PR guy not knowing the answer.
The video itself is a load of nothing. It’s only 35 seconds long, and just shows the Mystery Shack in the game. Boring.

E3 2014 Maleficent Character in Disney Infinity 2 – Exclusive ingame footage

“We were not supposed to put this crazy gal on the gamepad for the new Disney Infinity Games, but we tempted fate and you can now see her in-game, wooo!” What does this even mean? Who’s “we”? Why weren’t you supposed to put Maleficent on there? What are you even going on about? Why the “wooo”? You make no sense!
The video is more nothing. He shows the figure, and footage of Maleficent in the game.
“We’re breaking all the rules here!” Wow, such rebel, so lameness

E3 2014 Kirby Wii-U – Video game Thoughts Reviews, Stage 1 Beginner level

Unless the first level in the game is literally called “Beginner Level”, then it should be damn obvious that the first stage is the easy one! Also, it’s not a review! Stop calling these E3 demos reviews!
“I dig Kirby games and the newest one for the Wii-U is a different concept.” It’s not that different, it was already done in Kirby: Canvas Curse for the DS, nine years ago. Wait, it’s seriously been nine years since that game came out? Jeez I feel old.
And Chris, the game actually has a title. It’s not Kirby Wii U, it’s Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It’s not like last time where Return to Dream Land’s title wasn’t revealed with the game. Take some fucking effort and do your job.

Anyway, the video is Chris saying it looks interesting and different and the rest is him playing the game. That’s not a review Chris.
The comments on the video are awful. Saying it looks like a terrible game for stupid reasons. One saying that it should have Sonic the Hedgehog. Damn kids… this is your audience Chris! Are you happy?

June 13th 2014

What happened Thursday Chris?

E3 2014 Kirby Wii-U Stage 2 Water Level - Video game Thoughts, Review,

No, I didn’t make a mistake. Chris seriously ended the title with a comma.

He opens giving his thoughts, saying he kept looking down a lot. Well yeah, it’s a title that relies on the GamePad to even work.
“If I’m playing a Wii game, I want to look at the screen” IT”S NOT A WII GAME! It’s a Wii U game! You really are no better than the confused grandmothers that believe Mario is on Xbox!
And the rest of the video is gameplay. Next!

E3 2014 Kirby Wii-U Stage 3 Tank Level - Video game Thoughts, Review,
Intro, gameplay… nex-
Oh wait, my informant pointed out something funny. Around 2:40, it sounds like the camera man is talking to his mom on his phone. Really Chris, you left that in? It’s not like people were saying anything important. If you were trying to retain the game’s sounds, then it didn’t matter because we can barely hear them.

E3 2014 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Wii-U - Level 1 Video game Thoughts, Review, Gameplay

Oh hey, he actually got the full title in.
*reads the description* “Here is an odd little title by Nintendo” It’s not that odd, people actually wanted it since they played Super Mario 3D World last year.
“I got super dizzy playing this title but others might enjoy it more than I did” Oh no, not this again…

Video starts with him saying he didn’t like it because it made him dizzy. Chris, go see a doctor! This is what, the 11th time you said a game made you dizzy? Ever consider that the problem is you and not the games? Even the top comment (at the time) is telling him to see a doctor. When your fans are noticing this, I think it’s time to schedule an appointment.
Rest is of course, gameplay.

June 14th 2014

E3 2014 Mario Maker Wii-U Level Editor Video Game Review, thoughts, gameplay stages

“I just got done playing the new Mario Maker” New? Was there an old Mario Maker? I don’t mean ROM hacks.
This is a problem Chris has. Instead of actually learning game titles or even knowing if a prior game exists, he just calls everything “the new X”.

He says the game is funny, new enemies… “anything you want in a Mario game”. Not quite… I don’t see any power-ups from Super Mario Bros 3, or Super Mario World. Maybe that will be revealed later but right now…
And the rest is gameplay.


Just like the New York event from earlier this year, we got a deluge of Skylanders videos. Each one showing a single new toy, because making one long video would be too much work (or he’s doing the DSP thing and making a bunch of small videos for views, gaming the system)
There is now a Skylander called “Broccoli Guy”. … Activision, try harder! Or rather, Toys for Bob, try harder!
Oh and the intro to each one was recorded at his home.

June 15th 2014

E3 2014 LittleBigPlanet 3 (Multi 4 Player) Ps4 Thoughts Review Play through Game play

The video opens with Chris saying the multiplayer is awesome. Bores talking about multiplayer? What sorcery is this?! He mentions there’s different characters with their own abilities (something one could easily gather from the Sony conference) and… the rest is gameplay. My word that is weak.
Also, “multi 4 player”. You don’t need the four in there.

E3 2014 LittleBigPlanet 3 (Single Player) Ps4 Thoughts Review Play through Game play

Second verse, same as the first. Though I get the feeling this video was supposed to go up first since he mentions he’s a “big fan” of the franchise (yeah yeah) and the multiplayer video has a really weird abrupt opening. Plus, the video order on the site is different. *shrugs* But yeah he doesn’t really say anything. Rest is gameplay.

It’d be nice if he actually provided post-commentary on the gameplay, to further explain his thoughts. Of course, that would require effort and actually trying to figure out why a game is good, instead of just vague terms.

What I don’t get is that all the videos posted between the 13th and 15th didn’t get site articles until the 16th. What does Bores have against posting on weekends?

June 16th 2014

E3 2014 DragonBall Z Xenoverse Interview – Sneak Peak Coming 2015

Aw crap, he’s still doing interviews.
By the way, there’s no “Z” in the title. It’s just “Dragon Ball Xenoverse”. Though they might change it for the West like they did with Dragon Ball Kai. We’ll see what happens.

