Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Irate Gamers' DVD: Is it worth it?

Since I started doing the redux recaps, I’ve had to rewatch his old videos. Then I thought “I could use this opportunity to find the differences on his DVD.” So thanks to a channel at DailyMotion I can see if paying $12 for a burned DVD-R is worth it.

Here’s a list of changes Bores reported to have made to the DVD versions (taken verbatim from his site).
- Episodes 1, 2, and 3 re-edited and reworked
- Ep 5 - Dialog reworked
- Ep 6 - Alternate scenes filmed, Dialog reworked
- Ep 7 - Alt. scene re-filmed, Dialog reworked
- Ep 8 - Added rant included, Alt. scene re-filmed, Dialog reworked
- Ep 9 - Major upgrades, Alternate scenes re-filmed, Dialog reworked
- Ep 11 - Scene added, Dialog reworked

Let’s see how honest he is about this.

Link to the Channel:
Despite the same name as the blog, it’s not me.

Back to the Future:
- Theme Song Added
He added the theme to all the videos that didn’t use it.
- Added (copyrighted) material
-- Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot were added to the opening theater scene. Though they couldn’t stand his presence so they left before it ended.
- Removed Clip
-- The bit where Marty asks the bartender for a “Pepsi Free” and is told he has to pay for it. Not sure why he removed this clip but kept the movie footage in the opening and Marty saying “This has gotta be a dream”

Difference from the Original: Almost non-existent. With the exception of the MST3K characters (which his fans wouldn’t understand) it’s the exact same review.

Where’s Waldo?:
- Theme Song Added
- Removed Clip
-- When asking about the other characters he leaves out the Evil Waldo. That’s a bizarre edit.
- Removed Clip
-- He removes the footage of him playing the final level. Hinted by him saying “Let’s just skip to the ending.” What a completely necessary change… I’m lying of course.

Difference from the Original: Almost non-existent. Except for a couple of randomly removed clips, there’s no difference from the YouTube version. He didn’t even correct his “Super Mario World on the NES” mistake.

The Goonies II:
- Theme Song Added
- Altered Dialogue
-- Original: I fondly remember this game as a kid, I loved the movie so much I went out and bought it. But as much as I loved the movie, I had the opposite reaction to this game.
-- DVD: Who can forget this classic game? *skips right to the title complaints*
So he shortened it to outright say he liked this game, making all of his complaints even dumber.
- Removed Footage and Dialogue
-- He removes the movie footage (seriously) and the speculation that it’s a sequel to the movie.
Strange how he removed the footage here, but didn’t remove it from the Back to the Future review.
- Removed Dialogue
-- He removed the descriptive line about how this game doesn’t have levels and you go around looking for items.
Note the very awkward transition.
- Removed Dialogue
-- When he’s told “You’re Braver Than Brand”, he removes the “I’ve honestly never heard that term before in my life!” line.

Difference from the Original: So far the only noticeable one. The movie footage is gone but some of the missing lines create awkward transitions.

Mission: Impossible:
- Theme Song Added
- Altered Dialogue
-- Original: What a shitload of fuck!
-- DVD: What a piece of shit!
This is the one everyone knows about so I won’t say much here.

Difference from the Original: Again, this is the only change everyone knows about. Strange how he doesn’t mention any changes to this episode.

Ghosts N Goblins:
- Theme Song Added
- Altered Dialogue
-- Original: When you think of one of the most hardest games for the NES…
-- DVD: When somebody asks you for five of the most difficult games on the NES…
Well it was kind of him to remove the “most hardest” line, he didn’t remove the second piece of bad grammar “I guarantee Ghosts N Goblins is probably on your Top 5 list.” Plus the new line makes it redundant.

Difference from the Original: All he did was change the opening line. I bet the people that paid for this are so happy right now. Although the list of changes was honest.

- Theme Song Added

Difference from the Original: NONE WHATSOEVER!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:
- Theme Song Added
-- Oddly enough, it was added after the shockingly inept intro.
- Music added
-- He added light-hearted music to the part where he speeds up the game. I was lucky to even hear it, the volume was low.

