Wednesday, July 17, 2019

It's Mid-July. Still nothing...

How's your summer? Hope you're keeping cool.

Remember when Bores said IG will be coming back this summer? That might not happen.
He put out a Facebook post saying he's had no free time to work on it. But he also has other projects he's working that he can't discuss due to NDAs. ... I feel like I've heard this excuse before.
It's been 9 months since the last Chris Neo video. The time it takes a baby to be made.

Over on Puppet Steve though, he's been quite busy. Plenty of "free time" to do that huh?
Yesterday he posted *sighs* he posted another damn cereal video, for Garbage Pail Kids. And he clickbaits by saying he eats it from a toilet. It's not an actual toilet, it's a toy. But he is really getting desperate for clicks.
Today though, he posted a video about Avengers Happy Meal toys, with a title that says "Thanos steals them!" This is dumb.
And then my informant watched the video and took this screenshot.

Good lord. That's your Thanos Chris? It's just a mask!
We went from a rather well made Batman costume, to a cheap-ass Power Rangers costume, to another cheap-ass Spider-Man costume (it's so bad the eyes don't even stay on straight) and now... this Thanos trainwreck. He doesn't even have the Infinity Gauntlet!
If you're trying to be professional Chris, you're failing hard.

Lately it feels like Chris is back to throwing things at the wall. His previous cashcows (FNAF and Bendy) aren't milking the gold he needs. Now he's just pumping out shitty video after shitty video.

Think we'll get Irate Gamer at any point this year?