Saturday, October 31, 2009

Again with the cereal?

It seems the remastered ZAMN wasn't the true Halloween special. Instead, it's another horrendous video about cereal... BUT IT'S A DEAD CEREAL OOOOOO.

Bores rips off I Love the 80s and talks about Fruity Yummy Mummy, the forgotten "monster-related cereal" in the tradition of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry. According to Wikipedia it was only on store shelves for 6 years and was discontinued because it sucked.

This is unacceptable in every form. Chris people hate you because you do astronomically idiotic videos like this.

I'm just going to express my disgust with an overused picture.


  1. @Batdan


    Okay, so this video is pretty awful too, maybe worse than the ZAMN review in terms of quality and stupidity. But hear me out.

    Batdan, you love this game, do you. You must be very happy that the game finally came out on the virtual console, but...

    I have a creeping feeling about something. If Chris Bores is absolutely out to taint the next generation's taste in gaming, He knew that rereleasing his ZAMN review would hurt the game's chancein appealing new audiences. No, you should NOT take his horrible reviews seriously, unlike his zombie fanboys, but think about it. These type off people could've had a chance of redemeption. instead of hating on ZAMN just because the Irate Lamer said so, at least some of them could've tried the game out, played it a bit, and found it to be awesome, despite all the lies they were fed.

    Chris Bores did not want that to happen. He still has his audience, albiet a retarded audience. If at least one fanboy discovered, for the first time in his life, that Irate Lamer was wrong about ZAMN, than there's a chance that the other fanboys may end up unsubscribing him. Without that audience, Irate Lamer is probably none existant. If not for even the biggest haters, including the ones on his blog, he could've been a mere afterthought, and then a nonethought.

    He must have discovered how sensitive and easily offended us gamers can be, but does being a gamer merely require that one must simply play video games? If we continue to hate his guts, we may end up lowering ourselves to become, yes, I'm gonna say it, elitests. I'm not saying we are, but the sad truth is that maybe he IS a gamer after all. Yes he is a terrible gamer, doesn't get his facts straight, and doesn't know a good game if it bit him in the ass, but... since he managed to label himself as a "gamer" and, well plays games, I guess he might as well be a "gamer", and I use the term very loosly.
    We could just end up making ourselves look like elitist dickheads.

    One video game elitist worth mentioning is Borracho, a Youtube user responsible for getting Bigal2k6's second account, BigalTheRantMaster, suspended due to flagging. Maybe Borracho was just being an asshole, but anyway Borracho was an elitist gaming asshole who flagged peoples accounts, perhaps because he was a butthurt moron.

    My point is that somehow, maybe, just maybe, he may have been making terrible videos to get a reaction out of us, and take advantage of our critisism/insults to him to gain popularity amongst the Youtube community. The more we talk about him, the bigger and bigger his audience, and his ego for that matter, gets. It is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore him now, but if there is only one good thing that can come out of this, it is this:

    James Rolfe's AVGN character is still at least three times more popular than Irate Lamer, not just because he releases his videos every two weeks, thus having more videos, but because he KNOWS how to make a very entertaining product due to his professional knowhow in film making. And he even though he does have errors in his reviews too, the errors are few and far between, and besides, these errors are about games that FLAT-OUT SUCK!! Since James Rolfe still gets more money than Irate Lamer, there's still hope for us gamers in regaining the dignity we had lost ever since Jack Thompson first opened his rotten, smelly, demonic mouth.

    It's just that if it weren't for Irate Lamer rereleasing his ZAMN review, we'd essentially have a better chance at making sure his character gets dead, and STAYS DEAD!

  2. Oh God...seriously...Chris Bores, oh my God. That video yet again promotes his level of stupidity to new and amazing heights. He's gotta exist in another dimension or plane of existence or something because the max amount of stupidty per unit area just has to have some physical that he's passed up a long long time ago.

    We can only hope that within the year, Irate Lamer will be a dead character and will stay dead as anonymous above said.

  3. Hey guys. It's me, the guy who wrote the comment before the previous one.

    I also cannot deny his stupidity...
    But perhaps...
    Nah. It can't be.
    How can an idiot be so underhanded that he'd take up the status of "Youtube Partner" and cut off every attempt at kicking him off of there. Wherever he lacks in talent, he makes up for in being cheap. So cheap that you can buy the guy for a buck, and he'll do anything for you. I'd buy him, and I'd at least force him to listen to our sage advice about how to be more watchable, enjoyable, and not stupid.

    Hey, a guy could dream, right?

  4. Yes indeed, he must somehow make up for his idiocy in other ways (being cheap) to maintain his status, either that or be extremely lucky.

