Sunday, May 27, 2018

No Game Genie Can Save These Dull Videos

I left that warning about going out of town as I had foolishly assumed Chris would actually release something. I should have known better by now. In fact, these last two videos weren’t even released on Friday, but Saturday.

We got two videos over ten minutes long about Mario. Why did I wait until now? Heard that it was a two-parter. In fact, my informant already told me that this is a three-parter, but I better get started now or else I’ll never see the whole thing.

First video. The title is “Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 NES Controversy! Plus World 9-1 Hack?! Chris NEO Nintendo Retro Show”
Look at that glorious click bait! Only a step away from “SCANDAL”. All that InfoWars is sure paying off, too bad you can’t say the same from those 20 water filters you bought.

Considering the format of “Chris Neo” has been more boring lately, I think I’m done with timestamps. Especially when there’s long stretches of nothing. I’ll basically point out the bad bits and if there’s something really bad I’ll mention a specific time.

Video opens with him calling Super Mario Bros a game that changed the industry forever. Here we go…

He notes how kids all know Mario, but don’t know how big an impact the first game had. They don’t really care. Here’s your problem with history videos Chris, you hyper-focus on one thing when there isn’t enough to talk about. I think kids would be more interested in the history of Nintendo or the Mario series in general instead of just one game, and it’s not a game that had a tumultuous development like Sonic 06.

“Super Mario Bros is a very iconic game” And Chris wonders why nobody takes him seriously…
He pulls a “kids these days” claiming that kids won’t get why it’s a big deal. Guys, I think Chris is having a mid-life crisis.
Blah blah blah nothing else like it. See, I don’t feel the passion. That’s why Chris fails.

He brings up the video game crash while showing stock footage of him playing Centipede. Okay here’s the thing about the crash, it only affected the console market. Arcades and computers were perfectly fine. Just want to bring that up.
He goes on about how all the games back then were “repetitious”. Only if you looked at Arcade games. Computers had games like Ultima and Wizardry, expansive (at the time) RPGs that weren’t confined to a single screen like Dig Dug or Ms. Pac-Man (his examples).

He mentions how he got his NES on his birthday in 1986 (November) and the two games he got were Ghosts n’ Goblins and Super Mario Bros. He takes this time to once again bring up how Ghosts n’ Goblins sucked. It’s getting the point where the line between Bores and parody videos is blurring (this is like a moment in a Third Rate Gamer video).
Wait hold on. *double checks* What about Duck Hunt, Popeye and Mach Rider? In your “First 5 Video Games I owned on the NES” video, you mentioned those three in-between Super Mario Bros and Ghosts n’ Goblins. In fact you claimed that you exchanged Mach Rider for Ghosts n’ Goblins! Which is the truth Chris?

He gushes over how at the time all these aspects we take for granted were “so new and exciting”. Who are you targeting?
He gushes about how there’s more than four levels. This is really stupid.
“More secrets to discover!” What is with all this obvious shit?

And then I reached a moment that somewhat broke me. At around 4:04 Chris belts out a “Very cool!” with an inflection similar to Mike, Jay and Rich of RedLettterMedia during their “Nerd Crew” segment. Only without the complete irony those three deliver it in. Chris is reaching the level of vapid seen on IGN, Collider and Screen Junkies.

Blah blah blah world 3...
Mentions how you can move “outside the level”. Claiming it took him ages to find out you can do that in World 1-2. This is boring…

After about five minutes of gushing, he moves onto Super Mario Bros. 2. This should be brief since he already talked about it 11 years ago. … Right? Not much to say here?

