Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nothing Says Playing Games Like a Strobe Light in Your Face

People, I'm not going to make a new post just because I can. If there's long strings where very little is happening, I wait for it to build up and find a good anchor point to let it all out.
Just so happens that anchor point has been found.

Bores just posted a video where he reviews... lights. LED lights that go around your TV and flash bright colors when you're playing. ... Who the fuck would want this? It's just annoying. Nobody needs bright colors in their face when they're concentrating on a game.
The video shows him playing different games with the lights. Mortal Kombat 9, Lego Batman 2, fucking Skylanders, Diablo III, a Call of Duty game (he claims these lights work best with FPS titles, but that feels wrong) and Super Smash Bros for Wii U (so he has the game, but won't talk about it). Notice how most of the games he looked at he did on Neo. Makes me wonder if GotGame finally stopped sending him free stuff.

He believes the lights operate on sound. ... I don't know, the Call of Duty game had plenty of sound but the lights weren't flashing. He really should have researched how this works instead of... throwing this together at the last minute. Was this a paid endorsement? Legally he has to say so but all his Skylander videos have been paid endorsements and he doesn't say that at all.
I would give an epilepsy warning if you try to watch the video, but the quality is so fucking bad that it shouldn't hurt anyone. 

He also mentions in the video he was dealing with a sickness in the family (say this stuff on Facebook, you have two of them!) and working on History of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Part 7
He posted an image from the upcoming video on one of his Facebooks. It's him wearing a furry mustache and wig... yep, more awful random sketches.

He also opened another website. chrisbores.com
It's exactly the same as his Pursuit of the Non-Existent site. Only a brighter color. Why? Did he just want the Chris Bores URL to himself? It's not like it's a valuable domain name. Also, the site mentions NOTHING about his YouTube career, just his ghost crap. Sounds like he really really really wants to distance himself from the video game stuff. If that were true, then why is he still making History of Snooze? I have no idea what he's doing.
And why does GotGame keep endorsing him? They power all three of his sites. He literally gives you nothing in return! He hasn't made a video for your site since E3! Dump him!

January is almost over and he hasn't said a thing about his "reality TV" appearance. My informant believes he's been scammed, just like Mad Media Labs did with the Irate Gamer Game. By the way, the video about the game? It's set to private. Seems Chris realized it's not a licensing issue, and it is gone forever for being a piece of shit. 

I imagine we'll get History of Bleh in the next couple of weeks...