“Hitting for the Next Gen Consoles.” So this game is part of a baseball team called the Next Gen Consoles? It should just be “Hitting the Next Gen Consoles”
Bores asks about visuals, characters, story, the… ability to fight underwater. I am so sick of Dragon Ball games….


I imagine this won’t be the last one from E3 either…

The next two videos are about Hyrule Warriors. However, they were posted out of order so I’ll go by what he intended (makes things less confusing)

E3 2014 Hyrule Warriors Wii-U Nintendo Demo (Link Legend of Zelda Gameplay)

“This is the newest Legend of Zelda beat em up button mashers.” There are others? Can you show me? Why is “button mashers” plural? Does he not know about Dynasty Warriors?
“Looks like the best Zelda game to come out from Nintendo in quite some time” ………………………………......... …. Give me a minute.
*breathes deeply* Do you… have any idea what the Legend of Zelda is? I mean,  you constantly whine that Nintendo isn’t doing a gritty Zelda, or something like God of War. Have you actually played a Zelda game since A Link to the Past? Or did you just play E3 demos and whined that they weren’t what you wanted? When you meant “gritty”, did you really mean “more action, less adventure/puzzles”? No, the real answer is you don’t know what you want. You open your mouth and let all this verbal garbage come out, trying to convince people that you know what you’re talking about. You try to show people you’re “in with it” by saying “Zelda needs to do this and that” when really you don’t know anything.
And yet here we are, with a major Zelda game that strays completely from the adventure formula and isn’t even developed by Nintendo (it’s developed by Koei Tecmo) and you’re all “best game in quite some time!” Chris…shut the fuck up.

Side-note: I am actually interested in this game, but not as a Zelda game, just another fun Warriors/Musou game.

Anyway, the actual video. Unlike the Skylanders swarm and LBP 3 videos, this one is actually at E3 (not sure why he’s being so inconsistent…)  He’s talking into his phone, apparently as a microphone (I’m being told phones do have apps for that). Was GotGame too cheap to afford a mic?
He says the series needed something to take it to the next level and that “this is a step in the right direction”. IT’S NON-CANON! It’s a spin-off! Watch, Chris is going to get all pissy when the actual Wii U Zelda shows gameplay and it’s similar to all the other Zelda games.
Rest is gameplay.

E3 2014 Hyrule Warriors Wii-U Nintendo Demo (Princess Legend of Zelda Gameplay)

… Princess Legend of Zelda. Princess. Legend. Of. Zelda.
Well, there’s more proof that Chris knows absolutely nothing about this series. He seems to think Zelda is a last name, and her first name is “Legend”.
Seriously, why would you write it like that? It’s clear that he just took the Link title and replaced his name with Princess, not realizing it looks fucking stupid. Does he care? Does he care at all? Is effort dead?

The video has Chris in a completely different location now. Strange…
“You can also play as the Princess” You do know she has a name right? Her name is in the title. You know I just realized, Chris has never actually said “Princess Peach” or “Princess Toadstool” in any of his videos. He just calls her “the Princess”. Why not use their names?
Sorry, the stupidity of all this is hurting my brain.
Rest is gameplay.

June 17th 2014

A Skylanders interview

Pfffffft whatever.
My informant did watch the video. Same bullshit as before. “Will the new characters have new powers?”. Chris Bores: Getting the hard-hitting answers!
For some reason he asks the PR guy what his favorite Skylander is. Why do you care? Do you think the people at home care? As far as they know, he’s just a guy that works for Activision to give interviews. Nobody cares!

By the way, on the day this was posted, I heard news that Activision will be licensing out Skylanders to other products like comic books, coloring books and… cereal. Look forward to several videos of Bores trying all out this crap. The cereal one will be the most detailed.

E3 2014 Sonic Boom Sega Wii-U Level 1 Thoughts and Gameplay

Oh goody, this piece of shit. It looks like a low-grade PS2 game!
However, Chris decides to go against the flow and say the game looks “great”, and that it’s a refreshing take on Sonic. … Did he just completely forget about his Sonic Unleashed review? Sonic Boom is fairly similar to Unleashed’s Werehog levels. Platforming, bashing bad guys… and yet Bores says this is okay? I mean, Unleashed was blah but it looks like fucking S3&K compared to Sonic Boom.
Rest is gameplay.

E3 2014 Sonic Boom Sega Wii-U Level 2 Boss Battle Thoughts and Gameplay

Bores says the boss got really tough. Okay…
I saw a video showcasing the game, and amongst the endless fucking chatter, there were three boss fights. All of them were the same (grab small enemies and throw them at the boss). Real creative guys.

E3 2014 Sonic Boom Sega Wii-U Level 3 Classic Racing Thoughts and Gameplay

He says it’s like classic Sonic and blah blah blah.
Chris, you are like the only person to say this game looks great. Everyone that’s seen videos or even played it just didn’t like it at all. The framerate is dreadful, the camera is beyond janky, people have experienced a surprising amount of glitches (moreso than most E3 demos). Is this going to be like Kinect Star Wars all over again?
Even chuggaaconroy, as positive as he is, said he didn’t enjoy playing this.

E3 2014 Sonic Boom (sonic the hedgehog) Wii-U Interview

Gee, thanks for clarifying it was Sonic the Hedgehog. Otherwise, I would have thought it was a game about the fast food restaurant.

Okay, I don’t think this PR guy knows what he’s talking about. He says they’re taking Sonic back to his “action-adventure roots” and that the past few games have been “action platformers with a focus on speed”. Uh… what? Those are almost all the Sonic games. The early ones were platformers with a focus on speed.
Yeah, that’s enough of that…

14 minute Skylander blah blah blah!