He starts of saying that people missed the point of his original review. Oh really? Then please enlighten us as to the “real meaning”.
And he proceeds to repeat the exact same points he made in his video. About how it’s different and thus bad. Oh wait no it’s still “iconic” but it’s different so it’s bad. For fuck’s sake…
He even recycles footage from the first review.
And then goes on about how it’s really Doki Doki Panic. Okay, here’s something that needs to be brought up about that game. Doki Doki Panic is a licensed game. The characters are based on Fuji TV’s “Dream Factory” event, an expo that showed off upcoming TV shows, and the four featured in the game were mascots for the 1987 event. They legally can’t release it outside of Japan. If anything, Nintendo made the right choice to redo the game with Mario characters since the game itself is good. Nintendo has always had a “gameplay first, characters later” policy. Splatoon was almost a Mario game. The Wonderful 101 was almost a sister-series to Smash Bros.
I’ve heard people in Japan actually prefer “Super Mario USA” over Doki Doki (likely because the Mario version added some improvements like a run button even if it sacrificed saving).

Chris, what are you doing? No seriously, what are you doing? This is like the fifth time you’ve recycled an old video. TMNT comics, RoboCop on NES, Rayman Legends, Fruity Yummy Mummy, are you that creatively bankrupt that you need to keep recycling old ideas? Hell you keep going back to ghosts even though you lose money every time you do, you even admitted that! Is this why you do Puppet Steve? Because you don’t have even try with that one? “HEY KIDS look at this cool shit I got! I have this toy you fucking want and I can have it because I’m an adult with money! Even though I waste it on stupid paranormal shit! I’m so smrt kids! Be like Puppet Steve!”

“It didn’t make sense” Why not? Back then, a lot of NES sequels radically changed things. Zelda II was a side-scrolling RPG with high difficulty, Castlevania II had non-linear exploration (an early precursor of the Metroidvania style), Final Fantasy II had individual stat-leveling, Fire Emblem Gaiden had random encounters, this happened all the time on both sides of the world.

Okay he kept it brief. He moves onto Super Mario Bros. 3.
Goes on and on about how hard it was to find back then and there was no Amazon and eBay. This really does feel like a mid-life crisis video…
At around 6:56, he runs into a pipe with a fireball spitting Piranha Plant, and gets hit with no attempt at dodging it. FFL2and3Rocks came out of hiding to point that out in the comments with a sarcastic “Good job!”.

More “iconic”. There was this show on Sci-Fi around 2010 called Hollywood Treasure, a reality show that followed a group that auctioned off notable movie props. The head of the group had a bad habit of calling just about everything he saw “iconic”. It was like drinking game levels of usage.

“It was the perfect successor to Super Mario Bros 1!” Oh hey he got it right this time! Also, that wasn’t why Super Mario Bros 3 was “iconic”. People loved the first two games (and didn’t care 2 was different), it was advertised in The Wizard, and people overall loved Mario. They still do, Super Mario Odyssey sold millions.
“What made things even worst” … Did I hear that right? It sounded like he said “worst” instead of “worse”
Anyway he complains that magazines got exclusive access back then. So nothing has changed. Why not show these magazines instead of more gameplay footage? That would make the video more interesting.
He gushes about the “easter eggs” (he means secrets) that are “just like the first installment”. Mario 2 had secrets too. Mostly warp zones but they were there. Then again, when he said “easter egg” he showed footage of Mario getting a mushroom so I guess his concept of “hidden secrets” is vastly different from EVERYONE ELSE!

“The warps were back!”
They were in 2! Ugh you are so terrible at this!

After about 8 minutes, he gets to the point of the video’s title. He takes out his best friend, the Game Genie.

Time for some over-acting! He shows off World 9-1 in all its glitch-y glory.
Are we supposed to be impressed? Super Mario Bros was easy to manipulate with Game Genie…
“I didn’t know this level was just sitting in this game here” It wasn’t. The Game Genie messes around with assets and features to make a hodge-podge of a level. Nintendo DID NOT MAKE THIS LEVEL! They actually have skilled level designers that understand the side-scroller (after playing Super Mario Maker, I have a greater appreciation for them). Nintendo would never make a level with off-colors and swimming in the sky.

“Of course we love the neon colors!” *lowers his glasses* Get rid of those! They’re not cool! You’re a moron!

