Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ralph Baer has seen the Odyssey video

YouTube user vicviper592 recently e-mailed Odyssey Creator and Video Game Pioneer Ralph Baer giving him a link to the Irate Hack's video.

Surprisingly Baer responded, vic sent me a screencap of his answer. His name and e-mail has been censored for his protection (by him).

It looks like Baer has already seen it, he could even point out every error but doing so would take too much time.

Hmmm, I wonder if the head developer of Zombies Ate my Neighbors has an e-mail address, I could send him Bores' poor excuse of a review, this could be the start of a beautiful chain reaction.

Credit goes to:

IG just posted this tidbit at his site.
Wow! Yesterday just a few hours after posting the second half of the Magnavox Odyssey review, I received a nice email from the creator of the console Ralph Baer himself telling me that he watched the review. I want to personally thank Ralph for watching the show (even though he might not understand parts of it) and taking time out of his day to write me a letter. It's quite an honor for me!

A nice e-mail? That doesn't seem to correspond with "It's full of errors." Notice how he doesn't even mention what Baer liked or disliked just "He watched the video"
"He might not understand parts of it" no he perfectly understood it, he's not an idiot like you. Also he's 87 years old he has a lot of time on his hands.

IG probably saw his name in the inbox and didn't even read it thinking "He saw my video! He must have loved it!" and quickly made that post. What a fucking moron.

Plus if someone that worked on the item that you reviewed e-mails you, wouldn't it make sense to take a snapshot as proof so people don't think you're lying? Especially from The Father of Video Games? Like the crashed Hard Drive I'm calling bullshit.


  1. Damn, thats pretty bad when one of the pioneers of video games acknowledges your incompetance.

    As so many people have said, Bores compared it by today's standards, which is a completely ignorant thing to do. Of course its not gonna test well by today's standards, BECAUSE IT WAS RELEASED IN THE EARLY 70's. James of course did none of that, and it was more informative and enjoyable (Not to mention being more respectful).

    Bores's idiocy continues to amuse me to no ends. Seriosuly, Pong?! What the hell is going through his head.

  2. Oh wow, this is perfect! Bores yet again excels at taking failing to the next level!

    And many had said for the last couple of years that things would continue to get worse for Bores unless he put a stop to his douchebaggery. I must say that now, the hammer has fallen, and it's too late for Bores to escape the nightmare he's created for himself. At a time I thought to myself, wow, what a sad story Bores' life must be. Now it's just become so hilarious that I can no longer feel in any way sad for him.

  3. Mark Hutchinson sadly passed away in 200. That ass Bores doesn't know that he made a lot of great games like the Metroid Prime series for example. About the other main Zombies Ate my Neighbors designer Mike Ebert, I don't know his whereabouts.

  4. 2008* sorry screwed up.

  5. @Kama
    I know, Bores just kept saying "This game is shit because it's old"
    At least James didn't say "this game sucks" over and over. With the Tennis game he had fun, with the skiing game he noted "people must have had a lot of imagination back then."
    Really the only game he said was horrible was the Football game but his reasons were sound.

    @First Anon
    These days I look forward just to see how low he can continue to sink. He's somehow drilled below rock bottom and his only real fans are his IRL friends and dumbass 10 year olds, and even his friends are starting to betray him.

    @Second Anon
    Damn that sucks. RIP Mark you left an amazing legacy. According to MobyGames Mike Ebert is working for "Toys for Bob" a small company that mostly does movie tie-ins and develops for The Devil I MEAN Activision.

    Hmmm if someone knows Japanese they should try to contact Shigeru Miyamoto about IG's Super Mario Bros 2 video. If Bores can piss off Miyamoto then he REALLY sucks.

  6. @BatDan, agreed. And it serves him right. He treats his fans like dog shit, and even 10 year olds are eventually going to call him on it. Chris has pushed the barrier too many times, and while great folks like Irritated Gamer get the shaft from Youtube, people like Chris continue to earn ad revenue and continue their evil escapades without question.

    I think this may be the most amount of time I've spent on a blogspot page, and in this case, I'm fine with that! xD

  7. Well not IrritatedGamer since Chris Holland gets enough attention for his musical skills (he does some great video game covers and music for the AVGN).
    I'd give more attention to people like The Necro Critic, spunkeez, Aqualung's Game Reviews, The Cinema Snob, kWING, and hell even Armake21.

    But you're right he treats his fans like shit he just wants money and subscribers.
    That whole "Contest" was a ploy to get more subs and get rid of his unwanted merchandise.

    In fact Chris Bores does Sub 4 Sub, I'm not kidding. I saw one of his subscriptions is a user named giggityman123 (I saw him on retsupurae's channel), someone told him IG subbed him and he says "I know, as a joke I said 'Sub 4 Sub' and he did it. I quickly unsubbed" Which is why many of IG's subscriptions are so strange.

    Thanks for reading and supporting this by the way.

  8. No problem.

    Yea, I like Aqualung and KWing quite a lot. The others I subscribe to as well, including ineptgamer1 and the Third Rate Gamer's channel FFL2and3rocks. Ever since Aqualung was doing video game reviews, I've been watching him. Just as any of the reviewers mentioned, one second of their content has more originality and actual content than all of Bores' vids.

    And nothing surprises me anymore about Bores. He e-begs, treats subscribers and actual fans like crap, lies profusely, is a total hypocrite, is delusional, is now beyond hack status and sub4subs on top of it all. Any kind of behavior that's looked down upon on the internet, Chris Bores was sure to have done it.