June 18th 2014

Sonic Boom - Sega - Detailed Look at Action Figure Line, Fall 2014

This is another E3 thing that was only posted at his site, and it just shows the Sonic Boom toyline. Yeah, it’s pretty clear what Sega is trying here… the game reeks of all the licensed game trappings of the past 15 years.

E3 2014 Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Battle Pack Sets Interview First Look

I find it strange that you’re so interested in Disney Infinity now since on your site you kept mocking it like “Does anyone even play it?”. Oh right, Marvel characters are in it… that means it’s awesome now. Or something…. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a video about Amiibo yet.

Wait a second, he has an actual microphone now? Then what was up with the videos where he was using his phone? Did GotGame finally spend some extra money to get him one?
Boring interview is boring…

E3 2014 Alien Isolation Video Game SEGA Interview

Another boring interview. I’m sure the game will be fine but I can find better info…
UPDATE: My informant pointed out something I missed.
The PR guys says the action takes place on a space station. Right after that, Bores asks if they'll explore a spaceship or something. The PR guy repeats the answer he gave before. My God, he's still unable to listen to the interviewee. It's been what, 5 years since that GI Joe interview?
His phrasing of the question is bizarre too. "Is the game playable on ships?" ... Uh sure? I guess if you bring your PS4/Xbone onto a ship, then you can play it.

E3 2014 Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Toy Box New Features Interview First Look

It still stuns me how word salad-y these titles are.

*reads description* “The girl from Brave” Her name is Merida. You could have taken 5 seconds to look this up.
Another interview, I don’t care.

June 19th 2014

E3 2014 LEGO Batman 3 - WB Interview First Look

And back to the phone… What is going on with the mics?
Boring interview… moving on.

E3 2014 LEGO Batman 3 - WB First Space Level Demo Review, Gameplay

And now he has a mic again. You know, we can tell the difference in audio quality between his shitty phone app, and an actual microphone. Why is he using both?

Blah blah follow-up blah blah new characters blah blah rest is gameplay.

E3 2014 Fantasia Music Evolved Disney Kinect Interview

Does anyone else even care for this game? I mean, I care for the company Harmonix, but I have no interest in this game. Having heard about the layoffs and corporate restructuring, the dream of a new Rock Band is dead.

Seriously? The PR guy is holding and eating an ice cream cone. You’re on camera doing an interview, show a little decency! I know it’s Bores, I know it’s for a site nobody knows or cares for, but that’s not an excuse to be unprofessional.
I don’t care about this game, I don’t care about this interview.

June 20th 2014

E3 2014 Magic the Gathering 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers Video Game Interview

Aw crap, another MtG video. I’ll go ask my informants if there’s anything worth mentioning.

Right off the bat he calls it “the new version of Magic the Gathering 15”. How is it new? Shouldn’t it be the “new version of Duels of the Planeswalkers”? Makes no sense…
The PR guy mentions that “deck building is incredibly important to us”, which is bizarre as the previous games didn’t have that.
Apparently, most MtG players don’t even play this version. They play MTG Online or third-party programs. Makes me wonder why Bores even brings it up every E3.

And with that, I believe it is time to post this. I apologize that it’s so long, there was way more content and bullshit than I expected.
See you all next Friday for the continuation.


  1. I swear, Bores just gets worse and worse with E3 coverage every year.

  2. I checked Socialblade and found out Bores' channel got a huge burst of subscribers (+1,521) on June 17th, most likely from those Sonic Boom videos. You know what this means, right? Bores will finally stop posting gratuitous Skylanders videos that nobody wants and instead put all of his focus on gratuitous SONIC BOOM videos that nobody wants! FOR THE REVENUES!!!!

    ...Okay, so maybe Bores won't give up on Skylanders (Hey, a guy can dream), but just try to tell me he won't do the Sonic Boom thing.

    1. Noooooooo.
      YouTube did an account purge, removing suspended accounts. I guess part of it is that along with losing a ton, you get a few back. I don't know...

      It had NOTHING to do with Sonic Boom. NOTHING.

  3. You do play as Snake in Ground Zeroes. It is just that he no longer goes by Naked Snake nor Big Boss ( even though he ends up accepting that one after the Peace Walker fight) but Punished Snake.

    1. I know you play as Snake in Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain.
      I'm just questioning calling him a hero considering all the horrific things he does in the Phantom Pain.

      If anything, this feels like a possible set-up for Outer Heaven.

    2. It is possibly considering Kojima. Also that lien can probably be chalked up to Bores not knowing anything about the series since Kojima has said before that the only true hero in the series is Solid Snake ( poor Otacon forgotten even by Kojima).

    3. Honestly, I never felt right calling him "Snake" post MGS3. He received the title of Big Boss, which is what most people know him as, so that's what I call him. Even in Peace Walker it felt odd people still called him Snake. But even so, I'm intrigued to see what sort of awfulness Big Boss will do in The Phantom Pain. We know that he's going to execute those African soldiers and rub what appears to be a dead comrade's ashes on his face, and since this is Hideo Kojima we're talking about, it's only going to get more insane.

    4. Exactly. Boring Man never ceases to amaze me in his ignorance, so go ahead and add Metal Gear to big series he knows dick about. Still looking into getting that 25th Anniversary Metal Gear collection for my PS3 to get ready, and I'm glad I waited for Phantom Pain, since it seems Konami pulled a Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on us with Ground Zeroes.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ugh the whole not knowing about the box in Metal Gear games hurts my brain.
    So much stupid, I mean how does he not know Zelda's name or does he just hate female characters in games, God help him if he says anything negative about Bayonetta 2 or just Bayonetta in general and I bet he never even heard of the first game. Wait I though Sony and Microsoft were first at E3 how come there's nothing about their exclusives, well aside from LBP 3.