The inevitable happens and the level freezes. What did you expect? It’s not something that’s meant to be.
“Locked somewhere in this game” It’s not locked! Ugh, you don’t know anything.
And the video is over, with him saying that he’ll look at more Game Genie shit next time. Hoo boy…
And of course, sponsorship! I can’t imagine these guys can support you forever.

And so, one week later, we get to Part 2.

The title this time “Super Mario Bros NES Secret Hidden World Hack A, B, C, D, E, F, G! Chris NEO Nintendo Game Genie”
Weird cross-promotion with the Letter People I mean Alphabet Bunch.

Interestingly, both videos are the exact same length. No idea if Chris planned this, but knowing his ego, he’ll claim that he did.
Thumbnail is also terrible looking. Chris’ floating head is wearing two of those stupid glasses. Barf.

Video opens, claims he made “huge waves” in the last episode and that this one will “blow your mind”. No. No it won’t. Also when he says that last part, it zooms in on each word. Where did you learn editing?

And now for the biggest lie of the video. Chris claims he never found any of this anywhere else on the internet. Nope. There’s videos, there’s forum posts, look up Game Genie codes and all of them are widely available and ready to use. You are full of shit Chris. So much shit. How you can even stand up-right without being weighed down by all the shit you’re full of is a miracle of science.

See, he’s even using a book as his guide. He acts like in the 28 years since the Game Genie was introduced, nobody has done a video about this.

“This Matrix thing”
That’s a VERY thin connection to the Matrix. Random lines of code do not make it that.
Showing off…
We then get the reason for the stupid thumbnail. He finds a world where things are doubled, then it cuts him wearing two glasses and he says “Now that’s what I call double vision.” My head hurts…

He continues to claim World 9 is “hidden”. For fuck’s sake!
I know the book says “Lost Levels” but they’re not. They’re hacked levels made with the existing assists and code. Chris is just dumb enough to believe that because he’s dumb enough to worship Alex Jones and believe in ghosts.
“How come I’ve never heard of this?” Shut up.

Still calls Koopa Troopas “turtles”. Yep…
Wow this is boring. Like this level isn’t even that exciting and Chris’ commentary is just “Hey look at the thing”.
Oh god, more “I’ve never seen this” lies. Pointing out how the codes are similar with only one letter. Yeah that’s kind of code works in simple games like this. You just alter something slightly for different effects. This isn’t new stuff Chris.

He tries to act like he “figured something out” when puts P in the code and goes to World A, and acts like he solved it. Bullshit we know you looked this up. You’re not smart.

Shows off another hacked world…
Shows off another hacked world fuck this is boring
“Yep, just thrilling” You can’t call it boring when you’re being boring.

Shows off a hacked world that kills you instantly. “What a drop of douche bag!” … What? Also when he says that, the sound is muffled. Why has the sound been so bad in these videos?

Shows off another hacked world that’s similar to a previous one but doesn’t explain why. Then he edits in Ms. Pac-Man out of nowhere. Back to the shit gags of old.

Gets to what I hope is the last hacked world (since it’s G and G is the last letter in the title), and it’s exactly like World 1-2. Until he gets to the warp zone and goes down a pipe to Minus World.
Chris then goes on about how “smug” it is that it doesn’t need a letter. Dude, that’s Minus World, that’s a legendary glitch! How do you not know this? Oh right, Bores…

Shows off another hacked world, this one is somehow so glitchy that Mario moves on his own.
“No wonder they don’t call him Jumpman anymore” There’s two minutes left…

Shows off another one, this one doesn’t freeze when you progress, instead it has multiple levels.
He gets to the third and runs into Bowser, refers to him as King Koopa even though in the last video he was Bowser, and then gets killed. “Gosh damn it!” … Why? Just why?
“Damn Bowser” Wait, you’re calling him both? Pick one!