Difference from the Original: Once again, there’s next to nothing.

Super Mario Bros. 2
… Nothing. There was nothing different. Everything was the same.

Again, nothing was changed. I thought the user accidentally uploaded the original version by mistake, but I checked and it’s the DVD version.

I should mention that each video has better picture quality, but that’s standard with a DVD. That’s how I determined it was the DVD version of MUSCLE.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Once again, nothing was changed. DIS IS TOTALLY BETTER THEN NERD’S DVD DURP DUPR DURP.

Yo! Noid
- Added Scene
-- To my surprise there was a change. He pointed out the “mayer” mistranslation. Strange how he didn’t notice this the first time.

Difference from the Original: Noticeable.

That’s the Irate Gamers’ DVD in a nutshell, BUT WAIT there’s bonus features!
So we get a Making-Of feature where Bores is talking into a mirror about how the Irate Gamer show “became a huge success”, all the “hard work”, and a bunch of other lies that he thought up just to sell this burned DVD-R.
We also get bloopers, really REALLY bad bloopers.
The Hotel Gaming sketch, apparently it was good enough to be a bonus feature.
Finally, trailers for the TMNT and Yo! Noid reviews. I know movies put their trailers as an extra, but they can do that. Since IG is a series, it would make sense to put trailers for upcoming episodes. But that would be logical and obviously that can’t happen.

You can get all this for $8.99! Wait… wasn’t it $11.99? Apparently he has since lowered the price, and I can’t blame him. Nobody wants this piece of shit!

So, why did The Bores release this DVD 7 months into his show?

That’s right, the sole reason Bores rushed out his first DVD was only to compete with the AVGN’s first DVD.
In October, James announced that he was releasing the AVGN DVD very soon (I think it was October). Then like fucking magic, the Irate Gamer announced a DVD. However, this one was already in stock and available to purchase.

People like Armake21 or anyone with a brain saw this as a giant ruse just to make money. Anyone that purchased the DVD to see how bad it was, noticed that it was extremely rushed. Though, very few people actually did buy the DVD. AGEntertainment made a review of it (along with The Nerd’s DVD) and brought to light the altered Mission Impossible dialogue and the intact copyrighted footage.

And here’s an open question to Mike *****, what was your reaction to learning Bores was releasing a DVD?

As you might have guessed, the Irate Gamer DVD sold poorly. While The Nerd’s DVD sold out TWICE within a week, IG’s stockpile of DVDs stayed unwanted. Only being bought as gag gifts or from haters that use it to learn where he lives (no really, he sends out the DVDs from his home address).
Bores has mentioned a few times that he’s working on Volume 2, however very little has come from that. It’s very likely that it will never happen because NOBODY LIKES YOU CHRIS!

So there you have it, the Irate Gamers’ bomb of a DVD. Stay tuned for my Redux Recap of his review of The Simpsons Game.


  1. Hell I'd still feel ripped off if I got the Bore's DVD for free. I wonder what someone would say if I tried to sell it for entertainmart or something

  2. Not to mention it doesn't make sense Crow and Servo would be sitting in on Back to the Future since they were forced to watch bad movies rather than good ones.

    It's REALLY bizarre that they just disappear after the 2nd clip. It's also odd that he didn't correct his early grammar issues, but perhaps it was before he was getting so much backlash for mispronouncing words and showcasing his tentative grasp on the English language .

  3. Also, Crow and Servo don't move at all. Did being near Bores scare them that stiff?

  4. Anyone who bought this DVD must be insane or a moron.... or both at the same time

  5. @Anon (April 28th 1:20 PM & 1:27 PM)
    Well, RiffTrax also does good movies. However, they aren't in character. MST3K has established characters that are forced to watch bad movies.

    Back then, people only cared that he ripped off the AVGN. After that settled people noticed even bigger problems with this videos. Like how he knows absolutely nothing about the games he's playing.

    They don't move because... ... *runs*

    @French Anon
    I know people often send it as a gag gift. Yeah, his DVD has been reduced to gag gift and coaster.