    On a side note did anyone ever consider that his "movie"( and I used that with the strongest of quotation) is called Rise of Red because he wears a red shirt when he uses the inferno power or whatever it's called.

    1. It's called "the Rise of Red" because that is the name he ended up giving the AI BOT(I refuse to call it HAL) Evil Gamer extracted from his "special" Odyssey.

    2. Yes I'm aware that's what everyone says but it seems really stupid if you think about too munch.
      For starters we're suppose to believe that someone with Chris's massive ego didn't in someway try to name the movie after himself. We know Chris forgets things about his video so it's not that unlikely he forgot the nickname he gave the lead HAL bot, than again I haven't watch a single one of his videos since Silver Surfer so I wouldn't know if he use the nickname in the other videos. Last of all why? the lead HAL bot doesn't do anything, he has clones and a giant version of himself made that do things, also he's not even the main or secondary villain. Oh I put way too much though in that fucking title.

    3. Wait, did Red even appear after the video with his first appearance?

    4. Only in the background just standing there. The only time Red ever did anything was to give the Purple AI BOTS a pep talk before they went out and got destroyed by a NES Accessory.

      So no Red never actually did anything other then just stand around throughout the entire storyline.

    5. So pretty much like every character that isn't Bores himself?

    6. Also since every new AI BOT was always generated with the same stock footage from the "special" Odyssey making RED's existence completely pointless. They aren't cloned from him he's just one of many.

  5. Replies
    1. I mean, that huge update from James Rolfe about his movie should've woke a lot of people up to the fact that Chris Bores's E-Begging Spoof is nothing more than a spiteful and hateful attack.

    2. The e-begging spoof was so long ago that I highly doubt anyone remembers it anymore.

  6. You know, I both hate and love the fact that Bores gets to go to E3. I hate that he clearly has no idea what he's doing or what he's talking about, especially when it's a well known franchise (as a Metal Gear fan, reading what he said about The Phantom Pain was...well pain). On the other hand, it's at these moments where he's at his worst. I love seeing people fail, that's why I even started looking at reviews of inferior products or watching fail videos of people getting hurt. Bores at E3 gives me the biggest laughs because he can't do anything to conceal his wrongness. Can't wait for part 2!

  7. Does he even have a partnership with GotGame anymore? He has exactly two videos posted there from this year and, from what I can find, exactly none of this year's E3 coverage from him.

  8. I just don't understand. It's clear he has no idea what he's doing but that's what make's it so much fun to much him dance about.
    Side Note, as someone who plays Magic I recommend looking into the Duel of Planeswalker if you want to give Magic a shot to see if it's your type of game.

  9. Princess Legend of Zelda really made me cringe.

    Also, I just want to say, as a giant Sonic fan, Sonic Boom looks like the absolute worst thing Sega has ever done to the series. Watching my favorite video game series being flushed down the toilet like this is really painful.

    1. Hopefully Sonic Boom will get panned by critics (it does appear to have everything people hated about past Sonic games, so...) and will sell like shit so Sega will drop it and go back to normal Sonic again.

    2. Definitely a big believer in "hope for the best, expect the worst" regarding that title. I'll have to try it, since it seems the failures of the more experimental Sonic titles tend to be hated when they fail from a gameplay standpoint as well as a conceptual one. As for Bores: I expect his review to be Idiocy Unleashed times 100.

  10. You know there is one thing semi-recently that has been bugging me. Basically it ties into a lot of gamer's ( that I have seen which isn't a lot by the way) attitudes on both used games and essentially the Nintendo Affiliate program. Basically it seems like TB tried to play devil's advocate against used games it comes off weird considering his stance against said program. What I am saying is that he was against used games since the person who made it generally gets no money from the reselling of said game but when it comes to a similar situation with Let's Plays where basically he doesn't want the people who actually had half a hand in making the video ( I say that since the game is essentially half of the content that could be stand-alone but is almost always paired with commentary) I am probably wording this terribly, a common problem with me.

    Also I don't get one person's complaint about the program that basically boiled down to them thinking that it would make it so content creators have to basically be whores to Nintendo. That complaint comes from one small detail where it was said that only certain standards will be applied to them. Basically it is just Nintendo making sure that the content is representative of their product which in turn is representative of themselves. I really hope I didn't miss anything with these two. Oh, also the program might get rid of the DSPs on youtube.

    1. The people who made the video game did get their share... they got paid when the let's player bought the game. And if that's not enough then the user agreement should state that making video playthroughs are not okay. Too many games have been let's played and there's only been legal action now. Therefore due to clause that requires people to do something the instant they are aware of a violation, its wrong for Nintendo or anyone to do anything about past let's play material.

      The fact of the matter is, the only way a let's play steals money from the people who made the game is in the following two conditions:

      1. The developers specifically asked to get let's play money in their terms of service.

      2. The let's player never bought the game (aka pirated it).

      The fact of the matter is... just take a look at the most successful let's players... what's more interesting? the game? or the personality of the let's player?

    2. Well, you see what is getting me is that when you boil these two situations down to their core concept the comparison between the two is interesting. Since with used games and Let's Plays they both involve essentially one person buying the game and another person experiences it without the developer getting money from the second person ( seriously don't get how some people thought that used games didn't involve people buying the game in the first place, but this is the internet). The thing is also that the EULA can be interpreted in ways that it does say that.

      Basically what I am saying is that people are rather quick in writing off the Nintendo Affiliate program as just them trying to fleece Let's Players of money again ( never mind the fact that the current system we have now basically does the exact same thing) and are basically pissing and complaining even though it could end up being very beneficial for all parties involved. Problem is the aforementioned unwillingness to even let them try since they automatically think with it 'Not my money.'