He shows off more hacked world and the video ends. But not before saying that next week is even more fucking Game Genie. It looks like Bores found his FNAF. Even though it gets nowhere near the amount of views. Oh god what’s going to happen when the FNAF movie comes out? I mean, I know there’s going to be like 40 Puppet Steve videos, but will Chris be crazy enough to do FNAF content on Irate G- I mean “Chris Neo”? If there’s views involved…

Yeah these were really boring. Nothing mind-blowing, just lazy click bait. I remember seeing a video on the Game Genie from someone much better, RinryGameGame. Looked her up and learned she hasn’t made a video in years. That’s a shame…
Chris clearly has no love or passion for this. It feels more like an obligation at this point. To who though? His sponsor? The small amount of people that still watch? His mid-life crisis?

If next week’s stupid video leads into a Part 4, I’ll wait for that. Otherwise I’ll write a post about Part 3.

Over on Puppet Steve, more Bendy, more FNAF, more Cuphead, and now he’s doing toys based on Hello Neighbor. I didn’t even realize that was popular enough to get toys. I only know of that game from Vinesauce when Vinny plays shitty Android games and plays a whole bunch of rip-offs.

And that’s it for me.


  1. Chris: "That's going to have to wait till next time because, well, we're all out of time."
    Translation: "I learned while editing this that the first segment of this crap got me over the 10 min mark, so I'm gonna milk this by stretching it into another video. Later fuckos!"

    1. "We're all out of time" is a line from TV, where shows have a specific running time and they need to stop so the next show can be aired. Even more common in the days of live TV. On a YouTube video I can't see how it's anything but a non sequitur.

  2. I can tell he’s been doing too much Puppet Steve or films his Neo videos the same day as he does PS because he uses a lot of the same voice inflections.

  3. These vids were really least with IG, Chris sounded somewhat engaged. He should really stop the YouTube thing and get a real job.

  4. Fill my eyes with that double vision
    No disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
    My double vision gets the best of me

  5. PS I’m still confused to this day who his target audience is. It can’t be kids/teenagers because unless there’s some big retro Nintendo nostalgia movement going on that I’m not that aware of, people in that demographic really don’t care. It can’t be hardcore gamers because this is either common knowledge or something that really isn’t of interest. Maybe it’s for the average person who grew up on Mario and would find this neat? That would assume said people would be interested in searching for said videos in the first place. I don’t know if Chris is still partnered on YT if that’s even a thing anymore.

    Or is Chris just making these videos for himself like he said in his opening up video?

  6. OT: Who thinks that the ultimate crime in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" was making Lando a pansexual? I'm not trying to be homophobe, but Lando was never meant to be anything but a straight black male. This feminizing of straight black males has got to stop.

    1. If a character in a fantasy universe having a somewhat unusual sexuality is that big a problem for you, then I feel sorry for you

    2. I agree, it's a stupid notion to anyone who watched ESB where he was coming onto Leia at least twice. It really screams "emboldening Tumblr trash". People were upset with THE LAST JEDI and their ire with SOLO is no different.

      Kennedy and her ilk fail to get this axiom: "If you go 'woke', you go broke".

    3. Nobody with a functioning brain thinks that...especially when it wasn't even expressly mentioned in the movie.
      You really should feel ashamed, especially if the 2001 in your username is your birth date. This kind of backward-ass attitude comes from the past. What the hell does it matter what his sexuality is? He's fictional! In general, for real people, what does it matter what their sexuality is? Why the hell do you care? It doesn't affect you in any way. Grow up. If you truly feel this way, or if you're just an idiot troll looking for attention, grow up!

    4. @Unknown

      I didn't really think Lando came off as pansexual, either. It just seemed like the same faux charm that he had in Empire.

      That being said, it's just as stupid to defend the sexuality of a fictional character as it is to attack it.

      Regardless of how you feel about LGBTQQIP2SAA in real life, the trend of having identity politics injected into absolutely everything is beyond annoying.

    5. @Unknown I am NOT an SJW. I have every right to make that criticism.