    I find it amazing that he was made a partner almost immediately and that he still gets to keep this status. Though, I really shouldn't find it amazing since this is the kind of thing we all should expect Bores to do now.

  9. Man, I wish they could feature that on Youtube's homepage. Let's see the Irate Hack try to get more subscribers after one of the founders of modern video gaming called his video nonsense. A big thanks to VicViper592 for posting it.

  10. Dude, check out Irate Gamers website, like now, Its soooo funny...

  11. WOW! fattoler, thanks for pointing that out! Did he really think that Ralph Baer liked his video? HAHAHAHA! How delusional is he?! This is just another trick to fool his "fans". Did he really send a nice email to him? I doubt this, I want to see the contents of the email Bores, release god damn it!

  12. I noticed in IG's news post that he didn't mention if Baer liked the video or not, he just said "He e-mailed me and said he watched my video, I doubt he understood it though"
    Wow that's a dick thing to say Chris, of course he understood it he's not an idiot like you.

    Besides, Chris might be one of those morons that thinks "Any Publicity is Good Publicity"

  13. Hahaha, if the thought that Any Publicity would be good, he would also have had:
    "I was a guest on Uncensored Net Noise, they didn't UNDERSTAND my show to much but they were really nice and we talked about the show."

    But this whole Baer thing is really ammuniton for anyone who is willing to say that Bores is not a complete hack.

  14. I don't understand why Bores wrote "he might not understand parts of it"

    Could anybody explain it to me? Is it because he's old? I don't get it.

    It sounds pretty insulting.

  15. @Mr. Lizard

    That's the only thing I can think of, he bashed Baer's age. Dick move there Bores, dick move.

    Really though IG's videos aren't complicated algorithms, they're poorly acted "reviews" that rely on effects to distract stupid people from the horrible writing.

    What's not to understand about a bad actor bashing games made in 1972 because "they're stupid" and trying to integrate a 2001 Parody even though it's a history lesson that doesn't require a subplot.

  16. LOL Why is the Irate Gamer subscribed to the Game Dude?

  17. To be fair, at least Mr. Bear didn't call Bores a faggot like those Uncensored Net Noise guys did.

    Yes. I went that far. No offense, guys, but for all you who thought that justice was served with that UNN interview, you are all FUCKING WRONG.
    the part you need to see starts at 4:16

    Here is the U.N.N's interview with the Archfiend.

    Then watch this:

    Now, I hate the Irate Lamer's videos too; I agree with the entire blog except for the entry on the imfamous interview, but come on! Is this what we have been reduced to?

    Seems like Mr. Baer was nice enough to simply point out Irate Lamer's errors, and not go as far as slander him. That's pretty fucking nice.

    1. But they called him a faggot because he's a thief, a liar, and a criminal - NOT because he's simply 'inaccurate'. They're not really a fair comparison.

  18. chris gamer will flog off over ralph beer

  19. I hope this starts a chain reaction too. Irate Hack needs to be knocked down a few pegs. No wait, make that every peg.. ever.

  20. It would pleasure me (yes I said pleasure) to see Chris Bores make a sad video saying something along the lines of "what...have I done..." and then he mysteriously falls from view as if he passed out. Then cue the emo ("how could this happen to me") theme song and you have a video that's better than any of Bores' videos have ever been! Then nobody hears from him again. Then Bores takes navgtr (another bad reviewer) to hell, along with that kid who thought Contra sucked because he was (believe it or not) worse than Bores at the game (of course, Bores used a game genie so...)

  21. Something I just thought of. If I remember carefully, Bores bashed "Watchmen" and bragged he was a "director". Now I wonder if the director of "Watchmen" has an e-mail.

  22. Zack Snyder directed Watchmen, he's also known for 300, and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

    His website is...
    He also has a MySpace page.

  23. Wow. After Ralph Baer said the Irate Gamer's Odyssey review was full of errors, he seriously said that he himself enjoyed the review?! All he's trying to do is make himself look good when he's really not. Way to fail, Chris Bores!

  24. @RockmanKenny
    If Bores wanted people to believe Baer liked his video, he could have shown a screencap of his e-mail or at least quoted him.

    It would be like if I said "James Rolfe sent me an e-mail saying he liked this blog" without providing an iota of proof.

    God he's such an idiot.

  25. I agree BatDan. Chris Bores the Irate Hack fails at life xD

  26. I have a question. Is there any particular reason to believe that the screencap of the e-mail is legit, especially considering the censoring? I mean, it's not like it's hard to fake these things.

    1. Good point, considering that IG fanboys regularly doctor screenshots to make it look like IG came before AVGN and to fake messages from James Rolfe saying he ripped him off etc. I doubt though that this is faked, it's a hell of a coincidence that he would fake this but then Chris Bores would get a legitimate message from Baer not long afterwards.

  27. Let's play devil's advocate and pretend that Ralph Baer really saw that review, because that would make Bores look like an even bigger idiot. I mean, let's look at Bores' Odyssey review again: "This game sucks, this is a piece of shit, penis, penis, masturbation hand, vagina, sucks, sucks, piece of shit..."

    And he's actually PROUD that Baer saw that garbage?

  28. BUAHAHAHAHA... Thats amazing.

    James Rolfe's review included a literal anthropomorphic piece of human feeces, and it was STILL actually more respectful than Bores' video.

  29. BUAHAHAHAHA... Thats amazing.

    James Rolfe's review included a literal anthropomorphic piece of human feeces, and it was STILL actually more respectful than Bores' video.