      Also it could be argued like the rest of this entire debacle that it should be a case by case thing since yes their are some that can do it with just their personality while some need the game to help with that. People also seem to forget that this isn't a dichotomy and it can also be up to the person's watching it taste like me for who it is a combination of the two.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "Meanwhile, making money off video game footage (whether it be reviews or Let's Play content) is directly making money from someone else's hard work. Unless they go out of their way for it, they don't see a single penny of "Your Playthrough Of Shooty Part 32". And no matter which way you slice it, your monetized videos WOULD NOT BE THERE if it weren't for the game."

      The problem with this is that most let's plays wouldn't make money to cover any real revenue anyway. Let's assume that video games require licensing before you can let's play them. This is common practice for broad way shows and anything else that feature work that's not fully original. Now we only know a very small minority of let's players (1%) actually make any decent amount of money. If video games companies actually put a licensing fee or even tried to collect a decent portion of the ad revenue, the 99% would have to quit and the 1% would have to be very careful with what games they play and whether or not its even worth continuing. It'll be like the song sunset boulevard, you'd better not fuck up or your screwed!

      This would essentially cause full-scale censorship, costing youtube craptons of money to police a money flow that will very quickly dry out due to the aforementioned policing. In the end no one really wins this way. The companies/devs get a sneeze of money at the expense of advertisement, popular support and information flow. The viewers of youtube will be frustrated at the constant and repeated attempts of companies to exert corporate control over the internet (fought sopa? well this is pretty much like sopa. They're giving video game companies the ability to do what they want when the want. Nintendo even got people in copyright trouble even when they got permission to feature nintendo products). Last but not least, the gamer is screwed over because they can't do things like post videos or anything (good luck trying to tell people a game like stardrive is a scam). And don't tell me that let's play enforcing will only affect let's plays... we all know how youtube isn't exactly fair or proper in its policing. Let's not even begin on how video game reviews might be next on the chopping block ala slippery slope.

      In short: sure we can make fun of TB for being a hypocrite but it doesn't change the fact that he is right. Trying to enforce some sort of let's play tax is just going to kill the industry and frustrate gamers... which I SHOULD note are your consumer base. It also doesn't help that most developers are convinced or otherwise well aware that let's plays have helped people better understand their product and have increased revenues as opposed to reducing them. The fact that games that don't have real game-play like tell-tale game's games are successful tells us something about how let's players play a role in advertisement and sales.

    5. Might want to be careful with slipper slope arguments they tend to end badly. Also once again there is assumptions getting thrown around that might not even happen. Especially since the current network system does the exact same thing the affiliate program will just a tiered version of that. Also that whole youtube copyright thing has been getting me thinking since one of the companies that claimed revenue simply couldn't where did the money go for THQ which wasn't around anymore.

      Basically what I am saying is that complaining about a system that might not even come into effect (since Nintendo and youtube are still working on it which means it is very much subject to change) and it is also something we don't know much about.

      Also I don't think TB has made a video on the matter just tried to make a joke (emphasis on tried considering he generally doesn't have a sense of humour) on the Nintendo channel just because they used a quote from him ( funny how he found that so soon after the video it is in was posted.)

    6. Didn't TB make a video on this?

      The point of a slippery slope argument is to illustrate that there more factors involved then what is currently being discussed. Nintendo may be trying to stop let's plays on the justification that legally they are a derivative work (not trans-formative) this sets a precedent that any talking over video game footage = money that Nintendo deserves. This can easily screw over video game reviewers since they essentially they tell people what the game is and what they'll experience... which impacts game's sales which is why Nintendo is doing this in the first place; to protect their IP.

      I agree that we don't know much about what nintendo really wants and to what degree they are willing to do so but no company thus far has had the balls to do this and try and get away with it. Even microsoft immediately apologized when it made terms of service that looked as if it was restricting let's plays. Hack developers like the guys who made guise of the wolf and world war Z rip off try this because they're no-name devs and even they don't get away with it. So here comes big-name highly successful nintendo doing what appears to be one of the dumbest things they could do. This is literally xbox one DRM dumb. The good news is that they appeared to have stopped... the bad news is that there's been no official announcement.

      Which brings me to the biggest problem of all with this content-match and ad revenue siphoning. WHERE IS THE TRANSPARENCY? As you said Micharion, where did the THQ ad revenue go to? There wouldn't be as much speculation if companies were more transparent and just made it clear what they really want. Instead we got this half-baked argument about how the people who put their personality and popularity on the line to play products and aren't entitled to money that would help them improve their quality or even their own lives. Why? because some developer wants money because its his game? So the developer is trying to tell us that the let's player is playing the game in the only manner that is possible? That it is not acceptable to show off the game or to use its gameplay as a generator for discussion and commentary? NO talkie unless I get my monzies? There are many ways to interpret this but I will interpret this based on the fact that these are corporations, they are made to make money and that is rule number one for them. Greed is the motive I see here and its a shame that they couldn't wrap this up and instead choose to put gamers in the crossfire.

    7. The whole transparency issue most likely came about because of Gaming Journalism being just as corrupt as normal Journalism. Not to mention the fact that when pretty much any company doesn't do something any fanbase wants they immediately get nailed to the cross. Maybe it is not so much the companies but the whole gaming media as a whole that is the problem. Not all gaming companies are in it for the money like Nintendo in the E3 treehouse they sounded pretty genuine when they talked about them wanting people to enjoy their games and having the people who made said games and the people who make videos about them work together could benefit both sides. But gaming itself is cynical unfortunately TB proved that without a shadow of a doubt to me.