  7. Two things.

    1: Chris got Super Mario Bros and Ghosts n' Goblins when he received his NES years ago? Sounds suspiciously like what happened with James. He got both of those games as a kid and was more interested in Ghosts n' Goblins. Coincidence?

    2: In regards to the lost levels of Super Mario Bros Chris claims, Pop Fiction did a much better job discussing these hidden levels.

    A Japanese magazine called Family Computer Magazine claimed they found 256 secret levels. You had to boot the game up on a Famicom, take SMB out and swap it with Tennis, play a bit, swap it back with SMB and reset.

    Alternatively, swap it with a Family Basic cartridge, input some specific code, then swap it back. What Chris did was the NTSC method of using Game Genie codes to reach them. So Chris's claim that he never found this online is equally bullshit.

    1. Chris is trying to become more refined in marketing I can tell. You ever try to buy a car or house and have someone tell you “I have five other people interested in buying this” to pressure you into buying that day when in reality if other people were locked into buying it would have been off the table. He is an entrepreneur but he can do so without being deceptive.

  8. All this time and he still hasn't learned. And he expects us to find him awesome? Great to see that only his ego has grown during his "retirement".

    1. I think he understands that people who criticize him are going to do so no matter what. I doubt he’s trying to win anyone over since he does have a lot of fans.

  9. One thing that's been proven since Chris made his "Super Mario 2 Controversy" is that Super Mario 2 was ALWAYS meant to be Super Mario 2, Doki Doki Panic is a pallete swap of SMB2 half way through development, quickly made for the event.

    GTV made a fanastic retrospective on the Doki Doki Panic event in Japan, Something Chris obviously didn't bother researching...

    1. This Gaming Historian doc says the Japanese Mario 2 was the original one, and the prototype for what would become our Mario 2 was made a short while later when Kensuke Tanabe joined Nintendo.

    2. Also, you were Channel Awesome's Real Daddy all along.

    3. I know, Jap SMB 2 came out a year before Doki, so if the event never happened, it technically would have been titled Mario 3.

    4. But haha, thanks, I never saw it that way :D

    5. @Guru Larry

      I’ve been wanting to ask you this since Channel’s Awesome’s implosion. Why do you think is Brad Jones staying at Channel Awesome? Is he innocent in all this? Is he just as guilty as the Walkers and Mike Michaud?

    6. @Everyone Else

      What do you think about Brad staying at Channel Awesome even after the implosion? Because I honestly think that other than Larry, he seems to be the most innocent of those staying, but at the same time, I get the feeling that I’m wrong.

    7. At this point I really don’t care anymore. The walkers will have to live with the consequences of their actions and that’s that. I’ll still watch NC videos if he’s reviewing a movie of interest, but at this point it’s nothing more than internet drama.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. @Anonymous Blogger Brad stayed as he's best buddies with the Walkers, he's been friends with them since before the site even started. So he's staying out of loyalty.

      @Jose Rivera Don't be a twat. I'm not going anywhere.

    10. I wasn't, sorry about my comment.

    11. @Jose Rivera No hard feelings dude :)

  10. Chris: ...and upon further research, I found out that these hidden levels were actually from Game Genie codes.

    That's all Chris should've of had to say. Then the video would've only been like 2 minutes long.

  11. The World 9-1 video from last week has far less views than a Puppet Steve video released around the same time. About one third of the videos.

    That said, is there some sort of view botting going on? The Deadly Towers video from over a month ago has 12k views. The latest SMB video has over 14k videos.

    It could be that Chris is promoting this video or that SMB is a more popular topic but given Chris' history with fake reviews and padding, I cannot be certain.

  12. Replies
    1. See the thing is, he's calling Chris' fans idiots. They did nothing wrong. You think enjoying someone's content is a bad thing? Yes, Chris gets things wrong all the time and doesn't do proper research, but instead of calling the fans stupid, tell them that he gets things wrong and that there are a lot of errors in his videos. Also, graphics shouldn't matter at all, Dan. Gaming isn't a business.

