Saturday, March 16, 2019

Chris' Increasing Apathy and Laziness

Hey. Been a while hasn't it? Yeah, I guess I've been busy, and Chris hasn't really done too much crazy shit. But there's some stuff worth mentioning.

Last month was ToyFair, and he once again covered it as Puppet Steve. However, the editing in these videos has been... sloppy.
Most of the time, Chris' editing has been at least decent, that's like the one thing he could do alright. However, a couple videos show signs of laziness and half-hearted work.

The first instance is in a video on Fortnite figures from McFarlane Toys. Don't know (and don't really care) if he got anything about the figures wrong, but as he's filming he suddenly sees Todd McFarlane himself. McFarlane looks into the camera and says "make sure you listen to Chris, he knows his stuff" (flattery will get you everywhere Todd). Then Chris says in a hushed frightened whisper "Puppet Steve! Puppet Steve! They know me as Puppet Steve!" Yeah. Chris kept that in, and it's still up on his channel.
You couldn't edit that out? Mute the audio and add some narration like "Oh look it's our good friend Todd". It's not like it was super important for him to be in the video, he literally just ducks into it. I doubt the 7 year olds watching even know who Todd McFarlane is so I really don't understand your reasoning.

The second far more sloppy instance was a Mario Kart video, where Chris ends up showing his face at the end. He ended up deleting that video, but reader Jack Cravens managed to save it and upload it to DailyMotion. Thank you Jack. It's the last five seconds or so.
Chris still hasn't reuploaded the video, even though it's like the easiest thing to edit. Just chop out the footage. How dumb are you Chris?

There's probably others, but those were the most notable. What is Chris doing? Is he rushing these videos for the ad revenue? It feels like he's completely half-assing Puppet Steve videos these days. He barely does the voice too. He probably thinks "I have 500k subscribers now, I don't have to care". A mistake he probably made back on the Irate Gamer when he reached 100k subscribers.

There was one thing that surprised me. Some time ago on his Facebook page, someone asked about more IG/Chris Neo videos, and he responded "I'm busy with my kids channel". So yeah, I think that's the first time he's actually acknowledged Puppet Steve on his own page. Why does it take Chris a long time to address things like this? "You ripped off the AVGN" "NO I DIDN'T! *block block block*" "Okay maybe I did..." "You're Puppet Steve" "NO I'M NOT! *block block block* "Okay maybe I am..." This isn't how to confront things Chris.

Otherwise... there's not much else. Nothing on "Chris Neo", and Puppet Steve is heavily increasing the clickbait. Including a video titled "MINECRAFT'S LAST FIGURES?!" ... You'd have to be fucking stupid to think that.

I guess that's all.