  11. Gee, I completely forgot that Fantasia Music Evolved even exists. XD

    Anyways, I can't believe that Bores is completely unfamiliar with the box in the Metal Gear franchise and also that he calls it a 'power-up'. It's a very facepalming moment for me.

    1. I'm unfamiliar with the exacts of it myself. On the other hand, I don't do anything in my life that makes me try to pretend I do know.

  12. Before E3, when all that Hyrule Warriors information was leaked and released, I was thinking "I bet Chris Bores will love this game". The game seems to be 80 % fighting and 20 % semi-nudity and none of that distracting "story", basically everything Chris Bores wants from a "mature Zelda". Still, "Looks like the best Zelda game to come out from Nintendo in quite some time"??? Seriously, Irate Gamer? Seriously? And all those comments he got on YouTube from people disappointedly believing that The Irate Gamer was showing them the next canon Zelda game, because THAT'S WHAT HE WAS SAYING... This surpassed my wildest expectations of how bad it could be.

    Also worth mentioning: I'm pretty much a non-gamer. I have never really played anything on a console by Microsoft, Sony or Sega, and my first console (not counting the Amiga 500 back in the early nineties) was the DS in 2007 (my first home console the Wii, which I didn't buy until 2010). I've never played Metal Gear Solid. I've never had any kind of interest in Metal Gear Solid, so I've never played any of those games - I haven't played Super Smash Bros Brawl, either. And despite that, *EVEN I* know that Snake has always had that cardboard box.

    Honestly, for a person trying to pass as even remotely interested in games, and whose second catchphrase is basically "After doing some research", this is horrible. I do believe that Chris Bores DOES know the name of the princess in the Legend of Zelda series and that he just worded it horribly, but still... It's sometimes hard to believe that Chris Bores is not just trolling us, making all these mistakes on purpose.

  13. Dan, you do know "Sonic Boom" is only in it's alpha right? I think the game looks passable, as a demo. You're too quick to wright off the game as bad because, it isn't even the final product. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just saying wait until its finished.

    1. Dude, the game has been in development for 3 years according to Big Red Button themselves. Saying this about a demo they put on E3, which is usually the most updated of the playable builds so people can get a glimpse of how the final product will be like, makes Sonic Boom look bad by default. I mean, in 3 years, the most playable build they could put on there was an alpha version? The game comes out this year, in fact, it's just 5 months until it comes out.

      I think this is just an excuse they're coming up with so people can get off their throats for now. When everyone played Sonic '06's demo and hated it because it was broken, Sega also said it was an early build and the final product has everything fixed... Turns out it was a lie and the game itself is just as broken.

      Besides, Sonic Boom looks like it would still b e bad even if it was polished. Who the hell thought that making a Sonic game that plays like a generic brawler and has some Temple Run-ish automatic speed sections would be a good idea? And don't even get me started on the horrible character designs.

      I was never supportive of Sonic Boom because it was always unnecessary for me, nobody asked for that and I don't see why they should make it since Sonic was on the right track with Colors and Generations. So I'm kinda glad that the game looks bad and pepole are beginning to see that, Sonic Boom is the first Sonic game I'm rooting to bomb hard so Sega can get the picture already.

    2. The character designs are fine. As for 06, the reason why it still had bugs was because Yuji Naka left sega before the games was finished.
      The game itself looks fine. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's going to suck. The brawling doesn't bother me.

      While I do want the characters to move a bit faster. The game is okay for what it is going to be. Also, have you actually played the game? Because, that could make all the difference. Seriously, this is like Lost World.

      You're clearly one of thoughs Sonic fans that hates anything different with a Sonic game. It's NOT CANON so you shouldn't be complaining. Also, it's not being made by Sonic Team, but a completely new company so give them a break. What flaws they might have in first might be fixed in the sequel.

    3. Yeah, I guess Sonic 06 deserved a sequel as well since it had glitches that made it impossible to play. After all, the follow-up would be better.

      This is the problem with the attitude surrounding games in general these days, and why online patches have been both a blessing and a curse. It's no longer a shameful act to release something that's half-finished or that has flaws that even the shittiest LJN titles would usually iron out. You can just force people who already bought the game to install a 100+ MB patch to make the game function properly. Either that, or just say "we'll do better next time" and hope for the best. Doesn't really work when the people who were already suckered into buying the broken version decide they don't want to take that chance again.

      This isn't even an indictment of Sonic Boom itself, I don't know much about it and I was more forgiving of Unleashed than most even though the concept was total bullshit (seriously, just create a new character that can already transform instead of some out-of-nowhere technology that is used on Sonic for no logical reason. They did the same with Silver, they didn't try to force some technobabble onto Sonic to make HIM have sudden telekinesis). But the apologetic nature of some arguments are just infuriating. Almost all the criticism towards Sonic Boom is because it appears to actually be technically inferior to equivalent games, not because "it'z 2 diffrant 2 da megadrive."

      It wouldn't surprise me if you liked Bomberman Act Zero as well, and were upset that it didn't receive a sequel since it would have been better than one of the worst games ever made.

    4. Speaking of Sonic Boom I actually do like the character designs, well except for Knuckles he just seems off.

    5. Notorious B.I.G.O.T.
      Look, I'm not saying this game looks bad. It looks pretty good, and I plan on buying it. I'm just saying, no one is really giving it a chance.

    6. I agree with you.

      Also, to quote OSW Review (a video podcast that reviews wrestling pay-per-views), Knuckles' character design for Sonic Boom definately has that Roidy Magoo look to it.