    2. But when you pack your gaming videos with that much misinformation, your fans become stupider about video games.

    3. Jose, in the last post, you dug up something BatDan said about how M.U.S.C.L.E had bad AI, inaccurate hit detection, and "painful" graphics.

      Despite him pointing out three flaws with the games, you implied that he only complained about the graphics. You implied that he dismissed the entire game based off the graphics, even though he said the game was much more playable that other Bandai games on the NES.

      You've libeled in the past, so forgive me for not taking your current accusation seriously.

      So, if you're going to throw around accusations like this, you might want to include citations with complete context.

    4. lemme guess, you believe the narrative of "DAN IS CREEPY MANCHILD CREEPO'' cause mah daddies Asalieri and Neo No Date Gamers told me so!

      imma right?

    5. AI and hit detection in MUSCLE may be a problem, yes. I just think that graphics shouldn't be listed as something in video games. What's important is gameplay, and if it's unpolished, the game has a problem. Dan should have just listed the AI and hit detection problems without putting graphics in it.

    6. There's nothing wrong with criticizing graphics. Games are art, graphics are art, they come in different qualities based on the skill of the artist and the error they put into it. They can be the difference between a game being completely immersive or completely failing to convey the world the developers have created to the player .
      Many times the graphics can directly influence the other aspects of the game, including hit detection. An artist drawing a punch or grab awkwardly may force a programmer to completely reconsider how enemy AI will posture itself against a player, ending up with an entirely different gameplay experience. Porting a game to a system with lower graphical power can actually force non-graphical changes. TMNT2 for example, it was the NES limitations of on-screen sprites and on-screen colors that made the omission of 4-player mode necessary.
      In addition to artistic stills, the artist have to know how to work within very strict limitations and be experts of memory management.
      As an indie dev, I've found that learning to code is infinitely easier that learning to create art assets. I used to make a lot of art, mostly drawing comics and cartoons. The transition to digital tools and meeting the requirements of game art and animation isn't as easy as you'd think, and has much more impact on the final product than you acknowledge.

  13. off-topic: I got Wild Guns for Switch. Highly recommended, even if you never played it back in the day it's really fun. Controls are a little wonky buy once you get used to them it's not bad.

    1. Nice! I got that game on the Wii U about a few month ago or so. It's really fun!

  14. More OT: NintendoCapriSun just lost his mother. :'(

  15. What's everyone's opinion on the whole Roseanne debacle?

    1. Annnnndddd this is why I don’t use social media. It’s ridiculous how ‘triggered’ our media has become where anything you say or do could be considered “racist”. Starbucks closes down all their locations to hold a sensitivity training for all their employees just because a manager at a Philadelphia location called the cops on two suspicious-looking guys who happened to be black, and now Roseanne is cancelled just because she compares an ultra-liberal politician to an ape. Fuck the news, fuck conformity, fuck political correctness. I’d rather live in a hut in Brazil.

    2. Comparing a black person to an ape isn’t considered racist, it is racist. it just sucks that everyone else involved with the show is facing the repercussions of her actions, but i guess that’s what happens when you work with someone who’s claim to fame is being obnoxious.

    3. It was only a matter of time...

    4. @macdrag...what the hell was so suspicious about the philly guys? I've been to PLENTY of starbucks and didn't get bothered or asked to leave if I didn't buy anything. Why the hell were those guys targeted? Even after their white friend vouched for them.

      What rosanne said was racist and tasteless, joke or not.

    5. @YouTubed

      I've been in plenty of Starbucks where they were complete assholes, including refusing to let people use the restroom and asking customers who did buy something to leave. I could provide many race-neutral similar anecdotal examples. Just looking at the known facts about this situation it seems they were just doing the normal Starbucks bullshit.

    6. I wish everyone would get along instead of hating on each other. :(

    7. It’s the Internet; no one gets along here

    8. It's funny, because a certain 80's Fetishist with an undead cartoon has made racist jokes before on FAMILY GUY and Fox never busted his chops. Joy Reid used gay slurs and never faced any blowback.