  6. Chris was an utter fool to make this DVD, but it just shows how seriously he took this whole thing. Really Chris, do you think that a DVD is like a major motion picture release or a video games console? THOSE thing qualify for competitive release dates not internet DVDs, idiot...

  7. BatDan, if you don't mind me asking, what do you think has been the Irate Gamer's very worst review so far? I'm leaning towards Aladdin or SMB2, but what do you think?

  8. @fattoler
    Internet DVDs aren't even common. There's no weekly release schedule for them, most shows can't even get a DVD due to copyright issues.

    Damn, that is a tough question.
    I think I'll rank them from less evil to the worst.

  9. Here is a quote from film critic Roger Ebert about the movie "North". I think it fits both Bores' DVD and his show in general.

    "I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it."

    Sorta sums up nearly everyone's feelings on the Irate Gamer and anything Chris Bores makes in general, doesn't it?

  10. There used to be a time when IG had some of those episodes available for download in MP4 format from his site for a short time for reasons unknown. I remember downloading the Mario 2 episode (which I no longer have) and noticed that there were some altered scenes and the added rant. Presumably the list of changes was based on that offering and not the DVD.

    It might be possible (but highly improbable) that somewhere along the way, Bores "upgraded" later copies of his DVD with these newer versions, hence making the description accurate.

    But seeing how Bores functions, I heavily doubt it.

  11. Another thing I heard about his DVD is that the Chapter Select menus are all fucked up. If you try to watch from Chapter 7, you'll watch his first review again. I heard about this from a small DVD review, but the site is now gone.

    Also, I just watched DLAbaoaqu's latest video and I was thinking the same thing as he was. That "Sonic Unleased" review did reminded me of that stupid kid that reviewed "Megaman 9".

  12. @dtm666
    At first I thought "IrateGamerSucks" accidentally uploaded the original version, but the I noticed the picture quality was clearer so it was the DVD version.
    Honestly, I don't know. Maybe you guys could brave the videos and tell me if I missed anything.

    Another sign he rushed this out.

    At least veryinvalid was kicked to the curb for this failed trolling. Bores is still getting paid and praise for his horseshit.

  13. I believe I read on (legit reviews, not the Bogus Bores ones) that the physical DVDs of this and/or the Haunted Investigators 'show' are rather poor quality overall (DVD-R) and don't play very well. A Crappy video series on terrible quality DVDs that may not actually work on some DVD players, you can already appraise this mess and see how much of a gyp this is.

  14. @BatDan
    I'm not disputing the source of the DVD videos uploaded to the channel. In fact, a friend of mine had found the channel some time ago (can't recall how long) and said that if he had known about that channel, he wouldn't have wasted the ten bucks or whatever buying the DVD because it was the exact same thing.*

    All I'm saying is that it was entirely possible (but highly improbable) that somewhere along the way, Bores might have upgraded the content with the new episode versions that he had made available for download for a brief period.** If this were the case (I doubt it), then the ripped DVD videos might have been from an earlier DVD release and might not reflect what is presently being offered on the DVD.

    As slim and unlikely as it may be, the possibility does exist.

    *For those wondering, my friend no longer has the DVD. According to him, he used it as a coaster once and it broke in half. I honestly couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

    **Of course, you couldn't tell that he ever made the episodes available to download at any point, because his past updates doesn't reflect this... as far as I could tell. I'd check further, but I don't want to crash my browser again.

  15. So basically, he removed more stuff than he added, he kept the copyrighted material, the DVD doesn't work well, most of the bonus features are on his channel, and the making-of is not worth the price?

    Someone call 911, because we were ROB the Roboted.

  16. In fact the more I think about it, the more dickish Bores was for releasing his DVD, just to get a quick buck for this shitload of fuck. By the way, JoeyDrunko really needs to make that NARC review.

  17. @dtm666
    That clears things up, thanks.
    Maybe he did reprint the DVDs with updated episodes, seem unlikely considering how he works.

    @Anon (April 29th 6:55 AM)
    You could use the money towards something worthwhile, like food.

    I prefer Save-State Gamers' version of that joke "Someone call 911 because I got Robotic Operating Buddy'd"

    JoeyDrunko is done, he's not making anymore videos. Sad I know.