  5. Bores is either a troll or retardedly oblivious. Even his fans said they hated his breakfest rants in yet he still does them.

  6. He'd get a lot less crap for being fat if he'd only stop talking about food for once.

    I'm drunk.

  7. If luck has anything to do with it, isn't he a Buddhist? Doesn't he have this thing with fortune, like karma and all that. If he was lucky enough that the Youtube staff are blissfully ignorant of him taking months to make very bad, error-filled, possibly heartless game reviews, than he must have done something really, really, really, REALLY good towards society...and probably disregarded that he did. Moron. It's no big deal though, aside from his boring and thankfully forgetable movie reviews, it still takes him a long time to make bad game reviews, but maybe that's a bad thing as well...

    By the way , I compare the Irate Lamer to Wario. This is because the AVGN is like Mario. Get dah hint?

  8. @Cricket:
    I used to think Bores was a troll, but when he went to E3 2009 that theory quickly squashed itself. No troll would go that far.

    @Justin Holmes:
    "Dis game isn't just bad, it's a shit taco with cow urine as a dipping sauce" - from his Predator review. Not even Hellsing920 made constant food references in his reviews, and he still doesn't in his rant videos.

    Yes Chris is a Buddhist. I believe the first strike of Karma came from the UNN Interview.

    All this time he could censor comments and videos but when he was publicly addressed he lost his shit.

  9. I had a dream once, where Chris was willing to commit murder to be my friend.

  10. If he murdered someone, that would've been sacrilege (to Buhdda). You know what else is sacrilege? Being pissed! Know what I mean?

    Wait, does Buddhism punish greed?

  11. How you do know he's a buddhist?

    Are you a fan of the HVGN?

  12. To the previous comment

    Read Batdan's comment, silly.

    And I have only watched his recent videos, and as far as reviews go, these are some fine reviews. It's still a tragedy that Irate's horrible ZAMN review got more attention an more views so far than, well the HVGN. In fact, you guys have any ideas one how to spread the word about the HVGN's review, thus making his views and, and possibly subscribers, sky-rocket. Now all we need is James Rolfe AS HIMSELF reviewing ZAMN, because he is a horror movie buff, so he must really love the game.

  13. According to to descrip. on his new rem-ass-stered review of zamn, there will be a irategamer vol2 dvd.

  14. @Anonymous fellow who posted at 11:59 AM:
    He had mentioned that there would be a Vol. 2 a couple months back. I'd be surprised if it actually comes to fruition, since it apparently takes him fifty years to come out with one video.

  15. could you review his e3 videos? i know you decided to skip over the e3 videos(and his star trek review to) but why not do the e3 videos anyway?(and his star trek review to) anyway great blog.

  16. Yes, E3 videos should be reviewed also. I mean, there is so much wrong with them.

  17. @ RemoveCarefully

    Didn't James Rolfe go to this year's E3 too?

  18. Yes James Rolfe did go to E3, you can see pictures and impressions at his site.

    According to SWAGshow ScrewAttack was nice to Chris Bores but I call bullshit since SWAG has lied for Chris countless times.

    It doesn't help they both work for GottGame, though Kwing hates IG so SWAG is the only intelligent person to fall for Bores' bullshit (or at least lie through his teeth for a paycheck).

    See as you guys want them, I'll do the E3 2009 videos.

  19. Youtube user y2b2010 has some interesting videos on his channel, like the IG's Robocop review. Check it out!

  20. @ Batdan

    What if James Rolfe and Chris Bores met face to face at E3? Will it finally end the infamous debate at hand?

    Oh, god lord, I hope so.

  21. Face it; Breakfast is ruined...

  22. Is it just me, or did Chris Bores only talk about Fruity Yummy Mummy because That Guy With the Glasses (as the Nostalgia Critic) briefly mentioned it in his list of the Top 11 Greatest Cereal Mascots (at the part where he mentions Count Chocula [at #5 on his list])?

  23. What? No love for the Fruit Brute, Bores? For shame.

  24. Hmmm, Yummy Mummy was not yummy.

    When I was a kid dad brought some home because it was on clearance near the end of its existence. We as a family tried it and did not eat any more of it. It sat in the cupboard for months, because no one would eat it. Dad asked why it was still there? We told him we did not like it and he should get rid of it. He tried it for himself and the cereal disappeared the next day, hmmm.

    Come to find out dad had buried it in the back yard garden. The next spring oddly there was a spot in the garden where nothing not even weeds would grow. Turns out that was where the cereal was buried.

    Yummy Mummy was so bad it killed weeds.