      It seems to me that there were political motivations behind the show's cancellation. Namely that she had the wrong politics.

    9. @Radio White Base

      I’m going to do the unthinkable: partially defend Family Guy on this very blog. The key word being “partially.”

      Seth MacFarlane nowadays seems to be pretty much blamed for everything that went wrong with Family Guy, especially the post cancellation episodes. However, with a few exceptions, he really hasn’t written and directed an episode in a very long time.

      However, I wouldn’t actually say that any of you are completely wrong. Even with knowledge on the cast and crew, I would still think that you made a good point. I said I’m partially defending Family Guy because MacFarlane is still an executive producer. He may not have written certain episodes or racist jokes, but it’s still his job to approve them, as well as voice half of the male characters in the show, so he’s still responsible for deciding what does happen in the series.

      Whether or not it’s due to his apathy post-seasonal rot, we got numerous jokes Seth didn’t care for that still made the final cut. I think he would have been a bit more mindful of what he puts out had FOX not aired 3 barely finished episodes without his permission while he attended the Writer’s Strike of 2007-2008. It makes me think that Seth MacFarlane is trying to get the show canceled.

  16. OT: Have you guys heard of the news for Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee?

  17. Not sure if this was mentioned already, or when Chris even did it, but he changed the channel name again. Chris-Tube is now Chris Neo.

    1. What is it with the "Neo" thing? I know "Neo" means "New", so it sort of made sense when IG Neo was reviewing current-gen games instead of classics. But Sewer Shark, Deadly Towers, and the SMB NES trilogy?
      If it's just suppose to refer to the show itself as being "New", that's not really forward-thinking. The show won't be new forever but will still have that title, kinda like the 12 years old "New" Super Mario Bros game.
      Maybe it's just a Matrix reference?

    2. Chris Redux would have been a better name.

  18. Hey...don't know if anyone knows or cares, but Chris has changed his website to include Chris NEO.

  19. new video up:

    THANOS Destroys the Video Game Universe! Avengers Infinity War Gauntlet Fortnite Battle

    still a clusterfuck of keywords. go fuck yourself chris

    1. Wait, he forgot to stick in McKids and mention Hamburgler was missing.

    2. ...and pointless video.

      Nothing to do with anything.

    3. Infinity War spoiler warning five weeks after it came out. Oh, thank God! I'm the biggest Marvel fan and I don't want anything spoiled when I go see it in a couple weeks.

    4. Wow. That was an unusually dense Where's Waldo game of factual errors. Playing Duck Hunt with the D-pad was a nice capper.

    5. My comment got deleted, probably because he knows I post here. It wasn’t even an attack.

    6. This video was less than nothing. Does Chris even know what he's doing anymore?

  20. To quote Bob Eubanks: "That was the worst piece of boop-boop anyone has ever witnessed."

  21. I wonder if, aside from the character G, the naming of the secret levels is based on the hexadecimal alphabet. Also, how come Chris didn't mention the lack of Toad in levels C and D? That's so weird.

    1. Guess that’s what the latest video is for.

    2. At least he's learned that his name is Toad and not Toadstool.

  22. And didn't he kill the Duck Hunt dog? Again?

  23. How has it been 11 years and Mr. Breakfast is Ruined still fails to grasp why people gave him so much shit over that Super Mario Bros. 2 video?

    That review wasn't over how it didn't make sense because it was different, it was nothing but a shitfest about how everything in the game sucked because it was different. Not only that but his piss poor "flipping shit" explanation about Doki Doki Panic was so misinformed it was ridiculous. Bores hates Mario 2 because it's too hard but he won't admit that, it's just super obvious when he praises a port (Super Mario Advance) because it's easier to replenish health.

    Bores says people missed the point but he also missed the point of AVGN's Simon's Quest review, which is what that video obviously ripped off.