    7. The designs took some getting used to for me, but they look fine given how I'm one of many who finds redesigning characters a crapshoot given how you can never tell how people will react (New Batman Adventures Joker, anyone). I am really hoping it won't be as bad as Sonic 2006; but even if it is, I'm hoping that the glitches can achieve the same memetic infamy in reviews and let's plays. I guess I'll find out when I can play a demo myself before I part with a Ulysses or two on the Wii U and 3DS versions (as I did with Lost Worlds, which I will be picking up soon).

    8. I hate it when people say "one of those Sonic fans who hates anything different in a Sonic game." EVERY Sonic game is vastly different from the last, except for the 3 Genesis games. Sega experiments with the series TOO much.

      Even if this game is a spin-off and not part of the main series, it's completely unnecessary and it's butchering the characters and the franchise. It's obviously being made just to sell toys and that is completely inexcusable.

    9. Why can't y'all give Sonic Boom a chance. They're rebooting Sonic, changes are going to be made.

    10. That's a huge misconception regarding Boom. It is not a reboot, it's a spin off.
      And anyway, have you seen the gameplay videos? They look mediocre at best. If it wasn't Sonic, nobody would pay any attention to it because it looks so bland.

  14. "Princess Legend of Zelda. Princess. Legend. Of. Zelda.
    Well, there’s more proof that Chris knows absolutely nothing about this series. He seems to think Zelda is a last name, and her first name is “Legend”."

    No, it's even worse than that. Bores has phrased it as if to say the LOCATION of the games is 'Zelda' and its princess is Legend, of Zelda.

    I guess when he was getting all his 'knowledge' of Nintendo from Captain N, he didn't see the episode where Link and Zelda appeared. Either that or he thought it was Princess Legend and the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

    1. "well excuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me princess" - Lucky charms leprechaun

      Hmmm seems legit...

    2. Shame we can't really nail him for getting a certain new thing announced wrong since no one saw this coming. This particular Zelda is no mere princess she is the Queen of Hyrule.

  15. So, BatDan pointed out a video where Bores claims to have never used Steam and feels that signing up to play "Gauntlet" is an inconvenience.
    It's been years, but he played a little L4D2 and a lot of Garry's Mod... did he not know he was using Steam then?
    Looks like he unblocked me on YouTube for some reason (again), lets see what he has to say about that.

    1. A couple of things jumped out at me in the Gauntlet interview vid: one, he does actually seem to know the original game well, talking about shooting the food and whatnot. Two, he identified himself as being from GotGame. But the video's on his YouTube only. Whazzup with that?

  16. I'm surprised by the HUGE amount of negativity towards the Sonic Boom game. I saw the E3 video and it looked really cool. Granted, that's essentially an advertisement...

  17. Wow, I can't believe Chris didn't know about the boxes from Metal Gear Solid isn't new even though I didn't played MGS before. Is it really odd for me or what?

    As for Sonic Boom, I'm a huge Sonic fan, So I don't care.

  18. Let's see: ignorance of massive amounts towards anticipated games-check. Massive gluts of Skylanders videos in proportion to anticipated games: check. Random posts that find new fandoms of mine to ruin (his Gravity Falls post is just asking for a flaming fist from Rumble McSkirmish)-check. General incompetence that has been a staple of his E3 coverage 5 years running? Check. There have been massive amounts of idiocy already for the worst moments list, and the year is only half-over. Now I think I'll get some rest, I had a long trip today. See you around, Dan.

  19. It's been a long time since I've commented, so this is probably gonna be a long post.

    1. Speaking of Metal Gear, it really says how dark the series is when Solid Snake (and Otacon) is the only true hero in the entire series, hell, even Raiden succumbs to his dark side, and the game he was first in introduced the pacifist run in the series.

      To be fair, at least the games celebrate the best of humanity and consistently hammer into your head, "no matter what you've done or been through, you can still be a good person" and Snake couldn't be a better symbol for this existential thought.

    2. BTW, what's the relationship between Yahtzee and Metal Gear fans? I know he doesn't have a good reputation among Sonic fans (for once, you can't really blame the Sonic fanbase for not trusting critic reviews when they're constantly bringing up Sonic '06 which while a bad game needs to die down already and considering IGN's Sonic Unleashed review, yeah, I can say that some professional critics are biased against the games), hell, he even pissed me off and confused me that the Werehog levels were the ones he enjoyed the most, whereas I thought they were BORING and SLOW.

      And on the Metal Gear side, he pissed me off when he said the soundtrack to Metal Gear Rising:REVENGEANCE sucked, sure, it was dominated by heavy metal, but I thought it kicked ass.

      Though, to be fair, he at least speaks up you don't need to follow his opinions and you need to make up your own.

    3. I loved the songs in re-vengeance though I hate the vocals. Thank goodness the OST had the instrumentals

    4. Personally, I tend to ignore Yahtzee's reviews of games I like. I didn't like what he said about MGSV, especially after watching Caddicarus' brilliant defense of the game, but I can't say that turned me off. Besides, he has stated that people shouldn't use reviews to form their opinions. These days I watch him mainly for comedy, much like AVGN, Spoony, and old Nostalgia Critic, though I tend to enjoy Yahtzee more thanks to his consistent schedule.

    5. @Mr.Kill Ultra
      Oh come on, the vocals (and the production values) were the best parts of the songs.

      @Connor Ottem
      I liked what he said about Metal Gear Rising:REVENGEANCE, except for the soundtrack part, and so far it's the only Metal Gear review of his that I watched. I don't really know why, I just have this really big feeling I'll start to hate him when I hear about them. And even if you don't like Yahtzee, you have to admit, the Raiden is Shaggy and Bladewolf is Scooby comparison is fuckin' hilarious.

      Also, props to Hideo Kojima for having the BALLS (and guts) to portray what the heroes are going to do.

