Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Have a Happy 2018

What do you mean it's only December 19th?

Yeah the year's not over yet but here's my post to cap it off. There's not going to be a list.

The Irate Gamer is still dead. The last video to actually talk about a video game was 20 months ago. Despite this fans still demand new episodes, even though Chris left a message in the channel description that he was done. Chris is apparently not smart enough to realize that people don't read those and he should have made a final video saying "I'm done, no more". But apparently even that was too much.

Instead Chris has increased focus on ghosts, and how he's an "expert ghost behaviorist". Whatever the fuck that means.
He made a new Facebook post where he complained about a parapsychologist and how they're "full of it". This is parapscyhology. It's just as dumb as "ghost hunting" or whatever so really it's one charlatan complaining about another charlatan. It would be like Dr. Nick Riviera saying Snake isn't a good enough criminal, you're both terrible!

Despite Chris trying to make ghosts his big thing now, we all know where his time is going and his money is coming from. 2017 saw a MASSIVE deluge of Puppet Steve videos, I think around 280 just this year (and who knows how many before the year is out). That is shit! Low effort pandering, the equivalent of dangling keys in front a kid's face. Every video is the same, and sometimes with very little scripting.
The Puppet Steve drinking game: Take a drink every time he say "cool". Be warned that some videos may kill you.
Really the only positive I can say about Puppet Steve is that it's not disgusting and offensive. I mean it's "offensive" in that there's no value to kids, but that's a different matter. I mean it's nothing like those "Spider-Man & Elsa" videos or the ones that use other copyrighted characters and put them in awful situations. Often with needles, or forced stripping, or forced pregnancy, all sorts of content that sooo isn't child-friendly but manages to bypass YouTube's terrible algorithm and be marked as "good for kids" That's the best thing I can say about Puppet Steve

However, I have a theory. My informants have noticed that Chris never brings up Puppet Steve to his fans on social media. I don't think that's out of malice, I think it's out of shame. I think he's genuinely ashamed that the majority of his money comes from making mindless sugary YouTube videos for 5 year olds. You can tell he wants all his ghost stuff to be huge but nobody cares anymore. That's not the fantasy most people want to live in.
But who knows, the man seems to really enjoy lying.

Either way, I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Always vote.