  18. You know it is strange how Bores has not revcieved a bomb yet and how peole who LIVE in the Cleavland, Ohio area have not seen him walking the streets walked up to him and curb stomped him. He has a very distinctived ape face even more distinctive than Obama's monkey face (sorry about that but it is true) But anyway we are one day away from national Chris Hack day. All based on the time he wrote Arpil 31st on his site for people who don't know.

  19. @Anon Apr-29-2010 8:33 AM
    It's entirely possible and highly probable that people living in the Cleveland, Ohio area simply do not give a shit about Chris Bores.

  20. @BatDan

    Boo-hoo-hoo sad face :(

    I just wish that he could have done NARC, he promised to review it and he could at least do it as a grand finale or something.

  21. @BatDan: The joke was actually "Save-Statespired".

    You're right. You can still buy a "Irate Gamer" T-shirt if you have nothing better to wear (unless you have dignity, of course) but the DVD is pretty much worthless.

    Just download the videos from Youtube and save the money for something useful or entertaining.

  22. Have you read the tags for his DVD at

    Funny shit...

  23. @ RX RatMan

    God thoose are funny I never notced thoose before.

  24. Chris has virtually no control over what happens outside of Youtube. Thus when his work is shown elsewhere it usually gets the rightful scorn. Sure, you'll see at least two or three positive remarks, but they're overshadowed by the negative ones and are usually voted poorly by readers.

    I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the 3rd HoVG. The last two have been one delightful trainwreck after another and it's such a joy to see him fail at a history lesson despite his claims of research. The fact that Mr. Baer was displeased with the last entry just makes it all the more merrier.

    On another note, I was watching One176's Shitload of Fuck commentary and he mentions IG troll Armake21truth lended him the AVGN DVDs. He states he's really "a big fan of the nerd". Was he joking or not?

  25. Nowadays that Armake21truth hates the IG (or at least he claims), it's hard to tell...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I admit that I don't know some of the games he supposedly is going to review, but if his Odyssey review is any proof (and I never knew anything about the light games either), it's probably going to be a massive trainwreck.

    I also love the line "We Rock. Deal with it", as if having the footage already makes him someone respectable. What a jackass.

  28. @MindOfCrazyPerson222

    "How is this Possible [sic]? We Rock. Deal With it."

    Wait, who's the "we"?

  29. @Zinger314

    Possily the "IG Production Crew" (a crappy joke from one of his Neo reviews).

  30. I saw the "Standing up for the IG" video that Mike mentioned and it was a load of crap:

    On an unrelated note, I also discovered a video of his about the TMNT Archie comics in the Dailymotion Irate Gamer Sucks while watching the DVD differences. I don't know if that was covered in this blog.

  31. @MindOfCrazyPerson222

    You forgot the Evil Gamer. And to quote the "beloved and memorable characters" part.

  32. I want to see James start filming in HD, just for the sake of doing it before IG. They're all going to go HD eventually, might as well do it first

  33. and oh yeah, anyone actually have IG's address from his DVD? Id like to see it on Google street view for some reason

  34. @ atebit

    Just copy-and-paste this, and scroll down:

    BTW, posting this link isn't breaking ANY laws. Go ahead, type in any website to find out who registered it. I learned how to do this in my school's Digital Culture class. 100% legal.

  35. ahh yes, the domain registry. Looks like the Google street view team just kept going, and R.O.B.'d us of the opportunity to possibly spot Chris hanging outside his house reading a Nintendo Power magazine...

  36. Wow, now I can see the woods of 'South America' just north of his house, and no doubt Jaws decided to make an appearance at Lake Eire.

    BTW, here is a silent Rob joke.

    So I heard that Silent Rob sent Bookitty a video of himself masturbating, you could say he was showing off his five dolla footlong! YEEEAH!!!

  37. Damn, a lot happened in the last few hours. Well, I better get to work on the next recap. I'll be covering his newest exercise in pretentious and the user "iratefanboy345".

    Yeah, and you can see that footage on his ED page. I didn't know about this until I decided to look at his page again.

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