    6. Oh yeah, what do you think of the "RULES OF NATURE!!!" meme?

  20. I notice that Bores keeps writing "Wii-U". There's no "-" in the name of the console. It's officially "Wii U".

    1. Well that's better than me because I always typed Wii U as WiiU for like the longest time before and after I bought one even after Google kept correcting me in searches

  21. "Chris, go see a doctor!"

    Okay so let's write down cumulatively the things he has health problems with so far.

    1. Memory loss. Repeated demonstration to not be able to form new memories, Anterograde amnesia.

    2. Constipation. Constant difficulty in pooping.

    3. Repeated cases of dizziness, even in cases that should not cause dizziness. Possible damage in the vestibular system.

    4. Multiple personality disorder... self-explanatory

    Did I miss anything?

  22. BTW, regarding my comments above, what do you think of Yahtzee, Dan?

    On a side note, speaking of Dragon Ball, why'd they call DBZ Kai, DB Kai in Japan? I mean, it's obviously an abridged series (not the one from TFS) of DBZ, not the original Dragon Ball.

    Also, it's actually kinda funny that Dragon Ball actually deconstructs a lot of modern Shonen tropes when it made them in the first place, hell, just by looking at Vegeta's character arc, anyone can make a 10 page essay on how the series deconstructs modern Shonen tropes.

    And speaking of modern Shonen, Naruto's going to end this year. Any thoughts?

    1. That happens all the time. TV Tropes calls it the Unbuilt Trope. It reminds me of Fist of the North Star, an extremely famous 80s series. It's a manga where the world is so overrun with overpowered martial artists that the rule of law is simply who has the greatest bodily strength. Regular people have to depend on the more noble martial artist supermen to survive, and the deaths of most common bad guys are played more often for laughs than drama. But if Dragon Ball inspired half of modern Shonen, FotNS inspired the other half.

    2. Well, at least Fist of the North Star is dark, and I'm not saying Dragon Ball can't be dark, (several moments come to mind, like say, Krillin's murder by Freeza) but it has a very adventurous and whimsical tone compared to FotNS' bleak tone, what with it's post-apocalyptic setting and that just makes it all the more surprising with DB.

    3. About the whole title thing I believe DB Kai wasn't called DBZ Kai in Japan was because the original manga was always called DragonBall and the Z was added to the anime to make people think DragonBall Z was a new series and not a continuation. So calling the HD remake DB Kai in Japan was their way of saying it was a barebones adaption of the manga with no filler.

  23. Say, anyone watch GamingSins? If you can forgive the fact that it's literally just CinemaSins for games right down to the format, it's actually really, really funny.

    Oh, and what do you guys think of the Yakuza series? I've finished the first game and just started playing the second. Oh, and btw, releasing Yakuza 5 in Japan only is a bullshit move.

  24. today linkara at4w made reference to irate gamer with quote breakfast is ruined. speaking of which since it was awhile ago did anyone see linkaras 2011 april fools day when he did a parody of irate gamer

  25. Regarding the Skylanders takeover shizz, anyone ever noticed that in his Skylanders videos, his room has Skylanders posters covering classic game posters? Man, how dare he do that to those posters. If that's not a clear indicator of his new angle I don't know what is.

    Also, there are a few other Skylanders-only channels out there apparently, and.. they seem better done. Even in this field, Chris needs to step up the competition for viewers.

    There's one channel in particular that focuses on a couple and their family. A family with two kids and parents sharing their interest in the toys is less awkward to watch than Chris Bores going in solo and talking about them.

  26. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back! Got my computer fixed and software reinstalled. putting up an old news video on the Xbox One used game controversy tonight. I'm also putting up my first History of Failed Research video tonight. Also, Wow; pretty awful coverage. Skylanders much?

  27. How much do we really know about Chris Bores, pre-Irate Gamer period? Just makes me wonder what the guy was like in high-school. I wonder if he was ever bullied there.

    1. This post from 2010 delves a short way into his past:

    2. Great, thanks. Anything else though?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Why am I not surprised? I'm really surprised he hasn't made many videos about Pokemon, something I dreaded especially back when it was really popular in 1999/2000.

  28. If it's one thing I really hate about Bores, it's his lack of motivation. I find his blatant ignorance of games amusing, but I wish he would at least try to finish his videos on time. But that would obviously be asking for too much from someone like him.

    Off topic, but what is your opinion of Undertakerfreak1127?

    1. I don't know his work but based on what I've heard... its not good. Then again its hard to find youtube ranters these days that aren't shooting their message into bite-sized ribbons.

  29. Great something absolutely terrible happened to Nintendo and not one peep is said about it among most people. Philips did something even worse to Nintendo and yet very few gaming journalists are saying something about it.

    1. It's not that bad, it just means Nintendo will have to pay royalties for console sales in UK. Sure it sucks but if nintendos many super lawyers couldn't get themselves out of this then clearly there was a serious miscalculation.

    2. I would like to point out other than the fact that this entire thing is obvious bullshit ( seriously they waited 8 years after the release of the wii to do this) not to mention the fact that the patent sounds like it would affect Sony any Microsoft but they didn't sue them. What really gets me is that most gaming journalists are going to ignore this and might even shift the blame onto Nintendo. Just like they did with the Wi-fi for the ds and wii.

      For those that don't know the wi-fi shutting down happened through no fault of Nintendo's but people still blamed them. What really happend is Ziff Davis acquired IGN and subsidiaries and shut down most of the legacy servers to redirect resources to only two sites. Unfortunately that meant that the wi-fi connection went with them. This is what pisses me off about the people who want video games to become digital only since just about anything can pull the plug on what is needed to access those games.